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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 15, 2014 9:00am-9:54am EST

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blue ridge down towards harrisburg, all into the winter weather advisory. storm team 4 radar, the dividing line so often the case this winter right along i-95. locations east and south of the interstate are generally rain north and west, it's mostly a rain/snow mix, but gets more snowy the further west you travel. 36 in downtown washington. could see a coating to 1 or 2 inches of snow, mainly on the grassy areas here in the metro area. we'll talk more about the accumulation in northern maryland in a bit. light rain and snow now, kind of a gray, cloudy, nasty wet day today and the winds are going to pick up this afternoon. we'll talk more about that, of course your sunday forecast, all that in a few more minutes. back to you. this morning, many people digging out their cars and trucks buried under piles of snow. today, crews will try to reach neighborhood streets that have not been plowed yet. here's a look near rockville in montgomery county. last night, large patches of snow in the middle of the street
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there. the sidewalks are also covered. few cars locked in by the snow that was pushed aside. and don't expect much solar power to help melt everything away. >> a street parking warning for those of you who live in frederick, maryland. city officials are asking people to make sure their cars are not left in snow emergency routes. city officials opened up five public garages for people to use for free until tuesday at 6:00 in the morning. now, if you find that the garages are full, you can park in off street spots. this garage parking, going to allow the city's snow crews to clear the streets more efficiently. and be sure to stay on top of all the wintery weather moving into our area. the storm team 4 weather app had everything you need to know. you can access your specific neighborhood's forecast and also get up to the minute checks of delays and closings download it for free on google play. new this morning, a firefighter is recovering after he was hurt battling this apartment fire here. this is along pickering court in
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germantown. at one point, 60 firefighters were on that scene. we're told that one of the firefighters was injured but might have been from slipping on ice. the people who live in that apartment were not home at the time. the red cross is helping neighbors whose apartments were damaged. and it could be a few hours before we know there's any serious damage from an earthquake that rattled southern states. the 4.1 quake was centered in edgefield, south carolina, but felt as far away as atlanta. even though the quake was mild, it caught a lot of people off guard days after this week's winter storm. >> our call center here was overloaded with calls, 911 centers throughout south carolina received a lot of calls about a rumbling, a train went by. some type of feeling. >> now, to put the impact into perspective, the quake that hit the d.c. region about 2 1/2 years ago was a little more powerful. that was a 5.8 magnitude quake.
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now out of southeast d.c., a little girl is in the hospital this morning after she was shot in the chest walking home last night. this happened as she was leaving her aunt's home near valley avenue and 13th street. that is where 8-year-old makayla darden was shot. this type of crime takes place all too often. >> anybody's a target out here to me. because you never know, you know what i'm saying, you never know what's going to happen. >> d.c. police say they have two people in custody for questioning. meanwhile, officers will be looking at some surveillance footage from the complex. to get a better idea of who the shooter might be. in the day ahead, family and friends will attend the memorial service for the music teacher shot and killed at her home in northern virginia. the funeral for ruth ann is this morning on bradick road in
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alexandra. they have released a sketch of the gunman. police are asking anyone with information to call investigators immediately. also, the vigil planned for a federal worker who disappeared five years ago. pamela butler last seen entering her home in northwest d.c. she worked as an analyst at the environmental protection agency. >> pam was the type of person she would do anything for anybody. she was always out to help. and i don't think that anybody should just be forgotten in a situation like this. >> there is surveillance video showing butler's boyfriend coming and going from the home after she disappeared. they searched the house, did not find anything. so far, no body and no charges. damage done because of that winter storm, how the weather caught this tv crew off guard and forced them to broadcast outside. and lingering problems from the snow. how many of you could run into travel issues even though the
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runway here at reagan national airport is mostly clear now. plus, why some are calling for a virginia judge to be kicked off the bench after her controversial decision on same-sex marriage. six minutes after 9:00, join us online this morning. we are on twitter and facebook. you'll get weather updates as soon as the new radar models come in. chuck will be posting that. we'll be re-tweeting it. check us out. stay with us, we're coming right
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despite another round of winter weather. today is a better day to travel. here's a live look right now at reagan national airport. we just checked in with reagan showing right now 17 flights canceled and ten delays. dulles has 41 cancellations and 13 delays. and the numbers at bwi, seven cancellations and seven delays.
