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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 8, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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employee i.d. in the back seat with your child's car seat so that way you will have to go back there just in case your child may have fallen asleep or is otherwise quiet. >> reporter: tips that could save other young lives but came too late for hernandez. she's due back in court wednesday morning for a bond hearing. in arlington, i'm david culver, news 4. hernandez has a trial date set for august. police are also putting the same heat warning out there for anyone who brings their pet along for a ride. now to the latest on the deadly crash of that asiana airlines flight 214. federal safety investigators are interviewing all four pilots and they have questions about the plane's air speed as it approached that runway. the flight data recorder is suggesting the plane was flying well below the target speed. and fire officials they are now looking into reports that one of the two teenage girls killed in that crash was hit by a first responder's vehicle as it arrived on the scene.
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and the crew on the plane success hailed for saving as many passengers as they did. one flight attendant put a frightened little boy on her back and slid down the evacuation slide. the national transportation safety board said a significant portion of the plane's tail piece ended up in san francisco bay and the ntsb has wrapped up a news conference within the hour. we go live now to san francisco for the latest. let's start with the first responders that one of the 16-year-old victims was hit by a fire truck. how was that shaking out? >> reporter: wendy, they have discussed this in two different news conferences today the first responders held a news conference a few hours ago and said they acknowledge that they had heard about this and that it had gone up the chain of command, that they were investigating it but hadn't made any determinations as to what exactly happened out there on that chaotic runway. the other mention of that was from the ntsb who said the
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coroner has not been able to determine cause of death on either one of those two teenage girls, whether she was, one of them was struck by a vehicle or not and whether that would be the cause of death in the eventuality. >> there's a report one of the four pilots is the least experienced in flying this 777. did the ntsb talk about that? >> reporter: they did. he's had 43 hours in that particular plane. this was his first landing attempt here at san francisco international airport which is a little bit tricky because it comes in over the water and you don't have a lot of depth of field when you come in over water. he had more experience in 747s which you're higher up. so in the actual plane because it's a double-decker. there's a lot of speculation about that. the investigation will show as the ntsb has said he only had 43
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hours in that particular plane but 10,000 hours in similar large jumbo jets. >> there were three other pilots in the cockpit at the time, correct? weren't they overseeing him? didn't one of them realize this wasn't correct? >> reporter: you got to wonder if that's what the ntsb will be querying. they have so much to go over, so much information because in so many aviation disasters you don't have surviving pilots or surviving passengers or witnesses, people on the ground taking videos. they have a ton of information they have to sift through which means they will get some good information and good answers out of this crash landing. but we don't know yet what went on in that cockpit. all we do know for sure is nobody sounded any alarm until about seven seconds before the crash landing and no alarms going off in the cockpit until four seconds beforehand. so it was far too late by then. >> absolutely. all right.
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thanks so much. our team coverage continues on the live desk with new stories from fire and police officers who responded to that plane crash. tisha thompson has more. >> reporter: as brave as the police officers and firefighters many are applauding the actions of flight attendants to help get everyone off that plane. >> saw older people on the ground trying to help them. they had knives. he opened it up and one of the crew came down, grabbed it, another crew member, i tossed it to them. went up there and released some passengers. the crew stayed on the plane to make sure everybody got down. kept saying get down. we turned around and looked at the wing of the plane and it was gushing with fuel right next to us. we got to get out of here.
