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tv   Today  NBC  July 12, 2014 2:07am-3:01am EDT

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from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. it's try day friday. >> i knew we would get here eventually. >> hope you have great plans this weekend. if you don't here is something you might want to try. >> you have heard of speed dating which is when you go into a room and they have a bunch of singles and you spend a minute or two. you have to try everybody out like a tasting menu. now there is something in london where they have added another
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wrinkle to the speed dating. >> a component. >> they added a paper bag over your head so you are not distracted by someone's looks. all you do is listen and hear them and you feel their karma and vibe. they said it made you not materialistic and not worried about looks. we decided we wanted to try -- >> but we couldn't find a bag to fit hoda's head. >> my bag is too big. >> you can still see the person. what is the point of this. you can still see the person. i can already judge she has a huge head. i don't understand this. >> do we decorate the bags? >> i -- put it on me, please. i see you. turn it around.
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now what is your sign? >> i can't believe i'm doing -- first of all -- >> i can't breathe in there. i feel claustrophobic now. >> you have a big mouth, too. >> they encourage people to use the hashtag say no to shallow. >> someone can be hunky and you meet him and you are like he is great and he is not great but you are distracted and he is not nice. >> i don't care how hunky you are. if somebody is narcissistic i'm so out, the hunkiness does not matter. >> i think speed dating is a good way to do it. >> what's the point? >> you can't see their hair. how about that?
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what if they have short air you can't see it. here is a good social question. if you are getting married, should you -- look how you can't stop folding. what's wrong with you? >> i'm sorry. >> thank you. thank you, so much. >> can i play with my cards. >> she always likes to line things up and straighten and pick things off. >> you mean, i'm not perfect? >> you are close. if you are getting married should you notify your ex? >> i didn't notify my ex. >> did you think about it? >> no. we had been apart for a long, long time. >> everyone knew you were getting married. it was a public thing. >> it was public. this is someone i pray for every day. there is no animosity. he made his choice and i made my choice and we moved on.
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i know for a fact that you would not. not for a second. tell us why. >> i wouldn't. >> in detail. >> i would not feel e need to. >> tell us why. >> i just wouldn't feel the need to tell him. everyone has their own thing. some things end well and some things don't end as well. >> but, tell us why. >> stop asking me questions. the writer said she discovered once her friend's ex had gotten married. should you tell your friend? >> why not? >> because they would be hurt but i guess you should. >> if you go into a restaurant and you see one of your best friends' husband with another woman canoodling would you tell your best friend? >> yes.
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i would tell my best friend. i would tell like my tight inner circle which i have about four people. other people i'm not sure because it's a can of worms. how clear is the cunoodling like obvious like kissing and stuff? >> yeah. i couldn't live with myself if i didn't. i could never be around the jerk and maybe i would go to him first and say i saw you. you don't have explaining to do to me. if you don't explain it to your wife i have to tell her because i love her too much and this is wrong. >> if he says your friend didn't see it. >> you're the one who saw it. >> i know. oh -- >> unless you were wearing a bag over your head. phil galanos says do not tell.
