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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 10, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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makeup secret just got better. >> just feels like i'm not wearing anything, and covers everything up. i just feel-- i feel beautiful. >> iis that easy. i put it on and i'm like, "oh,h, my god, i'm a new person" >> now, join brooke on the set of her latest photo shoot as she reveals hollywood beauty secrets you u don't wanna mimi. >> hi, i'm broke burke-charvet. today, i'm at a photo shoot, where it can take as many as a dozen people to make me lolook cover-ready. but like you, i don't have a team of people around me when i go pick up the kids or run to the store, and let's face it, we allave something that we'd like to cover. well now, i've discovered a secret thahagives me perfect-looking skin just like .at. it's like having a magic wand that instantly makes all my flaws disappear. so what is my secret? well, keep watchingg and find out.. >> when you look in the mirror, do you see things you wish you uld just airbrush away? well, now, you can.
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dark circles, erased. brown spots, not anymore. redness and rosacea, gone. blotchiness, evened out. acne breakouts, instantly y concealed. even tattooshidden. and leg veins, smomoothed away. new sheer cover studio covers virtually any flaw, yet it's so sheer, it looks and feels like you aren't wearing makeup at all. >> with h sheer cover studio, you shine through, but your flaws don't. >> i love sheer cover studio because it makes me feel like me, a better v version of me, a more beautiful version of me. >> the coverage is so incredible. and i think there's no way to get that with another type of makeup. >> sheer cover was originally developed for use in doctor's offices to help patients c conceal serious skin issues. soon, hollywood discovered this extraordinary makeup and the buzz was instantnt. >> a lot of celebrities use sheer cover becacause of the wonderful coverage. it is definitetely an insider's secret tt has burst at
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the seamand now is erywhere. >> everywhere is right. in fact, more than two million women just like u have experienced the magic of sheer cover. t now, sheer cover is new and better than ever. announcing sheer cover studio, our new professional line that givesou natural flawless-looking skin in seconds. the e secret? exclusive soft-focus minerals float lightly on the skin and diffuse lit, deflecting it away from your flflaws, blurring out imperfections, ving you a smooth, luminous, air-r-brushed glow. >> ser cover studio gives me a beautiful glow and makes me look like i've beeeen airbrushed. >> and now, new sheer cover studio sololves one of the biest problems in makeup: color matching. only sheer cover studio has patented true-shade technology, a system so smart, it automaticallyly adjusts to match the color of your skin. here's how it works: the minerals contain special optical filters that pick up your unique skin tone
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and reflect it back out. that means you always get a perfect t color match guguaranteed. with no blending, no guesswork, and no mistas. >> true ade technology is one of the bibiggest breakthroughs in makeup. >> i don'tw how it doeoes it. sheer cover just matches my skin perfectly, and i just feel really vibrant, i love it. >> i love sheer covestudio because it's so light, but it has great coverage and it stays all day. >> if i had to pick one word to describe sheer cover studio, it would be "flawless." >>ome on in. >> coming up, you're invited to tto ultra-exclusive sheer cover studio launch event to celrate the unveieiling of this breakthrough formula. >> oh, my gosh. it does so much. >> wow. >> and stay tuned to discover how yoyocan look flawless, sexy, and years younger in seconds with new sheer cor studio. >> this is how daily m makeup is supposed to be. i don't feel made up, i feel like me. >> i found sheer cover, and i've been in love ever since.
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♪ from e! entertainment's "w"wild on!" travel series to "dancing with the stars," brooke burke is one of america's favorite tv hosts. she's also one of the most photographed women in the world, as well as an author, entrepreneur, and busy mom of four. today, she's sharing personanal details about her decade-long struggle with memelasma, a hyper-pigmentation issue that affects milillions of wom. >> what most people don't know about me is that i have a pretty serious case of melasma. they sayay it's hormonal, and with each pregnancy, it slowly arted traveling to diffeferent areas omy face. i had so much of it t that i had melasma all ov my face and i had only small little areas that were my real skin color. i used to actually prend to be on t phone if somebody was taking a picture, so i could sort of h hide the dark spots. you know, try to turn the opposite direction. and i tried everything, i tried the lasers, i tried the peels, and i think there was a point in time where i was actually
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making it worse. it was pretty bad, and reading things on the internet, like, "what's wrong with her ski" "did she just get a bad spray tan?" "does she have a disease?" really frustrating, really painful. but what i disiscovered several years ago was let me stop with the medical treatments and let me just learn how to covover it. and that'shen somebody shared with me sheer cover. and i was totally blown away. for mesheer cover was a life-changer. it's given me e ck my self-confidence with my skin. it makes me feel younger, it makes me feel healthy, and makes my skin look beautiful. i think sheer cover is a great solution for any woman that has a problem she wants to correct or just wants to even out her skin and have flawless, beautiful skin. sheer cover can give anybody just that. >> as one of hollywood's top celebrity makeup artists, naomi priestly can use any makeup in the world. and she chooses sheer cover studio. >> as a professional makeup artist, i recommend sheer cover studio