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let's go. >> the incident commander says one of his officers actually went back on the plane just to check one more time to make sure everyone made it out. from the live desk i'm tisha thompson. stay with news 4 for continuing coverage of the crash in san francisco. we'll have updates on facebook, twitter and of course on now to a developing story out of egypt. the state department is condemning today's deadly clashes between the egyptian military and supporters of president morsi. more than 50 people died during a confrontation outside the building where morsi is being held. the state department is calling egypt's political polization dangerous. the u.s. has yet to call this uprising against morsi a coup. and plans to keep sending $1.5 billion in aid to egypt for now. the obama administration says this aid is in the best interest of u.s. security. a special commission in pakistan has released a scathing
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report tonight on government failures connected to the raid that killed osama bin laden. this commission was created by military and political leaders to investigate how the u.s. was able to execute a military mission within pakistan. investigators were also asked to look into how someone of bin laden's notoriety could live undetected. al jazeera reports the commission's final report runs 336 pages. it is again scathing. the commission holds both politicians and the military responsible for what it described as the gross incompetence that allowed bin laden to escape detection and the u.s. to perpetrate what the panel describes as an act of war. here at home police in prince george's county made an arrest in the murder at a weekend party in district heights. this man 18-year-old carter stabbed the victim of northeast. investigators say the men were
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involved in a fight during a dinner party on saturday. an update tonight on a story you saw first on news 4. prince george's county police just identified the man who was taken down by a k-9 officer in lanham. his name is conte. the 31-year-old was holed up inside a home on wellington street saturday night. he managed to escape from the home yesterday morning and news 4 crews were there when he was taken down by the k-9. police say conte was high on pc p at the time and faces several charges. a small group protested outside the d.c. city council chamber in support of the city's fire chief. their protest days after a scathing council report found the department in a state of crisis. and despite a call for him to resign the chief says he's not going anywhere. news 4 mark segraves has the stories.
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>> reporter: flyers, e males and phone calls went out to d.c. residents. >> we're here to support the chief. >> reporter: about 20 people showed up for the protest which was organized by community activist whose say the attacks on the chief and his department including the 29 page report which pointed to a critical shortage of paramedics are motivated by politics not public safety. >> the chief is trying to improve up on those problems and make things better and he's being met with resistance and we're saying enough is enough. >> reporter: last week a council member called for him to resign. tommy wells wrote the report but so far hasn't called on him to step down but he did block a move by the chief to redeploy paramedics. >> now we have people on the city council calling for his resignation. i think that they need to just let him do his job and go on with the business of the city.
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>> reporter: as for the chief he's declined requests for interviews. but when news 4 caught up with him at a july 4th parade. >> they know this city is moving and growing. they know the things we're trying to do exhibit our understanding that the city is moving and growing. you know, anybody is going to be in leadership has to expect criticism, maybe folks don't see your vision but that's part of leadership. it takes courage to be in these position. >> reporter: in the district, mark segraves. >> while the chief did decline an interview he issued a statement that read in part as the department moves forward we'll make improvements that impact the service we provide to those who need us the most. a 7-year-old child with autism wandered away from home on sunday. pat collins is digging up details. a man appears to be loading a shotgun at freedom plaza.
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it was a bold challenge to d.c.'s gun laws. now that man behind the protest is speaking out. rg3. he got married over the weekend and the pictures are out. but after the wedding the star quarterback showed off a new talent and veronica johnson is keeping an eye on the weather for you. >> that's right. i'm watching a line of showers and some embed thunderstorms on storm team 4 radar making their way south eastward. the heat is back on for the rest of the work week and could see some severe weather. i'll have details on
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. the death toll is climbing tonight after that fiery train explosion in canada. police in quebec say 13 people are now confirmed dead after saturday's accident. at least two dozen are still unaccounted for. canadian emergency officials say the hazardous conditions are making it very tough to get a final count on injuries and fatalities. the crash destroyed a section of a small town in quebec. thousands were ordered to evacuate their homes. it's still not clear what caused the crash. is metro making progress when it comes to performance? in a "the washington post" op-ed the head of the transit agency said all the recent track work and rebuilding of the system is starting to translate to a better ride. >> but do the numbers stack up?
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news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss has a look at how metro measures up? >> we'll go through a reality check with the metro system. the basic message of the article was the ongoing repair work with metro is making a difference. let's see if that's happening. the gm makes the point on time performance and service has improved. that's true when you look at recent numbers. consider metro has lowered the standard for its on time performance goals. did it that over two years ago on rail the on time performance for a long time was 95% that's now come down to 90.5%. across the entire rail system last year on time performance 91%. meets the current standard doesn't meet the old higher standard. of course the same thing is going on on the bus system. it's now 78%. across all the buses on time performance at 78.9%.
