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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 9, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the city has been lobbying walmart to come to the city and build some stores here. it planned to build six stores. but now it's saying because of some actions the d.c. council is expected tomorrow it's not going to go forward with three of the stores and may not build any of the six stores. the issue is over a plan by the council to pass a minimum wage law of $12.50 an hour, that's $4 more than the minimum wage in the city. would apply only to walmart and other big box stores. walmart says it has a responsibility to its customers and shareholders not to go along with this. it says it cannot put up with this type of legislation and build the stores is in the. we've been checking with council members today. it's uncertain whether this bill will pass tomorrow. right now it has enough votes. walmart is saying they will not build the stores in skyline, capital gateway and southeast washington or on new york
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avenue. three of the stores are under construction, three are just planned but this is a major move by walmart to kill legislation that's been in the works for the last two years. pat and jim. >> tom sherwood with the developing story for us. tom, thank you. lots of weather out there right now could slow you down tonight. >> veronica johnson joins us with details from the storm center. >> not a tremendous amount of rain. i've been keeping an eye on the satellite here in storm center 4 here because if we get some breaks we could be getting thunder showers on top of the showers we already received. you can see on the loop how it's advancing off to the east, sitting mainly around i-95 in areas east like yesterday. kept our temperatures down to 84 degrees. manassas, warrenton 88. quantico 88. 70 degrees in gaithersburg, maryland where your rain moved east and out. as we zoom in, clinton, maryland, sunderland, east of
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waldorf advancing to the east and down to the southeast alan's fresh, leonardtown. moderate showers. this one line is headed off to the east. with the breaks we have in the cloud cover possibility of seeing a thunder shower we'll keep that chance around for 5:00, 6:00 p.m. maybe 7:00 p.m. and i do think we'll cool down to about 80 degrees. so it will be feeling better by the time we get to 9:00. still a lot of humidity left in the air. 78 degrees by 11:00 p.m. so on your fast forecast, passing early showers, stormy stretch coming up in a couple of minutes we'll talk about our main threat from those storms will be. >> developing right now, conflicting reports coming in on edward snowden's status. a russian lawmaker tweeted that snowden accepted venezuelan's asylum offer after an avalanche of media query. snowden arrived at the moscow
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airport back on june 23rd days after acknowledging he exposed secret surveillance programs here in the u.s. as far as we know he is still at the airport. meantime brazilian officials are now opening an investigation into alleged u.s. spying but this time targeting phone calls and internet traffic of millions of brazilians. the newspaper reports the nsa is also gathering information about oil and energy in latin america. happening right now in fort hood, texas, jury selection in the trial of major hasan. an expert on gunshot wounds was the primary witness today at the george zimmerman trial. >> he testified for the defense and said evidence supports zimmerman's claim of how he shot trayvon martin. nbc's jay gray joins us now live from the courthouse in sanford, florida, where the judge is expected to decide soon if an
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animation of the deadly confrontation should be played in court. jay? >> reporter: yeah, jim that debate began this morning. it will continue after the testimony here today. look, the defense strategy did shift a bit to a review of the details from the shooting of george zimmerman's injuries that as you talked about, jim, their witness testified do support his claims of self-defense. the rapid pace and emotion that had defined the defense case for the first two days gave way to a technical analysis inside the courtroom today. >> much more specifically talk about the gunshot itself, and the mechanics involved in that. >> reporter: a forensic and gunshot expert for the defense walked methodically through his review of the evidence. he said the gun was two to four inches against trayvon martin's skin and pressed against his clothes the night he was killed and martin lived one to three minutes and was conscious ten to
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15 seconds after the fatal shot. >> in the face of contact of the clothing indicates this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account that he, that mr. martin was over him, leaning forward at the time of being shot. >> reporter: at times using a photo of a bloody george zimmerman, he said the wounds were consistent with being shot. george zimmerman is pleading not guilty to second-degree murder. >> is this injury consistent with mr. zimmerman's head having impacted a sidewalk? >> yes. >> reporter: the state's cross-examination was quick but thorough. the prosecutor stressing that the doctor relied primarily only on physical evidence of the gunshot wound and zimmerman's account of what happened to form his opinions. >> i'm saying that the physical evidence is consistent with mr.
