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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 24, 2014 11:00am-11:55am EST

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right now, part of our area remains under a wind chill advisory. take a look at what it feels like. single digits, or even colder. along with the cold, we may have to deal with a little more snow this weekend. the cold weather didn't help with the cleanup from a major water main break this morning. what started as rushing water soon turned icy. we'll show you where the cleanup effort stands now. and the cold weather caused big problems for some school systems this morning. fairfax county has dozens of buses that simply wouldn't start. good morning, welcome to "news4 midday," i'm barbara harrison. it's friday, january 24th, 2014.
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and we'll have more on the cold weather and problems that it's causing for us in just a minute. but first, former governor bob mcdonnell just appeared in court to face the charges against him. news4's aaron gilchrist is at the newsdesk. >> they had two court appearances, and the first has concluded. they're in the second hearing. let me show you video of bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen arriving at the federal courthouse in richmond earlier this morning for the bond hearing, which is where they appeared first. the judge in that courtroom did release them on their own recognizance this morning, and they immediately went upstairs in the federal courthouse there to appear for their arraignment on federal charges. we learned on tuesday that they were being charged with 14 different counts results from $165,000 in gifts and loans they received from a wealthy businessman there in the richmond area. mcdonnell saying repeatedly over the last year or so that nothing inappropriate was done on his part. and so, now they're facing their
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arraignment. our julie carry is in the courtroom, and she'll have the results on both of the hearings for the mcdonnells this morning. that's the latest, barbara. back to you. >> all right. thank you. back to cold weather and the wind chill that's making conditions worse. storm team4 meteorologist amelia segal is in for tom kierein, and she joins us with the first forecast for midday. good morning. >> good morning to you, barbara. just looking at the live picture there with the monument in the background, the sunshine certainly deceiving, because it is bitterly cold. right now, we're looking at temperatures in washington of 17 degrees. gaithersburg coming in at 10. manassas at 16. so temperatures are in the teens. it's so cold right now that a wind chill advisory remains in effect for areas to the north of washington just for another hour or so. this includes loudon and montgomery county, as well as frederick county, and northern falkier county. wind chill temperatures will be as low as 10 to 5 degrees below
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zero. when wind chills are this low, this could lead to frostbite and hypothermia, so you definitely need to keep the gloves, hat, scarf on today, in addition to the warmish jacket. winds now anywhere from 5 to 15 miles an hour, so this is how it feels outside, when you factor in the winds. about 6 in washington. zero in camp springs, barbara. now, there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow. i'll be tracking that system on future weather hour by hour coming up in about 15 minutes. >> okay, we'll see you in just a little bit, then. the cold weather is causing big problems in fairfax county. the school district sent out a note this morning that a number of buses were having mechanical problems. that meant some students were left out in the cold or their parents had to drive them to class. news4's transportation report erd adam tuss is live in falls church, and he has more on whether the be problem will be fixed before this afternoon. adam? >> reporter: barbara, about 150 school buses that actually were affected this morning. everything from frozen valves to frozen air supply systems, to
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cracked windows, and that was causing a problem for some buses. we're here in front of timberlane elementary, in falls church. you can see a couple of buses back there. don't know if those buses had any problems. but the crews have been out since early this morning checking on these buses. about 150 to 160 buses. also want to show you some chopper video that we got of school buses dropping off kids. this is from lorton, as the kids get off the bus there. obviously, a very cold day to be waiting for the school bus, especially if you're expecting the school bus to show up. now, we tacked about all of this with the head of the transportation for fairfax county public schools. >> we have a cold start group that goes out and started all of the buses, let them run for a while, make sure they were operating, any issues we had, batteries dead, frozen lines, the rhodies, that's what the mechanics are that travel, they'd gone out and addressed all of those. yesterday morning, yesterday evening we had gone out and started all of our buses. >> reporter: yeah, so really you can't plan on much of this.