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because it's smpo simple, quick, and easy,y, with nmeno, no fuss, no blending, it's gonnvegive you thatat flawless, airirbrushed lk every time. >> joining us now is onene of hollywood's hottest celebrity makekeupup artists, naomi pries. how are yo >> i'm good,d, thanks, how are you? >> i'm good. i just want to try to break ththis down for eveverybody because e there's so many celeities and makeup artists that swear by sheer cover. why is tha >> well, i've gotta say, like, for me, it completely changed the way that ise makeup. >> me too, absolutely. >> in the past, i couldn't find one product ththat did evething. give me fulloverage, it was blendable, it was breathable, um, but yet looked nude and naked on the skin like you weren't wearing anything at all. but with sheer cover studio, i can do that and i think that's why so many people are excited out it. that's why i'm eited about it. and that's why i kind of wanna sharare it with everybody else. >> less is more with sheer cover studio. it's very light, and i get great coverage without having a bunch of makeup on. >> you getetncredible coverage wi a feather-light feel, and it looks so natural,
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like you aren't wearining any makekeup at all. that's the sheer cover studio difference. st dab away your trouble spots with the concealer, then buff on the magicinerals, and in seconds, you'll have that flalawless, red carpet ready glow. >> when you see me on the red carpet, i'm wearing sheer cover. i feel like i can just put it on so quicklyand it's all evennd blended and perfect, it's just done. quick, easy, done. ♪ >> sheer cover studio mineral foundation conontains no preservatives, no fillers, no chemicals, no binders, no talc, no mineral oil, no silicones, and no dyes. instead, it contains 100% natural minerals, soothing botanicals, and green tea antioxidants. thisis is makeup t thahat doesnt just make ur skin look good, it's actually healthy for your skin. >> in n my professional opinion, sheer cover r studio is the best makeup out there. liquid f foundation, unfortunaty, can be damagiging to the e skin 'cause it clogsgs pores and causes
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breakouts. >> i will never go back to liquid foundation for a million reasons, but mostly because it makes me break out, it clogs my popores, and it makes me shiny. i mean, the list goes onnd on. i'll never use liquid foundation agaiain. >> if you thinink all mineral makeups are the same, think again. try new sheer cover studio just onene time and you'll see all minerals arere not created equal. >> all women are not the same. and all mineral makeups are not the same. >> other mineral fouations, ey can be very drying. >> when you firsrst t put a makeup on, it's great, and five minutes later, it s starts to look ashy. but wiwith sheer cov, it was perfect. ♪ >> another beauty secret the celebrities have is perfectighting. what if those hollywood lighting effects could b captured i in a makeup well now, they have. new sheer cover studio has patented light-reflecting minerals that diffuse and soften even the harshest light. >> it's kind of like
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candlelight, you know? everybodody looks great under r candlelight. so is like having your own beautiful light source all the titime. >> exaxactly, it's like walking around with your own personal filter. >> that sounds good to me. >> everybody knows, especially in hollywood, that lighting is key. sheer cover has this patent technology that adapts with any light. so youou're going look flawless, airbrushed, and pretty much perfect no matter where you go. >> recently, brooke invited a group of lucky women to join her at the sheer cover stio worldwidede launch even to learn more about these remarkable products. > come on in!n! so you're gonna meet naomi today. she's our expert, and we're gogonna teach you all about sheer cover studio. so the concealer's great because we've got the highghter and two shades here, so i likeke to spot cover because i don't like to have too much makeup on. > hi. hi naomi, how's it goin'? you know, i have all kinds of spots, so i'll kind o of cover up my darker spots. and then i'll put ththe foundation over it, and a really light day i might just need the foundation. you can kind of give it
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a ttle swirl and u can justut it on all over and it gigives you full coverage. >> does it last all day? >> oh, yes, it's brilliant, itit lasts up to 1 14 hours. literally, without touchps. it givou a nice, beautiful airbrushed, flawless look. >> i lovove it already. >> yay, we do too! >> hosting the worldwide launch event was so much fun today. i got a chance to share something that i really believe in witith a lot of women and they loved it. they couldn't belilieve how fast it was, how easyt was, how flawless their skin looked. and i think you really have to experience it. it's a pretty remarkable day. >> developed for doctors, adored b by hollywood, now new and better than ever. get ready, because here's your c chance to look flawless and beautiful with sheer cover studio. thamazing mineral makeup thatovers virtually any aw in seconds.s. yet itit's so light, it looksnd feels like you're wearing nonothing at a. just look at these dramatic results. darkircles, erased. brown spots, not anymore.