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martin being over mr. zimmerman. >> is it not also consistent with mr. martin pulling away from zimmerman on the ground and you would have the same angle, he's pulling away, and zimmerman shooting him at that time. >> yeah. >> reporter: the jury will ultimately have to decide which version the evidence supports. now, yesterday as we talked about, the judge ruled the defense could introduce evidence that trace amounts of thc the active ingredient in marijuana were found in trayvon martin's system at the time of his death. that was not part of the doctor's testimony today. could it be a part of testimony though before the end of this trial. live outside the courthouse, i'm jay gray. back to you. jay, thank you. zimmerman has sudden nbc universal. the parent company of this station for defamation. the company has strongly denied the allegations. meanwhile neighbors today tell us they are on edge after a
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heartbreaking discovery in northeast washington. >> a missing 7-year-old boy with autism found dead inside a car yesterday just a couple of doors from his parents' home. people who live in the area tell us they are not sure why it took so long to find the little boy despite a massive effort by neighbors and police and they tell us until the medical examiner and police determine what really happened they are concerned for their own children. >> you know until they close the investigation in order to find out if it was foul play i'm paranoid, i'm on edge and my son can't come out here. >> we just learned that d.c. police will hold a news conference within the hour. pat collins is at police headquarters right now and will join us when that happens. >> it comes down to the final seconds. what happened with asiana flight 214. we're live in san francisco. the three women held captive in that cleveland house for a decade speaking publicly for the first time. >> a woman caught on tape trying to hire a hit man trying to kill
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her husband because quote it's easier than divorcing him. >> we're tracking showers and rain out there but it could get a lot worse later this week. >> that's right. for today just clouds and showers out there. this time tomorrow likely to be tracking some pretty nasty storms nearby. i'll tell you what our main threat
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ing right now we're tracking new developments in the asiana airlines plane crash. 30 seconds before impact that's when the air speed of flight 214 dropped below the threshold for a safe landing. now the ntsb is talking to the pilots. >> they want to find out why the plane came in too low and too slow. we go live to san francisco where investigators hope to talk to the man behind the controls today.
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jennifer? >> reporter: that's right. pat, jim, they are speaking with that pilot for the first time today trying to get some answers as to what was going on in the cockpit when the plane crash landed here at san francisco international airport. the families, the victims, airline officials are curious what he has to say. the jet carrying asiana airline ceo lands in san francisco against a backdrop of the wreckage of one of his fleet. earlier the airline's president apologies to parents of the two teenage girls that were killed were met with angry and frustration. the girls who died were part of a middle school group on its way to summer camp. parents of the survivors and victims are arriving now to be reunited with their children. investigators are interviewing the cabin crew about the deployment of slides and the
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evacuation process. >> as soon as i heard emergency escape i conducted the evacuation. >> reporter: investigators have two pilot interviews to compare with the cockpit data recorder. >> the pilots are providing great information to us and against on what was going on inside of the cockpit, how they were communicating. >> reporter: the pilot at the controls is being debriefed today. the question of failure to communicate based on deference to seniority may play a role. >> in past investigations we certainly looked at this where you see an authority gradient, you might have people who are unwilling to speak up. >> reporter: they also plan to review the 72 hours before the crash. were the pilots well rested? how did they allow the aircraft which needs a minimum 137 knots of air speed to land safely to slow down 12to 103 knots.
