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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 17, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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solar-powered plane that will call dulles home for the next few weeks. they will hold a roundtable discussion today. the solar impulse landed sunday to a cheering crowd. it made its trek across the country, showing off how solar power alone could be used to fly the plane both day and night. the team hopes to fly a second version of a plane around the world in 2015. that looks really cool. still makes me a little nervous. you know what i mean? >> technology is doing amazing things. especially at night. >> all right. 4:31. want to get a look at our forecast this morning. we're starting with pretty thick air out there. >> let's start with tom. i like this air, tom. >> it's not terribly humid. but it's more humid than saturday. saturday, an incredible day. and the humidity increasing on father's day.
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this monday morning, a few showers passing to our south. just some light rain in southern maryland, eastern shore right at the atlantic beaches, they're getting heavier rain there. and south of us, southern charles county across st. mary's county. a little light rain this morning. that's heading to the east. and much of the northern neck getting rain east of fredericksburg. this will be traveling east. farther north, just some clouds around. a few breaks in the cloud. in prince george's county. it's in the low 70s. low to mid 70s. montgomery county, in the mid and upper 60s. the rest of maryland, most locations in the 60s to near 70 degrees, as in west virginia. here's how the morning is looking. 6:00 a.m., around 70 degrees. and partly-sunny sky. should be partly-sunny for the rest of the morning.
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by monoontime, hitting the low-80s. and sun rise this morning is at 5:43. i'll show you the rest of this monday in about ten minutes. >> tom, thank you. let's check in with melissa at the live desk. >> good morning. president obama at the g-8 summit in northern ireland. look at the video of him arriving a short time ago with the first lady and his daughters following him out of the plane. he's expected to make remarks at waterfront hall in belfast, focusing on security, foreign policy, as well as the economy. the g-8 is a two-day summit. it's at a resort in northern ireland. leaders from britain, germany, france, italy, russia and japan are all there. he plans to meet with russian president vladimir putin. and the president's trip will end on wednesday in berlin. you can expect more fallout this week from the nsa's secret
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surveillance programs. mark udall will raise a bill to limit what phone records the nsa can access. >> i don't think collecting millions and millions of americans' phone calls -- this is the meta data, time, place, to whom you direct the calls, is making us any safer. and i think it's a violation of the fourth amendment. >> remember when federal agents arrested this man for planning to blow up the new york city subway system. they say the nsa surveillance program foiled that plot. prison may have its own government surveillance scandal. "the guardian" is reporting that the british spy agency hacked into phone and e-mails during international conferences. gchq stole passwords at a
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conference in 2009. how did "the guardian" get this information? it appears to have come from former nsa contractor edward snowden. an irs supervisor here in washington says she scrutinized some of the first applications tea party groups filed for tax exempt status. that would contradict that a small group of workers mishandled the application. today, we expect president obama to name a high-powered d.c. attorney to shut down guantanamo bay. nbc news has learned that clifford stone will be named to the position. he will head guantanamo closure. it follows his renewed pledge to close the prison. 166 prisoners suspected of terrorism are being held at guantanamo. we're following a developing story in syria.
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state tv reports several explosions on the western edge of damascus. it's the same neighborhood that houses several embassies. look at this video online. it appears to show rebels attacking syrian troops in another part of the capital. nbc news can not verify the authenticity of this video. the group claims it was targeting forces. turkish union workers are holding a one-day strike over the forced eviction of protesters from the park. riot police fired water canons and tear gas on the demonstrators. a protest against plans to redevelop the park has spread to a broader discontent with the prime minister of turkey. there's a new showdown between north korea and the u.s. over peace talks. north korea proposed they could sit down with the u.s. as long as there were no preconditions. the u.s. says they're open for
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talks. but north korea has to give up its nuclear program. north korea will often propose talks after igniting tension to earn some concessions from other nations. firefighters in colorado are working to keep a wildfire from spreading. the black forest fire near colorado springs is now 65% contained. steady rain moved in through the area, helping firefighters. firefighters hope to have it under control by thursday. the fire burned 22-square miles, killing 2 people and destroying 500 homes. making it the most destructive wildfire in colorado history. week two of the george zimmerman murder trial will continue in a few hours. and we're on jury selection. the judge in this case ruled last week that the jury will be sequestered during the trial. it could last as long as four weeks. a family looking for answers
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after their daughter is killed in a hit and run. >> someone had to see something. they know something. >> this morning, a desperate plea for the driver or drivers who struck a woman and then took off. not just one homecoming. more like hundreds all in one room. what made it a special father's day for one family. you'll need the sunglasses or umbrella this monday morning. which one? we'll get you ready for the day.
