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tv   Today  NBC  July 9, 2013 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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214. why did they fail to recognize signs of trouble until it was too late? critical condition grammy winning country star randy travis hospitalized with a potentially deadly heart condition. how he is fighting for his life today, tuesday, july 9th, 2013. from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning everyone. welcome to today on a tuesday morning i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales. this is the first chance for a lot of us to hear from amanda berry, gina dejesus and amanda knight. >> they wanted to thank people for their support and their prayers. >> we'll turn to jeff rossen with more on the story. good morning to you. >> this is big because the women
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remained in private since their dramatic escape. this was a big sur prize overnight when amanda, gina and michelle posted that video on youtube. we're told it wasn't a pr firm or lawyer telling them to do it. it was the women themselves that wanted to make this video. here it is. for the first time, the cleveland three with a message for you. >> first and foremost, i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family and my friends. it has been unbelievable. >> going public for the first time and looking great, just girls when they were kidnapped. now, young women, taking the power back. first on the video, amanda berry. she gave birth while in captivity. that girl is now six years old. ariel castro, her accused abductor is the father. >> i want to thank everyone that has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal. everyone who has been there to support us has been a blessing
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to have such an out pouring of love and kindness. i'm getting stronger each day and having my privacy helped immensely. >> reporter: it is a heart felt thank you. a love letter to everyone that supported them. that's gina dejesus sitting next to her parents. she said very little. her spokesman asking questions off camera. >> gina, if you could say something to each and every person out there that contributed money to your fund to help you, what would you say to them? >> i would say thank you for support. >> reporter: and of course, there's michelle knight. prosecutors say ariel castro got her pregnant and then forced her to miscarry. >> thank you everyone for your love, support and donations which help me build a brand new life. i just want everyone to know i'm doing just fine. i may have been through hell and back but i am strong enough to
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walk through hell with a smile on my face. and with my head held high. >> reporter: each woman appears separately in the video shot july 2nd at a law office in cleveland. >> i don't want to be consumed by hatred. with that being said, we need to take a leap of faith and know that god is in control. >> reporter: as the girls speak out, ariel castro remains locked up. now charged with hundreds of counts including kidnapping, rape and murder. but this video isn't about him. not a single mention of castro or the house where prosecutors say he tortured him. >> i ask that everyone continue to respect our privacy and give us time to have a normal life. >> they are so brave. that video maybe our only glimpse of the women for awhile. their spokesman saying overnight they have a deep desire for privacy and don't want to discuss their ordeal with the media or anyone else for the foreseeable future. the big question now, will there
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be a trial and will the women testify? ariel castro's trial date is set for next month in cleveland but the defense team maybe interested in a plea deal and the women's lawyers want this process to be quick and get justice. jeff rossen, thank you so much. >> let's turn to clint, a nbc news analyst and former fbi profiler. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i wonder your first impressions in terms of either the women's message or their presentation. how they seem to you. >> well, both i think. number one, this is a real testament to the human spirit. it's only been two months since the women were released. they walked through hell for an entire decade and yet, at least on camera they have been able to bounce back physically, psychologically. on one of the women, we know she has some hearing problems, prehappens related to a beating she underwent by her kidnapper. for any of us going through
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tough times, we look at these women. we have to say, if they can make it, i can make it. >> this appears to be something they wanted to do. this is not something anyone put them up to. what do you think it says about their recovery that they want to in some sense face the world and say, hey, i'm a survivor. >> they need to say that and realize what they're doing is replacing memories right now. they're taking ten years worth of terrible, horrible memories and start replacing them with good memories so everything they do, everything positive they do, that takes the place, perhaps, of one of the over 3,000 negative days where they underwent alleged torture and were held as kidnap victims. >> they're asking for their privacy. at the same time, now their faces will be known where ever they go in their communities. do you worry about that? >> in a way you do. their faces are now going to be plastered over the tabloids and things like this. people will recognize them. but you have to hope that just
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like you and me, you would see them on the street, you would want to give them their peace, their space and probably want to write a check. there's been over $1 million contributed to help these women bounce back. they're getting counseling, people are working with their families. but again, they have ten years of bad time they have to put behind them but they each have a bright future. we just hope that is really what holds out for them. >> saying thank you was a big part of their objective for sure. clint, thank you for your perspective. we appreciate it. we'll have a lot more from these women's statements in our next half hour. thanks. following new developments in the crash of asiana flight 214. they're returning to inspect debris for clues and interviewing the crew for the first time. tom costello is in san francisco. good morning to you. >> good morning, the ntsb talked to two of the four pilots on
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board including the pilot at the controls and who was just gaining experience. the ntsb wants to know about the three days prior to the crash. how much sleep did they get? how much duty time did they have? anybody sick? anybody on medications? anybody distracted? we're also hearing from rescuers and flight attendants about the day on saturday. >> reporter: rarely do crash investigators get to see the actual violent moments of a plane crash and the immediate aftermath as the emergency shoots deemploy and panicked passengers run for their lives. as airport fire rescue crews begin attacking the fire with foam, city fire crews were coming in behind them to help. >> at that point, i went to a third alarm and declared a red alert. >> reporter: that means mass causalities. she was among the first firefighters to get inside the plane, fight the fire and search for victims. >> we had somebody that was partially trapped.
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as it turns out, there was a small person stuck between the seats. >> reporter: police officer jim cunningham also ran into the plane to help. >> people at the run way were hurt and way far away from the plane was the end of the tail and stuff and people down there too. >> on board, the flight attendant was among the last to leave the burning plane. one of the slides opened inside the plane trapping another crew member. >> my brain was very clear and i planned what i had to do immediately. actually i was not thinking but acting. as soon as i heard emergency escape icon ducted the evacuation. >> reporter: meanwhile, ntsb investigators have been combing through the debris field and interviewing the four pilot crew trying to learn why the 777 slowed down to stall speed in the final 30 seconds of flight. >> about three seconds prior to impact, the flight data recorder
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recorded it's lowest speed of 103 knots. >> the plane should have been flying at 137 knots at least. the pilot at the controls was very experienced on other planes but this was his first landing at san francisco in a 777. how did he and the captain checking him out allow their air speed to get so low. >> we call this getting behind the airplane. the flying pilot may have been overwhelmed and he lost the big picture. >> reporter: investigators are hoping their interviews will answer critical questions. one question investigators will also raise is whether cultural factors were at play here. where you had two seasoned pilots. were they reluctant to raise air speed concerns with each other out of fear of speaking out of turn or not showing proper respect. that will be one issue they look at as well. thank you. coming up we'll take you inside the 777 simulator and show you what the pilots face as they try
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to land at sfo. another big story, grammy winning star randy travis fighting for his life this morning in critical condition at a texas hospital. natalie has more than that. >> good morning. the 54-year-old was rushed to the emergency room on sunday. he is suffering from a recently acquired viral infection affecting his heart. new concerns for randy travis, one of country music's most beloved voices in critical condition this morning recooperating from serious heart trouble. it's the latest in a string of disturbing episodes for the one time super star. >> have you had anything to drink today, sir. >> yes, sir i have. >> travis was arrested for public intoxication in february 2012 after being found in a parked car in possession of a wine bottle and no identification. >> you're going to go to jail for public intoxication. >> six months later he was found
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lying in the road naked and legally intoxicated after a one car accident. he pleaded guilty to assaulting his arresting officer and was given a suspended jail sentence. >> i'm glad it's behind me. i'm looking forward to getting on with the year and playing some music. >> but the concern now isn't for travis's career but his life. his new trouble, a heart condition called viral cardiomyopathy. >> viral cardiomyopathy is a viral infection of the heart muscle. it weakens the heart muscle and can cause heart failure. >> this is a guy that two years ago cut an album with everyone who mattered in country music who wanted to pay tribute to how much randy travis mattered to them. you know the country music establishment and fans are wishing him well. >> travis' publicist says no other details will be made available right now but a lot of fans wishing him well this
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morning. >> no question about it. >> in other news this morning, parts of toronto are still under water this morning after a torrential downpour. rescue crews used boats to pull stranded passengers off a floeded commufloe flooded train. some drivers were forced to abonn don their cars after being completely submerged. dozens of flights were cancelled. searchers are combing through the wreckage looking for victims after a train derailment this past weekend in quebec. 50 people are still missing. on saturday, five of the train's tankers came loose, derailed and then exploded in the small town. well, more than 50 supporters of egypt's president morsi have been killed by security forces in one of the deadliest single episodes of violence in more than two and a half years of turmoil there. they called for an uprising accusing troops of gunning down
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protestors. the military blames armed islamists for provoking it's forces. a leaked pakistan report gives us a better picture of what bin laden was doing in the years leading up to death in 2011. he is at the white house this morning with some of those details, peter, good morning. >> this is a 337 page independent report obtained that blames bin laden's ability to hide in that country on what it calls gross incompetence by pakistan security forces. >> reporter: the scathing new report commissioned by pakistan after the u.s. raid that killed osama bin laden said he moved freely between six addresses in pakistan from 2002 to 2011. the car he was riding in was stopped for speeding but the police officer let the vehicle go. the report is strikingly honest
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and brutal blasting the country's civilian and military leadership. >> the report shows that the civil and military authorities were asleep at the wheel. they failed to do their duty. >> reporter: the then national counter terrorism director was in the situation room the night of the raid. >> i thought they were surprised by this. given the weakness of their intelligence system in many ways it was not surprising they didn't ever know he was there. >> reporter: also revealed new details about his secret life. he shaved his beard and wore a cowboy hat around to prevent being spotted from above. >> and nbc news heard from an official within the military that says we're going to find the leaker and he's going to wish he was edward snowden, stuck in an airport. >> those are fighting words. peter alexander, thank you. golden corrale says it fired the manager at one of it's
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restaurants for improperly storing food after they posted this video online. it shows hamburgers, ribs, other meat, some covered with fries near the dumpster. they said it was being hidden from health officials. they say none of the meat was served to customers. meanwhile that employee is still on the job though he fears for his job. >> yeah, we fear. >> you're talking about the one that shot the video. >> yeah, exactly. >> the manager was fired. >> thank you very much. a check of the weather now. mike bettis is in for al. >> good to see you. we had waterer spouts over tampa bay and more active weather could hit today. vivid images. shot from multiple angles. a huge funnel eventually came onshore and caused brief minor damage. chances for tornadoes today across the upper midwest. that's an issue this morning, and through the afternoon. and guess what?
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the twin cities is in the cross hairs for that as well as kansas city, chicago and detroit later today. watch for isolated tornado threats with that. here's a look at the forecast. the slight risk is across the upper midwest staying wet across the east including through the panhandle of florida, georgia, alabama and hot through the middle of the country with temperature rees bounding into the mid and upper 90s. a heat wave beginning. that's a look across the country. the forecast in just 30 seconds for local.
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i'm team 4 meteor logist in for tom kierein this morning. widely scattered light showers and sprinkles west of the d.c. metro area. getting into the midday hours the metro area has a chance to see scattered showers and some isolated storms. otherwise limited sunshine today. a high temperature near or at 90 degrees. for tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms a and that is a look at your forecast. guys, back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. the washington monument glowing again as it undergoes much needed repairs. if you were driving in washington last night, at 8:37 p.m. you got to see the washington monument all lit up as they say. it's undergoing work after an earthquake in 2011 that they put lights on that thing. >> 488 lights, making the best of a situation. so that will be what the washington monument looks like at dusk for the next little
7:18 am
while while they do the repairs. >> here's the problem, people are going to love this and they're going to say you should keep that up. >> it's cool looking. >> it's really pretty. >> the park service director hopes it will make up for it a little bit because people are disappointed they can't go up in the monument. but they can still marvel at it. coming up, live in florida. new developments at the george zimmerman trial. an important ruling by the judge that could impact the rest of the case. also, how hard is it to land a 777 at san francisco's airport? we'll give you a revealing look at what pilots see from inside the cockpit but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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still to come on a tuesday morning, you ladies are a little more dressed up than normal. >> you think? >> yeah, ryan reynolds in the studio talking about his new movie "turbo" and we'll take him on in a competition of ski ball
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every day we're working toyone and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. 7:26 is your time on this tuesday, july 9, 2013. i'm eun yang. check on the morning commute. danella sealock. first 4 traffic. >> chevging on the outer loop of the beltway. a car broken down to the left shoulder lane as you approach telegraph road. police on the scene. travel lanes are open on the outer loop and inner loop traveling the beltway in virginia. a closer look to 95.
