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tv   Today  NBC  September 27, 2013 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to today on a friday morning i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm willie geist with al roker and tamron hall. matt and natalie has the morning off. we just saw the video. mariano rivera. that was one of my favorite if not my favorite moments in yankee hisself risk. his teammates go out and pull him off the field for one last time. >> i don't think you have to be a yankee's fan to love this. >> no. you have to have a heart. if you have a moment watch the whole thing. you'll need an entire box of tissues because it's truly touching. >> you know it's a big moment when i'm getting tweets from red sox fans saying that's a big moment. >> i'm a texas rangers fan and i got choked up.
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we'll show you more of the video. we begin with today's top story and that's the emergency landing by a united plane in bosie, idaho. tom costello, what can you tell us about this. >> they said he suffered a heart attack in flight. this was united flight 1603 from houston to seattle. a boeing 737, 900 with 161 passengers and a crew of 6. the cockpit told air flight controllers of an in light medical emergency and made a landing at 8:10. united is not confirming the captain was involved. united flight 1603 houston to seattle diverted to boise, i had i had because a crew member experienced an emergency. they met the plane among arrival and transported the crew member to an area hospital. there was a doctor on board and she was working to help the
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patient. united says it's working to reaccommodate the passengers as quickly as possible but we don't have word on the patient's condition. >> tom costello with latest. thank you. >> now to avoid a government shut down. with three days left things still very much in the air. peter alexander is here in new york with us this morning. >> up in the air is nicely. this the a mess at this point. the senate is going to vote to avoid a shut down but house republicans aren't buying this. congress is going to have it's hands full this weekend trying to cut a deal to avoid a government shutdown on tuesday, october 1st, and this battle could easily go down to the final minutes. >> reporter: with the country teetering on the brink of a government shutdown tensions are boiling over. a rare fight between republicans on the senate floor. >> the question i would pose to my senator from tennessee. >> reporter: with bob corker
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accusing ted cruz and mike lee of delaying a vote for their own self-promotion. >> the reason we're waiting is that y'all have sent out releases and e-mails and you want everybody to be able to watch. >> reporter: president obama hit the road and hit back at opponents of his healthcare law with enrollment for uninsured americans set to begin tuesday. >> whatever effect obamacare might have on the economy, it is far less than even a few days of government shutdown. >> reporter: but the president's critics found new ammunition citing glitches. the first impacting small business owners unable to complete their insurance applications online until november. a second delay effecting spanish speaking applicants. the white house saying that enrollment website won't be ready for a few more weeks. with three days ready for washington to overt a shut down, the function is already having a ripple effect across the country. the manager of this beach front
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bike shop outside san diego says a customer who is in the navy and fears he might not get paid in a shutdown recently asked for a refund on a brand new scooter. >> we're not entirely worried about going out of business but the business that we need from the service members that live here is going to dramatically probably hit us. >> the point is this is already effecting people. even if congress can avoid this potential ka tr potenti potentially there's a shock to the economy that would be much greater. this would be a default. >> congress earning it's approval rating this week. >> exactly. >> we'll see you later on as well. this sunday on "meet the press" david gregory has an interview with senator ted cruz of texas after his obamacare protest this week and nbc news will be answering your questions about the new healthcare law.
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tweet and facebook your questions. the national security agency is facing scrutiny over the practices of his employees. >> reporter: the nsa for the first time admits some employees have spied on their girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives listening to phone calls and checking e-mails without any valid foreign intelligence purpose. it's called loveint, collecting intelligence on love interests and a new letter documents a dozen cases since 2003. >> what's clear about the instances of abuse is these have nothing to do with terrorism. this is about individuals prying into the private lives of the people closest to them. in one case an nsa employee improperly snooped for five years on the phone calls of 9 female foreign nationals. another nsa employee admitted it was her practice to eavesdrop on
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phone numbers she obtained in social settings. a male employee eavesdropped on his foreign girlfriend's phone calls thinking she was involved with people that might get him in trouble and a female employee listened in on her husband's phone call suspected he had been unfaithful. nsa director keith alexander played down the incidents saying they amounted to one per year. >> the press claimed evidence of thousands of privacy violations. this is false and misleading. >> in almost all of the cases the love struck employees re-signed before discipline could be imposed and no one was criminally prosecuted. all right. thank you. now to the international manhunt underway for a british woman dubbed the white widow. does she have a connect to the deadly attack at the mall in kenya. ron allen is in nairobi this morning with details.
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good morning. >> good morning to you willie. the police opened up some of the roads running closer to the mall. a sign they're making real progress and we have pictures that offer a close up look at the destruction. meanwhile, sources are telling nbc news that investigators are find sog many explosives they believe the plan was to try to bring the entire mall down as speculation grows about a british woman that may have been involved in the attack. >> reporter: as investigators piece together what happened at the nairobi mall, they've issued a global arrest woman for this woman. 29, mother of three, known in britain as the white widow. her first husband was one of the suicide bombers who attacked london in 2005 killing 52. shortly after she strongly denounced the attack saying she was unaware of her husband's radicalism but a short time later she slipped out of england
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and is now wanted for plotting to attack tourist resorts in kenya, a case from 2011 when police discovered explosives in a home she shared with another terror suspect. and the question is whether there's a connection. she has been linked to al shabaab. the ill tamilitants that attack mall. >> it would be surprising if she is a leader but she is a significant figure within the community. >> she is a soldier's daughter that grew up in a small rural village outside of london. >> she was a lovely young lady the time i have known her and the memories i have of her. british police are seeking dna samples, useful if her body is found in the mall. meanwhile, consumed with grief, kenyans try to focus on stories on heroism and survival.
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this is an american in the mall with her family running into his outstandi outstretched hand. he helped her escape to safety. her mother and brothers and sisters made it out safely. there's reports they found a vehicle connected to the militants and they're trying to chase it's owner. willie, savannah. >> ron, thanks so much. meantime, tamron is here with details on a new report on the world's climate. >> good morning. big news here. humans are to blame for at least half of global warming in the past 60 years. that comes from a landmark united nations report published today. nbc's ann thompson is here with the details. good morning. >> good morning. in it's strongest lang wang yet this international panel of scientists found it is extremely likely, in fact they're 95% certain that human is why the earth has warmed since 1950. the panel finds that the air in
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the oceans warmed and snow and ice have diminished, sea levels are up as are the concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. the report by more than 200 scientists predicts that sea levels could rise as much as 32 inches by the end of the century and they say it is virtually certain we'll see more hot temperature extremes and fewer cold ones and it's likely that heat waves will be more frequent and longer. they also predict arctic sea ice will continue to shrink and even if co 2 emissions are stopped today these impacts will persist for centuries, tamron. thank you very much. police in fort worth texas say a major tragedy was averted this week when a gunman's weapon wouldn't work. the man is trying to rob people at mcdonald's and pulled the trigger five times but the gun did not fire. he left. outside he fired again and the gun did go off. he went back inside, pulled the
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trigger but again it did not fire. that man is now in custody. unbelievable. >> well, some boston subway riders are credited for saving the life of a man that fell on to the tracks and it, too, was caught on tape. you can see the 33-year-old man walk right off the platform and fall on to the tracks below. a few seconds later several riders jumped down and lifted him back to safety. he is a doctor and said he just passed his medical board test and had a couple of drinks to celebrate. well, now to wall street and what is moving the markets, courtney reagan joins us with news on an auto recall. good morning, good to see you. >> good morning to you tamron. toyota is recalling 700,000 minivans. the auto makers says possible damage to a shift lever could cause them to shift out of park and roll away without the driver pressing the brakes.
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mcdonalds is going to start offering a side salad, fruit or vegetable instead of fries for value meals as well as promoting healthier options for kids. >> thank you. it was the end of an era last night as a player known as the greatest closer of all time played his final game at yankee stadium. mariano rivera retiring. he was overcome by emotion as two of his long time teammates made a special trip to the mound to help him off there. well, the five-time world champ later came back to the mound to collect a little dirt to take with him. obviously he deserved the whole stadium in my book. it is now 7:13 and savannah, willie, al, you don't have to be a yankee's fan to appreciate. i'm a texas rangers fan and i was misty eyed. >> so much was said without a word. just the expressions on the
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faces. even matt lauer was moved to tweet. thank you mariano. still wiping away the tears. so much class. >> we thought he would close the game but when peter and pettit come out. >> that's what it means. >> the players live up to all of our hopes. congratulations to him. >> a beautiful night for one of the great players of all time. >> not a great day in arizona. they had a massive dust storm. this is casa grande in arizona, 14 mile stretch of road had to be closed after massive fender benders. thankfully nobody is seriously injured in all of this but, boy, what a mess. we have a mess continuing today in that part of the country. we are looking at a risk of strong storms today stretching into garden city, amarillo on into lubbock. damaging wind gusts. some hail is expected. we'll have showers and thunderstorms firing up.
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snow up into parts of wyoming. these heavier thunderstorms will move in here bringing anywhere from one to two inches of rain over the next 24 hours. we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. ♪ [ villain ] well mr. baldwin... it appears our journey has come to a delightful end. then i better use the capital one purchase eraser to redeem my venture miles for this trip. purchase eraser? it's the easy way to erase any recent travel expense. i just pick a charge, like my flight with a few taps, it's taken care of. impressive baldwin. does it work for hotels? absolutely thank goodness. mrs. villain and i are planning our... you scare me. and i like it. let's go what's in your wallet? the next 20 "24" hours. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 20 seconds. good morning. low gray cloudsed and a cool start to this region. around the region temperatures
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generally in the 50s in the metro area but still clear around the shenandoah valley and much of west virginia where it's down in the 40s. later today we ought to get sunshine breaking out around much of the region with highs reaching low to mid-70s and a beautiful we and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thanks a lot. we have extraordinary news about one of the world's most iconic building. it's still moving but not in the way you might expect. michelle kosinski is there. good morning. >> the assumption is always that it's leaning more and more all the time, right? well, about a decade ago major protective work was finished on it and now the tower is actually moving in the other direction, continuing to straighten up on it's own. oh, for every one of those pictures, the leaning tower, nearly 1,000 year olds still attracts amateur special effects enthusiasts like a dysfunctional magnet. all 300 narrow stairs worn and
7:16 am
polished through time to the very top. >> once you get to about step 100 you start to feel it. you're upright and not falling over but something definitely feels a little off. >> reporter: but what the tower is not still doing, leaning. >> really? >> reporter: at least not actively. in fact, after it's worst period in the 1990s when the beautiful tower was in severe danger of toppling and scientists used cables, soil extraction in a desperate bid to save it, the tower has actually been moving the other way. we went to find the top engineers up several more flights of stairs. >> so as we speak, the tower is ever so slowly straightening up? >> yes. yes. more on less two millimeters per year. >> reporter: in the last decade it gained nearly an inch and would you believe it moves every
7:17 am
day. people don't budge it but the sun straightens it even more. >> sunny days, cloudy day, rainy day. >> totally awesome. >> reporter: even impressing these chicago honeymooners. >> it might be straighter by the time you get to the bottom of it. >> i'll have to carry you. >> you guys aren't going to make out or anything are you. >> leaning or not you'd be happy with it? >> absolutely. it's a beautiful monument. >> i like the lean better. >> this is extremely slight but scientists think it will keep straightening for about the next 100 years and then stabilize for 200 years after that and then will probably start leaning again but don't worry, it will look just like this. >> there, yeah. >> all right. [ applause ] >> we were looking for it michelle. >> michelle. >> it looks like a green screen. >> it does. anybody else kind of sad about the leaning tower of pisa?
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the straight standing up tower of pisa doesn't have the strange. >> we'll be dead. >> i want it to lean. >> we're all dying so al, thanks for the happy thought. >> don't worry about that long range forecast. >> wow. >> wow. >> happy friday, america. >> not to be confused with photo bomb friday. >> i just saw michelle in the back getting coffee. she is here. good morning, everybody. it is photo bomb friday. nothing better than disrupting a good photo. look at kelly clarkson, what about me. even in videos, he's getting in on the action. happens here at the "today" show. al, getting photo bombed. al gets revenge don't worry. even happens with the camel there. #photobombfriday. also the big snl premieres and
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one of our viewers tamron wants to know who is the designer of your dress. >> alexander mcqueen, thank you. >> thank you. >> no thanks. >> we got two good dresses going on. >> we didn't know if we clash. >> no but then al came in with his orange. >> and it's death friday. >> it's undertaker willie. >> just sticking with the theme. >> exactly. >> oh, no. >> all right. guys, moving on, a serious story, a surprise arrest in an extortion plot that targeted miss teen usa. the man arrested, her former classmate, we'll get her reaction in a live interview coming up. >> do you ever talk to the te teller at your bank? that could land you a hefty fee at your bank. why you should take a close look at your bank. why you should take a close look at your statement.
