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tv   Today  NBC  July 17, 2014 2:07am-3:00am EDT

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for up to $20,000. funds are limited. to be considered you must apply by august 29th at from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockfeller plaza. and it is wednesday. it is wines day wednesday. >> it is. >> it's july 16th. we have what we say in the business, a really good show today. a really good one. one of our favorite people on the planet, ricky gervais is back. >> we love him. >> he just walked in the room and it just turned the beat around. >> freshly emmy nominated. >> he looks like he deserves an emmy. >> he certainly does.
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>> he does. >> i do. >> we're going to talk to him. >> and we have barbara corcoran, i don't know if you guys remember last time barbara corcoran was on, she and kathie lee, it got so nasty there was like blood on the floor of the set so we had to clean it up. they're going to go at it again head to head in the topic we call curb appeal. >> this is for every little kids out there who loves these guys, ne apparently huge, kid box is here. >> been around for 15 years. >> they have? >> yeah. >> they're not 15. >> how can they be around for 15 years. >> like the mouseketeers. i get it. >> on my ipod -- on my phone i have a playlist for hanna and they're all kidz bop songs, version of songs i love that are cleaner. take them and clean them up. >> i used to do that years ago, kathie lee's rockin' tot's cafe. >> ♪ so happy together
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>> you're not allowed to do that something called licensing. >> whatever. >> i think they work it out. >> so every -- what i do every morning. >> how did you -- >> i'm bored. >> i don't know. >> i tweet and instagram a quote. >> yes. >> and i hunt around for them and i find them. >> you do not. they're in a book called "quotable quotes" or something. >> i go on google. i do reserve on google. >> okay. >> google quotes on hope. >> good. >> oh, good. nice. >> i picked one for wednesday. this is the one i put up for wednesday. it says -- >> she's sneaking music in too. >> don't let yesterday use up too much of today. a will rogers' quote. >> you can do will rogers all year long. >> you get stuck on something that would upset you and today is not crummy yet. don't wreck it.
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>> it's the present. it's the present. >> yeah. >> i re-did the quote. now we stop. >> i'm not doing quotes. >> trying to up your quote. i'm just saying, nothing you can do about yesterday and you have no idea what's going to be tomorrow what you got is now. >> it's a present. anyway, my point exactly. we are -- i hope he doesn't get too -- what's the word i'm looking for -- over exposed. prince george and his amazing chubby cheeks on the cover again, now the new "people" magazine. not parents you him. >> don't need the parents. look at george. >> what's going to sell more "vanity fair" which has the whole family on or "people." >> doesn't "vanity fair" cost more than "people." >> it does. >> don't try to dazzle me with your math skills. anyway, here's things we learned about george in the article. he loves dogs. >> we love him -- >> hates bath time. >> there you go. >> prince william saying he finds bath time quite painful and fights them so much they
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almost need a snorkel and mask. >> his favorite toy is a helicopter, anything with wheels. >> and he likes to wake up every night -- or every morning between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. prince william listens the radio at times. >> yes, he does. >> too bad he doesn't wake up at 2:00 and watch us. >> we're on at 2:00 in the morning. if you have insomnia, turn it on. people who work the late shifts, feeding their baby, prince george. >> i know. >> sandra bullock, we're terrified by this story, but now scary details that are emerging and it's terrifying. >> we told you about the home invasion where this guy snuck into her house, over the barbed wire into the house. it was actually a little bit worse than i think we thought. there was a point where she actually made eye contact with the guy. she came home from an event, got home, took her shoes off went to shower and when she came out she came face to face -- >> she heard a crash. >> she slammed the door of her bedroom and quickly called 911. he was apparently standing in
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the hall and she said -- >> all in dark clothes. imagine how terrifying. >> her son was not home at the time. there was also, i guess he was saying something to her. he arrived and said sandy, i'm sorry, please don't press charges. >> he had this notebook with him. >> yeah. >> with handwritten letters he had -- one said, i will forever be thinking of you and louie my son, as you are my wife by law, the law of god, you belong to me and me to you. >> so gross. what's gross about this whole thing too, he was arrested as he should be, he's currently out on >> we talked about the show called "married at first sight". >> oh, god. >> and had the ladies on. >> they know their husbands, walked down the aisle saw them
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for the first time on a reality show and got married. >> we didn't see it last night but you got the premise. >> let's take a look at the couple. these are the kisses. find out if there's anything going on. >> here they go. >> some people choose to kiss at this point but not always. >> okay. >> kiss. >> on the cheek. >> went european. >> he kisses me and our friends just erupt. that was one of the best feelings in the ceremony. >> oh, my god. >> the whole thing is very weird. >> this is my ricky gervais and jane have never married in all the years. >> why would they get married. >> no. >> they're trying to get to know each other. >> they're happy. >> yes. >> we're going to find out the secret to a long, long, long happy relationship. >> all right. >> what do you think? any of them going to last?