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heading southbound and eastern where your first heavy on the brakes. delays here continue as you head to the 11th street bridge. good news knop accidented reports on sdeep 295 on either direction. over to you. >> danella, thank you. new this morning, crews rescued a worker suffering a medical emergency apartment the bot umt of a construction site for the national museum of african-american museum and culture. look at this video showing the dramatic rescue that happened just before 4:30 this morning in constitution avenue and 14th street in northwest. our news 4 crew was there as rescuers pulled the man from the bottom of that massive hole, attached a basket to a construction crane to lift the worker out. rescuers tell us the man suffered from chest pains. a quick break and a look a
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on storm team 4 radar, tracking very light showers and
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sprinkles. mainly well west of the d.c. metro area. working our way throughout the day, starting to see potential for showers and isolated storms across the entire region. we're at 76 degrees right now. high temperature near or at 90 today and again isolated activity west of the d.c. metro area this morning getting into the mid-day and afternoon hours expect hit or miss showers and isolated storms potentially for everybody. eun?
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7:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 9th of july, 2013. warm, sunny start to the day here in rockefeller plaza. nice crowd outside. looks like friendly faces. not going to be friendly out there in the 8:30 half hour. we take on ryan reynolds in a cut throat game of ski ball out on the plaza. all part of his new movie "turbo" snails racing up the
7:30 am
side of the building. no rules, face gouging allowed. sleeper holds, everything in the rules. instied studio 1-a, i'm matt lauer with savannah guthrie and natalie morales. >> also, as the investigation into asiana flight 214 unfolds we'll see pilots see from inside the cockpit of a 777. i had a chance inside a simulator attempting to land one of those. >> we'll have more on the video from the kidnapping victims released overnight. what they're revealing about their recovery from such an ordeal. and live to st. mary's hospital in london where the royal baby will be born any day now. four days until the expected due date. we'll talk about all the buzz there and what the nursery might look like. >> we'll begin this half hour with a key decision by the judge in the george zimmerman murder
7:31 am
trial. kerry sanders is covering the trial for us. he is at the courthouse once again. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning savannah. when 17-year-old trayvon martin was shot and killed by george zimmerman a medical examiners report showed he had thc in his system. that's the active chemical in marijuana. today the defense plans to present that information to the jury. this is the case that's now days away from wrapping up and the question is still being asked, whose voice is that screaming for help on that 911 call. in court monday, trayvon martin's father tracy martin says he believes his son was screaming for help on the 911 call. >> sow think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> reporter: but police detective chris serino testified he got a different answer when he asked whose voice was that.
7:32 am
i asked if that was his son yelling for help. >> what was his response? >> he was -- it was more of a verbal and nonverbal. he looked away, and under his breath, as i interrupted it said no. >> tracy martin says he didn't say it that way. >> i didn't tell him no that wasn't trayvon. i pushed away from the table and just kind of shook my head and said i can't tell. >> the prosecutor asked tracy martin what was going through his mind when he heard the 911 call. >> i was listening to my son's last cry for help. i was listening to his life being taken. and i was coming trying to come to grips that trayvon was here no more. >> the defense called five of george zimmerman's friends. each was asked who was screaming for help on the call. >> george.
7:33 am
>> yeah, definitely george. >> george zimmerman's voice. >> i thought it was george. >> there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that is george zimmerman. >> john donnelly told the court zimmerman is like a son to him. >> you would agree there's a bias there on your behalf of george zimmerman, correct? because of your friendship. >> he is my very dear friend. >> george zimmerman has pled not guilty to second degree murder. he says he shot trayvon martin in self-defense. savannah. >> all right. kerry sanders in sanford, florida, thank you. savannah, thanks, more on the crash. the tragic crash of asiana flight 214. the pilot was making his first landing in a 777 at san francisco's airport. this morning we're able to give you a better idea of what the crew was facing in the cockpit. >> as investigators sift through the wreckage of flight 214 they're also trying to get inside the cockpit and the minds
7:34 am
of the crew at the time of the crash. >> we're looking at what they were doing and we want to understand why they were doing it. >> as the approach run way 28-l on saturday the pilot had a view similar to this one. >> you're flying manually now. >> all right. >> a view i got to experience firsthand in a 777 flight simulator in 2007. like my simulated landing, the descent was routine and uneventful until something went wrong in the final seconds. >> too low, too slow. that's usually a disasterous outcome. >> he is a former 777 pilot who made hundreds of landings at the san francisco airport. >> most of us would say this is my first landing in san francisco, watch me, make sure i don't do anything stupid. >> this would be a normal approach. >> reporter: in this simulation he gives us an idea what the pilot of flight 214 was seeing as he approached the same run
7:35 am
way. the flight data recorded shows a normal speed of 154 miles per hour at 500 feet but a few seconds later it drops to 136 miles per hour. well below what it should have been at 200 feet. >> i am not over the run way. >> yeah you are. >> reporter: at the same altitude in my simulated landing i had a hard time gauging my position. he says he tells pilots when that happens so close to the ground, it's always better to be safe. >> if you're not 100% positive about this approach, go around. >> reporter: cockpit voice recordings indicate he made the decision to go around but by the time the engines accelerated it was too late. >> as you watch that, a spokesperson for the airline asiana said that any discussion that inexperience played a role in this part on the part of the
7:36 am
pilot is inaccurate. they talk about how many hours in any plane this pilot had. >> more than 10,000. >> and 43 hours behind the controls of a 777. but as you come in, it's difficult to gauge your surroundings. >> it's nerve racking. it's an exact science being able to land that plane. >> no question. >> and the investigation is far from complete. let's take a turn and get a check of the weather. mike bettis is in for al this week. good morning to you. >> good morning and we say good morning and move over new york for idaho dairy farmers. favorite thing in new york. >> broadway shows. >> shopping. >> you. what's happening with your weather. happenings in the atlantic including tropical storm kman chantal. making its way over the southeast coast of the united states by early next weekend. could come near puerto rico.
7:37 am
tropical storm watches and warnings through the bahamas and many threaten south u.s. by this weekend. a close watch on that. definitely watching for storms in the southeast. in the short term that includes today. severe weather across the upper midwest, chicago, kansas city, minneapolis can't rule out tornadoes. a look across the country. now a look at weather closer to home. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal in for tom kierein. mostly cloudy skies, scattered lie showers and sprinkles just entering fairfax county and points to the west. we'll see this area of showers continue mainly west of the d.c. metro area throughout the morning hours. presently at 76 degrees. getting into the mid-day and afternoon hours some scattered showers and a few isolated storms likely across the entire and don't forget, away from your tv check your forecast 24/7 at let's head inside to matt and savannah. all right. thank you very much. >> coming up next, the cleveland
7:38 am
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we are back at 7:42 with more from the cleveland kidnapping victims. amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight speaking out for the first time in a video posted on youtube earlier this morning. their message, one of hope.
7:42 am
>> first and foremost, i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family and my friends. it's been unbelievable. >> i want everyone to know i'm doing just fine. >> thank you for support. >> it's been a blessing to have such an outpouring of love and kindness. >> thank you to your prayers. i'm looking forward to my brand new life. thank you. >> today contributor dr. gail saltz is psychiatrist and associate professor. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i hope people watch the whole video. it's stunning to see these three young women have such poise and be able to speak like that and to say those words of hope and resilience. what do you see in that tape? >> i do see women who, two months out, that's what we have to remember, look really bolstered. look like they are surrounded by parents. surrounded by their faith and those are really important --
7:43 am
they feel supported by the community and that is extremely important when you talk about the concept of resilience. some people are born with more resilience. we hope these three women were. but if they were more sensitive and had issues that they came into this with even that makes this trauma more difficult for them and less survivable, they can build certain coping tools and that's what we're seeing here. the money, right? the references to their faith. >> yeah. >> and we know that faith and religion are very important when it comes to loss. surrounded by parents. that's very, very important. >> what do you think -- i mean, i have been contemplating this morning the fact that they want their privacy and yet they have come out and now everyone will know their faces so i guess i worry, does that mean some of their privacy will be compromised. do you think this was important for them, though, in terms of their own confidence building to be able to come out and show the
7:44 am
world their faces and say we're strong? we're survivors? >> yes, i think this was intelligent first of all because i think this will keep the media at bay. they weren't crying. they weren't looking traumatized. they weren't talking about their captor. all of that was very smart because frankly it makes us less interested. that's sad to say about america. but we gravitate toward the disturbing story and they have made this less disturbing. so that was smart of them and i do think that it's affirming, you know, we want them to have inner strength and real strength and the question will be can they have intimacy later but there is a certain fake it until you make it and believing what they're saying that they can do this. that's really useful to them right now. >> well, i think it's the fact that they are able to speak at all and do what they were doing this morning i think is just a testament to them. >> real strength. >> thank you gail. nice to get your perspective. coming up next, we'll take a
7:45 am
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7:49 am
michelle kosinski is on duty at st. mary's hospital. good morning to you. >> good morning. this is it. this is the place where the world's press has descended. it's where princess diana had her boys and where kate will very, very soon give birth to the royal heir. the only thing that's missing is her. she has been spending her time-out of the public eye preparing her new home and nursery which in themselves generated enormous interest. the palace won't be ready for william and kate until possibly october but inside is certain to be a royal nursery unlike any before it. designers have been publishing their ideals, traditional with globe and crowns. and the hand blown glass balloon lamps, shiny castle slide and a map at the baby's feet. >> you wanted to inspire the baby to take over the world one day? >> i think to be able to, in a
7:50 am
very contemporary sense be aware of what's out there. >> the cost of creating a nursery like this? like george banks in father of the bride, between 1 and $250,000. >> don't go nuts, george. >> royal nurseries of the past tended to borrow more from a prison theme. grim furniture, nothing on the walls. this little prince had a parrot. even william and harry were still kept in the attic. >> kids were out of sight, out of mind. royal nurseries were about forming a kind of culturaled individual who was more than anything comfortable with formality. these days, the royal baby needs to be a grounded person. so i think there needs to be fun in there. >> what every royal nursery must have, a rocking horse. queen elizabeth adored hers. and in england, you find masters of the craft. workshops devoted to them. >> you can go anywhere on a
7:51 am
rocking horse. >> even modern visions of this future monarch's first home include a first horse. welcome to all things royal. so when william and kate leave the hospital here they will likely head to their small cottage or possibly kate's parent's home with their child of course who will be called his or her royal highness, the prince or princess, whatever the name is, most likely matt or savannah, of cambridge. back to you guys. >> don't forget natalie. >> it will be interesting to see who wents to the hospital first, the parents or natalie morales. >> or natalie. >> my money is on you. >> coming up, george cloonny's big split after a check of your local news. in each delicious moment with all the refreshing possibilities from mccafé. ♪ every irresistible smoothie and delectable frappé
7:52 am
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wow! it's amazing! my most favorite part of my new body is my bottom. [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] weight watchers online. the power of weight watchers completely online. join now for $1. offer ends july 27th. right now, this wreck on massachusetts avenue at belmont northwest has cleared. traffic is smoothly moving through that area again. good morning, everyone. 7:56 now. i'm aaron gilchrist. right over to joe fox to check for other backups in the area. joe? >> good morning, aaron. as we said, all lanes have cleared on massachusetts avenue in northwest. we are working an accident in southeast. this is minnesota avenue near randall circle. we have unknown lane blockages.
7:56 am
also metro bus delays coming through southeast. minnesota avenue near randall circle. eastern avenue, 270 earlier accident cleared. in just 44
7:57 am
7:58 am
mostly cloudy skies across the area with light rain and sprinkles in fairfax and mont goumy counties and off to the west we'll continue to see hit or miss showers throughout the day with isolated storms possible this afternoon. otherwise looking at limited sunshine. high temperatures near or at 90. aaron? thank you. another
7:59 am
we're from idaho and we love today. >> happy birthday. >> hi, daddy. >> i'm excited to see nick cannon. >> al, we came to hear neck of the woods and you left. >> we miss you al. >> we do miss al. 8:00 now on a tuesday morning, the 9th of july, 2013.
