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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 1, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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those april showers have moved out. how about the may flowers and to go with them. we are liking this. >> starting off with a chill in the air. we are down into the 40s. closer to washington. around the beltway in montgomery. around 50 degrees in the district of columbia, it is in the low 50s right now. we are going to stay on the chilly side for a couple of hours. by 10:00 should be 60 degrees. light northeast breeze sunrise at 6:10. home town forecast. charld charles county with the light northeast breeze. >> good morning. tom. we'll start out with the rails. if you are taking the metro
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mark. all are running without any delay. travel lanes are are open around the beltway. the commute between the beltway and down to the capitol beltway all lanes are open. no rishes to report. heading southbound. light volume. not seeing any construction. i'm back in ten minutes. i did see a report of a disabled vehicle. >> thank you. breaking news. >> rescue workers continue to pull b pully bodies from the rubble. we learned more than 400 people are now confirmed dead. the tragedy has spurred a protest. an dpri wogry workers are in ths
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this morning. emotions were high, loud, angry as people called for the death penalty and we have learned the 8 story building was illegal liability. more than 2,000 people were able to escape. rescue efforts continue right now. we are continuing to full lollo new earthquake in asia. >> today president obama will look to north carolina to fill a position in his administration. he will nominate congressman melvin watt. he represent ares part of north carolina on the hill.
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earlier this week the president nominate nominated secretary. it will decide whether to raise interest rates. many believe the fed will keep the main rate where it is until the unemployment rate drops lower. >> today the medical examiner's office says it h reveal how tam tamerlan tsarnaev died when the body is claimed. the family said they will claim his remains. we will also hear from the man who was carjack ed by the bosto
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d bombing suspects. >> coming up this morning. tommy branch is accused of beating a man with a bat. yesterday the man's wife says her husband may never fully recover even after going through six surgeries and rehab. branch is one of thee men charged in this case. >> mounting issues with the silver string transit center will be the focus of a meeting today. the council found out in a report by the washington post not from county executive's office.
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now council is calling for a vn seft gation. >> victim's rights group is demanding young adults names be removed from reg tris. they say the laws violate youth offender's basic rights. reaction continuing to come in over the morning after pill. girls as young as 15 will be able to buy plan b without a prescription. >> i think it is incredible and smart. let's face it. 15 year olds are having sex. >> i don't think it is a good
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idea. i feel there is so much free will to do whatever you like when ever. >> we should mention the fda made the approval on plan b one step. the swrustijustice department i deciding whether to appeal that ruling. >> human remains from the 17th century discovered in williamsburg. william calso found the remains in historic jamestown, virginia. >> today marks two years since navy s.e.a.l.s stormed the compound and kled the
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terrorist leader. they took three of his wifeves into custody. they did so to prevent his grave or the photos from becoming asia rhin or propaganda. the war in iraq of course wept on for several years. >> many other rel arerelics go display today. the like and museum features exhibits on the attacks. president obama and the four living presidents were in town for the center's opening.
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>> and no sleep overnight for this group. the changing opportunity that had some camped out in lines. >> and we are starting off
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weather and traffic on the ones. we welcome may with open arms. temperatures 50s to 40s around the region. by midnight back down into the low 50s. your 7 day out look and weekend traveling on 95 no issues nice and clear. over to 395 i mentioned that i had a report. it is in the hov lanes. also rails check out.
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no reported delays on metro mark or vr are e. >> in time forso somummer break. >> new evidence federal investigators say they have investigators say they have ag[ indistinct conversations ]
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homework. the south will bring china up to speed on their assessment
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of the current situation. traces of the deadly poison ricin was found in a studio. court documents reveal fbi spotted james dusky dumped items in the trash. >> yesterday -- testified dr. murray was more than $500,000 in debt and may have been motivateded by a large payday in jackson's death. company denies any wrong doing.