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>> you know, i don't know. the very first girl you saw kiss on the cheek, she has been on reality shows before. it makes you wonder is that going to be a real thing? >> uh-huh. >> exactly ricky. >> the others you never know. >> we liked them when they were here. i didn't expect to. >> right. remember when you said -- you said, we think they might last and you said we'll see. >> a guy we like a lot is weird al yankovic. >> this one is about robin thicke's "blurred lines" and calls it word crimes. he says everyone has terrible grammer and wants to help correct it. ♪ now here are some notes syntax you're always mangling no x in espresso ♪ ♪ your particles dangle but i don't want your drama if you really wanna leave the out that oxford comma keep in mind bcru are words not letters ♪
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♪ get it together ♪ use your spell checker ♪ you should never write words using numbers unless you're 7 ♪ ♪ or your name is prince >> that's clever. >> he is clever. >> they should put that in schools. that's genius. kids would love that. that's so smart. >> yesterday was instead of happy he did tacky. yes. >> i want to give a shout out to the nice kids -- >> you were busy yesterday. >> i was at the press club of washington, d.c. >> of course you are. you're very important. >> why i was ever invited there by the kids of george mason, hosted this washington journalism conference. i took a picture of these kids, promised them at the press club, you're all going to be on, there's one side and the other side. anyway, great kids. they had incredible questions. they're full of confidence. i wasn't -- i couldn't even believe how confident they were. >> yeah. >> they're the two best from every state, right?
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something like that. >> all the smartest kids. >> yeah. >> and life will get ahold of them, hoda, you know it will. >> yeah. >> that's great. we want to tell you about the skyping thing yesterday. we had a segment on it but no one really learned how to do anything. if you are confused about how to skype, we are going to give you a tutorial on our website. how about if you don't know how to get on-line. go to and there's a video on how to skype in case you were curious. >> her looks are unforgettable, her laugh unmistakable, tv host maria menounos. >> and we always love it when she stops by. we love this guy, ricky gervais. writer, director, actor, newly minted emmy nominee. >> we can't wait to talk to him right after this. he has been called energizing, electrifying and unaware of personal boundaries. and no h explain one product thatoeo ings. beroccaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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came last week when he scored a surprise emmy nod for the best actor in a comedy for "derek" his netflix series. >> if you haven't seen the show it's set in a nursing home and ricky plays the title character, a care worker socially awkward yet obliviously, just incredibly kind. ricky writes and directs the series and he's with us here today fresh off the nom, baby. >> yeah. >> you weren't expecting it, were you? >> no. you never do. if you do you get disappointed. what's great, it's lovely to be in there and voted for by your peers. that's really nice. but the main thing about it is a lot of people hear of it that weren't aware of it because the emmys are so huge. particularly with a culture like "derek" it's not on a big network. >> netflix is big now. >> there's so much choice. you still have to get out there and let people know it's there. this is great. >> your tweet which i love the morning of was, i've never been more excited and proud of a nomination. i honestly nearly cried.