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good morning. 7:26 on this friday, september 27th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's check on the friday morning commute with danella sealock and first 4 traffic. >> good morning, airplane. doesn't feel like a friday morning for folks traveling dc 295. an accident at benning roadblocking the left lane. starting to see delays as you approach route 50 and continue towards benning road. now back to the outer loop of the beltway. earlier accident cleared at connecticut avenue. delays on the outer loop in montgomery county, they remain. a bit sluggish. 17 miles per hour between i-95 and georgia avenue. a man is in critical condition after being shot in a home invasion on 100th avenue in glendale. prince george's county police say two men entered the home while two people were inside. one man was shot in the torso. police say they are looking for two men seen leaving the area on
7:26 am
foot. it's not clear if they took anything from that home. >> some of the first responders who worked to save lives of aaron alexis' victims at navy yard will be honored. the d.c. fire chief will present the fire chief's medal of excellence to more than 30 paramedics who responded to the scene that day. the medal of excellence was established to recognize fire fighters and paramedics who displayed
7:27 am
good morning. cloudy and cooler. we've got a 20-degree temperature in the bay where it's in the low 60s to the shenandoah valley in the low 40s. and you clear sky but the clouds around the metro area should break up by later this morning and mostly sunny this afternoon. highs reaching low to mid-70s and gorgeous weekend to follow. afternoon highs in the 70s on saturday and sunday and up near
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back now at 7:30 on a friday morning. there's a beautiful shot of washington d.c. sun coming up, september 27th, 2013. the government may shut down but the sun will rise in the east. >> there you go. >> if you want to send us a picture of your sunrise tweet us or facebook us, use the #todaysunrise. i'm savannah guthrie along side willie geist, al roker and tamron hall. matt and natalie are off today. a united airlines flight heading to seattle was forced to make an emergency landing after reports the pilot suffered a heart attack. we now learned that a crew member died at the hospital. in washington, today, the senate expected to approve legislation to avoid a government shutdown but house republicans won't accept it. >> an arrest warrant is issued for a woman known as the white
7:30 am
widow for plotting to attack tourist resorts in kenya. straight ahead, a warning about the new fees your bank could be charging you. even one for talking to the teller. >> should companies be required to give new parents paid leave? we'll hear from moms and dads and a lawmaker making a push for that. >> we'll begin this half hour with rossen reports new developments in a case we first broke. a criminal hacking into miss teen usa's webcam. today jeff rossen has the latest on this. good morning to you. >> good morning. this is about as creepy as it gets. authority sas this man was spying on miss teen usa inside the privacy of her own bedroom. he broke into her computer, remotely turned on her webcam and watched her most intimate moments. that's when he tried to blackmail her. this morning, the fbi has moved in with an arrest. you are the new miss teen usa 2013. >> reporter: it was an amazing
7:31 am
public moment for cassidy wolf crowned miss teen usa. >> congratulations. >> reporter: but it was in her private moments at home where she says she was violated. someone hacked into her computer webcam and without her even knowing it took naked photos of her. >> me computer never came on so i wasn't aware. this person had been taking picture of me in my room changing clothes, putting on outfits, walking back and forth from the shower. >> how did you find out? >> i received an anonymous e-mail from a person extorting me and blackmailing me. he attached nude photos of me he had taken in my bedroom. >> if you don't do what i say i'm releasing these publicly? >> correct. >> reporter: cassidy was mo mortified and called the cops. now they arrested her former high school classmate, jared
7:32 am
abrahams. now he is a college student studying computer science. he appeared in federal court charged with extortion. >> there were multiple victims. in the state of california, throughout the united states and even internationally. some were as young as 16 years old. >> according to the criminal complaint abrahams confessed to investigators who found evidence of hacking software along with images and videos of the victims on his computer and cell phone. abrahams has mental health issues. >> the family wants to apologize for the consequences of his behavior and the families that were effected. >> reporter: the fbi says webcam hacking is a growing problem. cassidy hopes her case will be a wake up call for all of us. >> this happened to me when i was a normal girl in high school. it can happen to anybody. >> this morning, the accused hacker, jared abrahams is out on
7:33 am
$50,000 bail. he is only allowed to leave for church, school, attorney visits and doctors appointments but he is not allowed to use the internet at all. >> that makes sense. we're joined now by cassidy wolf, miss teen usa. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i watched your reaction when we showed the shot of the person walking, the alleged prep traitor. you said it was hard for you to watch that. >> it's weird for me to be able to put a face to a person that did this to me and to know that it's somebody i went to high school with, it's weird and it makes me -- it is mixed emotions honestly. >> what are you going through? because i imagine on one hand you're relieved that you know who it is and they can't do it again. >> i'm very relieved and i'm glad they could find who the person is but it was somebody that i went to high school with and he was young and my age and
7:34 am
i think it's bad that he chose to do this and has now put himself in this big dilemma. it's mixed emotions. >> you told our producer you almost kind of felt sorry for him? >> i do. i don't think he realizes the consequences for what he has done and the people he hurt. he terrorized me and many girls for so long and i just think now it's coming to real life for me as well that this person did this to me. >> he was your high school classmate but do you remember him? did you go to a big high school? is this somebody you remember having interactions with? >> i never had interactions with him. i went to a very long high school. i knew of him and his name but i never talked to him. i saw him in the hallways. >> do your friends remember him? are they saying that they do? >> not so much but we knew of his name, so. >> one thing that you're doing because you have this platform as miss teen usa is telling other people that might be in a similar position to speak out. what is your message to them?
7:35 am
>> to tell somebody because i know some of the girls that were involved in the case didn't have the opportunity to talk to law enforcement and to get help. so it makes me feel really good that i was able to, you know, help them out as well as other people that could be going through the same thing. >> and now you have this amazing platform to send this message. congratulations again on your title. that's the good news here. >> yes. >> good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> we'll take a turn and get the weather from al. >> savannah, thank you so much. our friends in the pacific northwest are in for a world of rough weather. one system moving in tonight into tomorrow. another one coming in during the weekend and it's going to make a real mess. we are going to beht and another one coming in during the weekend, and it's going to make a real mess. we'll be looking at a lot of wet weather. as you can see over the next 72 hours waves of moisture will just continue to pummel from northern california all the way into the pacific northwest. we expect to see temperatures -- i should say rainfall amounts up
7:36 am
to 5 to 10 inches of rain from ft. seattle all the way into coastal new england -- i should say the coastal northwest of oregon. we expect a lot of rain, and a possibility of flooding by monday. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. cloudy and cool around the metro area this friday morning. we have a clear sky over the mountains and the shenandoah valley this morning. these clouds will be with us around the metro area for another couple of hours or so. right now in the 50s around the immediate region, but much farther west it's in the 40s later today though. with lots of sun breaking out low to mid-70s. over the weekend. great for outdoor activities. saturday and sunday, 50s that's your latest weather. it's going to be a great night on sunday night football night in america. that's right. it's a good one. we've got the patriots coming on in to take down the falcons at the georgia dome.
7:37 am
mostly clear, temperatures in the low to mid 70s. can the patriots declaw the falcons? you'll find out on sunday night, football night in america. savannah. >> the claws is to menacing. >> it's like 3-d coming right at you. >> i just love the weather report for the dome stadium. >> outdoor weather. it says outdoor weather. >> he's going to get the claws out. oh, no. >> thank you, al. we love you. >> thank you. >> coming up next, what a story. how much could your bank account be charging you. a warning about the newest fees just for talking to the teller. >> and on trending would you take a discount at a latest restaurant to leave your cell phone at
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back now with new ways banks are getting more creative to charge you more. kayla is here with details. good to see you. >> good to see you guys. i love the new set in here. some bank fees are charging to use another bank's atm or overdraw your account but now dozens of not so standard fees are starting to pop up leaving customers how expensive it has become to give someone else their money. >> reporter: joe thought he found the holy grail. >> i did some bank shopping and i found the pnc virtual wallet. there's no fees at all. >> reporter: the 25-year-old realtor earns money on commission meaning irregular deposits and unpredictable balance. when that lead to extra fees he made the switch. hi account won't be that way for long. they're adding a $7 charge unless he maintains a certain balance, uses direct deposit or never talks to a teller.
7:43 am
human interaction now comes with a twice. for some banks it's the human interaction that will cost you and for other it's the digital. they pay for a mobile check deposit. >> any time they send you a new notice or fee structure with your monthly statement it's important to read that over because chances are something is changing. >> at wells fargo, even getting a paper statement in your mailbox comes at a cost. wallet hub estimated in all an average checking account these days have as many as 30 fees built in. banks will make as many as $41 billion in customer fees this year. >> there's extra fees that keep popping up and are a risk for all of us. >> they're trying out the fees to see if customers will accept them. >> banks say they will. regions bank says the response to it's mobile deposits indicate customers see and appreciate it's value. u.s. bank says cost is for
7:44 am
convenience and is clearly displayed. >> wells fargo says customers can get a discount for choosing online statements. pnc says the vast majority of it's virtual wallet customers will pay no additional fees. many like joe will be out of luck. >> they kind of need to think about their customers' needs a little more. >> the main way to avoid bank fees is signing up for direct deposit. >> i'm getting over the fact that you have to pay to talk to a teller. what's another way to avoid the fees? >> shop around. you can choose a local credit union. often times they're free. also consider doing more business at your existing bank. often times if you have a mortgage and credit card and checking account with one bank, the checking account is free and finally the old fashioned way. call and complain. 44% of people that do this have found success. the highest success is for
7:45 am
overdraft fees. sometimes you should let them know how you feel. >> it's amazing how clever they are. between the airlines and the banks it's a fee charging convention. >> it's good to know squeaky wheels get attention. >> everything there's not a law against they'll charge you for. >> kayla, thanks so much. up next a special guest joins carson daly in the orange room. up next a special guest joins carson daly in the orange room. >> coorville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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7:49 am
we are back at 7:50. carson has company with him in the yellow -- orange room. >> is there not enough orange for you savannah. kenan thompson, snl back tomorrow night. thank you for getting in the photo bomb here. #photobomb, you can send them in. there's a line outside. >> for my show. >> for your show. are you excited to get the show back on? >> very excited, man. summertime has been nice but it's nice to be back doing the action. >> do things happen in summer where you're like i wish we were on this saturday night so we could talk about this. >> like what. >> all the time. i wish i could remember one that was perfect. >> like the miley cyrus twerking thing. >> exactly i could have been her
7:50 am
wrap producer guy and we could have blown that upright when it blew up but now we have to wait. >> you obviously had a big turnover. isn't it exciting to bring new blood in is. >> it's always very exciting. >> i can't hear you. i can't hear you. >> keenan thompson everybody. >> good morning. how are you? yeah. >> how many people are there now. >> listen to my voice. that's cool. they hired five guys and one lady. >> that's fantastic. >> like a music video. >> this is like a good fellows tracking shot here walking. have you ever waited in line for anything like this? >> no i've never slept outside but this is crazy good. >> look guys, kenan thompson everybody. hey. >> were you putting on make up. >> yes, we were. >> any questions. >> i have questions. did you guys really sleep out
7:51 am
here. >> yeah. >> that's unbelievable. i shouldn't be using this. >> where are you from? >> we go to school here. >> you don't have parents? this is okay with everybody in your family? there's not a father somewhere watching you guys. >> i think that's him right there. >> how was last night? >> good. it was okay. >> all right. well, enjoy the show guys. appreciate it. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> all the best. >> let's go back inside. >> let's do that. >> i love that walking shot. we're walking. we're walking. >> tina fey. >> just a couple of more days sleeping outside. martha stewart uses twitter to take on apple. ♪
7:52 am
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7:56 is your time now. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. new this morning, police are trying to find two men seen running from a house after a home invasion and shooting in prince george's county. this happened a little after midnight on 100th avenue in glendale. a man and woman were inside the home at the time. the man was shot in the chest and is in critical condition this morning. this morning. we'll take a q i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results.
7:56 am
that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
7:57 am
happy friday from the first 4 traffic center. disabled victim northbound 395. delays closer to the third street tunnel. there you'll find a broken down car blocking your right lane. earlier crash on d.c. 295 at
7:58 am
benning road. out of roadway and now seeing delays southbound. >> cloudy around the metro area and temperatures in the 50s and later today some sunshine breaking out and highs reaching the mid-70s. great weekend to follow. highs 70s and morning lows 50s with sunshine saturday and sunday. get into next week, we will have somewhat warmer weather moving in with mild afternoons and cool mornings and the dry pattern continues all the way through the end of next week. >> looks great, tom.
