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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 14, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it's the yoplait greek taste-off and we are asking the music city which 100-calorie strawberry greek yogurt is the next big thing. i'm a random lady with a table ll of yogurt. want some greek yogurt? can i ask you a question? tell us what tastes best. this one is definitely the winner. that one is good. a is great. yoplait greek 100! that's the stuff right there. e whyoh one yoplait greek beat? chobani yes! yoplait greek wins again. take the taste-off for yourself! it is a beautiful day for yogurt. now at 11:00, strong storms knocked out power, sent three soldierses to a hospital. we'll tell you what they were doing when lightning hit a local military base. >> a man wanted for stealing
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debit card information strikes again. why police say the most recent crime was so bold and what you can do to protect yourself. >> and fighting back against heroin overdose. >> if one more person says, oh, not my kid it's like, you know, i never thought my kid. >> we'll tell you what steps could save a life. >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> lightning and strong winds caused major damage all over the area this afternoon. severe storms knocked out power to thousands of people. three soldiers injured when lightning hit in virginia. >> doug is still tracking showerses in the area now. we begin with chris gordon and cleanup going on tonight in arlington. chris? >> good evening. arlington police are working late tonight. we are in the 400 block of north glebe road. two lanes are closed because of a big tree that came down, tearing down electrical wires,
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landing in the roadway. the storm came through about 5:00. it didn't last long. it did leave a mark. tonight's storm moved fast and hit hard. you can see the damage along north glebe road. strong winds uprooted this tree, uprooting power lines. the transformerer exploded, the heat melting wires, burning the roadway. >> i saw the bright lights. it was daylight but it was like bombs being dropped. >> reporter: the tree fell on top of parked cars. mr. gomez discovers his truck crushed. it looks totaled. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: despite all of the damage, no one was hurt. the evening rush hour was disrupted as two lanes were with closed to traffic. police detoured traffic headed
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south on henderson and north quincy. residents and neighbors gathered to gawk at the damage. police ordered them to move. >> clear the area! thank you. >> reporter: residents returned to homes as power crews worked to restore electricity. at point 16,000 customers in northern virginia were without power but crews have restored it quickly tonight. most people back online. we are told that as soon as the county cuts off the big tree in the roadway, the police will be able to leave and this section of north glebe road will be open for tomorrow's rush hour. that's the latest in arlington. >> thanks, chris. three soldiers are out of the hospital after they were injured in a lightning strike. the soldiers, members of the old guard were with lowering a flag at a field on henderson hall tonight when lightning hit nearby.
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all three were with taken into a hospital. they were not seriously injured. the old guard says that the soldiers are back on base tonight. >> showers are sticking around tonight. it sounds like we could be in for more severe weather tomorrow. let's go to chief meteorologist doug camerer with more. >> out there now, storm team 4 radar showing rain. more rain along the northern neck. this is rain we are watching back to the west. here in frederick county, you're under the gun. nothing strong. we won't see anything like that. we'll see more showers through the rest of the night tonight. i want to show you what's really happening. this is the east coast. washington, new york, roanoke. here's chicago. look at the storm. see the spin in the atmosphere? you don't see many storms this time of year move this far south
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out of canada. a chance for severe weather tomorrow. behind it, cool and more tranquil. i'll show you which one arrives first. there you go. >> easy for you to say. thanks, doug. a double shooting. jim has the news for us. >> vance, two men were with shot in northwest d.c. extending a stretch of violence in the district. they bring to nine the number of people shot in just the past 48 hours. this happened about an hour ago on missouri avenue just a block from the new walmart store on georgia avenue. both men are expected to be okay. police tells us they are looking for two men who may be behind it. this is the latest in the string of d.c. shootings that began sunday morning. an 8-year-old girl is the eyewitness. police say she was inside a car when jimmy fleming pulled out a gun, shot the driver and a passenger in the head.
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and the 17-year-old multiple times. that 8-year-old helped lead police to fleming. he's now charged with two counts of second degree murder. he'll be in court july 30th. a third man died sunday night. he died at the hospital. police say it was the city's 67th homicide of the year. at the live desk, i'm jim hanley. >> we are following developments tonight in gaza. late tonight the state department said it welcomes calls for a cease-fire in the israeli-palestinian conflict. both sides are seriously considering a proposal offered by egypt. it would be a 12-hour cease-fire starting tomorrow morning, followed by talks in cairo. the united nations reports almost all of the 185 people killed in the fighting in the last week are civilians. many of them children. both sides are firing rockets.
