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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 19, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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off the road, up the stairs and into the front door of this woodbridge house. we just got new information on who was in this suv and how police caught up with them. >> president obama demanding action before automatic budget cuts take effect in less than two weeks. he invited first responders to the white house to hear his latest plea to congress. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday, i'm barbara harrison. right now president obama pushes republicans to push a short-term plan to delay the
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sequester. andy with more. >> urging a crowd of republicans to act now to avoid automatic cuts to defense spending set to kick in next friday. with emergency responders by his side, you're looking at a live picture right here. the president stressed that their jobs are in jeopardy if a plan isn't reached to delay the sequester. dozens of government programs and local services stand to be hit hard. the white house backs a deal that raises tax revenue to offset the $85 billion in cuts. but senate republicans aren't onboard saying the president already got his tax increases at the beginning of the year. >> these cuts are not smart. they are not fair. they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment list. people will lose their jobs. the unemployment rate might tick up, again.
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>> and that's why democrats, republicans, business leaders and economists they've already said that these cuts here in washington and sequesteration are a bad idea. they're not good for our economy and not how we should run our government. >> congress asks that this plan replace cuts through january of next year, which means, again, we are looking at another replacement plan, something far from a long-term solution to the budget problem. >> this morning we're looking at our area is among the areas that can be hurt the most by. government spending makes up 20% of our economy. defense spending also makes up almost 10% of our economy. and right now, prince william county police are on the scene of a bizarre crime spree that started last night and ended with an suv crashing into a house in woodridge.
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tony is live on the scene with new developments. tell us what you learned. >> this was a multitude of events last lasted over the last couple of hours. but take a live look right now and see the end result and you can see an enormous hole in the front of that house where the front door used to be. you can see the truck went almost into the kitchen. take a look at the video. the tow truck and the police department are pulling it out of the house this morning. just a couple minutes ago. barbara, this all started last night and we talked to prince george's county police. they left a redentional kind of facili facility. those five juveniles stole the pickup truck you're looking at and they did some joy riding. after that they dropped off one juvenile and there were four left in the truck and they did more joy riding. that is when we were told they were driving erratic and they
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tried to pull them over. they did not stop and they gave chase and this is the end of result. this stolen pickup truck crashed into the front of this house here in prince william county. there were folks home in the house, but there are no injuries. as you can imagine, police are still here doing investigation. the folks inside the house are going to be staying with some family until they get engineers out here to make sure the home is safe. again, those four juveniles fled from the scene but were caught by police. they are currently being interviewed and they are have all four individuals in custody. >> boy, with the damage that truck did, good thing there was no one right in that immediate vicinity. there would have been some injuries, if not worse. switching gears if you were out at just the right time this morning, you may have seen a little snow or sleet. tom kierein joins us with the first forecast. can we expect any more? >> maybe light rain and maybe an
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additional brief period of a little snow or sleet here over the next couple of hours, but mostly rain now that's falling and little brief area of snow and sleet and only lasted five, ten minutes or so but enough to whiten the ground. right now storm team 4 radar showing this continuing line of mostly rain moving southwest to northeast and the areas you see the in orange may be a mix of some sleet and maybe a few wet snowflakes in howard county and else where, all the areas in green, that is mostly just some light, chilly rain. and temperatures a bit above freezing. so even that sleet and wet snow that fell earlier this morning is melted on roadways and only briefly stuck to grassy areas and now melting. temperatures right now are near 40 degrees in prince george's koun county and the district of columbia. much of montgomery county and climb another seven or eight degrees for the afternoon. not going to last much longer