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dness and rosacea, gone. blotchiness, evened out. acne breakououts, instantly concealed. even tattoos, hidden. and leg veins, smoothed away. >> sheer cover gives phenomenal coverage, and it's so light that it really doesn't look like you have makeup on at all. >> other makeups c come in dozens of confusing shades, mamaking it nearly impossible to pick the right one. but with sheer cover studio, it's easy,y, because our p patd true shade technology automatically adjusts to match your unique skin tone. simply pick light, medium,m, tan, or dark, and the maup does the rest. light is for fair skin that burns easily. medium is ideal for mostomen. tan for olive antanner complexions, and dk for rich, deep skin tones. it's easy to choose, and you're guaranteed a perfect color match! >> it's really easy to match any skin te. so you're gonna have a guaranteed beautiful, flawless look every time. >> call now and receive our amazing perfect shade
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mineral foundation for flawless, all-day coverage that's as light as air. you'll also receive our incredible conceal and brighten trio, with a blliant eye brightener that perks up tired eyes and makes them pop. and our mimiracle duo-tonene concealer that hides virtualaly any flaw in seconds. >> the concealer is beautiful and it's really light, so it doesn't look caked on. it's very invisible, which is hard to find. >> order now and you'll also receive our sun-kissed bronzing minerals to highlht, contour, d add a healthy, sun-kissssed glow. plus, the brand-neproducts everyone's talking about: our sensational lengthening mascara and lash-extendi fibers. is ground-breaking duo can instantly y make your lashs lookwice as long and so much fuller. you'll be amaz by the long, full lashes you never ought you could have. >> if there is a product in this world d at you have have, it is the mascara and the lash fibers. they're miracle fibers. yoyou can see your eyelashes get longer.
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it is incredible. >> you'll also get this simple step-by-step guide to flawless-looking skin so you can achieve professional-looking results right out of the box. >> it's so easy. you can just brush it in there, put it all around and i'm m don. a premium makeup collection this good could easily cost $150 or more. that's why the regular price of $ is already a fantasastic deal. but because we selell direct to y with no retail markups, you saveven more. call right now and pay just $59.95 for everything you need to achieve flawless-looking skin in an instant. now is the best time to buy because today's orders also include a free gift package w worth $90. be among the first 500 to order and get our new professional foundation brush. with all-natural bristles, it's a makeup artist top pick. we'll also give you our professional concealer r brush, your secret t weapon to dab b y flaws in an instant. and our professional
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bronzer brush with angled bristles for precision contouring and highlighting. this top quality 3 piece e professional brush st mas it easy toto get the look you want, and they're yours s free just for giving new sheer cover studio a try. imagine getting all this, eight must-have products, a combined $183 value, all for just $59.95. but what if you could pay less? a lot less! smart shoppers who use coupon code sheer123 in the next ten minutes get half off the already reduced price. that's right, you won't pay $59.95 or $49.95. not even $39.95. use ththe coupon code when you order and pay just $29.95 for the entire collection. but you must act quickly. >> $29.95 for all of the sheer c cover makeup is a great value. >> this is your chance to experience the magic of sheer cover studidioo for yourself. if yououon't absolutely
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love it, send it backk within 60 days for a full refund of ththe purchase price, even if the contntainers are empty. you can even keep the free gifts st for giving it a try. what have you got lose? >> hururry and we'll fast-track your shipment with a free upgrade to priority shipping. so don't go another day without the flawless-looking skin you deserve. call now and be sure to menti coupon code sheer123 to unlock your 50% savings and free gifts the clock is ticking and there is no beer offer anywhere, so call right now! ♪ >> one of my favorite things about sheer cover studio is how quick and easy it is to simply brush away imperfections and have flawless skin. kayci is gonna demonstratete tht for us today. >> hi. >> obvbviously, a autiful girl. and you're wearing sheer cover studio right now. you look flawless. >> tha you. >> but i understand that you have a pretty serious skin condition underneath. you have both of us fooled,
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but she's gonna show us what's going on without makeup. are you ready? >> yes. okay. ♪ >> oh, wow. >> what a dramamatic difference, i mean, nestly, weaw nothing, your r skin was flawle. >> what's amazing is tt the coverage completelyy elimined the red, and the e blue-red is so hard to cover. >> definitely, like, with other products, sometimeit would look cake-y, but having, like, sheer makeup the way sheer cover is, it makes it a lot easier not to have so much makeup on. and it's also better for my skin. >> so kayci, would you show everyone how quick and easy it is to cover your birtrthmark? >> sure, okay first, i'm gonna use the concealer. it's reay light. it spreads really easily. i think it's different because it feels fluffy. it's n the cakiness that, um, you normally get when u're
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putting on a concealer. it really doesn't take long, long as you tap, don't rub. >> is very blendable. and buildable, too, you cajust keep adding. look at that, yeah. >> then i'm just gonna use the little bit of the e wder on top of it. >> i'm amazed d at the coverage, and the color mamatch is really remarkable. >> it los so natural, , too, you u know. >> one last hit, and all over. >> kayci, that looks amazing. >> it looks absolutely flawless and d completelyatural, like you're not wearing anything at all. >> right, it's crazy, i was really amazed by it. >> it looks great. >> it looks awesome. >> there was obviously timeses that i was very self-cscious. i'll go to the groce store and i'll get people looking at my face, just wondering what it is. i'm gonna get emotional. i see myself, but at the same time i see imperfection, and i would like it not to be there, obviously.