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you know, you go out, you try to start all the buses, you heard him say right there. they went out, they tried to start the buses last night. they worked last nightment you go out this morning, and you try to start the bus this morning, and it doesn't start up. one interesting note, fairfax county public schools did tell me they've been asking for a bus depot, indoor bus depot for quite sometime, but here in fairfax county, yeah, land is an issue. send it back in to you, barbara. >> okay, thank you. try to stay warm out there, if you can. cold weather also posed problems for students and parents in prince william county. parents were warned some school buses could be late or not come at all. richard jordan went to check out conditions and joins us now live in manassas. richard? >> reporter: barbara, we're here at signal hill elementary, and there really hasn't been a big issue with the buses. they've been pulling into the school all morning long. now, it's not a surprise that parents are excited that school is back in session, but believe it or not, some students are, too. prince william county is
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breaking the ice. school buses are back on the roads and students are on their way to school for the first time in a week. the district is on a delayed start. parents were also encouraged to keep their kids home for another day if they have safety conce s concerns. most of the roads are clear, but some people did encounter a few icy spots. >> just a little slipping coming up the hill, but other than that, we're good. >> reporter: kim palfrey is a teacher, and she's going back to work. she watched her son get back on the school bus to go to school, too. >> it's hunkered down in the house. it's been really cold, so we've been playing a lot of games and watching tv and movies and trying to enjoy it as much as possible. >> reporter: schools were not alone. the snow and drastically cold temperatures left many businesses frozen. >> i'm a realtor. so there haven't been many calls from people who want to go out and see houses. >> reporter: now, many people are glad the late winter break finally came to an end. >> well, you know, you have to get back in the routine. so might as well. >> reporter: yeah. >> it will make it for an easy week.
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>> reporter: and some people may think it's pointless to get back to reality on a friday, but most people think it's a good idea to get back into the habit of things, and it doesn't hurt that the weekend is only a few hours away. reporting live in manassas, richard jordan, news4. >> i'll agree with that, richard, thank you. the cold weather is likely to blame for the water main break that happened today, that caused busy rockville pike to flood, leaving behind mud, ice, and many traffic headaches. now, traffic is finally get egg by. news4's megan mg grath has been there all morning and has brand-new information to pass along. megan? >> reporter: barbara, they are still trying to shut off the water. this was an eight-valve shutdown here, and they're having trouble with one of the valves. you can still see that we've got some flowing water here at the site of the actual break here. they're having trouble, it's sticking, so they haven't been able to completely shut the water off. the good news here, in the last hour or so, we have seen some of
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the lanes of rockville pike reopen. you can see live, the traffic getting by, two lanes to the left. that is a new development, a very positive development. everything was shut down this morning, and it was a real mess. the 16-inch water main broke in the wee hours of the morning right around 4:00 a.m. gushing water covered all lanes of rockville pike in front of the white flint mall. then, everything turned to ice. busy rockville pike closed in both directions. unable to make his delivery, joe smith pulled his tractor trailer onto the shoulder of the road. >> it's my last delivery, and just trying to get home. i started at midnight. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> i'm going to wait it out. i'm going to wait it out. >> reporter: a number of businesses, including
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metropolitan bath & tile, went dry. >> there's no water. nothing. >> reporter: homes in the area are also without water. >> woke up this morning, and no water in the house. i mean, just some dribbling out of the tap, and then it was gone. >> reporter: unable to drive to her office, jodi london decided to park her car and walk the rest of the way. not an easy thing with all of the ice. >> i really don't know my way around here too well, i'm still relatively new to the area. and i'm going to walk to work now, because i can't get through. >> reporter: and somewhere down in that deep watery hole there, that's where the pipe is. they're going to have to shut this water off -- still trying. until they can do that, they really can't start their work. and once they do begin, the estimate is six to eight hours for them to complete the job. should also mention that edson lane here, that is still closed and that is going to remain