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turning colder tonight into tomorrow, though. it's still february and it's still winter. details with your seven-day outlook. big changes on the way. that's coming up in just a few minutes. keith? >> all right, tom, see you shortly. a short time ago we learned the identity of the teen murdered in hillcrest heights, maryland. charles walker junior was killed yesterday afternoon. this was as megan mcgrath has reaction from his classmates and how a pair of shoes might have sparked this murder. >> it's like my brother and as soon as i heard it, i just broke down. tears and everything. >> reporter: tears for a friend who barely had time to live his life. charles walker, jr., or chuck as his friends called him, was just 15 years old. a freshman at suitland high school. he's now prince george's county latest murder victim. >> it is scary because you never know when your last day could be. it's like you could get killed for nothing. like it wouldn't even be your fault and it's because someone has a gun, that bullet could be
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aimed for you. >> reporter: it happened near the intersection of kenton place and 28th avenue. as news of the murder spread, relatives rushed to the crime scene. family and friends say walker had just left his house and was on his way to deliver a new pair of shoes to his girlfriend, when he was robbed at gunpoint. >> he was going to give his girlfriend for the shoes and he was going to give him to his girlfriend and somebody came up and said, give me those shoes and shot him two times and took the shoes and ran. >> the pair of shoes that was stolen in all of this, walker says they were timberlands and they just can't believe someone would take his life for something so trivial. in suitland, megan mcgrath, news 4. new this morning, firefighters battle this huge house fire in prince george's county. they sent us these photos showing flames shooting out of the roof. the fire broke out at 5:00 this morning at a home in the 1800
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block of peachtree lane and bowie. this is cell phone video of the fire you're about to see. at one point flames shot up 40 feet in the air. they also told news 4 that the home did have a working smoke detector and one person escaped the fire unharmed. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. also new this morning, another fire has forced at least 60 people from their homes. this is cell phone video of the flames shooting from an apartment building in prince william county. two alarm fire broke out just before 11:00 last night in manassas. they had to quickly back down after part of the roof collapsed. two people were taken to the hospital as a precaution. a resident is also in the hospital for smoke inhuilation. the cause is under investigation. firefighters believe it did about $300,000 worth of damage. today, autopsy results may offer new information about a woman found dead in an apartment fire in fairfax county.
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last night investigators searched a car at the scene near the rustin town center. they took pictures that may be used as evidence in the homicide and fire investigation. police believe someone killed the woman inside the apartments in the 12000 block early yesterday morning and then set the place on fire. police say the victim had trauma to her upper body. olympian oscar pistorius said he was filled with horror and fear when he realized he shot his girlfriend on valentine's morning. that was part of a sworn statement read allowed by his lawyer in court this morning. he felt vulnerable when he heard a noise in his bathroom and didn't have his prosthetic legs on. he thought it it was a burglar. after following the shots, he beat down the door and reeva steenkamp died in his arms. the prosecution says pistorius shot her on purpose after a shouting match. a judge ruled early this morning that the famed runner will face a charge of premeditated murder.
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a decision on his bail will be made tomorrow. as pistorius was entering court this morning, family and friends of his girlfriend were saying their final good-byes. a funeral for steenkamp was held in port elizabeth. her efforts to end domestic violence and he says she knows she made an impact. >> can make a change in the lives of many people. as i know it has done. a positive outlook of what and led to a positive outlook in life. the future and that's the way she came over to all of us. >> the family did say they plan to hold a public memorial for her. the time is now 11:10 right here on news 4 midday. what is being done today to free a maryland man imprisoned in cuba right now.
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>> here we go. ♪ >> and this unusual musical trio is entertaining audiences in our area. we're going to meet them a little bit later in the newscast. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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later today, vice president joe biden will answer questions for an online town hall. the vp will take questions on how to reduce gun violence in our country. "parents" magazine is sponsoring this town hall. live on the facebook page and website. vice president biden is leading the efforts to reduce gun violence since the deadly massacre at sandy hook elementary school. conflicting reports about adam lanza's motive in the sandy hook shooting. a cbs report suggested that lanza was competing with the man responsible for killing 77 people in norway two years ago. but police say that's pure speculation and that they're still collecting evidence to try to put together a motive.
