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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 23, 2014 10:00am-10:26am EST

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. up first, breaking news. the player accused of using a banned substance at the olympics. shots fired this morning, a man is dead and several streets are shut down. another investigation to solve a homicide. one more day of warmer weather before cold rain and maybe even snow moves back in. hey everyone. good morning. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm angie goff. welcome to news 4 today. we want to start off with the weather changes that roll in today. >> we have another day of warm weather. we're starting the day off live looking at river. a mild morning to start us off.
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>> chuck bell is here to tell us, soak it in while we can, right chuck? >> absolutely right angie and richard. good many to both of you and everyone. cloudy for sure and off to a mild start. our camera looking to loudoun county and north bound, plenty of blue sky out there. mostly cloudy. little bit of sunshine getting through from time to time. on the whole, relatively cloudy much of the day. cold front to our north and west promises increase in clouds as the day goes along. chance of light rain, maybe a wet snowflake or two tonight. upper 40s to 50s around town. your planner, 51 now, 62 mid afternoon, couple of showers after dark. we'll talk about the timing of showers and midweek snow chance coming up. >> thanks. now to the breaking news.
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we now know why nicholas backstrom might not have been in the game that wrapped up minutes ago. according to the press, he may have violated anti-doping rules after using an allergy medication that's banned. we called and they told us the team will not comment until they get more information. this video just in from the scene. a man was shot in the back near florida avenue and fourth street in nooirtheast. officers search area and collected shell casings. the man was taken to the hospital where he died. new this morning men will canvas a neighborhood where three were found dead. someone found three dead inside an apartment building yesterday afternoon. this is in prince george's county.
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that's not far from pennsylvania avenue. news 4 derrick ward has been talking to neighbors about what they heard in this developing story. derrick? >> reporter: well, good morning. this happened at the lexington courts apartments. you see the sign there behind me. it was 5:30 yesterday. this is off mar burrow park. someone called saying they found three dead in the apartment complex. we spoke to neighbors that said three days ago they heard gunshots but not hear a police response. it's unclear if police were c l called or if that's connected to this. some residents are just returning home. this was a crime scene for a good part of the evening. they were not allowed to return to their apartments. police are expected to return to this complex some thyme today to
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knock on doors, pass out fliers to get information on the homicide. one of the victims, an adult male was a resident of the complex. we're live in capital heights, news 4. >> derrick, thanks. police are looking for two missing women in separate cases. 70-year-old rita cummings was last seen yesterday afternoon leaving her job in d.c. driving her 2012 blue legacy. in northern virginia, police are looking for helen. no one has heard from her since tuesday. she may have been driving her 2012 hyundai, tag number wooivz 8782. call police if you can help. a 95-year-old woman sexually assaulted in her home.
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police say a man broke into the elderly woman's house on riverdale not far from the vw parkway friday night. the victim heard a noise inside of her house and went to check it out. police tell us a man attacked the woman and ran off. call prince george's county police if you can help with this case. now to a developing story in ukraine. we got live pictures of the capital city of kiev. peaceful protests have started. opposition leaders say they have taken the city and insisting on the resignation of the current president. yesterday the opposition scored another major victory when parliament released a rival of the current president. she said to the crowd she promised to run for president and promised to stay strong in her fight. a group will hold demonstrations in d.c. today in support of protestors. dozens are expected to gather
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outside the white house. the demonstrators will hold a silent vigil in honor of those killed in ukraine. at 7:00 there's a candlelight vigil. organizers plan to read a letter addressed to the president asking for support in ukraine. develops in you crane will be the main topic on "meet the press." david gregory speak to susan rice. that's after news 4 today. we are hours from the closing ceremony of the 2014 winter games. you are taking a live look at the olympic flame which will burn strong a few more hours. we have spoilers coming your way. if you don't want to know how the final events ended, here's your time and moment to turn down the volume. here we go. team usa took the bronze in the four man bobsled. that happened this morning. russia also took gold in that
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event. in the men's 50 kilometer free style, russia swept this event. they got all medal, gold, silver, bronze. you can see the wrap up of the 2014 winter olympics here's on nbc 4. we're going to broadcast the closings ceremony tonight at 8:00. this morning, how it went down. details revealed about the capture of the most wanted drug kingpin. the investigations that led to that take do you know. plus customers were rushed out of a restaurant when carbon monoxide that leaked into the e.r. air. the likely source that led to one man's dead. you can sign up for the marine
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today we could see more scenes like this in missouri. thousands of people attended a vigil for 10-year-old hay li owens last week. the group at last night's memorial responded to a single facebook post. 45-year-old craig wood is charged with first degree murder. woodworked at an elementary school as a cold. a community is raising money to help a family of another crime victim. 8-year-old michaela was shot valentine's day. a car wash was held for her. a stray bullet hit her at her aunt's apartment. the group hopes to raise $10,000 for her medical bills. they raised 400 dollars yesterday. head to we've got information on how you can make a donation. school leaders will hold classes at york town classroom
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following a small fire on the roof. the air conditioning unit may have been the reason. there's water damage after the crews put out the fire. crews are working to clean up the mess so classes can start tomorrow. small amounts of marijuana could be legal in maryland soon. the state general assembly could vote to join colorado and washington state in legalizing the drug. according to a washington post poll, 49% in maryland support the idea of making small amounts legal for personal use with 43% standing against it. the poll also found that where you lived in maryland guided your views on the issue. 58% of those surveyed in baltimore favored marijuana use. that's in comparison to 53% in montgomery county. along gender lines, just 39% of women supported it. when it came to age, younger generations were overwhelmingly