7:59 am
>> it's 8:00 on today. coming up, a death defying stunt today from the world renowned daredevil. we talk to him. >> plus martha stewart versus apple. what caused the domestic diva to go off on twitter. plus catching up with the parents that gave birth this week. it's friday, september 27th, 2013. this is my first trip to new york city and i'm celebrating my bachelorette party because i'm getting ready. >> it's our birthday and we're at the "today" show. >> happy birthday. >> it's your birthday. >> yeah. >> your birthday. your birthday. >> i am so happy to be at the
8:00 am
"today" show with my new wife. >> oh. you did good. >> thank you. >> and good morning everyone. welcome back to today. i'm savannah guthrie along side willie geist who is in for matt, al roker and carson daly. everybody is in a good mood. >> great, loud crowd here today. we have the birthday girls here today. the 13 year olds. they got an iphone. >> straight ahead, a difficult choice faced by new parents. when should you go back to work? we'll tell you about a new plan to give everyone paid leave and our panel of new parents right from our today family here to share their own stories. >> that's right. first we want to fill you in on something we're dealing with next week. in this photo shop world can you ever believe your eyes? >> and we'll put you to the test with a fact or fiction in the new age. >> you have to operate it.
8:01 am
>> i will. i'll break it. >> it's orange. you'll feel comfortable with it. >> anything orange is mine. i know. >> all right. let's get a top check of the stories of the morning. tamron hall is in for natalie. >> good morning everyone. a united airlines flight made an emergency landing last night when the pilot suffered a heart attack. tom costello is in washington with the details. good morning. >> good morning. a hospital in boise says the pilot involved died after suffering a heart attack mid-flight. it diverted to boise after declaring an in light medical emergency. there was a doctor on board helping the patient and the co-pilot is heard telling controllers that they were doing chest compressions on the patient. they're not confirming that it was the pilot. paramedics transported the patient. all the passengers safe. but the hospital reporting the pilot died of an apparent heart
8:02 am
attack. thank you. there's break throughs in efforts to strip syria of chemical weapons. they agreed on the wording of a resolution that demands syria turnover it's chemical stock pile and allow access to inspectors and the international agency that releases chemical weapons is discussing a plan that could put them in syria as early as next week. police have intensified their search for the british terror suspect known as the white widow. samantha lewthwaite is wanted for attacking tourist areas in kenya. she is a mother of 3. her first husband was one of the sus side bombers that attacked the london transit system in 2005. george washington is being honored today with a tribute that looks to both history and future. political director chuck todd is in mt. vernon, virginia to tell
8:03 am
us about it. lucky guy today. good morning. >> this building behind me 216 years in the making. george washington wanted to build a building to house his books and papers, otherwise known as the presidential library. well, today, he finally gets one. he is a bridge, a university, a city, even money. but while he is everywhere in our lives, many americans know very little about him. >> we always talk about george washington cutting down the cherry tree. >> of course the wooden teeth. the couldn't tell a lie. i think that was him, wasn't it. >> house at mt. vernon. >> now on the grounds of his home at mt. vernon, a place to fill in the blanks. our first president, the last to have a presidential library. >> there was an inventory of his books, roughly 900 volumes. we today have 650 of the volumes and we're continuing to collect them. >> but that wasn't clear to anyone. >> the library director took me
8:04 am
into the rare book vault which includes washington's personal copy of written in spanish. >> he doesn't read spanish. >> you won't find a wing for the first first lady because martha washington burned almost every letter she ever received from her husband though this library rescued a few. >> i obtain an affection for you which neither time nor distance can change. >> just a love letter written with better words than we might use. >> that's right. i might copy that. >> given that we're 14 miles from the capitol and all the craziness of the shutdown talk the theme today is going to be washington might not have let this happen. >> another place to take the family for a holiday and a place to learn as well. thank you very much. >> you got it. >> well, the lying daredevil hopes to make history tomorrow with his most dangerous stunt yet. he plans to jump out of a helicopter in china using a
8:05 am
swinged suit to soar through a narrow gap in a mountain. >> this clip is about 15 feet wide at the bottom and 60 feet wide at the top and three football fields long. so i have to fly three football fields at 25 to 20 feet width. >> he calls this new stunt the flying dagger. well, the couple that has everything now has something else. a new coat of arms. the coat of arms representing the duke and duchess of cambridge is making it's debut today. it was made by combining the shields and symbols of prince william and the shield and unicorn emblem of duchess kate given to her before their marriage. let's go back to savannah, willie, carson, and al. >> photo bombed right there. >> guys, tamron is here because natalie had a great honor last night. she won an award in washington
8:06 am
d.c., the robert f. kennedy journalism award for a report she did on rock center. we're so proud of her. congratulations to natalie. >> that's a big deal and a great piece she did about the lobster divers. congratulations. let's get a check on the weather with al. >> that was a terrific story. coffee day? >> we're give agoway free coffee all over manhattan today. if you like us on facebook you can win a free coffee. >> very nice. let's check out w all over manhattan today so follow us on twitter and if you like us on facebook you could win a free year of covery. let's see what you've got going on today. our pick city today, seattle washington. it's going to be a wet one all through the pacific northwest. three-day forecast going to be wet. heavy rain both saturday and sunday. temperatures cooling off into the mid-50s by sunday. afternoon temperatures staying chilly in the pacific northwest. central rockies 30s and 40s. only real hot spot down into
8:07 am
texas and louisiana and on into oklahoma with plenty of sunshine there. another nice day in the northeast. new england, mid-atlantic states into the ohio river valley and more wet and windy weather in the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning, it's cloudy around the metro area. temperatures are just in the low to mid-50s and in the nearby suburbs upper 50s and in washington and still clear over by the shenandoah valleys where it's still in the 40s, many of those locations and later today sunshine breaking out all around the regions. beautiful weekend to follow. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you so much. coming up next on trending, we're going to talk live with martha stewart about the feud she had with apple. it all played out on twitter. >> then we'll catch up with the families that welcomed their newest members live on today earlier this week. >> and one of the originals, rosy still making claims and
8:08 am
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introducing new woof delights from iams. some wet food has gluten and artificial flavors. iams has real meat and eggs in our tasty chunks. ♪ now that's real love and so is giving a hand with the dishes. keep love strong with new iams woof delights. we are back at 8:13. a little chair dancing? trending today -- >> very robot. >> pop lock. >> what is that? >> i don't know, it's funky. >> it looks good. trending on twitter, martha and her broken ipad. of course martha was with us here on thursday. apparently she got busy after she left. she got into an exchange of words with am over her shattered ipad. she tweeted what to do?
8:13 am
does one call apple to come and pick it up or do i take it? then she continued i'm still waiting for an apple rep to come pick up my ipad. no action, yey. >> how does this shake out? apple wasn't pleased with her tweets because she later tweeted i cannot believe that apple public relations is mad at me for tweeting about my ipad and how to get it fixed. steve jobs gave it to me. >> only one thing to do right now, and that's call martha. martha, are you there? >> hi. >> what's this all about? well, it's using twitter. it's actually all about twitter and what kind of responses tw twitter gets. it has been my favorite mode of communication with the world for a long time. when i dropped my ipad i was so mad at myself for breaking something that i cannot live without, i love my ipad? don't you all love your ipad?
8:14 am
>> yes. >> i mean, i'm addicted. >> are you trying to get a free ipad? >> no, it was a gift from steve jobs and i have the little note that came with it because he knew i was an early adopter of all kinds of technology. so i was just making a joke, will apple come and pick it up? >> they don't really do that? >> well, i was just joking. of course i know that. i've been in apple stores. but anyway, i was just joking and twitter is very, very interesting because there's people that love it when you joke and there's people that take you seriously and don't have a clue. so it's been going on and on and on and it's actually very fun. >> martha, you tweeted martha that apple public relations is mad at me. >> no, my staff -- oh, my staff was very upset with me because we have such a great
8:15 am
relationship with apple and we were the first lifestyle magazine to do an apple app for the magazine and we have had a fantastic working relationship -- again, they're like you -- they think i'm having a feud with apple. >> so everything is okay, martha. >> well, no, my ipad is broke. >> okay. >> and she would not mind a replacement. am i right? >> i think i need to get a replacement. >> all right. >> but when you break something like that it gets confusing because -- >> you don't know what to do. >> no, because all your information is in it. >> right. >> you got to back it up; all your movies. all your mail. >> everything is in the cloud now. >> get the cloud. whatever the cloud is. >> got to back that thing up, martha. >> we got to get martha an it person. >> all i can say is i love my ipad. i love my iphone.
8:16 am
>> okay. >> martha, apple, peace out. >> martha, apple, love. as we mentioned today is photo bomb friday and carson you have been having a time. >> that's true. i have a couple and went out to the plaza there. i have amazing photo bomb shots. there's me photo bombing. it's the idea of it. hey, what's going on. let's go through some we're sending to the orange room this morning. today's viewer cheryl sent us one. >> the baby. >> the baby photo bomb there. that's the cow getting in on the action. >> what is that? >> thank you for sending that one. >> and ann sent a family photo in with a little surprise in the background there. there's a bunch of them on the site. go and cruise through them. >> before the internet there was no name for what this was. >> and before the digital age you'd have to go to the kodak store and pick period your
8:17 am
pictures and then you'd realize. >> yeah. >> remember film? >> remember cave drawings? remember those days? that was fantastic? >> okay. okay. >> all right. that is what is trending today. coming up, we're going to check in with some of the babies that were born live on today and their parents. but first, the hot topic for new parents. we asked new moms if they would rather have an extra three months of paid leave, lose the baby weight instantly or get $10,000 for their child's college fund. more paid leave won, 44%. jenna bush-hager has been looking at these. good morning. >> good morning, guys, i just returned from maternity leave and research shows how important that time is for bonding but we found out very few, only 11% of american women have paid leave. like more than 2 million american women every year, i'm
8:18 am
headed back to work after giving birth. grateful to have had the summer with my daughter mila. >> well, this morning we're happy to welcome back jenna bush-hager who is back from maternity leave. >> it is not complete until you're sitting on this couch. we missed you. >> i missed you guys although have to say i really liked maternity leave. >> reporter: and kelly is returning to work as a cpa at ernst and young after giving birth to her daughter gail. >> i actually had the benefit of being off for four months. >> paid? >> paid leave for four months which is a phenomenal aspect of their maternity plan. >> reporter: kelly's employer also offering lackation consulting and career counseling. working mother magazine named her company one of the best for working moms. >> having those opportunities made my decision to go back to work easier. >> reporter: but kelly is one of the lucky ones. only 11% of all private industry
8:19 am
workers have access to paid leave. the overwhelming number of companies in the u.s., about 84% don't offer paid maternity leave. like kayla who only 8 weeks after giving birth returned to work as a medical assistant. >> i worked for the medical field and they do not offer us any maternity leave that is paid. if i had paid leave it would have given us a lot more time as a family together. >> reporter: this has lawmakers on capitol hill taking notice. >> tell me about your day? >> reporter: like this mother of two. >> i think our policies on a federal level have not kept up with our work force. we're stuck in the mad men era but most families had the husband go to work and the wife stay at home. that is not a reality for most american families today. >> reporter: under the federal medical leave act companies provide 12 weeks of unpaid familyeave but that law only applies to companies with 50 or more employees.
8:20 am
also employees must work full time and have been employed at the company for more than a year. the result, about 40% of workers fail to qualify. which is why, today, the senator is introducing new legislation to guarantee paid leave. >> how does this law need to change? >> well, what the legislation does would allow parents and mom to have paid family medical leave right after the birth of an infant or the adoption of a baby. >> reporter: the united states is the only industrialized country without any government requirements for paid maternity leave putting it in the same category as some of the world's poorest including liberia. >> you know being a young mom, those early days and early weeks are so crucial and for families they really need that time. that time needs to be paid. >> reporter: time that new mother kelly doesn't take for granted. >> she is such a joy and she just changes our dynamic.
8:21 am
now we're not just husband and wife, we're a family. >> you've had a great summer? >> absolutely. probably one for the record books. she is well aware that getting her legislation passed is going to be a tough fight. many business groups fought paid maternity leave because of the cost. they say they can't afford it and it's bad for business. of course she says differently than any business that respects women will do better. jenna, we have a great panel here. not just you. we have jenna wolf and stephanie gosk here with five week old harper. good morning, harper, you're on tv. mara is here with nina who is 21 months old and peter alexander is here as a proud dad and a voir diava is here in spirit. jenna, i see you two days in a row now. >> two-day maximum and then i'm going back into the hibernation of maternity leave.
8:22 am
>> stephanie, what's it like to come back to work? >> it's tricky because you feel a little guilty for the person that you leave back at home. we were together and managing a lot of work and then when you leave you worry that the person you've left has to deal with all of that -- >> mara, did you have any regrets about coming back when you did. actually and i don't mean to sound ungrateful. i was very glad to have that time off and work for a company that gives you maternity leave but i found very hard. if i could take time off now and be at home i would be in heaven. but it was really isolating and breast feeding was hard so i ran back to work and i was happy to see my coworkers and to change out of pajamas and to just be back into my life. >> peter, our dad here, you got two weeks off and right back to the grind. >> i was blessed with the inability to nurse which makes that easier. so i took the first week off to
8:23 am
be with the baby and then let the family be there for an extended period of time and as soon as the family was out i did the other week where i could help my wife in some way but i got hazed pretty quickly. there was a little poop on the shirt pretty fast into the whole process. >> welcome home dad, right? >> jenna you have been back for about a week or so. have you been thinking about mila while you have been at work. sometimes you're here physically but not mentally. >> definitely. the hard thing about our job and this stage in our life is that we travel all the time. henry and i have had to look at our calendars and figure out logistics so that somebody is always home with her. >> good parenting tip. >> is that weird? >> we never left her. get that out there. but also, the other thing is we're learning how to be parents and my mom told me, you know, being a mom or a dad, the most important job you'll ever have is learning to be a parent. >> so mainly a mom.