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connecticut state police say they hope to complete their full report by june. right now, a group of american lawmakers are trying to negotiate the release of a maryland man held in cuba. maryland congressman chris van holland is one of seven meeting with cuban leaders. they're asking that alan gross be freed. cuba sentenced him to 15 years. gross said he was bringing internet access to jewish communities there in cuba. the lawmakers say gross' release is the only way to improve ties between the two countries. don't expect hillary clinton to stay out of the spotlight for long. the former secretary of state will begin giving paid speeches later this year. she'll be compensated pretty well, too. she could bring in $200,000 for each speech in the u.s. and as much as $750,000 in asia or the middle east. clinton will speak for free on behalf of causes she'll support. she will donate some earnings to charity. >> the woman is brilliant.
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>> and going to be paid for being brilliant. news 4 meteorologist storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein to tell us about the weather. >> that snow looked pretty. >> tiny balls of ice bouncing around and video of that shot. this was about 9:00 this morning. look at this where the sleet was coming down in sheets and bouncing around and a little bit of wet snow, also, accumulated briefly on some grassy areas. but didn't cause any problems. the road temperatures were warm enough that it melted on roads and you look at what it did to these daffodils. this was a photo sent innen eb of our viewers. it is end of february and they were surrounded by a dusting of sleet and snow. our viewer tammy sent this in and those are brave daffodils. what a gorgeous sunrise this morning. in from chantilly, virginia.
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this photo sent in from south riding, virginia. and this is a spectacular photo of the sunrise and angela got this one in falls church this morning. absolutely beautiful. send your pics and we will share. now over to washington monument and we have a little light rain falling from that sky. 40 now at reagan national and a light, southerly wind and storm team 4 radar. we had little pockets of sleet coming through and areas in the yellow and orange. and still a little bit of that activity. fredericksburg and out of stafford and spotsylvania. green, light, cold rain and wet snowflakes up towards frederick county and these, again, are melting as they hit roadways and temperatures there, even in frederick above freezing. 40 degrees and the rest of northern virginia and most of maryland and nearby suburbs. these are are the highs expected this afternoon. should be reaching just the mid-40s around the metro area
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and mid to upper 40s further to our south and isolated locations from southern am maryland. here's the timing. the rest of the rain tapering off by 2:00 p.m. and might have one other area of light rain coming through around 4:00 or 5:00 and after that dry out tonight and turn windy and much colder as we get into the evening hours. here's the timeline and here's the temperatures. does look like we'll make it mid to upper 40s briefly by perhaps 4:00, 5:00. and then gradually turn colder tonight as colder air moves in and we get the cloud cover breaking up and we'll clear out and by dawn tomorrow, we'll be down to the 20s. the winds could be blowing in around 30 to 40 miles per hour tomorrow. so, we're talking about wind chills like mid-winter down into the teens for a time in the morning. highs reaching mid-30s to 40s. afternoon highs low 40s. and then looks like we'll have increasing clouds on friday. a similar situation like today might have some little wet snow and maybe a little sleet in the morning friday changing to some
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chilly rain off and on through the day with a high again around 40 and light rain saturday, otherwise, just cloudy saturday. highs upper 40s, but milder on sunday and monday. that's the way it looks. >> that see saw you always talk about as we go into a new season. >> that transition time. >> thank you, tom. 19 minutes after 11:00. still ahead on "news 4 midday" want younger looking skin, if you want it. >> i want it. >> you don't need it. there's some things you can do before going to bed and when you get up in the morning and they're different. we'll tell you what. we're cooking with a local chef being honored by the james baird foundation. he'll talk about his italian roots. first, a look at what's hot on [ wind howling ]
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the james baird foundation offers a variety of events designed to educate, inspire, entertain and foster an appreciation for talented chefs and their specialized cuisine. next month chef luigi will be featured at the foundation's big dinner. and we're happy to have him. we just call him chef luigi. what part of italy? >> south of italy. >> i hope they will help us today. >> this is beautiful and i know that you are very well thought of and deserved here in washington. you've been at el tirimsu for several years. >> the main ingredient in this
11:24 am
recipe are cod, salt, of course, potato and broccoli and milk and pepper dry from -- >> dried red peppers. >> comes with the pepper and they come in a different shape, of course. this one in this recipe, fortunate for the -- >> how did you decide to make this particular dish? is it a traditional dish in italy? >> it is. i want to take the traditional italian recipe where i'm from and i like to fine dine. >> basically what we do, even for people probably who don't like a cod, the secret is that you actually soak in milk. >> so you cook the cod fish, which is this. >> you don't cook this. this is basically how we find it in the market. salt it and cure it.
