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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 27, 2014 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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good morning. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm adam tuss. >> i'm kristen wright. sunday, july 27th. today is a weather alert day. >> straight to storm team four 4 meteorologist chll. weather alert day, cloudy skies, light rain around this morning, that's not the problem. the problem is later on today as the leading edge of a serious cold front tries to move in. i do think that we'll have a risk of strong to severe thunderstorms increasing as the afternoon turns in the evening hours. a live pictu outside of reston town center. fairfax, loudoun, montgomery countys under full cloud cover, everybody under clouds for now. the yellow area a slight risk for severe weather, the red a moderate risk for severe weather. most will go down to our south but i think we still have a real possibility of seeing some
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strong to severe thunderstorms around here late this afternoon, into this evening. it's mild and muggy outside now. temperatures are already t mid to upper 70s. we'll be mid to upper 80s for highs today. showers and thunderstorms developing be about 3:00 and 5:00 and the potential for severe thundeto about 7:00 and midnight. more about the timing on all of this and more importantly, the seven-day forest looks better coming up. >> all right. we'lleeou soo thank you, chuck. new this morning d.c.'s gun law struck down. a federal judge has ruled it unconstitutional news 4's derrick ward tells us what that mes. >> reporter: in t background you see the federal court for the district comb and this decision comes down from the federal courts, d.c.'s ban on carrying guns in public is unconstitutionad that the ban cannot be enforced and that the city has to come up with a licensing sche the public to carry weapons. now this decision builds upon the case, a previous decision that said that you could own guns in the home and we talked
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to one out-of-towner, a person from new york, and got their opinion on what it would be like to be in a city where guns are legally carriedous on the streets. >> i don't t idea. i'm scared of guns. i think only bad things can happen when you have a gun. people get hurt. you know, inside your own house it's one thing. outside in public a lot of stuff could happen. >> reporter: is a victory for certain interpretations of the second amendment. it's unclear whether the city will appealco decision and how the details will work out, whether t applies to handguns, long guns or applies to out of towners. we're told if you are licensed to carry a gun in another state out in public, according to this decision, that will also be true here in the district of columbia. a lot of people saying this is the other shoe dropping from the case, but this may be an animal with more than two feet. on capitol hill, derrick ward, news 4. >> thanks, derrick. we're working to make sure
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you're prepared for voting in november. this morng m have a better idea of your choice for u.s. senator in virginia. incumbent mark warner and his opponent ed gillespie held their first debate. yesterday just over the border in west virgin. they also squared off on immigration reform and asked whether they wouse immigrant chiln in. >> that's going to require comprehensive imati reform, more prr t governmes ophe and goioeqres ando eschdrb pceed manwint ba. >> lbe, e st compassionate te n is to once they've aord the process andit th process, is f t rur to their parent >> now warner is the former virginia govern gillespie ar chamaanadse prenteoe b you can now hop on metro's
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silver line for a ride from one end of our region to the other. news 4's darcy spencer caught up with riders who are excited about a new express trip to the mall. >> reporter: e fall here, trainsreg d passengers are fg tohe tysons rn so rob brought h 4olso trysten from d. >> this is day . he loves catchine aian i said the sieroped and he was excitweeced to get on a tinpe t day out together >> reporter: thw op golden for tysoner m many passengersoktoam from the dtr mo and prince geor tt shopping. this group of frs t a tysons. some rode theaim inc george county thl being from prince george's county do you think this will
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bring you outo me? >> every day mosfite. i love iouhe > ce vithe line. we are just goin mal now. metro made a biovenin the silver lireng for the second p tco through. >> anything to ? >> reporter: robaso hopped on a tincklle destination tyso without the silnehey wouldotavcovi toda >> i think it's t athe silver line opecae 's going to brirene f the mall and sye t commute from roe tons corner. >> i enjoyed theanwe wanted to come o t gnd opening. it was a lot f we usually don' o t tysons. >> reporter: shr so parked at whitean traveled to tyso let's just saser excited to be rthsie line on this fiy o service. >> i would love k h this is great. great placeo come on, everyb come here. it's fun. >> reporter: daenr, "news 4 today." it was a smidfo most people otherin
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but just a few hiccups. our cameras wereli ath tysons corner stn en train missed itsonhe platform, ovehoma b four lengths, therit reverse, got thtpo an everyone wa oti way. after a ten minute delay. >> i was at t wiehle reston east station for the ribbon cutting and inaugural ride on metro's new line. a festive mooonirs train. metro handed ouan t commemorate t on. most were excitea w y to getroma tin without having te. >> feels like tle tng ever. here we are. we're on the lve d e first train. >> this is awommeus to have the convncanju have all of thinds. what i love abouvi he with my famil >> in just the first eight hours, the five new stations saw more than 25,000 riders. stay with "news 4 today" as the