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meets the current standard doesn't meet the previous hire target. metro said it lowered the percentage because buses get stuck in traffic. same thing happens when you look at metro's new target goal for escalator availability. metro says its employee injury rate is higher. transit advocates make the points metro is playing catch up because it's been under-funded for some years. i'm adam tuss. the city of greenbelt is voiding hundreds of speed camera tickets after learning that there was a manufacturer error in those cameras. they are located in the 7700 block of hanover parkway and 5900 block of cherry wood lane. officials say they were installed last october but never properly calibrated. she issues 664 citations totalling almost $16,000. those tickets all will be voided. >> whoops. >> that's good news.
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>> for some. how are we looking? >> not too bad. a few scattered showers, even a few thunderstorms earlier. now our chance really isolated possibility that we'll see anything around our area. but boy oh, boy we're coming off a real hot weekend. sweltering weekend where the relief came in the form like today a few passing showers and even a few thunderstorms. let's take a look. you can see the activity right down to our south the clouds of course bubbling still out there south of fredericksburg. approaching western st. mary's county that's where the line is right now that's been moving through this one little cell here around dahlgren towards colonial beach. there's a few isolated showers around frederick, mount airy, areas of carroll county. our chance of seeing anything more for the evening is very isolated. we did, however, see some showers and storms move through,
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clearing sky behind it. pretty nice evening with the drop in humidity. 87 degrees our current temperature we got a partly sunny sky ronald reagan washington national airport. slight chance of a shower at 7:00 p.m. nothing more than isolated. 80 degrees. at 9:00 p.m. partly cloudy sky. here's a look at the current heat index. still, even though we had a drop in the humidity pretty oppressive where it feels like we're in thor 80s to 90 degrees. that's so important. dew point temperature was oppressive. we drop down to uncomfortable to sticky conditions. here's a look at your future weather. we'll push it forward throughout the overnight period. tomorrow morning we'll clear out and then clouds roll back in. partly cloudy start to the day and then could get some more passing showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon. tomorrow only a slight chance. on wednesday we start quiet, few more showers and storms and wednesday right now is looking
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very humid throughout our area. here's a look at the heat index show you what it will feel like throughout the evening hours. 11:00, 11:30 mid-70s to 80 degrees. tomorrow morning more of the same, sticky start even by tomorrow afternoon. temperatures rise and it's going feel like we're in the low to mid-90s. some areas down to our south higher. here's a look at the four day forecast. 90 degrees the high tomorrow. 93 on wednesday. 87 degrees on thursday. thursday is the day right now that bears watching because thursday as that front moves through breaks the heat and humidity, that cold front arrives we could see some severe storms main threat being wind and flooding around our area. look at the temperatures for the end of the week and weekend. right now friday look like one of the nicest days we had in a while with low humidity, temperature 85 degrees. when i return in a couple of minutes we'll take another look at your evening planner.
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hourly forecast will get you through it. >> it's official rg3 now a married man. >> he married his college sweetheart over the weekend in denver. receive raffle his teammates and coaches were there including d'angelo hall and mike shanahan and team own dan snyder. ♪ then this happened. right after the wedding as they are now on their honeymoon but they released this little video first recording some amateur rap video posting it on rg3's official facebook page. the couple and another unidentified women rapping about candy and pop rocks, tootsie rolls. there you go.
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>> all right. washington castles open up their season at the wharf and one win away from history. we'll find out where that extra gas tax money is going to go in maryland. new details just released about the accidental shooting that killed a child in virginia ♪
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wow. tonight the doors are open at the washington redskins new training facility in richmond. state and city leaders joined the team's alumni to celebrate the grand opening. look at that. >> arrived by plane. >> a few weeks from now the team will move in, training camp is set to start july 25th. will last for three weeks and attract 100,000 fans. >> three weeks from now it will be buzzing with some of the best athletes in the country. and these young children that are going to come and see their first nfl player and dream big for what their future can be like. this is exciting. these are great people off and on the field. this should be a big economic boost for the state. >> the 10 million facility won't be just for team it features a sports rehab center. wimbledon wrapping up
5:24 pm
yesterday but tennis is on people's minds. >> perfect timing for the washington castles season. diana big doings down there? >> reporter: martina behind me warming up. look around this stadium and you see refuse to lose that's the motto of the washington castles. you see they have won 32 straight and when you think of any other team out there that's done that not a lot have. in fact 33 is what they are going for tonight and the only other team to have done that is the los angeles lakers. they did that back in 1972. only one to hold that record of 33 straight victories and tonight the washington castles are going for it. they want to make their name or put their name in history and joining me is two-time coach of the year, murphy jenson.
