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tv   Today  NBC  August 13, 2013 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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the fearless female daredevils defying gravity more than 3,000 feet in the air. why they say doing this is safe. the mind-blowing moves going viral this morning. and good morning, america. robin and sam are off today. and it's shaping up to be a very busy tuesday. so much to get to. including the father of 16-year-old hannah anderson. he is now speaking out for the first time since hannah's kidnapping. what an ordeal for that family. >> and dad says it will be a slow recovery. we'll get to that in a moment. we want to go right to ginger zee. funnel clouds over baltimore. >> it's a huge feel. we have strong to severe thunderstorms for a large part of the east. the funnel clouds were reported earlier. now, the severe weather, just
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southwest of philadelphia. not only is this going to bring you the severe weather potential, in the mid-atlantic and northeast, flood watches from connecticut to kentucky, all throughout the plains. and that one town, manitou springs, got so hard hit last weekend, hit again last night. >> it's the most terrifying thing i've ever seen. i can't stop shaking. >> reporter: flash flooding, terrorizing the mountains of colorado again. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: a body found, as streets in manitou springs became racing rivers. the foundation of this building, just barely able to withstand the force of the murky water running beneath it. another nightmare, as the highway shuts down. our affiliate, with the caption, just pulled this lady out when she drove down a flooded street. more than an inch of rain falling in just 15 minutes. water gushing. and then -- >> here comes the trees.
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>> reporter: pounding hail. all of this, just three days after the black, ferocious flood hijacked manitou springs. and in washington state, flooding stranded 65 hikers. this morning, they're safe. a fierce downpour had washed away their only road off the mountain. a temporary trail got them out alive. how much rain are we talking? three-plus inches right there in that red zone. and all the way through the mid-atlantic, southeast, raleigh included. here in new york city, we could see it already, south and west of philadelphia. three inches. >> right outside, too. thanks. we'll get to the other top stories. josh, that baseball tragedy. >> yeah. it is. every time you hear, it's just terrible. we're going to begin there. a horrifying scene last night at atlanta at the braves game. a fan falling from the upper deck there. this morning, police trying to figure out what led to this fatal fall. the man fell from the 400-level upper deck of turner field, on the players' parking lot just
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outside the stadium. >> it's terrible. just -- you knew he wasn't going to make it. >> reporter: the fall, 65 feet, directly to the pavement below. detectives raced to the scene, finding clothes and a braves hat scattered. >> at this time, the fall appears accidental. there's no indication of foul play. >> reporter: the game had been delayed for two hours previous because of heavy rain. but investigators aren't sure if the conditions or alcohol played a role. it's the third time in the last five years that a fan has fallen from the stands in atlanta. a 20-year-old was killed last august after falling over a railing in the georgia dome. landing on a man in the lower deck. alcohol was deemed a factor in that fall. and in 2008, a man died after falling from turner field's upper deck on to the seats behind home plate. and ballpark safety has been a national foe us the. as evidenced in 2011, when a firefighter, trying to catch a
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ball, fell to his death in texas, in front of his young son. this morning, the question being raised once again, should stadiums build higher railings or nets to protect fans? or would that compromise those sweeping, unobstructed views of the field that today's fans now demand? cannot say it enough. take great care in the upper decks. as for last night's fall in atlanta, police say the victim was 29 years old and from the atlanta metropolitan area. overnight, a gas pipeline explosion in western illinois. you see it here. sending flames towering into the air. it take emergency crews several hours to shut off the gas line. nearby residents had to be evacuated. no injuries have been reported. no word as to what caused the explosion. here in new york, mayor michael bloomberg says he will appeal a federal judge's ruling that found the nypd's stop and
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frisk policy compromised the rights of thousands of minorities. the mayor said the policy helped save thousands of lives by removing guns from the streets. but the judge ruled the tactics unfairly targeted black and hispanic men. and the billionaire behind paypal is now promising, by goodness, an 800-mile-per-hour commute. elon musk has unveiled designs for what he calls a hyperloop. it could make the trip between los angeles and san francisco in 30 minutes and cost $20 each way. the mega, megahigh-speed transit line uses capsules in virtually air-free tubes. it could be built in liss than a decade. get on that. and finally, a real estate project gone awry. a rich guy in china thought he
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could build an 8,600 square-foot villa on top of the apartment building. he spent years building it. brought in boulders to make it look like a mountain retreat. the problem, it violates virtually every city ordinance possible. the only complaints the building really gets is because the parties are too loud. there you go. >> what were they doing while he was building it? >> don't mind me. just a boulder heading through the door. >> another boulder? that's tough. >> nothing to see here, folks. >> i don't know. but about that train. can we get that high-speed train? let's get a national system. >> do it. magneti magnetized. moving on to new details on hannah anderson, the young girl back home now, after being
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rescued from her kidnapper in the idaho wilderness. and her father speaking out for the first time since her dramatic rescue. abc's ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: for 16-year-old hannah anderson, the journey home from the rugged back country in idaho was quick. a flight curtesy of the fbi. what happened there, will take far longer. >> as for my daughter, the healing process will be slow. i'm proud of her. and i love her very much. >> reporter: hannah told investigators that her kidnapper was armed with a rifle and a pistol. he fired at least one shot at the fbi hostage rescue team before an agent shot him dead saturday. only after her rescue did hannah learn dimaggio, a long-time family friend, allegedly killed her mother and her 8-year-old brother. their bodies found in his burning home.
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>> it became very clear to us, very clear, that she is a victim in every sense of the world in this horrific crime. >> reporter: the sheriff wanted to make that clear after the four horseback riders who stumbled upon hannah in the woods, after she muttered, we're in trouble now. >> without you, who knows how long this would have gone on? my family and i are eternally grgrateful. some of you might fd the amber alert annoying. please, pay attention. keep your eyes open. let's bring those children home. no one should have to go through this. >> reporter: a strange twist involving this particular amber alert case. and it involves, of all things, a cat. it turns out hannah and dimaggio will traveling with a small pet. those horseback riders thought that was awfully strange in the middle of the wilderness. so, they mentioned that to officers. when they were surveying overhead, they spotted that little cat. and believe it or not, that's how they knew they had the right
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campsite. this morning, authorities have given hannah that cat, hoping that having a pet will somehow help in her long healing process. >> ryan, thanks very much. we're going to turn to politics now. and all kinds of new clues that hillary clinton will take a second shot at the white house. she has been coy in public until now. but her announcement yesterday has moved expectations into high gear. jon karl from the white house. >> reporter: a clear sign she has not retired from politics. hillary clinton gave her first major policy speech since stepping down as secretary of state. and made it clear there's much more to come. she's back. in a speech before the american bar association, hillary clinton announced she plans to give a series of big policy speeches in the coming months. monday night, she addressed voting rights and racial discrimination. >> in inwho says that racial discrimination is no longer a problem in american elections must not be paying attention.
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>> reporter: speeches will keep her in the spotlight, on the most concrete indication yet she is preparing to run for president. next month, mrs. clinton will travel to philadelphia, to take on another hot-button topic. to take on security, nsa programs and privacy. just as she was speaking before the a.b.a., disgraced mayoral candidate, anthony weiner, the last person clinton wanted comments on her campaign, processed to have inside information on hillary clinton 2016. at least as it relates to huma abedin, one of her closest advisers. >> do you know what her role in hillary clinton's 2016 campaign will be? >> i do. i'm not telling you. >> do you feel you damaged her place in that world? >> yeah. >> reporter: that was a blunder. hillary clinton has not yet made it official she is running for president. in a recent poll, anthony weiner
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broke a new record in new york. although, it's not the kind of record he would like to break. he became the most unpopular political figure on record in the state of new york. an unfavorability rating of 80%. >> hard to beat. thanks very much. we turn to the incredible video of the moment a luxury resort was swallowed up by a sinkhole. it happened near orlando, florida. and dozens of frightened guests fled for their lives. abc's steve osunsami has the latest on what caused the earth to open up in clermont, florida. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, lara. this is as close as we can get to much of the villa. much of the state sits on limestone. the water below eat at the stone. and heavy rain pushes into it. leaving you with this. here's video that explains why florida authorities are so worried.
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what was a perfectly normal vacation villa with two dozen units that are three floors high, all crumbling into a 100-foot sinkhole. this morning, florida inspectors and scientists are testing deep into the soil. families who were forced to evacuate sunday night from the buildings next door, are waiting for the good word that they can return to their vacation rentals. >> we heard a big boom. and the bathtub lifted up and went down. >> reporter: in building 104, that looks like it's circling a drain, dozens of families ran for their lives when the earth gave way and lost everything they had. >> the balconies were collapsing. like one on top of the other. >> reporter: this is a photo of maggie, her kids and their three friends all here from virginia, just moments before the building caved in. >> everybody was in. >> reporter: and this is cell phone video from when they escaped. she managed to grab the keys and the kids but nothing else. >> you don't see a building
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every day twisting on itself, like it's in a vortex. and coming down around you. >> reporter: richard shanle runs security for the resort. he ran through the halls, yelling for families to get out. >> as i went from one side to the other, the building did drop 10 to 20 inches every time i went up a level. >> reporter: but the shifting walls left many of the doors jammed shut. one family with a baby had to break through a window. the people who were staying here have been moved to other rentals on this property. authorities do believe that the sinkhole is relatively stable at this time. lara? >> all right. thank you so much, steve osunsami. they think it's stable. we're going to turn to a decisive verdict for the brutal mob boss. convicted monday for a string of killings and crimes. many convicted when he was an informant for the fbi. gio benitez is here. >> reporter: good morning.
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whitey bulger is likely going to die locked up. he may have inspired hollywood movies. but this morning, the real-life tale keeps him off the streets for good. notorious gang boss, whitey bulger, unflinching when his verdict was read. >> after 31 years, after a lot of fbi cover-ups, deceits and lies, we finally have somebody guilty in the murder of my father. >> reporter: but for other families, there was no justice. bulger, eluding a guilty verdict on eight other murder charges, including steven davis' sister, deborah. >> and the rest of the families that have to live every day with the fact that they lost a loved one. >> reporter: a former mobster once said, whitey bulger could teach the devil tricks. bulger learned he could be
7:15 am
indicted and went on the run for 16 years. climbing to the top of the fbi's ten most-wanted list. with him for the ride, his girlfriend, catherine greig. >> they led this life of retirees, walking the beach, taking care of stray cats. >> reporter: now, bulger will likely live out the rest of his days behind bars. and as he was led away, one woman in the gallery taunted bulger, apparently imitating a machine gun. yelling rat-a-tat-tat, whitey. >> thanks, gio. now, we turn to the mysterious priest who came to a woman's rescue just in time, after a nasty car crash. and just as quickly, vanished. many were wondering if he was real or an angel. he was both. the heavenly hero is speaking to
7:16 am
abc in a network exclusive. and abc's alex perez has our story. >> reporter: he was the man from behind the miracle. >> i was coming from 8:30 mass. saw this line of cars. >> reporter: reverend patrick dowling revealing himself, after his seemingly devine intervention. >> one of the rescuers said to me, we need all the help we can get. >> reporter: struck by a drunk driver, 19-year-old katie lentz was barely clinging to life. that's when the mysterious priest teamed to appear out of thin air. >> i think this time, i've actually witnessed a guardian angel at work. >> reporter: adding to the air of mystery, father dowling's disappearance, when lentz was air-lifted to the hospital. it wasn't long before the town was searching for this hero.
7:17 am
even prompting this sketch. uncanny? probably not. >> i hope i'm not as hungry looking. >> reporter: as for lentz, father dowling had a chance to meet with her in the icu. >> she started to dry. i'm not sure why. she wasn't disappointed. >> reporter: while her savior may have salt and pepper hair than a halo, those closest to lentz, says he is. >> he is an angel. >> i love that gentle voice. >> i do, too. >> central casting right there. that was perfect. >> beautiful story. ginger, the weath not quite as beautiful. >> not at all. and philadelphia is under a severe thunderstorm warning as we speak. wpvi's camera. can't even see the skyline. they had a wet june. and severe storms moving in for
7:18 am
parts of philadelphia. and we want to be on alert for the southeast and mid-atlantic. the storms, the first round, is on top of us now. behind this front, it's cold. it's cool. it feels like autumn. autumnal. 58, minneapolis. and green bay at 50. your local forecast coming up in 30 seconds. corrected morning, washington. showers and a few bit of
7:19 am
thunderstorms across the area. and're all west of d.c. near i 66. a flood watch for our area. skies and showers late began today. hi between 84-88. >> los angeles has still not made it to 80 degrees. won't do it today. but we'll try in the next couple days. we beat 1910. coolest august on record. >> i'm proud. >> that's very autumnal for them. coming up on "gma," a judge throws out the racial discrimination charges on paula deen. and two families in turmoil. while one is accusing the other of kidnapping their little girl. and 3,000 feet in the air with these female daredevils.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc7 news update. >> good morning. as we told you on good morning washington, vernon hawkins will
7:26 am
be in court today. the associate of d.c. mayor vincent gray is expected to plead guilty. our sister channel 8 will have to live in that report at the top of the hour. interstate 66 at route 50, a pedestrian was hit and killed. it appears to be a hit and run. >> we still got a 5 mile backup coming in from gainesville. the two left lanes are still skirting by. and we have had several other incidents within that delay that have added to those bright lights. you might want to use route 29 instead of 66 eastbound. also, activity on 270.
7:27 am
as slow going. and at the vw parkway's southbound, that has picked up an accident. let's get a check of the weather. >> showers and thundershowers in some of those areas that you mentioned, especially to under 70 and then how long i 66 to the west. then along i 66 to the west. we should make it to the mid to upper 80's today. rain may be heavy at times. upper 80's today. rain may be heavy at times.