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now all three airports are trying to catch up with a backlog of stranded passengers. since the latest snowstorm hit, the snow and ice storms led to the highest number of cancellations in the u.s. in more than 25 years. >> it's been a nightmare to travel. >> it has. my husband had his train and flight canceled trying to get back here. >> good luck. well, a woman and ten kids are recovering in the hospital after an accident on the inner loop beltway. >> the van lost control just before river road yesterday evening around 5:00. take a look at this footage here from chopper 4, the accident backed up traffic for more than a mile. and when emergency crews arrived, they found the van flipped upsidedown. most of the children taken to the hospital as a precaution. one child and a woman are suffering more serious injuries. >> this morning, one of our nbc affiliates isn't just covering the winter storm, they're actually becoming part of the
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story. reporters, producers and the crew had to quickly get out of the building last night because part of the station's roof caved in. nobody was hurt and no one knows yet when staffers will be allowed to go back inside. but you know the saying, the show must go on. and the station went on the air from their parking lot to deliver the latest news. >> there's always a way, right? >> yeah. a messy morning with rain and snow falling on top of the mounds of snow already on the ground, we are out in the streets talking to people like you about all this winter weather. how long is it going to last? >> good morning, everybody, your weekend's off to a gray and sloppy start. it's not going to be like this all weekend. so i'll tell you how long the snowflake and rain drop chances will last and
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welcome back. we want to give you a split look at weather conditions right now on the left of your screen. that is a live picture of where the snow was coming down earlier in charlottesville. you could see the roads there are pretty clear right now. on the right, conditions outside our studios in northwest washington. more light snow falling on top of the mounds already stacked up that were plowed from the snow earlier this week. virginia governor terry m mcauliffe is mourning the death of his mother. she watched her son's inauguration on tv last month, since she was too weak to travel. the governor will head to new
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york for his mother's services next week. the funeral was set for wednesday. millie mcauliffe was 92 years old. a virginia lawmaker calling for the impeachment of a federal judge who struck down a law. yesterday, same-sex couples across virginia walked into county courthouses and asked for marriage licenses. but they were denied. on thursday, judge wright allen handed down her ruling striking down the ban. president obama nominated her to the bench in 2011 making her the first black woman to serve as a federal judge in virginia. delegate bob marshall co-sponsored the state bill that led to the same-sex marriage ban. >> 1.3 million virginians voted for the amendment back in 2006. she sweeps in here and says, hey, you don't count. i trump everybody. >> staid her ruling, meaning there's no change for same-sex couples in the state. an appeal is expected.
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>> a new development in that massive credit card breach. apparently target corporations computer security staff raised concerns about a possible hack at least two months before that massive data breach. at least one analyst for target says he requested to do a more in-depth security review but that request was denied. his claim was backed up by a series of memos sent around the company last spring and summer. the confirmed breach stole personal information from more than $100 million people nationwide during the busy holiday season. >> our crew is staying on top of the winter weather. in for another round today. this morning, many people across the district, maryland and virginia are still digging out from the piles of snow. derek ward is live in mclean where the snow is coming down again. >> good morning. this is a typical scene here. i'm actually standing in the street but you couldn't tell. this street is passable. and i'm sure a lot of folks are thankful for the plow drivers.
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you have to come here to get the sidewalk. there's not much a sense for a sidewalk except a hydrant and foreground and this little bit of clear here. and this is the challenge for folks venturing out today, especially those venturing on foot. take a listen. >> well, you know, people are getting around. you have to be very careful. there's no sidewalks. so especially when you're out with the dog, you're limited. and they have their route they like to do. and this is not it. so, you know, it's tricky trying to find the actual spot they like. >> and it's also tricky getting around. take a look across there on the other side. you see that big mound of snow, it's covering up the area you would cross at as well as the cross button. that pedestrians would have to press to get that light to change. there was a couple crossing a few minutes ago. i had to go over there and push the button for it.