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the ntsb chairwoman is telling us that salvage crews are working very quickly to get this runway cleared, get airport operations here back up to 100%. jim, pat, back to you. the conversation is so casual that it's startling. up next a wife caught on tape in her husband's murder for hire scheme. we're tracking a severe weather potential for the rest of our week. ♪
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new information on the murder case involving an nfl player. tisha thompson is live on the live desk. >> reporter: just a few hours ago a massachusetts judge released eight search warrants connected to the case against former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez. he has pleaded not guilty to the june murder of his friend odin lloyd whose body was found near hernandez's home. investigators scoured through the home and the contents of his locker. they are looking at multiple cell phones, and the vehicle surveillance which apparently shows hernandez on the night of the murder in his basement with what appears to be a gun in his hand. prosecutors still are not sure whether hernandez actually fired the shots that killed lloyd but they do believe he orchestrated the killing. hernandez is being held without
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bail. from the live desk i'm tisha thompson. >> she said it was easier than divorcing him. police in muskegon, michigan released a shocking video of a woman allegedly hiring a hit man to kill her husband. >> turns out she was dealing with an undercover police officer. and as nbc's heater walker reports now it's her life that's on the line. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. so i guess we got a little business to discuss. >> reporter: that's 21-year-old julie mailing right before discussing how to carry out her husband's killing. >> i might be able to get him outside. i have a girlfriend who wants to move in with me and i don't want her to be scared if she thinks we got broken into and jake got -- >> yeah she probably wouldn't want to move in. >> i want her to move in with me. >> you say you don't want it
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done in the house. >> it would be messy in the house. >> reporter: she then takes out her phone. >> i was looking at mika len daar and thinking either the 18th of april or the 25th. >> reporter: both days when she's working. >> i want to make it as nonsuspicious. >> reporter: they decided on a break in as a cover up before they meet again to seal the deal. showing him a lay out of the home, where to park. >> the front door is here. this is the porch. and a picture of her husband. why? they were fighting. >> it's easier than divorcing him. i didn't have to worry about the judgment of my family or breaking his heart. >> reporter: she said she's been thinking about it for a while. >> make it painless. >> i'll shoot him right in the face. >> reporter: for $50,000 the deal was made. the money coming from her
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husband's life insurance. >> thank you. >> good luck. >> thank you. good luck to you too. >> the woman pleaded guilty to soliciting murder and could face life behind bars when sentenced later this month. despite what happened her husband asked the judge not to send her to prison. wow. all right. we can't top that with the weather. this week will get pretty wild. >> yeah. the next two days for tomorrow the day after tomorrow we could be looking at nasty weather moving through here with thunderstorms. as far as today goes hey we had some help from the cloud cover again. we didn't have the high heat. in fact, we had showers. of course didn't get any thunder showers yet but with some clearing off to our west there's that slight possibility where we could see a thunder shower or two up until about sunset. take a look at the radar right now. that line making its way, baltimore, annapolis, leonardtown towards the south and east. making its way out of here.
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you can see those areas down 97 a little wet with showers. nothing too heavy. sunderland, wet east of alan's fresh. all of this moving out of the area and probably the next 15 to 30 minutes. still a positive an isolated shower or thunder shower. 84 degrees in leesburg. 82 in gaithersburg. our temperature went up. then it's upper 80s down the south, culpeper, fredericksburg, just a little bit of heat down there especially when you factor in the humidity which is still pretty darn high. 91 is what it feels like in manassas, 96 in culpeper. at the end of the week relief but first we got to get through those storms. as far as your evening goes we cool down to 78 degrees. by 11:00 p.m. warm and muggy from 84 degrees where we're at now. future weather all this rain heading out of here. we got cloud cover on tap for tomorrow morning. maybe patchy fog.
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back in on us tomorrow afternoon, any time between about noon and about 8:00 p.m. the possibility of some storms and for thursday i think our area that has the potential for seeing some storms will be mainly along and east of i-95. especially those areas down through st. mary's, calvert county for thursday. our main storm risk for tomorrow will be right up here, frederick, winchester, petersburg the area off to the west and north, our best chance of seeing the damaging winds and the hail tomorrow. but, again, our window of opportunity noon until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow with possibility of some hail and some pretty large hail too coming to us tomorrow. tomorrow's high temperature 90 degrees. here's how we get there. we started at 80 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 85 degrees at 11:00 a.m. your four day forecast, nice conditions for the end of the week. 86 on thursday. probably our best chance of seeing some wet weather covering the area will be on thursday. so a bit of the cool down for the end of the week and at least
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low humidity for the first part of the weekend. when i return we'll take a look at your beach and boating forecast. it's a stomach churning viral video. a fast food employee records dozens of pounds of raw meat outside of a. dumpster. first arrest captured on google glass. what does it mean?