7:28 am
"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." it's been called "cuccinelli's witch hunt" "designed to intimidate and suppress" ken cuccinelli used taxpayer funds to investigate a uva professor whose research on climate change cuccinelli opposed. cuccinelli, a climate change denier, forced the university to spend over half a million dollars
7:29 am
defending itself ainst it's own attorney general. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us. look at these daredevils. all women, thousands of feet in the air above yosemite national park. they say it's safe. and they look like they're doing okay. they're going to tell us how they do that. >> braver women than i. >> oh, my. that's taking it to a whole new level. also coming up this morning, a new twist in the paula deen controversy. a federal judge making a new ruling on the claims against her. also, reality tv star, bethenny frankel, opening up, perhaps as never before, about her divorce. why she says she does not regret
7:30 am
letting those cameras roll right through her most painful personal moments. a woman whose husband said he cheated on her, because you're not pretty enough. well, she turned those words into a life-changing mission. she's helping others change their lives as well. a federal judge has thrown out race discrimination claims against the celebrity chef, in a lawsuit that's cost her so much of her culinary empire. is this a victory for deen? rebecca jarvis is here with the latest. >> reporter: that's the question this morning. a dramatic turn of events. a legal victory for paula deen. but in the court of public opinion, the decision may have come two months too late. this morning, the disgraced queen of southern cuisine, escaped one boiling pot of legal hot water.
7:31 am
monday's ruling by a federal judge puts an end to the most damaging claim against the tv star, that she had discriminated against employees based on their race. an accusation that toppled her cooking kingdom and ruined her reputation. >> her first mistake was letting a million-dollar lawsuit crash a $20 million a year empire. it doesn't matter if you're right and they're wrong. it's a business decision. and you settle it. and you make it go away. >> reporter: deen's former restaurant manager, lisa jackson, a white woman with biracial nieces, sued deen, claiming she was offended by deen's alleged discrimination against black workers in restaurant. jackson's lawyers deposed her, asking have you ever used the "n" word yourself? deen replied, yes, ovk. but only in the past. when her words leaked. >> her empire crumbled.
7:32 am
>> please, forgive me, for the mistakes i've made. the food network dropped her show. and a chain of retailers cut ties. but the judge's ruling stated jackson had not proven her claim. saying she was, at best, quote, an accidental victim of the alleged racial discrimination. this morning, many wonder if it's all too little too late. >> it falls apart in minutes. it can take years to rebuild. this is not a moment when the sponsors go, we wipe the splat clean, we're back. >> reporter: deen's publicist tells abc news, the star is pleased with the ruling. and deen is confident that those who truly know she lives her life, she believes in equal opportunity, kindness and fairness for everyone. the ruling claims that deen's brother sexually harassed her. the judge could rule on requests from deen's lawyers to dismiss
7:33 am
those claims, as well. we want to bring in abc's chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. what do you think about the judge's decision? >> you're talking about a white plaintiff. you can win. if she was able to demonstrate she wasn't able to work with her african-american colleagues, for example, based on this racism, that could be a legitimate claim. but the court saying there's no indication that that was the case in this particular lawsuit. and throwing it out. keeping the sexual harassment claim alive. >> the judge saying at one point, that jackson is, at best, an accidental victim. so, is this any kind of victory at all for paula deen? >> it's a legal victory for paula deen. but what the judge is saying, even if everything in here is true, it's still not a valid racial discrimination case. that doesn't help paula deen. in terms of court of public
7:34 am
opinion, this court is not saying none of this is true. all the court is saying, even if it is true, there's not a valid race case here. >> and it's not over yet. >> that's right. the judge still keeping open the possibility of the sexual harassment claim. that's different because she's saying, that happened to her. >> right. >> as opposed to how she felt about things happening to other people. >> i believe the judge was saying, federal courts are not human resources departments. >> right. >> dan, thank you so much. to be continued on this one. now, to an emotional child custody battle, to controversial the supreme court had to step in. they're ruling that a biological father, a native american, must turn her over to adoptive parents. >> reporter: good morning, george. this morning, little veronica's biological father has been charged with custodial interference. and the couple that once raised her struggles to bring her home.
7:35 am
they say her biological father abandoned her and is keeping her unlawf unlawfully. two families in turmoil, fighting over a little girl named veronica. >> our daughter has been kidnapped. and i expect the situation to be treated as such. >> reporter: the confusing legal battle all began in 2009, when veronica's birth mother put her baby up for adoption. >> we were playing for a child to love and raise when christy came into our lives and selected us to be the parents of her daughter. >> reporter: matthew and melanie raised veronica for the first two years of her life. but when the child's father, dustin brown, a member of the cherokee nation, learned she had been adopted, he sued for custody. south dakota gave the custody to brown, citing a law that tries to keep native american families
7:36 am
together. they fought back. taking their case to the u.s. supreme court. this summer, the justices reversed the state court, ruling that brown had relinquished his parental rights. but just days ago, after a judge finalized the adoption, brown, an iraq war vet, failed to show up at a meeting with the cple and was charged with interference. this morning, brown is out on bond, but refusing to be extradited from oklahoma to south carolina. >> his daughter is of critical importance to him. and he intends to assert his legal rights. this morning, veronica is with her maternal grandparents. but they're begging to get her back. they just redid her bedroom. they didn't give birth to this little girl, but they raised her from the beginning, she is their daughter. >> such a difficult case. let's get to ginger zee with the weather. >> talking about all of the flooding right here and all the way back to just east of the rockies.
7:37 am
it's not just flooding. we have dry weather. and very dry. and all of the wildfires are up. 34 large wildfires including the one you're seeing there. that's the american fire. 2,000 acres burning. and it's still going. we'll be keeping an eye on that because inland, it is hot. las vegas, 102. sacramento, 92. los angeles having their coolest start to washington. 70 in san francisco. the coast is okay. but that heat is spreading. you have the high-pressure system. it will take clockwise. salt lake city, near 100 >> good morning, washington. 79 degrees and heavy rain along i 66 just to our west and stretching up along a 270. >> this weather report brought
7:38 am
to you by thomas' english muffins. that's a look at the country. but i have plenty of weather to cover. >> that's a rough map. >> it's a rough sight outside of the windows. coming up here, defying gravity. thousands of feet in the air. fearless females going viral with their jaw-dropping moves. and the high-end water as pricey as wine. can you believe $40 a bottle for water? nick watt did the test.
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welcome back. its 7:42. and now, we bring you the jaw-dropping video we've been showing you of women slacklining. get this, thousands of feet in the air. the pictures of them defying gravity have gone totally viral. and abc's cecilia vega has their story. >> reporter: some call them daredev daredevils. others call them fearless. but this might be just crazy. they are the moab monkeys. and they're 3,000 feet above yosemite park, balancing on a thin fire. it's called slacklining. >> you feel like the king of the world. you set your goals. and when you achieve your goal, it's the best feeling. >> reporter: the group has
7:43 am
traveled the world in search of the most exotic locations. places where they have their heads in the clouds, their hands in the air, dangling by their ankles and downright showing off. they've now conquered yosemite, rio this winter. and this morning, theycy their next stop is switzerland. adrenaline junkies? you betcha. >> you can just relax and smile, you'll make it to the end. >> reporter: the only thing separating them from a 3,000-foot fall to the ground, this harness. that and years of training. they say it's safe. >> most of the fear is the primal instinct not to step over the abyss. but you're safe. >> reporter: and because making it to the other side, one steady step at a time, isn't enough for the wire-huggers, they like to throw in a few moves. like this one, the double-drop. or the splits. >> it's mind-blowing. and beautiful and amazing. and when you walk, it's this
7:44 am
experience that's almost hard to describe. incomparable. >> reporter: whatever it is, kids, don't think about trying this at home. for "good morning america," cecilia vega. >> we've recruited ginger to do this for us. >> she wants to. >> i'm in. they have a tether. it's all right. >> yeah. >> you have to pull yourself back up if you fall, though? that would be my problem. >> i would cry. coming up, everybody, a big announcement about lady gaga, after her brand-new song just released a wee bit early. also, "play of the day." if you remember, this guy turned his brother's room into a pink paradise. oh, they have struck again. [ girl ] by the way, this is not what back to school looks like. the only thing anyone really cares about is that first day. everyone will be stylin' their faves. love that! but i'll be bringing it every day, 'cause i went to jcpenney. i know, right?
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they're for show & tell. wasn't that yesterday? yup, but the class wants me to do it again. [ male announcer ] tim and richard smucker learned early on just how irresistible their jam really is. i shoulda brought more. [ male announcer ] with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. [ male announcer ] with a name like smucker's, ♪ (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. an) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. right then. here's "the play of the day." >> something of an update, actually. "play of the day," last year we
7:49 am
showed you two brothers in holland. one the older, taking revenge on his younger brother, who had hijacked his facebook profile page. so he, while he was gone, painted his entire room pink. this was the reaction to what he came back. what is a room better suited for a younger child. >> yeah. >> what's wrong with this, dad? well, the younger brother made the mistake of going on vacation again. revenge a dish best served again. take a look at what his older brother and friends did, the amount of work that went into this. they took his room and tilted it 90 degrees, exactly. >> he kept the pink. >> he had kept it pink. he said, i was planning on redecorating it. but i don't know how to fix this. look what happens when he comes home. that's amazing. see the wide shot. >> that's a career there.
7:50 am
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7:54 am
hello. >> i know we're on.
7:55 am
i'm trying to sneak us back, just to show you, chris harrison. >> live and in hd, this is an abc7 news update. >> good morning. on goodld you about morning washington, rg 3 says he is ready to go, but there are no plans to play in the preseason. tomorrow, he will take part in drills for the first time since his surgery. and the martin luther king jr. memorial may not be ready before the 50th anniversary of the
7:56 am
march on washington. a contracting problem has stalled the project. scaffolding will come down in time for the celebrations about which take place on august 28. howitt 66 looking? >> 66 is still in mass -- is still a mess. getting by in those two left lanes. this has been working for some time, about two hours. it is a deadly accident to us that means they will still have to conduct that investigation. system it's going to show you that things are about two hours to commute in from that area from gainesville. >> the rain is coming down pretty moderate the here in
7:57 am
d.c. along 66 and through art -- arlington. a couple of thunderstorms potentially developing year. 79 degrees right now, making it into the upper 80's with a flash flood watch in effect through the afternoon. >> wigley back at
7:58 am
7:59 am
[ cheers and applause ] a great morning here in new york city. all of the faces out there, with a smile. looking for an umbrella. a happy crowd. a look here inside. chris harrison, our special guest host. welcome back. >> good morning, america. >> there you go. >> well done. >> you got it down. >> i got the company line down. >> can i just -- sloppy. >> it is sloppy. >> it's one of the terms that starts to slide away from what
8:00 am
it actually means. >> did you do this with your hand? >> that's up. >> "gma" etiquette. >> yes, please. chris is helping thousands of people find love with his latest project. he's going to tell us all about it. right? >> that's right. >> he's also going to bring us "pop news." thank you for filling in and being part of the team. >> i have the cheesy script, approved by lara. >> cheesy and sloppy in the first two minutes. and then, we have a new chapter for reality tv star, bethenny frankel. she is going to open up about the rocky few months. and why she believes in brutal honesty, when the cameras are rolling. when aren't the cameras rolling? that's really the question. there's a restaurant in l.a. that's serving high-end water. they have an entire menu.
8:01 am
i know there's a water up to $20 a glass. our intrepid nick watt, put his taste buds to the test. >> he will fall for anything in los angeles. first, we have to get news from josh. >> we're going to begin in atlanta, where police confirm it was a 29-year-old braves fan who fell to his death from the upper deck at turner field last night. they say the 65-foot fall was an accident. tests are being done to determine if alcohol played a role in the accident. it's the third time in the last year where a fan has fallen from a stand in one of atlanta's stadiums. in colorado, a second body was found after more flash floods swept through the area. a 16-year-old girl was among the missing after going out for a walk and never returning home. an inch of rain fell in 15 minutes. 16 states from oklahoma to connecticut are now bracing for
8:02 am
potential flooding. ginger's forecast coming up in a few moments. it could be the strongest indication that hillary clinton is planning to run for president in 2016. in a new interview, excongressman anthony weiner, let it slip, his wife, a close aide for mrs. clinton, knows what role she will play in the 2016 campaign. but a clinton spokesman says he has no clue what weiner was talking about. and it had once dominated the market. but blackberry, now up for sale. the new phones are struggling. the company said to have lost some $84 million in the last quarter. apple or google could make a bid just for the technology alone. a new study finds a link between induced labor and autism. pregnant mothers who had labor induced or encouraged, rose the risk for autism by 23%.
8:03 am
doctors need more studies before they can issue new guidance. here's our diane sawyer, with a preview of "world news." >> great to talk to you this morning. hello everyone at "gma." and we're back on "world news tonight" with real money. ever since we started this series, we've saved families more than $112,000. we're going to do it again tonight with simple ways to save money buying a house. be sure to watch tonight. we're going to show you real ways to put money in your pocket. don't miss it. i'll be here. >> we can all use it. we will be watching. one week after they became stars on youtube, they are back. this time, it was 11 guys. up from eight last time. take a look. not the guy in the speedo. that's rather unfortunate. but look at his buddies. 11 in all. and here's the finish. strong work there. the last effort, watched more than
8:04 am
than 1 million times online. we'll have an update as this goes awfully viral. >> and it fits. >> how long did it take to do that? >> i don't know. i'm going to guess -- they had it down pat. i'm going to say, under five attempts. i'll go under five. >> five days? >> can i say the bathing suit reminded me of our friend who -- one of us has a birthday today. >> happy birthday to him. >> a certain someone who is not here today. who is here today, chris harrison. "the bachelor's" chris harrison. >> not my birthday. >> roses are in order. >> raining roses. that happens everywhere i go. it's unbelievable. >> a little "pop news" for us. are you ready? >> josh, are you ready to make fun of me? >> let's go. >> good morning, everybody. take it from someone who knows bachelors. here's an update on the world's most eligible bachelor. not juan pablo. talking about prince harry.