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with sheer cover, it makes me feel great and makes me feel like i can do anything, and maybe that's why my confidence l level was even higher because i know that deep down i have th m mark but i can cover itit and looklawless. sheer cover makes me feel beautiful. so i want to say thank you. ♪ >> new sheer cover studio last all day from morning to night now, let'soin brooke on the set of her latest workout video as she puts sheer covestudio to the ultimate all-day sweat-proof challenge. >> sheer cover before the sweat. the dry version of me. so todays a crazy day, 'cause ususually when i'm on tv and i'm on camera, it's very calm and it's very co and you're in a big studio like "dancing withth the stars," but today, i'm doing my fitness dvds, so we ardoin' crunches and squats and abs andardio anand it's insane. we've only got 50 more ab sets too. and one of thehallenges that you have with that is how are we gonna coverer our fa, and what kind of makeup
6:19 am
are we gonna use? so i started out with sheer cov this morning, like always, and i'm sweating, but i'm not's not liquid i'm not clogging and it's been so easy. the sheer cover, it's really holding up remamarkably. what do yoththink? >> when you're on a dating show likethe bachelorette," and you're traveling all over the place and going on dates that i kid you not, last, like, twelve hours, you really need your makeup to hold up. and i wore sheer cover through the whole show. it was easy, i could put it on in the morning, go on a 12-hour-long date, i had other problems on the date,e, not the makeup, though, at least i could count on the makeup if i coun't count on the date going smoothly. sheer cover is by far the best makeup i haveve ever used. i'll nev use anything else. >> i've got maybe five minutes for me in the morning, after i've got the kids going, lunches, breakfast, i'm out the door. so i'm sort of last in line when it comes to getting ready in the morning. but i still want to look good.d. and i get t that with sheer cov. ♪ so now, let's see whatappens when real women get
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a sheer cover studio instant makeover. come on over. >> hi, >> hi! >> how're you? >> we're doin' g great. are you ready forr ur instant makeover? is there anything about yoyour skin thatat bothers you? >> yeah, i have a little discoloration. okay. >> i have large pores and rosacea. >> dark circles and redness sometimes righaround my nose. >> okay, i'm just gonna use the concealer and brightening palette. >> this is great for unr-eye circles, great for blemishes, redness, pigmentation. it goof-proof. it's so easy to use. and look at the spots just going away. >> i know, just--they just disappear like pow, gonene. >> so now,w, naomi's using the mineral undation. >> oh, yeah, and it's beautiful. and it has soft-focus minerals, so it's gonna selectively deflect all the imperfections in your skin, but let your natural skin totone meme through. >> how does it feel? >> so light. really doesn't feelike anything at all. >> it's such a healthy glow. >> it's pretty. >> let's show her the mascara. >> so you just put one coat mascara on, and then
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the lash-extending fibers. just brush gently on the tip of your lashes. then you go o back over with your mascara, extending yo lashes again and making them look thicker and longer. >> are you ready to see what t sheer coverer looks like? >> yesi am. >> okay, here you go. >> oh, my gosh. wow. the color is just perfect. >> oh, wow. that was like, the fastest makeover ever. >> it's grea it feels really natural. you just look radiant. >> it does so much. i can't believe i have anything on. except i just look...better. >> it's flawless.. can you believe the coverage? >> it doesn't look like makeup, it looks like me. it's awesome. ladies, thank you so much. this is great. > sheer cover studio is like pho retouching in real time. imagine, uneven pigment and dark circles, gone. freckles and brown spots, vanished. redness and rosacea, disappearing in seconds.