11:25 am
so what you do, you put in the water for three days, depend how thick it is and then you cut into small pieces and you leave overnight in milk like this. you lose a little bit of the fish. like beautiful and soft. >> boil apita potato. i want everybody to see. take the peel off. >> then you mash the potato and then in the sauce pan like this one. what do you do? you put the cod with the milk and then you have just a little bit of anchovy and do this for four, five minutes. at the very end you have the potato inside and you have a mix like this one. you want to have it this color compost and, of course, olive oil is important, too. you put always like a nice olive oil, like an infusion, basically. a very simple dish, but the key of this dish is the quality of ingredient. the good quality of cod. fresh, traditional, in season.
11:26 am
all kinds of kale and olive oil and once you do this then, of course, you do a beautiful, look at this product. >> what is in this? >> this is the broccoli and a little bit of onions. that's it. salt would the olive oil. >> makes nice, et cetera. of course, this is depends in what season you're in. whatever is available. you have to eat what's in season. always. >> you put it in here to make it -- >> in order you take the compost from here and we put it in this pasta. >> you make it into the little round thing. >> in the pasta. now, here, beautiful. fill her up. >> it comes out looking like this. >> it comes out looking like this. >> i'm going to taste it. >> okay. look, and then you basically
11:27 am
pour it around and you put the pepper on top and you have a nice -- >> beautiful. give me a spoon. >> there you go. >> all right, let's see. we're going to both taste it. let's see. >> yummy. >> very good. >> fantastic. >> we need some wine over here. >> we'll do that later. >> so great to see you chef luigi and what's next? >> what's next? follow me. 11:27. coming up in the next half hour. which red light cameras are raking in the most money in our area? we'll show you. plus, a little rain, snow and sleet in spots this morning. what's next? storm team 4 meteorologist tom ki ki kierein is back with a look ahead. ♪ and more from this unusual musical trio. stay with us, we'll be right
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>> there is a smarter way to do this. to reduce our deficits without
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harming our economy. but congress has to act in order for that to happen. right now, president obama is urging congress to act soon to prevent billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts from taking effect. that was the president minutes ago. he's calling on lawmakers from both parties to reach some kind of agreement to avoid the cuts, which are known as sequesteration. they much reach that deal by next friday. prince george's county police have identified the killer. charles walker jr. was killed yesterday afternoon. walker's friends and classmates say he was jumped for a pair of shoes he was planning to give his girlfriend. right now the mother of a murdered 15-month-old is announcing her plan to sue mental health officials who evaluated the child's father, who is also the main suspect. she says the professionals who evaluated rams should have never allowed him unsupervised visits with their child. he's accused of drowning
11:32 am
15-month-old prince mccloud rams last month. an affidavit said he was having financial problems and took out several life insurance policies on his son. opening statements are finally under way in the trial of a prince george's county man police describe as one of the most dangerous in the county's history. jason scott is accused of killing delorious dewitt and her daughter, ebony, in 2009. the start of the trial was delayed a bit today because the prosecution's first witness is in the hospital. serving 100 years in prison for a series of crimes which include burglaries, home invasions and sex assault on a minor. he's also a person of interest in at least three other murders. this morning, we're helping you avoid hefty fines and stay safe on your way to work. which red light cameras in our area generate the most money and here is what was found. in arlington, the camera at ft. mier drive and lee highway brought in almost $250,000 in
11:33 am
2011. the camera at river road and wilson lane wrote more than $330,000b in tickets that year. route 301 that was prince george's county biggest revenue generator in 2011. in alexandria, brought in more than $370,000. a camera in d.c. made the most money in our region. it's located on south capital near i street southwest. brought it more than $740,000. you can see a complete list of red light cameras in our area and how much money they make by going to there you'll find a link to the story on the main page. right now crews are preparing a 12 inch water main break in alexandria. this is cell phone video showing cars driving through the high water. the water main broke on edsul road near south picket street. the break is not affecting its customers and repairs will last most of this day. going to check, again, with