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>> 17 after the hour. senators who voted against background checks for gun buyers are facing tough questions right now. >> you had mentioned that day, owners of gun stores that the expanded background checks would cost. i'm wondering why the burden of my mother being gunned down in the school isn't more important than that. >> i understand why sandy hook drove this whole discussion. >> that was erica laffer arety, mother was the principal at the
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sandy hook school. >> markey wouldnn the democrati primary. the special election is scheduled for june 25th. yesterday a panel approved the panel. >> new law took effect 7 years after same sex couples --
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>> substitute teacher sent bizarre homework questions home with students. they referenced ted bundy and creepy john. >> i don't know if he is trying to be funny or if that is some of this personal interests. he could have did the problem without the references. >> the substitute teacher was trying to engage students by t getting their attention. the school says the teacher will no longer be filling in at that school. >> supporters have taken to the
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streets on his may day. >> we are in for nice relief. >> that is live view there in washington. now showing up on the eastern verizon. we have reports coming in of chilly temperatures. many locations down into the 40s. 48 there. and in prince george county.
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it is right near 50 degrees. light breeze. here is your 4 day forecast. it is going to be chilly again. temperatures into the mid 40s. low 70s and party cloudy sky. here is a look at saturday. beautiful day. bright and suspect. lot of things going on, on saturday. virginia gold cup over the weekend. apple blossom festival. the parade should be perfect for
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that. sunday, monday, and tuesday. that is your 7 day outlook. now a look at traffic. >> good if you are making the commute arlington boulevard checks out. no reports of accidents. as you travel westbound travel lanes are open. westbound. but you bedding into the district. no major delays just yet. not seeing reports of accidents right now. >> you won't have to worry about
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missing a train home if you are headed to the caps first playoffs game tomorrow night. you will be able to exit at any station though. the puck drops at 7:30. the nats will try to get to their fert wirst win. they are 0 and 5 against atlanta this season. tim hudson helped his team's cause hitting a home run and a double. mike brennan is the new
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basketball coach. he said it is nice to return to a place that is so familiar. >> going on tours. seeing the familiar faces. it is nice knowing most of the department. it makes this transition easier. brennan is the school's 17th basketball coach. >> this is danica patrick at last night's hockey game. she made this shot. based on her reaction. she seems like she has done it a dozen times. her team won in over time. 2-1. >> coming up, new study says 20 kids visit the er every day because of an amusement park ride related injury.
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>> 4400 kids a year get hurt on a ride. researchers say it is not just roller coasters. mall and arcade rides too. they include bruises. sprains and concussions. and follow the height recommendations too. >> giving up roller coasters. don't feed the animals. that is the lesson learned for this family. you can see the camel climb into the car before backing off. he wants to join the family. the camel started running with the car. begging for treats. the mom says her little girl loves camels. not anymore. she must have been eating something.
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>> the dad was calm. >> little too calm. i wou i would have driven off right there. >> and she is calm too. >> all right. >> let's see. changes to a maryland tradition. we'll tell you how the heightened security measures are coming to the preakness. and a building collapse as the death toll rises.
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more than 400 people are reported dead after that building collapse in bangladesh. >> good morning to you. >> welcome to news4 today on this wednesday, may 1st.