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silver line sees its first morning commu tr morning. that guy wi be there letting you know what to expect and that starts at 4:26 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> you did a great job covering that. i loved your pictures and tweets and just really exciting. >> historic day. a new metro line hasn't been added to the system in 20 years, 20 plus years, a big moment. >> big deal. >> time is 10:07. >> neighbors in one community coming together to create a farm. we'll s
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a new kind of neighborhood in loudoun county is one of the first of its kind. it's called an agri hood thanks to the strong push for agriculture there. our northern virginia bureau chief shows us how it can help you and your kid >> look. you have to p ra we have a lot oftoo. >> reporter: it n'ta long to see whatksi
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appealing aboutg a agri hood. the food growjun e street from youe. this is willos . the first resideri tee years ago. christine moved ainon >> i thinke'n ie i think we'ta ein more fruits and bl an eating local. >> repte wlog consists of 4,00re 200 set aside in a crnn the middle of t a acr farm. >> this is a pir n garden, herbs anows d vegetables and f. >> reporter: mikows farm manager. this is the pea gwi season. residents whoay sp into the farm sethei
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. we are following several hot topics. >> joining is moderator of "meet the pre" d gregory this morning. >> good morning. >> the latest hamas proposing a 24-hour cease-fire. we understand you spoke with israi prime mierjam netanyahu this morning. >> yeah. his position was much more skeptical saying israel had abided by cease-fires, that hamas had not. the reality is that you have fighting that's starting back up, there may be lulls, there may be certain pauses, but i don't think there's anything and any reason to believe there's a cease-fire that' lasting that can take hold. not yet.
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not under these circumstances. secretary of sta is working on it, a lot of people are working on it but this is still a grim time. >> i wa to stay on this topic for a second. it is fascinating and it just seems to me, as someone who reads about this and sees this, it's so deep rooted that how do you solve the issue? >> well -- >> there's lot of deep rooted problems. in this case israel is looking to degrade hamas and its ability to fire rockets and to construct underground tunnels. i think and i asked prime netanyahu is there a military solution and he doesn't really answer that question. the shorter term way to look at it, it's a degradation. how do you buy yourself more time, how do you sort of contain this threat. from hamas' point of view, hamas is not the palestinian authority, which is more moderate. hamas wants to destroy israel, is a terrorist organization, and does lead gazaens and still enjoys support there. you've got a real fracture in
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palestinian lead tha makes it difficult to get back to anything resembling a longer term solution. >> let's also talk about immigration. president am wi central american leaders on friday, but congress still h acted. what's next there? >> i don't see congress acting. there's a move to change a law that would allow the government to deport women, children, families who are coming from central american countries like you can with mexicans who are coming. but additional money the administratiowants, they are unlikely to get, and, you know, you have a very fundamental question, what do you do with so many of the children who have come? is there a humanitarian way to deal with them or do they need to be sent back home on a perilous journey. >> thank yo david. >> you bet. take care. >> see "meet the press" with david every sunday right here on nbc 4 after "news 4 today." we've got a little uncertainty wit the weather around here. this is a weather alert day and that means chuck is o red alert
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today. >> absolutely right. david was wanting to know if he could play tennis today and a lot of people who have outdoor plans and so yes, you can squeak it in, late morning into early afternoon. there's not going to be much of a rain threat for a couple hours but if you have stuff to do later on, the later you go into the day, the higher your chances are that you're going to have to deal with strong to severe thunderstorms. jusso of keep that in mind. early afternoon activity is not a problem. late afternoon and evening could be a whole other story. outside, from our tower, looking out to the south, it's, indeed, a cloudy start outside this morning. you're looking down towards arlington and rossland, beautiful morni as lonas you like the clouds. not a bad morning for doing an early morning run. it's awfully steamy out there, temperatures in mid to upper 70s with an abundance of humidity. our morning showers are coming to an end, raining a little in southern maryland. but severe storms are quite possible after 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 time frame
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right no is 76 degrees in washington. 76% humidity an a light south breeze at 8 miles per hour and temperatures alr in the upper 70s on the eastern shore, 77 in baltimore and easton, 76 in martingsburg, 79 degrees already in frederick, maryland. it's plenty warm outside. the timing for storm chances later on today, a little earlier out to the west along the shenandoah valley and interstate 81. initiation of storms there could be 3:00 to 6:00. initiation of storms 6:00 to about 9:00 in and around town and 9:00 to around midnight or so down into southern maryland. storms will be arriving from the west. showers rig now, really just light rain, charles county, st. mary's county, few sprinkles near fredericksburg and the northern neck. those about going to bother anybody. no severe wer with any of this. light rain showers this morning. the yellow shaded area is the slight risk area from the storm prediction center and the red area, the bull's eye, that's a significant thrt of severe weather in u west virginia and even the mountain
