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tv   Today  NBC  July 31, 2014 2:07am-2:56am EDT

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"today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> day after day. hello, everybody. it is wines day wednesday. it's july 30th. we are delighted that you're here with us today. >> yes, we are. >> words of wisdom day from hoda who's about to turn 50. >> words of wisdom wednesday. every day i do extensive research. >> she googles. >> and tries to find words of wisdom. here they are. you're going to like this one. here are my words of wisdom. music? >> music.
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producing it now. >> i like music. >> here it is. a year from now, you will wish you had started today. by karen. you always say it's going to take too long, i'm not going to do it. >> yeah. >> if you said you were going to change your diet, your life, pretend like last year you did it and you would be in a different position. that's words of wisdom. >> guess who's coming pretty soon? >> who? >> elvis duran. he's one of the top radio shows in the whole country, bringing along his artist of the month today ferras. this guy is so good, katy perry signed this kid to her new record label. >> i didn't realize they had been friends before she hit big. >> they were both coming up at the same time. he's a great kid. >> a kid. >> he's a kid but he's got a mohawk, dyed silver. >> i have to get the eyes checked. >> speaking of music. >> yes. >> you remember my last ihoda since i'm not going to be here thursday or friday.
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>> it doesn't work that way, hoda. >> i'm not doing a new ihoda. i'm rehashing an old one. >> that's even worse. >> last week i told you about mattie and tae, the two young country singers, girl and a country song, tired of how girls are treated in country songs. they came up with a song. there's a video and everyone is loving the video. let's take a look. ♪ oh, baby you're driving me redneck crazy ♪ ♪ being the girl in a country song how in the world did it go so wrong ♪ ♪ looking good for you and your friends on the weekend ♪ ♪ >> that's funny. oh, my gosh. oh. >> come on. >> good for them. >> better news, they are coming here to the "today" show on august 11th to sing.
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>> awesome. >> they're adorable. >> it is kind of ironic. >> what? >> they do look like girls in a country music video. yeah. they're adorable. >> so cute. >> fresh and precious. >> i love how they turn the tables. >> yeah. >> this is an interesting story caution a lot of buzz. there was this mom named nicole gainy and lives in port st. lucie, florida. she let her 7-year-old child her son dominic walk to the park. >> nearby park about a half mile away. >> he's walking along to the park and -- >> there he is. >> a woman who was i guess at a day care or something nearby, saw this kid -- >> a local pool. >> saw a kid wandering by and walked up and said honey, where is your mom? he looked at her and started running. >> got a little spooked. >> maybe his mom told him don't talk to strangers or whatever. >> yeah. >> there's his mom. >> they called the cops. the cops came and brought the child back home and the police promptly went to the house and arrested the mother.
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>> yeah. >> and charged her with child neglect. >> yeah. >> and they post -- she had to post $4,000 bond. about $500. >> didn't know the whole story but now we've heard, she's speaking out about the charge filed against her and see what she had to say. >> holy dumbfounded by this whole situation. i didn't think i was doing anything wrong. i was letting them go play. my own bondsman said my parents would have been in jail every day. >> the same thing when we were kids you could go -- a place called harry's near our house, i guess a half mile away, we would walk there, play, 7-eleven kind of thing and go do things and spend your day and come home. >> was this oklahoma or west virginia? >> west virginia. >> i grew up in the 1800s and, you know, summertime you went out in the morning, had your breakfast, went out and played until sundown and parents just didn't have the same fears. >> yeah. different world now. >> different world today. and 7 is, what, second grader. >> yeah. >> it depends on your kid, how -- how -- how trustworthy
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they are and mature they are at that age and your neighborhood. turns out that there are two registered sex offenders in her neighborhood. >> in her neighborhood. >> we didn't -- i mean i feel so bad for parents today. you know what -- >> you probably had sex offenders in your neighborhood but people didn't know. no one was on a registered list. >> i have a distinct memory of, hoda, i was in like third grade and i got sick at school one day and the school let me go home because my mom was a stay-at-home mom and i remember walking home, i only lived like three blocks from the school and as i'm driving along -- >> walking, yeah. >> this man drives along. >> yeah. >> creepy looking guy in a car with gloves on and it was hot day. you know, he says you want a ride? >> oh. scary. >> yeah. >> and i got in. >> you got in. >> >> i got in. i got in. yeah, like an idiot. i got in and we're driving to my house, the same street the school was on. it's funny, the things that stick.
