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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 6, 2014 5:00pm-5:14pm EDT

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over and then stabbed. these are police pictures we are seeing for the very first time of 25-year-old david goldberg of potomac when he was arrested after the incident november 14th last year at west field mont gomly mall. the progression's evidence includes his knife and the mitsubishi lancer evolution. jury deliberations took a long time, 14 hours, as they weighed how much each person provoked the other. their verdict found goldberg not guilty of convicted murder charges but did convict of two counts of the voluntary manslaughter. which satisfies the prosecutor. >> it says that this man at some point attempted to kill these people. goldberg was also found guilty of the five sounds of assault and two count of second degree assault. he could be sentenced up to 105 years.
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goldberg's daughter was in the passenger seat at time. and the victims had their young daughter with them too. >> please pray for the children that were with us all. please keep them in your prayers at this time. >> goldberg's defense lawyer and his mother say he was acting in self defense to protect himself and his daughter. >> he still firmly believes that what he did he had to do under the circumstances and it is difficult to reconcile that genuine belief with a verdict like this. >> mrs.yev goldberg, is there el you can say at this time? >> no -- ,ñvjg8>> now david gol returned to the montgomery county detention center where he's been held since last november. he'll be returned here to court for sentencing on december 18th. that is the latest live in montgomery county.
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storm people 4 team 4 monit rain. here we go. chief meteorologist is in the storm center with your forecast at 5:00. >> a lot of showers and thunderstorms across the area right now. most just south of the d.c. area into northern virginia through the pan handle and down towards southern maryland. if you are north of the potomac and through maryland you should be okay the rest of the night but there are still a few more showers. you can see down to the south what's happening. and one thing we notice here not a lot of lightning associated with these. a few of these storms have some lightning. these storms here came through and are weakening a little bit. through fauquier and making their way through stafford. and prince william, around i-9 a also seeing shower activity. and you can see as we widen out, this is the back boundaryújpy a it's just sliding to the south. this is a cold front currently moving through that. will set us up for a couple very nice days but then the weekend.
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if you have weekend plans, you are going to want to see it. now been six months since the murder of a popular music teacher in alexandria. still no /cç charges. ruth ann was shot when he opened her front door back in february. another woman inside the home was also injured. charles severance was being investigated in connection to the case and two other high profile murders is currently being held on an unrelated drug charge. a community asking why. a quiet grandfather found dead in his backyard in the middle of the afternoon. the killing is baffling those who knew him. neighbors opened up to news4 today and she joins us there tonight live. kristen? >> takoma park police say their case is wide open and tonight detectives are looking at
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everything. >> it is day three for the search of cecil brown's killer. found dead in his ownsoló back in takoma park. today the home quiet. whe brown and his wife lived for 35 years. >> the big question is why. we county understand why. we know things happen but it is a matter of why would it happen middle of the day? to, when -- >> reporter: brown's body was found monday at 12:0030 in the afternoon. police are only say he died from blunt force trauma. no arrests, no suspects. police say they are following leads and hint that there is no eminent throat neighbors. >> crime is everywhere andv:r don't want to be told i'm safe if you're not. that is a fact of life. but as far as this case goes i don't think they have anything to worry about.
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>> he worked as the heavy equipment operator, was married 51 years, two children and grandchildren. he liked to work around the house andkbn= in the yard. neighbors already miss him. >> i would come up and say hi. he would give you the nod. you know, and that was great. >> we also talked to cecil brown's wife and asked her if she has any idea at all who would kill her husband? her response tonight on news4 at 6:00. right now we are continuing to follow that massive data breech involving more than 1.2 billion user name and passwords combinations. >> coverage turbibegins with a at who may be responsible. >> the company that discovered this a milwaukee firm called hold security is not naming the sites that were compromised but it is fair to assume it affected an enormous portion of the
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world's websites when you consider it is more than a billion user name password combinations and the entire internet has something like 3 billion users. we don't know which specific sites they were. the company won't say which of its own clients were affected because it has confidentiality agreements and doesn't want to single the others out. it's a reminder that it's best to assume that very little on the internet is secure. the bulk of this stolen data is not things like credit card numbers or names and home addresses. it is e-mail addresses, user name/password combinations, all of which can be changed. so the experts say the best thing do is assume the sites you visit have been affected and change your log in information. the good news apparently here is that hold security, this milwaukee company, says the russian crime ring that has gathered all this data hasn't
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done much with it yet. they can tell when data is sold because it's typically housed in huge blocks and sold in internet far corners. so change your password and get better security for the websites. coverage continues with news4 erica gonzalez with ways you can protect yourself. >> this is a big deal. we've been tracking it all day and as it turns out it may very well the largest data breach we have seen in history. here are four things you can do right now in order to protect your online identity. we cannot stress this enough. you have to start by changing your passwords. this is 4tb@crucial. eur user names, mainly e-mail and passwords were the main target of this breach. so you want to sign up for a free password manager to protect yourself. consumer reports recommends a
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free site called last pass to manage the passwords that you have and hope you create unique new passwords. next take an extra step with sensitive financial sites like your bank's website. for on line banking sign up for two step verification. and continue to monitor your information online. set reminders to check your monthly bank and credit card staple statements for unauthorized charges and coming up at news4 at 6:00, the question everyone wants answers:was i affected by this? we have answers to help you with that. two americans with ebola have doctors cautiously optimistic tonight but the outbreak in africa is growing deadlier by the day. the most populous country nigeria has now confirmed its second death from ebola virus.
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it was a nurse. this brings the death toll to 932 people. the first ebola patient to hit the ground in europe could be a priest from spain who will be transferred from liberia for treatment. meanwhile two infected american missionaries are in isolation in atlanta and said to be showing signs of improvement. both have been treated with an experimental serum. what a lot of people don't know is that scientists right here in bethesda are scrambling to prevent the spread of the virus. today news4 got an exclusive look inside the lab working on the ebola vaccine. >> reporter: africa may seem like a world away but doctors say all it takes is one plane ride for the ebola virus to reach the shores of the united states. >> someone can get infected in one of these west african countries, feel reasonably well, get on a plane, get off and then all of a sudden get sick here. that is feasible.
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and i don't think anybody can deny that. >> but there is one big difference. healthcare officials say the u.s. is much better equipped to prevent the spread of the virus. dr. anthony vouchchy is nih's director of viruss and infectious disease. >> that likely won't be the effect t all because of ho we take care of people and how we understand what one needs to do to protect the healthcare providers and the kind of facilities we have. >> yet scientists at nih have been working for r more man a decade on a vaccine. it a complicated process finding the right combination of genes from the virus that is effective and with few side effects. now they say they are closer than they have ever been. >> vaccine has been tried in monkey models and it seems to be quite promising. >> now, coming up tonight at six you will want to stay with us.
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scientists hope to be testing the vaccine on humans as early as next month and we'll have more from this rare look inside the labs at nih in our next hour. car surfing is glorified on youtube. how a local teenager went to the hospital when something went wrong. >> the redskins desean jackson injured at practice. we'll take you live to richmond for an update and find out what it could mean for tomorrow's big game. >> i'm jewelry carrie in richmond where a member of mcdonald's inner circle takes the stand and testifies what trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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