8:00 am
a lot of happy faces on the plaza. a nice, cool day out here. it's cool now but going to be hot later. is that what you were thinking; a hot competition. >> that's true. >> hot competition later on on the plaza. we don't want to give anything away. >> but ryan reynolds is here. he's got a couple of movies coming out including "turbo" which is about a snail with a need for speed. we'll have a competition here on our plaza. matt says it will be cut throat. i say it will be spokesman like and dignified. >> those are snails all driven by ski ball. >> i have been in the ski ball league for several years now. >> i know you have. >> we'll see how we do and ryan reynolds will swroin us for that. >> also ahead, matt damon with an interesting take on
8:01 am
celebrity. he says he's happy he married a civilian. we'll figure out what he means by that. i do understand it and i think he's right. >> it's true. and is your family just getting into the swing of summer? not so fast. retailers are already thinking about back to school. have you seen the ads? what gives with all of the back to school advertisements starting so soon. >> they love that. >> shop now? >> yeah, let's go inside. natalie has a check of the headlines. take it away. >> thank you. good morning everyone. president obama maybe considering a complete withdrawal of american troops from afghanistan ahead of schedule. the u.s. is committed to pulling out it's military forces by the end of next year but has been talking with afghanistan about keeping a residual force behind. however, u.s. officials say president obama has become increasingly frustrated in his dealings with the afghan president. >> and they have been talking to pilots on board asiana flight 21
8:02 am
when it crash landed in san francisco killing two people. it was coming in significantly below target speed. this morning i spoke to the crash survivor about his ordeal. >> when you are on the plane, it's a very wild ride. everybody is scared and screaming until you actually stop and once you stop you're in shock and you realize, okay, i'm alive. i just survived a plane crash. this is crazy and now you have to spring into action. >> he suffered cuts on his face and arm and bruised ribs. the battle over abortion rights is focused on texas where a controversial bill that failed last month will be back up for a vote. gabe gutierrez is in austin. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, testimony here lasted past midnight. 40 years after roe v. wade this is the epicenter of the bill on
8:03 am
abortion. now it's back. today another show down is expected at the texas state capitol. after more than 1,000 antiabortion protestors rallied last night. >> we are the voice of the weak and the vulnerable. let us stand for life. >> reporter: the texas house is scheduled to vote on a controversial bill banning abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy and mandating that abortion clinics meet the same standards as hospital style surgical centers. it would also require that a doctor that performs abortions be able to admit patients at a nearby hospital. but those rules would force 37 of the abortion centers to close. >> women would lose family planning services and cancer screening services that are being duly provided in a number of these facilities. >> reporter: the controversy
8:04 am
comes a day after texas governor rick perry who clashed with davis, a teenager mom herself. >> she hasn't learned from her own example. >> some of the comments he made really demeaned the high office that he holds. >> reporter: announced he would not seek re-election following 13 years in office. >> texas is and will remain a strong pro life, profamily, profreedom state. >> reporter: the republican controlled state house is expected to pass the bill. supporters say it will make abortion safer. it's unclear when the state senate will bring it up for a vote. that could happen later this week. >> all right. gabe in austin. thank you. joe biden is attending a memorial service today for the 19 firefighters killed in arizona. the family of andrew ashcraft through out the first pitch at an arizona diamondback's first game. a large number 19 was painted on
8:05 am
to the field to honor the fallen men. his widow said the tears of the crowd made her and her four children feel peaceful and safe. a florida teen is recovering from his encounter monday with a ten foot long alligator. he was swimming with friends when the gator grabbed him with it's powerful jaws. >> just came up behind me. i didn't see it. i didn't see one all day in there. it came up behind me and i felt it and started freaking out. >> doctors used about 3 dozen stitches and staples to close the wounds on his head and back. very lucky man. 8:06. let's go back outside once again to matt and savannah. thanks. mike bettis has been here for al this morning. good mgood morning. >> good morning. five folks out here on the plaza. really a treat by the sign. came all the way from michigan to say hi to my mom in houston. have you never heard of a telephone? >> just don't like to call their mom. guys.
8:06 am
that's the tway s. i can come here and shop. >> a vacation. worked out for everyone, including mom in houston. right? a look at the weather. what's happening. what you're going to see. good weather today. going to be rain in our pick city. sunny and hot, temperature around 94. the biggest little scene in the world. any showers, it won't be in places like el reno. strong storms in the upper midwest. soggy in the east from say, pittsburgh, towards atlanta today. high 85 degrees. 87 out on the cape. 90 degrees in washington, d.c. that slight risk turns into the evening hours, rush hour, chick, detroit and maybe indianapolis as well. a look at the weather closer to home now. mainly cloudy skies across the area now with scattered showers entering fairfax and i do think the district will have light rain under the next hour very light in nature, though. working our way throughout the day, we continue to see hit or miss showers. not a washout by any means.
8:07 am
keep the umbrella handy. otherwise, limited sunshine. high temperature near or at 90 degrees. some scattered showers and isolated storms likely again tomorrow. downpours possible tomorrow that is a look at your weather. now over to savannah and matt. >> thank you michael. >> coming up next on trending, big news for some people. george clooney back on the market. music to the ears of millions of women. we'll have the details on that. >> also ahead, why retailers are already running back to school ads. not too happy. a lot of kids hate this. >> and ryan reynolds tells us about his two new movies and challenges us to a unique game of ski ball. but first, these messages. the doubletree isn't the end.f your next trip is calling you. saying, "dan, schedule a 5 o'clock meeting at a hilton garden inn." or "dan"... hey, dad. ..."explore your family tree at a homewood suites." [ family ] hi, dan. or "put your feet in the sand at a waldorf astoria."
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8:10 am
back now, 8:11 with what's trending today. these are the stories that have people talking, especially online. trending on e, george clooney,
8:11 am
the oscar winner is apparently waking up as a single man today. jason kennedy is in los angeles with that. what's the deal. >> good morning to you. e news confirms that george clooney and stacy keibler parted way. the split was amik kabl though. >> he is waking up a single man this morning. >> he is hollywood's bachelor. >> they spent the last two years dated former professional wrestler and actress stacy keibler. they appeared on hollywood red carpets but spent the fourth of july holiday apart. the split, according to people magazine came down to family. >> stacy keibler is the one that broke up with george clooney. most women would find that shocking but she had to make a hard decision because she wants
8:12 am
to be a mother and it's not going to happen with him. >> other sources say the break up wasn't about marriage or kids but about merging the busy schedules. keibler's new show super market super star premieres later this month on lifetime. after his 1989 marriage ended in divorce much has been made of clooney's marital status. >> i like your dress. looks better off than on. >> this ad for a bank maybe the closest he'll ever come to tying the knot again. >> he's not a playboy. he's in these committed relationships for brief periods of time and then he moves on. >> before keibler there was an italian actress. >> we have a star you might have seen on the arm of george clooney. >> who went on to join dancing with the stars after the relationship fizzled and before her sarah larson who took up with clooney after he ended his relationship with lisa snowden. snowden told the british
8:13 am
newspaper she would always be famous for dating the star saying i sometimes think it will be written on my tombstone. plenty of women are eager for the starring role as his next girlfriend. we reached out to representatives for george clooney or stacy keibler. women around the world are cheering. >> we have two here wearing black arm bands. >> trending in our hearts. >> jason, thank you very much. meantime, in the pages of esquire magazine, one person that may have found the secret to happiness in hollywood is matt damon. he is crediting his wife. he says quote, i got lucky. i fell in love with a civilian. he says that in the august issue. not an actress and not a famous actress at that. because then the attention grows
8:14 am
because everyone wants to be in your bedroom. they have been married for seven years and have four kids. he walks his kids to school. damon says his face just fell because he should be able to do that and he can't. damon seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. >> of all the celebrities that come here, he seems like the most civilian of all the celebrities. he talks about his kids and school. he doesn't come with a big group. he seems normal. >> helping him stay grounded i'm sure. >> exactly. trending on the huffington post. retired gm worker was a season ticket holder of the cleveland browns and even wrote a song for the football team every year. sadly he passed away last week and his obit included a shout out to his beloved browns. he wrote he respectfully requests six cleveland browns
8:15 am
paul bearers so the browns can let him down one last time. the browns have never made it to the super bowl and haven't won a championship in 15 years but they're still encouraging everyone to wear browns clothing today at his memorial service. this just in. apparently they're going to give the family one of his teammate's favorite jerseys. >> that's nice. >> talk about parting shot. >> he meant it in the best possible way. >> exactly. trending on the website of the wall street journal, we want to take ten seconds here. i have given you each a piece of paper and a marker. i want you each to draw your favorite comfort food. whatever comes to mind, take ten seconds and draw a picture of it right now. >> why do i feel like i'm going to regret this? >> my pen doesn't work. >> pens down. >> all right.
8:16 am
ladies let's see what you drew? >> you can't really see. >> pizza. >> okay. cheese and wine. that's not bad. >> now let me ask you this. do you feel better after having drawn those pictures? because the journal reports that a new study that says drawing pictures of unhealthy food can lift your spirits. drawing made me happier this morning. i did this one of pizza. >> really? nice. >> yeah. >> take out a little plate and everything -- >> no, i only had ten seconds. so drawing which foods did the trick? well, according to this, pizza was found to boost attitudes by about 28% of people. cupcakes weren far behind. 27%. strawberries 22%. forget the pepper, it only lead to 1%. >> i just drew a picture of george clooney.
8:17 am
>> did you? single. >> no hands, therefore no wedding ring. >> that is what is trending today. >> still ahead in our 8:00 block, one of the most popular actors on the planet live on our plaza. we'll catch up with ryan reynolds. >> first, have you noticed the ads? we just finished celebrating the fourth of july and retailers are already pushing their back to school bargains. kristen is here with more on that. good morning to you. >> good morning matt. yeah, christmas sales start in october so it wouldn't be a big sur prize. they're trying to get every penny they can and making the most of every spending opportunity. getting you to think about pencils and backpacks before summer vacation can even get started. >> reporter: early july, the time of year when kids jump into summer and parents scramble to keep them occupied. but many retailers are now singing a different tune
8:18 am
♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> time to shop for school supplies, already? are they kidding? absolutely not says advertising age magazine. this year back to school web deals and circulars are popping up earlier than ever. >> we started seeing back to school marketing before july 4th which is just unheard of. retailers are trying to grab as much consumer dollars as they can. >> turns out protractors and number two pencils mean big profits for retailers. the back to school season is second only for the winter holidays with americans spending 84 billion a year on school supplies. the average family costs nearly $700 a year. but according to a survey, three out of four consumers say the economy will impact their school spending in 2013. retailers are offering incentives to those that shop early. >> if you can buy them in early
8:19 am
july you can find deals out there. you have justice offering 40% off backpacks. walmart with free shipping on school uniforms and school supplies. staples started marketing it's savings pass. >> reporter: will deals be enough to entice parents to put down the sunscreen and stop back to school shopping? >> depends on how the videos are. >> the last thing any kid or mother wants to think about is going back to school. >> you're trying to decompress a little bit and you're putting the air back in the bubble, you know? >> reporter: who knows, if you beat the rush now, maybe you can feel a great deal on some mistletoe. >> reporter: walmart will roll out it's back to school displays this year. kmart and sears don't have them up yet. there's always the fear of backlash. i know a lot of kids that don't want to hear the word school just yet. >> shopping sounds okay.
8:20 am
>> chrkristen, thank you. look who joined us here. ryan reynolds here. he provides the voice for turbo in the movie about the snail that dreams of winning the indy 500. >> we set up a very elaborate race. we'll play ski ball connected to a character from the movie. we'll see who gets to the top. >> elaborate. >> do you play ski ball. >> i have not. i should have been training. >> are you competitive? >> i'm a little competitive. this is full contact right. >> yes, eye gouging, place slamming. >> i'm a biter. >> she was the arizona state champ of ski ball in elementary school. >> are you kidding me? >> and i spent time in a ski ball league. >> oh, so you're a ringer. >> not a problem. >> that's not fair. >> can i ask you about the movie though, a snail that dreams of winning the indy 500. snails i think slow. how does this happen. >> you think slow, you think delicious but no, in fact, this
8:21 am
is about a guy with an impossible dream. winning the indy 500. i said what's so crazy about that. he said he's a snail. i said you better animate this movie because what a painful production that's going to be. i love it. i fell in love with it from the day we started working on it. it's a long process, these movies. just to see it evolve and come here today which is slightly elaborate thing we have going who are. >> let's show a clip from the movie. this great relationship with your brother, a fellow snail. let's take a look. >> can you please go to sleep. >> sleep, are you kidding me? it takes hours to come down after a big race like this. >> yeah, i bet. >> you were a rookie starting out in the indy life, did you ever dream you'd be standing here today. >> as my dear father always told me, no dream is too big, and no dreamer too small. >> i think i read ryan you
8:22 am
really see part of yourself in this snail. do you mean physically? a hard shell? >> yes, i leave a thick coating of slime everywhere i go. no i do. i think we all have somebody in our lives that said you're not good enough, you're not fast enough, tall enough, smart enough, you can't do it or you shouldn't do it and i think everyone relates to that and to be able to be able to move beyond that, it's a beautiful message. >> it's a message movie for kids especially but also funny on the adult level. >> absolutely. >> you get to record your voice for this and because you are a megastar they accommodate you and your busy schedule. tell me about some of the places you recorded for this. >> i recorded this thing all over the place. i recorded a little bit in london. i did it in new york quite a bit as well. l.a. you can kind of do it anywhere you are. it's a great job. >> in pajamas and things like that. >> pajamas. you can go in your mumu.