11:34 am
tom kierein for the latest on our forecast. he's outside on the weather deck, still getting some rain out there, tom? >> light, cold rain that is continuing to fall here in northwest washington and throughout much of the region and on the lawn behind me, i don't know if you can see but there's some robins bobbing along. here's one and they are maybe a local flock. a lot of the robins we see locally around this time of the year are local flocks but some of them could be, also, on their way to the north coming from the south and there is the soggy sky over washington now. and the storm team 4 radar is showing these areas of rain continuing to move on now. mostly rain, though. still a little bit of wet snow falling montgomery county where it may pile up and could get an inch there as well as into carroll county and ending over the next hour or so. temperatures right now above freezing all across northern virginia and most of maryland. it is in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. and as the day progresses, highs
11:35 am
and mid and upper 40s down to our south. metro area to hit the mid-40s and this mix in all rain ending by then 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. clearing out and colder tomorrow with the gusty wind with highs near 40. still a bit blustery and cold on thursday, but tomorrow and thursday, lots of sun and then friday, maybe a little more rain and maybe a light mix in the morning. rain afternoon and into saturday and maybe a little bit of rain sunday, monday and warming nup to the 50s. i'm off to school visit. barbara, we'll see you tomorrow. >>ave a good visit, tom, thank you. some south carolina residents are seeing a new ad from a familiar face. take a look. >> i've experienced how none of us go through life without mistakes. but in their wake, we can learn a lot about grace, a god of second chances and -- >> that's former governor mark sanford and his first commercial to represent south carolina's first congressional district.
11:36 am
in case you don't remember, he vanished for several days while serving as a governor four years ago. >> at first he claimed that he was hiking in the appalachian trail and later admitted he was in argentina with his mistress. he told savannah guthrie this morning, despite the scandal, he is still qualified to serve in public office. >> if we live long enough, we'll fail at something. i absolutely failed in my personal life and my marriage. one place i didn't ever fail is with the taxpayer. if you look at my 20 years in politics, what you'll see is a fairly remarkable consistency to watch out for the taxpayer. the ill before us is a civilization if we don't get our financial house in order, incredible consequences for the dollar and the american way of life and our respective savings and a whole lot more. >> sanford is 1 of 16 republicans who won the primary to replace tim scott who is now a u.s. senator. a d.c. council member will introduce emergency legislation
11:37 am
today that he says will crack down on the sale of stolen cell phones. tommy wells wants to give the authority to close any businesses found to be selling stolen cell phones. the stores will be closed for 72 hours and what this means is this, their owners could then appeal before a public hearing. if approved, this emergency would work on a bill to make this law permanent and, though, it's working on a bill to make this permanent. we'll keep you posted. it's up to bob mcdonnell. the virginia senate gave final approval yesterday to a bill that allows parents or local guardians or the legal guardians of those children to access their social media accounts once a minor has died. the legislation was prompted by a central virginia couple whose teenage son took his own life two years ago. the couple hope to find some
11:38 am
answers about his suicide from his facebook page. but, they were locked out because of federal privacy laws. >> we're horrified that the internet industry and the social media industry could take our rights away to even look for something. >> facebook call instances like this, tragic situations. the company says it always tries to help families, as much as possible, without breaking federal and state laws. have you ever heard a human beat box or an electric shell. this is something special. how about combining the violin, cello and hip-hop. they're doing just that. here this morning here with a sample. good morning to all of you. i saw you at strafmoore. you're performing, again, next wednesday. electric cello and i believe from what i have been told these
11:39 am
