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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 29, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11. >> parents to whach for whooping cough. >> i'm surprised to hear it especially at the beginning of the school year. >> i'll have the story. >> pulling police from the streets. can changes ahead for a controversial police reassignment program. >> summer temperatures at the end of summer and when to grill out. >> what are you planning for the last weekend of summer? >> parents on alert after children return from summerer camp potentially exposed to whooping cough. >> now to make surer more children aren't at risk. jackie benson has more for us. >> reporter: pediatricians say get your child in as soon as you see symptoms.
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the sooner the child is treated the better. this video captures the sounds of whooping cough. this letter was sent to parents informing them a dozen children have the highly contagious disease. the cases have been found at robert frost middle school, julius west, cabin john and cold spring. plus two private schools. officials believe they can be traced to a science camp which 200 students attended. >> i'm surprised to hear it. especially at the beginning of the school year. >> i'm not familiar with it. >> the symptoms appear 7 to 10 days after exposure and include a runny nose, mild fever, a cough that lingers and worsens to include the whooping sound. the sooner antibiotics are administered the better.
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>> thank you. whooping cough can be dangerous, especially to young children though there are vaccines for it. the centers for disease control suggests they protect against whooping cough, tetanus and diphtheria. doctors are seeing the most cases since the '40s. new strains found over seas have been resistant to the vaccine. >> police say they are changing a controversial new policy that will pull detectives from cases and put them on the streets one week a month. we first reported the plan this week. tonight, chief kathy linear set out a new order. some detectives are from individual districts will be exempt from street duty. other detectives investigating missing persons, internal affairs and other issues will be assigned to street duty. some say the program could
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interfere with police investigations. tonight the fbi joined baltimore county police this the hunt for a stabbing suspect who may be in our area. 28-year-old ronnie deleon hasn't been seen since wednesday. he's accused of stabbing a man and leaving the area with his 24-year-old girlfriend. police believe he may be in or northern virginia. they are not sure if the girlfriend is in any danger. the fbi tells us deleon could be armed and dangerous. >> former governor bob mcdonnell's corruption trial is on hold at least for the holiday weekend. come tuesday the fate of mcdonnell and his wife will be in the hands of a jury. closing arguments lasted all day. prosecutors went squarely after the former governor despite previous focus on maureen. they say he was a willing partner in a corrupt bribery scheme. the defense accused the prosecution of tearing the
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mcdonnells' life apart without proof and accused johnny williams of inventing the corruption story. >> i thought both mr. burke and mr. haskill's closings were terrific. combined the facts, law and emotions of the case. did a very, very good job. >> jurors will get instructions from the judge and begin deliberations on tuesday. the mcdonnells face the possibility of oh decades in prison if con vicked. julie carey will be in richmond. follow her on twitter for the latest from inside the courtroom. police in two states are searching tonight for a person who may have posed a threat to president obama. the president was in westchester for a fundraiser when the secret service got word of a suspicion person and vehicle in the area. connecticut state police were notified and our sister station in connecticut reports that the car is from that state. it's not clear what kind of threat the person posed.
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the president is back in d.c. tonight. >> the white house is backtracking after the president says his administration doesn't have a strategy yet to deal with isis. the president made the remarks during a news conference yesterday after being criticized by republican lawmakers. the white house is waiting on options from the pentagon on how to combat the terror group which is growing in iraq and syria. meanwhile british prime minister david cameron raised the terror threat level in the uk to severe. the second highest level. he called isis a dangerous threat more than al qaeda. >> the pentagon says the operation in iraq to target isis cost more than $560 million. in the last three weeks the u.s. conducteded 110 air strikes against the terror group. planes and drones are targeting the area around the mosul dam which isis once controlled but has been taken back by iraqi forces with the help of u.s. air power. >> metro is urging transit
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officers to be on the lookout for threats. metro says there are no current threats against the system. the chief says in a memo growing tensions including the actions of isis are enough to issue a warning. the memo goes on to say the coming anniversary of 9/11 calls for heightened awareness. singer chris brown will be back in a d.c. courtroom to enterer a plea deal. brown and his body guard were charged with assault after punching a fan outside the w hotel after howard's homecoming last year. sources say the singer has reached a plea deal in the case that will allow him to likely avoid jail time. his body guard was found guilty. brown's hearing is set for tuesday morning. >> it's finally here. labor day weekend and the unofficial end of summer. here is a look at the chesapeake bay which has seen quite a bit of traffic. now what's in store for the rest of the weekend. chris lawrence has more.
