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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  NBC  February 22, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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getting her back is the ultimate bookend for me. i want to know that she's properly buried or cremated or whatever we will choose to do with her. >> why is that so important? >> i think it's just the ultimate answer. this is it. there's no more wondering. >> no. not about that, but his father in prison, 15 to life? good deal of wondering left to do about that man, and what he took away. >> do you still love him? >> yeah, i do. i mean, i always will, i just have to figure out how i'm going to process these facts i know. i don't know yet. i kind of thought a perfect punishment for my father was i was going to ask him to write one sentence about my mother to me every week he's in prison so he has to think about her and i can remember her again.
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>> that's all for this edition of "dateline" friday. join us again for "dateline" sunday at 7:00, 6:00 central. i'm lester holt. thank you for watching. "rock center" with brian williams starts right now. ladies and gentlemen, this is the national broadcasting company. >> tonight on "rock center," he's the olympic hero turned killer as the world focuses on oscar pistorius. tonight from south africa, mary carrillo gives us an unprecedented look at reeva steenkamp, his girlfriend, from the people who knew her best. >> she would never come to you with a problem. it was always you to her with the problem. >> was there anyone in your family that oscar meant to do this to reeva? >> also tonight, the chinese computer hackers reaching into american computers and it's
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feared american society. tonight for the first time one insider relives the attack that hit his company. >> do you remember your reaction? >> my eyes bulged. yeah. this is really bad. also tonight, did the u.s. marine corps abandon a group of marines and military family members after they developed a rare and surprising disease? dr. nancy snyderman investigates a controversy. >> when is the leadership of the marine corps going to stand up and say we made a mistake? also tonight, kate snow goes inside the fight to save the pandas including some of the very youngest. >> you are too cute. look at you. >> their ircystability is beyond dispute, so what is it about the effort to protect them that makes this wild life expert so upset. >> you said once i would happily eat the last panda on earth if
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you could spend the money on worth while. in all seriousness, why did you say that? >> "rock center" gets under way. good evening. welcome to "rock center." the first glimpse americans ever got of oscar pistorius was on this broadcast in the run-up to the summer olympic games in london. we aired what became the defining profile of him reported by mary carrillo of nbc sports who traveled to south africa and got to know this unusual olympic athlete. well, fast forward to this past week. his name and image are everywhere. his beautiful girlfriend is dead and now his future turns on whether his version of his story is believed. tonight for us, mary cavio has traveled back to south africa to find out more about the woman whose death is at the center of this story. >> oscar pistorius says that 29-year-old girlfriend reeva steenkamp was the love of his life. she was also about to be a
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reality show star in this country. a cast member of tropic island. she was killed just days before the season premiere. these are exclusive outtakes from the show not seen in the united states until now. >> my name is reeva, and i'm a model. i have a law degree, as well, but right now i'm enjoying traveling and being behind the camera. it's what i'm passionate about. >> she grew up around horses in oceanside port elizabeth. her father, a horse trainer, and while she loved riding, she had a terrible accident. >> today's challenge is horseback riding down the beach and i'm really, really sad that i can't take part. unfortunately, a few years ago i had a bad fall and i broke my back and my spine was fractured. i was in the hospital for about a month in traction and six months in a brace from here and
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all of the way down and i was strapped down and i was doing the robot for six months. >> and so she feared the physical challenges of the reality show. crew members said they felt an immediate connection with her. cameraman james boon. >> she never changed whether she was in front of the camera or off the camera. she was the same person. she was the genuine article. she was definitely the genuine article. >> this was reeva's bedroom just as she left it in the house she shared with gina meyers. gina and darren fresco were her best friends. >> she knew what to say whenever anything was bothering you. she would never come to you with a problem. everyone would always go to her with a problem. she was a psychologist, a financial adviser, anything. it didn't matter what you needed to know she would give you an answer to it and it always seemed right. that was the frustrating thing. >> they knew reeva as a very happy person always. >> she was happy, and she was
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happy in the relationship. >> oscar's friend terry lee may witnessed their fast, flourishing romance which only began in november of last year. >> he loved reeva. he was so in love with reeva. he's proud of taking her to events, of showing her to the world, to south africa. >> reeva bragged on twitter about her new beau. >> he certainly doesn't need more followers, she wrote, but he's beautiful to look at and says some smart stuff, too. she tweeted about a shake oscar made for her. it was a favorite homemade concoction as we learned when we visited oscar last spring at his home. and as oscar dreamed of a future, finding ways to provide prosthetic limbs to those without means, so reeva dreamed of a future with her own purpose. fighting south africa's scourge of domestic violence. reeva had previously been in an abusive relationship.