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golden corral is respondsing to a video that might turn your stomach. >> we're seeing the first arrest ever caught on google glass. >> here's the stories that have people talking. we've seen some questionable pictures from fast food restaurants, but in florida a manager actually got fired over this. >> one of those stories you see and makes you never want to go out to eat again. it happened at a golden corral in florida. a health inspection was going on. i don't know if the restaurant wasn't ready or felt they had something to hide. they put these trace of uncooked meat outside where it's very hot in florida. ended up putting it up on youtube. it went viral. the restaurant chain said the food was thrown out immediately
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and not served to anyone. the manager on duty at the time was fired as well. >> it's not supposed to happen. >> look at that. you just cringe. i think that was ribs. >> there's a new website called photo olo but it might border to some on the creepy side. >> i can't decide if it's a great idea or creepy. you receive a new photo every day in your e-mail from someone you don't know. you sign up for it. they will send you a picture every day. one day the company will come to you and say hey it's time for you to share one of your photos. you share one of yours. it could be very cool but you are getting a to, to it could be a kiddy camp that someone took a picture of from australia. who knows. >> filmmaker chris berry is testing out the new google glass. last week he captured which might be the first arrest caught with these glasses.
4:27 pm
>> at the jersey shore over the fourth of july weekend. he ran into a fight that broke out at the jersey shore. an arrest was made. he captured the whole thing on google glass. he says this changes civilian journalism forever. people are questioning, there's some privacy issues, you could be walking down the street and somebody takes a video of you and puts it anywhere. >> and you would have no idea. actress amanda bynes makes another bizarre court appearance. we got video, plus this. [ whistle blown ] [ gun shots ] >> those are teachers firing guns. those three women held captive in cleveland have
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welcome back at 4:30 everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. we're tracking wet weather. >> let's head straight to meteorologist veronica johnson. she's live in the storm center with the latest. >> not a lot of wet weather. more clouds across the area than showers, but tomorrow we're talking about widespread rains and even some stormy conditions. your showers now what's left as this line has been heading east and out of here right around bowie, maryland, annapolis too wet and extending out heading out towards the east, east of clinton, maryland. right around 301. that will be heading towards deale and sunderland. our temperatures today, a little cooler than yesterday now. 82 degrees currently in gaithersburg and germantown, montgomery county, prince george's county, 82 camp
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springs. fairfax around falls church and reston coming in at 82 degrees. that's where our forecast is. our city planner, ashburn, virginia could see a scattered shower around 7:00. other than that partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies as we head to 79 degrees by 10:00 p.m. in a couple of minutes we'll have your beach and boating forecast. people are reacting to the video posted by the three women held captive for over a decade inside an ohio home. nbc's chris clakum talks to a psychiatrist about the women's recovery. >> reporter: the video of the three cleveland kidnapping survivors was posted online, each woman appearing separately starting with amanda berry. >> i want to thank everyone who has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal. >> reporter: recorded july 2nd at a law office in cleveland, the three decided to speak publicly for the first time since their rescue two months ago. >> i'm getting stronger each day and my privacy has helped
4:32 pm
immensely. >> reporter: the video is convey a message of thanks to those who prayed and supported them during their decade of captivity. >> i want to say thank you for the support. >> i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. and with my head held high. >> reporter: their accused captor, ariel castro remains locked up charged with hundreds of counts including kidnapping, rape and murder. his trial is scheduled to begin august 5th, although his attorneys have hinted at a plea deal because prosecutors might seek the death penalty. but there's no mention of castro in the video, or the torment and torture they endured. >> don't want to be consumed by hatred. with that being said we need to take a leap of faith and know that god is in control. >> reporter: psychiatrist and "today" contributor described
4:33 pm
the tone of the video very smart and says it keeps the curious at bay. >> we tend to gravitate towards the disturbing story and they made this less disturbing. >> reporter: if there's no trial this may be the only three talk publicly about their ordeal. chris clakum, nbc news. we're following new developments right now out of egypt. president obama says he's quote cautiously encouraged by new plans to hold elections in the current year. today egypt's interim president announced he wanted to get an elected government back in place. the muslim brotherhood quickly rejected the plan saying morsi is still the democratically elected leader. tensions are high in the country after 50 pro morsi protesters were secured by security forces yesterday. a powerful car bomb wounded more than 50 people here in a hezbollah stronghold in beirut
