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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 18, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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guard t ground. president obama is calling for healing amid the violence and is sending in reinforcements. eric holder will travel on wednesday as new anger about an autopsy showing michael brown was shot six times by a police officer. nbc has the latest. >> reporter: starting this afternoon a show of greater force as national guard troops move into place following another night of violent protests. overnight the governor ordered the increased security to help quell the escalating violence and to protect the police command center. with presence of the national guard the governor has lifted a midnight curfew hoping there will not be a repeat of last night's violence. >> tonight we ensure the safety of the citizens of ferguson. >> reporter: president obama announced he is sending attorney general eric holder to ferguson on wednesday. >> i understand the passions and
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anger that arise over the death of michael brown. giving into that anger by looting or carrying guns and even attacking the police only serves to raise tensions and stir chaos. it under mines rather than advancing justice. >> reporter: the clashes that erupted are an all too familiar scene in ferguson, police moving in with riot gear and tear gas. further tensions the results of a relimb nar autopsy report commissioned by the family shows michael brown was shot multiple times, the fatal blow to the top of the head. >> at least six shots, could be more but at least six. >> reporter: the st. louis county medical examiner's office has not released its report but confirmed brown was shot more than once in the head and chest. >> we believe and given those facts this officer should have been arrested. >> reporter: the case is
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expected to go before a grand jury as early as wednesday to determine if the police officer who killed michael brown will be charged. normally it takes about a day to present to the grand jury with a case as complickated as this we are told it will take longer. >> that case in ferguson has renewed the call for police to use body cameras. in d.c. the police do not use such cameras but they are used in fairfax, falls church and manassas in virginia. in the brown case the only known videos were taken after the shooting. the accounts from police and witnesses differ widely there. some say video would clear up discrepancies. many police departments are working on privacy guidelines. tonight on nightly news brian williams will report from ferguson.
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now to the latest on a maryland father who is dead after a shootout with police. he is accused of stabbing and shooting his young daughter. we are seeing what is perhaps the last picture taken of the two of them as police try to figure out what led fredrick miller to shoot two relatives. pat collins is live with more from the friend who is defending the suspect tonight. >> reporter: we begin with the picture a father and the daughter side by side in the front seat of a car, a picture the father e-mailed out minutes before police say he killed that little girl. this is a selfie picture of fredrick roy miller and his 3-year-old daughter, leila. they are sitting in the front seat of his car. it is unclear exactly when it was taken. miller's mother says her son
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e-mailed the photo saturday before he was killed. police say miller stabbed and shot his daughter to death in that car after he took her at gun point from her home in fort washington. meet now tory bramble, a friend of fredrick miller and acts as his attorney, as well. she said she talked to miller the day before all of this happened. did he indicate there was something wrong? >> no. what i want people to understand that fredrick was not a monster. he was very upset because his daughter had been taken away from him. he could not have contact with her. >> reporter: the scene, this home on farmer place. police say miller went into the house, shot and wounded leila's great grandmother and grandfather and then carried the little girl to his car and then came a chase. the murder of the little girl and the shootout with police.
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in the end miller and his daughter ended up dead. >> i can't even imagine how the families are dealing with the emotional and physical trauma of losing a 3 year old. >> reporter: fredrick roy miller was 38 years old. he was a rap singer. he worked as a tech for verizon. friends say a couple of years ago miller had a serious head injury in a car accident and was in a coma for nine days and ended up on disability. they say his life has not been the same since. police say the wounded grandparents are still in the hospital in critical but stable condition. live in prince george's county, pat collins, news 4. there have been 33 murders in prince george's county this year, 12 of them domestic related. it has left several case today
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corruption trial. the secretary referred to maureen mcdonnell as a diva. julie carey reports on what she had to say about bob mcdonnell and whether he did favors for williams. and to our weather. keep umbrellas handy. we could see rain a few times this week. doug is tracking the conditions right now. >> i think things will be a little unsettled. all in all not bad. we have a chance for shower activity this evening. most of it is down to the south. south farther than that to the richmond area. we did see strong to severe storms earlier. more showers well down towards
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a woman on her moped struck and killed. tonight we are learning she was a beloved scholar on capitol hill. mark segraves is at the scene of the accident with more about the victim. >> reporter: just got off the phone moments ago with her fiance. as you can imagine he did tell me about his fiance and about how she was the most wonderful person met who had a small for everyone and how her rare intelligence gave her the ability to do her job that she
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some kids in northern virginia went back to school but most did not. most of the children in northern virginia don't go back up till after labor day. maryland and d.c. school kids go back to school next week. that means that terrible traffic tuesday is just around the corner. that is what they call september 2, the day after labor day when all the school buss and commuters are all sharing the road at the same time. going to cause more traffi