8:24 am
>> but being a parent is the most important job you'll ever have and we're learning this new job. >> i think mara you talked about this, you worry about what's going on at work, are you missing something. jenna do you feel like that at all or are you totally con sumd. >> no, i need a gsp just to get here. i brought my i.d. just in case. there's always a sense that you're missing out on something. will work be there for you when you get back. i'm going through a little bit of that but i spoke to everyone else who says enjoy the time off. enjoy spending time with her and bonding with her. work will be there when you get back. do you hear that? work will be there when i get back. >> the dad, though, the same way some fear they maybe missing what's going on at work, i fear i'm missing what's going on at home and for the first time in my life i am racing to get home. i'm like let's see if we can finesse this. so home time is
8:25 am
there,so home time is the best. >> great to see you guys. >> harper, wake up. >> . good morning, it's 8:26 on this friday. september 27th. i'm melissa mollet. a look at your commute as you head out the door. danella with a first look at traffic. >> for folks traveling around the beltway, outer loop slow and making the trip on i-66, this time outbound just a bit slow as you head towards the dulles toll road. i-270, a delay in geathersberg because of an earlier crash. we'll talk about your drive time. here at shady grove road, slow from german town, 35 minutes from the capital beltway, a very slow travel speed of about 25
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. where there are clouds now we'll have sunshine by noontime, and during the afternoon temperatures should warm into the mid-70s. right now 50s around much of the region, and then overnight tonight should be mostly clear. in the 60s through this evening. tomorrow morning mid-50s. beautiful weekend coming up. sunshine saturday and sunday. afternoon highs mid-70s and highs near 80 on monday and
8:28 am
i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
8:29 am
8:30 on this friday morning. it's the 27th of september, 2013. a pretty day out here on rockefeller plaza. a lot of people out here celebrating with us on a gorgeous fall morning. if we could just get the crew together here, everybody places. places. wait. go back to where you were. good morning everyone, i'm savannah guthrie along side carson daly, willie geist, al roker, tamron hall. >> greetings. >> hey everybody. so i'm sure you were watching on
8:30 am
monday because we're all legally required to watch the "today" show. did you see the babies born live on air. what do they do for an encore? appear with us. look at their siblings too. >> we'll catch up with them in a few minutes. don't know what to serve your friends? wines work. we'll sample the great wines for the fall season. they're easy on the palate and the wallet. >> hi, joe. are you looking for a new family pet? we'll introduce you to our newest about to wow anim >> and we'll introduce you of our cutest batch of bow to wow animals. >> but first a check of the weather. >> this weekend, starting off with tomorrow, we'll look at a gorgeous day up and down the east coast and then we jump right to sunday, sunday, sunday where it's going to be a much worse day. hello, making its way into the pacific northwest with windy conditions. look for rain from the central great lakes all the way into texas. again, east coast, spectacular and a lot of gorgeous weather.
8:31 am
southwest into southern california. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> a lot of clouds around the region this morning and temperatures are still generally in the 50s under the cloud cover and mostly clear over the shenandoah valleys. still in the 40s many locations but should have a rapid warmup as we'll get sunshine breaking out where there are clouds now by noontime and during the afternoon and going mostly sunny. highs reaching mid-70s and then over the weekend should be mostly saturday and sunday. 50s in the morning and afternoon highs in the 70s. any time you need your weather any time of the day or night make sure you go to or the weather channel on cable. now let's find out what's going on with uncle willard scott. willie. >> you are never too old to enjoy a birthday and a birthday party. let me tell you, they're having fun today. they're celebrating betty's birthday. she is 100 years old today and
8:32 am
she is a huge sports fan. i mean, she loves her sports. a lovely couple, raymond and bernice chapel and they are from garden city, great state of kansas. that's where toto lives. anyway, they have been married 75 years and one of the things that they really, really enjoy is having coffee every day with their kids. that's nice to hear. ida crabb is 100 years old today. and ida is from banning, california. she is 100 years old and her favorite dessert is one of mine. you never get it much. pineapple upside down cake. always loved that. robert blake, lima, ohio. he is 100 years old today and he is a true craftsman.
8:33 am
he likes camping and enjoying life outdoors. love to sleep outdoors, play outdoors. sybil mcgaffic. roswell, georgia. 100 years old today. the secret to longevity, fried okra. i love okra. brian o'neill with nerves of steel. 100 years old today. he loves to make things, build things with his hands. that's it. that's all. now back to the great city on the hudson, new york. >> all right willard, thank you. we are wrapping up our special born today series where it all began on monday. you probably remember this. we were at several hospitals and we watched as several babies were born live on our air. >> this morning, we're checking in on some of the newbort up th. they delivered a beautiful baby girl, mia pearl in boston. there with us now along with dad
8:34 am
dewayne, mia's brothers. good morning. >> good morning. >> how is little mia doing? >> she is doing well. she is tuckered out right now. typical newborn, she likes to be awake at night and sleep during the day. >> of course. tammie, you had three boys, can you say now that you're happy, finally a little lady in your life? >> absolutely. we were pretty happy beforehand but our family is complete now so we're absolutely blessed. >> i have to ask you tammy, what was it like to have our today show cameras in the delivery room with you. i don't think you expected that when you showed up that day. >> not exactly. that was not in the plans. however the team was absolutely wonderful. they were professional and very considerate. so it was a different experience but it was a wonderful experience. >> and dewayne, how are those little boys liking having a sister in the house? >> oh, they're loving it.
8:35 am
i think she is going to be pretty tough. we already got them climbing up on her bassinet to check on her. >> she's a beautiful little girl and we want to wish a happy birthday to dewayne, jr. who turned 5 years old today. >> they said happy birthday. >> happy birthday dewayne. all right, thank you so much. thanks for being part of our show and best of luck with little mia. thank you. >> all right. let's switch it over to texas. we'll meet the skaggs family. their newest member entered at 7:38 a.m. right on queue. he is now at home with his parents and and brothers and sisters. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> i love the name. he seemed destined for country stardom. >> i know. i laughed about it.
8:36 am
he should have been born with a cowboy hat and boots. we're in houston after all. >> well, he is adorable. what was it like to have our cameras right there at the moment of birth? >> joel what was it -- >> well it was really -- i was shocked at the fact that she even decided to do it because she told me many times not to put certain pictures on facebook. so the fact that she was willing to have her knees up in the air was wild to me. >> that does maybe ask the question was there ever a moment when you thought, why did i agree to do this? >> i mean, honestly, once i had -- once it was time to push and we were about to do it, you know, i realized there were 20 people in the room. there was a man standing up on a couch behind me and i thought i have committed to this, i have to do this. but it was good fun. i would have done it again. >> well, you gave us a lot of memories.
8:37 am
i know it's a memory you'll treasure. we'll wait to hear about jackson wayne skaggs in life. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you so much. it was fun. >> and best of luck to you. we want to thank all of the families that really let us into this special moment in their lives. >> so beautiful, aren't they? >> coming up next, we have a great story. the 93-year-old rosie the riveter. she is still on the job seven decades later. >> and the new batch of bow to wow pets in need of loving homes. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ woman ] my family already thinks pillsbury grands are amazing...
8:38 am
but press them flat, add sauce... and some pepperoni and cheese... and school nights turn into grands mini pizza nights. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop! [ horn honks ] kevin! toaster strudel, yah? ♪
8:39 am
warm, flaky, gooey toaster strudel. we are back at 8:40 with a remarkable woman. at the age of 93 she is still doing the same work she started back in 1942 as part of the famous rosie the riveter b brigade. we'll talk to her live in a
8:40 am
moment. >> reporter: 5:00 in the morning, leaving for work. a short drive, a stop for coffee, a brief staff meeting. >> let's hit it. >> reporter: and then eleanor otto is at her position at the boeing plant driving in more than the 3,000 rivetes for a cargo plane. >> i like to get something accomplished during the day. not to be put out in the pastuer. >> reporter: she has been doing it since 1962. one of the thousands of women that helped the war by joining the rosie the riveter brigades. she learned the air force industry still had a place for her. she never left it. >> she goes about her job like anybody else. >> that rosie the riveter ke with do it motto was a theme for the women's movement and eleanor
8:41 am
likes it. >> is this appropriate work for a woman? >> it's not? >> reporter: she's here mostly because there's nothing she would ever do. >> there's an old joke that despite the high cost of living it remains popular, eleanor will do whatever it takes to feel alive. and this does it for her, certainly more than thoughts of another marriage. she had two. >> but you're done with men and the taking care of men thing. >> i'm done, unless -- >> reporter: one of the original rosies still on the job seven decades later. >> we are so happy because eleanor is with us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it's so nice to meet you. what's it been like to get all of this attention? >> i'm overwhelmed. i can't believe it. after all these years. i just took it for granted. i just kept working and i didn't see a big deal about it.
8:42 am
>> i was going to say, did you realize at the time when you started and you were part of the brigade did you feel like you were making history? >> no. i didn't at the time. it was just something we did. and something unusual of course because women didn't go to work in plants but we did the job because we were part of that history which was wonderful for us. and now, after all these years, i can't believe all of this attention. >> what do you say to those that say she is 93. boy, she could be sitting around on the couch. >> i can't do that. i cannot do that. >> i get the feeling that you like to keep on moving. >> people say what's your secret? keep moving. keep moving. i still drive. i drive the freeways or whatever. i got -- i'm independent. >> i know you tried other jobs but you loved this work. >> yes. i like to keep physical.
8:43 am
in an office i would go nuts and i did. so i do physical labor and i like it better. >> well, you are an inspiration to so many people. we're happy to have you here. >> and i'm so proud to be here and happy that you let me be here and give me all of this attention. i can't believe it. i never felt it would ever happen. >> well, you deserve it. such a great body of work and you're so admired by your colleagues and you inspire a lot of people. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much. >> all right. coming up next, we'll take a turn and get out side. we'll tell you how you can help give adorable animals a l
8:44 am
pumpkin coffee for the morning and i've got my pumpkin k-cup packs for at home. now i can have my pumpkin coffee anytime i want it. pumpkin's perfect.
8:45 am
it's dunkin' with the press of a button. hurry in for pumpkin k-cup packs, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee. back now with from bow to wow where we find good homes for shelter animals. bill is our animal advocate and we're boasting a 100% success record. >> it's a testament to how wonderful the animals are but sadly there's no shortage of
8:46 am
great dogs and cats waiting with wagging tails for a great home now. back here at animal care and control with just an adorable year old poodle mix. fabulous markings. >> and this is spot. he was rescued as a stray believe it or not. >> were you a stray? >> this is heather. another year old poodle mix. >> yeah. >> she was also rescued as a stray and has the most adorable eyes. >> oh. and she just wants to fall asleep in the nape of your neck. i'm in heaven. >> this is mack and he is a very special boy. he was born with some physical challenges. missing part of one leg and an eye but what he lacks physically he makes up for in heart. >> he's only six years old and loves to cuddle and lay in your lap. just a special little boy.
8:47 am
>> this is one regal boy. this is riley. and you're very sentimental about this dog because he is the same breed as my dog i rescued. >> he is in two and awesome condition. >> this little guy louis loves to hang out. >> he is a two-year-old pom mix. >> beautiful boy with a personality to match. >> oh, what you listening to? this is jimmy. oh, i love it. he is cuddling. he is one of five puppies that were literally dumped. what a sweetheart. >> and we're joined now as always by richard of animal care and control of new york city. good to see you again. >> good to see you, too. >> let's get to the first dog. spot is a poodle mix, 1 year old. >> the cutest. >> would be a great family dog.
8:48 am
loves to take a walk. rolls on his belly but also when he is done playing can crawl right up on your lap and hang out with you. >> and al has pepper, another black and white dog. what do you think, al? >> he's beautiful. he really is. >> one is good. but i wouldn't want to hog a fantastic dog for somebody else. >> well said. >> and a stray rescue. >> yeah. >> adorable. >> what are you eating? don't eat that, spot. >> okay. tamron has heather. also a poodle, one year old. >> heather is another model. she would be good in a home where there's somebody at home all the time. always around you rubbing on your legs, laying on your lap. somebody that's home a lot she would be a perfect dog for them. >> beautiful eyes. thank you very much. let's check out our cat. this is mac. 6 months old. jenna is bringing him out.