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we are off to a dry start. >> let's check in with tom klerein now. how is the weather? >> it is beautiful here. but look at what is going on in colorado. can barely see because it is snowing so hard. this is hard in the rockies. they have had about six inches of snow there. they are singing jingle bells on this first day of may. unbelievable. madness. right now here it is in the mid 40s. quite a chill in the air. near 50 in the district of columbia. upper 40s and the rest most locations are in the low to mid 50s. also the 40s to near 50. lots of sunshine and party
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cloudy skies through the rest of the morning. we will stay in the 50s through 10:00. falls church, home town forecast there, and party cloudy a look at your wednesday. if you are traveling the beltway in this area no issues to report. live look on the inner loop heading toward 50. picking up some steam. no accidents yet. you are clear as you cross over the american legion bridge. over to you. >> the government making it easier for younger te eer teens
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the morning after pill. good morning. right now, you have to be 17 or older and behind the counter but plan b is going over the counter and it could happen in just a few months. they have to change the packaging because id will be required. either a dl or permit a birth certificate. this new rule comes before a court deadline on monday to drop those age restrictions. there is strong reaction on both sides. they plan to be back in court to
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drop the id requirement. they say it makes no sense to them that young girls need a doctor's note or parent's permission to take aspirin in cul b but can go to a store and buy plan b. >> angry workers demand new safety mess kwasurmeasures. minutes ago we learned more than 400 people died when that building collapsed. investigation revealed the owner only had permission to build a five story complex. he added three more floors. crews were seen carrying ropes
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to secure the building. this morning the search is on for the robbers who led police on a wild chase. this started when masked men stormed into the store. off duty officer chased them for miles. the suspects did get away. they say they may be driving a black dodge charger. no word on how much the stolen goods were worth. police were trying to figure out if this robbery was related to another robbery. another group grabbed $125,000 worth of rings in march. robbers stole rolex watches worth $600,000. >> robbery happened yesterday
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afternoon at this shop on silver hill road. third robber was waiting in a car. the trio dropped off the injured man at a hospital. police did take him into custody there and the robbers crashed their getaway car. they were taken into custody. the guard suffered minor injuries. horse race in maryland is on may 18th. we are day as way from the kentucky derby. you can watch it live from louisville this saturday right here on nbc4. >> allen alda is on a mission.
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he wants scientists to start a center on communicating science. the goal here is to teach scientists to get to the point and get it across more clearly. the language could help lawmakers make better decisions. clear? >> this morning, maryland governor responds to allegations to a gang run aring out of a jail. also, will you need to pull out that umbrella again this week? look at this and decide for
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[ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. some college baseball players had to catch a squirrel. he's fast too. the little guy got loose on the infield and didn't want to be caught. eventually gently scooping him up and ran him out to the stadium fence where he could rome free. baker did get a round of
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applause as he made his way back onto the field. >> the squirrel said hey batter batter batter! >> did you see the gentle touch though? >> sccoming up, weather and traffic on the 1's. >> temperatures are just near 50 degrees in montgomery. near 50 as well in the district of chum olumbia. feast your eyes on this forecast. chilly start tomorrow morning. here is a look at danella with traffic. >> metro not reporting delayed to the roadway.
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the fbi is launching and investigation this morning into contributions to bob mcdonald. he gave his daughter $15,000 as a gift to pay for her catering for her wedding.
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yesterday mcdonald said he did not give williams any special treatment. no one has been given any special consideration because of their friendships or donations to my campaign or gifts they have been given. not mr. williams or his company or individual. >> governor mcdonald says he does believe virginia's campaign finance laws should be tighten heed. >> democratic primary date -- council chairman says that is too early and wants to move it to june 11th. maryland governor putting a positive spin on wide ranging
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corruption in a baltimore jail. last week 13 officers were charged for smuggling contraband into the jail. he says it is a positive step toward fighting and dismantling gangs. >> the last of four men charged with hazing two virginia state university students has turned himself in. he will be in court tomorrow. he is one of four who forced a group of seven students as part of an initiation. two of those students drowned. >> atlantic group h present hillary clinton with an award. federal workers facing furloughs can get a discount on golf.
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federal workers will play courses for $25. federal employees mouth show their employee id. chairman of the park authority says the program is meant as a gesture of solidarity. >> we want to play you a recording of a man just convicted of killing a teenaged mother. prosecutors say he killed her in 2010. they say he and six others beat her, tied her up and left her in a closet in an apt:listen to what he told them when he realized she was dead. >> it was like man, yeah, uh she ain't breathe k. what you mean? like well, then the girls they were hitting her and i blacked
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out and then she wasn't breathe k. it was like i think she dead. >> swede is the second person convicted in this case. he faces up to 60 years in prison. >> the county council approved raises from 7 to 10% yesterday. councilman voted againsts the raises. >> city holds second public meeting on the landmark mall project meeting. the proposal calls for the demolition of the two stor y portion of the mall. the first phase will create apartments and spaces for retails and restaurants.
