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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 23, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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4:14. and you are really going to feel the deep freeze when you step out the door this morning. it is just 15 degrees in tinley town now in the district. if you're looking at your tv screen, you see reagan national airport here live where crews will be working all morning to de-ice planes. we just checked. you shouldn't see any delays if you're catching a flight at our three airports. there are a couple of cancelations to places like boston. >> always check your flights before you head to the airport. while reagan might be helping traveler arrive at their final destination, it is a different story for amtrak lines. amtrak will be operating on a modified schedule. >> the cold weather icing out a lot of train travel. richard jordan with more from union station. >> reporter: good morning.
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it is going to be a rough go if you plan on taking the rails to boston or new york because amtrak has canceled several of the regular runs that they normally make. now the next train out to new york is at 4:52. it is going to be a lot more crowded than it typically would be because the four runs after that are all canceled. and then the 6:30 train is already sold out. so you're likely going to find a lot of congestion if are you trick-or-treating amtrak today. -- you are taking amtrak today. th keystone run, northeast regional, even the assecela exps trains to new york. they're all facing a rough go because amtrak decided because of the cold weather they would cancel several regular runs to new york. and that means that when you cancel some, of course, people are rebooking. so the other trains are likely going to be either sold out or close to it as people head to the northeast. amtrak is saying that they will work with their passengers. they put out an alert yesterday to let everyone know that they
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were planning on taking this action. they're also offering refunds or vouchers to any passengers who feel that they just don't want to make the trip today or perhaps are already finding that their trip has been canceled and they can't rebook because the other runs are already sold out. we'll be watching this. likely to get really hectic here as we approach the morning rush hour. reporting live at union station, richard jordan, news4. >> thank you. we could soon feel the effects of this deep freeze at the grocery store. 4:16 the time. news4's molette green has more from the live desk. that's right. foods we love to eat especially during breakfast could cost us more. right now there's an urgent frost advisory in south florida. farmers are scrambling to protect crops this morning. we're talking about temperatures in the mid 30s in the miami-dade area, covering broward and monroe counties. this kind of frost could kill krps like strawberries, bulb -- crops like strawberries, blueberries, or stunt their size ending up hurting farmers.
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mid season crops like tomato will be planted next month. if this weather continues into february, it could be devastating. that's the latest. back to you. new york city's new mayor facing criticism for how he handled the storm in one manhattan neighborhood. a traffic jom that happened as the storm rolled in use. the city says because the storm hit during the evening rush, trucks were not able to salt and plow well. that led to more problems yesterday, as you can see. cars spinning out on a lot of roads all over manhattan. some neighbors say it is the worst handling of a snowstorm they've ever seen. al roker said that yesterday on the "today" show. mayor bill deblasio admit more could have been done, and he's promised to speed up the cleanup. a dramatic police chase ends in a shooting in northeast washington. this started in forestville before 6:00 last night. prince george's county police were responding to an armed robbery at a liquor store along walters lane.
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they say the suspects led them on a five-mile dhichase to 5 thd clay. the -- 57th and clay streets. the suspect took off on foot. at least one gunshot was fired injuring one of the suspects. two people were arrested. one is in the hospital. the officer involved in the shooting is on routinestrative leave pending an internal -- routine administrative leave pending an internal investigation. police are looking for a person who shot and killed a 19-year-old in washington. the victim was found yesterday on howard road near bowen road, shut multiple time. police believe there was just one gunman. officers have not identified the victim. a church in gaithersburg putting distance between itself and two possible members of its congregation. zachia avery, a member of the xoc ministries in gaithersburg, and another woman killed two of avery's children and two others. the women were trying to perform
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an exorcism on the children last friday morning. the church released a statement saying the women were not members of its congregation, and it does not condone the act of exorcism in any way. you have a chanced to to see ask edward snowden a question. the nsa leaker zillion questions for an hour -- leaker will answer questions for an hour. we'll post a link to the site hosting the question-and-answer session. you can submit a question on twitter using #asksnowden. a government task force will urge president obama to stop the nsa from collecting phone records. the privacy and civil liberties overstate board will make the recommendation today. it's been reviewing the nsa's surveillance programs for the last four months. president obama said last week that most of the spy agency's phone collection program would continue for now. a u.n. negotiator will try keep syrian peace talks going this morning by meeting with both sides separately. face-to-face negotiations between the syrian government and opposition forces were supposed to be to see begin in switzerland tomorrow. but already a disagreement is
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threatening to derail them. the u.s. and syria's western-backed opposition want president bashar al assad to be removed from power. the government says that is not an option. today the negotiator hopes to find some common ground. negotiations on a final nuclear agreement with iran could begin as early as next month. a six-month temporary agreement went into effect this week. it calls for iran to slow down enrichment programs and open sfoilts more inspections. in exchange, some tough financial sanctions have been lifted. a more permanent agreement could be tougher to come to terms on. aides say the obama administration wants to hash it out as quickly as possible. a massive condo fire in dallas is finally out this morning. take a look at this footage we first showed last night at 11:00. flames poured out of this condo. as close to 100 firefighters spent more than five hours containing the fire. neighbors sprayed down lawns with water to put out the flying embers. officials say the condos mostly
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vacant. one firefighter suffered minor burns but will be fine. here at home at 4:21, an icy cold start to this thursday morning. it's going to be this way for most of the day. >> amelia seigel here now with the forecast. how cold is it going to get? we're looking at a high today of 26 degrees. if you're looking for the silver lining, i know aaron is this morning, that's warmer than yesterday. our high temperature yesterday was only 19. here on the satellite and radar, just a few clouds across the area now. we will have sunshine out there. once the sun comes up this morning. clouds will increase into the midday and afternoon hours. future weather, here at 10:00 a.m., dry. mostly to partly cloudy skies. at noon, looking at more in the way of clouds, and the chance of light snow showers or flurries moving through the area. as quickly as this chance arrives, it leaves. so the chance of some light snow from about noon until 4:00 p.m. little or no accumulation. that evening commute tonight is looking fine as far as the weather is concerned.
