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tv   Today  NBC  January 5, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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brutally cold. a massive arctic blast now bearing down on a dozen states and bringing with it record breaking temperatures that haven't been seen in decades. on its heels yet another snowstorm, dropping up to a foot of snow in the midwest. miracle on the highway. scenic trip takes a dangerous turn when a small plane makes an emergency landing in the middle of a busy highway. three people on boardwalk away with barely a scratch. fantastic finish. talk about an unbelievable end. the indianapolis colts kept their fans on the edge of their seats. plus best big sister ever. a 9-year-old girl helps deliver her baby sister with some help from a popular tv show today, sunday, january 5, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news,
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this is "today." with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm craig melvin with dillon dryer. >> is the fur working? >> it's new. >> on the off chance we didn't know it was cold there dillon, we now know it's very cold. >> reporter: you don't even understand how many of these are taped around my jacket. >> good tip for anybody going to some of these games who is going to be outside. put the warmers inside your clothes, tape them into the closets. >> even if you're one of the crazy person who wants to take
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your clothes off. stick home to your body. >> did you see the indianapolis game? >> i watched it with my in-laws. talk about a come back. >> i'm surprised you watched the second half. that's when the colts came alive. >> when andrew luck is inducted into the hall of fame somebody will talk last night's game being the beginning -- heck of a football game. we want to begin with today's top story bitter blast of cold air. it's bone chilling to put it mildly. here you are looking at indianapolis where fans are still celebrating this morning but not celebrating the temperatures which are dropping by the hour. right now not terrible, 32 degrees. by this time tomorrow, however, it will be below zero. >> if you really want to talk about cold try being a fan at lambeau today when the packers take on the 49ers. it could feel like 15 below during the game there and while beers are normally kept on ice
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they will have to have heaters to keep the beer from freezing. dillon live in green bay, wisconsin. dillon, how cold is it right now? >> caller: it is cold right now. a side note. a warm beer actually sounds really good right about now. it's 6 degrees. wind chills at about 10 below. keep in mind this area is used to this. the packers have played in five of the ten coldest nfl games on record, four of those here at lambeau field naturally earning the name frozen tundra. a lot of talk comparing today's game to the ice bowl. that game was 13 degrees below zero with a wind chill of minus 48 degrees. today at game time should be around 5. wind chills at 15 below. not as cold as the ice bowl but dangerously cold for fans and players alike and the coldest is still yet to come. the national weather service of minneapolis calls this deep
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freeze quote historic. forecasters are warning that the lowest temperatures in 20 years. >> we're talking subzero highs. >> reporter: arctic air is pushing far south and east covering an enormous swath of the country. 100 million americans will be affected. records could fall from michigan to georgia where they go see single digits. minnesota's governor say it's too dangerous to send kids into the school. big school districts in wisconsin including milwaukee are out too. perhaps more than a million kids will stay home monday. >> flights are cancelled. >> reporter: between the cold and snow nearly 7,000 flights have been cancelled across the country since thursday. the ripple effect of airport delays in the northeast and midwest is spreading from denver to palm beach, florida. >> the airport got shut down
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twice while we were in the air. >> reporter:. out on the roads more snow in the midwest and rain in the south bringing the possibility of flash freezing. >> we tallied over 8,000 calls. >> reporter: that's a record for aaa in new england. they say it's a good idea to start your car over the weekend. >> did a quick trip around the block to get the blood flowing in the vehicle so on monday morning when you head out. >> reporter: firms are warning to stay off the roads. crews dealt with frozen water lines fighting this fire north of providence. in the end the structure of frozen and destroyed. dangerous conditions also for the homeless or anyone who is going to be outside for any length of time. it's very important to keep checking for frostbite. >> one of the things people will see first is intense redness and pain and that's going to be followed by numbness. >> reporter: that's a major
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concern in green bay today as fans get ready for another ice bowl. now the coldest weather is still yet to come and here's why. we have what's called a polar vortex. normally sitting up in the north pole. look how far south this is. this is exceptionally far south and stay put as we start off the day today into tomorrow. you can see it does slowly move eastward as we go into monday and eventually into northeast by the time we get to tuesday. finally wednesday it will start to lift off to the north. what does it mean for fans today in green bay and rest of the upper midwest. we're going to see brutally high cold temperatures. that cold is working into areas like minneapolis where it's about 9 degrees below zero for a high temperature. then monday 12 below for a high in green bay. now the reason why this is so important, these are a lot of numbers to throw at you with wind chills of 45 to 65 degrees below zero but if you have
