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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 8, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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couple of sprinkles this morning. and that will show you just a little bit of light rain, around dale city, south along, i 95, and then also into charles county. and the southern parts of prince georges county, and that's about it. i don't think we will see a lot of action today. overall we will have warmer conditions, and flirtatious sunshine, much like yesterday, when the sun will peek in and out, but chances of showers and thunderstorms will continue this afternoon, and the next couple of days. i will more details on the timing of all of that. right now it is check on traffic. well, jackie. we have a tree down on the g. w. parkway. that's going to be closed down in both directions and that is due to a tree, we also have construction right near that same area.
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so g.w. parkway, near morning side lane is blocked. 95 south pound, correction and lane closures exist as well. not looking too bad, on 395, and as you move between the belt way, however, 66 westbound, just wrapping up construction there before the tunnel. not looking too bad on the inner and outer loop, but if you do use the inner loop, through the district heights area, you are going to experience a work zone through that stretch as well. 95 in maryland, looking absolutely beautiful, no problems orr delays there. and speaking of the belt way, we have a live shot that shows you current conditions there. very light traffic on the inner as well as the outer loop there. i will send it back to jummy and scott. >> is our top story this morning. investigators looking into what started ask apartment fire in southeast washington that sent six people to the hospital. no word on the extent of the injuries.
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that fires started in the 800 block of denver street. we will have a live report from the scene coming up at the top of our 5:00 hour. >> following another developing story, out of d.c. this morning that's where police are looking into an officer involved shooting. now the detailed are very squares, but we do know that a suspect shot a juvenile in the 3,000 block of deboyce street. at some point, a police officer also damaged his or her weapon, there's still no word on where that suspect is this morning. well, switching gears now to the story that has the whole country buzzing. >> yeah, a winning power ball numbers were drawn, and there are three winning tickets splitting that $448 million jackpot. what are holds these numbers is about to collect a serious chunk of change. there are three jackpot winning tickets and those lucky people will share roughly $448 million.
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>> two of the winning tickets were sold in new jersey, one at the super stop and shop in sought brunswick and at the other at ask me market. the other winning ticket was sold in minnesota. >> these are the winning tickets right here. >> probably not, but a lot of people across 43 streets before the drawing were caught up in lotto fever. >> look at these long lines. from coast to coast. >> helping fuel the frenzy, a recent game change, the price of a ticket doubled from $1 to $2 last year, doubling the amount going into the jackpot. some people now won't buy a ticket until the winnings sore past $100 million more. more than 4 million people won smaller price.
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$66.8 million. abc news, washington. >> and even though the jackpot tickets were sold, there's still a chance that you're a winner. >> and that's because we know that $2 million tickets were sold a little bit closer to home, one in virginia, and one in maryland. >> lucky. >> all right, turning now to this mornings business headlines new moms and dads probably know this. but washington, d.c. is among the most expensive cities in the country to raise a baby. >> that's right. if you are many the market for a car, new crash result results an this morning. good morning, linda. >> good morning to you scott and jummy, if you are in the market for a small car, listen to this. the insurance incity tut found the honda civic won the new top grade in a crash test.
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in fact, 12 that accepted while the rest are marginal or poor. when it citeds with the car, tree, pole. and it is no secret that having kids can be very expensive. of the top zero most expensive u.s. cities to be a parent. and it's also d.c. ranked as the 10th most expensive. parents in d.c. shell out $28,900 on average to raise a baby during the first year. yes that's just the first year. and the average cost everything have child care, baby gear, among other things including housing. the most expensive housing san jose, and santa cruz, california, in case you are wondering new york city came in third place. wal-mart is looking to boost its bottom line. i will have that story coming up in the next hour. reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> all right, linda, another
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dubious distinction for us here in washington these days. >> they always keep on coming. >> it is 4:36 now. >> and still to come, the first step towardinging healing a ten year nightmare. hear what one of the women held hostage had to say as the house th
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>> we have been making progress. >> yes. >> yesterday we made it into the 80's, how about that. the aircraft's are back and this morning it is warm and muggy too. 77 degrees a few spots are there. still already the dew point is very high. the temperature the body will be feeling is closer to that 77 you are seeing on the thermometer. we have the degrees in frederic. and 76 in frederiksberg, also getting a couple of sprinkles for this morning. with 77 degrees at 9:00, by the noon hour, we should get the breaks in the clouds. you can see a little bit of sunshine.