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>> good-bye washington, hello holiday. travellers who waited out the rush hour got nothing but good news tonight. >> for the long weekend it's looking good. >> not so bad. just started picking up here around washington, beltway. >> reporter: patricia laird is ending her vacation as most others begin theirs. >> we are actually coming back from gatlinberg, tennessee. we have been in the car since 11:00 this morning. >> reporter: gas prices are down and more people from d.c., maryland and virginia are traveling. officials expect 350,000er cars and trucks to cross the bay bridge alone. to avoid backups like this, it pays to plan ahead. the best times to leave town will be tomorrow before 7:00 and sunday before 10:00 a.m. as for coming home mond monday, if possible avoid driving back between 10:00 and 10:00. is there anything people can do to make the return trip a little
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bit more bearable? >> yes. look at the weather forecast. don't drive distracted. >> reporter: travellerers may want to cut the trip short to beat thunderstorms which could roll in monday afternoon system most think they can handle the rain but most accidents in the washington area occur in rainfall. >> reporter: it only takes one crash to put the brachial plexus on everyone's trip home. chris lawrence, news 4. >> part of route one closeded tonight nearly 12 hours after three power poles came crashing down. take a look. southbound lanes between slater's lane and first street are shut down. the poles fell around noon. it's unclear whyment dominion tells us the poles weren't hit by a car. weather is not a faker tor. 1100 customers were without power. it's down to 120 now. those could last through the night. there is no estimate of when the
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road will re-open. >> police believe they know who is responsible for sexually assaulting a teen in the county. officers are looking for juan carlos lopez ramirez known as noah. oh officials say he sexually assaulted a 19-year-old woman in gainesville wednesday night. the woman flaggeded down a driver for help. police say ramirez may have visible injuries to his face, shoulder and hands from are the struggle with the woman. it was an exorcism attempt that left two small children dead. one of the women behind it is not criminally responsible. back in january prosecutors say monita sanford killed avery's 1-year-old and 2-year-old children and left two other children hurt in a german town home. psychiatrists say sanford could not be held responsible. both women face life in prison. >> if your weekend plans include
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a trip to rock creek park, stay away from the water. more than 1200 gallons of raw waste spilled into rock creek. the spill came from a sewer line in adams morgan that was backed up. everyone is being told to avoid the water in rock creek south of the national zoo to georgetown. crews are working to clean up the spill. >> turning to weather tonight, hope you enjoy the beautiful weather we had today and tonight. it's about to change. >> embrace it, as we say. it's a holiday weekend. let's get the latest from veronica johnson. >> if only we could hug it and keep it the way it was today. uh-uh, not going to happen. things will be heating up for the remainder of the labor day weekend. we have had three heat waves so far this summer. what we will be moving into is the fourth of the summer. ironic, right? here we are at the end of summerer. we are talking about more heat. in fact it's looking like we
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could have the longest hot stretch coming up over the next couple of days. there is the average temperature. 85 degrees. it comes with high humidity and a storm chance, too. i'll show you the numbers and the best chance of oh rain. that's all coming up in a few. >> thanks. metro riders, a warning for you tonight. why you should be on alert for a growing problem. >> the school year just began. classes have already been cancelled at one school, all because of an animal. >> the low gas prices, wait >> the low gas prices, wait unti
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still no word on when joan rivers might be released from are a new york city hospital. tonight was supposed to be the night she was scheduled to appear at an event in new jersey. that's been postponed. after she stopped breathing during a vocal chord procedure yesterday morning. her daughter melissa rivers says her 81-year-old mother is resting comfortably but is in serious condition. >> it happens more often than you might think. riders getting flashed on metro. since we first told you about a serial flasher last night metro has received more complaints, at least four so far indecent exposures in two weeks. at least two men are believed behind them. we spoke to a victim who didn't want to show her face. >> i looked up to see what station i was on. i looked back down. i looked over to the side and i saw -- you know, his genitals were out. >> police don't have a picture
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of that flasher. this man is believed to be behind exposing himself to three women. metro tells us there have been 57 reports of flashing this year. the crime is often underreported. >> two stations on metro's busiest line are closing this weekend for track work. the friendship heights and grovener stations shut down tonight. free shuttle buses are running. you can expect trains to run every 15 minutes on the orange, silver and green lines. the work should last through sunday night. >> a feral cat forced a school to close today. students never made it inside to richard henry lee elementary school. a teacher found the wild animal in her classroom about 7:45 this morning. students who took buses were returned home. those who walked or were dropped off were kept outside until parents showed up. animal control has set up a number of traps inside to catch the critter. >> getting out of town for the
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weekend won't hurt your budget as much as it has in previous years. gas prices are at their lowest since 2010. in d.c. a gallon of regular is averaging 3.60. in maryland, 3.38. virginia has the lowest prices in the region. that's usually true at 3.19 a gallon. in west virginia, about 3.46 a gallon. fewer refinery disruptions kept the prices down. experts say a gallon could drop below $3 in the coming months. >> events will be held this weekend to mark nine years since hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf coast. hurricane katrina caused widespread damage from the florida panhandle to new orleans after moving past the levees failed flooding the city. nearly 2,000 people died in the storm. nearly a hundred thousand homes destroyed. it's the most costly hurricane to ever hit the u.s. >> that seems so fresh in