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even leg veins and birthmarks all vanishing right before your eyes. >> sheer cover covers my flaws, but makes me feel and look completely natural. >> you no longer have to put up with heavy, greasy liquid makeup. and remember, not all mineral makeups are the same. only sheer cover studidio has patented true shade technology, a formula so smart, it automomatically adjusts to match your unique skin tone. simply pick light, medium, tan, or dark, and the makeup does the rest. light is for fair skin that burns easily. medium is ideal for most women. tan for olive and tanner compleons, and dark for rich, deep skin tones. it's easy to choose, and you're guaranteed a perfect t color match! call now and receive our azing perfect-shade mineral foundation, containing 100% natural minerals, soothing botanicals, and green tea antioxidants. with no parabens, oil, chemicals, fillers, talc, or fragrance. this is makeup t that's actualy
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healthy for your skin. >> it's healthy and fresh and it feels delious on your skin. >> you'll also receieive our incrededibible conceal anbrighten trio, with a brilliant eye brighghter that perks up tired eyes and makes them pop. and our miracle dutone concealer that hides virtually any flaw in seconds. >> the concealer gives phenomenal coverage. it goes on really creamy and silky and it covers up my under-eye circles. it's so easy and so fantastic. >> order now and you'll also receive our sun-kissed bronzing merals to highlight, contour, and add a healthy, sun-kissed glow. plus, the brannew products everyone's talking about: our sensational lengthening mascara and lash-extending fibers. this ground-breaking duo can instantltly make your lalas look twice as long and so much fuller. you'll be amazed by the long, full ls you never thought you could have. >> it literally extends them. abouout this much, which women love.
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>> you'll alalso get this simpe step-by-y-step guide to flawless-looking skin soso you can achieve profsional-looking results right out of the box a premium makeup collection this good could easily cost $150 or more. that's why the regular price of $93 is already a fantastic deal. but because we sell dire totoou with no retail markups, you save even more. call right now and pay just $59.95 for everything you need to achieve flawless-looking skin in instant. now is the best time to buy because today's orders also include a free gift package worth $90.. be among the firstst 5 500 to order and get our new professional foundation brush. withth all-natural bristles, it's a makeup artist top pick. we'll also give you our professional concealer brush, your secret weapon to dab away flawaws in an instant. and our professional bronzer brush with angled bristles for prprision contouring and highlighting. this top quality
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3 piece professional brush set makes it easy to get the look you want, and they're yours free just for giving new sheer cover studio a try. imagine getting all this, eight must-have products, a combined $183 value, alfor just $59.95. but what if you could pay less? a lot less! smart shoppers who use coupon code sheer1r1 in the next six minutes get half off thehe already reduced price. that's rht, you won't pay $59.95 or $49.95. noeven $39.95.5. use the coon code when you order and pay just $29.95 for the entire collection. but you must act quickly. >> getting all of that for such a g great price is amazing. >> this is your chance to experiencthe magic of sheer cover studio for yourself. if you don't absolutely ve it, send it back within 60 days for a fulull refund of the purchase price, even if the containers are empty.
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you can even keep the free gifts just for giving it a try. what havave you got to lose? >> hurry and we'll fast-ack your shipment with a free upgrade to priority shipping. so don't go ananother day without the flawless-looking skin you deserve. call n now and be sure to mention coupon code sheer123 to unlock your 50% savings and free gifts. the clock is ticking and there is no better offer anywre, so call right no >> before i discovered sheer cover studio, there re days thatat i was so fruststrated about my melasma that i didn't want to show my face in public without makeup. it was really painful. but sheer r cover studio changed all that. all it takes is s a few minute in the morning, it's quick and easy, and now the real me looks as flawless as the magine cover me. that's's why i'm so excited to share sheer cover studio with you. if it cat hide my melasma and make my skin look this good, i know that it can do the same for you. >> with sheer cover stio
6:27 am
you can go out there and tackle the world and fe confident and whwhen you feel l confident, you cacan do anything. >> sheer cover studio makes me feel younger and more confident. i think it really changes your whole outlook. >> it covers your flaws, but still has that nural look. it will work for you. you just need to try it. >> if yove ever trie any kind of makeup and evever been disappointed, you owe it to yourself to try sheer cover. >> there isn't much time left to use today's special coupon code and save 50%. plus, get $90 in free gifts. so why not find out how amazing your skin will look and feel with new she cover studio? >> y deserve to look beautiful, so pick up the phone and make the call. you'll be glad you did. >> this has been paid presentation for new sheer cover studio. brought to you by guthy renker.
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>> tim: his is the tail of two citi and of two sox. my guest caught his entire rerkable career with the boston red sox and thehicago white sox, making all-star teams, setting home run records, and earning the distinction of having his uniform number retired by both teams. he is best known for using his bat and body language to keep a
6:30 am
12-inning home run on the fair side o the foul pole to win the sixth game of the 1975 world series. they even named the pole after him. it's my pleasure to welcome hall of famer and what a career he had. carlton pudge fisk. hi. >> hey, how is it going. good to be here. >> tim: it's hard to believe, here you are, you look terrific, by the way. and it's hard to believe that your nickname was pudge when you were a kid. in charleston -- >> charleston, new hampshire, population about 900 people e wn i grew up. but i n't know w who gave me that name. i think it was my aunt or somemebody that -- because i waa little chubby little kid. i weighed 36 pounds when i was a year old. and didn't never grow out of that until my freshman year in high school. so i was a little round kid most of the time. >> tim: boy, did you ever grow out of it, too. and you really have a lot of help growing up.