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next at 6:30 we report how one man makes it his mission to break the cycle of domestic violence, this following a series of deadly attacks in our area. a new phase in the mcdonnell corruption trial. the first evidence of the first lady's crush on jonnie williams. the demanding diva and mr. honest, day one for the defense in the mcdonnell corruption trial and one of the first
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witnesses. >> julie carey joins us now in richmond with more on today's testimony. >> reporter: well, as you know virginia's former first couple is accused of accepting $177,000 in exchange for helping with his company's new product. williams wanted things like state funds or a tobacco commission grant but today federal officials took the stand to say bob mcdonnell never asked them. >> i was happy to testify on behalf of the governor. he is a good man. >> reporter: a good man and a very busy man. a workaholic chief executive who sometimes had to be reminded when hids next meeting was. the message former governor bob mcdonnell's defense team tried to show to jurors. former secretary of the commonwealth janet kelly asked do you have a personal opinion about whether he is an honest
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man? kelly, he is one of the most honest people i know. she and others say they were never asked about the governor to do any favors by jonnie williams. >> they asked did you do something for jonnie williams or make positive steps for star scientific and cabinet secretary after cabinet secretary said no. >> reporter: in sharp contrast more unflattering testimony about his wife, maureen. janet kelly broke into tears when asked to elaborate. she was very difficult, very demanding, very diva-ish. kelly said she was able to avoid maureen until she realized the first lady's outbursts were taking a toll on the governor. said kelly, she was yelling at him at night for things that happened during the day. kelly became the first witness to reveal she saw evidence of the crush that maureen mcdonnell
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had on jonnie williams. she testified they appeared to be fond of each other. it was kind of flirty. it was very, very, very friendly. prosecutors challenged her on cross examination asking why she never mentioned that before to investigators. and yet another important development today, another juror was excused this time because they had a family emergency. that leaves just one alternate as the trial continues. the defense will continue to put on this case tomorrow morning. i'm julie carey, news 4. a troubling trend in our area. 12 of 33 homicides in prince george's county so far this year have been domestic cases. august has been tough with two children under the age of five being killed and a separate double murder suicide. and now tracee wilkins is in fort washington with more on the pl
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plan. >> reporter: at the beginning of the year they saw this trend and said this is what they want to focus on. the state's attorney say the way to fix the problem is to start with the community and families being honest with one another to try to end domestic violence. the recent string of domestic homicides, suicides and deaths of two 3-year-old girls within a week have community leaders saying enough is enough. >> this issue is not a law enforcement issue. this is a family and community issue. >> reporter: prince george's county government and faith based leaders gathered together to call to an end for men threatening their families. >> i am here to say to the other men in our communities this issue isn't only about us but a lot of it is about us. we are the overwhelming perpetrators of domestic violence. >> reporter: for dr. johnny parker it is a personal call. >> i watched a father who would
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hurt my mother and me as a 9 year old calling the police on my father. >> reporter: parker domestic violence is learned and can be unlearned. >> when i began to have feelings of frustration and not knowing how to deal with conflict and anger i immediately, immediately sought out counseling. >> reporter: he said it helped him in his marriage and after 36 years of divorce and helped his father and mother. >> my dad is a different man today. i remarried them after 36 years of divorce because he turned the page. it is doable. >> reporter: county officials are hoping to have the same results in families before it goes too far. domestic violence is the one crime the county has not been able to decrease. >> you look at all of the other areas in terms of public safety where we see statistics go down, that's the one area we didn't see. it stayed constant. >> reporter: the county officials are saying while they
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are trying to figure out how to attack the issue on a county level they want family members to start having honest conversations about folks who need mental health help and making sure they get it and contacting 211 for assistance. the idea is that this cannot be solved just within the police department and court systems but will take family members to make a difference. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. the latest developments out of ferguson, missouri. the governor has lifted tonight's curfew there. the national guard has been called in. tensions remain high after an independent autopsy report found that michael brown had been shot at least six times. we have also learned the case is expected to go before a grand jury this week in order to determine whether the officer involved will face charges. brian williams in is ferguson tonight. >> reporter: this is the street where we have seen violence
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night after night. people have been watching what unfolds here around the world. you can still see impacts on the sidewalk, pieces of rubber bullets fired, pieces of brick and stone. places where tear gas canisters have burned the pavement. during the day it is boisterous. you hear the occasional chant of no justice no heat. the difference to watch for tonight the presence of the national guard. >> and for the latest we invite you to tune into "nbc nightly news" at 7:00. an outpouring of support for a wounded warrior and his wife who lost their home. fire destroyed the house that belonged to flip and jessica cline last thursday. jessica had to carry flip out of the house. he is a triple amputee. they suffered some smoke inhiilation more than $85,000