instruments are made especially for you. >> well, they weren't made especially for me. but i haven't seen anybody who has the six-string electric cello. the sixth string allows me to get into the bass range and violin range. >> give me a quick, quick string. just a quick one. >> that's what i'm talking about. let's move over and talk to chris. chris, you are part of thprogra. you're a human instrument and a human beat box. how did you get started with that? >> that's what happens when you can't afford the drum set. you become the drum set. i started as a kid and my mom showed me the way through dougy fresh records and stuff. >> quick sample. >>. ♪ >> that's what i'm talking about. and nhere you are a mystery of the violin, but not just any violin. >> i play a five-string violin
11:40 am
and i play the north indian style and for that i usually sit on the floor, but today i'm playing it in the western style. >> all right, quick. that's a slither. okay, so, we'll ask you guys about a big competition you're competing in in a few, but give us a sample of your music as a trio now. >> my pleasure. ♪ ♪
11:41 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:42 am
>> that was excellent. as we wrap this up, you guys are in the final 40 groups out of the original 300 for american music abroad which is ffunded be state department that would allow you to tour four to six countries. how much are you looking forward to that audition next month? >> we'll rehearse a lot and have a couple big shows coming up before then. but that would just be an incredible opportunity. >> and, chris, one more human sound. and that is a way of saying good-bye to this special trio. and you can see why it's here next wednesday. the time now 11:42. what should you be doing day and night to stay looking younger longer? plus, a group of thieves
11:43 am
grab diamonds in a heist. stay
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hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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how is this for a scene straight out of a movie. a daring height in belgium nets eight men a huge haul of diamonds. the men cut a hole in a security fence in brussels international airport and within three minutes they stole anywhere between 50 and $470 million worth of diamonds. the airport says they are stunned at the precision of this heist. >> there are very strict rules and regulations on airport and aviation security and we compie to all of those and what has happened has happened and how this happened and what can be done to avoid it in the future. >> now there are reports that the men may have made off with gold and platinum, as well. turning to business news in
11:47 am
an all-time high for google stock. let's check in with julia boorstein joins us with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. julia, good morning. >> good morning to you, keith. stocks are are trading higher. the dow and s&p are at fresh, five-year highs. above the key 14,000 mark on merger and acusition activity. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 are also both just under 0.5% higher. yes, google shares topped $800 for the first time. the stock has gained nearly 35% since co-founder larry paige took over as ceo in april of 2011. homebuilder confidence took a step back in january. the first decline in nearly a year due to ongoing uncertainties about job growth, as well as access to mortgages. but it is also a sign of rising building materials cost. office depot shares sky
11:48 am
rocketing higher on reports that it's in advance talks to merge with smaller competitor office max. meanwhile the biggest staples its stock is also soaring on today's news. big mna year so far. that's a sign of optimism about the economy, as well as healthy valuations for all those companies. keith, back over to you. >> julia, thanks. day or night, there are steps you can take to slow aging. dr. cheryl burgess joins us this morning with some advice. >> good morning. >> we're out there all buying different cosmetics and we're not sure if we're sure we can use them any time we want. people say this is for the morning, this for the evening. is that just a way of marketing to get you to buy more stuff? >> the regimen to get you to buy more things. if they have five products in a regimen. but the way you use them as far
11:49 am
as morning and evening, there are some signs behind that. >> let's start off with the morning then. anything you need in the morning, in particular, when you first get up. i mean, let's start with washing your face. >> we should cleanse our face or the body daily, but the face really because we have exposure to the environment and women wear makeup. you should cleanse the face in the morning and at night before you go to bed. but the products you apply differ. and that's because we have a sucadium rhythm within our system that tells the body what to do. in the morning the body is telling you to protect. in the morning you want to use, obviously, sunscreen. it aids in the body's mechanism of protecting itself. so the best anti-aging product out there is sunscreen. >> okay, so, that's what we need. let me just quickly ask you, when it comes to cleaning, can you use the same stuff you wash
11:50 am