6:31 am
and i know in your hall of famer induction speech, you thanked a lot of people but one o the guys that you thanked was ralph silva, your high school head coach, basketball and baseball coach, right. >> right. such a small school, you kno my graduating class was like 38 people. anwe only have 68 boys in the whole hi school from 9th grade thrhrough the 12th grade. so there weren't, you know a plethora of sports to be played. ther was soccer, basketball, and baseball were the guys' sports and coach silva was the basketball coach and the baseball coach. >> tim: four of those 68 boys were fisk boys. >> that's right. >> tim: three of your brothers. u -- >> i was no. 2. >> tim: no. 2. >> yeah. >> tim: and all great athletes. >> all good athletes, yeah. my oldest brother always wanted to play baseball.
6:32 am
he pyed university of new hampshire, down in the cape cod leaeague. i always wanted to be a basketball player, but you know, you have to settle for baseball. -- no. [laughr] >> tim: here youou are a hall of famer,our basketball team was 49-3. during your high school career. > right. and one of them we lost in the semifinals in state tournament. when i was a senior. you know, for high school team, we lost that game 73-71. i mean, that's a lot ofoints >> tim: you went to the university of new hampshi on a basketballll scholarship. >> i did, yeah. there's one thing i forgot to do when i was there. you know, institute of higher learning, i didn't realize that was part of the deal at the time! you know, basketball, i was in the gym. i was, you know -- so it was -- it was fun while it lasted but it oy lasted a year. we had a good time. >> tim: were you drafted at the time by -- not drafted by the army, but by the red sox? >> no. that happened right after that.
6:33 am
in the winter faith of the draft. -- phase of the draft. and i was drafted number one 3 but i don't know how important that is in the winter phase, because they don't -- you know, they're sort of -- the people that become eligible late, they used to -- i guess they use that winter draft. it's not the big draft in june. so it was probably -- you know, prably was the toke ennew england boy that was drafted by the new england team to satisfy somebody. played 100 games as an amateur.t you had 17-game seasons in high school. >> 12. >> tim: 12. >> wee had 17-game seasons in te american link. -- legion. so we played just about 100 games, amateur games from 9th grade on. and i was talking to fred lynn one time and he went to usc, played in california. and one year he played like 243
6:34 am
games in one year! that was when -- in college you yoyou could play spring ball,ll. winter ball. summer ball. whatever. >> tim: playay every day. >> you'd go to alaska and play in the league up there, play every day. but he played more in one year than i played in five. >> tim: we're going to talk more with carlton fisk a and his remarkable careeeer, and yes, we're going to show the 1975 home run of game 6, of course. how muchimes have you seen it? i know i've seen it thousands of times. we'll be back with pudge right after this. the "tim mccarver show" is brought to you by geico, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. call geico or visit
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>> tim: pue, you were the rookie of the year in the american league i in 1972. and that year you made, what, $11,000, 11,500? >> 11,500. >> tim: and you used to commute from home, right? >> for a while, yeah. i did for a while. and then sort of second half of the year, we reynolded a place. but it was -- rented a plalace. but it was 145 games, and all-star game, rookie of the year, for 11,500. >> tim: and had to argue -- had to argue for a contract in973. >> absolutely. >> tim: and me your -- >> made my $5,000 raise. >> tim: $5,000 raise, right. that was before free agency. >> absolutely. >> tim: four years before free agency. >> and they, you knonow, they hd yoyou. they knew you signed for this or you didn't play. go home and weed the garden, you ow. >> tim: we talked about it in
6:38 am
the opening about you playing and in your hall of fame induction speech, you talked aboutour injuries. an you missed -- you figured it out, like 2200 games, 5 1/2 years. >> almost 6 years of injuries. >> tim: of rescuers. that position, obviously -- of injuries. that position, obviously. i ce to the red sox in 1974, bebecause the leon lee running in you, i believe in june of that year. >> right. >> tim: : andd then the reason i stayeded with the red sox in the spring of '75 was you broke your arm. so i mean, here i -- you know, instead of being teammates for you, you know, you were on the d.l. you used to come to the ballpark all the time and we'd talking but it was -- we'd talk, but you middle of '74 to the middle of '75. >> that's exacactly right. an i missed five days short of a year. in thesewo instances you know, the fact that i had my knee blown out at the plate in
6:39 am
cleveland, and that was back in the prehistoric days of knee surgery where they -- there was no such thing as arthroscopic. >> tim: wawas it your left knee? >> left knee and i was never supposed to catch agagain. i was never supposed to walk without a limp. and chronic back problems. but that -- that nayestty and that -- naivete and that stab bornness, give it the old college try and turned out i caught more games than anybody that's ever played the game. >> tim: that's rightht. >> and in t process there, i -- throughout the probably the mostroductive part of my career, i missed almost six years. because of injuries. i was just t too stubborn to qu, i guess, so i just kept it gogoing. >> tim: he is a n for whom i have always held in the highest esteem. and if you think we're l leading up to something, you're exactly right. we'll be back and we'll talk about the 1975 world series
6:40 am
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promotional consideration provided by the buccaneer resorts in kroix. three beaches, 18-hole golf course, spa and much more makes the buccaneer a true luxury playground. visit the >> tim: my guest is carlton fisk and we were t talking during the break about how ridiculous it is when people induct a great catcher like you into the hall of fame. and then even -- even bother to compare numbers, because of the injuries and because of the games that you missed and stuff like that. it's kind of silly. >> well, it reall is. and like we were talking, it's only one group of people that can understand what a catcher goes through t throughout the course of the year and throughout the course of the career.