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today. no immediate claim of responsibility but there have been concerns that hezbollah would face retaliation for sending shi'ite fighters to syria to support the government of al assad. many sunnis support syrian's rebels. some people are returning to their homes following last weekend's deadly train derailment and explosion in canada. police confirm 13 are dead. 37 still missing. relatives are being asked to turn over tooth brushes and hair brushes and razors so dna can be used to identify the dead. meanwhile the investigation is focusing on whether the runaway train had a brake problem caused by a fire. a lot of eyes on the texas house of representatives and a heated abortion debate there. here's a live look in austin as lawmakers take up a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. a similar bill you'll recall died last month because of a 13
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hour filibuster by state senator wendy davis. security has now doubled at the capitol since last month's filibuster. thousands of protesters on both side gathered there today. the republican controlled house is expected to pass the measure this afternoon with a senate vote expected within the next week. ♪ ♪ it's a little bit funny this feeling inside ♪ elton john cancelling concerts. the 66-year-old singer needs surgery for an inflamed appendix. he says he's eager to pick up on his tour starting in early september. amanda bynes was in court for a hot minute this morning. she showed up in a blonde wig with blue streaks. police say she toss ad bomb from the window of her 36th floor apartment back in may. they were called to her building on a complaint she was rolling a joint and smoking pot in the
4:36 pm
lobby. the judge set a new court date for september. now that summer is in full force kids are spending a lot more time online. do they know how to handle it? we have a child safety advocate stopping by our studios next for a reality check. >> new video into our newsroom, it's video of everyone's
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rusty the red panda is officially back home after escaping from his home. for the next week rusty will be taken in at night. crews cutback trees in his enclosure because they think that's how he got out. he used drooping tree limbs. >> a major step forward today for metro silver line extension. phase two construction got the go ahead to begin. >> that's the part of the line that runs from reston to dulles airport and into loudoun county. if plans hold it will be operating in 2018. phase one from falls church through tysons corner to reston opens later this year or early next year. a bridge in brandywine is back open today after two years of repairs. the bridge crosses creek, rock
4:40 pm
creek on baden naylor road. it was washed out during hurricane irene. prince george's county says $2.5 million project took this long because most of the funding came from fema. the new bridge is higher to avoid flooding problems in the future. the country's largest traditional supermarket chain is about to get even bigger. >> huge news here. kroger is buying harris teeter in a $2.4 billion all cash deal. now in a conference call with investors today, kroger's chief financial officer said the deal will get kroger into several high growth markets such as washington, d.c. after the merger the supermarket will operate in 34 states nationwide. happy birthday to the apple app store. it's turning five. to celebrate you can download aps. apple is offering several apps
4:41 pm
and games that are free that usually cost money. >> coming up a frightening scene caught on camera. a bus filled with passengers smashes into this house. >> also ahead, have you talked to your kids about online safety lately? how much are your kids sharing online? a new look at cyber bullying. >> we're tracking some showers out there. >> your beach and boating forecast too. those showers are headed east but we got stormy conditions coming our way tomorrow. look at this. even for the beach for wednesday and thursday. our main threat here and also tropical storm chantal as it heads through the eastern caribbean, where does it go after
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fireworks blamed for that botched fourth of july display that injured more than three dozen people in california. >> the company that made the fireworks believes a shell malfunction may have caused this blast. but reps for the company said they are still waiting for the official findings. tisha thompson at the live desk again with an update on the condition of randy travis. >> reporter: we've been getting conflicting reports about what the singer is actually going through. here's what we have confirmed. randy travis remains in critical
4:45 pm