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hamas claims it has launched armed drones. israel shot one down today. >> an army sergeant held captive by the taliban and released in a controversial prisoner swap is back on regular duty with with the with army. sergeant beau bergdahl is working in a desk job in texas. the investigators are still questioning him about his disappearance which led to his years in captivity. he was handed over to u.s. special forces in afghanisn i exchange for five prisoners from guantanamo bay investigators will decide if if he'll face disciplinary action. >> lawmakers are digging deeper into the veterans affairs scandal. among the revelations that a v.a. employee stored thousands of documents in his baltimore
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office for an extended period of time. documents containing unprocessed claims and personal information. they were also incredibly personal stories about the persecution whistleblowers faced. >> i was and continue to be retaliated against by the v.a. i have been targeted by middle and upper management at the v. are a. for over four years. the problems are a result of morally bankrupt managers who have are moved into powerful positions where they have the power to and continue to ruin people's lives. >> many people were motivate odd to cover up wait times because they were afraid of consequences of errors being reported. >> tonight target storeses are pressing charges against a former deputy in the fairfax county sheriff's office who was accused of shoplifting. this after the security guard who reported it was fired. his name is dallas northington.
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he told the washington post he was fired after reporting the tleft in leesburg. he said target claimed he violated procedure by filling out paperwork before he called the police. >> a maryland man could face arson charges in a fiery divorce case that led to explosions in a quiet neighborhood. police say mark casell set out two explosives outside his father-in-law's home. he believed his estranged wife jennifer was at the home. she's a law professor at american university. last year he pressed assault charges against her. she was acquitted. casell is awaiting extradition back to maryland. safety improvements being planned on route 1 in college park, maryland. three pedestrians have been killed in crashes there this year. that's caused leaders to expedite traffic plans. the speed limit would be dropped
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to 25 miles an hour on the stretch of route one near university of maryland campus. a fence in the median will prevent jaywalkers from crossing there. new pedestrian-le controlled signals will make it easier to cross the street at the intersections there. >> a scammer is hitting atms and possibly stealing money from your accountment tonight advice to help make sure you aren't a victim. police believe it is the same man striking again after a report about theft in fairfax and stafford countieses on friday. investigators say he turned up saturday in leesburg at a bank installing a skimming device over the card reader that copies card numbers and over the atm that hide as camera to record customers entering pins. police say there is one more red flag to watch for. >> you will get an out of order message on the screen or an invalid card. at that point if you know you
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have money in your account and you feel something is going on with the atm, take time to walk inside and alert bank officials. >> reporter: detectives were able to grab the devices the thief was using there. they are now looking for fingerprints. >> the first black woman to win olympic gold for the united states died today. her name is alice coachman-davis. she suffered a stroke two months ago and died at a hospital in georgia this morning. she was 90 years old. the u.s. track and field star won gold in the high jump at the olympics in london in 1948. she's the first black. woman to get an endorsement deal when she signed with coca-cola in 1952. davis was recognized at the 1996 summer games in atlanta as one of the 100 greatest olympians in history. >> next at 11:00 -- >> how can i maybe save some other family from living the hell our family lives now?
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>> parents take action to overdose. the tools first responders use that could be available to 8iyo >> locked in a jail without food, water or a bathroom. >> kicking the door. screaming. >> he wasn't even an inmate. how he finally escaped. how he finally escaped. >> and the selfie that's than
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it makes me happy to go on the computer. how he finally escaped. >> ani like feeling smart.han internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost internet access to over one million low-income people at home. internet essentials helped me progress in my schoolwork.
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it helped my grades move higher. together with time warner cable, we can bring the internet to millions more. it helped me a lot. comcast and time warner cable. together is better for more people. special training tonight for parents in maryland fighting back against an epidemic. learning how to use the same drug that paramedics use to revive patients who overdose on
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drugs like heroin. as dorothy spencer found out many of the parents have already lost a child to drug abuse and others are worried their child might be next. >> sean died at the age of 23, two dayses after his 23rd birthday of a heroin over dose. >> beth schmidt is among parents who lost kids to drug over doses and are being trained to use avrp an over dose reversing medication. >> you are the first responder. >> it is offered to people who know people who use opiates. it can restore breathing if administered in time. >> it's very important that people and families of heroin addicted people have access to the drug. >> reporter: training is beg
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provided by baltimores in a church in damascus. it's unique because until a new law was passed this training and medication were only given to first responders. >> each person who completes the training will walk away with a kit. it has a syringe, the drug. the idea, get it administered and it could save a life. >> reporter: ginger's son jake died of a heroin over dose nearly a year ago. she came to the training from call vertical county where it's not yet available. >> i'll probably carriry mine with me. it wouldn't have helped me, right is this my son is gone. i'm just trying to help others now. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. >> the visitor who was trapped for 32 hours in a cook county jail in chicago is now suing for emotional trauma. he was trying to visit his son
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when he was accidentally locked in an 8 x 8 visiting room without food, water or toilet. he was rescued after breaking a spling klerhead in the ceiling. he said when they found him he was handcuffed so he had to convince them he wasn't an inmate. >> i did as i was instructed. i don't know how it could happen. >> this could happen to somebody else, even now. that can't be. >> he's seeking compensation. he has not said how much. jail officials called it a perfect storm saying a bizarre set of circumstances allowed it to happen. >> you have only nine hours left to make a bid on a pricey diamond ring donated to goodwill. the three carat are diamond set in 14 carat gold was dropped off in june by an anonymous donor. the charity put it on the aubs site shop and bids
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soared to more than $8,000. that money will go to funding goodwill job training and employment programs. >> a selfie could cost a guy $5,000 if the police can find him. he's the man here in red with a cell phone over his head, trying to take a picture of himself with a bull about a foot away. this was last friday during the running of the bulls in pamplona, spain. it is illegal to use a recording device during the race because it's already quite obviously dangerous enough. taking photos could cause somebody to fall or trip other runners. spanish police are asking for help. >> with all the other crazy behavior there, what's -- >> one more. >> i have do that before i can't run that fast anymore. my knees are already hurting me.