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a sincere thank you. >> i was at lunch and my girlfriend came and said you've been nominated. i just -- i'd forgotten about -- >> that they were on. >> yeah. there's no way, such a tiny show. and i've been, you know, i've been nominated loads of times before but i don't know why, this seemed a bit more special to me. because i love "derek". >> it's derek. >> and also so much of this show comes from your own experience with all of your family, but many of them are workers in the health care field. >> it's unofficially the family trade. all the women in the family were care givers. i have 35 years of anecdotes. some of them are funny, it is a sitcom, but a lot are sweet and sad. >> all in the same episode. >> i like to sneak in a little drama. >> does your family like this? >> yeah. >> i'm on the phone with them saying -- for the technical things as well. like, i speak to my niece a
2:21 am
couple days ago, i'm going to write a special during the story, emmy nominated and we mention that. and i was just asking her about the qualifications she needs to be a manager and stuff like that. just try to get the realism into it. >> you should come to the awards as derek. >> that would be good. >> i could do anything as derek. >> you could. >> i could take on the world as derek. >> think how fast you would get through the red carpet. >> yeah. >> yeah. i don't hug, but derek loves hugging. hug along the way. yes. >> you seem to be kind of into social media. you tweet but also do those vines. >> yeah. >> we have a couple vines we want to take a look at. >> mostly with a co-star i hear. [ inaudible ].
2:22 am
>> is that you in the shower? that's crazy. okay. >> is that it? >> okay. >> something about a -- >> what is that? >> a -- >> the wrong one came up. >> where's the other one. >> that's the vines they make in prison. what is that? >> here's one. >> oh, i love scaring my cat. >> you call it the cat -- >> that's the hand -- >> the handtula. >> okay. >> and how long have you had this cat? >> she was nine last week actually. >> you marked her birthday. >> yes. >> you had a party? >> something derek would do. >> they're on the wine. i'm on water. okay. >> we're going to play a cat game. >> cat game. ready since you love cats an animals we're going to test your knowledge of famous cats. that's what we do here. which cat hates mondays? >> garfield. >> yes.
2:23 am
>> which cat said, look at me, look at me, look at me now. it's fun to have fun but you have to know how. >> cat in the hat. >> yes. >> why am i yelling? >> i don't know. excited. >> i love -- >> last cat question. >> okay. >> which cat has this phrase in his theme song. "you'll laugh so much your sides will ache your heart will go pitter pat." >> felix the cat. >> yes. with a little help from anthony or tommy back there. >> ropester. >> rope. >> before ricky's time. felix. >> yes. >> but you love all animals. >> i love all animals. that's the best thing about twitter you get people sort of to do things anti-animal cruelty and stuff like that. >> one word why you love james so much. in one word. >> fun. >> fun.
2:24 am
>> i didn't do that -- >> yes, you did. >> yes, you did. >> ricky, good luck with the emmy. >> we are rooting for you and we're so happy you're here with us. >> okay. guess whose birthday it is, everybody? will farrell. >> yes. who knew? >> we did. we're going to play our trivia game in his honor. >> could a big fat greek wedding be in maria menounos' future? ♪ you help me pour. the simple grains of rice krispies®. oooo! good. help me. they're made with rice. they're popping! where'd the sound go? is it in your tummy? a gentle grain that's easy for little tummies to digest and fun to eat. kellogg's rice krispies®. ♪
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love this lady. maria menounos is a tv host, author, actress, reality star, model and businesswoman. talk about a slacker. and she's gone completely to pot too. >> lazy in her latest project, goes behind some of the biggest pop culture trends from the
2:28 am