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he says keep quiet. better to steer clear of overheated dramas that do not involve us. if it is your sister or dear friends you tell. another survey. spontaneous summer road trip. road trip! stop doing that. >> so the question is have you ever gotten into a car and just started driving? >> no. >> i was working in florida and it was one of the things where nothing was right. the job wasn't right. the guy wasn't right. nothing was right. i was driving and i just kept driving. i drove to the keys and i stoppe and i stopped at a hotel and i checked in. it was late at night. i remember i went walking alone and there was a group of people getting ready to go on a midnight fishing tour. they said come on, we need one more. i got on that boat and we were
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fishing and got a beer for the first one you caught and we cooked all of the fish at like 2:00 in the morning. >> hoda loves a huge moon. >> it was so awesome. i remember it so vividly and taking a shower with the fresh towels. i liked it. everything was clean. >> everything was nicely organized. it is our fan friday. every friday we show you some things you have been sharing. >> we have been counting down the days until hoda turns 50. only 30 days to go. >> i don't like when we break it down. >> we noticed this photo from terry celebrating her 50th by jumping out of a plane. >> who does that? >> would you do that? >> no. i wouldn't. >> kathie lee didn't have time to answer every question. daniel asked what did you
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splurge on with your first big paycheck? >> a house. >> that is a good one. becky smith weber asks what is your favorite movie of all time. >> hoda's pick was "love actually". >> this part. remember this? >> thank you. that will be nice. yes is my answer. >> could you watch it 1,000 times? >> i have never seen it but now i'm going to. he proposes in portuguese and didn't know how to do it and she says yes. >> i love him. >> mine is called "amazing grace" a movie based on my friend's book based on the life of william who battled english
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parliament for like 20 something years to end the british slave trade. i know, you are already out. i know, you are already out. / it is the most amazing, amazing movie. if you have never seen it it is so unbelievable -- >> she is right. >> "love actually" if you want to dive deep. i have been playing my guitar. >> this is not thirst day thursday and you are abusing the privilege of my friendship. >> let's watch a little bit. >> i have taken two guitar lessons i am trying to learn guitar. this is the g note. ♪ and here is an e minor. >> down, down, down up, down.
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>> that is enough. >> you need to call them chords. when you play one note, then it is a g chord. >> exactly. you know what today is. >> what? >> "friday funny". >> one summer evening during a violent thunderstorm a mother was tucking her son into bed. she was about to turn off the light when her son lifts his head and said mommy. he said mommy, will you sleep with me tonight. i'm a little scared. the mother smiled and gave him a reassuring hug and said i can't, honey. i have to sleep in daddy's room tonight and the little boy let out a sigh and said under his breath, the big scaredy cat. >> cute.
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>> do you get it? >> daddy is a big scaredy cat. >> i thought that was it but i wasn't sure if it was something i was missing. you know what the weird thing is? you. >> "johnson's baby of the week". >> our first baby of the week is reed mayer. >> our next baby of the week is cameron kenneth connelly born on may 24 in massachusetts. his parents offer this advice to new parents. take in every moment with your new baby because they grow up so fast. >> next a baby born on may 26 in california. his name is canon michael garner. this little guy arrived early and was only 4 pounds 7 ounces. after two days he was able to
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come home. >> our final baby of the week is samantha skye. her parents tiffany and william offer this advice. enjoy your little one but don't forget to take time for yourself, too. >> that's so true. >> if you want to submit your baby go to okay or not okay? is it okay or not okay to have elaborate gift registries? here is what we had to say. >> hoda, i am always uncomfortable with extravagant requests from people who can afford the most. give gifts to the most in need and you will be blessed indeed. >> no it is not ok unless your guest list includes donald trump, donald trump and donald trump.
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>> but he only has to give one gift. >> whatever. living paycheck to paycheck. we explain why we tend to overspend and how to stop it. bobbie thomas is all abuzz. vo: this is the summer. the summer of this. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. where memories will be forged into the sand. and then hung on a wall for years to come. get out there, with over 50,000 hotels at $150 dollars or less. expedia. find yours. but lysol power & free cann change the way you clean.h. it cleans even better than bleach without the harshness. a powerful clean, that's family friendly - that's what we call healthing.
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if you ever stepped into a store and picked up a pair of shoes and a hand bag because you cannot resist you are not alone.