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lots of things to be worried about it. there's anxiety that there's more snow falling now but nothing like the past couple of days. be careful. we are live in virginia, derek ward, news 4, back to you. >> thanks a lot. >> and he's really right about that. yesterday, i ventured out to the grocery store and trying to get in and out of the parking lot, it's that snow all stacked up, you can't see when you're trying to turn. and we almost created our four-way stop because that was the best way to navigate out there. see? >> absolutely. when we have that much snow on the road, of course, you push it to the side and one food on the road becomes three or four feet on the sidewalk. be extra careful out there. and the roads are great for motorists, but a lot of people being diverted off the sidewalks and on to the road shoulders. so be really careful for pedestrians and, of course, pets that are being walked in the slushy messiness this morning. and, yeah, the sky continues to be gray. little bit of rain, little bit of snow, but thankfully not a whole lot of anything outside.
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isn't going to add up too much, especially, thankfully on the road surfaces. paved surfaces should fair pretty well today because temperatures are at or above the freezing mark. now grassy areas may be able to accumulate 1 inch, maybe 2 inches, main on the grass, not on the road services. here's storm team 4 radar this morning. every inch of the capital beltway is wet. the northwest side up here near the 270 split getting more snow flakes mixing in. and then by the time you get down here in prince george's county, that's mostly in the form of rain right now. we'll zoom in a touch, light snow gaithersburg to leesburg, down to reston town center, middleburg all getting in on light snow this morning. culpepper also reporting light snow. most of this is rain along i-95, down toward the south of town. here's a look at the big picture. you can get a sense of what we're dealing with today. little ripple of low pressure.
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as that moves out off the ocean, out into the open waters later on today, it'll take our rain and snow chance out to see with it. once it gets over the water, it's going to deepen very, very quickly and that's going to turn on the wind machine. what's not a windy morning will be a very windy afternoon and evening. winter weather advisories are posted for northern maryland. our friends and neighbors in the panhandle of west virginia and the shenandoah valley. all under the winter weather advisory. for the metro area points south and east, a coating to maybe an inch, northern and western suburbs, 1 to 2 inches of snow. have to go to frederick county, hancock, martinsburg where you could see 2 to 4 inches of snow. we'll be keeping a close eye through the day. but for now, though, 36 now in washington. winds out of the north averaging 6 miles per hour. so it's not a very pretty day today. temperatures at or slightly above the freezing mark, most of
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this is going to stick on the grass not on the road. >> this cold and ugly and cloudy pattern we're in today, we're going to be stuck in it for most of the weekend and early next week. highs in the 30s today, tomorrow and monday. average is now 47. we'll be back about average on tuesday, little rain chance there. and 50s and 60s. >> am i dreaming? >> i hear employee of the month nominations coming my way. >> i'll write that letter. >> once we get there, you've got it. well, this morning, you're going to see the first of two special series here on nbc 4 focusing on black history month. >> the first one you'll see is about stepping which has a long and rich tradition in the african-american community. news 4 has a preview. >> it is the art of a rhythmic collection of steps and stomps,
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of claps and cadence. a musical bridge linking pride and purpose. past and present. over time, it evolved, taking root on college campuses, serving as a right of passage for pledges and probates. join us this saturday at 10:00 a.m. on nbc 4. >> join danella for that in a few minutes, and tomorrow morning, news 4's barbara harrison will join us with her sit-down with a living legend. talks with bobby mitchell who was the first african-american to be hired by the redskins. barbara will give us a sneak peek tomorrow morning on news 4 today at 9:00 a.m. and join us for her living legends special on nbc 4. right now in russia, team usa is on the ice in a big hockey match-up. the party happening to cheer on the home team. plus, the country showing a powerful presence at the games.
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and what road crews are up .
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fast forward 22 years, i own several restaurants in northern virginia. it's an olympic-sized faceoff right now in sochi. taking you there live here at olympic park where the olympic torch is burning nice and bright. right now, the u.s. men's hockey team is taking on russia.