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a touching father's day for a couple hundred families in washington state. about 250 soldiers were reunited with their loved ones. they brought cameras and signs. one army wife brought something her husband has never seen before. his daughter. you see him right there. that's specialist jesse pennington. he got to meet and hold his daughter for the first time ever. the group of soldiers came home after seven months in afghanistan. >> it's wonderful to watch those reunions. it's a morning of celebration for us at news 4. the emmy awards were held in baltimore. and news 4 today, this show right here, won for best morning newscast. our executive producer, brian callahan accepted on our producer. matt's in the background there. i was honored with best ho
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host/moderator. wendy rieger won for future news reporter. and we won for news promo-image for donna weston and her team. >> congratulations to you. >> thank you very much. it was a fun night. it's sharp. i have to keep it away from the kids. want to get a look at our forecast for you this morning. we're off to a start with 73 degrees outside our studios. let's see how hot it's going to get. tom? >> good morning. starting off this morning with some humidity back in the air since yesterday afternoon. started turning more humid. it's not sweltering humidity. the view from space, a few breaks in the cloud. we're getting sprinkles in southern maryland, the northern
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neck and the eastern shore heading off to the east. as the morning progresses, we'll get sunshine breaking up. from the 60s to the low 70s around most of the metro area. waldorf, by midafternoon, thunder showers. in the mid-80s there. that's the story along much of the region. partly-sunny, rather humid. and a good chance of a passing thunder shower coming through. don't anticipate any severe weather. and tonight, partly-cloudy by midnight in the low 70s. a look at the week ahead and a peek at the weekend. that's coming up in ten minutes. want to look at traffic for you this morning. if you're making the trip in from charles county. 301 all clear for you. 53 miles per hour is the speed you'll be able to hit. 210, no problem there's. a quick peek at the beltway. 495, a seven-minute drive in from route 210. the road is all clear.
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scandal brings down an entire government. where one leader's resignation means everyone below him must step aside. and a daily ritual for millions
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welcome back. a prince george's family is looking for your help to solve a tragedy on the beltway. tiara jackson was involved in a crash. she survived the crash. but when she got out of her car, police believe she was hit by several cars, including a tractor-trailer. no one stopped to help her. jackson leaves behind her 18-month-old son. her family hopes someone will
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come forward with information. >> we know someone had to see something. they know something. someone's car came home that was smashed in that wasn't when they left home and they don't have a good explanation as to why. >> anyone who may have information about this crash is asked to call maryland state police. two community groups will hold a moment of silence for victims of the metro branch trail on the interest. they will walk tonight. they'll then meet at pocket park on fourth and s street for a moment of silence. last week, a group of teens attacked a man on that trail. the attack was not provoked and the man was not robbed. the eight. mile trail runs to union street station. the county school board will vote on wednesday on salary increases and cost of living adjustments for thousands of school district employees.
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the cost of living adjustments would range from 1% to 2% of employees salaries. they would take affect in july. the step increases would go into effect early next year. here's a history lesson your kids may not learn in school. you wonder why they don't have to read the bible if they go to a public school. that happened 50 years ago today. the court struck down a pennsylvania law that made students read portions of the bible in public schools. today, is the new rutger's athletic director's new job. julie hermann has taken over, the scandal involving the school's men's basketball coach. that coach was fired when video surfaced. hermann may have to defend her own past. she coached in 1996 and her
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players say she verbally abused them. the prime minister of the czech republic will step down over a spy and bribery scandal. the prime minister's top aid was arrested last week after charged with abuse of power. she's accused of ordering a military intelligence agency to spy on the prime minister's estranged wife and seven other people. he claims he knew nothing about the surveillance. and take a look at this. police clash with protesters in rio de janeiro, brazil. hundreds of people tried to make their way to the stadium before the cup match. the next year world cup and the 2016 olympic games. an 11-year-old boy is recovering after being shot at a park in ohio. he was shot in the thigh during a june teen celebration. after the shooting, the
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organizers canceled the festival. it was supposed to be a celebration of the date the last slaves were freed. officers also found a weapon. no word on a motive. a drunk driver is to blame for a wrong-way crash in new jersey. a man was driving a car with his two, young children when another vehicle slammed into his. the father and his 4-year-old daughter died. his 7-year-old son is listed in serious condition at the hospital. the driver of the other car was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. if you're diabetic you might want to get a glucose meters. diabetics who track their blood sugar are in better health than those who track it by hand. patients who brought their glucose meters to appointments had a slower blood sugar over the past few months. nasa may help you control your allergies.