8:49 am
>> mac is our special cat. >> she has one eye. >> one eye and was born with a short leg. >> but has the greatest personality. everybody in the shelter, everybody that he meets absolutely loves him. >> what he lacks physically he makes up for in heart. >> he can be a pirate for halloween. >> okay. >> how many cats end up in shelters? we always hear about dogs. >> a lot. so many cats. >> all right. jenna, thank you. let's bring out our next dog. this is riley. jill, this is your sentimental favorite. >> love it. >> yes. >> so obviously he is a hound, he's very curious. always sniffing. always looking. very energetic. very playful. >> let's bring out our next two. >> next two. >> we have louis, the two-year-old and jimmy the
8:50 am
chihuahua-beagle mix. bring out jimmy as well. tell us about these two dogs. >> getting a lot of attention. and little jimmy is still a puppy but very eager to learn. really tries hard to learn basic commands and really tries. he's very, very special. >> little jimmy. >> let's bring out all the dogs, guys, one last time. >> the dog and the cat. >> and the cat. >> let's keep that 100%. >> must adopt now. >> jill, richard, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
well, autumn is in full spring bringing seasonal fall favorites back to our table. you need good wine to pair with them. i have been waiting all week for this segment. joe is here to walk us through a tasting. good morning. >> so people don't differentiate between seasons and wine but you think it's important to do that. >> like with food, wine is important. you start to feel a different way. the leaves change, your sensibility change and so are the wines you drink. >> we can still drink white. i like it. here's one we can do.
8:53 am
>> so we start with one from central coast california from a friend of mine. it's an italian variety made in california. >> are you supposed to smell it? >> it's part of the process. sniff and taste. this is good like very honey and this we made a salad. so a salad of grilled vegetables mixed with a traditional salad together. great white wine. very sweet. >> this goes down too easy. what about this one? >> chardonay. white burgandy. it's made all over the world. the wine is named after the place, not the grape but we know it's made of 100% chardonay. do you like? >> i might like this one better. >> it's more oakey. here we made grilled pork sausage but we made an apple
8:54 am
chutny. tell me if you want to try some of this. >> sure. then we go to italy. all of these wines are 15 to $20. rich, good acidity. this is going to be great with the short ribs. >> nice. >> was this a medium body's wine. >> this is, again, a town outside of verrona. most are named by the places they come from. it's counter american tradition. in europe the wines are named after the place. because the place is important. wine should taste of the place. >> okay. i keep forgetting to swirl and smell. i just go straight for the
8:55 am
drinking. >> last we go to a french wine. they're a producer of the greatest red wines in the world. he makes this as a blended wine. and -- >> so fall wines, fall food. >> joe,>> and it's delicious. >> and full wines, full foods. >> happy friday. >> now a check of your local news and weather. good morning. it's 8:56 on this friday, september 27. i'm melissa mollet. we have a nice weekend on the way. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein. tom? >> good morning. feast your eyes on the storm team 4 four-day forecast. today we get sunshine back. highs reaching mid-70s and then, yeah, a beautiful weekend coming, saturday and sunday sunshine. 50s in the morning and afternoon highs into the 70s and then it looks like we'll have a bit of a
8:56 am
warming trend as we get into next week and remaining dry. highs perhaps on wednesday afternoon and may reach the low and mid-80s. melissa? melissa? i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward.
8:57 am
it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
8:58 am
good morning. traveling around the beltway, still seeing red. top of the beltway, as you travel between new hampshire avenue and head to georgia avenue. we'll head down i-95. it was a troubled commute
8:59 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales and willie geist, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to today on this friday morning. september 27th, 2013. i'm willie geist along with al roker and america's got talent judge, spice girl, our good friend, part of the family, mel b. >> oh, thank you for saying that. >> it's been nice having you here. >> i've had a lovely week with you two and natalie. >> let's go out big today. let's do something crazy. >> with a bang. >> let's get thrown off tv. >> i don't want to do that. >> and when i say we, i mean you. did you see this kanye stuff? >> i heard about it. >> okay. i'm so torn because i love kanye and his music but when he does stuff like this. >> he's a bit egotistical we
9:00 am
know that. >> is it a surprise. >> no. he said rap is the new rock and roll and i'm the number one rock star on the planet. >> he can say that because he's very talented. he is. >> but if we're saying that he's not the number one, jay-z is. >> well, that's kind of up there. >> we can argue about this later. now kanye is in a fight with jimmy kimmel because kimmel did a parody of the interview. >> i'm not trying to regurgitate myself. i'm a proud person. architecture, everything you can think about. and they say no. how many have you done seen -- where's the culture at? where is the culture at. >> that was taken from the transcript.
9:01 am
>> that was verbatim. >> it was a joke. >> kimmel did it and kanye didn't like it. >> what a shock. >> he tweeted several messages and jimmy kimmel read them on the air last night. >> he called me. he said a lot of things. he told me -- he told me i had two choices, number one apologize publicly, and that was really the only choice. and then he started tweeting today and i don't know if i have even seen them because they're happening as we speak. jimmy kimmel is out of line to try and spoof the first piece of honest media in years. all right. what else do we have? jimmy kimmel, i don't take it as a joke. you don't have scum bags hopping over fences trying to take pictures of your daughter. i don't even know what that refers to. did i do a spoof about your face. or you and ben afleck, that was a spoof.
9:02 am
#no disrespect to ben afleck. #all disrespect to jimmy kimmel. >> i don't know why he is angry. but finally i'm in a rap feud. >> there you go. somebody needs to take his iphone away. they really do. >> it's kind of funny. >> it is. >> that ego. >> jimmy is not upset. >> it's the whole situation. >> he is kind of putting it out there for all to see. >> well, so is kanye by tweeting him. >> but who looked like a dope? >> my favorite part of the bbc interview, in that interview he tells the interviewer i went six years ago with the idea for leather jogging pants and he said no they're everywhere. >> no they're not. >> are you saying you don't own leather jogging pants? >> did you see that episode of
9:03 am
friends with the leather pants? you don't want to have sweat and jogging pants. >> why are you even going there so early? >> because i want to explain why it's a stupid idea. >> it goes without saying it's a stupid idea. >> but kanye is embracing it. >> but not jogging. >> not jogging, yeah, you're right. i will agree with you there. >> kanye, he's the gift that keeps giving. >> i love your music. let's pull it in a little bit. >> i don't think that's going to happen. kanye, we want you to let it go. >> i love him. i love his music. >> but this is part of him. so let kanye be kanye. look at that look. it's like, hey. i'm going to get on twitter. it's going to be good. >> oh. don't get on twitter. >> i invented leather jogging pants. elton john's writing partner,
9:04 am
the song writer, he says we built this city, which he cowrote, he calls it the worst song of all time. >> i love that song. ♪ we built this city, we built this city on rock and roll. built this city, we built this city on rock and roll ♪ >> come on. >> he says that in an interview with rolling stone. he says it's the worst song of all time. >> that's a shame that he said that because this song is legendary i feel. >> this would make a lot of people's worst song lists. >> it was voted the worst song of all time. he was asked about it and said i don't necessarily disagree with that. >> that's bad. i think it's great. i love it. >> which raises the question, what do we think is the worst song of all time. al, do you want to go first?
9:05 am
>> i think this song is so bad i love it. it was get dancing by discotheque -- disco techs. >> i should have told them to queue it in a little bit. it's a guy talking and singing and he has a chorus going. >> do you think it's number one. >> i'm not sure. >> it's fantastic. >> it's good. >> i'm downloading this after the show. >> okay. >> it's not that bad. >> all right. well, you have to hear the -- >> you're trying to be too cool for school. >> it's not bad. >> once you get into the lyrics, it's just -- >> bad lyrics. mel, what's your worst song of all time. >> it's a song that came out in the u.k. called mr. blobby.
9:06 am
>> that was my nickname. >> oh, this is better. video. so far it's awful. >> see. told you. wait until mr. blobby comes out. >> is that the artist? >> it's like a sponge thing. >> is this the 80s or early 90s. >> early 90s. >> oh, there he is. >> look. look. >> oh, this is awful. >> oh, that's frightening. what's going on there? >> exactly. now, that's a bad song, al. >> was that a popular children's character or just came out of nowhere? >> no, came out of nowhere and was number one. everyone was singing it around christmas time. ridiculous. >> that's like your version of bar barney. >> adults sung it. >> see if you agree with mine. ♪ who let the dogs out
9:07 am
>> i like this song. >> this is the worst song. this doesn't give you the hives? >> i thought mine was the worst one. >> yours one even close. i fall somewhere in the middle. >> what would kanye say? >> he would say i invented leather jogging pants. >> there you go. >> over and over again. >> for fendy. >> now that we played terrible music for you, there's a new study out by the consulting firm kimberly-clark professionals that says -- >> do they have anything to do with the folks that make the tissues? it would make sense. >> different company. >> they do? >> they do? >> yeah. >> so this might explain it. >> 50% of employees go to work when they're sick. 30% of those sick workers said they do so because they're too important to their business to stay home. >> kanye was one of them. >> kanye was one of them. i go to work sick because i don't want to screw anybody
9:08 am
else. there's days i don't want to be here. >> you don't want anybody else to have to do your job. >> get up early. >> but given our hours somebody is going to get a call at 2:00 in the morning, you have to come into work. >> yeah but on the flip side, if you're contagious would you still come in. >> yes, i will. >> see, i think that's wrong. >> wrong. >> i think that's wrong. that's so wrong. if loving you is wrong, i don't want to be right. >> if i'm bedridden sick i won't come in. you don't come in? >> if i've got like stuff going on, i don't want to come in because i don't want other people getting sick. >> see, now that's the right way to approach it. >> is that the right answer. >> you're wrong. >> think about when you have been at work or on a plane and some guy is like -- and you're like for the love of pete. >> that's true. >> get out. >> i guess i'm so committed to the shareholders at comcast. >> stop it. >> comcast, that i want to be here for steve burke. i want to be here for deborah.
9:09 am
i want to be here for our bosses. >> drop more names. >> i want to create shareholder value by being here and i'm committed to the company. >> i want to drop you like a bag of dirt. mes. s what i want to do. value by being here. >> i want to drop you like a bag of dirt, that's what i and= to 's do the ny1001sa. >> that was shameless. >> shameless plug. >>y a lot of wet weather in the pacific northwest and it will keep raining, mountain snows into montana and wyoming. looking at a beautiful day finally by the end of the day down in southern florida. up and down the east coast we've got more spectacular weather. a slight risk of strong storms stretching from northern texas into central nebraska, and we look for the windy and wet conditions to continue. really get fired up late they are afternoon in the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around the country.
9:10 am
here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, still cloudy around the metro area. temperatures now as we approach 9:15 in the morning are in the mid-60s right in washington and near the bay and away from the waters it's another 60 and 50s pretty much elsewhere, and we'll climb into the low to mid-70s with some increasing sunshine and then a beautiful weekend coming up with low humidity. cool mornings and mild afternoons. perfect for outdoor activities, and then a bit warmer into next week, but it looks like it's going to stay dry. and that's the latest weather for brian roberts and the rest of the country. >> brian does a great job doesn't he? >> fantastic. >> makes his own clothes. >> well, we told you natalie's not here today. that's because she was in washington last night getting a huge honor. the robert f. kennedy journalism award for a report she did on rock center. a great piece. well deserved. >> exposing the danger of the lobster divers. >> a great piece.
9:11 am
natalie, congratulations. we'll see you back here on monday. >> coming up next, sandra bullock makes her mark on hollywood. robert de niro filling big shoes. one minute. that's all it takes, to help make a kid's wish come true. join straight talk wireless at our "give a minute. help make-a-wish" event, and help make more wishes come true for children with life threatening medical conditions. this saturday from 10-4 at your local walmart, take a minute to learn more about straight talk wireless and we'll donate a dollar toward our goal of one million dollars to make-a-wish. straight talk wireless. same phones. same networks. half the cost. available only at walmart. about layaway backed by ad match here's what they had to say. if walmart lowers the price they automatically give...
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9:14 am
back now with your ticket to hollywood and we're talking celebrity tweets, sneak peeks, and photos of the week. >> from jim carrey to sandra bullock and robert de niro, everything you need to know. >> erin, good to see you. >> good morning. >> let's start with star power. news about the late james gandolfini and who will replace him on the show. >> right. he passed away this summer but before he died he was working on a new show called criminal justice about an ambulance chasing lawyer, sort of a high powered drama, a miniseries. and now that he is not with us the show has to go on, though,
9:15 am
so robert de niro is going to step in for him. what a replacement. hbo is known for quality programming so i think it's going to be super exciting to see robert de niro in this role. >> yeah, in a bittersweet note his new movie has gotten rave reviews. >> it will be interesting to see what honors james gandolfini might get. he might be nominated for an oscar or golden globe or that sort of thing. we saw heath ledger win the oscar after his death. so really sad like you said. you can go see him in theaters now and it makes you think what else could he have done. >> our photo of the week, sandra bullocks got a big honor in hollywood. >> she is one of those beloved stars. everyone loves her. she is beautiful. she is nice. she is so talented. so for her to be immortalized is so exciting and famous friends came out to support her.