8:05 am
seen here leading a team of men on a ten-hour trek across a glacier in iceland. it's a training exercise. the walking with the wounded south pole allied challenge taking place this november 1st. harry will lead the servicemen across the south pole. temperatures 49 below zero. they could do just the same walking across london. >> prince harry. >> abc's in talks with him right now. i can't confirm or deny, juan pablo is prince harry. lady gaga's first single, "applause," off her upcoming album, was leaked online yesterday. the horror. lighting up the twittersphere. the good news, it's formally released. >> another hit. >> lady gaga. >> can't help but dance. >> you can't help but dance.
8:06 am
but apparently, lara says it's a hit. there you go. i'm sure lady gaga will rest easy tonight. the "born this way" superstar is going to be here on "gma" monday. >> chris, i want to make sure everybody knows. the biggest pop star in the world, as you said, 143 hours, 54 minutes. we have a countdown clock. monday, gaga, in the house. >> she's premiering her new video with you guys. >> yeah. >> which i hear, george and josh, are in that video? >> i'm in it. do you travel with your own writers often? >> yeah. let's do the next story. >> 2350i7finally, what's the seo a lasting marriage? meet robert and doris moody, in
8:07 am
their mid-90s. married for 73 years. turns out, they may have a secret to a successful marriage, panca pancakes. every day. the couple who met in elementary school, sit down for a sweet and fluffy breakfast every day. she learned to make this early in their marriage. if i had only known, pancakes. for all those having their fruit and fiber this morning, pancakes. >> you did a great job. >> in case you're wondering, by my calculations -- that's 3,630 days of pancakes. >> did you carry the two? >> no. >> i think it's more than that. >> i forgot the zero. >> bless your heart. you did it live on tv. let's go straight to the weather then. let's talk about it. we have some rain and really rainy morning. wabc's camera showing just peeks of the building there.
8:08 am
behind it, that changes a lot. let me show you what happens. the low pressure system travels up. it's raining up and down, from the mid-atlantic to the carolinas. just behind >> we are getting rain at this hour in d.c., especially heavy in montgomery county of toward rockville. 270. along very overcast on our rooftop camera. 79 degrees and we should be into the mid to upper 80's this afternoon. taking a look at >> with my meteorology degree came a math minor. >> that's 26,354.
8:09 am
>> you were very close. thank you. chris harrison, we love you so much. don't go anywhere. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." bethenny frankel opening up, like never before on her divorce. plus, the woman who turned the words you're not pretty enough into a life-changing mission and inspirational one at that. and how high-priced water. >> how does it measure up? really? nick watt will tell us. that and chris harrison and so much more, on "good morning america," live from times square. [ greg ] i like to golf all morning. that's why i eat belvita at breakfast. it's made with delicious ingredients, then carefully baked to release steady energy that lasts. we're golfing now, buddy! i got it! belvita. steady energy. all morning long. [ female announcer ] and now introducing new belvita soft-baked breakfast biscuits.
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my idea. love it! let's see what i say... roll that beautiful bean footage! [ jay ] bush's country style baked beans are slow cooked according to our secret family recipe with specially cured bacon and extra brown sugar for a thicker sauce and richer taste. the secret family recipe starts with beans and... batteries not included. aw, you're no fun. [ jay ] enjoy bush's baked beans... still made from our secret family recipe.
8:14 am
the crowd out there in times square this morning. the rain not stopping them at all. time for our "gma heat index." starting with bethenny frankel. about to become a talk show host. there's a lot of talk about her public and nasty divorce. deborah roberts sat down with bethenny, after a test run of the new show. >> she's the queen of tmi. there's little that bethenny frankel won't share. her marriage was on full-display on bravo's, bethenny getting married. >> my water broke. >> reporter: and the birth of her baby girl, brynn. it all looked like a fairy tale until recently, bethenny and jason called it quits.
8:15 am
their squabble dissolved into a custody fight over brynn. >> i never knew it could be like this. it's personally taxing. >> do you feel like a failure? >> i feel like i disappointed people. i felt like i was this role model that represented the fairy tale. >> reporter: you're bruised? >> i'm definitely bruised. >> reporter: despite the low points or maybe because of it, bethenny's career is mow reaching new heights. there's a new book, her fifth. "skinny girl solutions." was your goal to be rich and famous? >> my first goal was to be famous. but it's a tricky game. >> reporter: and a much-talked about new talk show. backed by her friend, ellen degeneres. >> if you were single and your daughter had a young friend, would you date him? >> reporter: and she's ready to go where no one else will. >> every time i come here, i get
8:16 am
excited. >> reporter: weeks before cameras began rolling, bethenny gave us a look at her studio, still in development. >> this is where i'm going to be every day. >> reporter: and a peek at one of her brutally honest production meets. >> it's not like i know what's going on on my own show. >> yeah. >> okay. >> reporter: is there anything that's off-limits on the new show? >> it's whatever's going on. whatever is important to women and myself. it really is what women talk to other women about. >> reporter: for "good morning america," deborah roberts, abc news, new york. >> we'll hear more about this tomorrow from bethenny herself. she'll be here live. >> she's so honest. so open. i enjoyed her very much. looking forward to tomorrow. next up, a campaign for change. sparked by four, cruel words. a woman told by her husband, that he cheated because she wasn't pretty enough. it launched a crusade to help women build their self-esteem.
8:17 am
>> she looks great. >> bianna golodryga has her great story. >> reporter: you would be prettier with longer hair. >> it's bullying. >> i felt not pretty enough. i didn't feel good in my skin. >> reporter: they're the confessions of an online movement. all started by the four ugly words that ended jennifer's marriage and changed her life forever. you're not pretty enough. words uttered by her ex-husband. >> those words really pierce a woman's heart. >> reporter: now, with her empowering book, entitled, "you're not pretty enough," she tackles issues most women and even some men deal with on a daily basis. not liking what they see on the other side of the mirror. >> the pretty thing is more often the entree into self-esteem issues because it's the easiest and laziest way we assess ourselves. >> reporter: she is bringing
8:18 am
multimedia sessions or what she calls salons, around the country. where students discuss insecurities to self-acceptance. victoria says before attending the sessions, she made poor and detrimental decisions. >> it took the time and energy to work on myself. >> we are more worried about our own appearance than other people are when they see us. >> reporter: thanks to the never-ending and very permanent forms of social media, like facebook, instagram and twitter, today's generation has way too many platforms to feel less than pretty. >> while i do think people are worried about these issues, they are things that can be overcome. you have to focus on your strengths. >> reporter: today, jennifer is remarried to a man who not only thinks she's pretty enough but is also playing an active role in her crusade. for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york.
8:19 am
>> turning lemons into lemonade. >> she showed him, huh? >> love it. happiness is the best result. who wants a glass of water that's like champagne? maybe? i don't know. scottie would like one. there's a california restaurant that treats water like high-priced wine. it has a 45-page menu of waters. >> what accent is that? >> my champagne? that's a hybrid. i speak the many languages. nick watt put the water to a test. let's take a look. >> reporter: stunning bouquet. i think there's some earth notes in here. what we're getting all pretentious about. it's a classic. it's not wine. it's water. and, yes, you are supposed to
8:20 am
swirl and sniff. that's mark, the owner of rays starle bar. he introduced alongside the food and water menus, a water menu. 20 brands from up to 20 different countries. you can taste the difference? >> definitely. >> reporter: this guy wrote the book on water. i mean, he actually wrote the book. in his native german. we're about to go head-to-head in a blind tasting. don't let me see your list. i'll cheat. it was lightning fast. >> i'm done. >> reporter: you're done? i was desperate for the bathroom. i feel like my pallet's been
8:21 am
compromise. the result, four out of six for both of us. water really does taste difference. the smoothness makes it taste a bit like saliva. maybe not. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> i'm sold. >> unfortunate. >> chris harrison was weighing in. you won't be at that restaurant? >> i just said, if you see me there, feel free to punch me. >> did they bring you wine? with the bread? >> i'll stick with my grape juice just fine. coming up next here, inside the high-tech ways to look for love. including one from a fella i heard tell of. our friend right here, chris harrison. before we talk to him about it, take a look at some of the creative ways technology is helping people find love. >> you're --
8:22 am
>> >> just one site? >> yeah. >> honey, you have to put more bets on the table. i'm in at least ten. >> in the movie, "must love dogs" diane lane's character meets the love of her life through a dating website. if you're allergic to gluten but looking for love, try how about a site just for vaguens or lovers of hot sauce. the options go on and on. you can find your first mate at or have you always wanted to date a clown? there's a site for that, too. if you're single in the country, don't despair. visit >> you don't know who is going to make you go, hmm. i'd like to see that person again. >> it's a match. he likes me, too. i can send him a message. >> reporter: 23-year-old chantle met her boyfriend of five months
8:23 am
on tinder. it links to your facebook profile and hooks up users based on location. >> it feels like you're at a party. and you're -- the same way you look around and see who is attractive. you talk about your shared interest and mutual friends. >> reporter: and chris harrison is bringing his at first sight. >> i'm giving this a shot. >> reporter: do more choices make finding love easier? not necessarily. >> we want a quick fix. there is no quick fix to love. you want it. you have to work for it. and you have to go out there and get it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> we have the expert on all these things right here. tell us more about how this works. at first sight. >> what happened was, obviously, from "the bachelor" and "bachelorette," the creator of the show and i started to talk about real people, really wanting to find a relationship.
8:24 am
and a connection. >> real love. >> not everybody wants to be on tv doing this. it's the one thing we all want. getting into the space, there was a lack of an updated version on how to do this and how to meet people and find a connection. at first sight was born. and there's video profiles. you actually can find a connection. you're not going through old photos and a fake bio. >> how do you protect from that this. >> you see and hear on at first sight. you find that connection before you go on it. it takes away the first awkward date. it saves you hours and money and the awkwardness. you already have a connection before you go on that date. >> and a catfish-free zone. >> and you have your phones all out. everyone has their cameras with them right now. you can make a profile. it's free. >> are they date stamped?
8:25 am
you know you're watching an updated version. >> you can only do it -- you can't video something years ago. you're not going to have that picture, wait. i thought you had hair? and you were 150 pounds. you can't think with that. you see what you're getting. what's the response been? >> it's been phenomenal. we laughed. we wouldn't cast the show like that. you want to see and hear people. the response has been fantastic. >> can we mention juan pablo? >> the new bachelor. >> at first sight. at first sight right here. i'm good with this. >> when i introduced him last monday, it was like the beatles. women were throwing themselves at this guy. so much so, we had to open casting again to let more women into the show. >> all right. >> that will be amazing. >> so great to have you here.
8:26 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc7 news update. >> good morning. gun rights activist adam cook bush will be in a d.c. courtroom later this morning his attorney is expected to ask for a bond. he is charged with openly carrying a gun in the district. police in maryland are asking for help finding a 14-year-old missing girl. she was reported missing early sunday morning. if you have that information on her whereabouts, you are asked
8:27 am
to call bladensburg police. now i check on how the roadways are looking. >> 66 eastbound is still the worst spot in the morning commute. canover three hours, you see that two left lanes are slowly going by. over two drive time hours at this time. around the the way outer loop through prince george's county and montgomery county. we've got some showers, some of it heavy along i-95 through d.c. and baltimore as well. get wet ass about to well. showers and thundershowers on and off today.
8:28 am
79 degrees. heights in the mid to upper 80's this afternoon. >> we will have another news update
8:29 am
♪ american girl i'm ready to go ♪ ♪ i'm coming to you i'm an american girl ♪ >> all right. "american girl." if you don't know her name. you know her music. we're going to hear her sing live ahead. >> i love that she's out. but sharing them. >> i agree. >> she looks really good. also coming up, some of the hottest reality shows on cable by a little couple.
8:30 am
they're a family now. and getting even bigger. >> looking forward so that, as well. now, we want to bring you part two of robin's exclusive interview, with nba superstar, lebron james. takes us into his world off the court. showing us the causes of the champion. >> reporter: he's been crowned mvp three times. lebron james, no doubt, at the top of his game. but there's another side to lebron james. the fan who never forgets the people and place that made his nba dream a reality. lebron credits his catholic high school in akron, ohio. his coaches and teammates for keeping him grounded, on and off the court. number 23 in your program, number 1 in your hearts, lebron james. >> right here. the men's locker room. we would sit down right here on the floor. and coach drew would be right there. and we would listen to his
8:31 am
speech. and at the end of it, we all touched this sign before we went out and played. >> that sign right there? >> yep. we would touch that sign. >> passion. we would bring it in. and let's go. >> reporter: to show his gratitude, lebron is giving back to his high school. and the uniforms he's giving to all of the teams. during his years, it wasn't only basketball that lebron fell in love with. he met his high school sweetheart. wedding coming up. >> starting to come up. we've been together throughout my 11 years. that's pretty good. >> reporter: lebron is committed to creating a stable environment, not only for his children, but also for the young kids in the akron community. in 2011, his foundation launched
8:32 am
wheels for education. >> get a gup of kids in the public school system. and follow them throughout the school year. and the incentive is they graduate third grade, they receive their bike. >> reporter: children must attend a two-week summer school session. starting ining to get excited. for the youngsters, for some -- what's your favorite subject? >> science. >> reporter: and you're a girl. bless you. that's wonderful. why science? >> i get to do a lot of different experiences. make different things. >> reporter: the kids must learn a pledge called i promise. >> i must promise to -- i forgot. >> no, you didn't. >> i promise not to give up. >> what's one? >> i promise to come to school every day. >> nice. >> i promise to do my best.