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closed until they can completely fix this main. as for rockville pike, of course, very busy corridor. two lanes getting by, and that will, also, be the situation for a while, as well. they need that far right lane for their construction equipment. barbara, back to you in the studio. >> all right, thanks, megan. a similar scene in alexandria this morning. crews are still working to fix two broken water mains around duke street. one is along north jordan street, and another is about a half mile away at picket street. it's been affecting traffic all morning and many people in the area have low water pressure. police in arlington are trying to decide in a driver will face charges after a deadly accident. around 2:00 this morning, a chrysler sedan and jeep t-boned on ft. myer drive in roslyn. the crash killed the person driving the chrysler. the driver in the jeep was not seriously injured. and one of our reporters will be at the wilson building today when a d.c. council committee asks police chief kathy lanier about some of her
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officers' conduct. one cop is charged with pimping teenaged girls. another was charged with having child pornography. he later killed himself. council member tommy wells called today's hearing, he says he'll focus on how police applicants are screened. and we have some breaking news out of northeast washington. let's go back to the live desk to aaron gilchrist. what's happening? >> we're learning about a deadly shooting in northeast d.c. earlier this morning. i tell you, this was on quarrels street northeast, the 4500 block, not far from kennelworth and the b.w. parkway. as we understand it, police got a report of a shooting around 9:30 this morning. when officers arrived there, they found a man who had obviously been shot, and he was dead at that point. right now, they're trying to work through a motive and suspects on this case. but we're learning again about the shooting, about 9:30 this morning in northeast d.c. that's the latest from the live desk, barbara. back to you. >> thanks, aaron. we're following a developing story for you right now. new videotaped threat against the olympics.
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coming up, where experts think the latest threat comes from. and the republicans are holding their annual winter meeting right now in washington. coming up, the speech that's already getting a lot of criticism. [ male announcer ] when your small business has verizon fios,
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new this morning, there's a new video threatening the winter olympic games. in video features a man who was believed to be from russia. terrorist experts say the four-minute video was filmed in pakistan by a group linked to al qaeda. this is just the latest in a handful of videos on the internet threatening the games. we've learned the pentagon will send two warships to the black sea in case of an attack. the winter olympics is in sochi officially kicking off in 13 days. well, at least four explosions rocked egypt's capital today. first, a car bomb targeting police headquarters in the heart of cairo killed at least four people and injured dozens.
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a second blast took place a few hours later. one person died in the explosion near a metro station. a third explosion happened near the famous giza pyramids. no one was hurt in that attack. about an hour ago, a fourth explosion went off near a movie theater killing one person. the explosion comes just one day, all of these explosions, one day before egypt marks the third anniversary of the revolution that forced longtime president hosni mubarak from power. and right now, the washington republican national committee is holding their annual winter meeting. domenico montanaro joins us with a speech that's getting a lot of attention right now. first of all, tell us -- welcome, good to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> -- what's the purpose of the annual meeting? what do they do there? >> this is a business meeting, first and foremost. because it's being held in washington, it winds up getting a lot of attention. what they're really -- the focus of this is reforming som of the primary calendars. so in 2016, those of us who
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don't want to spend christmas in des moines are hoping that they keep those primaries in february, which looks like they're going to try to do. they'll issue harsh sanctions for states that try to jump up the gun, and move up the convention from august, late -- late june, early july, get the process over with, use some of the general election funds earlier. >> and a speech getting some attention. mike hu mike huckabee. let's listen. >> -- making women helpless without uncle sugar coming in and providing a prescription for birth control because they cannot control their libido or reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it. >> well, he started the speech by saying he wanted republicans to be the party for women's rights. >> right. >> that speech going to help his cause? >> look, this is a conservative base issue, and we've heard this
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time and againenwho is running n 2012 waded into the contraception debate, most republicans distanced themselves and didn't want anything to do with this. but mike huckabee strongly defended him. he's a religious conservative, believes this very strongly. but there's a lot of republicans today, we're hearing from, who are unhappy with him bringing this to the forefront again, because it does not help republicans trying to appeal to those suburban women across the country, to have them be opened to a message on the economy. you know, it sort of shuts down that discussion with those women. >> in fact, rnc chair rience priebus speaking today, called it goofy. >> it's a goofy way to talk about it, i guess. >> did governor huckabee have any defenders -- >> i'm sure there are definitely defenders on the right who, you know, especially, like i said, religious conservatives who are against this kind -- you know, against birth control -- we've seen this with the catholic church suing the administration
