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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 26, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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over but government shut down threats are very real. >> taking your country hostage and damaging your country should not be an option. >> don't mess with the debt limit. don't mess with the debt limit. whatever luxury you want to be afforded to make your point get attention that is a luxury we can't afford. >> tracie potts is live in washington. good morning. lawmakers are certainly talking but are they talking to each other? >> reporter: not really. the only person doing a lot of talking was ted cruz, over 21 hours. when he finally sat down to vote it is moving the senate forward to a plan to pass a budget to avoid a government shut down but will include money for the affordable care act.
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so the ball bounces back to the house's court where republicans say they will likely attacattac attack something else. not a lot of people talking to each other in this point. we are four days away from monday's midnight deadline where the government will shut down if the house and senate can't work this out. >> has the president himself been impacted? >> reporter: his approval rating has taken a hit. this "new york times" cbs poll shows his approval rate at 43%, lower than his disapproval rating. on how the president looks at health care it is lower. on the deficit, 35% low with 54%
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disproval disapproval and we have the debt ceiling debate going on next month. now to new chilling fbi video of an armed aaron alexis inside the navy yard. these are the eerie moments before he allegedly went on a rampage. you can see alexis creeping downstair cases armed with a shotgun and stalking through hallways. his shotgun had four messages etched into it including my elf effort. the fbi says that may refer to extremely low frequency waves. he left a document saying ultralow frequency attack is what i've been subject to for the last three months.
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meanwhile nra executive vice president wayne lapierre says aaron alexis should have been committed. he said the second amendment has never been more relevant for americans. firearms are increasingly essential to the safety of our family and our nation. to one of the biggest comebacks in sports history. kurt gregory has more on the finish. >> reporter: the america's cup will stay in america. >> the comeback of 2013 is complete. >> reporter: skipper jimmy of oracle team usa and his ten man crew who just a week ago trailed eight races to one, one race away from losing the most prestigious prize mounted one of
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the greatest comebacks in sports history. >> and we had a good race, too. >> reporter: even before the start of the first race of the competition oracle team usa was behind, penalized two race victories by the international jury for illegally modifying boats in warmup races. emirates team new zealand outshined ellis's team race after race until the u.s. team turned on the 12th race. >> all the boys were loose. they were positive. jimmy is a great leader. >> the most spectacular comeback in the history of the america's cup. >> reporter: and wednesday
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keeping the oldest trophy in international sports in the united states. >> that is so spectacular. way to go team usa. now to an amazing discovery in alaska. thousands of fossilized dinosaur tracks along the rocky banks of the yukon river. these fossils were preserved in natural casts. sand fills the foot print forming the fossils. scientists say it could can date back to 30,000 years ago. now for a look at the weather here is nbc meteorologist who is no dinosaur, bill karins. >> not yet. >> that is remarkable. >> i remember digging in my backyard to see a dinosaur fossil.
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>> you were in the wrong place apparently. weather pattern is very quiet. we have one travel problem. winter storm. it is 32 degrees and snowing in butte montana. we have snow and a little rain mixed with it right around billings. also light rain around jacksonville, florida. there are showers across virginia. look how warm it is going to be from texas northward. 81 in minneapolis. that is very warm for this time of year and pretty nice in areas from new york city up through new england. the leaves are starting to change. probably wait another two weeks before the peak. here is a look at the weather outside your window. pittsburgh beautiful weather. 73 degrees for you.
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much of the ohio valley enjoying it. we had record highs yesterday including areas near houston. 94 today. trying to hold on to the great weather right into the weekend. >> absolutely. keep it around if you can. a major admission from iran's leader about the holocaust. plus the jury could begin deliberating the case today.
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here are some stories making news this morning. iran's president surprised reporters monday when he said the nazis carried out a massacre that cannot be denied. this is in sharp contrast from mahmoud ahmadinejad who denied the holocaust ever happened. special courts are being set up in new york state to handleal prostitution and sex trafficking
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cases. prostitutes will be given access to services to help them escape the violence and exploitation. a man who had blue skin due to treatment of a skin condition, he has died at the age of 62. he suffered a heart attack and stroke on monday, neither is caused by his skin condition. the attorney for aeg live made closing arguments wednesday in the michael jackson wrongful death lawsuit saying the company never knew about jackson's health issues. >> simply stated aeg life never would have agreed to finance the tour if it knew mr. jackson was playing russian roulette every night in his bedroom. here is the strangest nose job you have seen. chinese doctors have brought a nose on the forehead of a man whose original nose was infected.
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surgeons say the new nose will be ready for transplant soon. stocks closed. the dow fell 61 points. the new $100 bills are rolling off the presses with color changing ink, 3-desecurity ribbon and more texture on the collar. barnes and noble hopes to boost up sales with a 20% discount to those who are members. and you knew it was coming. the post office plans to raise the cost of a first class stamp to 49 cents. the postal service lost $16 billion last year and it is expected to lose about $6 billion this year.
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and on a sidenote here the post office is spending over a half million dollars on a futurest marketing consultant to study the future of stamps. maybe they will figure out how to not raise the price. our daily trivia question right now. who is the richest comedian? david letterman, larry david, bill cosby or jerry seinfeld.
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time to weigh in. who is the richest comedian? is it david letterman? larry david, bill cosby or jerry seinfeld? the answer is larry david at $900 million. i got that one right. let's get the latest with sports. >> i thought jerry seinfeld. he was $800 million so i was close. >> that's close. days after meta metalcuperf it is retiring the song in honor
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of rivera. this is the first time the company has retired a song. the yanks missed the playoffs. the yankees lost to the rays, 8-3. rockies showered todd helton with a variety of gifts including a horse. >> no way. >> the pony was presented to healthen for his final appearance at coors field. must have been his way of saying thanks for the horse. johnson lost the very tip of his middle finger during this play on sunday. >> that is painful to watch. >> it can't be reattached. the cardinals are showing their support with this prototype. >> that is so wrong. >> lots of team spirit there. on thursday night football the 49ers steak on the rams.