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>> with the average american household having about $15,000 in credit card debt we could all probably use help. >> here with advice a personal finance expert who wrote about this topic for "cosmo" magazine. welcome. >> good to see you both. >> there are reasons. we know we do it. i guess we should figure out why we do it. >> one of the scary things is 70% of the country live paycheck to paycheck and 30% of people who make over $100,000. one of the big reasons is social media. when you are on social media for more than five minutes studies show you are likely to overspend from either low self-esteem or
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confidence. >> you can see that people will be when you are stressed out like you are trying to make sure your budget is right and you have that stress. but that stress makes you buy more? >> it makes you spend. your self-control gets eroded when you are stressed out. you also might think if i get that i will be happier and things will be better. it turns out the opposite is true. >> guilt on top of everything else. >> if you are going to spend money spend it on other people or buy experiences and not stuff. >> if you carry small bills you spend more. why is that? >> if you run around with 1, 5, 10 you break and buy the gum and coffee. if you keep $50 bills and $100 bills you are like i don't want to break them so you keep them. >> that seems counter intuitive to me. if you get your purse stolen you
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have hundred dollar bills in there. you say you spend more when we are stressed and when we are relaxed. i'm getting stressed right now. >> being in a beautiful environment and hearing classical music playing, chandeliers, pink marble you might spend more. that is why you shouldn't go shopping on vacation. when people are relaxed and calm and in a great mood not only are they likely to spend more but likely to spend money on things they really don't need. >> you ever come back from vacation and you unpack and go why did i get that? i buy when i'm bored. if it is late at night and i can't sleep and the tv is on and i see something and i'm like dr. perricone and that looks good so you see the before and after. boredom? >> boredom is a big one when you don't have something to do you find yourself online shopping. they spend a lot of times thinking of ways for you to spend.
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>> bored, happy, sad. >> there are certain things you can do. one tip i really like and research shows it has helped is thinking about your future self. imagine yourself in your 70s. some people suggest putting digital renderings of yourself on your credit card or cash card because it helps you press pause and not make the impulse purchase. if you are thinking do i need the pair of shoes or maybe i will save instead. >> thank you so much. >> we appreciate it. >> the tips and tricks you have sent us for saving money. >> how to change things up. first these messages. would you consider a 4-star hotel that's up to 60% off, you just can't know the name? just no name? until you book. um... yeah, i'd do that! ♪
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>> we asked you to share some of your inventive tricks and you did. one is every time she checks out at a store she asks about coupons or promotions. >> great advice. jennifer recommends you buy clearance a year in advance for the kids. they will use all of the items eventually. >> and finally betty says you should always do your homework. she saw a dress she liked selling for $99 and went home and researched the dress label and discovered the same dress on sale at another store for only $30. good job. >> bobbie thomas is here with beauty tips and tricks to save you money. first your local news.
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we are back with more of "today" and ways to never pay retail again. >> imagine getting an alert when your favorite pair of shoes go on sale or scanning an item in a store. >> say good bye to clipping coupons. here with her favorite money saving trips is in style magazine market editor dana avadon kohn. let's talk about these apps. >> shop savvy is all about bar codes. you can walk through the store and scan the product with your phone and it will tell you if a store in the area is carrying it for less. >> do they mind that in the stores? >> the nice thing about that is that it also lets you know if the store is willing to do a price match. a lot of big retailers will actually honor the lowest price you find so you don't have to
2:35 am
leave the store. >> it's okay to walk up to someone like at j. crew and say they are selling it cheaper here. >> certain stores. but stores like wal-mart want you to do that because they want you to shop at their store. >> huckster is the best app to never miss a sale. you select an item and huck the item. when you huck it it notified you the second it goes on sale. it can be as specific as i want to know when it goes 25% or when it goes 50% off. not only are you getting the sale but the exact price you want to pay. >> and tell you what store it is in. >> it tells you where to buy it and you can scroll through the items on your mobile and swipe left if you are not interested and huck the item if you like it. >> huck is a verb now. >> how about shopular.
2:36 am
it works with proximity. when you are walking past the store it notifies you if there is an item on sale in that particular store when you are in the area. what is nice about it is it allows you to pick the stores you are interested in hearing about. you are not getting a zillion notifications. >> who would want to be bothered all the time? >> shop style is a gigantic search engine. it allows you to put in items that you are interested in. let's say you are looking for a red pump you can put in that item and get all of the red pumps. they work with over 1,000 retailers so you are getting a massive selection. you can refine the search and search by category or brand, store, price. the more specific you are the more the results are going to reflect exactly what you want. my other favorite is that you can put it in free shipping
2:37 am
because who doesn't want free shipping so it only shows items that do free shipping. >> the last one is called honey. this is not an app. what it does is when you are checking out it gives you coupons and promotions right into your shopping cart. so it saves you the time of trolling the deal sites to get the lowest price. >> you are adorable. from your closet to your crib. >> how to decorate for less than you thought coming up. ♪ you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it.