condition in a texas hospital. he was admitted on sunday after suffering a viral infection in his heart. representatives say the country music star has not undergone heart surgery but received a heart assistance device to stabilize his condition. in a statement the travis family says they are thankful for the fans love and support. from the live desk i'm tisha thompson. frightening pictures after a bus crashes into a home. now crews are trying to be stabilize the house. it happened this morning in new south wales, australia. 11 passengers on the bus made it out okay. sadly, those the driver of the bus was killed. 19 pairs of empty boots, shovels, helmets and long stream of tears just part of the emotional scene today during a memorial service held for those 19 hot shot firefighters killed in arizona. the men died battling a wildfire on a mountain side near phoenix last month. within the past hour vice
4:46 pm
president biden joined family members and firefighters from all over the country to pay respects. thousands gathered outside the arena where the ceremony was held to watch on huge screens. coming up tonight at 5:00 we're going hear from the soul member of the hot shot unit to survive that fire. we're hearing today from the man who could be the next head of the fbi. james comey testified on capitol hill today and faced questions about a number of timely issues. asked about government surveillance programs, comey called data collection an important anti-terror tool. he also says he might consider making rulings of the nation's secret surveillance court public. two astronauts went for a walk up in space this morning and one made history in the process. the first italian to complete a spacewalk today. he and an american astronaut spent some time outside of the international space station taking care of maintenance chores. they replaced some communications equipment removed a bad camera and collected some
4:47 pm
data for science experiments too. a special event at the white house today. first lady michele obama hosted a 54 kid state dinner. the kids recipes were winners at the healthy lurch time challenge. these junior chefs are 8 to 12 years old. among their winning meals, pan seered mississippi catfish on a bed of river rice and confetti peanut ginger party pasta from missouri. president obama stopped by for a few minutes for hugs and to offer words of encouragement. >> i want to make sure that you know that using your fingers is completely fine here. okay. so don't try to cut those things. pick them up, put them in your mouth. the first lady has said that it is okay. parents, okay. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> there you go. enjoy yourselves. singer rachel crow of x
4:48 pm
factor fame gave a special performance at the state dinner. let's get the word on the weather. we had a little bit of everything today, more blue skies than clouds? >> no we still have quit a bit of cloud cover but starting to see the cloud cover thin way back here to the west around leesburg and warrenton. we have fantastic weather coming our way i can't wait. some of the best weather that we've had around here in weeks. that's going to be after tomorrow and the day after tomorrow because we got to get through a couple rounds of severe weather. 84 degrees right now. dew point is at 71 degrees. any time it's over 65 it feels yuki but at 71 your heat index pushing it up to 89 degrees currently. as far as the overnight goes our temperatures will start cooling down. 75 degrees but still muggy by tomorrow morning. 71 in gaithersburg. germantown 71 degrees. manassas and around warrenton. your hourly forecast to get you through the day tomorrow, mid-70s to about 80 degrees already at 8:00 a.m.
4:49 pm
a quick jump here early in the day. 85 at 11:00 a.m. upper 80s before noon time. 90 degrees at 3:00 p.m. the way it's looking right now, we could have showers developing around 11:00 a.m. to noon tomorrow. best chance of seeing the thunderstorm activity will be during the afternoon around 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, maybe 5:00 p.m. our main threat tomorrow is that of seeing damaging winds, could see hail, maybe large hail across the area and with this juice up atmosphere could be looking at downpours with medium risk of seeing flash flooding, low threat but still the possibility of outside chance that we could have a tornado around our area. the main areas that would be is off to the north and west across western maryland. the other thing i'm keeping an eye on is tropical storm chantal. it's expected to move northwestward. it could produce heavy rain for
4:50 pm
miami. anybody heading to the southeast coast of the u.s., anyone heading to the turkes and caico, bahamas, by the end of the latter part of the weekend this storm system could make its way through the carolinas and the moisture would make its run up the coast. localized flooding. here's a look at your storm team 4 four day forecast. 90 for tomorrow. 85 on friday. 88 for saturday. close to 90 degrees on sunday. back to some heat there for the second half of the weekend. right now it's looking dry with another opportunity of seeing some showers and storms monday of next week. we got two stormy days, guys, to get through. most kids have grown up using the internet, but have you talked to your kids about being safe online? >> whole new world out there in recent years. we'll explain how you can
4:51 pm