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for coverage of contraception, which they say is against their religious beliefs. and, you know, obviously the way huckabee is talking about it, it's an over-the-top way of talking about it. >> and i think a lot of people might think that. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> have a great weekend, i hope you will. >> thank you, you, too. and for more from domenico and the rhett of the political team, check out first read on everybody is wanting an update on the weather, because we keep hearing snow this weekend, colder temperatures. what are we going to get? >> cold today, a little bit of snow tomorrow. we're not looking at much in the way of accumulation. if you are out and about, it could be disruptive. however, temperatures will ease a ill will bit this weekend. rather than talking about highs in the 20s this weekend, highs in the 30s. 17 degrees right now. brilliant sunshine, though, across the area, but still when factor in the wind at about 9 miles an hour, it puts the wind chill, or how it feels outside, down to about 6 degrees. it continues to feel bitterly
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cold this afternoon. here's some other wind chill temperatures, mainly in the d.c. metro area. gaithersburg feeling about 1 below zero, college park right now feels about 8 degrees. dulles, one of the cold spots all morning, only feeling about 3 degrees right now. this is how we'll warm up throughout the rest of the afternoon hours. 3:00, we hit the high temperature of 24 degrees and then we cool into the evening hours. notice, though, 9:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m., temperatures hover right around 20 degrees. we're in for another cold night, but it won't be as cold as it was this morning. now, tomorrow, here's what you can expect. there will be some snowmaking its way through the area, timing looks to be mainly around the midday and afternoon hours. the best chance of seeing snow and some accumulating snow will be around washington and areas to the north, mainly in northern maryland. accumulation amounts will be a coating to an isolated two inches in some spots. with future weather, let's walk through the forecast. here we are, tomorrow, it's
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saturday, at 10:00 a.m., cloudy skies across the area, maybe some light snow up in northern maryland. once we get into the late-morning, midday hours, about 11:30, notice the snow moving through, favoring the d.c. metro area, areas to the north again, just the chance of snow down around the northern neck and southern maryland. as we get into 3:00, snow continues to favor areas like montgomery county, up through howard county, up into baltimore, portions of prince george's, and anne arundel counties. by 8:30, we're mainly dry across the area. 10:00, everybody should be dry at that point. a high temperature tomorrow of 34 degrees. it will be a breezy day, as well. now, for sunday, a high temperature of 32 degrees. once again, we're looking at breezy conditions. increasing clouds throughout the day on sunday, and we can't rule out some isolated late-afternoon or evening flurries on sunday. but we're not looking at any accumulation. it would be something to note. for monday, we're still at 30 degrees.
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so the second arctic blast, or third, i should almost say, has not returned yet. monday, a temperature around 30. mostly cloudy skies, and then look at what happens for tuesday and wednesday. our temperatures plummet once again. so tuesday morning, another morning, you're starting off your day with temperatures in the single digits and teens. on tuesday, we only warm to 23 degrees. it is a cold day. that's 20 degrees below average, much like it is today. wednesday, really no improvement, a high of 24. and then, thursday, we're still around 30 degrees. all indications are it looks like we're going to remain cold through early february. and, also, i know people want to know the snow totals of the storm. >> yeah. >> i'll have those when i'm outside next. >> all right. we'll look forward to that. thanks a lot, amelia. the cold weather may convince you to turn up the heat. but a local power company is asking you to do the exact opposite. coming up, the time of day that it's most important to turn down the heat. plus, a dangerous trend doctors are warning people against.
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in just a few minutes, a protect will begin outside of hourt university. dozens of maintenance worker also take a stand to outsource some work. protesters say it will lead to contractors hiking up prices and reducing quality. well, you may get a tax refund soon from virginia if you lived there and own a hybrid car. the house of delegates passed a bill yesterday repealing a tax on hybrids. the senate already passed a similar measure. that tax was part of last year's transportation funding package. hybrid owners who prepaid their taxes for the coming year will get a refund if the hybrid tax is repealed. 11:26 now. we're following breaking news out of richmond. former governor bob mcdonnell and his wife facing a judge for the first time.