whole sharknado frenzy, to our obsession with the royal family and rise of plastic surgery in the age of the selfie. >> her new show called "untold". >> with maria menounos. >> hey. >> hey. >> great to see you. we're so happy for you. you know that. >> thank you. i love you guys. >> other people say it, but we mean it. >> i know you do. >> thank you so much. >> this sounds like a great project that you're starting on. you have a partnership with "e". >> i'm at the network now overall doing "untold with maria menounos" live from me, producing for them, kevin and i will be producing. with this show i blend my love of hard news and all of that with my entertainment. >> background. >> all into one. >> you will be covering three stories within an hour format which gives you blessed time we rarely have on a sound bite world. >> yeah. >> you're going to do heavy duty things like the problem with heroin. >> absolutely. >> in hollywood. >> so many stories i would love to cover that i just don't have
2:29 am
the spot for it, right. especially on entertainment shows. we're covering the rise of heroin in hollywood. the transgender movement. there's so many great stories out there. the first episode you'll see this thursday night at 8:00 on "e" is the one that dropped my jaw the selfie obsession story. >> yeah. >> people are having extreme plastic surgery to look better in selfies. when you see this episode, i've been doing this for 14 years, my jaw was on the ground. >> wow. >> such a lovely jaw. be careful. about the personal stuff, what happened? seminar -- >> what happened? >> it's life changing. >> derek hough my "dancing with the stars" partner told me to go and i went. he's such an incredible guy. he's coached some of the most successful people in the world. there were high-powered people there as well. people kept coming up to me, you, why are you here? i'm like i want to be better. >> i learned so many things. i'll tell you, i think we're all
2:30 am
guided by our fears and that's what he talks about. i'm totally guilty of that. i've let go of that. i'm embracing the difficult times that have come my way in my life and realizing those were gifts. i want to be like merry christmas, mr. potter, to all my enemies. >> be careful who you are. >> if i didn't go through those things i would never have gotten to that. i saw myself as a mother while i was there. i had this profound moment where i realized i want to have kids. i'm not afraid of having kids anymore. he knocked that fear out of me. >> kevin thrilled? >> he actually is, yeah. >> wow. >> did you see kevin as the father of that child when you were having that image. that could be problematic. >> it could be. yeah. >> we love you. >> thank you guys. >> catch the premier of "untold with maria menounos" tomorrow at 8:00, 7:00 central on "e". >> ready for a showdown. barbara corcoran, need i say more?
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hey, guys, put your hands together. we're back with more of "today" on this wines day wednesday. ready to play our weekly trivia game called who knew. today happens to be will farrell's 47th birthday and we're celebrating with fun facts in his honor. kathie lee is at the nbc experience store ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the questions right, and those who don't, lucky, they get a kathie lee cd. so sad. here to help me out is "people" magazine's executive editor kate coyne. >> hi. >> hi, kate. >> hey there. >> ready for will? >> i think we are. >> let's play. >> this lady from pittsburgh, right, is celebrating three months cancer-free and it's her 46th birthday. we're happy to be with you today. [ applause ] >> which long-running sitcom did will farrell guest star on as the character deangelo vicars, "friends," "cheers," "the office" or "parks and recreation"?
2:34 am
>> i am going to say -- i'm going to guess for "cheers." >> oh. so sad. >> so sad. >> you get a kathie lee record. >> all right. the correct answer is? >> c, "the office". >> yes. he was brought in as a temporary replacement for steve carell's character, michael scott. he was one of the replacement bosses for a while before ultimately james came in. >> looking at him makes me laugh. i don't care what he says. it could be on mute. >> which one of farrell's costars has his own web talk show called "between two ferns"? john c. reilley, zach galifianakis, paul rudd, or john header of "blades of glory"? >> wow. it's a tough one. >> not really. >> oh, wow. >> not. >> if i know it it's not tough.