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but this morning, there could certainly be icy spots out there on the sidewalks, as well. you do want to be cautious of that. here's our high today. 26 in adams-morgan and bethesda. 25 in fairfax and upper marlboro. again, maybe light snow showers this afternoon. also this afternoon we're looking at breezy conditions. a high will be 26 on the thermometer, but tell feel more like 16 degrees outside in washington. ten in leesburg. seven in martinsburg. it will feel like single digits. tomorrow, starting off your friday, it feels around zero for most of us. and then the further out areas like hagerstown, winchester, and frederick, feeling anywhere from about three to ten degrees below zero. so the cold sticks around tomorrow. high of only 22 degrees. plenty of sunshine. so once again, we'll be worried about icy spots.
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early saturday morning. for saturday, breezy, high of 36 degrees. some light snow is possible on saturday. mainly later in the day. but little or no accumulation once again. danella, tracking any accidents on the roads? >> no. so far pretty clear in our area. that's great news. drivers are taking their time, and i urge you to do the same when you leave the house. 395, that's where we're looking now. at edsall. earlier there was a broken down car in the shoulder lane. it has cleared. clear as you make your way to the 14th street bridge. those lanes are open. and 395, north and southbound, that's where i'm not seeing accidents or delays. we'll shoot to i-270, making the commute between frederick, maryland, heading to rockville in both directions. you can see salted roadways. not seeing black ice in the area. but heads up. this is a live look in germantown. i still want to urge you to give yourself extra time so you can slow down. back in ten. we're talking about cars. "consumer reports" magazine pulled its recommended status for one of its favorite cars, the honda fit. this comes after the fit and
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fiat 500 did the worst on the insurance institute for highway safety's new mini car crash tests. in a statement, honda says it expects the 2015 fit to earn a good rating on all tests including the overlap front crash test. the 2015 fit goes on sale in the u.s. later this year. russia is making major moves to further protect what will already be one of the most fortified olympic games in history. the russian army has installed artillery and rocket launches -- launchers in the mountains to shoot down a 9/11-style attack. there have also been high-level talks with the u.s. about lending moscow high-tech equipment to stop remote-controlled bombs. the security threats have the family of some athletes reconsidering whether to attend. >> confidence from the u.s. government. they seem like they question whether the russians have a handle it or not. >> russian leader continue to express confidence that sochi will be protected from an attack. 4:24. you can offer well wishes and
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encouragement to team usa today in a digital sendoff. the idea is to flood twitter, facebook, instagram, and google plus with message to the athletes from 10:00 to using the hash tag, #goteamusa. they will also hold question-and-answer sessions on twitter and google hangouts. it's part of a larger push by team usa this year to help fans better connect with the athletes. go, team usa. you can keep track of every minute of the games here on nbc 4. our jim handly will be there for the games starting february 6th. >> a question for you -- you think facebook might be on the way out? the social network could see itself fall out of the spotlight as quickly as it came. that's from researchers at princeton university. they compared the rise and fall of myspace to facebook's google searches. they say the site has already reached the peak of its popularity and has started to decline. in october the company admitted
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to losing a large portion of its teen members. researchers estimate facebook will lose 80% of its users by 2015. netflix planning to offer new streaming features that would be customized to your home. for $12 a month, four people would be able to stream four different movies in one household. netflix says it would then lower prices from $7.99 it $6.99 for customers that only stream one video at a time. a spokesman for the company says this is a trail run. there's no guarantee that the plans will be rolled out to all 44 million net flick customers. in news 4 your health now, a new study says working the night shift can damage your health and cause problems in your dna that's according to researchers at england's suri university. blood tests show that when sleeping normally, 6% of your gene are timed to be more or less active at certain times of the day. the findings could shed light on jetlag, age, and other processes in which the body clock is altered. many of you are up early to learn exactly how the winter blast will impact you when you
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step outside. we're working to show you exactly that. >> news4's megan mcgrath has been traveling the roads in northern virnia. we're going to talk to her in a few minutes. and students knew it was going happen eventually. the move happening today that could determine exactly when some schools put make-up days on the calendar.
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well the left, you see -- on the left, you see the thermometer in northwest washington. on the right, current windchills from storm team 4, and both tell
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the same story. it is bitterly cold outside right now in the d.c. region. >> you can feel it, boy. >> you can. good morning, everyone at 4:30. i'm aaron gilchrest. . >> i'm eun yang. we have school closes and delays. d.c. public schools will open on time. in maryland, prince george's, montgomery, howard, charles, and frederick county schools will open two hours late. as will anne arundel and washington county schools. calvert and st. mary schools are closed today. >> in virginia, fairfax, loudoun, prince william county schools. arlington county and alexandria will open two hours late. falls chur falls church city schools will open two hours late. >> in virginia, clarke, focus, frederick, king george, and warren schools are closed. the same for winchester, fredericksburg, and shenandoah county. >> in west virginia, berkeley, hampshire, jefferson, and morgan county schools are closed.


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