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and check this out. a high school football coach in utah suspended every player on his team. he is making his players do community service trying to teach them a lesson after academic issues and hearing some players might be involved in cyber bullying. that might be a good thing. >> so much for the season. >> maybe they will learn something. sneaky sneaky. indecision on who takes the kick stalls and one player stets up and scores. the goal left the game 2-2. and here is the proof that you can get second chances in life. at the top of the fourth a foul ball bounces off the shoulder of a fan. disappointed fan caught the other foul ball. that happened in the fourth. >> so sweet. good for him.
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that's a wrap up of your sports. just ahead new batman ben affleck channels inner bruce wayne for bill clinton.
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welcome back to "early today" on this thursday. we have gotten drenched in florida over the last couple of days. a few showers and storms. looking for a nice forecast
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during the afternoon hours and especially the middle of the country. it is going to feel like summer out there. turn the ac on in texas. we will see the cool down in colorado tomorrow. this has been a very beautiful september for much of the nation. >> i don't think they turned the ac off in texas. >> when does that happen like thanksgiving? >> sometime in december. tina fey is back on "snl" this saturday. she makes light of her wardrobe malfunction. miley cyrus flew high in the sky and found a way to show us her signature look. richard gere has separated from his wife of 11 years, carey lowell. gere was married to cindy crawford and lowell was married twice before. ben affleck found quite a way to welcome the crowd to the
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clinton global initiative dinner. >> my name is bruce wayne. i would like to welcome my fellow billionaires tonight. >> jimmy fallon is back in the music room this time with sesame street. ♪ how to get to sesame street ♪ >> i like that version. aaron paul has honored the finale of "breaking bad". they had a chance to win a trip to two to l.a. to watch the finale with the cast. wednesday night paul tweeted that he raised nearly $1.8 million. that to me is just remarkable
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for an online campaign like that. >> i have never heard of it. it is right on the front page if you want to try to get into that. the whole buzz. 6.6 million viewers, all-time record. next week is the finale of "breaking bad". >> that fundraising success we need to get aaron on world hunger maybe. he can probably solve that. i'm betty nguyen. this is "early today." we hope this is just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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right now at 4:30, president obama is ready to use a local college campus to help build support for his health care law. >> i won't need on the job training. >> my opponent has spent most of his career in a social ideological agenda. >> terry mcauliffe and ken cuccinelli exchange jabs. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for this thursday, september 26, 2013. a live look outside rate now. 4:26 is your time now. 61 degrees. getting a little warmer as we go through the week. >> it's like a heat wave already. meteorologist tom kierein is here with your first forecast.
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tom? good morning. we have a cloudy sky over much of the region this morning. oducing a few sprinkles near re fredericksburg to near charlottesville. this had will be stay iing to o south. just a few sprinkles here in northern spotsylvania and to culpepper. elsewhere right around the bay just to the the west of cambridge there may be a little sprinkle there. as we get through the morning hours, these sprinkles will tend to dissipate. right now just getting a few of those south of the metro area. temperatures are a bit milder due to the cloud cover acting like a blanket and holding in the warmth from yesterday. we're in the low 50s in the nearby suburbs and the rural areas down to near 60 by the bay. we'll take a look at your morning coming in a couple of minutes. now a look at traffic with danella. good morning. good morning, tom. as far as accidents in our town, not seeing any. that's good news. but early morning construction r folks traveling 355 near rg.
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lake forest mall you'll see the right lane blocked by just cones up while they do road work. the left lanes are open, very light volume. if you're traveling the outer loop of the beltway at route 50, a little difficult to see on camera. of the right lane is blocked. again, stick to the left and traveling the beltway in prince george's county, no accidents, no major delays. look out for this work zone here as you travel in prince george's county. i'm back at 4:31. aaron and eun, over to you. >> danella, thank you. ou tom sherwood will be at the wilson building today when mayor vincent twra introduces his pick to be d.c.'s newest cfo. the mayor is choosing this man, jeff dewitt, the cfo of phoenix right now. if the council confirms him, dewitt will succeed natwar gandhi who has held the post more than a decade. the cfo is in charge of overseeing the $11 million
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budget. mbs news has learned the subcontractor that aaron alex had is worked for has been fired by hewlett-packard. they hired alexis to work on a job to refresh and replace computers at the navy yard. hp says in part it has, quote, lost all confidence in the experts abilities to serve hp as a subcontract thor. they cite the failure to respond appropriately to aaron alexis' mental health issues. a spokesperson for the experts says the company is disappointed in hp's decision. he also says hp had its own manager of alexis who was with alexis when he thought he heard voices in his rhode island hotel room last month. we are also seeing disturbing images of alexis
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roaming the halls of building 197 armed with that sawed off shotgun. take a look at this, video released by the fbi. agents say they also found clues in a backpack alexis left in a bathroom as to why he killed 12 people. they found electronic files that suggested alexis believed he was being controlled by extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves. he believes he had been subject to them for three months. he indicated he was prepared to die during the attack. employees at the navy yard will find a unique source of comfort when they arrive to work this morning. hope dogs will be greeting workers in parking lots around the yard. these pictures are from a visit made yesterday after a prayer service for employees. hope is an animal assisted crisis response team that uses dogs to help people cope with traumatic events. ♪ people of different faiths united last night to remember those who lost their lives at the navy yard. a vigil was held


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