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>> you have a lot of work to do before you can run with the bulls. like tell us what will happen with the with weather the rest of the week. >> a lot of people were with caught in the storm. same deal morrow. union station, look at the flag. not blowing at all. we have a warm and muggy night. the current temperature at 80. we have rain on the radar. storm team 4 radar showing showers across the region. nothing too heavy. don't be surprised if you hear rain on the rooftop as you move through the night tonight. most of the rain back to the west of i-95. showerses down there toward southern maryland. the closer view showing portions of montgomery county around damascus, back to frederick and leesburg. more showers. we'll see showers moving up through the night. there are more to the west with that will move our way. but it's the bigger system, the
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bigger scenario that could take place. it will stay that way through tomorrow morning and through the day tomorrow. that's why we have a chance for storms tomorrow. here we are at 11:00 with the showerses to the west. as we move through the overnight hours, not a big deal tomorrow morning. can't rule out a shower early. it shouldn't affect rush hour much. tomorrow afternoon's rush hour, however, will be affected againment starts around 1:30 around the blue rinl points to the east. around 5:00 we really start to get going here. i think the best chance severe weather will be in northern virginia to the east of i-95 through portions of southern maryland to the chesapeake and the d.c. metro area. look at 8:00. a line develops. we could have a better potential tomorrow of seeing not just severe weather with winds like today. but the flash flood threat could be highment we could see severe thunderstorm watch and the potential for flash flood watch that could be in effect during
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ererow. big scenarioses would be high winds, possibility of hail tomorrow. the tornado threat is low, not nonexistent. that's something to watch for. 89 in d.c. tomorrow. 87 in leesburg. then something happens i think everybody will like. on wednesday, 84 degrees. once it blows through it will bring in nice cool air with low humidity. wednesday through friday looking fantastic as we with move through the day. 90 by next tuesday. we are not talking about a heat wave any time sn. as a matter of fact the opposite of that. some areases into the low 50s in the middle part of the week.
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>> imagine that. >> sounds good, doug. >> sports coming up. one of the best in the majors. we are talking about the
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this is fun stuff. >> say what you want about the home run derby. who doesn't like watching the best in the game hit bombs for charity? there weren't any nationals competing but adam jones was all smiles, taking part in the home
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run derby. jones tees off on this one into the second deck. a nice souvenir for a fan in minnesota. look at that. jones was off to the second round but didn't move on from there. the favorite with many, giancarlo stanton, 6'6", 240 here. >> big man. >> almost sent it out of the park. everyone going crazy. stanton led the n.l. with six homers in first round. zero in the second. he's out, too. so far it's all about jose bautista. the bluejay and american league captain crushing everything. ten home runs in the first round. that led everyone. he's in the american league final against last year's champ yoenis cespedes. so 18 straight matches and the streak is over for the washington capitals. >> no! >> it's over. the san diego aviators won all sets but mixed doubles. everybody loves the tennis
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tonight. hinges on the serve. a forehand is blazing. 5-2. that would be the only win. >> what's that? >> shining the shoes. an over hand smasher. the return. devarmin ends it. aviators have the point. bobby reynolds puts it into the net. aviators beat the capitals 22-18. ending their 18-match winning streak. coach murphy taking it in stride. >> greatest thing is it's not championship sunday. we look at this as an opportunity to collect data and feedback and information about the team. what we have to do to improve. it's a marathon sh not a sprint. come finals week, god willing we'll have a shot and another
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opportunity to do this. >> okay. i believe him there. you know there is no pressure anymore. >> start another one. >> do it again. >> run the table a
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this is cool stuff. an incredible find at a construction sight. workers noticed unusual things in the dirt they were excavating for a dam. they found hundreds of fos sils, most of them about 20 million years old. among the fossils are teeth from
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a 40-foot-long prehis to are rick shark. talk about "we're going to need a bigger boat" and an entire ancient whale skeleton when the ocean extended as far as california's central valley. experts are there to protect and identify the treasures. those invested in the cons
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