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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 20, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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and that will begin at mlk avenue and milwaukee place in southeast. and across the area people will be volunteering time to help others for the national day of service. if you are headed out to the mlk memorial or events, you'll notice a break in the cold. you still need the jacket, but not as cold as this weekend. >> that's right. we'll check in with tom kierein. what do we need to get ready for the day, tom? you'll need a coat now. temperatures down near freezing. later today, looks like a mild afternoon. snow moves in tomorrow. and then a frigid blast after that. so for this afternoon, i think we'll have highs reaching near 50 degrees right around washington. maybe even low 50s to mid 50s farther south across north central virginia from fredericksburg over to culpeper and parts of fauquier county, around warrenton. and the farther north and west, afternoon highs should be making it into the upper 40s. and mid 40s for highs northern shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, western maryland, and around the bay, afternoon highs should be around 50 degrees. then, yes, snow is likely
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tomorrow. how much? it does look like around the metro area, we could get two to five inches of snow. and one to three inches farther south and east of the metro area. and farther north and west, though, i think the dark blue zone, there's a pretty good chance, three to six inches of snow, the timing on this beginning maybe mid morning tomorrow. perhaps around just after dawn, all the way into sunset on tuesday. northern montgomery county, northern fairfax, leesburg, loudoun county west and north, three to six inches of snow tomorrow. danella, checking on the roadways on this monday. good morning. that's right. good morning. still tracking breaking news. a couple of roads shut down. first we'll start with an accident oxon hill shut down between 210 and the national hash. use 210 instead. still tracking an earlier accident on the ramp from 197 to southbound bw parkway. that ramp is still shut down. police are investigating a shooting. this is in manassas. we just also heard this from
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melissa at the live desk. she's tracking this, as well. but rislew lane at sudley, one lane. follow police direction if you're leaving soon. i'm back in ten minutes. >> see you then. thank you. 4:32. back to melissa mollet following more breaking news at the live desk. >> right now, more fighting at an international base in afghanistan. we know at least one service member has been killed. and seven insurgents also killed. the taliban claiming responsibility for this attack. being described as a big explosion. at the live desk, melissa mollet,
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[ technical difficulties ] >> the state department insists iran must agree to establish a transitional government inr syria.xd @(t&háhp &h% u.n. secretary generalñiñi ban ki-moon said iran endorsed the principles, and he thinks iran solution. president bashar al assad's government. the foreign ministers are expected to begin talks wednesday in switzerland. now at w34:34, back to melia mollet at the live desk.xd >> a 6.2 earthquake has rattled new zealand. no reportsñrát damage ort( injuries. thisa5 included the capital of wellington. it struck just before rush hour it struc&háhp &h%fore rush hour you might remember back in 2011 an earthquake there destroyed the town of cf1 185 people were killed. melissa mollet, xdnews4. new allegations against new
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new &háhp &h%ns against new away.t( hoboken's mayor met with federal prosecutors ñiyesterday. she cxsj she was tolde1 she'd only get sandy relief funds if she wanted a fábillion-dollar spokesman denies that. the assemblyman leading the investigation into last year's g.t( with bridge lane closure says his committee will look into the latest allegations. in the day ahead, the family of a 28-year-old postal worker killed deliveringt( the mail wi postal delivery. tyson barnett was gunned down in november while on his mail route on reed street in the faiám heights area of prince george's county. his murder remains unsolved.r barnett's family is coming in from south carolina. they will join postal workers at 5:30 and match it theçó postal headquartersjfxdñr at l'enfant . a 1-year-oldçóxd was found last september inlxwn)uáheast.