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in favor. what announcement the president will make in the days ahead. big weather changes as you
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new this morning, a new york business is mourning the loss of their general manager killed by
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carbon monoxide poiseens. on t -- poisoning. the a 55-year-old restaurant manager died. more than two others had to be taken hot hospital. this happened last night at the restaurant on long island. investigators say the leak may have started inside the heating system in the basement. this morning we learn how police arrestsedtorious leader of the drug cartel. guzman was found by the help of the drug task team. he funneled drugs into u.s. cities like chicago. he's blamed for a large number of american drug related deaths. he was bpicked up in a resort city. eric holder thanked the dea for the role in the arrest of
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mexico's most wanted drug trafficker. president barack obama is expected to announce tuesday new partnerships for two manufacturing institutes. one would be headquartered in detroit. a group of businesses and universities would focus on light weight and modern metals. second would be instituted in chicago with digital technology and design technology. it would be led with private and public funds. tonight michelle obama will welcome the governor's association to the white house for dinner. before that, governors continue with meetings this morning in downtown washington. they'll hear from duncan and lowery. the governors will also hold a panel on economic growth. tomorrow night, seth myers takes over of nbc's "late night." mark barger sat down to talk about his transition to late night. >> he has had a decade of fun in
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the pressure cooker that is "saturday night live". >> there's nothing like working under that time constraint to draw you close to people. i'm going to miss that a lot. >> he'll also miss the weekend update desk where he's had a new coanchor this season. >> she is required no breaking in. she's so good at it. she's a total pro. i thought she would be good. she's blowing me away by how fast she is as good as she is. >> myers goes from one show a week at "snl" to five a week at "late night". >> i think "late night" is more civilized. there's nothing civilized about this schedule. it's uncivilizuncivilized. i think i can shower and shave everyday. >>hat now t you're a married
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man? >> yes, i have to be civilized. it's the right time to take a job like this. >> you can watch "late night" 12:35 a.m. on weeknights. want to make sure -- >> i can watch the second half after i get up monday and tuesday morning. >> you can watch it online. right? it bes a bits and pieces, highlights? >> right. one more day. we were driving through d.c. it looked like a cherry blossom festival with so many people out. >> yesterday with the flood of sunshine and mild weather, everybody went scrambling into the great outdoors to enjoy it. you'll get to get out and skp enjoy the sunshine today. the rain chances are sneaking ever closer to us. we've got many more dry hours to come. anything you want to do outside
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this afternoon. mowing the lawn, walking the dog whatever it's going to be. you'll be dry the remainder of the daylight hours. bearing that fact out now, nothing too terribly close to us. there's a weather front to our north and west. it's coming our direction. it's five to six hours a way. that brings it in after 5:00 to 7:00 this evening. we've got a long way to go. you saw on the radar, not a lot of moisture to work with that front. light rain, maybe a wet snowflake by early tomorrow morning. cloudy skies and way above freezing. 51 degrees in fact now. we'll continue to warm up through the remainder of late morning to afternoon hours. noticeably cooler for you in northern maryland. 40 haguers town now. already pushing 60 degrees down to parts of southern maryland. highs today near 50 along the mason dixon line. mid 6 -60s south and east of to.
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all in the 60s today. going out this evening, clouds thickening up during the course of the day. chance of light rain drops coming in after 7:00 this evening. they'll be gone by monday morning time frame. 5:00 to 7:00 tomorrow, rain or light snow dissipating. cool and breezy day tomorrow. high temperatures afternoon the area e generally mid-40s, upper 30s to near 40 across northern maryland. noticeably windier and colder tomorrow. here's our future weather forecast. 8:00 tonight, there's the first chance of sprinkles moving into the area. again, this should be in and out of here fairly quickly. by the time you're up tomorrow morning, the last of rain drops and snowflakes out of here. not expecting accumulation. sunny, breezy and colder tomorrow. nothing over an inch. half an inch in haguers town.
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nothing in town. a dusting or less in the metro. i don't know what's less other than an occasional snowflake. don't expect much. maybe an inch in southern spots of maryland. here's your seven-day forecast. oh, is it going to feel like went her this week? >> 64 today. few showers coming in after sun down tonight. that's gone buoy tomorrow. expect breezy and cold tomorrow. tuesday, chance of rain drops and snowflakes late tuesday into tuesday night and wednesday. wednesday is the day we're going to watch the most carefully. we might have a chance to get an inch or more of snow even in the metro. doesn't look a big storm yet. there's a lot of disagreement between the computer models. it will be cold and wet on wednesday for sure. staying cold all week long. >> all right. march 1st is next saturday. >> at least we had a nice touch of it this weekend. >> sure did. >> thanks chuck. we have a traffic alert to
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pass to you. a lane of the vw parkway is closed due to a water main break. near 410 and riverdale. what we can tell by looking at picture, left lane is closed on the southbound side. crews do not know when they can reopen the lane. traffic is meanwhile filing by. they hope to have it finished today or by tomorrow's morning rush. look for updates at throughout the day. later today, your chance to sign up for one of the largest races in the country. can you see us? are you there?
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happening today, people who want to run in the 39th annual marine corps marathon have to enter a lottery. >> they are switching things up. that lottery opens in 90 minutes or so. registering for the lottery does not guarantee you a spot. registration opens at noon and ends march 14th. those selected in the lottery, you're going to get an e-mail march 19th. nbc 4 is a proud media sponsor. go to and search marine corps marathon. you'll find the link to sign up for the lottery. as the 2014 winter games wraps up today, we thought we would run through the olympics by the


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