11:27 am
new news4's julie carey was in the courtroom. she'll join us live. and problems the cold weather is causing. amelia segal mentioned the chance of snow a few minutes ago. coming up, she'll run down how much you can expect in your neighborhood tomorrow. st
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repair crews are working on a broken water main in northwest washington, which has been leaking for when a month now. the constant stream of water combined with the freezing temperatures put a thick layer of ice on the road. cars parked on taylor street have been frozen in with inches of ice caking the vehicles there. the repair work should be done by the end of the day, we are being told. an elderly woman is recovering this morning after being found alone in the snow. >> looks like somebody sitting down.
11:31 am
>> -- 79-year-old edith charles using infrared cameras on their helicopters. charles has dementia and doesn't speak much english. she wandered away from her daughter when her daughter was dropping o of a friend. pepco is asking that you resist the urge to turn up the heat and conserve energy during this deep freeze. it's expecting a spike in use this evening between 3:00 and 7:00 when people get home from work and school. pepco also had high-energy demands this morning as people woke up. the power company asks that you set the thermostat lower than usual. also, use appliances like washers, dryers and dishwashers during off-peak hours. we're going to check in now again with amelia segal. she's outside. she did go out there. she's ready to tell us about the snow totals we can expect this weekend. good morning again. >> good morning to you, barbara. it is cold out here. before we talk about the snow totals, we have to talk about today. aside from the temperatures, the sunshine, it's so pleasant outside. here's a little bit of a breeze
11:32 am
out here right now, but for the most part, again, it is just very, very cold. temperatures running a good 20 degrees below average. temperatures right now are in the teens across the area, and we're looking at a high temperature today of about 20 degrees. now, as we work our way throughout the rest of the day, temperatures will warm only to a high of 24. we are in for another cold night tonight. a low temperature in washington around 17 degrees. now, here's what everybody wants to know -- how much snow could i potentially see? so the district, northern prince george's county, montgomery county, portions of anne arundel county, up through frederick county, could see a dusting to an inch and a half, some isoled areas in the spots i mentioned could see up to two inches. loudon, falkier, prince william, fairfax, southern prince george's county, down through southern maryland, just seeing a dusting to half an inch, maybe up to an inch, so this is really a minor snow event. there is just a chance of snow in the further most parts of
11:33 am
southern maryland as we get down into portions of st. mary's county. again, the timing of the snow, barbara, looks to be around the midday hours tomorrow on into the afternoon hours. i'll also be posting this map onto my twitter and facebook pages. >> okay, amelia, thank you. you come back in. we'll see you shortly. the deep freeze is not making it easy for firefighters. take a look at this scene shortly after the six-alarm fire was put out in union city in new jersey. it was so cold that icicles formed on parts of the building. wires and other areas, as well. the fire started at 11:30 last night. crews were still battling the fire at 7:00 this morning. we're told the single-digit temperatures caused fire hydrants and water nozzles to free, another cold-weather complication, radios were malfunctions, we hear. structural engineers will help decide what happens to a house that exploded in anne arundel county. chopper 4 was over the home on
11:34 am
the meadowvale road in glen burnie. a gas leak caused part of the house to explode. baltimore gas & electric was called to cut off the leak. they evacuated two neighbors homes as a precaution. no one, we understand, was hurt in that event. we're following breaking news. just a few minutes ago, former governor bob mcdonnell and his wife were arraigned on federal corruption charges. news4's julie carey was inside the courtroom in richmond this morning. she's live in richmond with the latest for us now. julie? >> reporter: well, dramatic moments this morning at the federal courthouse here in richmond. you see where that cluster of cameras is right there, just a few minutes ago, that is where governor bob mcdonnell and wife maureen left the courtroom after both entering their not guilty pleas to those federal corruption charges. they were greeted outside by a line of well-wishers. one of those people even shouting out to the governor,
11:35 am