8:33 am
>> absolutely. never quit. never quit. >> reporter: and lebron makes his pledge to the kids. >> i promise i will continue to be a role model to you guys and inspire you guys and not let you guys down, ever. >> reporter: after successfully completing the program, the kids receive a surprise from their mentor. the road to success, a bit brighter. >> ever since he was in high school, he's really been raised for this moment. it's so nice to see him and see what he's doing in this moment. >> for more on james and his educational program, wheels for education, you can head to on yahoo! >> that's tremendous. now, to one of the most-watched families on tv. they're called the little couple. but they're dream is getting bigger. and their dream is about to come true all over again. abc's abbie boudreau has their
8:34 am
story. dr. jennifer arnold and bill klein, have shared their life on "the little couple." and their life has captivated audiences. >> in the back of both our heads, jennifer's problem is fatigue. >> reporter: as they went through the heartbreak of two lost pregnancies, and the elation of finally finding a son to adopt from china. also a little person. a boy they named will. i had a chance to visit with the family at home in houston, texas. how has life changed? >> we go to the bars not even nearly as much. we certainly don't close them out anymore. >> reporter: he's joking, of course. but jennifer and bill have learned very well that living with a toddler is life-altering. will is precocious. >> give daddy a kiss? oh. >> reporter: an affectionate little guy who melts your heart.
8:35 am
and like any healthy 3-year-old boy, he's in constant motion. seemingly chasing danger. like a hollywood stuntman. >> he's learning very quickly there's ways around most things. he knows that daddy knows how to drive and daddy knows how to drive. and he's not far off in height. >> you want to pop? you want me to get you a pop? yeah. now, you're going to get it yourself? >> yeah. >> and we're stuck here. >> reporter: and lil and jennifer have another bedroom ready for a girl from india. >> are you excited for your sister to come home? >> no. >> reporter: jen and bill say will brought so much join, they can't wait to expand their family. for "good morning america,"
8:36 am
abbie boudreau. now, it's time for a little check of the weather. ginger zee is outside with the crowd in the rain. >> the hearty crowd is braving all of this rain. >> you're 22 years old. what's your name? >> melissa. >> let's get into the forecast. i have pictures to share with you. the meteor shower. and we know it's here. we're under umbrellas. from raleigh, you're in the bull's eye. and mobile, you'll be feeling it. the heat, it is summer somewhere. that's down in the south. dallas 100 again today. >> we will need the umbrella around here as well. this body showers across the area. it will continue on and off
8:37 am
throughout the day. >> this weather report has been brought to you by buick. and i'm very excited to bring in the star of "the grand master." when we have the kung fu movies, a lot of training goes into it. tell me what that was like. >> we had to train like eight hours a day. 4:00 in the morning. and i had to -- in the beginning, they were really nice. and candy. but after two days training, we were -- they were just really harsh. >> what kind of workouts? >> like squats? >> a lot of -- body training. i had to learn a style that i
8:38 am
perform in the movie. in the movie, you play the daughter of a man who would like to go and be a doctor and get married. and you want to follow in the family tradition. >> at that time, women were not allowed to learn anything. especially martial arts. and somehow my father secretly taught me. that's why -- all that makes since. we get a chance to see it on august 23rd. and we have lee daniels, talking about his mov
8:39 am
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8:41 am
right now, we're counting down to the premiere of "the butler." oprah last week, forest whitaker tomorrow. and before she left for vacation, robin sat down with
8:42 am
the man who made it all happen, director lee daniels. passionate about bringing this story to the big screen. lee daniels is a director/producer with a lot of firsts under his belt. first african-american producer to earn a best picture nomination. and the only african-american producer of an oscar-winning and nominated film. now, his latest film, lee daniels is bringing us the first portrayal of the civil rights movement, threw the eyes, the lens of someone who has seen it all as a butler in the white house and a father to an idealistic young man. >> something special is going on? what do you do -- >> are you leaving school? >> i'm trying to change -- >> you're breaking the law. that judge just sentenced you to 30 days in the county work house.
8:43 am
>> i can't say that any launch counter i want, i might as well be dead. we're fighting for our right. >> give it up for lee daniels here. [ applause ] oprah winfrey. forest whitaker. robin williams. john cusack. vanessa redgrave. all of these people, these fine actors wanted to be part of the sum. partly, because it's important. >> it's not just a movie. it's a movement. it wasn't until i was in the bus with the actors and yelled action. and from nowhere, all these klansmen came and the swastikas and the crosses. and at that moment, i realized, this is about kids that were heroes. that were really to die for what they believed in. >> we have to talk about forest. he brings that role to life.
8:44 am
what was it like working on with him on this? >> i think he's one of the greatest actors of our generation. it was an honor to work with him. >> you sat down for the screening, with president bush and barbara bush. >> i did. i was the only black person in the room. i'm next to barbara. there's george, 39 bush. president bush says, is that oprah? is that oprah, honey? and mrs. bush says, lee, is that oprah? is that oprah? yes, mrs. bush, it's oprah. it's oprah, honey. >> this is your baby. i feel it's going to speak to them. it's going to resonate with them. lee daniels. >> and "the cutler opens up across t
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
[ cheers and applause ] this, the viral video launched the solo career of bonnie mckee. she's written hits katy perry's" teenage dream." and she is set to be a star. and she's going to sing it here on "good morning america." katy perry, terra cruz. what's it like as a songwriter to -- when i'm writing for someone else, it's like playing a role a little bit. i get to step into their shoes for a minute. >> now, you're stepping into your own shoes. change to solo artist. what's it been like for you? >> amazing.
8:48 am
i waited a long time for it. i started out being an artist. now, i'm back as an artist. i'm happy to be back up on stage to play for all you guys. >> first time on national television. it's time to hear "american girl," bonnie mckee. ♪ i fell in love in a 7-eleven parking lot ♪ ♪ sat on the curb drinking slurpees ♪ ♪ we mixed with alcohol we talked about all our dreams ♪ ♪ and how we would show 'em ♪ all ♪ and i told him i got a plan and i'm gonna dominate ♪ ♪ and i don't need any man to be getting in my way ♪ ♪ but if you talk with your hands then we can negotiate ♪
8:49 am
♪ i just keep moving my body i'm always ready to party ♪ ♪ i don't listen to mommy and i'll never say that i'm sorry ♪ ♪ i'm an american girl hot blooded ♪ ♪ and i'm ready to go i'm loving taking over the world ♪ ♪ hot blooded all-american girl ♪ ♪ whoa i was raised by a television ♪ ♪ every day is a competition put the key in my ignition ♪ ♪ oh, way, oh ♪ i want to see all the stars and everything in between ♪ ♪ i wan to buy a new heart out of a vending machine ♪ ♪ 'cause it's a free country so, baby, we can do anything ♪ ♪ whoa i just keep moving my body ♪ ♪ i'm always ready to party
8:50 am
yeah ♪ ♪ i don't listen to mommy yeah ♪ ♪ i'll never say that i'm sorry ♪ ♪ oh i'm an american girl hot-blooded and i'm ♪ ♪ ready to go i'm loving taking over ♪ ♪ the world ♪ hot blooded all-american girl ♪ ♪ whoa, i was raised by a television ♪ ♪ every day is a competition ♪ ♪ put the key in my ignition ♪ ♪ oh, way, oh ♪ you know we're going to shine so bright ♪ >> "good morning america." ♪ we're going to go all night ♪ you know we're going to shine
8:51 am
so bright ♪ ♪ oh, baby gonna go all night ♪ ♪ and i'm an american girl hot blooded ♪ ♪ and i'm ready i'm loving taking over the world ♪ ♪ all-american girl american girl ♪ ♪ i was raised by a television ♪ every day is a competition ♪ put the key into my ignition ♪ ♪ an american girl i love taking over the world ♪ ♪ i'm taking over i am an american girl ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:52 am
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[ cheers and applause ] that was so much fun. thanks for coming on. we want everybody to check out a new look at it looks fantastic. today. >> and tomorrow on "gma," bethenny frankel is here live. we're counting down to macklemore and ryan lewis on friday. have a great day.
8:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc7 news update. >> good morning. it is a 50 6:00 a.m. i want to tell you about news coming in. a power outage is affecting an amtrak signaling system along the northeast corridor. passengers should expect delays of about an hour between baltimore and limington. passengers who have already paid, but choose not to travel can receive a refund or voucher to travel. king memorialher will probably not be ready for the 50th anniversary of the march on washington the architect says a contract in brunei has stalled the rest of the project. the anniversary of the march is august 28 and the scaffolding will come down and then the work will resume a little bit later on. >> 66 eastbound is the worst
8:57 am
delay we have right now. state to the left. and -- thetoll road, dulles toll road, state to the right to get around that one. ,nd in montgomery county, slow as well as through prince george's. >> if you're trying to fly out of reagan national dulles airport about delays ranging between 1525 minutes because of the low clouds that we have. some pretty good show hours south of d.c. right now and some rain in montgomery county. 79 degrees right now. we should make it into the upper 80's. a flash flood watch across the metro as well. >> t
8:58 am
8:59 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the drama "true blood," joe manganiello. and from the new film, "austenland," kerri walsh. and a chat with recording artist, carrie underwood. also, a man with a big trophy, pga champion jason dufner. plus, rebecca romijn returns for another day at the co-host desk. ll next on "live." now, here are michael strahan and rebecca romijn! [cheers and applause] ♪
9:00 am
ichael: my lady. rebecca: oh, my goodness. hi! michael: whoo! rebecca: hello. michael: hey! have a seat. have a seat. welcome, everybody. today is tuesday, august 13, 2013. [applause] yes, a great day. great day. what's great is filling in for kelly is rebecca romijn. [applause] rebecca: thank you. had to come back for a little more. i came back for round two. michael: you came back for the second day of torture for me. rebecca: oh, yeah. real torture. michael: did you do anything interesting after the show yesterday?
9:01 am
last night? anything? rebecca: i went and saw "this is the end." very funny movie. i highly recommend it. michael: i want to see it. i heard it was really good. rebecca: i think that real labor of love by seth rogen. they all play themselves. michael: a lot of stars in the movie. rebecca: it's fantastic. really funny. michael: so you went to the theater? rebecca: i went to the theater and then i went home and live tweeted "king & maxwell" yesterday. [applause] michael: you like live tweeting? rebecca: it was my first time doing that. it was fun. it's the first time -- they don't send us an advanced copy of the show. so it was my first time seeing the season finale as well so i was a little distracted. i wanted to be present but i kept remembering that i was supposed to be looking at my twitter feed. i'm just learning. i'm a newbie. michael: everybody that follows you can see what you write.
9:02 am
make sure your mom's not following you. that's the worse. your mom calling you. i don't even know how to text! rebecca: i'm still trying to convince my mom how to text. michael: she doesn't text? rebecca: she's getting to it now. i keep tell telling her this is how people interact these days. michael: my mom-testant me on occasions and when she puts the l.o.l., but she doesn't know when to do it. [laughter] rebecca: does she know what it means? michael: your dad had a doctor's appointment and they kept him in the hospital. l.o.l. rebecca: oh, no. [laughter] are you an l.o.l. person or a ha-ha person? i'm a ha-ha person. michael: i'm a l.o.l. and a ha-ha. it depends on what the other person sends me. if you ha-ha with me. i ha-ha with you. rebecca: i like that. i'm a ha-ha person. michael: but you need to know the appropriate times to do
9:03 am
those things. you can't be ha-haing and an l.o.l. in a hospital visit. rebecca: no. that's inappropriate, completely. michael: but speaking like tweeting, there's this new -- this thing that's gone on the last few weeks. it's called dufnering. have you heard of it? rebecca: well, as a matter of fact, i have. michael: really? ok. rebecca: i was just made aware of it recently. but why don't you explain what it is. michael: ok. jason dufner who won the pga champion -- championship sunday. [applause] which, i mean, amazing. it's the 95th pga championship he won. not only did he win on saturday's round, he shot a 63, which is a record. rebecca: i don't know anything about golf. so that's good? [laughter] michael: well, i'm going to explain it so enthusiastically that you're going to feel like you do. rebecca: yeah. it's infectious that you do. michael: thank you. he hit a putt that was that short for a 62. i would have thrown confetti but
9:04 am
a 63 is still a record. incredible. then the next day, he kept up the pace and won the tournament. you know what happens to these young golfers when you have a guy like jim furyk chasing you, an older guy who's a little more experienced. you get a little nervous. and then you tipping the ball. and he hung in there and had a great round. pitcher before, a released him in a class. rebecca: what kind of a class? >> -- there was a picture of him released in this class and i don't know what kind of student he was, but -- [laughter] he sure don't look like he was paying attention and all of a sudden, that picture went viral and that's called dufnering. rebecca: it's like planking. [laughter] michael: and so people, yesterday, we told people send us your best picture of you
9:05 am
dufnering. so, you know, i didn't want to be left out. so i was up in my office. so i went ahead -- [laughter] and that was in the middle of a very important meeting. i was just like -- rebecca: you look relaxed. michael: yeah. rebecca: i didn't want to be left out either so when i was in hair and makeup this morning, i did some dufnering. [laughter] [applause] everybody's doing it. michael: so we had people sending -- i mean, this guy here looks like he just had flat out too much to drink. i don't know. [laughter] rebecca: it does. dufnering does have that too much to drink vibe to it. michael: it's one of those things that's so safe even the kids can do it. rebecca: yeah, look at that. [laughter] michael: he look like he just got turned down on a date in college. [laughter] this guy here, he looks like he's been working too hard but i know that's not possible.