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and, of course, the russians have the huge advantage of having russian fans cheering them on. and you can make a few new friends this morning, as well as team usa hockey takes on russia. the wilson tavern is hosting a watch party right this very minute. you can also see that game happening right now live over on nbc sports network. we want you to keep it here, too. >> yeah. watch the game a little later. >> looks like bars and living rooms are where you need to go to see the americans watching the winter games. >> because very few of us, obviously, made the trip to sochi. and decided to see why there are too many stars and stripes. >> look at the ticket lines -- >> a lot of people here, a lot of russians. >> look at the rings. >> a lot of russians, of course, the host country. >> look at the stands. >> they make more noise with the instruments, with the claking. >> if any country has turned out for the 2014 winter olympic games, it is host russia. >> the russians are cheering and the americans are cheering but
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not as loudly because there aren't as many here. >> yes, what about those americans? >> not as many as i thought. >> we got out of u.s. women's hockey and there were a dozen. >> we feel like unicorns. >> a fact that hasn't been overlooked by the u.s. media. the olympic park, american fans are sparsely scattered with those of holland and other european nations. the only place i found a group was leaving a usa women's hockey game. >> it is far and it is costly. >> i think the reports before we came here were so horrific that people might have been afraid to come. >> but for russian fans, this is different. >> i feel this sense of patriotism. >> several told me, including several through an interpreter, they get the most pride from not playing in events but playing host to the world. >> the olympic games, i think they will unite people from all over the world. >> at the winter olympics in
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sochi. >> and earlier we heard people chanting usa. there may not be a big group, but they're a loud group. >> very supportive. and taking advantage of the culture and the arts over on that side of the world. >> interesting. all right, the fight over parking spots in between the mountains of snow. some people are going to the extreme to save spaces. is it legal? we're getting answers. and chopper 4 giving us a sky-high perspective of all that snow. how the recent storm is forcing organizers to change up their plans for a big birthday bash happening today. >> and it may be hard to tell [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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last? that's ahead in qin.çflçè forecast. this just in. police are on the scene of a shooting in montgomery county. police say a 23-year-old man was shot at a home in rockville just after 1:30 this morning. crews rushed that man to the hospital in critical condition. police are calling this an accidental shooting, but they are still looking for the victim's friend who apparently shot him and is now on the run. police say there is no threat to the public. looking at 9:30 right now and some of our other top stories we're following. a firefighter is recovering after this apartment fire this morning in germantown. we are told the firefighter did suffer minor injuries, the red cross, meanwhile, is helping neighbors who were forced to leave their homes. still no word yet on what caused
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it. and also tracking more snow this morning. this is a look at fairfax county. actually, that is a live look at sochi. >> that's the caldron. >> a very different look at the weather because they are experiencing some very warm temperatures. but meanwhile, we want to bring you over to near the reston town center out in fairfax county. notice we already have a lot of snow packed up on the roadways, and more could be on the way. i live out this way. and just a reminder, one thing i notice at the bus stops, variety of bus stops out there, all the snow covering where they're supposed to stand. people and their kids standing in the street waiting. be extra careful. >> watch out for that. let's get the latest from storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning, everybody. this is a little light rain and light snow continuing to come down. temperatures in the immediate metro area, though, are hovering couple degrees above freezing. we can continue to see snowflakes, but we're also going to continue to see melting. as a result, expect a sloppy day to be driving around. you're going to need extra windshield washer fluid over the next couple of days.