"we love you, governor mcdonnell." we asked the governor as he exited what it meant to see the support today for him and his wife. he said, we are blessed with great family and friends. now, as i said, there have been two hearings at federal court this morning. the second one, both of the mcdonnells entered their pleas of not guilty on those federal corruption charges. the first hearing was a bond hearing, and both the mcdonnells are free on their own recogny zans. there is no bond. they were ordered to surrender their passports. they're not allowed to leave the country. the trial date has been set for july 28. both of the mcdonnells arrived this morning, hds held high, coming right through the cameras, in the front door of the federal courthouse. they got to the upstairs hallway where there was already a line of family and friends who'd queued up to go inside the courtroom. the governor had a big smile and waved and greeted people. there were a lot of hugs and kisses as they met with family and friends there, and then the couple went into the courtroom where most of the time in the
11:36 am
court they were fairly stone-faced. in the second trial -- or in the second hearing, rather, family and friends were also joined by some top-level republican leaders from the virginia house of delegates, including house speaker bill howell. now, as you know, both mcdonnells were indicted on tuesday with 14 counts of conspiracy and fraud. the couple is accused of taking more than $165,000 in gift and loans from a wealthy businessman named johnny williams, who was their friend. prosecutors allege that in return, they tried to boost his company, which was promoting a new dietary supplement. the judge admonished the lawyers in this case not to try this case in the press, said one judge, we are going to try this in the courtroom, not through press conferences and press releases. reporting live from richmond, julie carey, news4. >> thank you, julie. alexandria students know when they'll be making up their most recent snow days.
11:37 am
last night, the alexandria city school board voted to use a series of fridays, which students initially had off anyway to make up the snow days. the original plan was to add onto the -- the calendar year to make up the days at the end of the year, cutting into the summer break. d.c. public schools are working to reschedule a ski trip for five city schools, which was cancelled at the last minute. 100 school students were left out in the cold this week when the buses, which were supposed to take them to a pennsylvania ski slope, didn't show up. capital entertainment services, the bus service company that was hired, apparently had a disagreement over the bill with school officials. >> dcps had not paid the bus company, and what the bus company said was that there was a dispute about the bills. >> we reached out to capital entertainment services, but did not hear back. well, as cold as it is right now, it's fun to look ahead to spring and the baseball season.
11:38 am
this weekend, the 2014 nats fest is taking place at the gaylord national resort and convention center. laura potters joins us with a preview of what we can expect there. welcome, good to see you. >> thank you for having us. >> what's nats fest? what is it? >> it's hard to believe with the snow outside, but less than three week, pitchers and catchers report for spring training, so spring is around the corner. we do have nats fest this weekend at the gaylord convention center. it's an opportunity for the fans to come and meet the players, ask them question, take pictures, get autographs and with the famous racing presidents, as well. >> they'll be there, as well? >> yes, yes. >> how do you get tickets? >> $20 in advance, and $10 for the kids under the age of 12. if you want to purchase them on site, you can, as well, $25 and
11:39 am
$15 respectively. >> now season, attendance at the games was really great. everybody had nats fever, whatever you want to call it, and expecting the same this year? >> yes, lots of natitude. >> yes. >> we love our fans so much. and this year, if you want to purchase a season plan or renew your plan or refer a friend, you can get up to $500 in ecash on your red carpets rewards card. >> there was a tweet by comcast sports net that the nationals are giving out jason worth garden nomes in august. is that true? >> yes. >> where'd you get them? >> exciting. a couple of other teams around major league baseball will do this, a garden nome instead of bobble head. we went to jason, and he loved the idea. he was excited about it, thought it was fantastic. >> how big is it? >> about the size of a bobble head. >> so it's a little thing? >> it's a little garden nome. >> yeah. you can leave it outside. >> sure, exactly. >> so any major changes at the stadium this year? >> actually, yes. we have something very exciting.