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>> falsafety investigators are looking into complaints about the dodge viper. the device may break while the car is moving causing the driver to lose control. the investigation involves the 2005 and 2006 viper models. there is no recall but that could change depending on what the investigation reveals. >> the dc council may soon weigh in for change to the team name. he said the red skins is a derogatory name. >> i think there are a hot of people who have a suggestion on the name. >> coming up on ten minutes before thep top of the hour and
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tom klerein is here with the sun coming up and fewer clouds. >> are you sure that is what that is? >> we haven't seen it for a while. and i forgot. >> you know. >> it is pretty tom. >> we haven't seen it in a couple of days. there it slis. lavendar. delightful sky starting off this first day of may. 51. the dew point down to 41. winds out of the northeast at 10 miles-an-hour. temperatures are chilly. much of the region down into the 40s and we h stay into the 40s for probably two or three hours. but then with that strong may sun, we will quickly climb right now near 50 much of the region by noon should be into the mid
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60s. and then by mid to late afternoon we will be hovering around 70 degrees perfection starting off this day in may. here are the highs expected around the region. cooler into the bay. upper 60s farther north and west. near 70 into west virginia and shenandoah valley as well. the pollen count washed out. but it should rebound and then medium koupts as a lot of the pollen is going to fall out of the sky. partly cloudy near 70. friday afternoon near the chilly start. great for outdoor activities on
5:52 am
saturday. and the apple blossom festival. morning lows cool near 50. we will keep he the mild trend going. back with another home town forecast in ten minutes. >> good morning tom. if you are making the commute in virginia along i-95. starting to see early morning delays but let's talk about your travel speeds. heading northbound. you are at 48 miles per hour. that says you travel through triangle. >> then it gets better as you continue towards the lorton area. volume is picking up. i'll give you your travel speed if you are making your trip along i-95. now continuing onto 395 earlier this morning in the hov lanes at duke street. the vehicle was blocking your
5:53 am
right shoulder lanes. they are open to the 14th street bridge. if you are are taking the rails. earlier take ldelay on the mark brunswick east line >> capitol bike share is on schedule to expand by the end of the summer. the company will install 20 docking stations with 200 bikes in the area. >> yahoo's ceo is changing her tune when it comes to working mothers. new mothers h get 16 weeks of paid leave. new parents get $500 to buy groceries and baby cloemgthes. she was criticized for banning
5:54 am
telecommuting earlier ip the year. >> one vehicle may be driving up sales. kayla good morning. >> reporter: good morning. auto maker's report april sales number today. pace expected to top 15 million. demand for that one vehicle. the pickup truck. improving with the recovery in the housing market. ebay may be ready to join the revolution. the company is considering adding the virtual currency on paypal. adding bitcoin to paypal would give it a major boost. it is held by speculators hoping
5:55 am
to profit frm it. >> tim teebow could be a piece of beef. a team in the champion's professional indoor football league. here is the offer. $75 per game with six games left in the league season. he could make $450 off the beef that is a little less than the $2 million with the jets last season. he said he thinks tebow could learn a lot from him. start making plans for your 4th of july now. the national park service made that announcement yesterday. the she was in jeopardy because of the federal see queststration. they are making changes to ensure that $250,000 goes off without a hitch.
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have you done that yet? >> i hadn't been down to the mall to see it yet, no. >> are are you taking me? >> the day of the boston marathon bombings was the saddest day in years. >> happiness levels are measured. april 15th was the saddest day in the five years they have been doing this. >> imagine the opposite of an imax movie. each one of the dots that you see here is an atom. ibm made this video calls a boy and his atom by arranging molecules. >> it considered this is considered the world's smallest film. they created a boy dancing.
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playing with the molecule and jumping up and down it was made using a microscope that magnifies it over 100 million times. they used the tip of the needle to move them around and make the film. >> they aren't trying to convey a message but they want students to ask questions and know more about the world. >> look at how cool i am. that is pretty cool. winter weather refusing to losen it's grip on the country. >> plus the surprise one rider got when he sped into a blind curve. >> and hook at this. that is the sun
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