8:23 am
and you don't have to sit there and make -- this is six hours of scaffolding construction and heavy base they put on my face to trot out here. you don't have to do that for this. >> you have a real problem. >> it must be hard to do one of these animated films because you're so often alone in your outfit drinking your beer or whatever you got to do but you got to work with paul that plays your brother. >> i did. that's rare in this world. i did another one this year but i met nicholas cage at the premiere. that was the first time i met him. so i have been talking to him for years but that was the first time i met him. >> how do you now handle this coming weekend? you have this movie opening another movie, ripd. if you just had $12, only $12, where would you put that $12? on what ticket. >> the good news and i have a diplomatic answer for you is "turbo opens on the 12th and the
8:24 am
other opens on the 19th. >> only $12 for the whole weekend. >> that's a brutal question. >> that would be bad. >> so you're prepared for the race. >> i am. >> anything we need to know, you know what the snail said when he was riding on the turtle. >> wee. >> it's a little humor from matt lauer. >> this is the same budget as your average 6-year-old birthday party on the upper west side right there. >> just another day at the "today" show here ryan. >> turbo opens on the 17th and ripd on the 19th. >> we're back after your local news and weather.
8:25 am
good morning. it's 8:26 on this tuesday, july 9th. i'm melissa mollet. right now neighbors are rallying around a family this morning after tragic news. a missing 7-year-old boy found dead steps from his home. d.c. police found michael kingsbury last night in an alley behind his family's house on west virginia avenue and northeast, locked inside a car. kingsbury suffered from autism.
8:26 am
8:27 am
i'm tracking light rain and sprinkles on storm team 4 radar including inside the metro area. cloudy skies otherwise. hit or miss shower activity throughout the day today with isolated storms. by no means will today be a washout. 77 degrees now. looking at a high temperature near or at 90. for tomorrow, once again some scattered showers and storms are
8:28 am
likely. joe, how are the roads looking? >> good morning, amelia. looking at 395 northbound the right shoulder of the hov lanes. back solid delays back to king street. looking at a travel time of 24 minutes. most of that from king street to the bridge. the montgomery county beltway, 24 minutes to georgia avenue. typical delays. a signal problem, east falls church on the orange line, major
8:29 am
we're back now. 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 9th day of july, 2013. we have a great crowd out on the
8:30 am
plaza this morning. you're about to be treated to entertainment unlike anything ever seen. just 19 minutes to go until our vicious speed ball tournament here on the plaza. the "today" show team taking on ryan reynolds. the voice behind "turbo" in the new animated film. here's where the carnage will take place there. are you going to eye ball me now? >> i've been working on my game. >> underhand? >> i can do it sideways. >> you do? does that work. >> you'll see. >> depending on howell we do, those snails will go up the side of the building. >> we had a friendly competition on twitter to see who would get the most tweets for their snail. matt, i have to inform you won, however, you did get a little high powered help from above in the form of snoop dog. he said let m lauer know he got
8:31 am
the best snail. tweet hashtag turbo matt to let him know what is going to win tomorrow. >> i like the way you said it. >> just reading what it said. >> can i be honest, did not see that coming. anyway, snoop dog, loving it. thank you for the support. >> you have to go hang out. >> samuel l. jackson i'm waiting for your tweet for my character. also ahead, we have a great story that's inspirational. a man that proves it's never too late to pursue your dream. at the age of 60 he is about to become a professional baseball player and we'll meet this not so young rookie but he looks good coming up in a bit. >> that's hard to believe he's 60. also you know sandra lee from the food network shows and her semihomemade recipes but now she is tooking up something new for her first novel. that and more with her coming up. a lot to get to. let's swing back to mike bettis. mike is in for al.
8:32 am
take it away. >> a lot of excited morning. and a lot of snail eyes this morning. i like him. like him a lot. everyone excited for the skiball competition. we're closely watching the weather. here in new york, going off without a hitch. that's not the case across the country. stormy conditions from the gulf coast to the northeast. a slight risk for a tornado risk in the midwest. milwaukee, des moines, chicago, could mean you as well. hot through the middle of the country. temperatures sizzling, into the 90s. a risk across the ohio valley tomorrow. now a look at your weather closer to home. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal tracking light range and sprinkles now on the radar including inside the d.c. metro area. we'll continue to see scattered showers at times throughout the day with a few afternoon isolated storms possible. otherwise, humid with the present temperature of about 77 degrees and a high today of 90. looking at limited sunshine
8:33 am
today. we will feature plenty of dry time. for tomorrow, afternoon scattered showers and and don't forget you can always get your forecast 24/7-on-the weather channel or and now birthday wish with willard scott. >> we're back in business with birthdays. i love birthdays. they're fun. don't you think so. it's a nice name. molly from new york and she is 100 years old today. loves to work. still has a job. works for a living. how about that at 100. think about that friends. and now, we have wisconsin' favorite son, barny voelker. he is 103 and dynamite when it comes to camping. he can camp out or sleep with alligators. anything. yetta greenberg from deerfield beach, florida. loves jeopardy.
8:34 am
alex tribec. i wish he could take her to dinner. mildred and jim reynolds. tennessee. 75 years they have been married. they know how to live it up. what a nice name. elizabeth sweeney from winfield, kansas. she is 103 years old today. makes jelly. i hope it's not as good as our jelly. and temecula, california, pete mcdade is one of their favorite sons. 100 years old today. loves dominos. that's it back in new york where they live on computers. >> all right willard. thank you. coming up next, the inspirational story of one man fulfilling his baseball dream at the age of 60. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
back now at 8: 37 with motivation to make sure you don't give up on your dreams. we have an inspirational story from the world of baseball. good morning. nice to see you. >> we had a chance to meet this guy who has been chasing his dreams playing professional baseball for years. and his determinations against all odds could make him the oldest rookie in the pros. an overthe hills pitcher chasing big league dreams. only in hollywood, right? well, try telling that to paul rizzo. >> i've never been a person that's going to say i should have done this or should have done that. >> he's back on the mound for his shot at the pros at 60 years old. >> but at an age when a lot of people are slowing down. this is still what you want? you want the road trips and the grueling schedule and the hurt
8:38 am
body. >> if i got a chance to play pro ball i wouldn't be thinking about hurting or how grueling it is. >> baseball is in his blood. paul's dad made it to the minors. >> i really wanted to go pro, for me and for my dad. >> reporter: in 1973 he almost did. drafted by the pittsburgh pirates. just 19 years old. but in one of his last college games he threw out his arm. his career cut short. >> i didn't even think about throwing again and lived with the idea that it's done. >> the grades came out today. >> reporter: almost 40 years and five kids later, baseball was far behind him until a few years ago. >> i had this dream that i was throwing in a bull pen. my dad is always there with his arms crossed and he looks at me and says wow, looks like you got something left. >> when he started talking about it and i think i can start doing it again and yeah i think i'm going to try out for this men's
8:39 am
league and it was like great. i could see him come alive. >> reporter: somehow, ball's arm had healed and still had some heat. >> how do you explain that? >> i don't know. i don't know. but i'm glad it's happened. i'll tell you that. >> reporter: today a try out with the st. paul saints, an independent minor league team could be his break into the big leagues. >> take a break. >> reporter: his wife is in the stands and his dad is on his mind. >> i try to think about what he always told me, throw strikes. >> reporter: which he does. over and over and over again. some clocking in close to 80 miles per hour against batters young enough to be his kids. >> threw a lot of strikes. he knows what he is doing. >> he could get hitters out in this league. i don't know if he could do it consistently but it's impressive. i'm only 42 and i don't think i could do what he is doing. >> reporter: finally paul's try
8:40 am
out is done but his not drive to keep his dream alive. >> will he keep trying out? >> he'll keep trying out. there's no doubt he'll keep trying out. that's just him. >> i'll play until they have to take me out of there completely. i'll be playing baseball. >> now, while the st. paul saints did not have room for him on his roster this season but he kept trying out and last week he got signed to another independent team in new mexico. he pitches his first inning next week. if he does well there could be a longer contract in his future. >> there's so many similarities between his story and the movie the rookie. >> absolutely. >> i have catches with my son on the weekend and hit the advil hard after that. i can only imagine the pain he's in after he pitches. >> he is no stranger to an ice bath and a lot of advil but he says he loves it. >> good for him. nice to see you. up next, a new recipe for
8:41 am
success. sandra lee opens up about her debut novel. but first this is "today" on nbc. hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure.
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8:43 am
we are back at 8:43. for decades sandra lee has been making life sweeter with four cooking shows on the food network and recently she published her 25th cook book but that is not enough. she is shedding her a problem with a different kind of cap releasing her very novel called the recipe book. good morning to you. >> it's one thing to write recipes. was this difficult to do? >> it was interesting because when disney first came to me and asked me to write a novel i was shocked because no one in my genere had done it before which made it great for me. as the stories grew and the
8:44 am
characters grew the recipes got smaller and smaller and smaller. there's about a dozen in there now but they have to do with characters in the book. >> we can't do a segment without food with you but there are recipes in the book. >> yes. >> it's really -- it's a story of a single mom trying to put her life back together and she meets a guy. some people have seen some similarities between this guy and your boyfriend? >> well, the story is about grace. she is a heroin and she is raising a 15-year-old daughter by herself and went through a traumatic divorce and she does have a new love in her life. i'm not going to give away secrets but the book is about women and generations of women coming together and the pains of what a family goes through. not just the generations that are here on the earth today but the ones that came before us. it's also about girlfriends. there's a girlfriend in the book that's the best friend from high
8:45 am
school who i won't give away the punch line but she says to her girlfriend grace, you know, life is not a dress rehearsal for show choir. it is opening night every day of your life and that's what this book is about. it's about what roads to take and when you come to a fork in the road where do you go and when you get to the end of that road what does it look like and being thoughtful and thinking things threw and not just your family who is your family but your family who is your friends and who you spend your time and life with. >> it's not meant to be auto biographical but the wall street journal says he is a rugged outdoor man. he is a midwesterner who adores cooking and works in tv and dotes on the family pet. >> she is not in front of the camera. i never wanted to be in front of the camera either but both -- i have to say, the character, the love interest and my sweetheart, are very attractive men.
8:46 am
>> there was a little inspiration there. >> it was easy. when you write a novel you pull from your life experiences. so there is a character named lorraine in the book and my grandmother was from new london, wisconsin which is where the book takes place. >> did you visit it and try to get that inspiration. >> i didn't. i have all the research. i have pictures from the early 19 hundreds when the first logging was taking place and so i looked through alabama of my grandmother's beautiful things. we have property deeds, and that's how new london came to life in my mind. it's a fantasy place in my mind and even though i went to high school and college in wisconsin, new london to me is up there with places that i look forward to visiting. >> you have an inspiring story yourself. you're somebody that grew up, you had a tough childhood. helped to raise your own four siblings. there were times when i know you felt people were saying you
8:47 am
can't do this -- this semihomemade cooking, this won't work. how did you manage through that time. did you ever imagine your life would turn out as it did? >> that's what the book speaks about. there's a scene in the book where grace's mom is talking to her and is very upset with her mother for 16 years and all of these secrets of this family are in this recipe box and it's really about focussing on the generations in front of you and that came before you and learning the lessons they didn't learn and passing on the good ones you can. i just took my nieces and nephews for their high school graduation present to europe for three weeks. 8 kids for three weeks in europe, three countries, i don't know what i was thinking. talk about overachieving. >> you need a vacation from your vacation. >> but it's about teaching them history and it's about teaching them what life can be. if you choose very specific roads and that's why education is so important and that's why, you know, being a good family
8:48 am
role model and insulating kids as they're growing up. i have a very, very specific way i think kids should be raised and that is loving and supported and insulating and giving them all the knowledge you have and including them, not excluding them. >> we are anxious to see the book. the recipe box is in stores now. thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up next, we'll go head to head and snail to snail against ryan reynolds in the race up the building for "turbo." they're already practicing. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
all right. we're back now. we have been counting down to our big ski ball competition all morning long. the waiting is over. it's time to get started. >> it is. ryan reynolds will be manning turbo, your nail from the movie. we have an expert here. an nbc sports commentator. he is going to call the race. at this point, lee, i have to turn it over to you. >> we're ready to go. this is going to be a lot of fun. the guys that do it for reel behind us. the indy car series champion and the three time indy 500 winner and this year's winner tony kanaan. willie and natalie cheated a little bit before. they got practice. so matt at the far end. savannah, ready to go? >> am i ever. the reigning champ ready to wave
8:51 am
the green flag for the turbo 500. 3, 2, 1, go. >> all right. who is going to score the most point? ryan's in the middle. he's looking really good. good work for natalie. we need more. we need more. turbo off to a good start. the one we wanted to win is winning. he's doing a great job. what do you think. >> they're doing a good job. look at ryan -- ryan is on it. >> he's the man. >> he raced motorcycles for 17 years. showing that speed. willie is picking it up. willie is on the outside. go willie. he's making a big move on the far side. savannah is coming back. matt has momentum. natalie is looking sluggish. skidmark needs to get going. >> turbo doing a great job in the middle. here comes matt on the outside. look at smooth move making a move. this is remarkable.