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an arrest warrant was issued. the medical examiner says thexd child died fromlp drug intoxication, a drug used to treat çóallergies.á?ju(puáq chi breathing. this morning, prince george's county policet( are looking for the driver of an suv that drove awayi] from a deadly crash. police say 24-year-oldt( irvinñ starks was trying to crotg pennsylvania avenue nearó dona drive in forestville i+%eát+y they say two cars and an suv hip the driver of the suv took off. police are looking for a green suv with a broken headlight. investigators say starks was walkinge1 in a crosswalk, but there was not a walk signal flashing at the time. this morning,fá stepping up your identity. coming up,ñi what we can learnñ about how to keep data safe despiteçó huge breaches at next. lately? it might have to do with how often you're on socialñr media. xd we're on top ofa5 breaki
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i'mçóçó mall million t li--t the live desk. a shooting in manassas at 90 degrees, a sports bar, on x$rñi risksview lane. four people sho4iy no word on their conditions at
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this point. pol#c have a possible suspect in custody. u"p &h% &háhp &h% to your questions&n out president george w. bush's administration.r his presidential library and museum will start accepting requests from hisñi presidency. you have to e-mail, fax, or mail the request. you must include that your you must&háhp &h%that your information act, and don't expect a quick response. the library saysfá it couldjf ta while because nd how many requests it will receive.t(r [ technical difficulties ]
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one financial planner says people don't post how much debt they're in. they just post what looks good. so if you can't afford something, don't feel the pressure to buy it. >> that's right. andt( pinterest is supposed to inspirational, give me ideas, go on a different website to find some cheaper version. that's what i do -- >> something unattainable that you can not afford. >> i look andñi admire it. a lot of people will probablyçólplpy(9osting picture
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snowxd tomorrow. y=um about that. time for weather & traffic on the 1s. time to check in with tom kierein. tom? >> we could get snow tomorrow but not today forñr mlk day. great weather. near 40 inñr washington. suburbs in theçó mid to upper 3. n the 30s by :. now danella, still have that closure? >> i sure do, tom. you know, outside of this closure, not seeing a lot of delays or anything like that in our area. but here's what i'm still tracking in oxon hill. fatal crash shuts down oxon hill road between 210 and the national harbor. police are on scene there. over to the ramp, accident here. this one, 197 taking the ramp to
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bw parkway. that shut down, as well. we'll head to manassas in ten minutes. back to you both. the flu outbreak goes from bad to worse. coming up, the extra precautions this morning for hospitals in one state to keep more people from getting sick. plus, purple line backlash. this time against one of the companies that wants to build. we'll explain why. a another by an intruderht by the reservoir... who forced his way in through her bedroom window...
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and for so many, traumatized again by facing the criminal in court. i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor i put violent offenders in prison. in the virginia senate, i'll fight just as hard against tea party republicans who would take away a woman's healthcare and her right to choose, even in cases of rape and incest. on election day, help me stand up for her.
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on this martin luther king holiday, metro trains will run on a saturday schedule. the system will open at 5:00 a.m. and close at midnight. no track work is scheduled on any lines today. you can also park free at any of the metro parking lots and garage. metro buses will run on a sudden supplemental schedule -- saturday supplemental schedule. millions will give their time today in honor of martin
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luther king jr. this afternoon the morning and afternoon west education campus will be made over thanks to king's legacy, some former professional athletes, and fans. hall of famers will join mayor gray and 50 lucky fans to take part in a service project cleaning up the campus. also today, an educational panel will talk about lessons dr. king taught over his lifetime at the first baptist church of glenarden starting at 10:00 this morning. our own danella sealock will be part of that panel. king's spirit of giving will be in full force at the marick center on 4th street southeast this afternoon for a children's shoe distribution. the charity samaritan feet will be handing out shoes on a first come, first serve basis starting at 11:00 a.m. at 6:00 tonight, the kennedy center will host a free musical tribute to dr. king called "let freedom ring." it will feature famed singer dion warwick and the "let freedom ring" choir. 4:46. this morning, fire investigators are peacing together what caused a deadly fire at a spotsylvania
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home while the family who lived there deals with the tragedy. this was 14-year-old xavier montake. he was killed in the fire. his body was found in the living room of the home where firefighters say the flames and heat were the strongest. he was one of six people in the house when it went up in flames. everyone else in the home was able to escape out the back. news4 spoke with xavier's uncle about the fire. >> bright kid. a loving kid. just a good kid. >> xavier's uncle said the house had been in the family since the 1950s. most of xavier's family lives just down the street from where the home once stood. this morning in montgomery county, investigators are trying to figure out the cause of an accident that left two people dead. this happened at the intersection of quince orchard boulevard at quince orchard road in gaithersburg. the driver of both cars were killed. right now, it does not appear alcohol was a factor.