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mike steenkamp is reeva's uncle. >> she spoke out against domestic vealence. >> that was also big. she didn't tolerate it. she spoke out and she told her friends we're going to stay in for it and we'll speak out about it. >> she had spoken about having a previously abusive relationship. >> she would never stand for anything like that again. if she said something once, you could bet your bottom dollar that that was it. >> on valentine's eve, reeva was preparing to speak the next day on the importance of self worth to students at sandown high school in john hanesburg. these are widely reported to be her own words. be brave. always see the positive. make your voice heard. but as the world now knows she never gave that speech. shot and killed by oscar pistorius who insists he thought she was an intruder. however, the prosecution strongly disagrees. >> this is pure premeditated
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murder. >> yesterday a spokesman for the prosecutor's office told us the shooting was a premeditated act of violence and that ballistic and forensic reports will prove it. >> so you still feel confident that there's damning forensic evidence that proves that oscar -- >> we have belief that there is forensic, damning evidence that can support our allegations. >> is there any part of you or anyone in your family that thinks that oscar meant to do this to reeva? >> i can't answer that. i can't answer that, but nobody ever, ever saw it coming. >> there were no signs. >> never. never forewarned. >> she was an angel on earth, you know? >> simmpewai, who was reeva's publicist. he saw her career rocketing to stardom. >> oscar obviously was already a hero and a superstar.
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you were taking pains to make sure reeva was separate from that, that she was going to be her own star. >> true. >> she was on the rise. >> she was on the rise. the star on the rise. my office and i had already started talks with different production houses and everyone was beginning to love this girl. >> i don't know anyone else like her. >> those who knew her best paint a portrait of a very full life for someone so young, animal lover, law graduate, model, devoted friend, advocate. >> mary carrillo reporting from south africa tonight for "rock center" and later tonight on this broadcast, a group of u.s. marines and military families say they were abandoned by the marine corps when they developed a rare and very surprising disease. dr. nancy snyderman will have our investigation. also, if it's possible someone's making a very persuasive, very provocative argument that we're spending too
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much trying to save the panda population on earth. >> one thing people might say is who are you to play god? who are you to decide that we shouldn't save the panda? >> they're already playing god. they're playing survival of the cutest in my books. ♪
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welcome back. this week we saw the explosive story detailing the reach of chinese hackers into computers in this country. over 140 big companies have been hit. for years we've been warned the power grids, water systems and financial services could be next and it might not end as simple espionage or spying. tonight we talk to the people who are fighting this war against hacking and those who have already been casualties in it. our report from david faber. >> as a professional intelligence officer i stand in absolute awe at the depth, breadth, sophistication and persistence of the chinese espionage effort against the united states of america. >> general michael hayden, a man who has run the cia and the nsa
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says the chinese are intent on building their economic empire by stealing american trade secrets. >> this is stealing american wealth. it's stealing american jobs. it's stealing american competitive advantage. >> is the threat growing? >> yes. it -- it grows daily and what we're really fearing is these advanced persistent threats. >> the advanced persistent threat is the guy that comes every day, in china, reports to work and sits in that network. >> undetected and extracting information. >> in a new report released this week the cyber security firm mandiant pinpointed where some of the most sophisticated hackers in china are working, in or around this building, a chinese military unit's headquarters on the outskirts of shanghai. this elite group of hackers has been dubbed the shanghai group. they've struck 141 times since 2006 across all sectors of the u.s. economy. this is the first time such a group has been tracked right to
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the doorstep of the people's liberation army. the shanghai group is not the first to be accused of cyber theft. >> it's scary. i mean, this is the problem. it's scarey. >> brian shields, a computer security specialist suspected the chinese of hacking into his company as early as 2004. he worked for nortel, a giant canadian telecommunications company. a success story, nortel made cell phone equipment and at its height the company employed 20,000 people in the u.s. >> how can you compete when the other guys aren't competing the same way. >> here's how shields says his company got hacked. a nortel employee saw, it was downloaded by brian mcfadden. >> he noticed that mr. mcfadden had downloaded some documents and when he got the email back and said i don't know what you're talking about. >> so it was mcfadden
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downloading documents, but it wasn't actually mcfadden. >> that's correct. >> hunting for the culprit, shields' team followed a string of digital clues that led them to the other side of the world. the attack, much to their surprise, was launched from a server in shanghai. >> and then what? so now you're suddenly, do you remember your reaction at the time? >> my eyes bulged. yeah. this is really bad. >> shields and a team of investigators discovered an attacker had stolen the passwords of mcfadden and other top executives including the ceo. more than 1,400 documents were stolen containing valuable company secrets. >> what companies we're buying, how much. they could know where we saw our future product. they could know where we saw our profitability. >> the team was never able to identify who controlled the server, but they tracked it to shanghai, the same city where the chinese military is now alleged to be running a vast cyber espionage operation.
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what's more, a chinese telecommunications company in direct competition with nortel called huawei has been accused of having ties to the chinese military. its founder say former technology specialist for the people's liberation army. >> it's time that somebody speaks up and says this is what's going on and corporate america better get a grip because if they're not their cookie jar will be stolen and the bad guys will get away scot-free. there's no justice here. huawei denies stealing from nortel or any other company, saying it has the highest respect for intellectual property of others. most insiders never learned about the chinese spying because nortel never disclosed it. the company filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and is no longer in business. >> it's a new age, new wave technology-based organized crime. one of the most serious examples of cyber theft is perhaps one of the most embarrassing.