9:16 am
chelsea handler and ovtavia spencer. but little louis with in his coat and converse. >> the movie coming out is "gravity" and she'll be here on today. >> gravity is going to be huge. can't wait for that. >> now, al, you and paula patton had a moment. there was a twerk. >> it was more than a twerk. we're engaged. >> oh, wow. >> she dropped it like it was hot. i think we've got video right here. >> al you're going to be disappointed. your engage t might be over. >> oh, wow. >> look at al's face. >> al is staring off into the distance. >> trying to keep it together. >> looking away. >> al, she is taken. i'm sorry. >> i know. is she still with robin? >> she is. unfortunately they are still together. that 20 year relationship, you were not able to break that up.
9:17 am
robin thicke flew in from london the other night. >> because he heard about it. >> he came in to save his marriage. he flew in to support her at the premiere of her new movie baggage claim. >> i can't wait to see that. there was a shirtless scene with you that got cut from the movie and he replaced you which i think is a mistake. >> they'll learn. they'll be sorry. >> they will. >> speaking of, i mean, the movie that a lot of us grew up loving. jim carrey and jeff daniels tweeting out pictures of their sequel dumb and dumber 2. >> dumb and dumber turns 20 next year. >> no, way. >> oh my gosh. >> they love great. >> wow. >> they look exactly the same. so they both tweeted from the set. they're both very, very excited about this movie. it had some starts and stops in production. at one point it was off and now it's back on. very exciting.
9:18 am
>> can't wait to see it. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up next, the news you need before you leave. >> and fans lining up outside our studio for the premiere of snl tomorrow night. we have a preview from kenan thompson right after this. this tree is going to make someone a wonderful meal someday. because it's a hickory. at hillshire farm, only hickory smoke has the right flavor to blend our sweet sausages with our savory spices. some people see a hickory and think, cabinet. we see a hickory and think, gumbo, pizza, tacos. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. what if we could keep that much plastic waste out of landfills each year. by using just one less trash bag each month... we can. and glad forceflex bags stretch until they're full.
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9:22 am
four collision warning or auto break systems or both. seven that were equipped with both got superior ratings. getting top marks, cadillac ats seda sedans, the mercedes sedan and volvo's sedan. they're also saying extra fees are here to stay and big money makers. airlines brought in $27 billion in extra fees just last year and experts suggest shopping around for the airline with the lowest fees or asking that a fee being waved say you could be surprised how often that could work. >> they're also raking in big bucks in extra fees. average checking accounts can have as many as 50 fees built in with banks making almost $41 billion in customer fees this year. some banks even charge fees for talking to the teller. ways to avoid them, shop around
9:23 am
and sign up for direct deposit. it can help out. and folks in katy, texas. a new 99 cent only store marked the grand opening by selling flat screen tvs for 99 cents for the first customers in line. the people that got the tv say it was worth the wait. and there's a hazard on one golf course you have to see to believe. if you play on this course in switzerland, there's a fox keeping it's eye on the ball. it scampers away and the locals call him foxy. he maybe sly but he's not shy. he has run off with 100 golf balls and he's not done yet. not sure what he is doing with the balls. willie, al, and mel b. >> did i just hear that correctly. >> yes. >> thank you, tamron. >> coming up, are you really
9:24 am
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9:25 am
good morning. it's 9:26 on this friday, september 27th. i'm melissa mollet. another comfortable day on the way. let's go to tom with a check of your forecast. >> good morning. a wide range of temperatures. temperatures in our eastern suburbs into the mid-60s and off to our west it's still only around 50 degrees and we'll have the cloud cover over us now breaking up as the day progresses. sunshine this afternoon and highs reaching the mid-70s and then great weather for outdoor activities over the weekend. mild mornings and we'll have afternoon temperatures into the mid to upper 70s and on saturday and sunday a little bit warmer as we get into next week but the overall pattern remaining dry through next week. melissa?
9:26 am
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9:27 am
i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia? good morning and happy friday. a few trouble spots around the beltway. not terrible, but just still seeing some slow spots. let's head down to fredericksburg, virginia. watching for a crash northbound route 17 at international parkway. that crash is blocking your left lane. stick to the right to get by t.melissa, back over to you. >> all right. thanks, damage a. the latest
9:28 am
news and
9:29 am
welcome back to today on this friday morning, september 27th, 2013. i'm willie geist along with al and mel b. what do you think about this, there's a new website, it's an engagement trend we have been looking at where you can buy jilted lovers engagement rings. >> isn't that a bit cursed. >> well it helps people that pay a lot of money for a ring to resell it. >> the website is called i do, now i don't. it's created by a man that returned home to find out his fiancee of three months moved out leaving her engagement ring behien. >> so he started the website. >> he did. >> so would you buy a ring off that website. >> no. i wouldn't. >> you know it's cursed. it's one thing to go into a shop and you don't know the story behind it. >> or create your own special
9:30 am
ring for your lady rather than buy something else that's already been given to somebody else. >> take that ring, remove the stone, and maybe put it in a new setting or something. >> i think it's terrible. >> well, i just kind of -- that went nowhere. it's just so sad. >> we can do the weather. >> we talk about of course prince william presented his mother's ring. >> well, that has value. >> that's a family ring. >> yeah. >> i mean, that's that. but let's face it. most of us -- although some people have sentimental attachments to rings but getting somebody's -- >> i think to actually give it to the website is one thing but to take it and buy it from that website is a whole other story. that's weird. >> but maybe you get a great deal on a ring you otherwise couldn't afford. >> that's possible. >> looking at the bright side. >> i'm trying over here. i'm trying. what's going on with the weather. >> that really didn't go anywhere. it's just kind of sad.
9:31 am
>> yeah. >> sorry about that guys. >> let's look at the weekend. try to perk you up a little bit. it's going to be sunny here in the east and finally down in florida. on saturday, wet wea in the east and finally down in florida on saturday. wet weather from the plains all the way down to central texas. windy and wet in the pacific northwest. normally it's wet in the pacific northwest, but we're talking tons of moisture. some areas getting up to 10 inches of rain which will continue on sunday into monday there. looking at gorgeous weather through the southwest and southern california. more rain from minnesota all the way down to central texas and, again, much of the east coast looking fantastic. a few showers along the southeastern atlantic coast. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. wide range of temperatures this morning when you step out the door and around the eastern suburbs it's in the mid-60s. while off to our west it's only around 50 degrees still, and
9:32 am
we'll have temperatures though beginning to even out and slime into the 7s. mid-70s by afternoon and saturday and sunday lots of sunshine. morning temperatures in the 50s and and that's your latest weather. >> the 39th season of saturday night live premieres tomorrow night. >> yes it does. >> and look at this, outside, die hard fans camping out for days now. >> he's got the beard. >> he was completely clean shaven. >> they hope to be the ones to get that precious standby ticket. there's no guarantee they get in. >> would you camp out. >> for the reason premiere with this guy running the show. >> and the guests. >> yeah. >> arcade fire, tina fey. >> 11 seasons already. >> 11, right? crazy. >> how old are you? >> 35. >> no you're not. >> that's so bloody young. >> thank you very much.
9:33 am
thank you very much. willie good to see you. i overslept you one time on a morning show. have to apologize. >> no, that's okay. >> but i'm up this morning. >> no, you're up. tell me about this season. a lot of people, familiar faces are gone. bill hader is gone, what does that do to the field? >> it changes, you know? michelle is 39 years old so there's always been seasons where new people come in. this might be one of the larger changes in history but i'm very excited. >> he's going to make it work. >> there's five new guys and one crazy awesome new lady. her name is noelle and it's exciting to see new talent. >> do you see new pressure? you're the veteran. the show is on you now. >> yeah, that's a lot of pressure, man. like will ferrell and chris rock and all of those guys, just to even be mentioned in the same sentence as those guys as veterans is crazy to me. >> you guys are pumped for the
9:34 am
new season. with tina fey coming out as your first host, that has to be pretty good. >> it will be easy for me because she knows how to do the show. so i'll be chilling with my feet up. >> of course when she had that wardrobe malfunction. >> she did. >> she flashed. >> so who are we going to see -- >> there it is. >> hilarious. >> do you actually see them? >> i did. i saw -- she had some kind of silk stocking over them or something. >> but you looked any way. >> yeah. it was -- you could still see. i didn't see that much. >> but what you saw -- >> from what i saw, there was something there. >> okay. thank you for that explanation. >> i had to know. >> two questions, deandre cole this week maybe? >> not this week because we have already written toward this week and we didn't write that one but it's coming up soon. >> could you write me in one? i'd love to do one. >> right across the street.
9:35 am
it will be easy. >> deandre. i love him so much. >> what up with that. >> what up with that. >> the perm already. look at that. >> i can't wait for this. >> it was like my hair right now. >> keenan the other one. >> that's the sam jackson one. >> the other one we're hoping to see is the impersonation of this one. >> yeah, absolutely. look at him. there he is right there. there he is. >> and roll it. >> well, let's take a look at the gulf coast region where we have several thunderstorms. other than that it's a gorgeous day for the plains and the sunbelt. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> that was pretty good. >> you know what, you don't talk like that by the way. i'm sorry. >> no but all of a sudden i have
9:36 am
street cred with my kids. >> now, you kids go to bed. >> i'm going to send you home. >> i thought it was a pretty good impersonation. i like that a lot. >> it's such an exaggeration but it's all in good fun. >> that's only half the joke, too. then it gets hardcore. >> rugged and roker. >> absolutely. >> it gets rugged. >> all right. kenan thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> tomorrow night, tina fey and arcade fire right here. >> have a great season. >> thank you. >> coming up next, it's christmas in september, i'm told. that's right. we're already talking holiday toy shopping. a sneak peek at the toys every kid will want right after this. [ female announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms.
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at angie's list. join today at you've got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken. crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪ parents it's almost that time of year. the mad dash at midnight. elbowing through crowds to grab the last on the shelves. it's the holiday toy rush. >> we'll give you a head start at this year's holiday toys. good morning. >> good morning. it's early but this is a sneak peek of the hottest toys we'll see this holiday. >> elmo. >> this guy doesn't need much of
9:41 am
an introduction. but this is big hugs elmo. so let him give you a real hug. >> that's not a hug. >> that's an assault. >> no, so elmo is very interactive. he'll hug. you can play make believe with him. you turn him upside down, he knows. >> who doesn't love elmo? >> who doesn't? we love construction for kids. this is mega blocks. so nice big blocks for kids but not only are we building, we are dancing. >> oh. >> wow. >> you can hear it. >> get down. >> all kinds of great tunes. >> mila is making a break for it. >> making a break for it. and the kids can follow color coded notes and play real songs. >> cool. >> a little construction here. >> so v-tech introduced these smart play sets. this is go-go smart wheels which they're loving and what we have are touch points on the tracks. six sensors on the tracks so
9:42 am
when you put the car on it, it will sing songs, do phrases and we can pretend this is a construction set. i have three sets on the ground and kids get to make believe. >> cool. >> i love the kitchen. >> doc mcstuffins. she fixes all the broken toys in the neighborhood. we have all the tools a good doctor needs including an x-ray machine, a book of boo boos and this doc also makes house calls. this is the check up sensor. >> there's going to be disagreement. >> fighting over that, aren't they? >> what's this scooter? >> this is our j-2 jr. flicker. it's a perfect first scooter for kids. easy to balance. the kids get on and they wiggle. they just wiggle. >> all right. >> love it. >> all right. are you ready to battle. >> oh my gosh, it's like a
9:43 am
high-tech rock-em sock-em robots. >> that's exactly what it is. we have these controllers and you are just battling away. just move your arms. move your arms. >> look at that right cross. >> five hits and you can do a knockout. >> oh, yeah, okay. >> yeah. >> i just punched al. >> amanda has butterflies. they really fly. she is flying a beautiful fairy. >> that's cool. >> and finally we have amanda and she is on go dance. >> this is so good. >> this is ipad or the iphone and it uses your camera and turns it into a motion sensor so detects your movement and she is off and dancing. >> that's pretty cool. >> i love it because it keeps everybody active. >> mel, get in on the action. let's see it.
9:44 am
>> let's see you. >> i'm not the professional. >> okay. >> lori, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up next, the wild, the hilario hilarious, our good friend here with the most memorable moments when we go spanning the world. right after this. walmart asked hundreds of moms... about it's free layaway. here's what they said. paying no opening fee would help my family greatly. free layaway to me is like a piggy bank. i can do that, i can afford free. (laughs) walmart's layaway is free with no opening fee. and it's backed by ad match. get started today. walmart.