9:06 am
[laughter] [applause] ebecca: yay. michael: no way that guy was so worked up that he needs to lay down. and then you know what, the military. my guys in the air force. they're fixing planes and stuff and they had time to take a little dufnering break. [applause] rebecca: you know, sometimes when you're busy, it's just what you need. michael: it's a nice little -- that's relaxing. if you haven't done it yet you should try it. it's actually pretty good. rebecca: just let it all go. michael: but i'm excited because you know, that's a big day, that's fun. and i like things like that. and maybe he's here for a minute today. rebecca: maybe. michael: um-hmm. rebecca: he might be here. michael: because i like to get to the bottom of why he was sitting like that when the other kids were paying attention to the teacher. rebecca: yeah. michael: if he was my child, i
9:07 am
would be like son, pay attention in school. [laughter] before we get to that, on dates, are you the type when you have -- you've been out of the dating scene for a while. and i know before you're a big supermodel, you probably didn't go on dates. you just woke up and a man just knocked on your door like here. rebecca: yes. michael: but when you finally did have a meal, when you were dating jerry and jerry asked you out for the first time, did he pay for the meal? rebecca: yes. michael: ok. rebecca: yes. michael: did you expect for him to pay for the meal? [applause] rebecca: um, no. michael: you didn't expect for him to pay for it? rebecca: i didn't, no. because i've always been a pretty self-sufficient lady. michael: yeah. rebecca: and actually, we keep our money separate. [laughter] michael: oh! [applause] rebecca: we do. [applause] oprah and suze orman told me i
9:08 am
should and we do. michael: you always listen to oprah and suzy. but you didn't expect him to pay for dinner but he pays for dinner. because there's this new thing where they did a poll. after nearly 50 years of feminism, 64% of men believe that women should pay for half the meal. they should go dutch now. whoa! whoa! whoa! rebecca: wow. michael: my man was clapping. rebecca: you are brave, sir. michael: yes. put him on one more time. show his face again. [laughter] because i'll tell you, he started out real strong with the clapping. i appreciate a strong man who can come in here and clap with a roomful of a lot of women. but is that your wife? >> it is. michael: she shut you down so quick. he was like this and she went --
9:09 am
[laughter] so now, you're on national tv and the wife set you down! but what do you feel about that? how do you feel about that? rebecca: i think that, you know, of course, a lot of women are making their own money these days and so it's reasonable to expect it, but i like tradition. michael: me too. rebecca: i like the tradition. -- the tradition of chivalry. [applause] a little chivalry goes a long way. i love it when you pull my chiret for me. makes me so happy. it's very nice. chivalry goes a long way. [laughter] michael: for all you young men out there who want to find out how to get a date, pull out the chair. i'm like you. i like tradition. and why would i ask you on a date and expect for you to pay half of it? rebecca: that's the thing. whoever does the invitation for the date should be paying. michael: but even if a young lady invited me on a date, i would pay. that's just being the man. it makes you feel like a man.
9:10 am
and then 44% of the men said they would drop a woman who did not chip in ever, never chipped in on the food. >> boo! michael: and you know what? if you did that, you're going to be -- that's what you're going to be looking like. just like that. [laughter] [applause] if you can't pay for the date, don't ask for it. rebecca: speaking of tradition, yesterday when we talk about tossing the bouquet at the wedding, i felt a little thrown when you asked me who caught my bouquet at the wedding and when i was thrown when i realized later because when i married jerry, i never threw my bouquet. i never tossed my buy came. but i did toss my bouquet in my first wedding and my sister caught that bouquet and she's very happily married. michael: oh, there we go. [applause] rebecca: sometimes i can't even
9:11 am
keep up with my own self. [laughter] michael: since you didn't toss your bouquet when you married jerry, any female from that wedding married after? rebecca: yes. michael: probably not because you didn't toss that bouquet. holding people back. rebecca, just holding women back from marriage. rebecca: sometimes with the second wedding, a few traditions fly out the window. [laughter] michael: that is true. that is very true. rebecca: it happens. michael: and i got another thing here i've got to ask you. if you -- do you drink? rebecca: sure. michael: a little bit? rebecca: a little bit. alcohol. adult beverages. they're trying to say isn't beer that possibly contributes to beer bellies. it is the decision making you make after you had those beers that can contribute to this. rebecca: right. [laughter] michael: it's like oh, i'm feeling real good right now. could i have that cheeseburger and fries? rebecca: yes. it could impair your judgment.
9:12 am
i hear. michael: then you're like ok. how would you like it? medium well. i can have some fries? and you're like give me some and an appetizer too. rebecca: right. michael: that's the problem. rebecca: i could see that being the problem, yes. [laughter] michael: but because it enhances the short-term -- what they call? reward effect in your mind of consuming food when you have some alcohol in your system. rebecca: yes. well, it all makes you very happy, doesn't it? michael: yes. well, certain people, no. i've seen some angry ones out there if they've had a few cocktails. but it's supposed to make you happy. rebecca: if you're wanting to be camera ready, you shouldn't drink and eat impulsively. remember when ladies for a long time, there's been a trend where ladies do sexy lingerie photo shoots for their boyfriend or their husband or maybe to spice up a marriage? michael: sure. rebecca: there's a new trend
9:13 am
called -- those are called boudoir photo shoots. photo re called dudoir shoots. [cheers and applause] , where men are now doing this for the ladies. michael: i've learned so much about women since i join this show. rebecca: michael, would you ever do anything like that? michael: dudoir. rebecca: yeah. michael: if nicole wanted it, yes, i would do it for her. rebecca: just for nicole? michael: yeah. i don't want my picture in here. there's a picture of me from short shorts that is living forever. rebecca: i've got some bad news. michael: oh, stop it! [laughter] [applause] what did you do? oh!
9:14 am
♪ [laughter] [applause] michael: don't do that, man! cheers and applause] rebecca: wow! [cheers and applause] that looks great. [laughter] michael: i'm dufnering with an attitude right now. [laughter] rebecca: so what do you do to prepare for that? do you like oil yourself up? push-ups? michael: nothing. as a matter of fact, i told forgot that they film me doing it. rebecca: really? > i did. michael: i didn't do push-ups. i could show you right now. [applause] not happening. but i guess i would do that. rebecca: ig -- i guess you did do that. gelman: i think you forget.
9:15 am
because roll the videotape. rebecca: oh, my god! [laughter] [cheers and applause] michael: no! no! no! rebecca: what? [laughter] [cheers and applause] michael: no! no, no, no. let me explain myself. gelman: get the security camera. michael: that was strictly for your purposes. gelman said let them see you do some push-ups so it could be comedic. [laughter] so i busted out 100 push-ups just for the camera. rebecca: you didn't see the camera there? gelman: it was comedic. michael: it's nothing worse on being on live tv and you feel ambushed. [laughter] rebecca: aww. gelman: we want to make you feel unsafe. michael: i'm kind of blushing but you can't see it because i'm dark. [laughter] rebecca: my other favorite thing i learned from yesterday is we were talking about my husband, jerry, is a speedo wearing guy. michael: where are those
9:16 am
pictures? rebecca: they're all over the place. but gelman is also a speedo wearing guy. gelman: no. it's been a decade. rebecca: you say you still have your speedo. and now you're feeling inspired. gelman: i may. jerry inspired me. rebecca: gelman, a 15-year-old speedo elastic? michael: do they still fit? rebecca: don't do it. something might fall out. michael: yeah, sure. gelman: i hope not. [laughter] michael: but gelman, i'll tell you what, the ambushing is -- gelman: i'm sorry. videotape is videotape. proof is proof. michael: it's not like people at home could see that unless you play it. plain and simple. what's that? you like that, sir? thank you, sir. thank you. [applause] rebecca: yeah. michael: thank you. my man. rebecca: i don't think you have anything to be embarrassed about, michael.
9:17 am
michael: well, you know, speedos are next for me. rebecca: well, we don't know what's going on behind that red curtain. michael: i do. there's a lot going on behind that red curtain. [laughter] [applause] now, we want to bring out our special guest. rebecca: ok. let's do it. michael: he has had a whirlwind couple of days since becoming the 95th pga champion. everybody, please welcome first-time winner, jason dufner! [cheers and applause] ♪ oh! rebecca: incredible! michael: good to see you, man. thank you. [cheers and applause] rebecca: congratulations. michael: there you go. let me move that back up for you. hey, thank you for coming to the show. >> good to be here. great to be here. michael: from my understanding, they engraved your name on that right after the tournament. somebody's on the sot. >> yeah. it's down there have. right here on the bottom of the
9:18 am
front. michael: oh, there it is. rebecca: yep. there it is. michael: did he spell your name right? >> yep, he did, fortunately. [laughter] michael: now, the top comes off of that. >> it does. michael: and have you had a beverage out of the top yet? >> not yet. michael: how many beers would that hold? >> 47 is what i've been told. well documented by past champions, i think. michael: 47 beers. now, you keep that one, right? >> this one is mine. it's got a 90% replica of the original. [applause] michael: so i'm a little worried. this is a 95 presidentth champion. -- 95 pga champion. >> this is mine. michael: you turned pro in 2000 and you won your first tournament within the year? >> yeah, a couple of years. i was on mini tour for a while. i was kind of struggling out there but to be where i am right now is definitely great.
9:19 am
michael: how is winning your first tour event match up with winning this last tour event? the emotion of it. >> night and day. this is a big deal. we only got four majors a year. best players in the world in these events. toughest golf courses in the world. and to be considered best golfer for the week is unbelievable. rebecca: there's the schedule? are there downtimes? >> yeah. we can play anywhere around the world. our regular season goes from january to about september. and then from octobering to the end of the year, you can go all around the world. i've played in asia. i've played in australia. i've gone tuille these great places because of golf. but we travel about 30 weeks out of the year. michael: wow. rebecca: i heard you collected some acorns from a golf course. >> yeah. from oak hill country club where we just played. my wife and i, we have 50 acres where we built our house on and we're needing some trees. rebecca: i love that. [laughter] [applause] >> it will be great.
9:20 am
it's fantastic. rebecca: that's great. michael: the way he said it that. we needed some trees. good thing you didn't have something to being the big one up. you shot a course record 63. i'm curious. i'm a golfer. i'm not good. i'm nowhere near your caliber, obviously, but what are you thinking when you're over that putt for possibly a 62 but you still set a record for 6? what goes flaw professional mind? >> yeah, that putt for 62 probably wasn't the right mentality. i had a chance to be the first to doing? the history of golf and i probably didn't handle it as well as i would have liked. i left the putt short. pretty much the worst putt i've hit all weaning. but from preparation, just like when you played football, that instinct kicks in that's why you practice. that's why you prepare so when you go to the games or you play these rounds, it just happens. michael: it's automatic. now, you know, obviously, dufnering -- we've got to talk about this. rebecca: can you please explain that? michael: where is it?
9:21 am
>> there it is. michael: i'm confused here. rebecca: what is going on? michael: other kids in the class are paying attention. what's going on here? >> i was paying attention. so you're looking at a snippet of a 30-minute segment where i'm sending -- sitting indian style on the ground. rebecca: that's not indian style. oh, i see. >> yeah. i can't sit like that on the ground. and i was like man, when is this going to be over with? [laughter] i already was in the second grade a long time ago. [laughter] let's get this done with. and that's what they got. michael: well, you know what, you have created a sensation. >> turned out good. michael: it turned out very good. [applause] it turned out very good and as you said, you had a chance to shoot a 66 for the greatest round of golf ever and you didn't handle it well. but let me tell you what, you've handle hammed it just fine
9:22 am
because you are the 9 a 59th pga champion and congratulations, man. we're going to keep dufnering all around the world. congratulations, everybody. give it up for jason dufner! [cheers and applause] rebecca: next up, we've got joe manganiello. announcer: still ahead on "live," carrie underwood. from the new film, "austenland," kerri walsh. and coming up next from "true blood," joe manganiello.
9:23 am
9:24 am
[applause] michael: welcome back. on tomorrow's show from the new film, "lee daniels' the butler," forest whitaker will be here. rebecca: and the men from the reality series, "duck dynasty" will be here. michael: that's going to be fun. and maria menounos will be here as well. [applause] our next guest, he's the -- i'm going to let you read. rebecca: he's the lean, mean, and let's not forget sexy
9:25 am
werewolf on the hbo hit series "true blood." [applause] please welcome joe manganiello! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> hi. hi. hi. how are you? [cheers and applause] michael: you know what, they -- cheers and applause] i guess they love werewolves, huh? >> i guess so. michael: it's amazing. i saw you right before you came out, you're one of the few actors who come out here and i'm small. like i am really small. rebecca: we're all kind of eye-to-eye here. >> i know.
9:26 am
[laughter] michael: but, you know, you took a trip to sydney and when you were there, what were some of the things that you got a chance to do? >> well, i've got to present an award at the basically the equivalent of the australian emmy awards and i've got to promote "true blood" and in the meantime, i've got to do fun stuff like go the zoos and feed kangaroos and pet them. rebecca: aww, you're getting photo bombed. [laughter] >> there's this really friendly seal who -- rebecca: that's so cute. >> he jumped up and gave me a hug and they snapped a picture. and i've got to swim with sharks. rebecca: oh. michael: you have heard of shark week, right? >> yeah. michael: why the hell would you go swimming with the sharks? >> that's the australian way. there's a lot of fun stuff to do that's kind of scary. they said they fed them that morning though. rebecca: did you go in a cage? i did it once in a cage. michael: you went in the cage? you're asking for it.
9:27 am
[laughter] >> and you can climb on top of the sydney harbor bay bridge 664 feet over the water. yeah, there we are. michael: wow. you have a harness on. >> it's just like a little string. [laughter] rebecca: is it windy up there? >> pretty windy. michael: are you a thrill seeker? i'm just curious. >> i guess so. yeah, like skydiving. yeah, i'm into that kind of stuff. i mean, theater acting. it's a little scary. male stripping, you know. [applause] rebecca: i'm glad you mentioned that because the "magic mike" fans want to know. [applause] >> i think they're working on it. michael: they're working on a "magic mike" two. there we go. look at you. [applause] >> that's all and good but my question is when are you going to audition, michael? michael: you know what, we did
9:28 am
have channing on the show and i did this whole "magic mike" thing and he offered me. he said he would put me in the second one. rebecca: can you help him get to an audition? >> i've got to see what you're working with here, you know. [cheers and applause] ♪ [laughter] michael: and joe, that -- rebecca: there might be something there. michael: i kept that p.g. because kids are at home. skiles not in session yet. >> you don't want to give away anything they'll pay for. michael: exactly. always make them want more. [laughter] i can't believe i just did that. [laughter] [applause] hey, we got to take a quick break. don't go anywhere now. rebecca: john's going to --
9:29 am
joe's going to talk about getting werewolf ready when we come back. [applause] announcer: still ahead on "live," we'll talk with carrie underwood. and also from the new film "austenland," kerri walsh.