8:52 am
smooth move is ahead of turbo. go matt, go. off savannah, whiplash, we need whiplash. let's get going savannah. >> i'm sorry. >> smooth move is in the lead of the turbo 500. tony, what do you think. >> turbo is going to have the last draw i think. >> here comes skidmark. what about turbo. turbo needs to pick it up. whiplash needs a little bit more. >> look at turbo go. >> yeah. >> look at turbo go. ryan reynolds. >> wait a minute. >> let's hear it for turbo. >> that was fantastic. >> i had no idea.
8:53 am
>> absolutely. >> you know what happened, i glanced over in the middle of the race, he went to the turbo. >> i did not. >> you brought out the turbo on morning tv. >> in my defense, in my defense, the fm is called turbo, not matt lauer. so i had to win. >> do i wear it i'll be fine on the ride home. >> it looks really good. >> this is the training ground of champions. >> it is inappropriate to whip out the turbo on morning tv. we're back right after this. >> that's it, your done.
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning. it's 8:56 on this terse july
8:56 am
9th. i'm melissa mollet. a draekmatic rescue early this morning in northwest washington. look at this. a construction worker from a massive hole at 14th and constitution where the national museum of african-american history and culture is being built. our crews you can see were there at rescues pulled out the man using a construction crane. rescuers tell us the man was suffering from chest
8:57 am
8:58 am
some scattered showers throughout the day today with a chance of isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. otherwise mainly cloudy to partly sunny skies. looking at a temperature right now of 79 degrees in washington. a high today of 90. here's joe fox with traffic. >> amelia good morning. late morning delays. down centreville, the picture. also kenworth avenue. earlier accident at bening road cleared but the damage done. recovering on kenilworth avenue
8:59 am
beautiful tuesday morning here in new york city. it's july 9th, 2013. it's warming up outside. inside studio 1-a i'm willie geist with natalie morales. >> i got dizzy with that view.
9:00 am
>> that from the camera up top. we'll get to that in just a bit. we have a piece of video we want to share with you. this is the ohio kidnapping victims speaking for the first time. held captive for a decade in the cleveland house and went to youtube thanking the public for their support. you remember their names, amanda berry, gina dejesus, and michelle knight. they are in a three minute video. here's a portion of what they said. >> it's been a blessing to have an outpouring of love and kindness. it's getting stronger every day. having my privacy helped immensely. >> if you could say something to each and every person out there that contributed money to your fund to help you, what would you say to them? >> i would say thank you for support. >> i just want everyone to know i'm doing just fine. i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile
9:01 am
on my face. >> that one especially michelle knight it breaks your heart to think about how much their lives were taken from them. how much was stolen from them, you know, of course these ladies went missing at 14, 16, 20 years old. held captive in hell-like conditions as you heard from michelle for almost ten years. >> first of all, they look great. they look beautiful. you're inspired again by their courage to go in front of a camera and speak publicly but have to say as a human being and as a father of a 6-year-old girl i get angry again thinking about some girls walking home from school or walking home from a job at a burger king being snatched off the street and having their lives changed forever. it makes you angry all over again. >> makes you angry but leaves you with the inspiration when you hear michelle knight say i'm not going to be defined by this. they picked up. they're moving on with their lives and trying to have as private a life as they can given
9:02 am
their circumstances and they have, again, thanked the public for giving them that time to also heal themselves because there's a lot of healing in the years to come. >> we'll respect that privacy. we hope everyone else does too. another story that grabbed our attention this morning. we learned more about osama bin laden's life in hiding after 9/11. this is a report on stained and hasn't been confirmed yet by nbc. it was a leaked government documents that shows us what he was up to. his car was pulled over, a traffic violation for speeding on a way to a local market in pakistan but the report says bin laden quickly settled the matter. >> that's according to the wife of one of his guards apparently and i think what's probably most fascinating is the detail that he apparently wore an american cowboy hat to sometimes help him being avoided -- to avoid being spotted by u.s. drones although
9:03 am
a man who is 6'8" wearing a cowboy hat in pakistan in rural areas you would think would still stand out but it's incredible that, clearly, perhaps, people around him didn't want him to be caught. >> absolutely. when you consider he moved into the compound where he was ultimately killed in august of 2005. so we're going ahead to may of 2011 when he was killed, that's almost six years. he was in the middle of a military town in pakistan. you go back to how no one knew it defies credibility and belief. >> some other glimmers from the report. he didn't care so much for clothing. had just a couple of outfits, summer and wintertime but a lot of interesting detail in this report but what is surprising is how many near misses and opportunities that they were so close to capturing him that he could have been picked up and wasn't. >> pulled over for a traffic
9:04 am
stop and nobody arrested him. incredible. it's not an easy transition but we'll take to make it anyway, from osama bin laden to george clooney. no offense to mr. clooney what so ever. he is single again after a lot of speculation. it is official, jhe and his girlfriend stacy keibler split up. people magazine broke the story. we haven't heard comment. a source says stacy wants to have children and a family. >> he has been married in the past and when he broke up that marriage at that time he said he was never going to get married again. question is do you think he will forever remain a bachelor now? seems like he's got a good thing going. >> right. >> i think a lot of guys would say. he seems to have beautiful ladies on his arm. they seem like really smart women as well. >> it seems to be working for him. >> he's fine. he's happy. >> people call him a playboy.
9:05 am
he's not a playboy. he dates women for several years at a time. >> i wonder if he met the right one, if that one -- he would final commit. >> you wonder what it would take though. he's had beautiful smart women and he hasn't been able to take that step. >> seems like a lot of right one versus come along. >> exactly. may not be happening at this point. >> matt damon also in the news. he gave an interview in which he said his mother dissuaded him from becoming a child actor. inside the magazine he said his mother thought it was child abuse. she was a professor who specialized in early childhood development and thought putting a child on stage or in a commercial or movie was child abuse. he didn't listen because his first role came when he was 18. he was in mystic pizza. >> that's right. i do remember him in that. >> that begs the question, if your kids wanted to become actors, would you let them do it? >> i think i'm with whatever my kids want to do but early on,
9:06 am
especially as children, i think i would be very careful and cautious about, you know, i would probably try to steer them from that direction as well. not that i think it's child abuse but i think it's difficult. the rejection is hard on kids and i don't think i'd want to put them up for that. >> and to do it at the expense of other things, including school, that happens in sports. people's lives are so focused on sports and when they didn't get a scholarship. >> or they got injured. >> then what happens. >> it's important to pursue your education first. whatever you do after college it's up to you. but you're going to college, you got that. >> exactly. to a point, right. >> exactly. >> this is an interesting one. we're going to have a type off. natalie thinks she is the world's greatest typer. >> no. >> no, i'm a good ski ball player. >> no the reason we're doing
9:07 am
this contest here is there's students at an elite british school, private school are being given lessons in doing things more domestic. you remember home ec? i never did it. i made up for it. i did okay with the cooking and sewing and all of that. i can manage. but they want children to learn life skills, basic skills. it made me think about what were some of the most important things you learned when you were in school. >> my high school we had home ec, auto shop, wood shop, photography, and all of these things you could use and apply later in life. the one thing that was missing and continues to be missing is finances. personal finances. why isn't that mandatory in every school? it's the one thing you use practically in your life every day. balance a checkbook, what's a stock, what's a bond? that's what kids ought to learn. >> i completely agree. >> well, i thought one of the skills i use ever day is typing
9:08 am
and it's something that i think a lot of kids, you see them now using the two thumbs and playing games, they don't necessarily know a keyboard. so i thought, let's -- >> this has been an elaborate set up. >> no, it's not. i'm not that great a typer but there's a twist to this challenge that i don't even know about. apparently they're going to have us type the lyrics to a song, a commonly heard song that they're going to play for us. so this is sort of a memory test and typing test at the same time which makes it really bad. >> okay. >> 30 seconds on the clock. >> you jumped ahead. ♪ old mcdonald had a farm -- >> how do you spell that? >> what did he have on the farm? >> chick chick. >> i'm just making stuff up now.
9:09 am
[ music playing ] >> how do you spell -- wait -- [ cow mooing ] >> this is pathetic. >> how did we do? >> terrible. i don't even know. can you read. >> wait a minute. what about accuracy? this is a disaster. no auto correct on that last part. >> i win for accuracy. >> i think we proved nothing. >> i did take typing in high school. >> you did? >> i'm sorry. yes. >> i took typing -- you know what, it is a skill you use every day. you know this keyboard apparently, i not so much. >> i'm just glad you're not one of these. >> no, no. >> we're going to keep practicing. in the meantime, let's get a check on the forecast and see what it's looking like outside. mike bettis is in for al this morning. >> good morning guys. doesn't matter what type of weather you have today. we have something you can look at on the map and show you we
9:10 am
still have the storms across the southeast. that's gr. also some heat across the west. that's means for a lot of you you're going to be really, really sweating. folks here from las vegas. they escaped the heat. believe it or not. i'm getting away from the heat in vegas and going to new york to escape it. a scorcher in the middle of the country. not just by vegas. it's tulsa and vitch tau, k.c., omaha, index well over 100. temperatures 99 in kansas city. wichita fall, 103 and 100 in dallas. those are the temperatures across country. a look at the forecast where you are. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal. mostly cloudy skies for the morning hours. more sunshine getting into the afternoon. tracking some scatters the light rain showers across the area including inside the d.c. metro area. 79 in washington. a high temperature today around
9:11 am
90 degrees. scattered showers throughout the day. that hit or miss activity. isolated storms possible. again a high that is a look at your weather. back inside to willie and natalie. >> thank you. coming up next, nick cannon shows us how to get wild and out and tries to teach us some of his moves. a new album. all kinds of stuff goingn for mr. cannon, right after this. i'm jennifer hudson. i hate getting up in the morning. i love cheese. i love bread. i'm human! and the new weight watchers 360 program lets me be. the reason i'm still in this body feelin' so good isn't because i never go out and enjoy the extra large, extra cheese world we live in. it's because i do. and you can too, with the weight watchers 360 program. the power to lose weight like never before. join now for $1. offer ends july 27th. the weight watchers 360 program. because it works.
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because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. well, you can't turn on the tv these days without seeing nick cannon. he's the host of america's got talent. you probably saw him last week hosting the macy's fourth of july spectacular and now his popular mtv show wild and out is coming back. take a look. >> yo nick you got a lot of jobs you deserve to boast, you know what they say, those that can't
9:15 am
do host. >> all right. you lucky to be here. where's your four leaf clover. i just check mid watch. your 15 minutes are over. >> wow, that's a slam. >> we get wild there. >> great to see you. >> great to see you guys too. we all kind of match. >> before we talk about this great new show, let's talk about your wife. she dislocated her shoulder last week. >> yeah it was serious. not only did she dislocate her shoulder, she actually cracked a rib and she has a, like a bone she chipped her shoulder bone during the video shoot. she was in this nice beautiful gown, heels on and everything and was kind of on this platform and reached and kind of slipped and fell on her whole side. but she's such a trooper.
9:16 am
i was going to rush to the hospital with her. she was like you get back in there and finish that video and after they put the shoulder back in place and band ageed her up she finished the video. she said this better be a good video. >> she's a pro. >> i was going to say how long would it be until she was back on stage. >> i guess it was an hour. >> obviously the doctor didn't want her to do anything. she is resting right now. she has a huge show this weekend for, it's a charity show for the sandy victims and stuff. so that's going to be major. she is resting up for that. but i've never seen -- i would be crying and like passed out if something like that happened. but she was right back to work. >> give her our best. look forward to seeing her back on the stage. six years off. there's a whole audience that hasn't seen the show. explain it. >> it's improv comedy and hip
9:17 am
hop mixed together. i created this show with my friends cat williams and stuff we would all get together backstage at a comedy club and act silly. it was like my version of dean martin, like, i never saw it as a show that could do 60 to 70 episodes but it got so popular, even back by popular demand. people wanted it. >> on mtv. let's bring it back and have more fun. >> you got a little game for us. >> wild n out game. >> it's called three words after. >> they do this on facebook or twitter. you give a scenario and what would be the three words after that. only three words. >> okay. >> so you know, it could be any scenario and it has to be three words after that. >> keep it clean. >> keep it clean. morning television. >> one at a time on this. >> okay. what's the scenario.