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memory. >> it does. for us iet's been a quiet season for the atlantic. cristobal is moving away. the swells are calming down. rip currents at ocean city. better than a couple of days ago. >> good news. >> yeah. timing is everything. for this labor day weekend, couldn't be better. in fact with the heat coming up, that will boost your time. a lot of folks who are planning on still heading to the beach, your time there or at the pool because of the heat. yeah. we're talking about over 90 degrees. for tomorrow morning i expect a little bit of patchy fog throughout the day tomorrow. humidity will be increasing so your storm team 4 impact forecast is low for tomorrow. partly sunny sky with an isolated chance of a shower or storm. quiet conditions now. the storm threat for tomorrow in the mountains coming from this weather front. a warm front. a cold front is just behind that. gives us a better chance late as
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well as for monday. what to wear coming up this holiday weekend. sunglasses, short pants and light weight clothing. don't forget to hydrate with the heat weave got coming up. a quiet start to the day tomorrow. at 3:00, the sunshine as promised the showers and storm front. frostberg around winchester and petersburg. into the day sunday watch what happens here. sunday afternoon we've got clouds, showers and storms. frederick, maryland around leesburg. then coming through. that's 9:00 sunday night. heavy rain with the high humidity. that means the threat of downpours. a snapshot of monday afternoon, scattered around the area. i don't think monday we could have anything too heavy. the waylay boar day weekend is stacking up, saturday comfortable. sunday, the best chance of rain. labor day, one or two storms where you will keep an eye on the sky. going out early tomorrow in the upper 60s. mid # 0s by 10:00, 11:00 a.m.
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80 by noontime tomorrow. eventually topping off tomorrow afternoon. 87, 88. 85 for the high. a lot of folks thinking about grilling out. 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. on monday. make sure you have an area to go to early in the kay day on monday around 2:00 to 5:00. best dry period and best time to grill out will be between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. let's take a look at the four-day forecast from storm team 4. your high temperature, 87 degrees. we get into the 90s the second half of the weekend. so your coolest, most comfortable day will be saturday. 94 be a storm threat on sunday. we carry that back to work, back to school. it will be humid, sticky and hot. 93 for a high temperature. friday, 91. i think next saturday we could have a temperature of 90 or higher. >> we never have. >> exactly.
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this is the ex-finis fi-fi- ex-finish tee sports desk. >> some won't have it easy. >> that's right. my advice if you are a player on the bubble. >> get away. >> not at all. >> any player on the bubble of making any nfl roster will not sleep all that well tonight. final cuts to the team across
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the league will be made by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. the redskins made a few cuts today. more missouris have to be made to get the roster down to 53 players. the skins cut eight players. cornerbakery archdiocese crawford, seventh round draft pick, tight end. along with robert malone, robert thomas and tevita stevens is out and defensive line man robert thomas is gone. malone is out as well leave as the only punter left on the redskins roster. let's go down now to college football. maryland kicking off the season tomorrow against james madison without laverne jacobs and a.j. hindy. they have been suspended after violating the student code of conduct. hindy appeared in 12 games and had three of them.
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a statement said they showed poor judgment and failed to uphold the standards of a student athlete. a kick off for the game is at 3:30 in college park. let's go to the track now. tony stewart hasn't raced since august 9. that day will be remembered in the racing world. that night stewart was involved in an accident that took the life of kevin ward, jr. stewart spoke publically for the first time since the accident. >> this has been one of the toughest tragedies i have ever had to deal with professionally and personally. this is something that will affect my life forever. this is a sadness and a pain that i hope no one ever has to experience in their life. that being said, i know the pain and the mourning that kevin ward's family and friends are experiencing is something that i
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can't possibly imagine. >> tony stewart didn't take questions from the media during the press conference today. he'll race sunday night in atlanta. over to the diamond now. the nationals lost three straight games. a late start in seattle. mariners trail 5-2 in the fourth inning. chris davis and the orioles were hosting the twins tonight. we'll pick this one up in the bottom of the fourth. the birds lead it by a run. bases loaded for chris davis. crush is bringing everyone home. that one into the bleachers. how about that? a grand slam for chris davis. o's lead it 5-0. adam jones. young at the dish sends the ball deep to left. jordan schafer back on it, trying to make a play. but a fan ends up grabbing it after it bounces off his glove. the umpires revieweded the play and upheld the home run.
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the oerl were unbelievable. they go on to win it. final score 9-1. >> college football season kick off tomorrow. >> always exciting when that gets under
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some say it's a punishment that fit it is crime. we showed you video of a man who climbed the brooklyn bridge and started walking on the cables. the guy was a russian tourist who was quickly taken into custody. he faced a judge today who recommended community service and suggested just the service he had in mind -- cleaning the bridge. it's the second time this summer we have seen a breach at the iconic bridge. last month somebody raised two
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white flags at the top of the brooklyn bridge. >> he'll get another tour. welcome. >> he can see it up close. >> that will do it for us. have a great holiday weekend.
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