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>> causing some delays but very moderate conditions at this time. we will start off with g.w. parkway, you can see that will be blocked near morning side lane. to just be prepared to have crews there on scene getting that cleared. we also have that work zone going on. that has the traffic getting by to the right as you head through prince georges county. not looking too bad, though, on all major interstates. 66 east bound. towards the belt way, smooth roll this morning you also have delay free conditions as you come down to 70, we actually have a live shot there, as you come through rockville at monotravis road, and you can see that you have very light conditions in both directions. of course, southbound is where we start to see those delays and brake lights first thing in the morning. i will send it back to jummy and scott. >> okay, it is 73-degrees and the time is 2:0 4:41.
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>> one man is behind bars after d.c. police say he punched and killed a four-year-old boy,
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checking our top stories. investigators -- that fire broke out around 2:30 this morning in the 800 block of denver street. six people were taken to the hospital. and now a update to that officer
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involved shooting in southeast d.c. three people are now in custody. it comes after someone shot a juvenile in the 3,000 block of duke wayplace. and you did not win the huge power ball jackpot if you brought your ticket in our area. there were three winning tickets. two were sold in new jersey. two jackpot was worth $448 million the winners will split the money. scott. >> well, jummy, a heart breaking story out of d.c., a little boy allegedly took back to his mother's boyfriend, and ends up dead. this man was watching four-year-old when police say that incident happened. we are learning now disturbing details about how authorities believe kamari died and what the suspect did after it happened. robert wiles has that story. >> he is a sweet little boy, he is a lovable sweet little boy.
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everybody loved him. >> kamari's grandmother waited at d.c. court, she was the first time she or the father in the tank top ever layed eyes on 33-year-old peter hinddy. >> this is the person that murdered my grand baby. >> on monday, he was baby sitting and told investigators he punished the four-year-old for riding his schooler out of his site. that's when he claims he responded i don't have to listen to you, you're not my baddy. so the grown man admits to police and his mother, he double punched the preschooler for being a smart mouth kid insisting you are going to listen to me. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> shocked neighbor kristy gardner says he never talked back. >> he is well mannered, just the sweetest little boy. >> he claims he road off only to refuse sweating profusely, his legs shaking still he returns to the streets selling marijuana. >> that's a poor excuse for a
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human being, and a poor excuse for a man. and he is a coward. >> the medical examiner determined hinddy's story couldn't be true, the autopsy shows the four-year-old was hit so hard his liver was torn, into three possessions. >> no. no. >> i can't -- nothing else, i can't say any more. >> robert lyles, abc 7 news. >> well, police are investigating a crash in calvert county that killed a teenager girl and injured three other people. now this happened on east mount harmony road. 17-year-old courtney corral was pronounced dead at the scene. police say the chevy camaro she was driving in crossed the center line, and shook the honda head on. both drivers were taken to the hospital, along with a ten-year-old girl who was a passenger. >> the cleveland home where three women were imprisoned for a decade, is a pile of rubble this morning.
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crews demolished the home as part of the plea deal sparing the death penalty. neighbors cheered as that home fell. michelle knight one of the captives was among them. >> nobody was there for me. and i want the people out there to know that they can have strength, they can have hope. and their child will come back. >> they said castro cried when he signs other the deed do that home. they escaped may 6th when one of them broke a part of the door off and yelled for help. >> the child of the fort hood shooter resumes together. he is representing himself, the lawyers assigned to him says it is clear he is working toward as death penalty, and they said they didn't want to help him fulfill a death wish. that exchange prompted them to close the courtroom.
