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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 3, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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this morning president obama is speaking out bn continued grid lock. >> during the course of my presidency i have bent over backwards to work with the republican party and have purposely kept my rhetoric down. when you have a situation in which a faction is willing potentially to default on u.s. government obligations then we are in trouble. >> those comments capped a night of meetings at the white house between the president and congressional leaders. house speaker john boehner saying the president won't budge. >> the president reiterated one more time tonight that he will not negotiate. we had a nice conversation, light conversation but at some point we have to allow the process that our founders gave us to work out.
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>> on the senate side majority leader harry reid's latest offer to house republicans was rejected. he called to fund the government and then negotiate on spending levels. in order to pass the so-called clean bill 17 republicans would have to break rank. this morning there is expected to be another round of political ping-pong and nbc's danielle leigh joins us from washington with the latest. what is ahead today? >> reporter: from the looks of things this morning we could expect the shutdown to last at least another day. here on capitol hill lawmakers will have another day. the republican house gets back to work at 10:00 this morning. they are going to try to continue to fund the government one piece at a time. obama care excluded. on the to-do list is to fund the
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medical care for veterans. they have voted to open u.s. parks and memorials and national institutes of health. democrats say they want to fund the government all at one time. today on capitol hill the protests are also going to continue. small business owners are traveling here to tell lawmakers that the shutdown is bad for business. the longer it continues the more likely it becomes that the fight will collide with another fight, to raise the debt limit. more on cnbc's interview with the president. mr. obama has a message for investors. >> wall street has been pretty calm about this. the reaction i would say generally speaking has been
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washington fighting, washington posturing yada, yada, yada. >> i think they should be concerned. one thing i know the american people are tired of is constant governing from crisis to crisis. we have to stop doing that. let's get a budget that allows people to plan over the long-term, that allows us to deal with our fiscal problems in a sensible, reasonable way. >> so far wall street has virtually shrugged off the d.c. dysfunction. stocks rose yesterday and futures are flat this morning. now to what was supposed to be three days of singing, laughing and preaching turned tragic. eight people were killed when a north carolina church group bus blew a tire and flipped over
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after slamming into a tractor-trailer and suv. 14 people are injured. >> in my 17 years probably the most serious instance i have ever been a part of. this is involving three vehicles and the dynamics. >> people were crying and hugging one another. six are said to be members of the young at heart senior program. parisheners say they were shaken. now to benjamin netanyahu's warning to the world, iran cannot be trusted. he spoke with andrea mitchell on the heels of his u.n. address. >> you don't want to be in the position where this regime with with wild ambitions but nice spokesman gets away with building weapons.
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these iranian people, the majority of them would -- they are governed not by rouhani. >> iran's new leader, hassan rouhani has suggested he would like to strike a deal on a program one he says is for pe e peaceful purposes. netanyahu says rouhani is, quote, a wolf in sheep's clothing. it was an extremely close call for one bicyclest england. the biker ignoring a railroad crossing gate. just before she crosses the rail a massive commuter train going
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nearly 75 miles per hour barrelled down the track just before her quick reflexes make it a very good lesson. probably the lesson is if the barricade is down you should not try to cross. >> she went like this. >> bill karins is here with the forecast. >> we have a lot to cover. in the tropics we are likely to have tropical storm karen today. hurricane hunter aircraft flying through this. it is heading for the gulf of mexico and then the northern gulf. there is a lot of dry air in the western gulf and a dip in the jet stream. you can see moisture northward. most likely a strong tropical storm heading for the northern gulf on saturday.
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also strong storms rolling down from omaha. in wisconsin wet weather. we have a snow storm on the way for wyoming. be prepared for that tonight into tomorrow. that is your national forecast. that snow storm is going to get all of the attention in the days ahead. we are going to have the first snow storm of the season at the same time as a tropical storm heading for the gulf. areas of wyoming, nebraska, south dakota. >> seems so early to be seeing snow. >> 66 degrees today and then 30 tomorrow. if this government shutdown continues private sector jobs will also be lost. we'll tell you where. plus about 108 members or 20% of our elected leaders in washington are offering to
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donate their hefty salaries to charity during the shutdown.