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♪ yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot how good these taste! [ lucky ] ♪ they're magically delicious [ male announcer ] you know that family? the one whose eye for design is apparent in every detail? ♪ whose refined taste is best characterized by the company they keep? ♪ well...say hello to the newest member of the family. the cadillac srx. awarded best interior design of any luxury brand. take advantage of this exceptional offer on the 2013 cadillac srx with premium care maintenance included. our friend is back to take us on a wild ride through the
9:48 am
wacky world of sports. >> september featured nfl football and rafael nadal winning the u.s. open but what were truly the top sports stories? let's go spanning the world. >> unbelievable. >> hey. >> on your mark, in the philippines, get set, and go. >> wow. >> that's good. >> can you do that? i think you can. play ball, the best blocked punt. this was bowling green. just take the ball out of midair and run away and go for a touchdown. >> that's cool. >> how about two marlins sliding into third base at the same time. you don't see this every day. i don't know, our best move of the month. chris davis is batting. that was the ball, right into his shirt. >> oh. >> that's a neat trick. >> that is a neat trick. she gets consolation from the ball boy.
9:49 am
why not. he was there. our worst move of the month. in taiwan, the ump tosses the manager and then proceeds to choke him. >> that's not nice. >> the soccer game in the u.k., mel, sky diver just drops in during the game. >> i love that. >> there you go. washington state, the blocked kick and we won the game until the team in purple just picks up the loose ball and they run for the touchdown and win. >> all right. >> more premature exhilaration. our goal of the month in argentina, the dog scores the goal. the right of the net, the dog is open. >> nice pass. >> in brazil, this team has to forfeit because the guy making two critical saves is the team masseur who ran on the field and then he has to run off the field and go get them buddy. >> our world record, the 98 meter basketball shot in the netherlands and -- >> no way.
9:50 am
>> come on. >> no way. >> and swish. >> it only took them 62 tries. >> our biggest fan of the month. >> you may want to avert your eyes, in kansas city, there's something wrong about that. >> oh my. >> and in l.a. the biggest take down in wrestling history. >> oh, cheek to cheek. >> and nobody got hurt. and celebration of the month, rodney is locked in the bathroom in the dugout and he has to go out and pitch on the mound and when they finally release him they have something to celebrate. high fives. i got out of the john. and our slide of the month. tried for second and to quote natalie, one of the best slides in the anals of sports history. >> oh. >> that was great. >> i love when natalie writes my material. >> thanks willie. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
erica hill is here with a preview of what's coming up on weekend today. >> good morning guys. earlier you were talking about engagement rings and whether or not you should buy one from the already used engagement ring site but we're also looking at whether or not you should go dutch on the ring. so essentially split it. >> oh. >> i like the initial reaction. what are you thinking? >> i'm not sure. >> so there's a little conversation about this online. we'll talk about it this weekend as well. there's a poll on the knot, 14,000 brides. almost two third of them said they had a hand in it and that they were sort of involved in looking at them, 27% said they helped pick it out and 32% discussed the ring budget or may have helped pay for it. that's an odd conversation. hey, baby, let's look at rings, could you pony up your half.
9:54 am
>> yeah. >> would you have done that? >> yeah, but i think that part of the deal is the surprise of it. if you start talking about it beforehand then she knows it's coming. >> but you don't want to get the ring wrong also. she has to be able to pick it out. >> but you pick up context clues and she'll say i love that ring and you store that deep for the day you need to buy one. >> unless you are obtuse. lester's 10th anniversary. >> unless you are obtuse. lester's 10th anniversary. >> yes, so plenty of
9:55 am
i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ...
9:56 am
... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia? . good morning. it's 9:57 on this friday, september 27th. i'm melissa molle. let's go right to meteorologist tom kierein for a check of your forecast. >> wide swath of weather in our viewing air. in the bay 50s and in the shenandoah valley. and later today though, most of the region gets sunshine breaking out during the afternoon at highs reach mid-70s by mid-afternoon, and then this evening under a mostly clear sky 60s through the evening and then the 50s by dawn on saturday.
9:57 am
tomorrow great for all the outdoor actest, highs reaching the mid-70s and sunday highs upper 70s. as we get into next week, a bit of a warming trend. each day highs reaching near 80 degrees. on wednesday may get into the low to mid-80s but it looks like it will stay dry all the way into the end of next week. melissa? >> need some healthy recipes your kids will actually eat? hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo.
9:58 am
you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure.
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this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotbe from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybod you made it. congratulations. you made it to friday, september 27th. hoda, have you got big weekend plans? >> i do. what am i going to do? there's a concert in the park. >> who is playing. >> john mayer, alicia keyes. you just throw a blanket. >> is it free? >> we're going to sit outside. >> you, a huge star, are going to do that? when pigs fly, hoda. >> that's the best graphic ever.
10:00 am
>> we are not letting that happen. i mean, i could see it if weird al yahad to sit outside. right, al? >> yes. >> did you hear that? it is try day friday, we're going to try a coffee drink. >> you said we. >> we. >> we are. >> the guy with the shoes. i showed you his feet. >> nice feet, a lovely smile. one of these days if things go as well as they are, you might get to meet him. >> you met him. >> i have, but i haven't spent enough time with him. >> what about blake. >> blake has to pass judgment. because when pigs fly. >> stop saying it. >> a lot of money on the
10:01 am
graphic. that's it. >> so blake loves him and blake is coming to the concert. >> that's what i was asking. we? >> i wouldn't just go with my dog. i'm not weird. >> you got movies alone. >> that's different. >> all right. so lets try this coffee. >> national coffee day sunday. >> are you a big coffee drinker? >> i'll have a couple of cups. anyway, national coffee association says most americans drink more than half -- what? >> somebody has been drinking more than coffee when they wrote this. they drink more coffee than they need each day is what i think they tried to say. they never graduate freddie elementary school. >> here is our coffee drink. we're drinking something a little different. we've got coffee cocktails, medium dark roast from coffee of grace and cognac cherry brandy.
10:02 am
>> we love her. >> robert dinero's wife, a beautiful lady, supports farmers in rwanda. >> i can't start today this way, even i. i can't drink any coffee after noon or i am wide awake. >> that's good. >> it doesn't keep me up. i can drink coffee at night. it doesn't keep me awake. >> what does keep you awake, wild woman? >> scary movies. don't say when pigs fly. >> i'm not going to say when pigs fly because that would be too much and i know when to stop. i love pigs. >> all right. so what do you eat in the car? >> i don't usually eat in the car. >> you don't? >> what i do eat, i meant to confess this the other day. once in a while -- we had a lot of construction work on the
10:03 am
property because of damage from hurricane sandy. as a result the guys are working hard. they are working hard and you want to feed them. we ate a lot of takeout food this year. >> what did you have? >> we had so much domino's pizza, so many big macs. stuff we normally wouldn't eat normally. it's easy to feed everybody and they are grateful. >> what's your favorite? >> what i do eat in the car, because i can't say no to it. if you've gone to mcdonald's or burger king or wendy's, one of them, and the french fries are hot. you dig in. you don't eat your burger, that would be crass. you've got to go for the hot -- they aren't hot and don't taste the same when you heat them in the microwave. >> this is how much i love them. when i'm driving i'm a ketchup person. i put it right here, one hand,
10:04 am
take ketchup pacts and squirt them in the bag. >> hoda, that takes two hands. >> you do it right before you leave. it's all ketchupy. you dig your hand in, and you get one and eat it and you go back in. that's how you do it. then you have it all over your hands. i only do it alone. >> would that make you a pig? surveys what people do when they drive. candy bars, french fries and doughnuts popular. >> tacos, which is weird. >> scary. the taco should never be eaten. you can barely eat that at home with two hands and a napkin in front of the tv. >> i find myself eating much more when i'm by myself. when i'm in the car, i don't think anyone is looking at me. >> who have you been spending time with? you've never been thinner, never looked better.
10:05 am
i'm not with you so -- >> i eat alone at night. i don't feel that comfortable eating in front of people, eating a lot. >> when you and i go to places we pig out. >> we have our lamb chops, not a foot that doesn't have -- frankie and johnny's and have our shrimp scampi. now you know way more -- >> or care. we have to say we have a great hair and makeup team, they are incredible. >> they are. >> there was someone who put this website out, danny evans. he wanted to see what some people with hair and makeup teams would look like if they didn't have hair and makeup team. what would a listers look like without glamming them up. in fairness some know how to do their hair and makeup pretty well. others, not a clue. lets keep that in mind when we go to pictures from the '80s and photo shop. >> that's scarlett johansson. >> oh, my god.
10:06 am
that's from the '80s with the mall hair. >> that's a felony. >> what else? i like it, though. >> who is that? who is that? who is it? who is it? >> the beckhams. >> the beckhams? david and victoria beckham. >> that is just wrong on every level. >> oh, my god. that is rihanna. >> oh, that was a good one. >> oh, my gosh. boy, that's unbelievable. angelina and brad pitt. >> yes, grasshopper into her ear. she looks more frightened than usual. >> that's -- >> meryl streep? >> madonna. oh, my gosh. that's madonna. >> this guy should be arrested.
10:07 am
jay z and beyonce. >> they don't look so different. >> beyonce does. >> jay z not really. >> lady gaga. why did we know that was her. >> because she looks like that sometimes anyway now. she does. she does all these extreme things. >> go to this website. >> it's the name of -- >> if the shoe fits. >> all right. miley cyrus's parity, wrecking ball video. >> wrecking ball music video we showed you. >> as it goes with these kind of things, parities pop up. here is a favorite. it's called the pet collective. lets take a look. ♪ ♪
10:08 am
♪ ♪ >> cute. very cute. adorable. it's friday, you know what that means. >> time for friday funny. unless they are naughty, it's hard to find good jokes. i'm grateful to facebook fan brenda buckley. once upon a time there was a very hand some camel named alfred. he had two luge camel humps on his back. he fell in love and married a beautiful female camel named marie who had one perfect hump on her back. as time passed they became the proud parents of a wonderful baby boy camel. but he was born with no humps on his back. the camel parents thought and thought about what to name their beautiful boy. then it came to them.
10:09 am
we'll call him humphrey. >> that was ridiculous. >> do you know how much brilliant acting it takes to make that work. >>an you look at what's in my eye line. bambino and blake playing cards. >> looks like he put his paw in a socket. >> bambino, absolutely perfect as usual. >> blake looks crazy. >> time for johnson's baby of the week. we like took fountains these. new moms and adorable additions to their families. our first is sillas alan debruyn born in michigan. the parents love snuggling with him. >> you love snuggling with blake. >> next is larisa renee gillman. born in texas. the first girl in the family. she has three big brothers who are all probably very, very protective of their little sis. >> elia grace grasmick weighing
10:10 am
7 pounds, two ounces. her mom says her daughter is very expressive and likes to make funny faces. >> last johnson's baby of the week, brinely marie gosch. her parents allison and cody told us this little girl shares the same birthday as her 1-year-old brother. so september 4th is doubly special in their house. congratulations to all of our babies. if you want a chance to appear on "today" show baby of the week, where should they go? >> the website for details. i take the am track to see my mom. there's a guy named marty who is a red cap. the red caps help you get on the train. he's retiring after 40 years. he's from ireland. he's a great guy. >> tomorrow he's retiring. >> saturday is retirement. we want to wish marty a happy retirement. he's a great guy. thanks for the years. >> this made us laugh musical
10:11 am
parities of our favorite. >> weird al has something for kids. it's his second children's book. it's adorable. right after this. [ man ] i think this is a good time to tell you: you're doing okay, mom. i can call you "mom," right? i know we haven't known each other very long, but you seem like a real keeper. you're not perfect. but you're trying. anyway, i want you to know how much i appreciate you. you know, right? how much i love you. you're doing okay, mom. for 4 days only starting friday get 10 dollars off 25
10:12 am
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10:14 am
♪ life is amazing ♪ with the love that i've found ♪ ♪ weird al yankovic is best known for song parodies.