9:30 am
9:31 am
9:32 am
[applause] michael: that is joe manganiello in "true blood." , and you as a scene are something, man. but how do fans reacting to all the changes in the show this season? rebecca: yeah. a lot of characters have died off. >> yeah, there's been a lot of trimming that's gone on. so it's a much smaller cast. the last table read, we all kind of looked around and they said ok, let's get started and we went whoa, whoa, what about everybody else? and they said there's nobody else. we've killed them all. michael: so you're happy you're still sitting in the room. >> make sure you're getting the paycheck. michael: one thing about this show from day one, is there's always been a lot of partial nudity. so do you have to take a certain routine? diet? to stay in shape for that or you just don't care and you're just au naturale for that? >> just sleep a lot, drink a lot
9:33 am
of beer, a lot of shake weight. [laughter] [applause] no, i actually -- you know, all -- i found hueat jackson's trainer from "x-men" and he put together this thing that we call the werewolf workout. but then we evolved into the "magic mike" workout. rebecca: it used to be called "the wolverine" workout. >> and i'm releasing a book december 3 which is called evolution and it is all of my workouts and plus the diet, the cardio, the abs and plus the tricks if you have to film. rebecca: like what? he needs to learn some of that. [laughter] >> we'll talk because you're getting ready for "magic mike" too. michael: perfect. i will come in there and work out and get my abs tight and my booty right, if you know what i mean. [applause] i have one more question about "true blood." will the fans be happy about the way the season wraps up? >> yeah, it's pretty crazy.
9:34 am
i think "entertainment weekly," they reported on it and so i'm not giving anything away that can get me fired. so there's a time jump. there's a lot of water cooler talk the day after. some big changes. michael: oh. oh. rebecca: oh, my goodness. [laughter] well, i can't wait. so el: we'll have to wait see that. rebecca: the truth season finale is this sunday at 9:00 p.m. on hbo. and next up, we have kerri walsh. [applause] walsh. [appla[ dog growls, barks ]
9:35 am
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triple your speed for just a few dollars more a month. call 1.888.410.4404 to sign up today. having a network that works as hard as you do -- at's powerful. verizon. [applause] michael: oh. now here comes a talented actress who could play anything from a russian spy to a jane austen fanatic. her new film is called "austenland." please welcome the lovely keri russell. [cheers and applause] ♪ rebecca: you look beautiful. michael: great to see you. nice model walk on the way.
9:38 am
>> i worked on that. rebecca: the lady in red. ladies in red. >> that's right. ladies in red. michael: you know, your show, "the americans" is really outstanding. >> thank you. michael: outstanding tv. [applause] >> thanks. michael: and you're getting ready to shoot season two. you're nothing like your character. so what's it like to play this russian spy? >> i know, my son who's 6, river, who's at home right now, his little friends who were just a little older have a better understanding that i'm an actress. and they'll say your mom's playing a spy, this russian spy on the show and he will go i don't think you should play that character. and i go why? and he's like you're not russian and you're not a spy. and i don't think people will believe you. rebecca: and you also play a very cold heartless mother. did you he know about that? >> he does. it's a little more like men me than people know.
9:39 am
no. michael: you're always in great shape. every time you come here, you're in great shape. bit hear that you stay in shape in a very unusual location. like you work out in the closet. [laughter] >> oh. well, you know when you have kids and you're working and there's no time. there's no like two hours to commute and go to the gym. rebecca: sometimes you have to hide. >> sometimes you have to sneak in those things. rebecca: do you ever get distracted? sometimes i do the same thing and then i'll see something i'll want to try on. and then i'll get distracted on my workout. oh, that's a cute outfit. [laughter] >> no, i don't. but like i have i few minutes. i put on my groovy music and then i like jam in the closet. yeah. michael: what do you do? like yoga? >> sometimes yoga. sometimes i do my nerdy little -- there's that video, tracy anderson workout video. i do some of those moves and i put on my music and i jam. and you feel so much better. i just do a little dance-off
9:40 am
with myself. michael: do you want to show us something? will you show us something? [cheers and applause] ♪ >> if you dance, i'll dance. michael: come on. let's go. rebecca: i love that. i love that. [laughter] michael: what are you doing? [cheers and applause] ♪ michael: whoo! i am tired! [laughter] >> you know what? now i love you even more. rebecca: keri in "austenland" you play jane. you're a jane austen obsessed fan. you get to go to a resort. you explain. >> she's a lonely heart girl who is obsessed with all things jane austen. she spends to go to this resort where ladies dressed in era clothes and men are paid to
9:41 am
flirt with you. it's all incredibly embarrassing and incredible and i heard you guys saw jennifer coolidge yesterday. she's amazing. she's crazy. it's hilarious. she's amazing. she's so great. she's like a movie to me. rebecca: and you were pregnant while you were shooting? >> yes. so there was -- we were wearing corsets but mine had a very expandable side so every day, it would get bigger and bigger. and the only time my life that i actually had boobs. [laughter] i was so excited. i was like yes, show off! great. [laughter] yeah, so. boobs and dresses. michael: we're going to take a look at a clip. and in this scene, you're having a discussion with a pan who is a lot like jane austen's mr. darcy. here is keri russell in "austenland." >> outside, i'll find the conversation of women to be stimulating. >> oh, i just can't imagine why
9:42 am
you're still single. >> fancy the ring on your finger. >> that's right all right. i asked for it. i am single because apparently, the only good men are fictional. >> you think there's any good women out there? no, no, no. they prefer honesty and fidelity and while we are all away, they run up to brazil and sleep with your mate. >> get on with the game. you're all wind bag. [applause] rebecca: "austenland" opens in select cities on friday and nationwide on saturday. thank you, keri, so much. thank you for being here. michael: when we come back, carrie underwood is here. [applause] announcer: thursday on "live" from the few film, "paranoia," harrison ford.
9:43 am
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." it's been called "cuccinelli's witch hunt" "designed to intimidate and suppress" ken cuccinelli used taayer funds to investigate a uva professor whose research on climate change cuccinelli opposed. cuccinelli, a climate change denier, forced the university to spend over half a million dollars defending itself ainst it's own attorney general. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. n us.
9:45 am
[applause] ♪ rebecca: she's a six-time grammy winner and the top female country music touring artist of 2012. now, carrie underwood is bringing her sold outblown away tour everywhere. her new c.d. is out today. please welcome carrie underwood! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> hi.
9:46 am
michael: good to see you. >> good. michael: whoo. now that right there, that was like a football player coming out of the tunnel! [applause] welcome to the show, first of all. >> thank you. michael: summer's winding down. and you've been on tour. you're so busy, but did you get a chance to take a little break on trips or do any kind of vacation? >> i did. my husband and i haven't really taken a vacation since our honeymoon three years ago. so we thought we owe it to ourselves to do something. and we took kind of an anniversary trip to italy. we went to austria. it was gorgeous. we ate and drank. michael: oh there, you two are. rebecca: that's amazing that you went to austria because now, you're about to come to new york maria get ready to do von trapp in the sound of music. >> that's right. [applause] rebecca: it's a live three-hour special on december 5. are you moving to information for this? >> i will be here for a couple
9:47 am
of months. rebecca: are you nervous? >> it is live. so everybody's singing, dancing, whatnot, live. it's going to be awesome. i'm not nervous yet. i will be though. rebecca: are you more nervous about living in new york or more nervous about the live three-hour special? >> the liveness of the show. [laughter] michael: welcome to my world. i'm nervous every day. but when you move to new york, what kind of place are you looking for? >> my dogs will be with me. so i'll need access to some grass, you know. michael: yeah. [laughter] >> i don't know. a gym. i love to grocery shop. [laughter] i know, it's weird. i'm weird. int's like my favorite place the world. the grocery store. michael: for all these guys that were like you never meet a good looking woman in a grocery store. she's taken. but there is proof that they hang out there. [applause]
9:48 am
when we come back, keri is going -- carrie is going to tell us about sharing the stage with the rolling stones. we'll be right back. announcer: tomorrow on "live" from "extra," maria menounos.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
♪ cheers and applause] rebecca: that was a clip from carrie's new blown away tour, which is available today, on d.v.d. today. >> today. michael: and you finished up in canada in may. your tour finished up in canada in may. and i heard you got a call and when you got this call from this legendary band, the rolling stones to say oh, we hear you're in town, do you want to sing with us. do you believe it? >> i believed it because they didn't like call my phone. [laughter] i don't have their number or anything.
9:52 am
but it came through. i think we work with the same kind of people and it came through them. but i was so excited to go home. you know, we had such a long tour. it was so awesome but it's so exhausting. i was like home after this show, it's our last show and then that day, they're like you might not be going home. and for a split second i was mad until they told me why. that was the only thing they could keep me from going home. rebecca: they made you sing with them. >> "it's only rock 'n' roll." [applause] michael: were you nervous? >> it wasn't nerves, it was like bubbling over with excitement and happiness. like i was -- i mean, if you look back on youtube, i just looked giddy. [laughter] yeah. rebecca: i get it. michael: and congratulations because it's just been announced that you and brad paisley are hosting the c.m.a.'s for the sixth year for the sixth time. [applause] you do it all.
9:53 am
>> yeah. yes. [laughter] i have fun and new opportunities come at me every day and i'm just -- i'm blessed to get to do what i do and love it. michael: well, you do it well and we all love it, too. rebecca: and i can't wait to see you tour. [applause] michael: now, carrie underwood's blown away tour is on d.v.d. now, coming out today. make sure you go check it out, everybody. carrie underwood. [applause] we'll be right back. announcer: if you'd like to know more about anything you see "live," log onto at ikea, we don't just design furniture.
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[applause] rebecca: you know, michael, your audition here today for the "magic mike" sequel was ok. but i think we have something at may help you out a little bit. michael: what you got? [cheers and applause] ♪ rebecca: yeah. i think that may have sealed the deal.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> today! ahhhh! >> makeover mania! >> time-out. >> wow! >> not one. >> i don't know if you have ever done this. >> not two. >> if you didn't have it going on, you sure do now! >> big-jaw-dropping makeovers. >> packed into one fabulous show! [ crowd cheerring ] [ applause ] >> she's beautiful! [ crowcheering ] [ applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> welcome, everybody, welcome! ♪
10:00 am
so, i cannot believe it's been like, i don't know, 7 years already, when we first started up our chat show here, i said, let's not do makeovers, you see them everywhere. and well, makekeovers need a makeover. but then the crack team started coming up with clever ways to makeover makeovers. things like, one of my all-time favorites was we did an ambush style makeover, at the dmv, we made people over before they got their drivers license pictures. >> i love that the team came up with twists. and we see so of of our viewers, they come in and help us out with them. >> i think the ks have outdone thememselves. they came up with the makeover mania! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> what is makeover mania? >> well ... makeover mania means that in one hour, we willll show you 6 makeovers with 5 experts, all
10:01 am
working together to make all of that magic happ! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> tup first! -- up first.t. [ applause ] >> up first, over to this side of me, we have a set of twins. these ladies have looked the same for the last 59 years! theya look great for 59, now they want to look different. please welcome diane and donna. [ applause ] >> we couldn't think of a better set of experts to help diane and donnnna, than actual twince. please -- twins. >> please welcome lauren tharian. and that's his twin -- lawrence zarian, and that's his twin, gregory zarian! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> ladies first, why after 59 years - you are so close, so adorable - i saw them backstage wandering around the
10:02 am
you halls together, they hold each other's hands and why after 59 years have you decided you want to sort of become your own woman? >> since we have always looked like each other, and we have been mixed up by our friends and my husband has mixed us up, you know? [ laughter ] >> not good. >> i have taken tests for her, my algebra test. we got away with it. >> and i passed. [ applause ] >> you guys took each other's tests? [ applause ] >> awesome! [ applause ] >> listen, ladies, i am married, too, sometimes you want to trade your husband for a day. >> and this is a really sweet story, thou close and sweet you are. >> we are connected. á >> how are you gonna go about this? is this gonna be a weird day when you wake up looking different . >> we are ready for a makeover. >> a new phase! [ crowd cheering ] [ plause ] ♪ >> now, it time to talk to the gentlemen, fellas? >> yes.
10:03 am
>> what is the game-plan for the ladies? >> i will tell you this, the best part of life is being an identical twin. love that. but you want your own individuality. so what we will do with the girls is give them their own unique looks. i see lots of colors, i see great cuts. >> two different cuts. >> because sexy is the new 60. [ applause ] >> sexy is the new 60. i like that. >> are you guys different enough in personalitythat they're gonna be able to -- >> yes! >> that's great. >> night and day. >> so, what's your personality, in a nut shell? >> i am conservative. >> i am a party girl. >> you are the party girl. >> i think i know who's gonna come out sassier! [ applause ] >> all the best movies ha the librarian taking off her glasses, you know? >> so you guys go get started.