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all of a sudden my mom and little sister, i see them getting in a cab because they were going to go shopping and i don't know what would have happened if my mother didn't see me in the car and grabbed me out of the car. >> the guy stopped and let you out. >> yeah. but -- you know. >> that's scary. >> my mom was furious with the school with letting me go without calling and saying kathie is sick. >> it is scary. >> i thank god protecting me that day. boy. >> this mom talked to our local affiliate wptv she says, we don't know this is true, she's been told the case is expected to be dropped, but again, what people say and do are different things. we have to wait and see. >> dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. don't talk to strangers. the kid runs away from stranger which makes it look like there's a problem and he's just maybe told do that and did what he was told. >> the weird thing, there's not a law on the books that prohibits a child from walking
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by themselves and i guess -- >> seems like something should be. >> probably some child endangerment kind of laws that don't specify. like letting a kid wander out of a day care. clearly there's an issue there. >> can't leave them alone in the car. it's just -- >> we want to know what you think about this woman being arrested for that. we would like to hear what you have to say. if you wonder what prince william and harry will look at age 50, we might be able to show you. a hair transplant surgeon released the pictures. apparently both of these guys will be bald as cue balls. that's what they said. this is what they believe they're going to look like when they're 50. almost completely bald. that's going to be william. >> he doesn't look much different. i think he should buzz the whole thing off like matt did and like -- just say good-bye. >> yeah. >> and here's prince harry. let's look at -- >> oh, no. >> indeed.
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>> i don't think he's going to be bald. i think he -- >> he looks like a different person. like sting a little. >> well that ain't bad. >> i know, but he doesn't -- >> some guarantee he could look like sting. all for it. >> speaking of facial hair, how about justin bieber's. justin bieber is trying to grow a mustache. >> he's 20. >> it's hard to see. >> yes. >> but it's there. we're going to zoom in. all right. >> oh, no, no, no. >> that looked like cody at 12. >> almost just have to shave that. that's not working at all. big announcement at nbc, we've told you that nbc is going to do a musical and it's going to be just like we did the "sound of music" with carrie underwood, we're going to do "peter pan." everyone said who is going to play peter pan? we can now tell you who it's going to be. are you ready? her name is allison williams. >> from "girls". >> yes. >> i think it's startling. she's got a musical background. >> go on-line, you guys. google allison williams' singing.
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>> she's a terrific little singer. >> she's brian williams' daughter obviously. when you click on line, i remember the first time i heard her sing, i was like why doesn't she have a record, what's the story? she tweeted dreams do come true. anyway, so that's it. >> that's exciting. >> that's exciting. >> yes. >> it's going to be interesting, they're going to start like in august, which is a couple days from now. >> yeah. >> in their pre-production and it's going to air i think live december 4th. >> right. >> so they had to find an actress who was available for that amount of time. >> here. >> that's going to affect the "girls" show unless that's already in the can. similar to that but maybe not as earth shattering, tomorrow jenna bush hager is going to be with me because you're taking a trip. >> i'm taking my girls, by the way for are a pre-birthday trip. i'm excited about. >> you're going to tell everybody where you're going? >> bertha, that little tropical -- whatever it is, moisture in it right there. >> going somewhere around that bertha cloud. go on.