your body with or you shouldn't do that? >> they have advanced technologically where there are cleansers that you can use on the body and the face. years ago, that wasn't the case. you want to use more of a moisturizing cleansing bar or moisturizing preparation versus the ones that strip the oils off of the skin. like the body, like the deodorant soaps, exactly. >> let's move on then. in the evening, those same cleansers, they're okay when you want to take off your makeup? >> yes, they're okay. but the products are going to be different. in that sense, the body, at that time, at night, is in the repair mode. so, we use preparations that are preparing the skin. such as retinols, your alpha hydroxy, our alphahydroxy acid. those types of products. let's not forget exfoliation. that's a different time period than the protect and the repair modes. >> i'm just curious. if you buy the exfoliation or the stuff you showed us last
11:51 am
week with salt. you cannot use those in the morning, you should not use those in the morning, anything that scrubs the face really clean. >> when you do, you need to protect the skin and wear sunscreen. some people will use them in the morning and then go without sunscreen. that you should not do. in that case people who insist on not doing it, i have them doing it at night. so, there's a rhyme or reason to why we do and recommend the products that we do. you can't just go to a department counter and buy the whole line of the skin care regimen and really not know when it will benefit you. topical vitamin c is a very common anti-aging preparation. but it has anti-oxidant effects. all the antioxidants that protect your skin from the sun are better used in the morning than using them at night. >> the retinol and those kinds of things, they repair. you should not repair your skin during the day. >> you shouldn't. you should be protecting it. >> i see.
11:52 am
are there things that actually make it worse for you in the sun? >> it doesn't make it worse, potentially it can, some of the retinols can be inactivated by sunlight. but for the most part, you want a product to be beneficial and working in sync with the body, therefore, you'll get a better response from it. >> believe the label when it says this is for morning, this is for evening. >> i think you should talk to skin care specialists because sometimes they have you use it both just to use it up. >> good to see you. >> good to see you, as well. >> i'll follow the labels. i think that is the first rule of thumb. good to see you, again. and we have a lot coming up. time right now 11:52. royal watch. the duchess of cambridge shows off her tiny little baby bump. we'll show it to you. plus, the first lady describes what motivated her to describes what motivated her to get
11:53 am
test test test test test test
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the duchess of cambridge
11:56 am
returned to her charity work this morning after a few months out of the public eye. you can now see kate's little baby bump. >> where? >> you really can't see it. for her you can see it. she is about 4 1/2 months pregnant. she stopped by a london group that helps women overcome substance abuse. her health has improved since she was treated for severe morning sickness at the ginning of her pregnancy. the child will be third in line to the british throne. first lady michelle obama says a mid-life crisis led to those new bangs. yes, ladies, even the first lady jokes that she's going through a mid-life crisis. in an interview with rachael ray, the first lady says she can't get a sports car and she wouldn't be allowed to bungee jump, so she decided to get bangs. mrs. obama showed off her new do last month on her 49th birthday, just before president obama's second inauguration. and we're going to check now on the stories that we're going to be following for you later today.
11:57 am
pat lawson moususe joins us wit preview. >> coming up at 4:00, how the budget cuts facing congress could impact your grocery bill. why no deal from lawmakers may meet shorter and higher prices. plus, do you remember this classic commercial? >> pardon me, do you have any gray purpon. coming up at 5:00, the higher price tag on higher education has students logging on to find sugar daddies. we'll tell you about a controversial website that's helping some kids pay for college. all about that and the rest of the day's top news starting at 4:00, barbara. >> thank you, pat, we'll be watching. >> i'll show you a sugar daddy, because this kid, his game is sweet. two feet shorter of many of today's basketball stars, but moves that are even impressing the pros. ♪ >> now, that's 11-year-old
11:58 am
jeweljewel y jewelio newman. he is the star of the varsity team in orlando. after 12 starts, he's also become a youtube sensation racking up 2.3 million views. his dad said he works hard at his skills and when they travel he demands they stay near a court so he can play. he's 4'5". 4'5". man, look at him go. a little dynamo. meantime, we have to bounce out of here. that was great. thanks for joining us, tune in for news 4 at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> we'll be back tomorrow with
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