2:35 am
>> i want to say it's b -- >> yeah. >> just say that. >> john c. reilley. >> no. >> no. >> he picked the one he could pronounce. >> the correct answer is zach galifianakis in "the campaign". >> the zach galifianakis "between two ferns" has become a hit. president obama has appeared on there. basically it's become a must stop destination for any sort of celebrity on the circuit. >> i love "the campaign" that was such a funny movie. >> it really didn't. >> back across to kathie lee. in 2009 will farrell turned which of his famous "saturday night live" impressioned in a broadway show. alex trebek, james lipton, robert gulet or george w. bush. >> letter a. >> no. >> cd. >> the correct -- >> hope you want a little gospel music. >> good day for klg. the correct answer is george w. bush. a show entitled "you're welcome
2:36 am
america a final night with george w. bush" he did after obama won. >> his impersonation is genius. >> and he kept it going for a full length one-man show. which was pretty impressive. >> kathie lee, over to you. >> missouri. >> yes. that's weird. okay. what instrument did will farrell play during the behind the music sketch on "saturday night live" in 2000. piano, tuba, xylophone, or cow bell. >> i'm going to say tuba. >> a cd. >> this is the most she's ever gotten rid of ever. the correct answer d, cow bell. >> got to have more cow bell, baby. this was a fantastic sketch. >> called "don't fear the reaper." >> all right. go over to kathie lee for another. >> all right. in the past week which costar of will farrell not only celebrated her birthday but received two emmy nomination, zooey deschanel, jane lynch, cheri
2:37 am
oteri or kristen wiig. >> i'm going to go with kristen wiig. >> klg, her best day ever. >> the correct answer jane lynch from "talladega nights." >> had a birthday on monday and now two emmy nominations in addition to that. >> it is good to be jane. >> it's good to be jane and kathie lee. >> no kidding. >> thanks for coming to see us. we appreciate it. kathie lee will come back across the street and we're going to find out what happens when barbara corcoran and kathie lee go toe to toe on curb appeal. oh, you're going to love it. come on. doesn't get better than this. coming up right after this. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner.
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oh, yes. she's back. >> back. >> today real estate expert barbara corcoran is ready to go head to head in a little friendly and i -- >> not friendly. >> nope. >> friendly with me because that's the way i roll. >> kathie lee. >> this one has issues. >> i'm ready whether it's potted plants or paved driveways, those extra details make all the difference when it comes to making your house more attractive. that we agree on. >> kathie lee and barbara made changes to homes and we're about to see how they turned out. so we're going to see what they did. hello, people. >> we just want to -- >> hello. >> let's go. >> we need to let everybody know that prices vary all over the nation. >> don't call us and say anything. >> house number one. okay. this is it. okay. now barbara, what did you do with this house? >> the problem with this house is the entrance. it's downright ugly. demolition is cheap. i ripped the thing off. i removed the bench, added two terra cotta pots. driveway and continued the
2:42 am
pavers all the way to the front door. put in a beautiful new door. wood. and the shutters. i think it looks charming. >> i can't -- >> we don't know. let's see. >> the house on the right is perfect for old people who aren't buying houses anymore. the one on the left is the house that's going to fly off the market and that's happy homeowner will get a lot of cash. >> i might have to go with barbara on that one. >> okay. >> hoda. >> i'm letting you know. this is the tiebreaker allegedly. >> let's see what this is. >> this is a simple house. but that roof line is really weird and serves no purpose. i chopped the roof line off. nice and even like a cottage it wants to be. very inexpensive around the door. replace the front door. >> put up a portico which is nice. >> not the portico you used. >> that's a nice house. >> kathie lee, let's see yours. >> tell us what you did. >> made it like a nantucket house. i did the porch too. the roof line was awful. people love porches.
2:43 am
from h and m. this is where men can have fun with prints and patterns at the beach. he looks fantastic. >> needs more sun on the side. >> he's going to show us how the gorgeous beach blanket can work on or off the sand. >> i have one of those. >> how cute are these. i love the tribal inspiration. under $25. also use them for picnics or play dates. >> brothers and sisters coming out. >> we do. >> mia and anthony. >> stop. it are they here. >> they are wearing cabana life. what i love about cabana life, it blocks 50 plus uv protection, 98 and 99% of uva and uvb rays. this tunic and rash guard all from cabana. >> you like the towels. >> perfect time to buy them. $8.99 at kohl's. stock up on them now. >> that's the point. >> and sunglasses. ♪ do you know it
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♪ clap along if you feel like that's what you want to do ♪ ♪ hey >> come on. ♪ can't bring me down ♪ can't bring me down ♪ can't bring me down ♪ oh, yeah ♪ let me tell you ♪ happy ♪ bring me down ♪ bring me down ♪ can't ♪ bring me down ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you're happy ♪ like a room without a roof ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth ♪ ♪ isn't it the truth ♪ clap along if you know what happiness is to you ♪ ♪ you know it ♪ clap along if you feel like that's what you want to do ♪ ♪ hey >> come on. >> wow. >> kidz bop kids. >> so awesome.


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