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unexposed skin it could get frostbite in about five to ten minutes. that's a very short period of time. that's why it's so dangerous and that's why you need to cover as much of your skin as possible and goes for your face as well. on tuesday green bay should make it up to 4 degrees, minneapolis gets up to 1. we'll start to see improvements but not like it's going to warm up significantly around here any time soon. we'll just lose those record low high temperatures however you want to put it. craig and ericca. >> you touched on this a little bit. it will be spring like here in new york but it's making its way east, correct? >> it certainly is. it's going to be bizarre how warm it is today with the rain in the northeast, eventually by monday temperatures up around 50 degrees. but that cold front that's sitting back in the great lakes it's extremely brutal and by tuesday that's whe to notice the temperatures crash. so all of the melt cigarette going to refreeze. take a look at these high temperatures. today 45 in new york, 40 on
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monday, 13 by tuesday. even washington, d.c. drops to 14 degrees by tuesday. highs on monday in atlanta, georgia, 19 degrees. again that's not even fact jorge in the wind chill which will make it feel like it's at zero or below and, again, that's that dangerous cold. you want to bundle up and cover up as much of your skin as you can and put on layers and really just stay indoors because this is a dangerous kind of cold that we don't see too often. >> all right, dillon. now to that emergency plane landing right in the middle of a busy highway here in new york. nbc news exclusively obtained this video taken in the moments after that plane landed. incredibly all three people on board are just fine this morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know that idea that new yorkers have seen it all, they are not surprised by much. well they are pretty amazed that one.
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take a look. not because it landed right here along this busy highway, but because no one was seriously injured. it's being called the miracle on the major-day con. stretch of highway north of manhattan. the single-engine plane was on a sightseeing flagt saturday afternoon when it lost power and started going down. closer and closer to stunned drivers below. a quick thinking road crew out after the recent snowstorm saw the disaster unfolding. >> we started slowing down the traffic so nobody would get hurt and the plane doesn't get hit by the cars. the plane hit the ground and came straight down, think it tree tops. >> reporter: the small plane touched couldn't, careening to a stop without hitting a single car on the busy road. >> plane struck down in the right-hand lane of the northbound-day con, skidded approximately 100 yards to a
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stop. the three passengers on board was safely removed. one of them with minor injuries. >> reporter: the pilot and two female passengers were treated and leased from hospital within hours. >> we expected everybody was fine. there was no fires in the airplane. there was no sparks. >> reporter: engine trouble that could have ended in disaster. were it not for that road crew and pilot who seems to have done everything right. >> he flew the airplane exactly the way his training taught him to. he kept his head. the results are good. it's a success story in every conceivable way. >> reporter: so the faa is now investigating, the ntsb may as well. the road has been cleaned up. any hydraulic fluid that leaked has been taken off the road. it's back open and moving well on what's expected to be a busy travel day. president obama is making his way back to the white house
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this morning after spending a little more than two weeks in hawaii and probably looking forward to having a smoother we're when it comes to one of his signature policies the affordable care act. david gregory, good morning. "the washington post" reported automatic enrollment failed for 100,000 for those that qualify for medicaid or chip but we hear stories of people who had success. any idea what 2014 holds for the future of the president's signature legislative achievement so far? >> the expectation is how many people will sign up. the numbers are important because to really sustain the system, to make sure prices stay reasonable they have to have about 7 million. that's what hhs secretary sebelius says. 7 million people actually enroll in health care. a lot of questions what's the impact on cost. what do consumers do with the
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insurance. what's the impact on quality. policy will unravel even though it stays as a hot political issue especially with the mid-terms coming up. >> president back in the oval office tomorrow. what are some of the other big ticket items on his agenda? >> i would look at the economy. this is promising to be a goodyear for the economy. 2014, economic growth, the stock market. the president wants to play at that role. he wants to get political credit. look for him to pick this fight right away on restoring those jobless benefits for those out of work a long time. look for a vote on this tomorrow. he wants to pick a fight with republicans on raising the minimum wage. this is where the president wants to make an argument about how the united states continues to be competitive during a growth period for the economy, which he wants to usher in. >> let's go overseas for a moment. iraq descends into violence. we heard al qaeda has taken control of fallujah.