5:25 pm
you came from the white house. >> you're as good as meeting the president. >> how was that experience? >> unbelievable. we had billie jean king there and seeing how clean it is. my office with the paper work and stats and players and tonight, this day is a very special day for our team and to come back here after two perfect seasons is beyond imaginable. for myself and our team. we all as a team play for this community. we play for our fans. in the past five years we've won the championship three out of four years. this is my fifth year. three out of four years we've won. and this winning streak is, you know, if we can tie tonight those lakers it will be one for the books. >> that's incredible. i know venus williams was not able to participate but you have a feeling?
5:26 pm
>> she's here. we do have a feeling. it's martina, the wimbledon championship as a teenager, she's right behind us right now warming up with our new men's super star kevin anderson who is number 20 in the world. he adds to the means lineup of 13 grand slam titles and bobby reynolds who got off center court with novak djokovic. with all the history being made on and off the court it's going be the best night in tennis maybe in d.c. history. >> most coaches would be nervous. you seem like you're excited. you have every right to be. you can catch all the excitement on comcast sports net. it starts at 7:00. we're live at the wharf. >> it can be 100 degrees down there and murphy is always one cool customer. thanks. he loaded a gun on freedom plaza. >> he said that he was part of
5:27 pm
the final american revolution. >> we will not allow our government to destroy our humanity. >> now the man at the center of a police investigation is ready to talk. >> plus a mother's desperate search to find her son is stretching beyond 24 hours now. why she thinks someone has her little boy. >> if you could speak to anyone who might have him or have seen him, what would you tell them now? >> thank you for taking good care of my child but now it's
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a fast forward now through the headlines, investigators are hoping to talk to all four pilots of asiana airlines flight 214 today. preliminary information from the flight data recorder suggests the plane's air speed was far too low as it came in for a landing and there are questions tonight about the experience level of one of the pilots. >> a virginia mother is due back in court tomorrow for a bond hearing after the death of her 8-month-old son who was left in a hot car for several hours. police say zoraita magali conde hernadez forgot her babe in if back of an suv. enough is enough what some community activists saying now about the recent criticism of d.c.'s fire chief and his department. a group of about 20 protested outside the city council chamber today. they say the attacks are politically motivated. tonight an intense search in the district for a missing
5:31 pm
little boy as his mother begs for someone to bring her son home. >> he disappeared from their home yesterday morning. michael kingsbury is just 7 and has autism. news 4 pat collins is live in northwest d.c. where police spent hours talking to neighbors. >> reporter: jim this is where he lives. but where is he now? where is michael kingsbury? it's been more than 32 hours, and still no sign of this 7-year-old boy. >> this is michael kingsbury. if anybody has seen him please i'm pleaing bring my baby home. please. >> reporter: a mother's search for her son. katrina kingsbury passing out flyers, trying to find 7-year-old michael kingsbury. missing from the family home in trinidad. missing since 9:00 sunday morning.
5:32 pm
michael kingsbury is 4'3" tall. he weighs about 60 pounds. when he was last seen he was wearing pull up diapers and perhaps a red shirt. they say he's autistic. possibly vulnerable. his mother believes somebody has michael. she says she wants her son back. >> please just bring my son back home. i miss him so much. i just want to hug him and kiss him and just be here with me. i miss him so much. >> reporter: detectives out today checking out registered sex offenders who live nearby. look at this map. each one of these red pins indicates a sex offender. there are more than 25 of them who live within a short walking distance of michael kingsbury's home. >> we have a sex offender register r industry unit out here doing checks right now with the known sex offenders in the
5:33 pm
area. >> in the event the young man was picked up by somebody like that? >> in the event, yes. >> reporter: in the neighborhood, dozens of cops and police recruits going through the alley, searching the streets, looking for clues that might lead them to this little boy. police say there have been some sightings but nothing confirmed. here in trinidad, this is priority number one. >> it's urgent. it's urgent to find the child. everybody is blaming and pointing fingers. it's not about that. let's find the child. >> reporter: where is michael kingsbury? what happened to this 7-year-old boy? his mom, the police, this whole neighborhood wants to know. live in northeast, pat collins, news 4. there are new details tonight in last week's death of a 7-year-old boy who was killed by a stray bullet.