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police say the roads in the area have seen quite a few crashes. however, this was with the first fatal crash on this stretch of road so far this year. now at 4:48, news4's melissa mollet following breaking news at the live desk. >> 13 people have been killed after a taliban suicide bomber hit in pakistan. we know another 18 people were hurt. this bomb went offnary pakistani army headquarters. just yesterday, militants hit an army compound in the northwest part of the country killing 20 troops there. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news4. news4's megan mcgrath just arrived on the scene of breaking news in manassas. megan, are you there? give us an update. >> reporter: well, you can see all the police activity behind me here at the 90 degrees sports bar in manassas. we have officers here at the parking let. we also have investigators inside the club itself. if we can zoom in here, you can see that the front door of the club has actually been shot out. the glass is broken.
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it was a little before 2:30 this morning when police received the 911 call. the report of a shag here at the club. when they arrived, they found four people who had been shot, all of those victims have been taken to an area hospital. there's no word, though, at this point on their condition, how serious their injuries are. but four people have been shot in this incident. police have located a possible suspect. that person is in custody. they are talking to that individual. but few other details are known at this point. we're on the scene. we'll be asking some more questions and will have an update later in the show. reporting live in manassas, megan mcgrath, news4. back to you. 11 minutes until 5:00. if you haven't gotten a flu shot yet, you might want to get it soon. the cdc says the virus has reached epidemic levels. 40 states now report widespread cases including maryland and virginia. it has gotten so bad, in indiana starting today some hospitals will restrict visitors to only immediate family members. and visitors with flu-like
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symptoms will not be allowed in at all. doctors say this year's strain of h1n1 is infecting and killing more younger patients than previous years. a preschooler in northern virginia died last week from the flu. thousands of children from low-income families in virginia could be enrolled in pre-k classes now. many of the counties and cities where they live, though, have turned down state money to pay for it. in all, about $23 million in state funding for p prekindergarten programs is going unused. that's enough to enroll more than 6,000 children. many local governments say they don't have the facilities or resources to provide those programs. one of the companies bidding to build the purple line in maryland is facing backlash for its connection to the holocaust. rockville-based kialis is part of one of four private teams chosen to compete for the bid. the majority owner is the national society of french railways. the "washington post" reports that company was paid to
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transport 76,000 jews and other prisoners to death camps during world war ii. the company issued an apology to holocaust victims in 2011. some survivors say the company shouldn't be awarded contracts until it pays reparations. the company already operates the virginia railway express. two weeks of anticipation starts today for two cities that are still rocking after earning a ticket to one of the world's biggest championships. >> we're going to the super bowl! >> super bowl! >> the denver broncos and seattle seahawks will face off in super bowl xlviii. both teams beat big rivals. the broncos took down tom brady and the patriots while the seahawks beat the 49ers. they will square off for super bowl xlviii on february 2nd at metlife stadium in new jersey. two awesome games. >> yeah. awesome teams. >> yeah. awesome teams for sure. if you're hoping to get a seat to watch the showdown, expect to pay up big time. >> ticket prices are already skyrocketing for the first cold weather super bowl in years. we have been checking some of the major ticket sites on line.
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we've found the cheapest seat you'll find on ticketmaster is $2,700. the most expensive -- more than $25,000 for a seat inry nine on the 50 -- in row nine on the 50 yard line. there's one buy-it-now on ebay for $150,000 that get you ten tickets in the lower end zone. this takes the cake -- one ticket on stub hub going for nearly $900,000. that gets you a seat. one seat in a 30-person suite with unlimited fad and drinks. >> really, for nearly a million dollars, though? >> you better stuff your face. >> how much food can you get unless peyton manning is giving you the calls himself. i don't know. a lot of money. >> rough. we're talking weather change coming up here. >> yeah. are you not going to be a happy puppy tomorrow. >> i'm scared. tom -- >> i'm sorry. >> i thought we were develop this. >> day three of a three-day weekend for some may end up being a four-day weekend
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tomorrow because of snow. right now, no snow. off to a beautiful start actually. just a few clouds coming through. just kind of cold. it's down into the 30s. above freezing nearby suburbs in prince george's, arlington, fairfax counties, most locations, mid 30s. by the bay, near 40. farther west and north, in the upper 30s. central shenandoah valley up to near 30 degrees. western maryland, panhandle of west virginia, and in western maryland. but a big cold blast is going to begin to move in here beginning tomorrow. just a few clouds coming through, off to a mostly cloudy start. we'll have the clouds coming and going. by 8:00, sun breaking out. still in the mid 30s. upper 40s by noontime. and then ought to actually hit the low 50s, i think, much of the region. partly sunny during the afternoon. a delightful mlk day coming up. then a big change moves in tomorrow. big area under a winter storm watch. this is for tuesday from the morning all the way until sunset. accumulating snow.