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we heard from senators mccain and graham who blames the administration. are we going to see a debate reignited in this country on what to do in iraq? >> i think in some quarters. i don't think the united states public has any interest in getting involved in iraq. i think what's so tragic about this is that this is a period of time when you have sunni militant, some al qaeda linked spreading iniraq and neighboring syria. so you got this powder keg that we're seeing. does the united states have any responsibility? this is where we lost a lot of u.s. soldiers, a third of casualties one iraq were in this part of iraq, anbar province where al qaeda was so strong. the question is what responsibility does the u.s. have to see the iraqis do well. this is not isolated to iraq. afghanistan, we're supposed to come out of there.
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>> and syria. david gregory we'll check back with you in a bit to get a preview on "meet the press." a look now at some of the other top stories. jenna is here. good morning. we are going to start in iraq where battle between al qaeda militants and iraqy security photoses in the town of fallujah continues. kerry said u.s. would support iraq in its strike against al qaeda but won't send troops to the country. pope francis is headed to though lto the holy land in may. it would mark his first visit to the region and one that comes amid a new u.s. push for peace between israel and the palestinians. a u.s. ice breaker is on its way to the spoilt. to help free the russian and chinese ships that are trapped
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now in the antarctic ice. the u.s. coast guard is taking part in the rescue effort at the request of the australia, russian and chinese governments. the polar star had been heading to that area anyway. at some point maybe we shouldn't have started -- maybe this isn't the best idea. former first lady barbara bush is back home this morning after spending nearly a week at a hospital. she was treated for pneumonia and she's at home in time to celebrate her 69th wedding anniversary on monday. we are learning this morning that amazon dot-com founder jeff bezos had to be airlifted off of the galapagos island after suffering a kidney stone. when asked about the ordeal he said in an earn mail released by amazon, galapagos five starks
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kidney stones, zero stars. anyone watching wild card football yesterday? if so what brand ant acid did you have to deal with the stress. saints and colts moving on. new orleans won its first road playoff game in the history of the franchise. graham as 32 field goal gave the saints a win over the eagles. colts in the earlier game. one of the biggest comebacks, overcoming a 28 point deficit. andrew luck grab it, stretch, he's in. through three of his four touchdowns in the second half. mind you, he's connecting with a wide-open on a 64 yard touchdown pass. this guy through three interceptions. nobody had them winning this game. then they start chipping away. kansas city was riddled with injuries. it's like most of their
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receivers went down. >> charles had a concussion. >> he was out right off the bat. a tough time. >> another big day of football coming up. which they will not cancel the game for cold. sorry guys. >> dillon, are you kidding. >> let's go back to dillon. lambeau field a frozen tundra. when they talk about cold in green bay, it has to be really, really cold. >> reporter: this will go down in the record books as the perh coldest game on record. definitely not number one. to the south of here, we have some snow. this is the back side of that cold front producing some steadier snow from st. louis up into chicago, indianapolis, too. we will see it accumulate six to 12 inches. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your wind window. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we have the freezing rain advisory in effect until about lunchtime today. most likely areas to be impacted
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northern montgomery county, loudoun county, frederick county. the temperatures are all over the place. we're in the mid 30s in town. l low 30s in gaithersburg. we could see a little glazing of ice. be real careful this morning. that is your latest forecast. up next on "today," it is back. season 4 of downtown abbey" is back and we