9:18 am
>> okay, three words after winning the lottery. >> see ya. out of here. >> is see ya one word. >> that's like seven words natalie. >> best case scenario that's four. >> see ya is one, outta is one, here. >> okay. >> but it was good though. as long as it's funny it works. >> you won. no you lose. >> he didn't have to do it. >> i want to ask about your album. i love the title. white people party music. tell me about it. >> i always say no matter what party you go to white people are having more fun than everybody. they know how to have a good time. standing on stuff and based off
9:19 am
of -- it's obviously to make fun of the whole scenario of dance music and all of that. good times, fun, white people party music. let's go. >> can we go into a commercial break. >> the new sexy dance. >> put the overbite and then point at the sexy. whatever's sexy. just point at it. >> dance us out of here. nick cannon, the busiest man in show business. it premieres tonight 11 eastern mtv 2 and america's got talent airs tuesday and wednesday noit right here on nbc. best to mariah. >> fun games andy tos to pry best hey!ariah. yummm! totally got it all! don't forget your favorites, girls. hey girls! the good ol'days when we could eat as we wanted. yes, but we are not 18 anymore.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
vacation plans keep an eye on the sky. a powerful storm swept into the area there monday triggering flooded that stranded passengers for hours on a stalled commuter train. they had to use boats to rescue people that were strapped. it left hundreds of thousands of people without power and more rain is expected today. finding the cheapest gas this summer may now be a little bit easier thanks to the department of energy website fuel it can direct you to the least expensive gas on your vacation travels. just click on save money and fuel. then gas prices and local prices to find the cheapest gas where you are. and by the way, triple a says the average nationwide price for regular right now is 3.48 a gallon. >> there's an apparent break for smokers in president obama's healthcare law. smokers were to have been charged penalties as high as 50% under the law but the administration started telling insurers that a computer glitch
9:24 am
will limit the penalties and the fix will take at least a year. >> when twinkies make their come back, they'll start with a longer shelf life. i thought they didn't expire anyway. but the printed shelf life will be 45 days. that's almost three weeks longer than they used to have and some stores will get them frozen which will extend the shelf life even longer. so they'll last forever and ever and ever. so they'll last forever and ever and ever. >> i thought they i want it all... all the volume... all the drama with new l'oreal million lashes excess mascara. now l'oreal's legendary volumizing brush is bigger than ever - multiple bristles... for a multitude of volumized lashes. millionized... to excess l'oreal's clean-sweep wiper system removes extra mascara for no clumps lashes are instantly defined... dramatically volumized new million lashes excess from l'oreal paris i want it all. i'm worth it. [ female announcer ] another newtonism.
9:25 am
into every life, a little fudge must drizzle. new banana drizzled with dark fudge fruit thins. real fruit, real fudge, whole grains. newtons fruit thins. one unique cookie. ♪ i see you made yourself breakfast. how'd you know? ♪ good morning. it's 9:26 on this tuesday, july 9th. working to repair a main break along r street between 21st and connecticut. crews expect to have it fixed up by 10:00 a.m.
9:26 am
9:27 am
cloudy skies across the area now. also tracking scattered light rain showers and drizzle. we'll continue to see scattered showers that hit or miss activity throughout the day, a chance of isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. at 79 degrees right now. high temperature today of 90. afternoon showers and storms likely tomorrow as well. here's joe fox with a look at
9:28 am
traffic. good morning. fairly typical late clearing delays. one masoner accident, braddock woed road, inner loop of the beltway. video delayed heavily back to the springfield interchange. at the top of the screen is where the accident is. delays backs to the mixing bowl. 66 westbound, in towards tyson's, 30 miles an hour. melissa, back to you. the latest news and weather anytime on nbcwashington.c
9:29 am
come on matt, move, move. we need more. we need more. off to a great start. >> welcome back to today on this tuesday morning, july 9th, 2013. >> we had to go to the instant replay. >> a great injustice took place on the plaza. ryan reynolds and turbo were given the win for the snail race up the side of the building. >> we'll give him that. >> if you look at the scores,
9:30 am
natalie morales, she racked up like 850 points or something like that. >> you were right behind, right? >> i was right there with you. let's be honest. natalie morales won this race. we give it to turbo. good for him. we're all very happy but natalie won the race. >> although my snail didn't. >> clearly they didn't -- >> yeah, i'm willie geist along with natalie. coming up, turn off the tv, the tablet and video games. new ways to keep your kids entertained and away from the screens this summer. >> ski ball is a good game or some of the games they're doing as well. >> also before you take a bite of the burger, the one simple thing you can do -- she's like the food police and still enjoy it and look good in your bathing suit. we have five simple swaps that you can do to help slim you down fast. by the end of the summer you could lose as much as 20 pounds. >> cool. you remember your first wedding
9:31 am
dance. how did it go? did it go well. >> we didn't choreograph anything. it was the classic couple dance. >> moving around awkwardly. we have three couples in our studio who all think they have the best first wedding dance in the country. their our final list in the quest for the best and debbie allen has come in to be the judge. no pressure guys. >> that's a big thing now, the wedding dance. >> yeah. >> did you take lessons? >> no. >> no ballroom dancing? nothing. >> first a check of the weather, mike bettis is in for al this week. >> let's talk about what's happening out there. believe it or not we have our third named tropical storm of the season so far in o far in t. 50 mile-per-hour winds with chantal, close to the island of barbados. tropical storm warnings. the track brings it close to puerto rico. tropical storm warnings over do min cann republic and haiti, throughhamabahamas. see what happens. cop it threat the southeastern
9:32 am
united states, maybe florida, south carolina or georgia. time will tell. it won't become a hurricane at that point. a look at the weather we're following. now weather closer to home. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal in for tom kierein, an scattered light rain and sprinkles making its way through the area and we'll continue to see this activity throughout the day today. keep the umbrella handy. otherwise, mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies. else wre generally in the mid-70s. a high today of 90. for tomorrow, scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms are likely. downpours possible. a high of 91. that is a look at your weather. let's send it back to willie and natalie. >> now to a task we parents all deal with every day. trying to get your kids unglued from the tv, the tablets and the video games. >> here with fun games to get your kids away from the digital screens and never looking back is lori. the toy insider mom.
9:33 am
>> good morning. >> this is my struggle right now. the kids are glued to their iphone. >> when we were kids, we played catch and we played tags but the screens are competing for their attention and we need to balance it with old fashioned fun. >> toys. >> right. >> let's take a look. >> construction, i love. it's a great activity. it keeps them engaged for hours. lots of great developmental skills and new innovation in traditional building toys. this is light up construction. these are 8-1 sets. there's a couple of them. air, land and sea and each one the kids can make 8 different models. it's cool because when they're done they can put on this great little light show. >> this is something the parents are going to have to make? >> i don't know, they're doing a great job on their own. >> now we have kinect. kids love roller coasters. we can deny gravity with this. >> cool. >> got a little stuck there. so this set is 448 pieces.
9:34 am
you can build it almost 3 feet tall. this is the amazing 8 and it's part of a whole new amusement set line. so it's really fun. >> michael is building something there as well. thank you. >> right. now what girl doesn't love a little bling. this comes with all of the tools that girls need to create and customize all their own accessories. >> what are you making carla? >> oh, okay. >> she's very busy. >> these are huge. i have seen them everywhere. >> i have been such a fan of bananagrams for so long. it's a great family game. they're building words and expanding their vocabulary. now we have jumbo bananagrams. look at these tiles. >> like scrabble. >> they're making cross word
9:35 am
puzzles but they're water proof. take it to the beach, take it to the pool. everyone can play. >> okay. >> what do we have over here? >> suction construction. let me let you -- >> that's fun. >> yes, take these. put these together. each end has suction cups. they'll stick to any hard surface including the wall and a bathtub. when you take them apart you get this cool pop sound. >> i love that. something so satisfying about that, right? >> right. >> you having fun? >> right. okay. archery made a big come back like heroins from katnis like hunger games. this is the air huntress. a great little loading system. hold back. this is go up to 125 feet. they have soft tips. a lot of fun. >> clearly archery is not my
9:36 am
thing. >> that's bad. >> okay. so this is a motorized go-cart. goes up to 12 miles per hour. when you lift the bar you get this whole crazy cart mode. >> can you go straight too. >> you can go straight too. he loves the circles. can you go straight? >> thank you so much. coming up next, go ahead, dive right into the creamy sundae. you're still going to lose weight. we'll tell you how, right after this. [ doorbell rings ] donuts? ♪ you're cute. [ door closes ] [ female announcer ] new special k protein cereal helps keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? how ya doin'? mmm. [ birds chirping ] okay bye bye! [ female announcer ] help satisfy your hunger longer with special k protein bars and shakes. willpower. what will you gain when you lose?
9:37 am
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it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar. are you trying to slim down for your summer vacation? maybe drop the last five pounds? >> trade five every day foods for something lower in calories and you could lose between 2 and 20 pounds by the end of this summer. getting you started today, joy. >> these are easy swaps. everybody can do them and by the end of augur down 20 pounds. >> let's start with our morning cup of coffee. >> most people are putting in cream and half and half. i'm saying mix that instead. unsweetened vanilla almond milk. >> no sugar in the coffee. >> instead of two to three packets absolutely but have one packet instead. if you do this every single day,
9:41 am
by the end of the summer from this one little tip, you are saving your body from 4 and a half sticks of butter. >> really? >> and two and a third cups of sugar and you'll drop two pounds. >> that's disgusting. >> we'll throw to our dieting diva. you can see she trimmed her belly by two pounds. >> give her a round of applause. >> now a sandwich. >> tip two is to slim down your sammy. lose the top layer of bred, you save 100 calories. the extra slice of cheese another 100 calories and if you chip the mayo another 14u7b calories and you can go for hot sauce or humus or salsa or light mayo. you will save your body from 60 slices of bred. 60 slices of cheese and just under four cups of mayo but the best part, you drop 6 pounds if you have one every single day.
9:42 am
look at her. she is down 8 pounds total now. >> okay. she's going to be ready for a bikini. >> everybody loves pasta. >> so you have the same hearty bowl of pasta but instead of two cups of noodles at 500 calories i'm proposing one cup of vegetables mixed with the noodles. if you do this just 3 times per week, you'll drop another 2 pounds. so now she is down a total, our dieting diva, ten pounds. you can really start to see her stomach trimming down significantly. >> the sauce on top. >> absolutely. sauce is fine. one tcup vegetables, one cup noodles. >> the sugar ri drink. >> this is liquid candy. it's going to clock in at about 200 calories. instead, what you're going to do is fill your glass with any of
9:43 am
the naturally flavored celtzers and add a shot of fruit juice. it's delicious. just 30 calories. do this twice a day, which is pretty doable because people drink so many of these drinks, you'll wind up dropping, let's put our diva up there. she's going to be down a total of 13 pounds by the end of the summer. frozen yogurt. if you get two toppings and it's a medium at the frozen yogurt soft serves, 440 calories. instead take a nonfat flavored yogurt, in the freezer for 10 or 15 minutes. it gets frostie, delicious, add dark chocolate chips, 170 calories. do that every day, another 7 pounds. she is down 20 pounds. >> she did not have 20 pounds to lose in the first place. >> oh yeah. >> that's the white girl dance. >> she's raising the roof.
9:44 am
joy, thanks as always. >> thanks. >> up next, who has the best first wedding dance? three couples compete for the title of today's best in in front of of the great debbie ♪ ♪ i see you made yourself breakfast. how'd you know? ♪
9:45 am
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9:48 am
this morning on today's quest for the best, we sought out the best first wedding dances in america and asked couples to submit their videos to compete for the title of today's best; we narrowed down the finalists. >> and here to judge today's contest, the fabulous debbie allen, producer of the new band kid's crew, thanks so much debbie. >> thank you. >> good morning everyone. are you ready? >> yes. >> before we get started, you just got back from your honeymoon in italy. did you have a great time. >> yeah it was amazing. >> we're ready to see what you're made of. let's get music going. >> should we back up. [ music playing ]
9:49 am
>> whoa. [ music playing ] >> wow. >> they even got a lift in there. very nice. good job. >> okay. >> well, you know, that was so exciting and dynamic and it was like their relationship so so clear. he was taming his woman. he was taking control of the relationship but i thought it was fantastic. >> great. >> let's move on to our next. joseph and tamara from the bronx. you did coa little practice ahe of time. >> a little bit. >> let's see what you did. let's hit the music. >> take it away. [ music playing ]
9:50 am
>> all right. >> very nice. very nice. >> i like that the ladies are wearing sensible shoes. >> i know. >> looking good. >> what did you think. they were wonderful. so much energy. high energy. very unexpected music and i thought she did so well with that wedding dress with that tempo. i wanted a little more connection between the two of you. you didn't quite look at each other. >> yeah. >> i bet you did on the wedding night didn't you? >> yeah.