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>> because we at rsa were attacked last march, my colleagues and i feel this is as personally as anyone in this room. >> art coviello is executive of rsa, it protects most fortune 500 companies in the u.s. from cyber attacks, but in 2010 the shanghai group breached rsa's own security. >> if the chinese can attack one of the premiere security companies in the world, how can anybody be safe? >> any company can be attacked. >> sure enough, the attackers used the information stolen from rsa to try to break into its clients' networks including lockheed martin, the largest defense contractor in america. >> there was a connection between the breach at rsa and the breach at lockheed martin. >> although lockheed was breached, nothing was lost from lockheed and that's the only known attack we have that's been reported using the information
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that was stolen. >> just this week, a chinese government spokesperson told "rock center" it does not steal from any corporations and called the mandiant report on the shanghai group unprofessional. >> translator: in fact, china has engaged with the u.s., uk, russia, germany and other countries to crackdown on cyber attacks. >> but top players in the intelligence world are not buying it. >> hayden, now a private security consultant says it's time to hold china accountable. >> don't treat me like a child. we know what you're doing and we have good evidence with regard to what you're doing and if you continue to do what you do, actions will have consequences and we make it part of a broader package of the american relationship. if we don't do this something cat strofk is going to happen over here. >> david faber of cnbc reporting for tonight's "rock center," up next for us this evening, dr. nancy snyderman investigates how it is a group of marines and
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welcome back. our next report has to do with those who have raised their hands to volunteer to serve their country in this case, in the united states marine corps. they signed up to serve, wearing the uniform wherever the corps needs them to go and that means their family members, as well. but at the center of this story is a very troubling controversy. upwards of a million marines and their family members were exposed to contaminated drinking water over 35 years. and tonight, dr. nancy snyderman investigates the cases of marines who have developed a rare and frightening disease, male breast cancer and say the government hasn't done enough to help them. >> the first thing that went through my mind was what contest in hell did i win to deserve this? i don't drink. >> mike partain got the shock of
10:26 pm
his life five years ago when he was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 39. >> and this is what it looks like to have male breast cancer. >> that he got breast cancer is the all is surprising. >> you can see the calsifications. >> it is so rare for every 100 women that get it, just one man will, but it's how mike says he got breast cancer that's the biggest shock of all. >> maybe you're just unlucky. >> i thought that at first, but that all changed three months after i was diagnosed. i went from being an average, ordinary person to being a breast cancer patient to finding out that the place that i was born was contaminated. >> the son of a marine, he was born at camp lejeune, north carolina, one of the largest and most storied marine cabases in e country. >> the entire time my mother was drinking with me we were drinking high levels of tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene and benzene in the water. >> he says camp lejeune caused
10:27 pm
his breast cancer and he's not alone. >> how many of you, by show of hand, believe the united states marines are in some way in part responsible for you getting breast cancer. >> these men lived or served at camp lejeune and have been diagnosed with breast cancer. >> hard to believe that we have male breast cancer. >> embarrassing? >> well, it was kind of embarrassing at first to tell others. >> it's more frustration because no one knew what to do with us or me. i can't speak for the rest of the guys, but the sdprs nurses didn't know how to treat me and that was unnerving and scary. >> all six have had a breast remove, left to live with the cruel scars of mastectomy, most, like mike muller, said they have suffered mood swings from hormone therapy. >> now that i'm on tamoxifen i'm going through some sort of male menopause or something.
10:28 pm
there was a time when i cried every day and i bought an apron and got a kitchen aid and started baking bread and they chemically reduced me to a grandmother. >> you got your grandkids coming up to you saying, pop-pop you've only got one boob. i don't like wearing t-shirts. >> he chad was diagnosed at age 53. >> it was devastating for me. it messed my whole life up as far as i'm concerned. >> the story of how these men found each other began after mike partain saw a news report in 2007. a former marine named jerry ensminger was telling congress how his daughter 9-year-old jenny died of leukemia. >> every time they stuck a needle in her bone in her hip to pull out bone marrow i held her. >> and that he believed her death was caused by the drinking water at camp lejeune. >> i can assure you that there are many more individuals and
10:29 pm
families who are now literally spread out all over this country, if not this world, that are wondering what happened to me. >> i immediately thought -- my knees buckled. i grabbed the back of the couch and i sat there and said oh, my god. this is what happened. >> mike learned there was a long history of suspicion about the water at camp lejeune. >> is it your premise that the united states marine corps knew there was contaminated water and chose not to let people know about it? >> their own documents show clearly that they were warned beginning in 1980 -- >> by? >> by their own scientists that they hired that the water was contaminated. >> those documents he's referring to were produced when the marines started routinely testing tap water in 1980 and eventually found high levels of cancer-causing chemicals. in one case over 280 times the acceptab


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