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>> and president obama will not meet face to face with russian president vladimir put tin next month. the white house abruptly canceled the summit many that was scheduled to take place in moscow, and he says it is the lack of -- >> . >> mcdonald refinanced his home and restructures loans on other properties and this comes as he repays johnny williams senior. those gifts total more than $150,000. documents show the transaction, but does not show if the money was used to repay williams. >> and some more news, metro riders faced two of the project is finally underway. phase two will extend the line to dulles. crews are now doing some survey work, to take place daily from
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6:00 in the morning until 6:00 at night. that work is not expected to impact traffic or parking. >> 44:00 t, those numbers continue to have a nice slow steep incline, don't they? >> i know, we started to low this week. we are going to get past the 84-degreings today, and make it to near 90. but we have to get through between now and then. a few sprinkles on live super dopler here. it is extremely light along south 95 here, and just north of stafford. and kind of sneaking into some parts of prince georges county as well. this is all pushes off to the southeast, i don't think we will get things developing here into the d.c. area or up to the north. you had showers last night, though. look at that as the line moves on through. some of the storms were severe in southern pennsylvania. but nothing like that around here. this morning we have 77 degrees
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that is a warm warm start. in fact, closer to our average high almost than our average low. the dew point is at 71, so that's the amount of moisture in the air, which is also extremely high. so it almost feels damp as you walk out the door. 68 in winchester, and you temperature this morning is 77 degrees. so our winds are coming in from the south today. continuing to transport in the warm and moisture. five lot like yesterday afternoon, where the sunshine will come out for a short while, and then the clouteds fill back in. but cold front is getting closer to us, and that will increase our problem of getting showers and thunderstorms, especially after the noon hour. here is our future cast showing you and then drying up overnight and into tomorrow morning and then more widespread thunderstorms on friday afternoon that can bring some heavy downpours. this weather pattern continues here with on and off wet weather. some afternoon that you ares, 84 to 88 degrees.
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tonight mostly cloudy, 66 to 72, and our seven-day forecast showing you pretty wet into the weekend, even, a look at our temperatures leveling off. closer to where we should be. we are down to 87, time for traffic, amanda. >> well, we still have that tree down, so crew are clearing things along the g.w. parkway. be prepared for moderate delays and those crews to possibly direct you around that. we also have that construction area on the inner loop, looks like they are picking up the cones from prince georges county, just after arena drive. so if you do use the inner loop, you may see some moderate conditions. but don't expect that to cause too many delays. looking good on the maryland as well as the virginia side at this time. 295, moving right along, rout 50 absolutely beautiful, and annapolis with delay free conditions and then we have a live shot for you that shows you current conditions along the
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woodrow wilson bridge. all looking great this morning with very light traffic conditions. i'll send it back to jummy and scott. >> all right, amanda, 4:52 now. >> and still to come, new developments this morning. now in new york newspaper is stepping into help. that story i
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>> efforts are now intense fied to find out who vaunt losing the daily news is offering a tension thousand dollars reward. a manager at m.c. park in brook lip discovered the defacement. swasticas ex-mightives and slurs were scrawled on the statue. he was the first african-american baseball player to play for a modern team. severa>> a super salvagee is ine footprint of the proposed d.c. united stadium, while the city has poken to the company's president, employees found out about that stadium deal on the news. now a likely move may be out of their hands. >> the question about imminent domain, that is always out there. >> we have been here for 60 years. we would dearly love to stay here. but sockser a very popular sport
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in this country now, and the town is growing. >> the employee owned program says it plans to relocate, but probably not in the district. >> tackling basic plans with special helpers. congressional cemetery and southeast d.c. is using does. a real danger because they can kill trees. in addition to being more environmentally friendly, 60 goats cost just about $4,000. >> creative hungry. >> yeah. >> good combination. >> your time is 4:57, temperatures 73 degrees. >> still ahead, the worst fire fighting tragedies since 9/11, and now the soul surviving granite mountain hot shot is speaking out about the fire that
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>> coming up, check your tickets this morning. the quinninging power ball numbers have been drawn. we will have them for you. >> plus, new details on a department fire that sent several people to the hospital. >> and a growing wild near in california is becoming more of a collage to fight. good morning, washington at 5:00 a.m., begins right now. >> live, and in h. td., this is "good morning washington" on your side. >> good morning, washington. >> we areng


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