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all these counties in blue including eastern west virginia. just about all of virginia, all of maryland including the district, delaware, eastern shore. and checking on how much we'll get and the timing on this storm tomorrow, chuck bell joins us now live on the storm team 4 weather deck. good morning, everyone. monday here, quiet weather for now. go ahead and take a look at our computer model and see when the snow is going to be arriving. as of now, it's still well out to the west. that blob of blue just to the southwest of chicago, that's the developing storm which is going to be coming in our way and affecting our tuesday. by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, first flakes reaching the shenandoah valley and the panhandle of west virginia. by 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 in the morning, snow moving into the immediate metropolitan area. bay noon tomorrow, steady snow, gradually tapering off after the sun goes down. snowfall amounts -- keep in mind we've not had more than three inch of snow from one storm in almost three years. one it three inches in southern maryland.
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northern and western suburbs, two to five. some places, northern maryland, panhandle of west virg might get six inches or more. tom? >> colder, near 30 in the morning tuesday. when the snow ends, it will be down to the teens tuesday. near 10 on wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon, only around 20 degrees with a gusty wind. windchills sub-zero and still below freezing on thursday and friday. finally getting above freezing on saturday into sunday. maybe a few flurries on sunday. now danella, good morning. how are we doing? >> i'm still following breaking news in oxon hill, maryland, because of an earlier fatal accident. oxon hill road, the road shut down in both directions between 210 and the national harbor. use 210. out to manassas we'll go, talking about rixlew lane at sudley road. police investigating a shooting. we did see melissa on scene -- sorry, megan on scene there. and you're going to see one lane at least blocked by police. if you're leaving any time soon,
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use caution. 66 looks great outside the beltway. also inside. back to you both. >> all right. we are staying on top of two breaking news stories this morning. first, that shooting in manassas. we're gathering details about the victims and the suspects. we'll bring you the latest next. the deadly crash in prince george's countiment part of oxon hill road is close -- county. part of oxon hill road is closed. the latest details coming up.
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this weekend, friends and family celebrated an alexandria police officer after he was shot and critically wounded at a traffic stop. peter laboy turned 46 saturday. his cake wished him a happy 45th birthday. his friends say after everything that's happened, he wanted a redo of the last year. >> i just smile. every time you see peter, it's hard not to smile because you don't expect these things to happen in life. when they do, and i know a lot of people have said it's a miracle, i personally believe it's a miracle, it makes you believe in things you don't think is possible. >> while officer laboy has made great progress in his recovery, it is still ongoing. he's looking great. wonderful to see his family and friends celebrating him. happy birthday. >> doing so well. stay with us, "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.
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>> right now, breaking news in prince william county. police are on the scene of a quadruple shooting on rixlew lane and wellington road in manassas. >> megan mcgrath is live with the latest. megan? >> reporter: well, you can see the police in the parking lot here of the 90 degrees sports bar. there are a number of evidence markers. there's one right near the front door there. there's some others in the parking lot itself. also the front door of the sports bar, the glass has been shattered. shot out. investigators with flashlights, perhaps you can see, next to the building here, looking around. trying to make sure they have gotten all of the evidence, all of the bullets involved in this incident so that they can continue on with their investigation, piecing together exactly what happened. it was a little before 230s this morning that a shooting happened here. we're not sure whether it occurred in the parking let or inside. we do have officers in both locations. there are folks inside looking around there, as well as the investigators here in the


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