6:43 am
and that is another catcher. and you being catcher, you understand in a, you know, johnny bench understands. all these guys understand that in a good good year, you might catch 140 games, which is 22 games less thaanybody else plays. and you add that up over if course of the -- over the course of the career and you're talki about, 200, 250 games that you have missed,ust because of the schedule. >> tim: right. >> now if you add in the games you've missed because of injury, whether it's -- or the games you played that you were somewhat ineffective because of -- you know, you lost three toenails and your foot is swollen up or you got hit in the neck the night before in your shoulder and you can't hardly lift your arm that day. and just the fatigue that -- that a catcher accrues throughout not particularly one game but, you know, if you catch 10, 12, 15, 20 games in a row -- >> tim: th foul tips.
6:44 am
thee catching -- the centering f a fastball, of catching 94-mile-an-hour fastball and the deadening of in a bone right there and then trying to hit with it, whether it's a top hand or bottom hand, right- or left-handed hiter, people just don't understand that -- comparing catchers' numbers, you can't compare a first baseman outfielder to any -- to any catcher. >> i'd like to take some of these guys, y you know, that -- y likee mike schmid. playing third base on the turf. >> tim: best third base men ever. >> you know, best overall third baseman. >> tim: absolute. >> there's, you know -- i'd have to argue as far as whether he can catch the ball or not because i played against brooks robinson and i'll tell you what, that -- >> tim: the human vacuum cleaner. >> i want to whack him a few times. but those guys -- put those guys behind thehe plate and see howow well they do, you know, that 500 home run thing, that doesn't happen.
6:45 am
>> tim: huh-uh. >> it just doesn't happen. and like you say, the things that you try to do to make it easier on yourself, you know, i helped develop a glove that wasn't rowd that had the break in the side, so i tried to become a one-handed catcher and then you try to catch the ball -- if you catch the ball there, all the time, you know, that's swollen, black and blue. you can't -- you try to catch e ball off -- basically off your hand, so you know, you develop a lot of little things to try to help out, but oh, man. >> tim: talk about how much third, fourth, and five-day-forecast at-bats or the second game of a doubleheader that are give up, with the lazy fly ball the other way because you don't have the strength in your arms to come throu. believe me, we're not complaining -- [laughter] >> tim: i promise you we're not. and we said we were going to show the home run, the famous home run. we're going to delay that until the next segment and be back with carlton fisk and have a
6:46 am
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6:48 am
there it going. long drive. if it stays fair, home run! >> tim: how much times havave yu se that shot? >> boy, i never get tired of that. i alway wonder who that young guy playing there! [laughter] >> holy mackerel. >> tim: there have been a lot of shots about basaseball and of baseball and of baseball playayers. throughout the ages. but i can think of none that have been shown more than that shot right there. and fred lynn, you had told fred lynn that you were going to hit
6:49 am
one off the ball and to getet yu in, right? >> rht. >> tim: wasn't that right? >> that was rights. that was like a 12th inning and we had gotten rained -- >> tim: pat darcy the pitcher. >> pat darcy and i was on deck. and it was -- it was way past my bedtime! fred and i stood on the on-deck circle and i said, fred, i'm going to hit o one off the walll i'm trying to juice myself or what, i'm going to hit one off the wall, drive me in. he says, that s sounds good, two pitching later i hit one off the foul pol and it was one of those moments that you say, jesus, you know,w, how -- why or how and this happen to me, but i think that i liked to believe that everybody, no matter what they're doing, and maybe especially guys that are invisible jobs like we had that -- ere is one moment in the universe that is yours. and thahat was mine.