5:34 pm
this happened on the fourth of july in chesterfield county, virginia. police believe the bullet came from a handgun. the boy was walking with his father to see fireworks when that bullet fell from the sky and hit him in the head. police say the shot was fired randomly or they believe it was. they continue to search for the person who fired that gun. >> now to a news 4 exclusive tonight a man accused of videotaping himself with loaded gun on freedom plaza tells "news4 today" that video and the gun are real. >> we will not allow our government to destroy our humanity. >> he protested or posted this video of himself on youtube on thursday. he said he took this video of himself that morning july 4th. it's illegal to openly carried a loaded gun in the district. he explains to news 4 why he did it. >> d.c. gun laws provide one way of exposing the hypocrisy of
5:35 pm
government, showing how ridiculous it is to do something in virginia is totally legal and then crossing an imaginary line it's something that can get you locked away for five years. >> coming up tonight mark segraves is live from freedom plaza for what he plans for next fourth of july. >> pat lawson muse live at our live desk with an update on the red panda. >> reporter: you remember rusty the red panda, cute little guy who escaped late last month. tomorrow rusty will be back on display at the national zoo. his disappearance june 24th set off pan domonium and a panda search. he was spotted by a resident in adams morgan who called the zoo. the zoo officials swooped down and took rusty right back where he belongs. the staff has trimmed some trees in rusty's enclosures so he
5:36 pm
can't get out again. back to you. the father of trayvon martin takes the stand. we'll find out what he had to say after detectives testified that he initially told them he didn't think it was his son screaming on that 911 tape. president obama revealing how he plans to make the government more efficient. a swirl
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. the wife of secretary of state john kerry is now in fair condition at a hospital in boston tonight. nbc news has just learned the family called an ambulance when theresa heinz-kerry had symptoms of a seizure but there has been no definitive diagnosis. heinz-kerry is 74 years old and is a breast cancer survivor. secretary john kerry remains by her side. president obama tonight is pushing for less government red tape. he's directed his cabinet to come up with some strategies to make federal agencies more efficient. the president says a new online system is already getting payments out more quickly to small businesses but wants agencies to offer for online services to cut costs and to help small businesses compete for government contracts. >> the basic principle is simple, taxpayers deserve the biggest bang for their buck especially at a time when budgets are tight and we have to
5:40 pm
do a lot more with less. >> the president praised fema as an agency that is actually doing a good job with technology, more than half of those applying for hurricane sandy aid they are submitting their applications through the web or through a mobile app. the administration is also providing government data to help entrepreneurs and businesses increase their own effectiveness. life inside virginia's governor's mansion revealed tonight why a former chef want as judge to throw out the embezlement charges against him. >> i'm liz crenshaw. alarming sound sent straight to your cell phone. what it means and why not to ignore it. >> we had rain today but this is a live streaming video from our camera high atop the gaylord at the national harbor. tomorrow more storms and could tomorrow more storms and could
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could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. virginia governor asked a judge to throw out the embezzlement charges against him. >> lawyers for todd schneider said the charges were filed by the attorney general who has a conflict of interest. meanwhile a lawyer for governor bob mcdonnell spoke about accusations aimed at the governor. northern virginia's bureau chief julie carey reports from richmond. >> how hopeful that the charges
5:44 pm
might be dismissed today? >> i'm not permitted to talk to you. >> reporter: that's defense attorney steven benjamin. todd schneider by his side headed to court to ask the court to drop the embezzlement charges. they have set off a scandal that led a grand jury to investigate bob mcdonnell and gift given to him and his family. schneider blew the whistle when he learned he was under investigation for taking food from the mansion. he said it was payment for services. his attorney said the whole case should be tossed out. he alleges the attorney general's office headed by ken cuccinelli sacrificed schneider trying to cover up other wrongdoing. cuccinelli's office was recused from the case in may but the special prosecutor told the judge he's done an independent review and finds sufficient evidence for charges against schneider >> i am prohibited from making
5:45 pm
any additional statements. >> reporter: someone was talking outside the court. an attorney who is now advising governor mcdonnell,000 navigate the political and legal firestorm. anthony troy spoke about allegations that taxpayer dollars have been used to buy food and drinks for the mcdonnell kids to take off to college. his analysis, there was no wrongdoing there. it was what any parent would do. >> every family sends their children back with food to tide them over. when you talk about $25 or so in food to tide you over as you go back, i think every family treats their children like that. i think the first family is entitled to treat their children like that. >> reporter: still troy he says the governor is reimbursing the state for the college bound food. and he's asked the judge to lift the gag order that prohibits him from talking to reporters. he complains the attorney general ken cuccinelli is talking in spite of that order.