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. welcome back. now to other stories making news this morning. police say the bomb scare tuesday that shut down the jacksonville airport was all a hoax. a 39-year-old man has been arrested and charged. a biker involved in the motorcycle melee in new york city was arraigned on assault charges. one remains in the hospital after being run over by suv. aig live was not responsible for michael jackson's death. after a five month trial jurors cleared the company of negligence when it hired dr. murray. the family of legendary
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radio man casey kasin are taking to the streets in l.a. and the author behind some of the best thrillers of all-time has died. tom clancy passed away overnight after a brief illness. "the hunt for red october" was later made to a film. turning to business news, the government shutdown is causing a negative drag on stocks. a number of america's top financial executives met with president obama at the white house to discuss the seriousness of the government shutdown and the urgency of raising the debt ceiling. >> there is no precedent for default. we are the most important economy in the world. >> there is no debate that the seriousness of the u.s. not
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paying its debts, whether social security checks, small business loans all the way to the treasury notes and bills is the most serious. united technologies says it may have to furlough more than 5 5,000 employees if the government shutdown continues into next month. the cost for a gallon of regular gas has dropped six cents in a week. aaa says the nationwide average is $3.39. the companyt that owns rental car companies says it plans to hire 11,000 new workers next year. enterprise holdings adds the most will be in management training positions. later today the national retail federation is expected to forecast a rise of almost 4% for november and december sales. coming up sports with betty nguyen is next after the break. first, did you know the government shutdown is impacting
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people trying to enjoy autumn's beautiful fall foliage. sites like virginia's skyline drive are closed until congress gets its act together.
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they say no good deed goes unpunished. and some days it seems true. but we keep on doing the things that matter& like buying new raspberry 5 hour energy. from now to the end of the year, a portion of each sale...
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benefits living beyond breast cancer, to empower women affected by breast cancer. new raspberry 5 hour energy. it's one good deed that will go just right. a long government shutdown can cost all of us as proven by the '95-'96 shutdown which
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lasted three weeks. switching gears now to the latest in sports from my friend betty nguyen. >> not shutdown here. it is game on for the u.s. military academy as the government shutdown will not effect this saturday's game. army will play at boston college. a senior defense officer confirmed saturday's matchup between air force and navy will go on. before the game was confirmed united airlines was ready to help tweeting we hate cancellations so we are offering to fly air force to this year's air force/navy game. in the wildcard game tampa bay beat the indians. rays pitched an impressive 6 2/3 innings of shutout baseball. so many upton's.
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supermodel kate upton was hoisted by the upton brothers of the atlanta braves, b.j. and justin. the blond beauty graced the swim suit edition cover twice making this her first time on the cover of a regular issue of "s.i." san francisco 49ers dante witner hasn't been taking his punishment lightly. after a fine of $12,000 he says he is changing his name to hitner. derrick rose stars in a new adidas commercial. he hasn't played a game in over
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a year. he suffered a torn ligament in his knee and seems to have his stride back. it is whiffle ball time on ice. the penguins showed support for pirates first playoff appearance in years. this was some of the penguins first time playing the sport. that looked awfully difficult. >> sliding on the ice and whiffle ball looks complicated. >> it can be dangerous. actress drops paternity bomb shell. woody allen.