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"downtown abbey." "downtown abbey" fans this is the night we've been waiting for. for months now after season three ended in tragedy. >> we have a preview of season four that ends on masterpiece. spoiler alert. if you haven't watched all three seasons, watch with a low volume for the next few minutes. >> the splendor of "downtown abbey" hasn't changed a bit. lives of those within are turned upside down. >> my husband is dead. can't you understand what that means? >> a cloud overshadows the joy of a birth of abbey's new heir. the shocking death of matthew in a car crash the end of season three sees his wife mary deeply mourning. >> we are allowed to accompany
8:22 am
her on her road out of the trauma, out of the grnief. >> one great romance ends another blossoms. among the potential changes, abbey's first black character. he sweeps lady rose off her feet. >> gary is incredible. and we get a whiff of the jazz era coming in to the dusty halls. >> the whirlwind '20s bring changes for the characters. >> up don't understand with these toasters and mixers. we'll be out of a job. >> the other servants there are bigger concerns. >> very dark and serious and
8:23 am
traumatic twist. >> a twist that's controversial for british fans. >> action. >> season four ends with a grand party in this london building. here's a tease. producers chose this hall because they wanted to recreate the inside of buckingham palace. >> expect fireworks as shirley maclaine returns. one of the many american stars this season whose characters bring more upset to stately home where life is never dull. i didn't know he was part of the cast. >> he's cora's brother. >> you'll love it. >> i want to fake like i watch the show. it sucks you in. >> i didn't know he was the brother. >> now you're in. >> besides it being a
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fascinating commentary on class and race, the acting, the writing, best on television. >> we know what we're doing tonight. plus football. >> still to come this morning on "today" a 5-year-old boy whose passion for reading would make any parent proud. but first these messages. this is a cell tower from one of those major carriers. straight talk wireless uses the same cell towers they do. but we don't build or maintain them. so we can offer you the same great, nationwide coverage for half the cost. out here, and here, and here. well, not here. that would be weird. the world needs more straight talk. same phones. same networks. half the cost. get a samsung galaxy s3. unlimited everything just $45 a month. only at walmart.
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still to come, a young girl who has the nbc show "chicago fire" to thank helping save
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good morning. it is sunday, january 5th. i'm richard jordan. following three breaking news stories right now. firefighters are on the scene of a fire at the kcolonial beach elementary school. engulfed in flames. fire broke out at 3:30 this morning. we're working to find out any information, including if there are any injuries connected to the fire. deadly scene of a crash on f street not far from i-66 in
8:29 am
northwest. only one vehicle was involved in the accident. a man did die. a reconstruction team is working to figure out exactly how the accident happened. crews are trying to fix a water main break in prince george's county. wssc is on that scene. a 24-inch water main is causing problems on greenbelt road in greenbelt, not far from the beltway and greenbelt park. this may affect water service for people who live in that area. we'll check the very cold forecast we've got, next
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good morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. freezing rain advisory continues for the remaining of the morning hours as temperatures have fallen way below the freezing mark. very light rain. individual rain drops are going northeast bound along i-95. as this whole area lifts norgd northward, temperatures are way below freezing. 12 degrees. any rain that reaches will freeze on contact. temperatures continue to rise into the upper 30s and low 40s. everything will change over to rain later on, but for now watch out for slippery spots. >> thank you, chuck.