10:04 am
let's go, let's go. >> moving on over to this side [ applause ] >> you might be able to guess what our next viewer wants; this is shannon, and her hair malicious 31 inch -- measures 31 inches. your hair is almost as tall as me, who better to give shannon a new do, than kyan douglas? >> it's long hair and looks really healthy and shiny. how long has it been since you cut your hair? >> 7 years old. >> 7 years old the last time you cut your hair? >> i have got 10 trimmed and things like that, but i have always had long hair. >> you have had long hair since you were 7? >> yes. >> wow! >> why the bangs? >> a little camouflage. >> you are not thrilled with your forehead. >> it looks like a perfectly
10:05 am
fine forehead to me, but, something to keep in mind when you think about her style, ultimately? >> the bangs dictate where we go, but she's got this gorgeous face, the shape of her face is perfect! we can do almost anymore! [ applause ] -- anything. >> she's got a rocking body under all of that hair. >> she's got an amation body. >> -- amazing body. >> we want to bring the sexy into the 43, as well. >> yowilling to go where they want to go . >> yes. >> you are going to be brave wherever they want to go length-wise . >> yes. >> she's ready for a change, and i am here to help her make it. >> by the by, i dig the mustache. >> thank you very much, thank you very much. it's new. >> i do something new. you can do something new. >> i know! >> you guys ready to gestart add? >> oh, yeah. >> come obabe. >> moving right along, , here. lovely ladies, e of our viewers, her name is gwen.
10:06 am
wen is gorgeous, but gwen s been going gray since she was in her 20s. joining us today is another good friend and beauty expert and just a plain beauty, cynde watson on the end here. >> hello. [ crcrowd cheing ] [ applause ] >> so, if your hair is starting to go gray in the 20s ahead of the schedule clearly, y didn't you just go have some fun and go to the salolon with the girls and get it colored? >> i was reluctant to do it because i was afraid. afraid it would tarnish, i was told i had a pretty color gray. >> it is a pretty color gray. that it would tarnish. i have a lot of hair, so if it didn't come out right, i thought it would be damaging. i became self-conscious. as time went on, i became self-conscious about having gray hair, it got grayer and grayer. and especially my ughter and family and friends, they said, you need to color your try it this will be the first time. >> what's the game plan,
10:07 am
cynde. >> she gives back, first and foremost. you give back in your job, right? >> i work for the louis center. hi, louis center! >> time for her -- >> she cares for the homeless. and she needs a day of pampering. >> i i wanted to say that, because she needs to be noticed. >> what's gonna happen, we are gonna do head to toe. she has beautiful skin, chumentioned. we will do -- which you mentned. >> we will do her hair, and her skin. and we want to empower her to do this for herself. you are not doing for you, you keep doing for others. we will start with the hair and go back to her natural color, more of a darker brown, it will be shiny and beautifulul. then with the beautiful skin, we are gonna add color. >> you can trust her. she will teach you how to do it step by step. >> we will put her in something comfortable and show that beautiful silhouette. >> you girls go, and you have
10:08 am
fun. [ applause ] >> come on over this way! [ applause ] >> so -- >> this gorgeous woman here she needs no make over, she's a good friend, the founder of chief chica' this is lilliana vasquez, wearing a stunning dress by the by. >> thank you. >> and she is going to surprise two of our studio audience guests with makeovers and get this ... she's gonna give each of these people a full makeover in just 5 minutes each! [ audience oohs ] >> huh? >> that's pretty impressive. >> this is happening right here in 5 minutes. >> i am gonna say under 5 minutes. >> love it! [ apapplause ] >> so we will take a quick break and find out whicone or two of these guise are gonna get made á over after this! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪
10:09 am
>> tomorrow. it's our big 80s show! first, what? david lee roroth never r called . >> the original mtv-days are telling secrets about some of the biggest acts of the 80s. >> i didn't know nina almost slept with john mel ancamp. >> i would not say that ... >> then. ♪ they say the heart of rock and roll is still beating ♪ >> hewey lewis is playing the blues. ♪ [ applause ] ♪ [ applause ] ♪ [ dog growls, barks ]
10:10 am
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10:12 am
>> all righty, so! this is our makeover mania show. we have a total of 6 makeovers coming at you guys. and before the break i explained to you that our good friend here, lilliana vasquez, who looks remarkably beautiful today, great dress; she is going to be surprising two of our audience members today. they are each gonna a get a makeover. the twist? she will give those makeovers in 5 minutes or less! [ apause ] >>so ... [ applause ] >> basicically, you chose a couple of audience members to come down. who is your first pick? >> okay, so my first victim is going to be ... where are you? okay, so, third row.
10:13 am
she's wearing a striped shirt. kim. shorter blond hair. yes, you kim. come on down. [ crowd cheering ] [ applauause ] >> she's so cute, already. >> kim's adorable! [ applause ] >> kim you look like a sporty sort of a gal, you like to be on the go and wear comfortable clothes? >> i am always on the go. comfort, i am a mom of three and a substitute teacher. so i will wear this to work. when we have dress-down fridays, or basically a top with slacks. but it's always comfort, and i never have time in the morning because i amalways getting the kids ready and everyone out the door. >> and so you are sort of dressing like some of the kids used to? >> i never feel put together. >>i gotcha. >> i look frumpy, so this is awesome. >> i don't know how you are gonna do it in 5 minutes.
10:14 am
>> women think that comfort and style are mutually exclusive, you need stylish pieces. you want something to feels more polished than this for casual friday. >> that's what i am looking for. >> i am a huge denim fan, but you need the right jeans. for me, i will take you out the light washed weird jeans -- >> well, they're t weird. >> they're long jeans. >> i will give you this kinda jean. and then, i also wanna do, you are petite, like rachael and i. so you want a cropped jacket kinda thing. >> so pretty on her. and how gorgeous is this color on her. >> this is my favorite color. >> it is? >> it is! >> it's my color. >> awesome. [ applause ] >> and then i am gonna add height to you, as well, so these very cool shoes mayb. [ audience ooh] >> those are cute. >> and then let's talk about beauty, i want you to feel beautiful in this makeover. i don't have time to cut your hair so i will make it loger. i dodon't know if you have ever
10:15 am
done this. >> i have never. >> i see a bit of roots. so let's do a root touch up and maybe some color on the lips? >> okay. >> so all of this goes to you. >> let me explain, guys so we don't lose you here. we have two chananging room set ups here, with a whole style team. and they are waiting behind there to work with all of these pieces and lilliana's directed them what to do once she gets back there. >> right. so you don't have to get naked in front of all of these people. you will go back there and go put all of this on. put 5 minutes on the clock and you go in ur fitting room. >> she has 5 minutes. [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> she's n. she's in. ♪ >> okay, while she's starting her makeover, , we will get our second one going. who duchoose -- did you choose for this? >> she has gorgeous long-brown hair, where is she? >> iliana? >> hi, ilian a. she's with her husband.
10:16 am
she's super-cute! [ applause ] >> oh, she's's running fast. like it. totally gorgeous. >> you camwith your husband to this? what's your husband's name . >> carlos. >> hi, carlrlos! >> carlos is probably excited. >> he hasn't seen me in a dress for i don't know how long. >> so, let me guess, you would like to commout in a -- come out in a dress . >> huh, yes. >> is this normally how you dress?s? sweats, sneakers? leggings. >> these are your fancy flats and sweats? >> these are my dressweats. [ laughter ] >> listen, when i am not at the e television show, i am in my dress pajamas and dress sweats. so, i hear you. what are you thinking, lilliana? >> i think for her, this is your usual go-to-look? i think a dress would take you out of this, and into a much sexier kind of glam feel. so, definitely a dress for you, and i want toto add color,
10:17 am
i am seeing a lot of black and gray. i hope you are comfortable in a color. we have a lot of color here. >> a lot of solid bright colors are so popular for this season. >> i think maybe this dress for you. [ audience oohs ] >> i know it's a little short, trust me on this. and since we are working with color, the bested way -- best waway to add this, is these shoes, they're t and super-super sexy. >> i love your hair, and i think it needs to go up and away from your face. and this lilittle thing is gonn change your life. i won't tell you what it is right now, and let's play up the eyeyes. her eyes are gorgeous, a little bit of wax coming at you. a little wax, eyeliner. coming at you. >> i think that's good! [ applause ] >> ththat's all she needs. >> get on back there, get on back there! [ appluse ] ♪ >> kim is down to just under three minutes left on her clock. and her clock just started. so i think it's a great time
10:18 am
to take a quick break. when we come back, we will see kim, and iliana will be finishing up her 5 minutes. we'll be back with iliana and kim, all after this!
10:19 am
10:20 am
>> okay, we are back, enjoying the makeover mania, this is lilliana vasquez, giving 2 of our audience members each a 5-minute makeover. we are reready to see kim. kim is the first participant. she's super busy; she has dogs, 3 3 children and she's a substitute teacher. she said her style is dressing for comfort. >> getting through the day as comfortably as possible . >> she has 5 minutes to get ready in the morning, lirally. minutes was the key for the fast makeovers, frankly, that's all women spend on themselves for a given day, 5
10:21 am
minutes. >> i will show you how to spend the 5 minutes to make a big impact. >> okay. so we said before the break, it doesn't have to be a club, comfort or style, the two can live together. here's kim before. and here's kim now. come on out, kim! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> yay! [ applause ] ♪ >> now, -- >> oh, my god! >> excuse me. [ applause ] >> excuse me, kim. um, gweneth just called, and shield like her look -- she would like her look back. >> you haven't seen yourself yet, so looking in the monitor, aren't you cute? >> i think i ed to go out. >> lilliana, i think you made smart, fun, youthful choice, she can do so much with these pieces. tell us out what we should learn from this look? >> itwas about giving her easy separates, to mix in with
10:22 am
the things she owns. a thin jean, a dark wash, extends her and flatters her figure, and a crop jacket, perfect for her. >> white tank tops, everyone has these and it looks fantastic. a bright color with the shoe, looks beautiful. >> and i don't know if you noticed but her hair grew 6 inches. >> you popped in a little extension . >> yeahah, i want to show you these, they are cool. >> extensions can be battlefield to >>cabe difficult to put in. ere's a manofillament here, a fishing wire. put your head forwarard, and then flip the head back over. >> you had a bit of a root issue, so we touched it up. root spray, cheaper than getting hair touched up at the hair salon. takes s away ththe re-growth or gray. >> every woman looks great in bright pink hipstick. i -- lipstick.
10:23 am
>> carthenage. is the color i like. >> i love the color of this lipstick. >> you can layer it to be intense or wear actual softer like she did -- wear it softer to look liar she does -- look like she does. >> i am glad i was here today. i think i need to stay in the city so i can go out tonight! >> you should. >> glad we made you so happy. >> thank you so much. [ applause ] >> it thank you. >> iliana is the other candidate from our audience. >>yes. >> the audience member yo chose for a 5-minute makeover. her husband,os, -- carlos came with her to the show. he can't remember the last time she saw her in a dress. she was gonna take off her "dress sweat pants" and put on a dress. let's remind everyone what she looked like in the "dresess sweat pants".
10:24 am
>> she's adorable, but let's see what she looks like now. come on out, iliana. [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> i like her in a dress! ♪ >> oh! look at yourself, sweetheart. look at yourself. >> i didn't recognize myself. >> you are gorgeous. >> she's absolutely stunning. and i want to tell peop, she just have a baby 8 months ago. sha a new mom, she spends her time taking care of her family, husband and baby, and it was time to take care of herself. >> she said she used to be a trainer, she has amazing legs and look at the body she was hiding! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> oh, my god. >> she looks incredible. >> a shorter mini-dress is fine, it has longer sleeves. it's conservative on the top and sexy on the bottom. and i love the strap detail, good accessories. and we took her hair up off
10:25 am
her face. what i used to do this is this device. this is a hair donut, you use it to make buns on your head. >> or princess laya. that's cheaper than an updo. it's $4t sally's beauty supply. >> you end up with a perfect, big, back in the day, super glamourous. and all you do is put a pony tail in it. you wrap it around, stick ns in it and you are good to go. >> when you have 5 minutes you wanna find one feature to focus on. we chose to focus on her eyes. i did a winged retro-liner, the curve by nix, it doesn't look like any other liner, you hold it like a gun, so you can apply the liner and get the right angle. it's $15. >> 15 bucks. fool proof. i love it! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> so, one more. >> this is so cool, so i am gonna spray this, not on you;
10:26 am
this spray lotion. when you are wearing a shorter dress like this, your legs have to look good. so it gives it a bit of sheen, moisture. i put this on before the show started and then you are out the door, fast and feelining great. >> all right, come on back out, kim! >> thank you to lilliana. she's brilliant. >> up next we will bring back cynde watson, she will reveal gwen's new look. and see if she said goodbye to that gray, forever. right after this! [ crowd cheering ] ♪ pplause ] >> coming up. >> i am nervous right now. >> can we make her gray go away? >> find out next! away? >> find out next! ♪
10:27 am
10:28 am
"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." it's been called "cuccinelli's witch hunt" "designed to intimidate and suppress" ken cuccinelli used taxpayer funds to investigate a uva professor whose research on climate change cuccinelli opposed. cuccinelli, a climate change denier, forced the university to spend over half a million dollars defending itself agagainst it's own attorney general. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on h own agenda. notot us.