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>> regis will be with me here on friday and we are going to make a little announcement ourselves. >> yes. >> that's all i'm saying. but it will be history making in nature and extremely weird. >> yes. >> going to go what? >> weird and history making. >> and you're going to like it. >> we don't know. you may hate it. you may think oh, please. >> how could anyone hate it? >> there are those -- >> haters. >> haters in the world. >> all right. >> so what would you do, here's the deal. tiger woods likes to play putt putt. okay. he likes to play putt putt with his kids. he went with lindsey vonn, his girlfriend and their kids or his kids. >> his kids. >> and they went to go play putt putt and i guess tiger won. >> he says i won every time. >> he did this, i won every single time, look at me. his kids are 7 and 9. so do you think when an adult, a professional, or whatever, is playing a game and your children are there, do you -- should you sometimes let your kids win? or should you --
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>> i have such mixed emotions. what he should maybe do is step out of it and say i'm the referee. you know, i'm a pro. then he can be a part of it without being always winning and always winning. >> i won. >> i get it. i mean i don't like to -- you know i don't like that stuff with my children, i want to be honest with them. because then if they don't trust you with little things, later they will not trust you with big things. i don't think you should tell your kids they're talented at something when they're not. i don't think that's going to give them the skills they need down the road for real life. i don't think every kid should get an award for showing you. >> lebron james wants to play horse with his kids and kids are little and he knows he can hit every basket from every side, i think it's cute sometimes to go, oh, my god you beat daddy. >> let them do it backwards or tiger do it with one hand. >> exactly. >> be honest and stop lying. >> exactly. >> to your children.
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>> thank you, everybody, for coming to my defense on -- >> i couldn't believe it. >> on facebook about the bachelorette. thank you. >> kathie lee went on to talk about how stupid "the bachelorette" with was and how people who watched it -- >> i'm sitting here and i like it. anyway, everyone agreed with her. where are my people? >> i don't know. it was way down in the ratings. >> exactly. >> do you like the way kate middleton dresses or do you prefer the way taylor swift dresses? >> we will help you figure your style personality and show you great ways to work that out. >> he's come a long way from l.a. to the artist of the month. elvis duran -- >> introduce us to the newest rising star, his name is ferras. look at his getup. all right. >> oh, my gosh. very cute. ♪ back under >> sort of. it's surprising what your mouth goes through in a day. but what's even more surprising is that brushing alone isn't
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how about this, if we asked you what your dream home would look like or where you would want to go on a vacation your answers could help you figure out your style personality when it comes to what you wear. >> orly shani, had her real name, a designer and curator for the site tucken posted a quiz on to help you determine your style personality and here to help you figure out which one is yours. you're adorable. >> thank you so much. thank you. i think the issue for a lot of women, they feel like they don't have their own style personality. >> they don't know? >> i don't know what mine is. >> get ready in the morning, grab whatever they have, but they don't necessarily go at it with purpose. >> do they know what they like?
2:24 am
>> a lot of women don't. a lot of women don't have a strong sense of style. >> someone tells me it looks good on you, it does, i like it. >> i like compliments. that's my style. >> why don't you tell us about us. we took this quiz. >> right. >> so what are the categories, what are the four -- >> it's a very high it technology quiz. multiple choice. yeah. you guys are both of a healthy mix. you each have your own particular style personalities. kathie, you had twos classic feminine, two answers were classic feminine and two were more sort of like vintage preppy or a little bit of bombshell. >> yeah. >> that's right. >> one of the questions i was one out of each category. >> right. >> we're not all one thing often times. >> there you go. >> sometimes you find a consistency. >> okay. >> and you. >> yes. >> hoda, were mainly classic feminine. you kind of -- >> i was. >> kate middleton is that style we think of. classic feminine. >> i have no idea. >> we can bring out the ladies. we have four beautiful ladies embodying each style.