9:51 am
>> okay. >> all right. next we have dave and sue lin and you got your whole family involved in sort of a flash mob style. >> that's right. we forced them to indulge our whim. >> did they practice ahead of time with you. >> i made a bunch of instructional videos. >> i love it, the effort already. come out and show us what you got. [ music playing ] >> uh-oh. [ music playing ] >> oh no. >> hello. >> oh yeah.
9:52 am
>> outstanding. >> wow. >> you've seen them all. we'll give you one second to think and choose a winner of today's match. who do you like. >> it's very difficult. this is a so you think you can dance moment but i have to go with them because of the joy. >> wow. >> i'm going to go with them. >> okay. >> and just because they gave it so much joy as a couple. they have to win today and everybody else was great. but i have to go with them. >> congrats to all of them. >> thank you. we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. . >> good job guys. >> that was a great job.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
in our next quest for the best we want to see drawings, paintings, by those 12 and
9:56 am
9:57 is your time now on this tuesday july 9, 2013. i'm eun yang. check in with amelia segal
9:57 am
tracking light rain now. good morning. >> good morning. not a great pool day with plenty of clouds. like you said, light rain and sprinkles scattered across the area. continuing to see scattered showers throughout the day. a chance of an isolated thunderstorm or two this afternoon. presently at 80 degrees, and we'll reach a high temperature today around 90. again, plenty of cloudiness throughout the day with scattered showers. for tomorrow, a chance of showers and storms later in the day. here's joe fox with traffic. >> good morning. looking at clearing out. accident's gone at braddock road. you can see the beltway from the springfield interchange is moving well. montgomery county, traffic on the tough side. picked up nicely 15 minutes, eun, back to you. ahead on news 4 at midday, hidden dangers behind your favorite beauty products. we'll look at that coming up
9:58 am
9:59 am
hello, everybody. just in time for booze day tuesday. it is july 9th. we're delighted that you're here with us today. >> we certainly are.
10:00 am
>> it's official. according to "people" magazine -- want to give the news. >> if you're single, it's great news. george clooney is in fact single. we sort of -- we announced it yesterday. we weren't 100% sure. >> being nbc news we wanted to be fair and accurate. >> anyway, "people" magazine says stacy ended the relationship because she wanted kids and a family some day. and her quote is she knows where george stands on that. >> what do you think about some of those guys -- we know men like this -- who just want to be bachelors. seems like everyone is trying to get them down the aisle somehow. >> another one bites the dust! i had a relationship like that with a very, very fine guy who just had been married before, had children and didn't want to go down that road again. and when your biological clock is ticking and that's something that you care deeply about, and i did the same thing.
10:01 am
and right into the arms of frank gifford who already had three children as well, had grandchildren and said -- you know what he said? i always appreciated it. he said, you know what? i had a chance to make that decision. i can't withhold that from you. how can i ask you to accept my children and grandchildren and not give you children of your own? >> do i think there are some guys who may be better as bachelors. george clooney was married once a long time ago. >> realized marriage wasn't his thing. but was marriage to that woman not her thing? her name was talia, not call her that woman. >> he did say a lot of his friends are always saying, why don't you get married. some of his friends are divorced, he said in previous interviews, why would he want to get married? >> though his mom and dad had a great marriage. didn't they? no, they did. >> they did. and everyone is alive -- >> no, they're not. even i know that. if that's the worst thing i do, i guess that's okay. i'll say and how's your mother. they go, she died.
10:02 am
i didn't know! >> but that is a terrible feeling, no matter what the subject is. if you walk up to someone and say somehow your wife and he says well we've been divorced. you get this horrible feeling. >> just the other day. i used to know her years ago. gi hi, how is so and so. she goes -- gone. i didn't know if they had gotten divorced or he had had passed. he had passed. so i don't ask anymore. i'd rather they think i don't care. how am i supposed to know when every single person leaves this planet? people are born and a lot of people die every single day. i can not know everything, hoda woman. >> it happened like that on father's day. like you did to that one guest we had had. we had had a guest on, she's like happy gaerth's day to everyone. she says hi, daddy, i love you. i go, our daddies are dead. >> it was terrible!
10:03 am
>> let's talk about texting. >> you sure you don't want to talk about this first? this is the cutest. look at this. this is hodi on the day she adopted blake. >> look how miserable blake looks. honestly, just look at his face. he's thinking -- what? >> he's thinking, damn, i thought she was going to see the shitzu. >> don't say that name. can i say you something -- he's so cute! "paws chicago" has a great magazine. they were the ones who i adopted from. so here's a question. do you think sexting is cheating. they surveyed both men and women and most believe that sexting is cheating, which i think is a no-brainer. if you are sexting, which doesn't necessarily mean sending photos of yourself, but it could just mean intense flirting. it's bad. >> then why is the word "sex"
10:04 am
involved in it? >> because you're going beyond flirting. you're going beyond flirting. >> then it would be called flirting. >> you're going beyond. >> if you're going beyond that and including sex in any aspect then it is called sexting and that therefore makes it wrong. >> but flirting's okay? with where is the line between flirting and sexting. >> you tell me, hoda. you are the most tactile person on the planet. and the men do not have a chip -- they do not know the difference between you being friendly and interested. they don't know. >> that's a very good point. >> they think if you you go like this or hug them a little tighter, you give them a little peck -- they think you want more. and we don't. >> guess what? we don't. we're just touching you because you're there. >> sorry for you and we're trying to be nice. all right? don't then go -- don't text us afterwards going what are you wearing right now? none of your business!
10:05 am
all right. so sexting is definitely cheating. most men who are surveyed think a kiss is not cheating. >> not a kiss. that's not the way it was worded. kissing. kissing. which is -- >> they don't count kissing as adultery. >> a kiss on the cheek when you greet someone is not. french kissing for an hour and the half in the back seat of a cab? >> the reason that 60% of men said it is cheating and only 34% of women said it is cheating is because 60% of men are doing that and they tonight want to feel guilty so they are kissing and saying i'm not cheating, it's just a kiss and so what, it's not cheating. >> okay. we'd love to know what you all think. >> what's worse -- i'd rather my husband had a one-night stand that he was drunk and he he felt terrible and apologized -- wait. let me finish. >> where is this going? >> there's more. -- than if they were in a long running kind of emotional
10:06 am
relationship with someone, constantly on the phone or calling or meeting -- >> we'd rather they have an affair than fall in love. >> yeah. or just -- i think a one-time, one-and-done, terrible, i feel awful, i shouldn't have done it, please forgive me, that's one thing. i think the ongoing sharing and calling and lying about it. >> yeah. here's the thing. if you're already flirting like that, then you're sexting or you're kissing, you got major problems in your relationship. you just do. and you need to -- and the hardest thing to do is find yourself in a position like that where you want it to go further because it is obviously giving you somebody you don't have at home. the hardest thing is to stop, realize it is something about your relationship that is wrong and stop it when you most want it. that's tough to do. go back home and fix your marriage. if your marriage matters to you. >> well, how about the women who
10:07 am
is sext when they note the guy is married? why would they do that? it's terrible. >> because they're sluts. >> okay. anyway, move on to the next topic. there is another elizabeth tailor -- >> burton and taylor. >> we saw the lindsay lohan one. >> that was liz and dick. >> can we watch a clip of that? >> your favorite one? >> i hope. >> he's dead. >> oh, no. >> that is hoda's single favorite moment. can we do the sack of potatoes one where she falls? there is a new movie that only chronicles for a very short time. ♪ >> we can't hear it.
10:08 am
>> love is not a drug. >> she looks great in that role. >> she's a terrific actress and i'm glad to see her playing something other than what we've come to know her lately as. she's always playing -- she's so good tat that everybody goes, let's get helena bonham carter for that. >> i thought it was helen obama carter. i just run it all together. >> no. she's a terrific actress. did i ever tell you the story, the one time -- i got to be friendlier with her after this. the very first time i met elizabeth taylor? ky tell you or are you going to zone out on me? >> no. i can't wait. >> we were at some event and the press -- they pull up everybody to have a picture taken but not
10:09 am
everybody all at once. elizabeth was being honored at something, i think. frank was as well. that's right. i don't know what it was. so any way, they all of a sudden it's me, frank and elizabeth taylor. that's it. standing there with like this paparazzi craziness going on. i say, what do you say to elizabeth taylor? you know? so i lean over to her, and i go, my husband hates these things as much as you do. and she goes, i doubt that. that was it. that was it. i went, oh! why didn't i just keep my mouth shut. and then later i -- neal sedaka saved the day for something and the next day she sent me flowers this big. when i think about it, it was a pretty stupid thing to say. frank has nef had the kind of
10:10 am
attention that she did and it was a stupid thing to say. >> no, it wasn't stupid. >> at least i didn't ask her how richard burton was. "he's dead." big shout out to rehoboth. >> did they want to hodi on your kotb? offscreen they have never met until now. "turbo" stars. they come face to face right after this. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter...
10:11 am
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...and the shockwave of filling flavor. pillsbury toaster strudel. [ whisper ] breakfast goes boom. ♪ i'm gonna use my two hands ♪ i'm gonna move a mountain ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] kraft singles have no artificial flavors and they're always made with milk, so you can be sure there's no single thing better when you're grilling up a burger. ♪ life is amazing ♪ with the love that i've found ♪ [ female announcer ] pin for your chance to win a weber grill at . we have done something we don't often do. we came outside. >> to watch hoda's hair frizz. >> oh with, my god. >> anything could happen. that's right. we're here because a new animated film is coming out called "turbo." the actors in it, michael pena,
10:14 am
and luis guzman are actors but they play brothers in this movie and they've never met before so they are going to actually meet for the very first time right now. the brothers who own a taco business called dos bros tacos. we're going to go to a clip -- tape. >> that doesn't sound crazy. dos bros tacos and sushi? that was crazy. >> what? people love sushi. >> taco man and his sidekick -- oh, that was off the hook crazy! >> crazy awesome. but this is in a category all by itself. >> oh, my god. >> now for the big moment. >> who's in the taco truck. >> that's luis. hello, luis! >> hey, michael pena! >> what's up, bro? >> oh, man. >> look at you two. >> i can't take it. >> hello.
10:15 am
welcome. nice to see you. >> now you guys had met before this moment at some point? >> never. we play brothers. >> you were separate. >> that's darn good acting. >> we were separated at birth, and then we did a movie together and i was like that's my long lost brother. >> so tell us why there is a taco truck with us here today, gang. >> you got to have food where w whereever you travel. you got to have good food. so it is our version of good tacos and -- >> but you play brothers who are in a struggling taco business. >> we are taco salesman. i meet turbo and we have like little snail races or whatnot. my son loves the movie, by the way. i have this bright idea, like if we have a fast snail, why don't we just put him in the indy 500 and he thinks i'm crazy for it. i don't know why. >> who's behind this picture?
10:16 am
who's the filmmaker? >> dreamworks. >> they put a lot of money into this thing! >> what did your kids think of this? >> my kids? they haven't seen it yet. they're all teenagers but they'll be seeing it with me tonight. >> now is this something for teenage kids, too or more for the younger kids? >> oh, no, man. think is for the younger kids all the way up to senior citizens. it just catches so many gray elements of fun, of life, of -- >> real life lessons for grown-ups. what are they? >> i mean like two sets of brothers that are dreamers that want to do something with their lives. i'm like, to be honest with you, just like us. we did have to do some kind of dreaming first to get where we are at. >> when you first told your family you wanted to be actors, what was the reaction? >> "please, go! please, just get out of here."
10:17 am
no, i'm kidding. but i grew up really poor. like, hey, you want to go? go. >> how about you, luis. >> hey, what are you thinking? get a real job. "that is a real job, mom." >> but did you bring us a taco, guys? >> this is your first time on the show so the answer is, yes, it is party time. you guys, we wish you the best of luck. >> we wish you great success. with dreamworks behind you, i don't think it is going to be a problem. to "turbo," opening i got a feeling this friday in theaters everywhere. oh, july 17th. okay. we'll be right back. i have no idea what's coming up next. either does hoda. [ woman ] for months, i had this deep pain all over. it just wouldn't go away. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
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10:21 am
windy city to do it. >> yes, i laced up my sneakers and put on my tutu to participate in this women-only dirty girl 5k run. i'm here right outside chicago to get down and dirty. i meet my team. a group of friends running for breast cancer survivors. >> three, two, one -- >> reporter: then we're off, conquering the obstacle course. this is how i get into every red carpet event. go right under the rope. little more confident when i got up here. finally, we get a little dirty.