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think your home is feeling ho hum and you want to spice it up a bit. here with advice is elaine griffin, author of "design rules". we can do it for cheap? >> yes. let's start with under foot. area rugs are so inexpensive online now there is no reason to pay loads for them. look for nylon fiber. and right now we are living the layered rug look. you start with a bigger rug on top. it can be solid. and then put a smaller rug on top of that. >> who know who started it years ago was ralph lauren. >> true. what do you put on top of the table? >> you want the coffee table.
2:42 am
bald coffee tables are boring. they are very ho and hum. >> exactly. the secret is. i have figured out the no fail recipe for any gorgeous coffee table you want a tray to put all of your remotes on. you want a couple of cute little decorative objects like these cute vases and then you want a box. >> why couldn't you put the remotes in the box? >> you could but is your husband really going to put the remotes in the box? >> no. >> i would. >> it changed it in one second. so above the sofa is the most important real estate on your wall. you want to think outside the box because it is not just about framed art. these are cubes. so we are putting -- >> design assistance. >> let me see.
2:43 am
>> we are styling them up. >> we found these great candle sconces at world parkt. >> perfectly symmetrical. >> remind me not to work out with ex marines. everything on the wall is under $20. >> next up why don't you take that over there. >> what am i doing? glue sticking. >> we love lamp shades that come with lamps. designers usually switch them out for more stylish ones. you can add trim to it with just a glue stick or glue gun. >> look how much better this looks. >> already. you put it on top. finally throw pillows. throw pillows are so inexpensive now that you can switch them out
2:44 am
twice a year. the secret is have solid ones that anchor the look. you keep those out year round and switch the colorful ones out twice a year. >> okay. i like it. everything here is like under $50. it is not about spending millions. want to head to the big city without the big ticket prices? we have the tips to get you there. plus bobbie thomas has tips when it comes to beauty. first, these messages. >> weekday morning, wake up with the weather channel anl ld let of the biggest names in weather forecast your day. it all starts with wake up with with al. get ready for your commute, your job or your travel plans with with everything you need to start your day. >> sam champion, welcome it the weather channel. >> than for over 20 years, he's been weather's champion in the
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morning with his expertise, singular charm and trade mark smile. now the weather channel welcomes sam champion to his new home, amhq. morning television can be the most fun television you can ever do. there are a lot of ingredients to make a morning television show desirable and attractive to the audience. >> it all starts with weather. every morning amhq's team of experts looks ahead to see how weather is shaping your news, sports, entertainment and more. >> the live component of it, i think is the most amazing. the fact that you're waking people up and they are kind of getting their start with you. they are starting their with you. atlanta, you've not a spectacular day. >> this organization is built for weather. >> there is nothing comparable. there's no number two. this is it. it's the weather channel.