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winter weather advisories remain posted in northern and western maryland. in fact, far western maryland could get 6 to 8 inches of snow or more. snow ski lovers, this is good news for you. storm team 4 radar, there it is showing the rain in southern maryland. the rain/snow mix in the northern and western suburbs. temperatures now mid-30s in town down to southern maryland, closer to the freezing mark further west you live and travel. umbrellas and winter coats for sure, light rain and snowflakes will continue through the afternoon hours. when that starts to come to an end, the winds are going to pick up. and your saturday night out on the town, it's going to be cold. temperatures dropping into the 20s and windchills back into the teens this evening. we'll talk about tomorrow and the 7-day in a few. crews are plowing neighborhood streets, vdot telling news 4 it has several thousand subdivisions to plow. the agency says its priority to clear off the main streets first and then move their focus to the
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neighborhood streets. do keep in mind, this is one of the top ten snowstorms to hit northern virginia. there's a lot of work ahead, dulles received more than 13 inches of snow alone. . and snow covered mt. vernon over the last few days. take a look at this. the home of george washington got a blanket of snow thursday during the storm. but unfortunately, the winter wonderland will have a negative effect on some of the presidents' day celebrations. staff at mt. vernon had to cancel two events. but there is still so much more to be had this weekend. today, actors will read from washington's handwritten notes. tomorrow, a wreath will be laid at the tomb of the first president. and then on monday, admission to mt. vernon will be free to the public. if d.c. crews towed your car during the snow emergency, you may have to wait until tuesday to pick it up. the impound lot is closed for the presidents' day weekend. we also found that drivers are
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taking some unique measures to save their parking spots on city streets. news 4 has a look. >> lots of people use chairs to save their spaces. but we found all sorts of items. stools, a ladder, a baby swing. this person p a laundry basket in their space. seeing this one made us wonder where this person keeps their road barrel when it's not saving their parking space. and we saw a lot of orange pylons. but not every pylon was used for saving a parking space. and just like there are a lot of different item-saving spaces, there are lots of different opinions on whether it's the right thing to do. >> you're really not supposed to do that. >> but lots of people understand why their neighbors want to claim their spaces. >> i can remember years ago it got really vicious. and somebody did steal my spot.
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and it took me half the day to uncover that spot, and i was furious. >> i think people are respectful enough to see if -- >> although, i might just because we have guests coming. >> and another issue for drivers. during the storm, hundreds of people came back to their parking spaces to find their cars had been impounded due to the snow emergency. the d.c. impound lot has now closed until tuesday because of the three-day weekend. so if you haven't picked up your car yet, you'll have to wait. news 4. >> now, there is a $20 a day storage fee. if your car was towed by a private company, it may be open this weekend. but it is illegal to save parking spots in the district. and a reminder to keep up with the wintery weather conditions moving into the area with a storm team 4 weather app. you can get up to the minute forecasts and latest news on delays and cancellations. download it for free from the apple app store or google play. we now know what happened to
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a d.c. police officer who died after being arrested for child porn. the medical examiner says that mark washington's death was a suicide. back in december, washington was accused of coercing a 15-year-old run away to take some partially nude photos. police then found hundreds of photos of other young girls. a week later while on house arrest, his body was pulled from the washington channel near hanes point. and the medical examiner says washington intentionally drown himself. also, new details in one of the area's most notorious cold cases. the fbi says it has received 75 tips since identifying lloyd welch in the disappearance of the lyon sisters. they vanished almost 40 years ago after going to wheaton plaza to see the easter decorations. they have never been found. welch is serving time in prison in delaware. happening today, if you live in the district, you can get help filing your taxes for free.
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d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton is hosting her financial services fair this evening at the washington convention center from 10:00 to noon. you have to be a district resident and make $52,000 or less to get your taxes down by free. irs certified tax preparers will be on hand. big hills like this one after the snowstorm, now the plans that could spoil the fun in one neighborhood. plus, they're not your average holiday sales, the special discounts available this weekend only. and a live look in mclean.
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he'll let us know when we can see calmer conditions ahead. happening today across the country despite the wintery weather. it might be a good weekend to get out and see some national parks. in honor of presidents' day all national parks nationwide will be free through monday.