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allen. winter storm. this isn't just your average variety of winter storm. this will be significant. winter storm warnings around billings. we have a big watch area. right now we have snow in the higher elevations near montana. tonight into tomorrow as this storm really grows -- i mean, this is a wide spread, this area from casper to rapid city is a foot plus possibly. we could be talking power outages. >> a foot in october. turning to entertainment, the finalal coroner's report for
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actor cory monteith has been released. it states he dried from alcohol. number one on billboard hot 100 list with her song "royal". she is the youngest artist to top the chart since 1987 when tiffany had the top spot for "i think we're alone now". brittany spears has something to say to congress. she tweeted new lyrics. go call the police, go call the governor. someone tell congress to get to work. after a 17 month battle with cancer the radio host will be talking about her struggle later on the "today" show. universal pictures announced
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ted will be hitting the screen again. who is your daddy? mia farrow says her son ronan may be frank sinatra's child and not woody allen. sinatra would have been 78 at the time of conception but based on photos they look a little close. i think the son ronan, on the left, looks just like mia farrow. i don't see the father's presence. >> who would you rather be your dad? >> frank sinatra much cooler than woody allen. no offense. this is mara schiavocampo and this is "early today." we hope this is just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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deal as we enter the third day of the federal government shutdown. we're tracking a number of angles this morning including the impact being felt by local businesses. which are accept iing to refuse pay and why the air force and naval academy football game will happen after all. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist pap. >> and i'm eun yang. president obama plans to visit a construction. it's one example of a small business that could be hurt by the shutdown. the visit comes as the situation grows more bleak by the moment. an hour-long meeting failed to
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show signs of progress. now the lack of federal employees going to work is forcing metro to reduce the number of trains it is putting on the tracks. >> we have more on the shutdown. will we have our october heat wave? tom kierein is here with what we should expect. >> summer in october continues. yesterday one degree of the record. kbot up to 88 at reagan national. this morning it's off to a mild start. more like an august morning. a few clouds are drifting in over the metro area. otherwise, mostly clear. . we have quite a bit of cloudy ness in the morning. we get into the rest of the morning and afternoon. that should keep temperatures cooler than it was yesterday. it's in the upper 50s in our nearby suburbs. many of the rural areas are into a the mid-50s. most are in the 60s in the
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waters. it's near 60 degrees. for students at the bus stop this morning, we're going to have short sleeve weather in the 60s with a few high clouds coming through. a look at the rest of the morning coming in ten minutes. how is the traffic? talk about august in october. i got bit twice. not liking that at all. also not liking the government shutdown. still seeing shutdown between broad branch road and rise road. that's going to be closed during the shutdown. also for folks making the commute this morning, tracking an accident there. this is southbound shutdown. >> thank you. 4:28 is your time now. three days into this government shutdown, it looks as if there are no plans for lawmakers to change their strategy on capitol hill. house republicans plan to pass
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my i mini bills. they will restore funding to veterans and pay reserve members. the democrats say they won't approve anything unless it's free of any threat to derail the health care bill. even an hour-long meeting could not get the sides to budge. >> all we're asking for here is a discussion and fairness for the american people under obama care. >> we are where we are. we're not going to play -- we're through playing these little games. that's all it's about. >> the white house released a statement following that meeting. it reads in part, the president made clear to the leaders he's not going to negotiate over the need for congress to act. the house could act today to reopen the government and stop the harm this shutdown is causing to the economy and families across the country. . metro making changes in the wake of a government shutdown.
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all trains operating with six cars instead of eight. ridership was down yesterday. trains and buss are still running on their normal schedules. you don't have to change your schedule if you take mark to work. it plans to keep its current schedule today and tomorrow. they may make changes if the shutdown is still going on. time for weather and traffic and a look of the our forecast. >> tom kierein has your weather headlines. >> you can ditch the jacket. it's a mild morning. some few high clouds. third of october. right now it's down to near 60 in montgomery. fairfax county, alexandria, false church in the low 60s. low to mid-60s in the district of columbia. for the morning hours, we'll have high clouds drifting over. temperatures by 8:00 a.m. should be in the upper 60s. then by 10:00, we should be into the mid-70s. increasing clouds. that should keep the temperatures lower. it should be in the


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