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♪ >> first time in new york city. hello to all our friends in kansas city. >> today is my birthday and i'm celebrating it on the "today" show. >> i'm here at the "today" show cheering on the packers. >> so excited to be at the "today" show plaza. >> hi. i like it. our friend from green bay out there. sorry mr. kansas city. the good news is you're spending your morning at the "today" show. >> things are looking up. you saw some pictures there. always nice have people there. come by and join us. happy they have you. i'm erica hill along with craig melvin and jenna wolf. lester is enjoying a morning off. >> we have a lot to get
8:33 am
-- including some of your artwork. a deep freeze is setting in with low temperatures expected to break records and wind chill, with the wind chill it could feel like 40 to 50 below in some places. >> a small plane makes an emergency landing in the middle of a busy highway in new york. incredibly no one was seriously hurt. >> president obama is heading back to the white house after spending a little more than two weeks on vacation in hawaii. still to come in this half hour we have advice from our style, nutrition and health experts how to make your 2014 perfect. not better. just perfect. we'll go from zero to 100. that's how we roll here on the "today" show. >> also ahead if you're looking for a new way to spend a night out with friends, how about becoming an artist. i'll take you to one boston shop, called the paint bar where you may come empty handed and
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leave with your own masterpiece. >> we'll introduce you to two amazing kids. one is a 5-year-old whose passion for books and reading could be greater than any adult i've met and now he's making a career out of it. >> we begin this half hour with one little girl who may want to consider a career in medicine. 9-year-old is not only a new big sister she helped deliver the baby girl. she said watching tv helped when she needed to step in and save her new sister's in. >> reporter: 9-year-old allyssa loves to tell her newborn sister stories. one day she will tell her about the day she delivereder. >> you delivered me. wow. >> reporter: alilyssallyssa's m asleep when she went into labor. >> i said mom your water broke. >> reporter: any other
8:35 am
9-year-old would panic or start crying or screaming but she was very calm. i just thank god that allyssa was there. >> reporter: the 9-year-old sprung into action. she could see her sister's head. >> i told her hold on i'll catch the baby. she said hurry. i grabbed a tall. >> reporter: allyssa knew something was wrong. her newborn sister was purple. the umbilica cord was wrapped around her neck. >> reporter: she had seen what to do by watching her favorite television drama, nbc's "chicago fire," one episode now playing out in her own home. >> i grabbed the towel, wrapped up the baby. grab some scissors and thread. >> reporter: after getting some help from a neighbor, allyssa cut the umbilical cord. >> reporter: this morning all
8:36 am
three are happy and healthy. >> she's my super hero. she's my super girl. >> reporter: the 9-year-old who always dreamed of becoming a paramedic now has the experience and a story of a lifetime. wow. >> what an incredible little girl. >> wow. a story for life. >> we sometimes under estimate how much kids pick up and how much they learn just from everything around them. >> when they are watching those fantastic nbc primetime shows. >> everything they learn comes from primetime. >> only on nbc. >> 90% of my education did not. >> she's a special little girl. we want to get a final check of the weather this morning from dillon out in green bay. good morning again. >> reporter: good morning. warming up in new york city but the cold is taking hold o the m. it's heading your way soon enough, especially by the time we get into tuesday. we will see these windchill
8:37 am
warnings that indicate that they stretch from north dakota right down into parts of the southeast, where we have windchill advisories extending all the way down into mississippi and alabama and georgia. right now, we are looking at temperatures 10 below in minneapolis, 22 below. here in green bay, it's 6 with a 10 below windchill. it's only going to get worse. tomorrow will be the worst of the cold in the plains states. back behind in cold front. right now, we are seeing snow showers from missouri into indiana, through illinois. that will eventually move eastward as well. up and down the east coast tomorrow, it's all rain. temperatures up around 50 degrees or so. it is going to be all rain because of that. very, very cold through the great lakes and eventually into the northeast by the time we get into tuesday, we'll go from 50 today down to 13 degrees in parts of the northeast on tuesday. that's where the cold air is right now and where it's headed. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your
8:38 am
window. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. areas of very light rain now moving northeast ward. but as the moisture comes down it's dwg over very cold air. 14 from frederick. be real careful, you folks northern montgomery, fairfax and loudoun county out towards hagerstown. watch out for freezing rain this morning. temperatures up near 40 by later on today. have a good weekend. >> reporter: and for today's top spot it's almost like a slap in the face, we're headed out to california, ramona, california where it's nice and mild. this is the reptile super show. there's about 125,000 square feet of reptiles. there's turtles, amphibians, reptiles of all kind. if that's your thing you can buy them there too. something to check out if you're out in sunny california.