6:50 am
i can't think of any otherime that i've ever been in the spot like that or -- and have something like that happen. >> tim: your parts, cecil and leona, they were situated to where -- i think i read that right, where they could almost see whether the ball was fair or foul and had it not hit the pole. >> right. >> tim: weren't they like down -- looking down the third baseline? >> yeah. just -- they were just to the dugout side of first place. >> tim: she had a great shot of -- they had a great shot of their son doing something that is perhaps the most famous walk-off, the most -- among the most famous home runs, among the st important hits in the history of the game, i mean, just think about that! >> i it's incredible when you think about it. but i don't -- you know, grong up in a small town, you know, it was -- what you did athletically
6:51 am
was -- was over here. that didn't define who you were. you were, younow, a fisk boy, and you had your community responsibilites. you went to church. you went to sunday school. you shoveled manure, you cut the sections of garden, blah blah blah. so when this happened, it was sort of an extension of, you know, being a big fish in a small pond. >> tim: that's well said. >> and whether -- whether it appeared to be that extraordinary at the time, to them, it was just the fisk boy being a fisk boy. >> tim: all right. fore game 7, theext day, in charlestown, town of 900 people, what -- i mean, what was the town like? i mean, do you remember any moment -- >> well, i remember there was a fella fromur church, david conan, mr. conan, when i hit that i attended, s luke'sthe chh
6:52 am
episcopal church, at 12:26, by the time he got there, he started ringing the bell in the steeple of the crch. i used toing it on sunday mornings myself. and e's aell tower wita big oldld rope likike that. we used to ringt like this and it would haul us off the ground and we would bring it like that, it would haul us off the ground. he rang this thing for 10 minutes in the middle of the night in charlestown, new hampshire. it was a small town boy makes good. >> tim: the new england church t white steteeple, so endemic of new england society. i mean, and here it is at 12:26 at night. he's rging the been for 10 minutes and ththe whole town is awake. >> the seets rolled up probably at 8:30. i think we did have television by that time. [laughter] >> i'm kidding. but he made it -- he made it
6:53 am
known, that -- small town boy makes good that night, anyway. >> tim: is if there was ever in caps, "small townn boy makes good." that would be the moment. we'll be back w with carlton fik right afr this. >> the "tim mccarver show" is brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on auto insurance. call or visit ♪ you're not made of money, so don't overpay for boat insurance. geico, you're not made of money, see how much you could s sav.
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enjoy th quintessential maattan experience at the kimberly's new rooftop lounge. 34 floors upstairs there's a glamorous oasis, overlooking the chrysler building. specialty cocktail, all upstairs at the kimberly. >> tim: i am back witith carlton fisk. after that last segment, and the home run, i just love that and hopepe you e enjoyoyed it. i would be remisss if i didn't
6:55 am
ask you about the red sox and the yankeesival. seems likes it's as big as ever. >> it wowould be hd for me to think that it could ever be bigger than it was in the '70s. i don't think there's any rivalry ever -- i meaean, of course, because i was involved in this one. you hear about t the dodger/giat rivalry. just as far as, you know, american league, eastern division rivals, it was never that way. when we had good teams, it was never that way with the orioles. orioles h excellent teams. but boy, there was a war going on every time welayed the yankees. >> tim: you had theig fight where bill lee had -- >> a bigig fight? we had more than one! >> tim: you had more than one. but the famous one at yankeee stadium, right? >> yeah,. >> timand were you the catcher. >> and guess who it was that slid into me that started this whole thing? i keep blaming it on him. lou panela. -- pinila. i say lou lou, it's your fault.
6:56 am
somebody says you talk to lou now? i say, that was way long ago. that was two guys in opposing up in the moment.just getet caut if he was -- if he was wearing a cleveland uniform, it would have been no big deal. >> tim: tell us about fenway park. do you still get back there? obviously you've had the pole named after you and you've gotten a world serieies ring frm the white sox. so many great things have happened to youince you retired. >> it really has been quite a trip of awards, as a matter of fact. i've had my number retired by both teams. well, i always want to call it the new comiskey park in chicago. it's not named that. but they put a statue up. >> tim: a broe statue. >> a fabulous looking statue. they named a pole after me in ston. when boston won the world
6:57 am
series, they gave me world series ring. when the wte sox won the world series, they gavee me a world series ring.g. so i'm goi to be -- the answer to a trivia question, tim, you know. the only guy to have two world series rings only to play in one and lose. [laughter] >> so anyway, it's been -- it's been special in the hall of fame obviously. >> tim: i'll tell you what, as far as -- at the risk of being schmalty, instead of a trivia, the answer to a trivia question, you're going to be the answer to a lot of tribute questions, and i appreciate your time. thank you very much for being here. >> oh, i wouldn't have missed it and i'm glad you invited me. >> tim: carlton fisk has been my guest. i'm tim mccarver. see you next time.
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning, america. new overnight, the big winner. >> i'm very thankful. thank, god. >> she's 1 of the 16 county maintenance workers in new jersey, who hit that powerball jackpot. and she's telling us how she plans to send her new millions. >> i'm still up in the clouds. i can't even tell you. fiery crash. a plane slams into homes in a quiet connecticut neighborhood, sparking a huge fireball. rescuers push back, with two little children inside. the courtroom showdown. the pop superstar on the stand, in a bitter fight to keep custody of his kids. the judge's decision and t


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