5:46 pm
julie carey, news 4, richmond, virginia. >> trayvon martin's father took the stand late today in george zimmerman's second-degree murder trial. tracy martin was one of several witnesses to testify about the 911 call. he said when he first listened to the tapes at the police station he couldn't identify "the voice". >> after listening -- after listening to the tape for maybe 20 times i said -- i knew it was trayvon's voice. >> earlier today the lead detective in the case testified that tracy martin told him the screams were not his son's. convincing the jury about whose voice is on those tapes is important to both sides because could it help determine who was the aggressor in that confront jays. the defense making its case that
5:47 pm
the shooting was in self-defense. zimmerman has sudden nbc universal the parent company of this station for defamation. >> george zimmerman trial is not only being watched on tv it's a top trending story online. >> thousands of people are tweeting their thoughts with #zimmermantrial. a defense attorney was tripped up by a photo even his daughter posted on instagram. >> the british broadcasting company bbc is under fire tonight for a comment by a radio host about a female tennis player bartoli wondered and the anchor said he wondered if her father said she wasn't a looker.
5:48 pm
bbc apologized for the remarks. >> local hoops star kevin durant is following in rg3's foot steps. he's getting married. he recently proposed to his girlfriend. she's a player for the wnba. the engagement was confirmed yesterday. durant played for montrose christian while wright played in prince william county. >> rain off and on throughout the day. >> it's nice when you get those showers early, jim and wendy because it sometimes help keep the temperatures from being way up there. today we stayed right under 90 degrees. we're watching the rain make its way down south. southeastward movement down around beaver dam area, south. fredericksburg and moving away from our area. there's this little shower here around mechanicsville, colonial beach that's moving southeastward towards leonardtown, maryland and
5:49 pm
lexington park. you folks getting a light shower. no lightning with it right now. up to the north i was watching a weak shower there. that's now dissipated. more sunshine out there right now. temperatures that while they took a dip starting to head back up. we're at 87 degrees right now. heat index feels like 89 degrees but earlier today that humidity was much higher. so feeling again at least close to 90 degrees out there currently. we got conditions that will have a mix of clouds and sunshine for a while longer. after the sun sets a few clouds, mostly clear for tomorrow morning. your temperature at 80 degrees by 9:00. 87 by 10:00 p.m. and 77 at 11:00 p.m. it is going to be a warm evening. speaking of warm heading to the beach this week. look at your forecast for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. water temperature at 71 degrees. warm, yes. but not too bad. 85 degrees with a nice breeze, especially on wednesday. unfortunately thursday at the beach looking at some storms coming through, 82, stormy
5:50 pm
conditions especially during the afternoon. here's a look at your storm team 4 four day forecast. 81 at 11:00 a.m. 90 degrees by 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. then we got 93 for wednesday, we start a cool down towards the end of the week again with that weather front on thursday your weekend right now 86 on saturday, 87 degrees on sunday, and it is sunday currently where we have a slight chance of picking up an afternoon shower or storm. back to you. >> let's go to pat lawson muse at the live desk. >> country music star randy travis has been hospitalized. he was admitted to a texas hospital yesterday. he's in critical condition suffering from a silvviral condn in his heart. he's won several grammy awards but better known in recent years for several run ins with the law. right now doctors are not giving any specifics about his
5:51 pm
prognosis. from the live desk i'm pat lawson muse. a lot of cell phones are startling their owners with strange noises this summer. >> as liz crenshaw reports it's part of a new wireless emergency alert. >> the noise is hard to ignore and that's exactly the point. local and national emergency officials want to reach you and what better way but through that cell phone you never put down. it's not your average ring tone. the alarming sounds and vibration is wea or wireless emergency alert. an automatic message delivered to your phone and it may save your life. >> it's designed to be bell ringer, designed to tell you that there's something going on and that you need to take action. >> damon penn is with fema. fema manages the wireless emergency alert program.