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have has been raised for that family so far. an organization that builds homes for wounded warriors is speeding up their plans to build a new house. the chevy chase supermarket offered the couple free food for the rest of the year. new leads in the brutal beating of a park ranger. what we are just learning about the attack at a popular tourist destination. the changing face in georgetown. the latest institution closing its doors. looking at a couple of storm systems. one down to the south and another back to the west. and yet another right up here all three of them going to all three of them going to impact us a little bit so i get invited to quite a few family gatherings. heck, i saved judith here a fortune
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the d.c. government handed down dozens of violations and is threatening heavy fines in connection with the collapse of a northwest d.c. adult venue. the collapse was may 2 near 5th
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and k streets. construction workers were doing a project inside at the time. the news 4's i-team's scott macfarlane learned the city just handed out 31 formal infractions. one of the property owners and contractor are among those cited. fines can be up to $2,000. if you have a tip to share we invite you to visit click on investigations. really disturbing video out tonight of a park ranger being per punched, kicked, spit on by skasboarders. police in philadelphia have arrested two teenagers. police say the teenagers attacked when the ranger told them they couldn't skate in a place called love park. one of the teenagers recorded the beating. another witness got video, as well. that ranger injured his head. new developments in the court case challenging
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virginia's ban on gay marriage. we want to clarify where things stand because this is confusing. as of this moment gay marriages could become in virginia at 8:00 a.m. on thursday. the supreme court asked all parties involved in the lawsuit to respond to a request for a stay of the 4th circuit court's ruling which would allow gay marriage to begin. virginia's attorney general said he doesn't want a negative impact if marriages begin and then would have to be nullified. it is now up to the supreme court. if the high court does not act by thursday then same-sex marriages can begin in virginia on thursday. we go to sports now. big night at fed ex field against the browns. >> monday night football. we saw some big names on the
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field tonight. >> robert griffin iii will have star wide receivers at his disposal. don't forget about that man, johnny manziel. johnny football versus rg iii. griffin says no
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not all of us are fans of preseason football but you got to like this. rg iii, pierre garcon on the field at the same time at least for like a quarter or something like that. jason pugh and dianna russini
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are out there. >> reporter: there is no quarterback controversy with washington. the other team has the quarterback controversy. we are wondering if johnny manziel can win the starting spot. for the redskins they are debuting their offense really for the first time. everyone is healthy. >> we can't wait to see what jackson looks like finally in a redskins uniform. we will get a chance to see that tonight. missed the preseason opener with the hurt ankle of his. he is ready to go for this monday night matchup. also, pierre garcon last year's best wide receiver for the redskins had a career year and we expect to see pierre, rg iii obviously happy to have his weapons back tonight. >> it's great to have everybody healthy and have all of the
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weapons ready to go. we have had them out here in practice and it wasn't that way in training camp. one was out, the other out, both were out. >> i'm excited. all you can do is smile because i don't know what is in store. we got the weapons. i think it will be on us this year in terms of what to do on the field. 11 guys o s on the field at one time. >> reporter: this offense has the potential to be one of the best in the nfl. we get a taste of what is in store for the regular season. >> just about 20 plays. tough not just on the players but on himself. he is hoping to make some room on the sidelines. >> there is a lot really, just simple things, pregame warmup i need to fix a little bit. i need to fix my game day awareness and just having the head set on and sometimes i get so focused in on offense and what is going on with reading
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the ipad thing and looking at the plays. if there is a game going on i have to watch. so there are things like that that i need to focus more and the preseason games are equally as important for coaches as players. >> reporter: jay gruden and john gruden, the brothers in the same stadium, john calling the game for his little brother. should be interesting to see. i know jay is looking forward to john calling this game tonight at fed ex field. >> he called a couple of my games last year and john was john. he is going to be positive if he can but if i do something out of line and ignorant i am sure he will call me on it. >> would he tell you smings he said about you in games? >> no. >> he is very good at what he does. he won't jeopardize what he does for my feelings, that's for
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sure. he never has. >> reporter: got to feel awkward criticizing your little brother as a head coach, right? >> no. talking and cleaning the dishes i had to do it. let's go back to doug kammerer. i was told to bring an umbrella. it is beautiful outhere. >> it is beautiful out there. i always tell you carry that small umbrella as we continue to move on. beautiful night shaping up. the rain has held off. that is the good news. we talked about this earlier this afternoon that most would be down to the south. i have lowered our forecast for rain down to 10%. 80 degrees at kickoff time at 8:00 tonight. warm and humid. a very nice night for a game. temperatures at 82 degrees and seeing a lot more sunshine. showers to the south later this evening. let me show you what i mean about showers to our south.