8:39 am
back to you. parents know it isn't always easy to get kids to sit down and read a book but there's one 5-year-old boy who actually drags his mom to the book store and he loves reading so much he's turned into a budding book critic. >> reporter: you could say 5-year-old michael cohn is a kid in a candy store when you stick him in a book store. >> mom, i know where it is. it's in here. >> reporter: at least twice a week he visits places like powell's books. always with the enthusiasm of a child waking up to presents on christmas morning. this is michael's playground. >> he would stay here all day. >> if i could. >> if he could. is that true? yeah. >> reporter: like many of his favorite stories. >> why do you like reading so much? >> reporter: the range behind his passion is a mystery. he won't hesitate to share his
8:40 am
opinions on the books he reads. >> give it a thumbs up. >> reporter: michael is budding book critic. he puts together videos where he reviews stories usually with the help of friends and family. the litary siskels to his ebert. >> authors started coming to us and asking to us review their books and he's very flattered when that happens. he doesn't always give them what they want but it's fun. >> reporter: michael's favorite books centers on animals. >> "curious george." >> reporter: he helped his mom write a book about a dog named lucy. you see lucy was the name of their golden retriever who died of cancer. >> it's been almost a year since lucy died and i still miss her every day. >> reporter: today they have a new dog but writing the book is what truly helped them heal.
8:41 am
it says a lot about the power of books. >> about the power of books and power of creativity. man you guys know some strange people. >> reporter: they hope michael's passion is contagious. so more kids in a book store will feel like a kid in a candy store the. up next, some simple changes in what you eat, how you handle your money and what you wear could lead to a much better 2014. we'll explain after these messages. [man]ask me...
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is that safe? >> he's got a good grip there. it's five days into the new year. maybe you made a resolution. if did you we hope you're sticking with it. >> if you're still not sure about what to do to have a great 2014 we went straight to our experts for some things that you can change to have your best year ever. >> my top medical tip for 2014 is to be strong. the stronger your muscles, the stronger your bones. the stronger your bones the more you can do. the more you can do the happier you're going to be. >> the simplest most impactful change people can make to that your diet in 2014 is to include a produce item at each and every meal.
8:45 am
vegetables and fruit are high volume, low calorie so they fill you up not out. >> in 2014 your key for fitness is have a good time. people make all kinds of resolutions and they often fall off in a month. what i find people who have a good time stick with their fitness. >> in 2014 it's really important to take a minute for your money every day. a money minute can save you a ton in a long run. checking your bank balance. putting in a little bit extra when you get your paycheck. if you're also making sure you paid your credit card bills on time or know when they are coming up so you didn't miss the deadline. >> my top entertaining tip for 2014 would be to give yourself a break and ask for help whenever you're entertaining and don't feel like you have to do everything yourself. >> it's all about kale. today it's the super green.