10:15 am
>> he's out with a children books. it's called "my new teacher and me!" we love having you back. i don't think you're weird. i think you're adorable. >> don't tell anybody. >> it's one of those books when you start reading it, you actually read it out loud. >> that's the idea. >> i really enjoy and appreciate actual rhymes, perfect rhymes. you were excellent through the whole thing. >> i've been working. >> there's a great message in this book. tell us about it. >> it's a celebration of imagination. it's a story of a kid named billy. it's a first day of school. a back to school book. he's got a powerful personality, speaks out for himself. his teacher mr. booth is by the book, by the rules, authoritarian, doesn't have a sense of humor. billy's tall tales don't stand to him. >> until -- >> we're so used to seeing you
10:16 am
do parodies. what one do you enjoy the most? we were watching a couple of clips and loved it. >> hard to say. if i had to pick, i usually pick white and nerdy. that's so autobiographical. i have a lot of experience on that one. >> what inspires you. what's going on out there today. what song would you pick out of today's top ten? wrecking ball? >> i don't think too many people want to see me naked on a wrecking ball. >> aid dream about that. >> of course you did. >> wow, you were great. >> oh, my goodness. i'll have to rethink that then. >> certain things just scream at you and say this is the one. >> there's a lot out there that needed weird al treatment. they are really asking for it. >> what do the artists say when you pick one of their songs and do a parody on it. >> it's usually very complimentary. lady gaga said it was a rite of passage for a weird al. you have the grammies, if you're
10:17 am
lucky you get -- >> first of all, everybody that knows you thinks you're a lovely, lovely person. >> oh. >> you are. >> thank you. >> i don't know. it's weird. >> you've got a 10-year-old daughter. >> i do. >> does she take after you? >> in a way. she's very artistic. i wouldn't say she's weird. she's got some musical talent. she wrote a little song at home the other day and i produced it. she doesn't want anybody to hear, just family. >> she loves animals. >> yes. >> what's your dream for her? do you have an image in your mind of where your daughter is going to be in 10 years. >> i can't imagine. i wouldn't have known i'd be doing this 30 years ago. she has a lot of interests. if anything, the theme of my first book, you can be anything you want to be in life. you don't have to be narrowed into that. you can do a lot of things. >> we talked last week hoda, they have a new survey that says
10:18 am
parents aren't reading to their children anymore. it's really affecting them. you obviously had parents that read to you and great memories and kids love books and they love what's important in life. >> i have a love for children's picture books. electronic gadgetry is fine. nothing beats a parent sitting with a kid and holding a book. the whole tactile bonding experience. >> the illustrations on this book. >> i love this. >> hargess. he's wonderful. >> did he do the other one as well. >> the whimsy. >> humor. >> attention to detail. such a perfect match. >> has your daughter read this? >> she was the proofreader. she corrected the syntax and grammar. >> we wish you luck. >> thanks for coming in, al. >> given me permission to write parodies under the name allie
10:19 am
yankovic. >> fine. >> thank you so much. is there a polite way to turn down being a bridesmaids? r. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. for our so slimming jeans. meet our instantly slimming, secretly shaping dresses, skirts and pants. slim, smooth, flatter. the so slimming collection. only at chico's and
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10:22 am
stop! >> what are you talking about? >> okay. showing and could be embarrassing. >> how do deal with those people who make you turn red, dog gone
10:23 am
it, especially your spouse or good friend hoda. >> that ever happen to you? >> all the time. >> what do you do if frank embarrasses you. >> what do you do? you haven't seen him lately, have you? >> that's ridiculous. you embarrass me. >> i thought this was over. is it still on? how do we stay on the air, hoda. >> i don't know. >> probably more time than we were told. maybe they told us but we were drunk and didn't hear them. >> if you need some ideas for your kids' room, we'll show you how to shop your house upcycle. >> we love it. >> the song for us. >> they rock. >> way too much for this. way too much time in life. oy. jamie to checkout.
10:24 am
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10:29 am
we're back on try day friday. what to do if someone you loves embarrasses you. >> or how to get over it when a we will meaning friend makes you blush. >> "wall street journal's" elizabeth bernstein tackled this topic. >> she'll tell us what we found. a psychiatrist here to tell us how to get through it. >> hello. we all go through that at times. >> we certainly do. it's one of those things sometimes, lets say, you're at a dinner party, your boyfriend is talking loud and it's bugging you and you feel embarrassed. >> guilt by association. >> that's exactly what's happening. you feel they represent you. oh, my gosh. they are going to think i'm with this clown. don't i have better taste? >> yeah, and didn't you? >> what did you do?
10:30 am
>> well, you've got to understand where it's coming from. sometimes targeting directly towards you, sometimes not, just loosey goosey feels right. may be coming from a place, hey, me and this person have a good relationship and we do wacky things and we like to share that with the world. >> like sometimes kathie lee shares with the world i have a stomach issue. that's embarrassing. i just sit there and smile. >> she's doing it. >> this is one of those things i know -- >> makes for good television. your career is on fire. in a real relationship as opposed to this phony one that we have, what would you do about that? go to your friend and say, what the heck are you doing? you're embarrassing me. >> the violation of the trust and privacy. >> violation of the trust and privacy. >> get over it. sue me. >> you go to your friend and say, hey, here is the deal. i really love where your coming
10:31 am
from. >> i really love where your coming from. >> for future reference maybe not share that. >> for future reference, maybe not share this. >> you also have to just accept your friend for who she is. >> that's true, hoda. so get over it. >> sometimes parents embarrass their children. they say, look, i love you so much, i get the right to embarrass you. i wouldn't be your mother if i didn't embarrass you. i've heard that a few times. >> that's a problem. >> it is. >> parents, you never are too old to be embarrassed by your partners, probably, but you want to also if you're the parent have that relationship go well. you want to be aware if you're doing something to the child that is upsetting them and try to hold back. >> when i'm out with a couple and the wife is with the husband she's apologizing, i feel bad. i'm thinking why are you apologizing for this guy. i like somebody that says he's crazy, he's fun. >> what am i going to do with ralph. >> his name is ralph.
10:32 am
if it isn't, don't use ralph. help someone. >> what you do in that situation, again, you know, it's tough because it's a reflection on us. try not to take it quite so personal. >> you can laugh it off. you can't change your mother. you can change your husband and maybe should. >> people are not paying as much attention to the embarrassment. you have it on the spotlight. >> right. >> all right. >> did you learn anything? >> that you're going to embarrass me tomorrow again, i'm sure. >> on monday. you'll have to wait till monday. time to clear out the clutter in hoda's house. how to upcycle junk and create something cool for your kids. [ female announcer ] introducing quaker real medleys bars and oatmeal plus!
10:33 am
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10:34 am
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sometimes all you need is the smooth, creamy taste of werther's original caramel to remind you that you're someone very special. now make your own caramel creations at home with new werther's original baking caramels.
10:36 am
all right. if your child has outgrown their nursery and you're ready to redesign their bedroom, you could save money using items around the house. >> here to show you how and put us to work, author of environmental lifestyle. that's this week. "upcycle celebration." danny. >> all about reinventing yourself. >> i was hoping for a new attitude about me. >> no, not so much. what's going on? >> kids' toys. how adorable is this idea? >> darling. >> you grab a branch from the yard, drill two holes, grab a rope and they have a place to
10:37 am
swing. >> you're batting 1,000 but we have a long way to go. >> are we going to be making something. >> grab an old sweater and grab the can from your recycling bin. see these cozy covers. >> they are cute. >> wrap it around the can. you guys can do this. anyone can do this. you wrap it around the can. >> meaning hoda. >> you're embassying me again. >> cozy little sweater covers. >> what do you mean we're done? we haven't got it on the dad-gum can yet. >> done. >> i like to do things properly. >> you didn't cut it. >> i don't know how much i need. keep going. >> weekend project. okay, guys. look at this. >> no thank you. thank you. >> okay. this button art back here. >> that's pretty. >> milkshake, star, french
10:38 am
fries. >> you made these yourself. >> it takes a couple hours. >> wild night last night. you and about a million buttons. >> oh, my gosh. take a piece of chalk. you're doing it wrong. basically do the outline you want to do and use white craft glue to adhere the buttons to your design. what are you making? >> i'm making a person. >> you need maybe a tenth of that glue to do the project. >> she made a little head. i'm trying. >> you take the glue and literally put a do the on the back and you stick it on and you're done. this is going to take forever. >> we believe you. >> there are billions and billions of legos out there. you can upcycle them to make -- look how cute this is. it's a little key chain holder for hoda, you're apartment.
10:39 am
>> that would go with any decor. >> the trick is you take one of these lego pieces and do whatever saying you want. you have to buy special pieces at the lego store to hold it. >> that's too much work. >> keep it there. for a kids room. they have library cards. >> we're talking kids. i forgot. it's been three minutes. that's actually cute. >> take a shopping bag, okay? cut out a square here and here, get a handle, you get a little basket to hold your toys. >> how cute. >> piece of tape, scissors. >> that's kind of cute, danny. >> how again? >> literally two squares. you cut out the sides. it's really easy. imagine like a tiffany bag you have or something, you can upcycle it to a really pretty container. >> danny, you're adorable. we don't care what anybody says. we like you a lot?
10:40 am
>> what do they say? >> coming up, how to handle guests who invite themselves over for fun. >> answer your etiquette questions after this. who loves danny? >> we do! ♪ ♪ don't let the holidays sneak up on you. shop early with kmart free layaway and get more christmas. and shop your way members can earn up to 10 dollars back in points when they complete a layaway contract. kmart. get in. get more. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury crescent dogs. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy dinner. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop! [ pop ] ow! why do i do this?
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10:43 am
i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
10:44 am
not only do we know the proper way to handle life questions, we asked you to tweet us questions. >> modern manners and etiquette expert. >> we're nervous. we're scared of diana. >> jennifer in texas, she tweeted this. when addressing her child's teacher, should she use mrs. or simply the teacher's first name. what do you think the etiquette is for this? >> i think you should always start with a title, mrs. or mr. or ms. then let the teacher let you know what they want to be called. i think the worst thing you can do is call that teacher by her first name or his first name and
10:45 am
then expect to be called by that yourself. >> say you're my age and kid's teacher is 12. you know, do i have to say ms., mrs. ann. >> okay. when you have a little preschool child. they usually go by the first name miss sally. you call her miss sally because your preschooler does. >> that's an easy one. >> as we get into middle school. we know the teachers, we're volunteering. we're friends, our kids are on the same basketball team, volleyball team. again, in front of the kids you call them that. >> if family members invite themselves over for a football game, does she provide the food and beer? >> she doesn't have to answer the door. >> miss modern manners. >> she has to learn to say no.
10:46 am
no nicely. i'd love you to come over but today is not a good day. >> if they just show up. >> if they show up and see you through the window. >> food. >> give them what you have. >> go out to 7-eleven and pick stuff up if you want to. >> just give them some food. >> what if you don't have any food. dog food. >> what if you don't have money for the food. >> in virginia, a tough question for you. she was invited to be a bridesmaids. but due to financial and time constraints she needed to decline that invitation. what should she do. >> let them know quickly, carefully and in person when you can. >> why? >> why? >> if they want to know why? >> i love you. i want to help you do invitations, buy your shoes, find the venues but it's a cost
10:47 am
constraint for me. >> not so much. >> it happens. if you're in person you can give her a hug. the bride is going to be very gracious and say i don't know. >> i don't know. i don't think she's going to be gracious. if i invited someone to be a bridesmaids and she said i don't have the time. if she didn't have the money. >> say she's in another state, she doesn't have the time. >> the flights involved. >> it gets very expensive. >> all right. marie in connecticut wants to know etiquette in a smelly situation. home odor is a situation with so many implications. what should she do if she's in someone's home and it smells icky. >> and it stinks. i want to know if it stinks in one room or all the way through the house. >> it's stinky, smelly, crappy house. >> you have to think about the other person. do you want to hurt your feelings. >> do you want to be their friend?
10:48 am
>> how about never be their friend. >> go outside. >> it smells like a skunk in here. >> you don't want to say it. or a cat box. what you say is we are close enough friends that i feel free to tell you that i think you have a problem with your air conditioning vents. >> that's a good one. >> i would fall for that. >> thank you. coming up, you're going to love it. >> a performance by icon o pop.
10:49 am
i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ...
10:50 am
... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
10:51 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. >> the swedish electronic pop
10:52 am
duo icona pop has one of the hottest summer songs called "i love it." the two friends are i know and caroline. >> i know and caroline. >>. >> so good. >> in stores this week. if it's anything like their first, you're going to want to get out your dancing shoes. >> you guys write your own music. >> of course. >> they don't lip-synch, they sing and everything. >> we play real instruments, write real music. >> you are good friends. we can tell that sitting with you. >> we're best friends. traveling around the world with my best friend. life is pretty sweet. >> that's great. >> is the new song you're playing for us as catch y as the one we fell in love with this
10:53 am
summer? >> i would have to say ya. >> this song is actually a little less hate in it, because it was a song from heartbreak. this is more about all of the love. about finding your element to express yourself. >> ladies, you're going to head over and perform your next single for us. ya. >> here is icona pop singing "all night." is it a dirty song? >> well, it's what you make it. >> their new album. this is icona pop. ladies, take it away. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:57 am
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10:59 am
>> right now the ceremony is just getting started to honor the first president of the united states. federal agencies prepare for a critical vote in a matter of hours that can keep the government running. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. we start with a hotel robbery at the live desk with more on that. >> the police in fairfax on the hunt for the two suspects and they arrived at gunpoint while he was on the job. this happened at 1:00 this morning in the lobby of the best western at arlington boulevard near arlington and annandale. grabbed the clerk and took money from the register. did have a


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