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there are more than 400 national parks participating. four of them in maryland, virginia and the district. for a complete list of those 14 parks here in our area, head over to our website, marylanders, this is the weekend to buy some new appliances and save a little money. maryland is holding a tax-free holiday for some energy star appliances. now, that includes energy efficient refrigerators, air conditioners, washers and dryers and furnaces. we posted a list at and today, you can get a look at what martin luther king jr.'s memorial library in chinatown, what it's going to look like. the library is hosting a public forum starting at 10:00 this morning. you can check out the designs from three finalists who are competing to renovate that library. these are a look at some of those proposed designs. today's forum will also be streamed online live in a google hangout. new this morning, the sienna college research institute and c
9:40 am
span in connection with the white house historical society released its findings for the influential first ladies list. eleanor roosevelt holds on to her title as the best first lady the u.s. has ever had. michelle obama came in fifth. hillary clinton was right behind her at six. but clinton was also ranked the most presidential first lady. >> i can see that. >> you might be seeing it pretty soon. fdr and eleanor roosevelt took the top spot for power couples. this is only the first time it's ever been conducted. >> maybe next year. >> you're right, always next year. why hundreds of people planned to brave the snow and cold and run in their underwear today in d.c. and we've had several injuries and even deaths in the area related to shoveling snow. news 4 can show you just how much stress clearing the snow can put on your heart, right, chuck? >> absolutely right. that heavy wet snow you've got
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by this time next week, this winter white wonderland will be a nithing of the past. this recent storm made history dumping 10 inches of snow in parts of northern virginia, 13
9:44 am
inches at dulles. all that snow made for perfect sledding weather as a lot of kids in the middle of a 5-day weekend thanks to the weather. a popular sledding hill could be gone by this time next year. the hill at johns hopkins could be sold to a construction company. the site is just off route 3. it would be the spot of a new 90,000 foot assisted living center. now the land is privately owned but the owners have allowed kids to play on it for decades. if the sale goes through, the hill could be leveled as early as this fall. and with all the snow, you might be thinking of shoveling out today, and if so, you're going to want to be careful. most people don't realize the stress shoveling heavy snow, like the kind we got can be tough on your heart. the continuous activity combined with the unconventional movements can tax the body sending your heart into a critical state. doctors warn the stress can come quickly and without warning. >> it's a sudden surge, sudden stress. it's a little bit different than most of the aerobic activities
9:45 am
where you build to it. >> and nova medical group confirmed an increase in heart conditions and treatments during the winter months mostly connected to people who push themselves too far while trying to shovel out. in the day ahead, hundreds of people are expected to run in their undies to raise money for a good cause. this is a look at last year's run. raising money for the children's tumor foundation. the party starts at noon and the run starts at 2:30. got to party before you can do this run. everyone's meeting between 4th and 3rd street in southeast. >> yeah. and chuck declined his invitation to run this year, unfortunately for all of us. >> going to monitor the radar, stay on top of the weather. a lot of legitimate reasons why i'm not doing that. >> and you have to be fully clothed. >> but when you sit behind the desk. you don't have to wear pants all the time. >> no one wants to see that. kind of gray and gloomy start to our weekend this morning. not a very pretty day at all.
9:46 am
and it's not really going to improve a whole lot. the rain and the snow will gradually come to an end. as that does happen later on this afternoon, the wind is really going to start to increase. it's going to be a blustery and cold saturday afternoon and saturday night out on the town. live picture from mclean, virginia, a mix of rain and snow continuing to fall. it's about a 50/50 mix there in mclean. the further west, a little bit more snowflakes. and further south and east, more in the way of a rain mix. storm team 4 radar shows you the snowflakes and the rain drops coming down in mclean. it is snowing and raining from mclean to bethesda, chevy chase to gaithersburg and pretty much as is so often the case, i-95 is just about the dividing line between the mostly rain and the rain/snow mix. you have to go well out to the north and west before it's mostly snow. light coating is a real possibility here. another 1 inch to maybe 2 inches in the northern and western suburbs.
9:47 am
this is all going to be rain, though, across southern maryland. no real accumulations for you folks down into st. mary's county. the back end of all of this is about five or six more hours away. 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon, this will rapidly start to come to an end. there's the area of low pressure there. as it gets out in the open waters, it'll rapidly intensify, and that is going to crank up the wind machine around here for later on this afternoon into this evening. currently, we do have winter ather advisories posted out to the north and west. what is the difference between advisory and winter storm warning up for parts of far western maryland? you get a winter storm warning if you're expected to get 6 inches of snow or more. winter weather advisory is in the three, four, five-inch range. and if we're going to get any place less than that, you don't get any kind of advisory at all. how much snow might we be looking at? right in and around the metro area, coating maybe an inch into prince george's else is
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slowing down team usa. >> all right. could be mind over matter. we'll have to wait and see. thanks a lot, jay. and a reminder, we are getting you up to speed on the olympic action on ozone catch that tonight at 7:30 on nbc 4. . .


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