2:25 am
>> start with classic feminine. shahvon is out first. >> tell us. >> one of the best pieces that you can do if this is your style is a mid length skirt. this pleated style is everywhere. i got this at macy's, calvin klein, $109, the blouse is inc from macy's as well. you can take a blouse you used to reserve for work or something more formal or for something a little bit more conservative and pair it with a mid length skirt, never going to go out of style, flattering for all body types, lady-like, has that swing and that sophistication and that elegance. >> and you basically think it's kate middleton. >> exactly. it's got length. she always looks so put together. >> very much a lady. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> next we're talking vintage bohemian. i like this idea. >> yes. >> we have jennifer. >> i love that. i do. >> i think a lot of people if you take the quiz and like oh, my god, i'm vintage bohemian, i have to go shop coachella and
2:26 am
buy hippie clothes. these are ditto jeans, slight bell on them. they're under $100. the top from top shop, it's $24, and the floral kimono from top shop as well, that's $76. what you could do, what she's wearing underneath the kimono is a regular outfit. grab one or two statement pieces and it will elevate the look. the only reason it's bohemian is the kimono. >> and the bag under the shoulder. >> crossbody bag always great. >> thank you. >> you don't need to get a big flower headband. >> no. >> our next one is preppy casual. >> yes. >> we have beth. >> beth. >> my girl. >> i like that. >> this would be for people in the hamptons. >> exactly. one of the quickest ways to look preppy casual is nautical stripes and a blazer. it will take you to prep town in an instant. another super easy thing to do at home if you guys want to try this right now, grab a button
2:27 am
downed blouse you have, any type, silk, whatever and take a sweater or sweatshirt put it on top, the collar out, the sleeves out and a big necklace like this as well under the collar. >> cute. >> that's a great preppy look. these are my favorite shoes. shoe dazzle. >> cute. >> you're adorable. $39.95. amazing. >> wow. you look great. >> thank you. >> our last one. >> a few seconds. >> bombshell glam. >> come on, tara. >> look at this. >> love. >> bombshell is all about highlighting your assets, about simple clothing showing off your body, sexy hair, bronzy glowy skin. not so much about overdoing it accessorizing it. you need to speak with confidence and have something simple on. it's one of the more over-the-top answers if you answered them. but the style actually translates to very clean because it's kind of that classic -- >> the hair. >> that's j-lo. >> that's a j-lo, kim kardashian, blake lively. >> all righty. thank you, ladies.
2:28 am
>> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> don't forget to go on-line and take this quiz. it's worth it. >> this is h&m, 29 bucks. >> get ready to play who knew, summer weddings. >> on tour with katy perry and elvis duran's artist of the month, ferras is here. first these messages. two medium cappuccinos! let's show 'em what a breakfast with whole grain fiber can do. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, two espressos. make one a double. she's full and focused. [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, a medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, and two espressos -- one with a double shot. heh, heh. that's not the coffee talkin'. [ female announcer ] start your day with kellogg's frosted mini wheats cereal. with whole wheat goodness on one side and a hint of sweetness on the other, it's a delicious way to get the nutrition you want. jim's hair is perfect. so's his serve. but like up to 90% of us, jim falls short in getting important nutrients from food alone.
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we are about to play who knew and today's theme is weddings. >> here's a question to get you started according to spotify the most popular first dance song at weddings is "all of me" by john legend. >> "make you feel my love." >> "at last." >> "a thousand years". >> we'll check in after the
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break. elvis' artist of the month ferras after your local news. ♪ ♪ ♪ it's hard to believe someone could do this to an innocent animal like bruno but animals are abused everyday. it's a nightmare for them. and it won't end unless we can get to them in time and rescue
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their nightmare. an animal like bruno is waiting for help. go online or call now.
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♪ and we are back with more of "today" on this wines day wednesday ready to play our trivia game called who knew. today marks 15 years since the premier of "runaway bride" with julia roberts and richard gere. we thought we would have fun with wedding trivia. kathie lee is at the nbc experience store ready to hand out $100 to anybody who gets the to those who don't, a fabulous cd. all right. here to help me out in studio is carley roney co-founder of before the break we asked this question, according to spotify the most popular first dance at weddings is, "all of me," "make you feel my love," "at last," "a thousand years." the answer is "at last" but etta
2:36 am
james. the song was recorded in 1961 and it's still the most popular. it has been for 20 years. >> awesome, awesome song. >> it is the best song. >> over it to kathie. >> this sweet family from new jersey. in the film "run away" bride which newspaper did richard gere's character work for. "new york daily news," "usa today," "the washington times". >> a, the "new york daily news." >> he's going to love party animals. >> the "new york daily news" was a good choice. the right answer is "usa today" it. >> was. such a great, one of the best of all time. it starred richard gere and julia roberts together. the second time. they originally did "pretty woman" and in 1999. you can see it all the time. it's so fun. >> gentlemen from nebraska, what is the average number of bridesmaids in a wedding party,
2:37 am
4 or 5, 5 or 6, 6 or 7, 7 or 8? >> b, 5 or 6. >> so sad. >> so sad. >> everyone has story. >> he looks so excited. all right the correct answer is 4 or 5. >> yes. they've been doing this survey for a while and it's 4 to 5. it's the same for groomsmen 4 to 5, people like things to be equal. what's changed, hoda, now there are guys on the girls' side and guys on the girls' side. they're mixing it up. the numbers are staying the same. >> back to kathie. >> sweet lady turning 30. has a sign that says today i turn 30 but i'm not dirty. now we know. all righty. here's your question. the two most popular days to get married in las vegas are valentine's day and? new year's eve, fourth of july, new year's day, thanksgiving? >> new year's day. >> how did you know that, miss houston? >> i'm good. >> no, not dirty.