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everybody whose great at weather is in this building doing it right there or in the field doing it for this place. >> we don't just forecast the storm, we take you inside one. >> the worst part of the storm. >> everything you do today, it all starts with weather. >> people need to understand that weather isn't just bad weather, it's everyday. it's everything around you. it's amazing. it is amazing out there. >> start your mornings with wake up with al. amhq, america's morning headquarters with with sam champion weekdays on the weather channel. and now he's here to explain one product that does two things. beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa! fla-pow... mental sharpness support... fla-pow... physical energy support... ...together and only brock spedwell can explain it. beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa! beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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we're back with a special bargain bonanza edition of "bobbie's buzz". we will show you beauty bargains. >> who best to tell us about them than bobbie thomas? >> everybody wants free stuff. you are going to do something good to get it. mac and lush, they will give you
2:49 am
a free item if you bring back containing. if you bring back six you get a free lipstick. at lush they give you a free face mask if you bring back like ten. brand spanking new technology called the makeup genius app. it really is. you can look into the camera of your ipad or your iphone and you can literally try looks on. complete face looks have been made and you can scan over 300 items at the drugstore. >> basically the idea that -- >> for people at home who are looking at this you can go to
2:50 am
the drugstore and try before you buy. the drugstore doesn't let you bring back open products. this is a great way to scan items and try on the color or stare at yourself all day long. [ laughter ] can i say no one on earth when they download the app will get any work done ever. >> this is kind of fun, though. i love it. >> this is just amazing. i love you guys. this is a three in one brush. do you see the hollow handle? it comes with the hair elastic to hide inside and bobby pins. it has a mirror on the back. >> love avon. >> simple smart genius thing, a soap saver. so there is a buff that you slip your bar of soap into. when the soap gets little it doesn't stick to the counter and you use every last drop. i talked about the beauty
2:51 am
spatula. you cut open the tube and scrape the last remnant. you can get every bit with this spatula from every drop. >> can we look at ourselves again? >> everything is online and on >> new york, chicago, san francisco here we come. >> how to visit a big city on a small budget. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ swing low sweet chariot
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>> is there a big city you've been wanting to visit without blowing your paycheck? well if you plan your trip right you could just make that dream trip. we took a look at the top ten most visited cities in the u.s. and chose the best deals in five of them contributing editor of budget travel, darlene numan is here. >> hey. >> hello. >> it is always nice to be here with something that is affordable. you are talking about san francisco. >> which is an expensive city. >> san francisco can be expensive but if you visit from november to may you could find some good deals. we suggest doing fun inexpensive free things in the city. hop on a cable car. >> i jumped on one and jumped off. no one asked for money.
2:56 am
>> were you running from them? >> it will cost you $15 for a one-day pass. you can go all over the city. we suggest going to the waterfront. go to pier 39. if you have been down there hopefully you will see the iconic california sea lions barking. you have to try clam chowder. >> what about hotels? is there a hotel that is affordable? >> hotel dell sol. nice added parks like afternoon cookies and milk. there is a heated pool and free breakfast. it starts at $120 a night. new york city. how do you get us on a budget here? >> there is so much to do that is free year round people don't know about it. walking in central park is nice. last night i walked the high line. >> i love the high line. >> this is an elevated park, an urban oasis.
2:57 am
there are free activities for all ages including teens, things like star gazing and story telling. the museum of natural history. if you have brought kids there they love it. they will want to spend days there hanging out under the giant blue whale and checking out the dinosaur fossils. >> and the jane hotel. >> it is in the west village. survivors from the titanic once stayed there. you can stay there for a great price. this summer it is $105 and up. >> why? how? >> new york is such an expensive city. >> year round the prices at the jane are good. check it out. >> orlando is popular for a family. >> theme parks can be expensive. those ticket prices can be expensive. if you are a harry potter fan, they have been lining up to get into this. we found you a deal with the hilton orlando. you can stay four nights at the hilton orlando and get two three day park to park tickets for
2:58 am
universal studios. early admission to the parks to beat the crowds. >> that is huge. >> and it starts at $102 per night. it is a four night minimum but think about the price of getting into a theme park. it makes sense. vegas, baby. >> vegas, baby is known as a party destination but also a family destination. there is a free show called the viva vision light show at the free mont street experience. this is a music and light show that you can actually walk under. you stroll under it 90 feet up in the air, the length of five football fields. if you are feeling inspired you could zip line through it. lastly, chicago, your final spot. >> chicago is a great city.
2:59 am
hit the lincoln park zoo. you can go to the navy pier voted by budget travel as one of the most awesome boardwalks. there is a huge ferris wheel there. when you are in chicago you have to eat, right? why not try chicago deep dish pizza. >> delicious. >> we have been polling twitter fans to find out where people should go to have the chicago deep dish pizza. >> where should they go? >> luminati's and geno's east. >> thanks so much. next week ricky gervais is here. >> and a performance by jake owen with a great song called "beaching". >> and great balls of cheese. you heard it right. >> tune in next week and find out what we are talking about.
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happy weekend everybody. >> bye-bye. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪


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