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look at this device. it's an air purifier. there isn't an air filter to clean. the price tag is nothing to sneeze at. 800 bucks for that contraption. what are you having for dinner tonight? chances are you're going to have fish instead of beef. a new report from the united nations and department of agriculture, shows more people are eating fish than beef. listen to this. right now, fish farms are putting out six-times more fish than they were about 20 years ago. doctors aren't shocked about this, either. more people realize that fish is a healthy protein. >> lower in fat. better for digestion. >> i'm not a big fish fan, though. i love a steak. >> have you tried different sh. >> it's not a taste that works for me. >> we have to get you onboard. we'll figure this out for you. time for weather and
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traffic. tom is here with more on ourwea. >> the weekend went by just like that. >> every time. >> it's monday. >> hope you had a nice father's day. >> i did, thank you. we're starting off this morning with humidity back. it's not sweltering humidity. a few breaks in the crowds on the east earn hersen. we're seeing the light of monday. mostly cloudy in washington. 76 in reagan national. the dew point is 67. that's rather humid. when the dew point is 70, that's humidity you notice. we have a calm wind. as you look over what's happening here in the last several hours, washington getting a new sprinkles, in charles county, st. mary's. and on the lower part of the eastern shore, getting some rain there, too. breaks in the clouds over the metro area and points west. we should have a little sunshine, as dawn arrives this morning. right now, our temperatures are near 70 across most of virginia.
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arlington, fairfax, low to mid-70s. highs this afternoon should make it into the mid-80s, most of the region, from the mountains to the atlantic beaches. in a addition, we could get passing thunder showers. to our west, the mountains might get a shower or thunder shower popping up. and in the mid-80s in the afternoon, with the passing thunder showers, perhaps into early evening. we could get passing thunder showers. tomorrow morning, still humid, in the 60s. afternoon highs, low 80s. on tuesday, could get more thunderstorms, from the afternoon into the evening. we're going to get and easterly wind. high near 80 on wednesday. and maybe some passing showers. maybe a little thunder off and on on wednesday. lower humidity for thursday, friday and into the weekend. they'll get a little steamy
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again. each day should be partly-sunny, highs 80s. morning lows in the 60s. back in ten minutes with another update. >> tom, thank you. looking at the roads with your first 4 traffic at this hour. let's look at i-66 at sunnily road in fairfax county. moving 55 miles per hour at this hour. let's look at i-66. this is at route 29 in  gainesville. getting clear early this morning. and looking at i-66 at the beltway. 1 minutes to get on your way. it's 4:54. we want to go to the live desk and melissa. >> good morning, guys. we have one issue we want to warn you about on the roads. we have an accident northbound on 395 in the h.o.v. lanes. 395 in the h.o.v. lanes in ed sell road. that's northbound. if you're heading that way. this morning, investigators
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are trying to figure out what caused a park and ride to get stuck, stranding dozens of passengers 20 feet in the air. this is cell phone video taken by one of those stranded. nbc cannot verify the authenticity of the video. but fire crews rescued dozens in london. some people were stuck an hour before help arrived. coming up this morning, a brand-new estimate this morning. why one automaker says its recall of thousands of vehicles is bigger than first thought. could apple be making the next iphone be a little more like the competition. an event we'll be watching, president obama and other world leaders in northern ireland for the g-8 summit.
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welcome back at 4:57. a big recall here. an suv made by general motors. the carmaker is expanding a recall to include 500,000 cars. that's more than double the initial recall. a circuit board in some 2006 and 2007 model year suvs could short, causing a fire. including this recall, are the chevy trail blazer and trail blazer ext.
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the buick rainier, the saab 97 x. gm reports 58 car fires and 11 minor injuries. dealers will make the repairs for free. rumor has it apple may offer different colors and screen sizes with its next iphone. you'll be able to pick between a 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch screen. apple may offer a lower-end iphone for about 100 bucks. if you go with that phone, you could have five or six colors to choose. most parents do not do enough to keep up with their kids online. a growing divide between parents and children when it comes to online safety. 72% of adults surveyed admitted they lacked the time or emergency to keep up with their children's activities on the internet. safety experts say it is important for parents to engage their children, right now, especially during the summer months. >> figure out what the platform is that your child likes.
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learn about snap chat if your child is on facebook. i think you should start an account of your own. you don't have to be a prolific poster. but you should experience the environment a little bit. >> michelle says the footprints the kids leave on the internet will follow them as they become adults. and they could regret what they've done. if you're not posting, just to keep track of what you're doing. >> you don't want to be a stalker parent. you want to know what's going on. >> i might be a stalker parent. stay with us. news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. new this morning, violence overnight. right now, the details of a shooting that left two people badly hurt. happening right now in ireland this morning, president obama's message as he steps before world leaders at the g-8 summit. >> welcome to news 4 t


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