5:52 pm
they are text like messages, this one a flash flood warning from the national weather service, nws. there are three different kinds of alerts. extreme weather and other threatening emergencies. amber alerts in the case of a missing child. and presidential alerts during a national emergency. all are sent by an authorized government agency. the alert you receive depends on where you are with your phone. >> so those could be anything from a shooting, a tornado to anything emergency manager deems is something he wants to alert the local area about. >> during hurricane sandy wireless alerts were sent warning of flooding and high winds. in may 36 minutes before a tornado entered the city of moore, oklahoma the national weather service sent warnings to cell phones in the area. and then again 16 minutes before the tornado touched down. when you get one you're told to
5:53 pm
tune to local media for more information. unlike cell phone calls fema says wireless emergency alerts are not affected by network congestion because they use different technology. only mobile phones bought in the last year or two have the technology to receive the alerts. >> comes as part of the hardware that's built into your phone. >> major cell carriers transmit the alerts and they are friends automatic. you don't have to sign up. no app is needed. the phone must be turned on the receive them and volume up to hear them. because alerts can come any time of day. >> if there's an emergency that you need to know about at night it will wake you up. the sound is different, it feels different but, again, you in message that's been generated by your local authorities and we need to you respond to it. >> so, check with your cell phone carrier, go to our website to find out whether your phone is capable of receiving these wireless emergency alerts.
5:54 pm crenshaw. >> that's brilliant. good way to get people's attention. >> coming fun you think the ride is smooth during summer it could get even better for some drivers in maryland. we'll explain how
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
maryland's gas tax hike will help pave the way for better roads in prince george's county. >> today governor martin o'malley announced $650 million for funds for three major
5:57 pm
projects. they include the purple line design and two new interchanges in suitland and ft. washington. zachary kiesch has the details. >> there is no more important issue in our state than jobs. there is no progress without jobs. >> reporter: state leaders announced a nearly $650 million investment to improve transportation and drive economic growth in prince george's county. >> we are the gateway to the free world. to what wayne curry often calls rome. >> reporter: plans include key upgrades to corridors like 210. >> it's something that's been a drag on our ability to compete economic valuely and to create jobs and that is to be number one in traffic congestion. >> maybe change the way you get to work? >> possibly. especially if the improvements extend down into charles county, st. mary's county make it even
5:58 pm
better for me. >> is this a lynch pin for the future of the county because it's about economic development, it's about the future of our mortality and vibrancy of the community. >> reporter: officials acknowledge in forward the county to tap into its proximity to washington, d.c. they got tap into metro station and today's announcement should do just that. >> the dollars that we get today means that we can do the infrastructure around branch avenue, we can do the infrastructure around the greenbelt which will make us more attractive to the fbi. >> reporter: you can't miss the new development already under way at the branch avenue station. as the county tries to make itself more appealing they are creating jobs. >> together these projects will support 4,000 jobs in our state. >> reporter: the hope is that it will also entice the type of employers that will become fixtures in the community and offer well paying jobs long after construction is done. reporting in prince george's
5:59 pm
county, zachary kiesch, news 4. now at 6:00 how the district secretly discipline city workers though violate ethics law. >> we're live as the ntsb gives a timeline of the plane crash in san francisco. right now at 6:00 new details revalley the plane's speed seconds before it crash landed in san francisco. plus tonight we're hearing from the first responders. >> i knew from her voice that the event we were going to was real. >> hear what emergency crews faced seconds after that plane came down. >> a mother has been arrested after her baby died in a hot car. we'll tell you what's coming up next in that cause. good evening i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. tonight we're getting a firsthand account in what happened in the minutes after that plane crash in san francisco. we're learning new details about


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