8:46 am
>> in 2014 make a mental note each day how can you appreciate your life. what's in your life that's already good. and if you don't like something change it. >> biggest tip, hair color wise, take your own hair color and make it brighter. highlights forget about them. just emphasize what you have. come 2014 we're going to see a softer approach to color. it's all about pastels and whites so invest in it now. >> one big trend in 2014 we have to watch out for is the mock buster. the low blockbuster . >> my number one tip going into 2014 is to back up, get into a routine of backing up digital memories and files. last thing you want to do is lose precious memos and photos. when you go back to 2014 you
8:47 am
want to say everything is backed up. keep that in mind and with that being said happy new year. >> did you make any resolutions? >> you know this year i actually did. my resolution, my 7-year-old son in the last four months has become obsessed with football and i don't grasp the game. my resolution is to like finally learn and understand the game of football because i want to share that with him because he's talking to me about plays and it's like talking about another language. >> i want to be more present. i want to try and enjoy where i am when i'm there instead of being distracted. >> that's a great one. especially you have a lot of great things come urge way. like a baby. >> if your resolution is to perhaps find love this year get ready to fire up that computer. >> we are swiftly approaching the best time ever to find love. jena is in the orange moment. it could be the exact moment where most singles will be online. >> can you believe we even know
8:48 am
something like this. honestly. we're able to pinpoint this. according to the best time to find a match online is tonight at 8:57 p.m. don't make plans for that minute if you are single. that minute needs to be saved for finding someone to hang out with. here's why. according to it's the beginning of new year in a singles are sick and tired of being pestered about why they are single. first sunday of the year so people are coming back from their holiday travels. that's it 8:57. finally match says that 8:57 p.m. on this sunday night is a primetime for looking for love online. evening hours are most popular because that's when people have time to relax and wind down. maybe to. >> a little bit. so singles, get ready to mingle tonight 8:57 p.m. >> 8:57. >> that's just about 12 hours
8:49 am
from now depending what time you're seeing us. maybe too there's a lot going on tv, football, "downtown abbey," maybe a good commercial break. >> do you want to meet someone who is hanging out online during commercial breaks. >> maybe they are there the whole time. hey it works. i know a lot of people in great relationships. i don't know if it was 8:57. just ahead a twist on traditional ladies night out. men are welcome. the real twist come with the beverages that kwcome with the
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♪ we're back with a new twist on the traditional girls night out so to speak. where a bar also serves as an art studio. >> an art studio with a bar. you may leave with some impressive artwork. the takeaway is much bigger. recently we visited the paint bar just outside of boston to see what the fuse is all about. >> how are you >> from the moment these painters walk through the door
8:53 am
it's clear, this is not your average art class. for starters, there's the bar. >> a chardonnay. >> and the warm welcome. >> they make you feel like family. it's comfortable to be here. >> feedback like is that is what the mother/daughter team behind the paint bar wants to hear. their shop pairs pinot grigio with paint. it's a concept they immediately fell in love with when they heard about a similar business in atlanta. >> how is it possible? this is in boston? how is that possible? we goggled everything we could think of, paint, drink, art. >> cheers. >> we took a big chance but we really believed in it. >> big mind over matter. >> we said failure is not an option.
8:54 am
>> banks wouldn't lend to them. friend did. their business is not only profitable but growing with a second location. >> my daughter had to kidnap me. i said no i'm not painting. i've been coming here every week. >> i come here to relax. i have two kids at home this is my alone time. >> on any given night the paint bar is packed with artists. the step by step tutorial is designed to bring each matter piece into manageable sections. >> keeping the mood light and fun. which is also where the wine comes in. >> if you're still feeling stress that of course why we have a bar. >> while the concept may seem like the ultimate ladies night. >> one of our most frequent
8:55 am
painters since we first opened is engaged. >> men are welcome too. even if some women would rather their husbands stay at home. >> has he ever come? >> no. >> we don't let them in this place. >> at the end of the night there's a mini showing. as another successful night at the paint bar draws to a close. >> so similar businesses are really popping up all over the country. you can find them in every state. some are byobs. just do a search for wine and painting and trust me you'll find it. looked like a lot of fun. >> i want to see a masterpiece. >> did you really do this? >> my grandfather was an artist. i didn't get his skills. the way that jackie breaks it
8:56 am
down in the step by step process is amazing. >> i still see the numbers. >> that's so much better than i was expecting. >> a lot of fun. it really is. >> we're back in a moment. first these messages. well i drove grandpa to his speed dating this week, so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls.
8:57 am
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let's head back down to d.c. for a quick check with david gregory on what's coming up on "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning. that rain is starting up down here as well. coming up on the program i'll speak with president obama's point man on the economy gene sperling and jim cramer and on the economic battles ahead.
9:00 am
and janet napolitano as she plans to lead the u.s. olympic opening in sochi. >> that will do it for this sunday edition of today. dillon hanging out in green bay, you stay warm up there. >> have fun. tape some hand warmers inside your jacket. >> see if you can squish your whole body into your hood. >> maybe somebody will bring you warm beer you asked for. dillon thanks. we'll see you back here soon. to everybody else h


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