11:40 am
if you are a season plan holder, you get a red carpet rewards card you can add e-cash to. we'll have easy-pass lines at most of our concession stands. fans can go up, touch the card, make their order, and get right back to all of the action and fun on the field. >> wow. i won't ask you to predict how the season's going to go. i know you're counting on going to the world series this year. >> well, we always hope so every single year, but we had a lot of momentum coming out of 2013, so we're looking to carry that into 2014. we've got a brand-new skipper, matt williams. so a lot of excitement. >> okay. great. thanks for coming and sharing that with us. hopefully, you'll get a big turnout tomorrow in spite of the cold weather. >> we'll see you there. >> get your picture taken with brice harper tonight at the washington auto show. he'll be at the washington convention center from 6:00 to 8:00. the show opens today in, about 20 minutes. if you want to see what's featured at this year's show before going, tune into nbc 4 tomorrow morning.
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veronica johnson will host our auto show special "drive time," it's called, and that starts at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. today, leaders from arlington are down in norfolk. they're getting to see the navy cut the ribbon on its new tribute room aboard the "uss arlington." the room honors people who lost their lives during the 9/11 terror attacks at pentagon, as well as first responders who rushed in to help. this april marks one year since the navy officially commissioned the "arlington." a dangerous trend doctors are warning people against, do-it-yourself botox. plus, the changes pepsi says it will make to their soda after consumer reports' consumer all the chicken in your grocery store
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if you didn't get a lot of sleep last night, don't worry. a new study says just thinking that you had a good night's sleep can help you function better. researchers at colorado college told students that they were
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measuring their sleep quality. they actually weren't. instead, they just hooked students up to a bunch of monitors before bed. in the morning, some of the students were told that their deep sleep or r.e.m. sleep was above average. others were told it was below average. students who were told they got a good night's sleep performed better on tests, measuring the attention and memory skills, than those who thought they had slept poorly. well, a heads-up as you make your plans for the weekend. track work on metro means you may need more time to get around town. crews will be doing track work on all five lines starting at 10:00 tonight. on the green line this weekend, trains are set to run every 16 minutes. orange, blue, and yellow line trains are expected to run every 20 minutes. over on the red line, trains could run as much as 24 minutes apart, although more trains will run through downtown during the daytime hours. we have some more breaking news for you about the roads, too. aaron gilchrist at the live desk. aaron?
11:46 am
>> getting the information from the first4 traffic team about a major tie-up on i-95. i think we have pictures we can show you. southbound i-95 near the dumb fries exit. apparently, a crash and car fire in this area. you can see a large police and fire ems response here. this has blocked all of the southbound lanes of interstate 95 there at the dumphries exit. you can imagine, there would be a lot of traffic headed south out of town, but now, the traffic is being stopped on interstate 95 because of a car fire. you can follow our first4 traffic team on twitter as well as nbc washington on twitter and get the latest information. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, aaron. a new construction zone is about to pop up in prince george's county according to the "washington post." the ground-breaking for the county's first whole foods will start next week. the grocery store will sit in riverdale park right off route 1. the groundbreaking comes after years of complaints about a lack of grocery stores in that area.
11:47 am
land-use debates prevented construction plans until now. the new whole foods will anchor a $250 million development that will include apartments, a hotel, and other stores. pepsi is becoming the first soda company to lower the level of artificial caramel coloring in all of its sodas. a new consumer report is calling on the fda to set a new national limit for all companies using the chemical 4-mel. it's known to cause cancer in mice. according to the report, several sodas exceed the national limit by as much as 12. federal regulations don't require soda companies to put the chemical on labels. consumer advocates want that changed. the fda says it's conducting its own study, but maintains 4-mel does not pose a health risk to consumers. well, would you ever consider injecting yourself with botox? it happens more often than you think. and doctorsay
11:48 am
we're following several developing stories here on news4. first, bob mcdonnell and his wife have pleaded not guilty to federal corruption charges. this is video of the mcdonalds leaving the richmond courthouse about 20 minutes ago. the former republican governor and his wife are accused of accepting luxury gifts and loans from a virginia man in exchange for promoting his business venture. news4's northern virginia bureau chief julie carey was in the courtroom. follow her on twitter and look for her live reports


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