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empire of far southwestern virginia. that cluster will stay away from us but already these storms up here near indianapolis, that's another wave in the atmosphere. the pace it's g it's about 11 hours from now, that puts it into the d.c. metro about 8:00 to 10:00 thisve that's theeaha timg r e te on parts of the afternoon in this evening. so your severe weather chances today, all these numbers are unusually high for this time of the year. 10% chance of a tornado warning today, 35% chance that we'll have damaging winds somewhere in the area this afternoon. so here's the way the computer is handling it. by 2:30, not much going on, breaks of sunsne coming through and a spot shower or two. by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, couple thunderstormma fired up along and into the west of the blue ridge. here comes the ripple from indianapolis to columbus, ohio, by 5:00 or 6:00 and that ripple will go along the mason-dixon line. the trick is if the computer is off by even a hundred miles the ripple comes over the d.c. metro
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area. that's why have to remain on guard this afternoon. here we are at 9:30, big thunderstorms, w maryland, possibility of big thunderstorms northern sides of the d.c. metro area, and then by 10:00, 11:00, the whole area comes through the metro. this needs to be watched super carefully. storm team 4 is on alert for the remainder of the day today. amelia will be in here this afternoon, veronica on standby, tom is ready to come in if need be. we're all coming in. >> all hands on deck. >> tom will be here about 1:30 in the morning tromorning. he's off the hook for this afternoon. i willet in about 3:00 tomorrow morning go from there. >> i didn't know you were making everyone's schedule. >> attention everyone at home. >> i think you all just ought to sleep here. >> well- >> that's another story. >> we'll cross that bridge when we need to. >> hopefully we won't need to do that. >> let's hope. >> thank you, chuck. college students are helping a boy with a bionic arm. see how it has changed his life. that's ahead.
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well buildi a bionic arm, of course, not the easiest thing in the world. and buying one can cost thousands. this was the challenge for a family in florida that wanted to help their young son but couldn't find a way. >> that's until a group of college students got volved. kerry sanders reports how they
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made a difference. >> this one is cool. >> reporter: 6-year-old alex prig was born this way. his parents say he's always coped and surprised them with what he could do. >> stop. this is go. >> reporter: bu if he could get a prosthetic right arm with a hand they figured he could do so much more. insurance woun' cover his birth defect so alex' parents tried to build him a new arm with a kit they found on the internet. >> i w thinking he was just going to put it up like that, a tony hand on a tiny arm. >> reporter: frustrated with what looked like a toy his mother wrote an e-mail, need a brilliant mind and found that with engineerg students at the university of cer florida. >> it has a little arm. >> reporter: togr, using their newly learned skills, and a 3d printer. in just six weeks, they had something just for alex.
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priceless. for a dad and son, now playing ball together. >> i'm happy. i'm so happy. >> you didn't think you would get a chance to play ball with your son like this? >> not like this, no. >> reporter: and for a mother, what she never had until now. >> i mean i cried this first time he gave me a hug because that's somethin you'd never think would happen. >> our whole team has been so impacted just seeing the emotion an being able to help someone with engineering as opposed to working with like cold machines. >> reporter: $3 to make this arm, this could be a million dollar businessr these students. they're taking the plans and putting them on the internet for everyone. and for the engineering students, an early lesson, how their ideas can have impact. >> thank you. >> alex is thrilled, but remember at 6 years old, there are some things that are even more important. >> are you happy? >> yep. so happy i can get some ice cream. >> reporter: and alex, with his new arm, did just that.
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kerry sanders, nbc news, orlando. >> cute kid there. >> great story. i like that one. >> severe weathugh really the thing today. >> we're watching out. the possibility is certainly there. it's not a guarantee, but it's a likelihood that we're going to have strong to severe thunderstorms later on this afternoon. so just remember that. have our storm team 4 weather app in your hand if you're going to leave -- dare to leave nbc 4. >> right. >> thanks, chuck. thanks for watching today. "meet the press >> we're back tomorrow morning at 4:26. see you then.
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the obama administration seeks a permanent end to the fighting in gaza, what both sides think they can gain from a brutal war that killed thousands of people, mostly palestinians. this morning i'll have israeli prime minister netanyahu whether he thinks there's a military solution to the problem. the other foreign policy flash point for president obama, libya a threat to america. has the west shown weakness in the face of russian president vladimir putin. the future of the party, immigration fight. does the gop have a new way to fight poverty or is it the same old idea? former vice presidential


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