2:38 am
>> wait, wait, wait. it's not new year's day. it's new year's eve. >> all my answers on my card are different than the one it is. >> new year's eve. >> new year's eve. >> give the prize anyway. >> on new year's eve you're loopy. new year's day you're sober. >> your girlfriend is giving you the ultimatum, if you don't marry me by the end of the year, 123,000 couples get married in vegas, at the drive-through chapels or big hotels. they fly their friends and family in. >> what the percentage is. >> back to kathie. >> from chicago, according to the latest u.s. census what is the median age for first time brides, 23, 26, 27, 31? >> 26. >> yes, indeed. she's righ >> she's right. good for her. >> said 27. so something -- i don't know who did this but you're in trouble. >> 26. >> in 2000 it was 25.
2:39 am
it keeps going up over the years and for grooms it's actually 28. but i actually predict it's going to go up the next time they put the census. >> i bet you're right. >> from pittsburgh, according to what was the average cost of a wedding in 2013? i have no idea because my answers are wrong, 23,000, 30,000, 39,000, or 42,000. >> d. >> the answer is 30,000. >> are you sure? >> positive. don't read your cards. >> it's funny, we're sitting in the most expensive place in the country to get married n new york about $85,000. and then if you live in idaho, the least expensive, $16,000. >> all right. >> average is 30,000. >> thank you so much. kathie, thank you. kathie is going to come back. if you're not married maybe living wait room pate, the pros and cons of having a roommate after 50. "golden girls" stuff. the rising star who signed to katy perry's record level. don't miss elvis duran's artist of the month. his name ferras. right after this. ♪ [music]
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we are back and ready to meet elvis' artist of the month, when elvis duran introduces us to the next super star in music. >> singer, songwriter ferras. the first artist signed to katy perry's record label and in just a minute going to sing his first single. first elvis is here. >> you are smitten. >> okay. i've been excited about bringing artists in the past. today is the ultimate. i love my job today because of what ferras is about to show you here on your show. but traveling the world with katy perry and opening up her shows, but when you hear what he's about to do, you'll be sold. >> uniqueness about him. >> yeah. >> he won't bite. favorite weat man alroker and stephanie
2:44 am
abrams. get ready for your commute, your job or your travel plans with everything you need to start your day. >> then for over 20 years he's been weather's champion in the morning with his expertise, singular charm and trade mark smile. now, the weather channel welcomes sam champion to his new home. amhq. morning television can be, i think, the most fun television you can ever do. there are a lot of ingreed yepd to make a morning television show desirable an attractive to the audience. >> every morning amhq's team of experts looked ahead to forecast the way weather is shaping your news, sports, entertainment or more. >> the live component of it is, i think, the most amazing. the fact that you are waking people up and they are kind of getting their start with you. their they are starting their day. >> make your mornings count with forecasting yon had that list of things that are
2:45 am
land mines down the road. >> yes. >> right. >> it is really important to think things through. when you hear the horror stories, generally what happens is people don't do the up front time that it takes to really get to know that person that you're thinking about living with. in their case they knew each other for 20 years, but in the shared housing realm we're thinking there will be people moving in together that haven't known each other forever. >> i think it's a cool idea. >> it is. >> glad it's worked out for you nice ladies. >> yes. >> thank you for coming to see us. we really appreciate it. >> we're shining our fan spotlight on a special lady. >> first this is "today" on nbc. >> i'll move in with you, hoda. ♪ ♪


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