protect your child. what are the biggest risk, lauri for kids who go online every day, sometimes all night. >> definitely. one of the biggest risks is cyber bullying. it's what it sounds like. bullying plus technology. one in three children are at risk for having to deal with cyber bullying issue. some of the other risks are online sexual solicitation where someone may not have their best interest online, and talk about adult subject matter. a lot of kids are revealing too much information online about themselves, sending inappropriate pictures. >> should parents be worried about their kids getting on their computers, and what are the primary rules now for internet safety? >> parents shouldn't be concerned. it's important to embrace the technologies but have those open conversations and dialogue with your children at early ages, make being sure they know how to use the sequester net responsibly and safely. the rules for young children are to make sure they know to come to you as a trusted adult to
4:52 pm
talk to you if anything makes them feel uncomfortable or scared online. make being sure they don't meet anyone online that they first met on the internet. >> some teenagers are so savvy out there. they can go circles around their parents. how do you gain their trust so that they start to let you into their window into their world? >> definitely have those conversations with kids early on so that they feel comfortable talking to you and then also make sure that you as a parent go and visit some of the technologies your children are accessing. open a profile on social networking sites, tweet. that may not be something comfortable four but go for it and try it out. >> great advice. >> thank you so much. guns in schools. >> school districts training and arming teachers for their own protection but some say this isn't smart, it's just plain risky for everyone. i'm julie carin fairfax city where yet another suburban
4:53 pm
community is thinking about allowing managed deer hunts. coming up you might be surprised to hea
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4:55 pm
live pictures of a press conference outside d.c. police headquarters in northwest. having to do with that missing 7-year-old boy with autism discovered dead inside a car in northeast yesterday. our pat collins is on the scene right there. he will have the latest from this news conference coming up
4:56 pm
at the top of the hour at "news 4 at 5:00". >> an ohio school district is taking a hands on approach to campus safety. teachers, administrators and staff are all taking a gun training course to prepare for a possible active shooter scenario. >> nbc's jackie sprague talked to officials about this new program. >> reporter: right on target. these teachers, school administrators and staff spent saturday afternoon firing guns at the shelby county shooting range. >> we're very excited about the opportunity. whatever it takes to save kids. >> reporter: the sheriff's office partnered with school districts around the county to provide the free training. >> these teachers were great students. they get it. they were focused. they were very passionate about what was going on. >> reporter: after the school shooting massacre last december the superintendent says the district wanted to be proactive.
4:57 pm
>> currently we have no plans to deal with an active shooter and we feel after this training steps that the school board has taken we'll have a presence in the building and be able to respond much more effectively in the unlikely event of an active shooter such as sandy hook. >> reporter: most parents seem to be on board with the plan. >> we have very few people that have expressed displeasure with having an armed and uniformed resource officer present in the building. the concern was having teachers walk around the buildings actually with hand guns. we won't do that. we don't want our schools to look like the old wide west. the weapons will be in a locked box. they will only be taking them out if god forbid the worst case scenario. two big breaking news stories right now on "news 4 at 5:00". police are revealing new details right now in the case involving the death of an autistic child
4:58 pm
in district. >> walmart will not go forward with three of the stores planned in the district and the other stores and hundreds of jobs are now in limbo. first up right now a d.c. press conference is going on at police headquarters under way on the death of that child discovered in a car in the district. >> a 7-year-old found dead in a car in northwest and we're learning more about how the little boy was found. >> news 4 pat collins broke this story and he joins us live from police headquarters. pat, what are you hearing? >> reporter: again, jim, we're here at police headquarters over here is assistant police chief. he's talking about the michael kingsbury case. it appears we may have to wait some time to know the exact cause and manner of death here. let's hear now from assistant chief. >> the reason that area was blocked off that's the area where the command post was moved to was back in that area.
4:59 pm
that was to allow police officials to operate within that area. [ inaudible ] i don't have that detail for you. but i can try to get it for you. [ inaudible ] well, because it's an ongoing death investigation i don't want to get into that kind of detail. but i can tell you this, that he's a veteran detective. he saw something in there that he thought was peculiar. and he called an official over there to force entry into the car. >> do you believe mike was in there the whole time? maybe he got in there after the search began? >> i would have to speculate on that because we do have people who looked inside the vehicle and said that they did not see


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