10:29 am
[ applause ] ♪ >> hey, everybody, welcome back. so our makeover mania show continues now. and now we are ready to do the reveal with our beautiful friend, nde watson. she's amazingg! >> give it up for cynde. if yoremember, the patchwork quilt of the different makeovers going on, she was gonna help out our viewer gwen, because gwen went gray in her 20s, decades of graying hair. she was nervous about making that jump; she was worried - as happens to a lot of women with gray hair - that it would turn out brass , yellow or
10:30 am
bluish. >> she was nervous if she couldn't maintain it. and how was she? >> ready to go. >> she trusted us. so, that was good. >> awesome, and you did a head to toe on her, right . >> head to toe, makeup, fashion. the whole 9 yards! [ crowd cheering ] [ applse ] >> gwen likes to spend her titime on others, works with th homeless and it's about time someone noticed gwen. here's gwen before, and here's gwen after! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ [ cheers and alause ] ♪ now! let me explain something ... gwen, you have not seen yourself yet? >> i sure haven't. >> is that correct? >> i am so excited. >> we are gonna freak you out and blowow your mind. try to stand upright, so we
10:31 am
don't have to call in the paramedics. you don't wanna bruise nothing or mess it up going down. turn around, look at yoself in the giant monitor behind you. >> that's gwen when shgot here .... ahhhh! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> oh, my gosh. [ applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ] >> i love how gwen jt screamed, and did the lady wave. you are hot, right . >> oh, my gosh. >> i thought we would let you check yourself out more in a moment. you were surprise? >> was i, i made sure i didn't look in any mirror. >> you look so young, vital, beautiful. you look like a movie star. >> thank you so much, thank you, thank you, thank you n. [ applause ] >> cynde, what did yoyou do?
10:32 am
>> this is great, cutler salon is amazing, they are here in new york. if you come, let them cut. >> yes, , let them cut and color. and it was all about color, from the beginning. she had the great she coululdn' get rid of. she took the base of brown and highlighted it only on the ends so it will be easy for her to maintain. >> wh it grows out, it's not as noticeable. >> she can go-4 months before she has to go in every 3ing mon yourself -- every 3 months you give yourself a day at the salon. >> franko did an amtion cut on you -- amazing cut on you. the shine of r hair is brilliant. with the cut and the shine and the movement. >> amazing job,amazing job. >> color on the face, the make up team, i have to brag, they did a great job.
10:33 am
you can see her bone structure. we contoured and highlighted hercheek bones. >> the beautiful smile, the cheeks pop. >> thank you, thank you so much! [ crowowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> look at this body in this dress. >> this dress is fantastic and looks comfortable. >> you have to do a little >> look at that. look at those curves? [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> we didn't see those curves before. >> i will let you stare at gwen for the rest of the sh, she came out jut beautifully! [ applause ] >> it contininues, makeover mania, more reveals! grab a ack, and wree will be right back! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> her long hair is long gone. we reveal her sassy new look after cooking! ♪ ♪
10:34 am
♪ let no cupboard ever go bare. the everyday collection. by target. [ steam hisses ] actually... guys! [ female announcer ] can. introducing swiffer steamboost powered by bissell. it gets the dirt that mops can leave behind with steam-activated cleaning pads that break down dirt and lock it away. how did you get this floor so clean? ♪ steamboost, sir! [ female announcer ] new swiffer steamboost powered by bissell. not just clean, steamboost clean. powered by bissell. you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will.
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10:36 am
[ cheers and apppplause ] ♪ >> hey, everybody, welcome back! so, what's f dinner tonight is actually a meal that i call a bld, perfect for brunch, lunch, or dinner. >> it's one of the 10 meals we write every day for the magazine. and this one is inspired because my mom, elsa, loves deviled eggs. when i am upstate, i invite mom over for supper and every time she comes i try to have deviled eggs out for her.
10:37 am
and the next morning i chop it up and make egg salad sandwiches for lunch or snacks the next day. i thought i should write this up as deviled egg salad for people. and what if devil would egg salad sandwich and blt, made out with it and had a love child. that would be a blt-deviled egg sandwich, making both betert in the end, the -- better in the end. real life children get the best of th worlds, right? so, eggs 101, when you are making deviled eggs i like to buy fresh eggs, organic. whatever eggs you start with, the way you make a proper deviled, yoput them in water, cover them with an inch of water and put them on the stove over high heat as soon as they come to a full rolling boil, turn the eggs off, and put a lid on the panan.
10:38 am
let the pan stand for exactly 10 minutes and then, take them to the sink, drain them off, crack the shells. i shake the pot a lot to get the shells starting to crack up. let them soak in cold water, to loosen the shells away from the eggs to make them much easier to peel. >> that's boiled egg 101. over here, i have got a bowl of just the yollks, keep the whites separate, while you make it into the deviled egg filling. to the deviled egg mixture, i put one small chili pepper and i off-you shot sauce. and i take out the ribs and seeds of a fruity fresn, and i put in a bit of fresh chili. i take one large clove of garlic, and i use a zester or grater, to turn it into paste, so you don't bite down on
10:39 am
pieces of it. >> peeled onion juice is the key to delicious deviled eggs every time. we will continue with the other ingredients, grate the onion directly over the bowl so all of that juice falls wn into the deviled egg mixture, season with salt and pepper, my 24/7 seasoning blend. [grinding] >> thank you, honey! so, in goes the grated onion, over the bowl. that's good. we gogot a couple of tablespoons. >> then we are gonna put in a little pickle relish. >> then i like yellow mustard, to bump up the color of the intensity of the yellow yolk, puts in a fat squirt or round tablespoon of mustard.
10:40 am
hot sauce, start with a teaspoon, and i like spicy eggs. i start from a tablespoons--, a little mayo, enough to make everybody get along. you can substitute veg anaise, or greek yogurt, it's super-good and tangy. a little mayo, and then a splash of worcestershire sauce. mix together, and think the quickest way to do that is with a potato masher or use the tines of a fork. then add the e whites to this, and mash them together. [stirring] >> once you get your filling all mashedup, taste it. see if it needs more of anything. tastes pretty good to me. so now you are going to mash the whites into the yellows. >> so, now we have got our sala, mashed up and ready to
10:41 am
go. i will show you how we make up the sandwiches. >> i will grab plate. so, on blt's, i often put a little pepperjelly or mustard. pepper jelly is delicious with the egg salad. i will start with red pepper jelly on the white toast. [ audience oohs ] >> grab a little spoon ula, to help me get the egg salad on there. slather seper jelly on there -- pepper jelly on there. [ audience oohs ] mm-hmm. i know, it's yummy. >> and then we are going to take our egg salad. pile that up. mm-hmm. >> yummy deviled egg salad. >> and then your perfectly baked bacon.
10:42 am
>> audience: mm-hmm. oh, what the heck, let's have three! [ laughter ] >> lettuce in the middle, i think, so the tomato juice can soak up into the toasted bread. and so, a little lettuce. some sliced vine-ripened tomatoes. and then, don't forget to season up your tomatoes, as well. on. then ... you pop the lid and she's good to go! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> delicious! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> and that could be what's for brunch or lunch or dinner. and normally i say goodbye, but don't go away, because we have another reveal in the makeover mania show, right after this! [ crowd cheering ] after this! [ [ girl ] the scariest part of back to school is thfirst day. am i tough? sporty? edgy? i get to be everyone i want to be because i went to jcpenney. what's your first-d look? [ female announcer ] this weekend,
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10:45 am
[ cheers and applalause ] ♪ >> okay, we are back with our hair makeover part 2. it's in our big makeover mania. and up next is shannon, now shannon, has had the super-long-hair since she was 7 years old! [ audience oohs ] >> so we asked our pal, kyan douglas to matcher up with a fabulous hair makeover.
10:46 am
>> the obvious question, how did the first big cut go? >> you kkw what? when you do a makeover on someone, you get to know them a bit, you hear their back story a bit. i discovered that shannon had a bit of her loss in her family, she was really holding on to her hair as a safety blanket and i didn't know that. and so, this whole situation is, it's really about her stepping into a new place in her life in a big way. she was so brave. and so courageious. it went really well. and á i am really excited. >> but it was emotional. >> it was emotional, yeah, it really was. >> let's remind you what shannon looked like before, with her super-long 1 inch hair. 31 inches. >> let's look at shannon now! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> time-out!
10:47 am
>> wow! i know, right? >> i know, right? >> i mean, wow! what you got is good. that hair was covering up some business. >> a lot much >> love so, again, you have not seen yourself, yet? >> no. >> turn around. >> huh! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> if i didn't have it going on, i do now! >> you sure do now! [ crowd cheering ] [ apause ] . >> i like that, i can tell i don't have all of that hair but she di't know what it looked like. she had really short bangs, we cut the hair as short as she would let us go and then we made sense of the length of the bangs to the hair.
10:48 am
>> you made a great choice, all of that move automic - >> when the weight came off, she had wavy hair, and we used a razor to give her hair that movement that you spoke of. it will be easy for her to take care of. that's the key. >> i love the highlights. i think your dress is perfect on you. >> i knew she had a body under there, anand the dress shows it off. >> it's amazing, looks comfortable, moves with her. fantastic. really >> throw a blazer on it. [ applause ] >> thank you so much. and congratulations. you look amazing, kim. >> beautiful. [ applause ] >> so, i know it like "oh, my god, how many makeovers can they fit into one show"? and the twins looked the same for 59 years, we see them next! >> great job, kyan douglas! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> announcer: coming up, twins are tired of seeing double.
10:49 am
>> you are all t right if we go short, right . >> n n too short. >> sexy at 60, looks are next! ♪ ♪ it's a stick revolution! new fit me stick foundation from maybelline new york. esh, gel- foundation with an anti-shine powder core inside. now skin goes shine-free... and naturally matte... for one step flawless coverage. new fit me stick foundation. maybe it's maybelline. still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. two full servings of vegetables ♪ over a thousand styles hundreds of fits dozens of washes and one very happy you. sears has the brands you love. so you found a few yeah, a few and only at sears, do shop your way members
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get an extra 20% back in points. this is the jean scene. this is sears. so i decided it was time to find some real harmony with nature.
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[ screaming ] whoo! oh, yeah. elmo! [ howling ] mmm! [ eagle chirps ] [ train whistles ] [ bird chirping ] [ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] oa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses, but we're born for busch gardens. are ♪ >> we are wrapping up our big makeover mania showoday. with a 2 for 1 deal, for real. we started out with twins.
10:52 am
they really looked the same. diane and donna, met them at the top of the show. they looked the same for 59 years. they are different on the inside. so, today they decided to take a leap, and turn themselves to two separate women on the outside, too. who better than twins to help them out? we have the lifestyle experts, lawrence zarian and gregory zarian! [ applause ] >> and it's charming to see twins together, because, it's -- [ applause ] >> no other group of people could understand what that's really like. >> it's like, i was built and born with a best friend. i came into this world -- >> he said it, he said it. >> i have someone who has my back every moment of the day. and the thing they loved about these twins is, diane would say, how's my sister? how's she doing? and, it's so deep-rooted. >> one of them said, i am a
10:53 am
rebel and the other said, i am conservative bumpt they walk around the -- but they walk around the halls holding hands, adorable. >> they are lovely. my favorite moment was before we wertaking them, they ran over to each other, and said, wait, i am not gonna look like you anymore. they had a moment, took a breath. and we are standing there crying, loving each other, loving them. and it was so beautiful. what was so great, rachael, is, they're gonna be 60. and diane just wanted to be independent and wanted to do something. and she's like, i wanna get a makeover, she wrote to the sho and donna did it for her sister . >> my sister's had it a bit rough. >> anymore, and we will be crying our eyes out or brushing our teeth. >> stow call your -- >> so call your brothers and sisters. >> this is when they looked just like each other, freaky how much they really --
10:54 am
identical, the jewelry and clothing. crazy. and so, they have not seen each other yet, you guys should know. they have seen themselves but not each other. be prepared. >> ladies, come on out! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> whoo! [ crowd cheering ] applause ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> you girls look so cute! >> i don't recognize her. >> you both look adorable! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> i don't see me anymore. >> so, di, and donna, first of all, dononna, didn't you tell m you were the conservative one? >> yeah .... [ laughter ] >> um, you got over that, huh? >> there's nothing
10:55 am
conrvative about those crazy leopard shoes i am dying to ve in my closet. >> they will be in my closet. >> one's a blond, and one's a red head. >> you can tell them apart now. [ applause ] >> all right, guys, before you both lose it and start crying tell us what you did. >> first of all, you have two sons now, we are going with each one of you. [ laughter ] >> all right, all right, so, our personalities tch the win twins. so, what we did with diane, i thought the multicolored print dress was stunning, on trend right now, and the te of cor did a grit job, brad with the -- great job. brad with the hair took off cinch 6 inches and -- off 6 inches and the color, multilayers of thk blond ttery highlights and it's blond that's age appropriate. love everything about it. >> natural. >> and donna? >> she stepped into the sassy. here is a tip, if you are
10:56 am
feeling a little classic, step into yoyour sexy and sassssy, t on ththings with color. >> i don't know which says it's more classic than the other, because, ah, both of you lolook so amazing. >> thank you. >> and you guys were saying earlier, you made a joke but it's no joke now, that, "sexy is the new 60". >> absolutely, yeah. [ applause ] >> first of all, they look 20 years younger now. >> yes, yes. >> they look 40, not 60. >> what was so great about them ... [ applause ] >> is, theyem braced their age. >> yes. >> a lot of pele, men and women, fight their age. this is embracing 60 and it's sexy. >> so, embrace who you -- >> not putting toooo much out there, but showing people you still are game. >> embracwho you are. >> moma. momma! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> all right, over here. somebody bring the camera over
10:57 am
here. it's a love fest over there. thank you to lawrence and gregory, amazing to ve them. and thank you to all of our makeover guests, our viewers, best friends in programming. and a huge thank you to cutler salon, if you come to the city, let cuttler cut you. they did all of these amazing transformations today! see you when we see you, everybody, bye-bye! [ crowd cheheering ] [ applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
10:58 am
10:59 am
>> announcer: it's tuesday, august 13th! coming up on a special edition of "the view," two of the most renowned psychics in the world are giving you a window into the world of psychic phenomena. special guest co-host john edward is joined by fellow psychic medium char margolis to share when they say they knew they had the gift to foresee the future and touch the great beyond. and how you can tap into the same power inside you! then john and char are heading into our audience to give them a bridge to the other side, help them reunite with beloved people in their lives who passed away, and reveal messages from lost loved ones that are so powerful, emotional and overwhelming, it may make a believer out of you!


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