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temperatures are still in the upper 70s to low 80s. 80 degrees towards dulles. here is the south down towards fredericksburg and st. mary's county. i think the southern portions of maryland will see a chance for showers to continue to move through. notice nothing in the metro area and the panhandle of west virginia, maryland, all looking good this evening. if you are thinking about getting out there and not going to either of the games, nationals game or redskins games. here is the one area of low pressure. there is two more on the map. one to the south and another to the north. this is going to create the pattern that will drift down and allow for a lot of moisture to come in here. as that does happen we have a chance for a lot of cloud cover but a lot in the way of shower activity, too. 85 degrees for tomorrow. 30% chance for sls and isolated thunderstorm tomorrow. 86 on your wednesday. best chance of rain on thursday. right now going 40%, maybe 50%
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chance of rain. i think we will see rain in the area. high of 84 degrees. behind this once the system moves out of here we get a little bit on the cooler side of things. we call it mild. 80 degrees not cool by any stretch but definitely on the cooler side. the weekend looking good, too. i got to tell you looking very good tonight for the game. i wish i was there. that first quarter sounds like it will be a blast. >> it will be great. we haven't even gotten to the biggest story. we have two more coming up. one of them, kyle shanahan back at fed ex field. was it awkward when he came out here. >> johnny football is in the building. we will see him against the
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> reporter: welcome back to news 4 at 6:00. i'm dianna russini. we are live here at fed ex field. a little more than an hour away from kickoff between the browns and redskins. most people are like what do you get so hyped up about. we have rg iii and johnny manziel on the field at one
6:36 pm
time. both played ball in texas. lots of people made comparisons of these quarterbacks. both heisman trophy winners. both coached by kyle shanahan their rookie season. robert two years ago and this year johnny manziel. robert doesn't see a lot of similarities. >> my job is not to compare. anybody that wants to compare i'm sure they will look at us and say both of us are real fast. guys that can play backyard football at times and both want to win. >> a big fan of guys going to be fun being on the field. when you play in this offense another thing that matches up, as well. i think he is a good quarterback. >> reporter: here is one thing you cannot deny. they have the it factor. they are the star power. people are drawn to them.
6:37 pm
we can't stop talking about them. >> you can say what you want. he is considered to be an offensive genius when it comes to working with quarterbacks. he is impeccable. it is great to see how he works with johnny manziel. >> and if you remember griffin had his best season his rookie year under kyle shanahan. won the rookie of the year that year. one of the best in nfl history. just outstanding. griffin was asked earlier this week at practice what would it be like on the field once he runs into his former offensive coordinator, kyle shanahan. >> i don't know. i don't really look at the other sideline during the game. so i am really focused on our sideline and what we have and what we are trying to do. i know they will do the same. >> will you talk with him at all? >> you know, that's where it is
6:38 pm
at. >> here are the four things to watch if you are going to tune in, his chemistry with receivers tonight. the running backs. we are still watching guys fight for positions. check out the running back spot. jim haslet, these two know each other's play books. they coached together for four years. johnny manziel versus redskins' defense. how will they do playing against a rookie quarterback in johnny manziel. we know it is just preseason but we can feel the energy tonight already here at fed ex field. we are so excited to see the redskins offense get on the field together. >> it is one of the most exciting quarter and a half of football you will see. >> counting on you to break it down for us at 11:00.
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>> that's our broadcast for now. "nbc nightly news" coming up next. brian williams from ferguson, missouri. ♪ go! go! wow! go power...oats! go! made from oats cheerios! cheerios!
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on our broadcast tonight, we're in ferguson, missouri, as the national guard now moves in following some of the worst violence so far. and new revelations about the shooting that started it all, specifically how michael brown died. tonight, fears here in ferguson about what nightfall will bring once again. also, a critical mission today in iraq. u.s. air strikes drive back isis. there's been a major development in the fight. and health news, the images many people were talking about today having to do with sun versus skin and the damage we can't always see. "nbc nightly news" begins now. this is "nbc nightly news"


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