10:22 am
even better muddy! woo! you don't know how good that feels! who's a little angel on the christmas tree! i could totally see hoda doing this. with a shower cap on. can i get a hug? yeah, we're hooking arms. grab the bosoms next to you. not like that! woo!
10:23 am
i never fell head first into a mud pit. is that weird? we scaled the final hurdle. >> oh, this is not good. officially dirty girls, we crossed the finish line. we celebrate by making mud angels. at the end, a picture perfect day. >> got something on your face. >> oh, my gosh! >> those take place throughout country so i brought back a "mudslide." it has -- oh, yeah, hoda, i'll taste yours. it is my buffalo glass for my team, buffalo bosom buddies. >> how long is that race? >> well, we walk a lot.
10:24 am
i would say it took us probably about 30 minutes, 35 minutes. it is a 5k but you lose track of that very quickly. >> looks like fun though. >> you made some friends and bonded and things. >> and hoda is going to do it maybe next year. >> exactly. okay. if i can wear a shower cap. >> more mud, sweat and tears. kathie lee will check out our survival skills. kathie lee will check out our in brookside, remarkable tastes come together.
10:25 am
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we're back on this booze day tuesday with the other view and the guy who is about to fill you in on what's goes on inside the mind of a man. >> his name is matthew had huffy, a relationship expert. also the author of "get the guy." can we ask about eva long gore ya first? her and ernesto from the show --
10:30 am
she said there was nothing, and then -- what is going on? >> i know as much as you guys do. no, no. i found out the same time you did. >> you knew. you're the expert! >> well, this is the thing. i was being polite in not talking to them about it. you say, well, they'll tell me when the time is right. >> okay. the time is right. >> they're out and about as a couple now. right? >> they are. seems that way. >> the show didn't work but they did. >> they got something out of that show. let's go over to sara. >> our first question from allison -- why does a guy tell a girl that she's really great when he's just not interested or ready for a relationship right now? >> well firstly, the first and not so nice reason is he doesn't really think she's that great. the second reason is he's not at the right stage of his blueprint. every guy has a blueprint -- >> do they? >> yes. yes. >> you don't need to take that attitude.
10:31 am
i just wonder because all guys are different like all women are. some guys just seem like they haven't thought about anything! >> no, no, that's the clever thing guys want you to think. i just haven't thought about any of this. the truth is the reason he can't do it is because he's thought too much about it. he's thought about his future and where he wants knob certain areas and is the time right right now for me to do this or should i be working hard. he's thinking if a woman comes along at the wrong stage of his blueprint, she could be the right woman and still he finds himself saying, not right now. >> i don't -- is that true? if gisele bundchen walked into a man's life ten minutes too soon and it is not going to make a little bit of a -- >> but see, a guy can change his bl blueprint but certain things need to happen for a guy to change his blue stone. we call it the rare gemstone effect. wik when a guy finds a woman that he think is rare enough that he's not going to find another one like this, he'll
10:32 am
change. suddenly he starts questioning his blueprint, should i be committing right now. but what women have to figure out is how do i create that rare gemstone effect, how am i going to show a guy that i'm the person he's discovered and he's not going to find one like me again. >> good luck. >> next question from kaley -- when a guy says he is not a texter does that mean he doesn't text much or does he just not want to talk. i always figured if a guy wanted to talk he'd find a way. should i move on? >> it may seem a guy is trying to lower your expectations. >> it is like the george clooney effect. he's honest with the woman at the beginning of it. listen with, i don't want to get married, let's have some fun. isn't that the better way to go? >> but i believe people have to decide what's important to them and what's not.
10:33 am
women -- is it really about how much a guy texts you? of course it is not. it is about how much he shows you he cares, he's thinking about you, he loves you. if a guy calls you ten times a day saying you are the most special woman in the world, you really care he's not texting you in between? >> ten times a day? >> we have rules and we have standards. a rule would be you have to text me ten times a day for me to be happy. a standard is i need to feel a certain amount of love from you. however i get that. if women focus on the standard, not the role, they'll be a lot happier. >> you're incredibly wise for a guy as young and inexperienced as you are. see? i think you got it. that's brilliant. >> thanks. >> he was worth it today. >> he was. >> today. how to take outfits you already have and make them look even better on you? already have and make them look even bthere are women who sacrifice so much. not giving a thought to their own satisfaction. like this woman here. hello!
10:34 am
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10:37 am
>> announcer: "today's style" is brought to you by yoplait. it is time for "today's
10:38 am
style" and we are taking your look from good to so good. we all have those go-to outfits that we think we look great in. >> we'll show you how to take those looks to a whole new level -- >> who's here? >> one of our favorite people, b.t.! >> we love this segment. it's really taken off. >> really excited. everybody has sent their photos. most of the photos looked great. >> ashton from virginia. >> i really liked what ashton was doing here. trying to combine a few pieces and style a look. but, what i thought she could do -- she looks so good -- was to open up a little bit. when you see the side by side, it is a really subtle difference but sometimes when you want to look polished you don't need to cover up so much. the high neckline was kind of overpowering her. pushing the sleeves up to her elbow really opens you up. >> is that a watch you took
10:39 am
off -- >> we took off the watch just to kind of show a little more skin, a little less going on. i made the nude shoes. >> nice. >> francine from the dominican republic. >> francine was so adorable. i really liked her outfit so i wanted to kind of play with proportion. this is something i talk about in my book, the power of style. i loved the color, i loved the straw hat. the pants. if you see the side by side, francine's top was a little long for her which actually made her look a little shorter. but if you raised the top and you you give her a wider pant, that balances her shoulders, she'll look a lot taller instantly. if you're looking -- you can can look online, go to, and get bobbi's type advice. but this is something that can really help. >> charlotte. >> charlotte tweeted i want to see what you can do with this. i love that she's having fun
10:40 am
with fashion. what i did is very subtle. i think she might be interested -- if you see the side by side -- cropping her jeans. it looks so good because the jeans are a statement but they're not taking her over. you'll see her first and then notice the great pants. then the nude shoe. >> a leaner line. >> the white shoe was actually pulling more attention, it was another thing to look at. if you're going to make a statement with something bold like a graphic dress or pair of pants, just go for that statement and try to let everything else fall away. >> this is a go-to summer outfit, t-shirt and jean shorts. most people are like, okay, what are you going to do with that? this is a styling tip. wanted to switch her into a more feminine top. jeans are more masculine and opposites attract. going with something a little softer and flowy brings it all together. >> simple thing like changing the top. >> literally all i changed.
10:41 am
something really simple. if she wanted to stick with that t-shirt, make the shorts white so it kind of blends together. >> lisa from texas. >> she's wearing a dolman sleeve top that you'll's see everywhere in stores right now, it is back. here's the deal. some body types it will work for, but on her if you get rid of the sleeves and you see the side by side, it is amazing how instantly it changes her figure. sometimes those doll man sleeves can make you look really broad on the top for our body type. if you have broad shoulders and a narrow hip, that's actually going to help and make it softer but in her case she could really useless volume. >> we love you, bobbi! coming up, the next big thing you'll be craving. >> the best products from the fancy food show. [ karen ] did you lock the front door?
10:42 am
[ john ] nope. [ tires squeal ] twelve bucks a night! no. they have waterbeds. ew. no! are we near a gas station? [ phone beeps] [ phone ] no. is that from the mini bar? [ both ] no. is that a cop? no. [ cop ] do you know how fast you were going? no. eighty-seven [ groans ] he's right. is that oscar mayer? [ karen] yes! [ male announcer ] in a world filled with "no", it's nice to finally say "yes". oscar mayer selects deli meat, no artificial preservatives and gluten free. it's yes food. it's oscar mayer. ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good. another viva dare. our fans think there's a rule that a paper towel can't handle this. fans? now that's tough when wet. [ peggy ] grab viva and break the rules on all your tough messes. this is what they do for fun. on all your tough messes.
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10:45 am
so i decided it was time to find some real harmony with nature. [ screaming ] whoo! oh, yeah. elmo! [ howling ] mmm! [ eagle chirps ] [ train whistles ] [ bird chirping ] [ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] whoa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses, but we're born for busch gardens.
10:46 am
movies have the oscars television as the emmys and broadway has the tonys. today we're about the sophie, one of the most coveted awards in the food industry. >> the annual fancy food show wound up here in new york. susie was one of the judges and she is going to announce the winner of the outstanding new product category right here. >> this is big. but as a judge i had to take 452 different products. we narrowed it down to this group, of which the winner is here. let's get started. it is all about local. this is from big picture farm in vermont where the goats graze in the pastural countryside. have a cocoa latte caramel. and it's got a little shot of espresso in it from the local mocha joe. come on, how good is that. >> real good. >> you have to go from the
10:47 am
caramel to an edamame. it now comes from america. it's been coming from china. this is from the great soy belt of arkansas. you pop them in boiling water, a little bit of salt, then cool them down. how are those -- >> did you salt them? >> a seeteeny bit of salt. >> they keep their shape and american made. every lunch box in america will now have the teriaki gimme. gim is korean for seaweed. do you think we'd had that in your little metal lunch box -- >> you sure kids are going to like this? >> it is gooey. i thought it was going to be crunchy. >> seaweed has that little -- >> i love it. >> never stand between me and
10:48 am
the cheese pavilion at the great fancy food show. these are little pearls of goat cheese, from ireland. >> i'm doing this because hodi can't. >> i'll have another piece of seaweed. >> a little sunflower oil. it is from pure goat curd. it is like a little explosion in your mouth. the point breeze brachnch of cheese. this is bay bleu. a little more fudgy texture. it's got a mushroomy and caramel finish. totally different profile. >> that's mean. >> that's delicious. you want to smell it? >> no, i'll just eat seaweed for the rest of the segment. >> this is the adult pantry. this is a trestle mac. just a little bit of cheese to finish it off.
10:49 am
how yummy is that? that you can keep in your pantry, you come home from the trip on weekend, you say honey, how do you feel about truffle mac? this little container does an entire pound of pasta. have some more seaweed, hoda. >> maybe you can help me, sara. then we've got seafood bisque from oregon. then we've got tabulleh. your agave. >> and the award goes to -- >> is it the seaweed? >> it is a tie! >> between what? >> for the cheese. >> hoda, do you want to present the award? >> no. >> want some seaweed? cheese is big. we're going to try to get
10:50 am
out of here alive, everybody. >> survival. bear grylls puts us to the test.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
get ready to have the time of your life. internationally noted mentor bear grylls has done it on and he's the host of a new reality competition called "get out alive with bear grylls." >> wow, sounds like fun. >> he's also the author of a new book, "a survival guide for life." go into show business. >> welcome. >> your show just before we get to our little competition, your show is pretty incredible. it is not a competition to see who gets to finish the race first. it is about guts,
10:54 am
determination -- >> it is about the wild revealing character, see people under the squeeze either crumble or thrive. >> what do most people do? >> punt it. but they learn. as the exercise goes on, it becomes more and more full on and the terrain is harder. you see some real heroes emerge at the end. >> you have emts on stand-by? >> yeah, but they're usually down the valley drinking tea. very important thing in the wild, you've got to know a few knots. we're going to -- the way you remember it, make a loop. the rabbit comes out of the hole. it goes around the tree. >> i'm with you. >> the rabbit is not hanging around. then it goes back down the hole. then we pull it tight. >> i did win?
10:55 am
>> you're both dead. just remember gb it all goes wrong -- >> i think i get it. >> if you don't know knots, do lots. offense here, sometimes you have to hunt your supper. take that. we've got a target. a bow and arrow. keep the weapon pointing down the range. don't hit the cameraman. >> nice! >> now we reload. >> good luck with that, k.l. >> careful. there are real needles on the end. >> there is one thing to be able to make the shot -- >> you need to put another one at the top. >> don't point the thing at me. >> one thing to make the shot -- can you make it when it counts, when you're up against it, when you're under pressure? >> ow! ow! ow! you're mean. i can ask a question?
10:56 am
ow! >> bear, we wish you the best of luck with your show. >> don't shoot it! >> watch the show, get out alive with bear grilles. monday nights at 9:00, 8:00 central on nbc. busy dar things exercise does to your body. have a great tuesday booed day, everybody.
10:57 am
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unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure.
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after a 7-year-old boy is found dead inside a car. coming up, many are asking how volunteers and police missed the boy just steps from where he disappeared. plus they look and sound healthy and happy. ahead, hear from the three women kidnapped and held captive for years in ohio. the special


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