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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 4, 2014 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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>> al: talk about a shutdown corner, or whatever you want to
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call him. you've had a great night when no one even throws your way, that's your reputation. meanwhile they've thrown maxwell's way nine times, received six. he did have an interception. second and ten. andrew corliss. >> cris: believe it or not, sherrod limping a little bit. for aaron rodgers, sometimes you realize your fate and get the heck out of here. but it's going to be a concern, no doubt about it. they're going to have to get some help over to the right side for a little while until they get this offensive line back together and healthy. >> al: on second and ten, it's dujuan harris. back to michelle. >> michelle: we saw eddie lacy
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leave to be evaluated for a concussion. it was ruled questionable. no further status on bryan bulaga. just out with a knee injury. >> al: at the snap here, we have come upon the two-minute warning. two minutes remaining tonight in a 20-point game. seattle looking like the reigning super bowl champions.
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>> al: this is thursday night. sunday night we will be in denver with peyton manning and the broncos on "sunday night football" with the guys getting it started on "football night in
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america." cris and i with a preview look on what we're going to see sunday night in the mile high city. so a big opening night for seattle, a team that counting two postseason games has won 17 of 18 and they're going to go 18 out of 19 over the last two years plus when this one is in the books. it's third down and three here. and rodgers with the throw. gets it away. flag is down, however. back at the line of scrimmage at the 24 yard line. >> cris: and john perry is not moving fast. >> referee: holding offense, ten-yard penalty. replay third down. >> al: that's t.j. lang. he had a hold of michael bennett. >> cris: well, lang is going to get beat around by michael
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bennett. like so many people have done, you get beat, you save your quarterback and takes off the board. a pretty spectacular play by aaron rodgers. he can do a lot but he can't do it all. give credit tonight, they stopped the running game, byron maxwell, marcus burley, their backup squad. they had their two best receivers, jordy nelson and randall cobb. they couldn't get it done, just as simple as that. pressure got there in the second half. >> al: third and 13. boy, that secondary does his job. what else is new. it's deflected and incomplete. legion of boom. rodgers had a lot of time but they don't leave too many openings in the back end. >> cris: great reaction there by earl thomas. i know he's disappointed he didn't come down with that interception. what an intense young man that is.
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i mean, his whole life is dedicated to the game of football. he is the first one there and the last one to leave and you hear that sometimes but it's serious with this guy. he's there at the crack of dawn. he stays late. he lives for football. just flies around the field. i love watching him play, one of the great players in the league. >> al: and look on the stat sheet. fair caught at the 23 yard line by brian waters. when your defense is number one you get to the super bowl. eight teams have made it when they're ranked number one in points allowed. there it is, the last super bowl before the afl-nfl merger was the chiefs. the only loser would be the chiefs and the vikings in that
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one. >> cris: that was great. one thing that probably won't be talked about in this game, aaron rodgers took his team down the field to get his club right back in it. they were down by 12, 13, something like that. then seattle's offense did what they have to do. if you're going to be champions, you are answer the call. you take it the other way for the touchdown. russell wilson and company were so sharp tonight. >> al: a couple of kneel-downs will take it. the youngest 62-going on 63-year-old you'll ever see. he went to new england in the late 90s. bob kraft had inherited bill parcells. so parcels leaves after they win the super bowl.
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and carroll comes in and leaves after a few years and he gets bill belichick. >> cris: everybody thinks that pete's the guy you get along with and he's great and you play music at practice. no. it's the same formula bill parcells used. it's discipline. discipline wins games. he said i'm doing the same thing now we did the usc, the formula works. if the guys are disciplined, we're going to win. >> al: two national championships. nfc a super bowl and a big start tonight in a quest to do it again. seattle dominates in the 2014 opener. winning the game by a score of 36-16. coming up next, the volkswagen postgame report after these messages.
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welcome to the volkswagen postgame report. here now, bob costas. >> so the seahawks in convincing fashion win it 36-16. michele tafoya's interview with some of the game stars coming up. let's take a look at the sunday night football bus, even though this is technically a thursday night, quickly turning into a friday morning in some parts of the country. carrie underwood surrounded by some of the game's greats. and russell wilson will be ad d added. game ball tonight to russell wilson, percy harvin and bobby wagner and the three of them are with michele. >> michelle: thank you.
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green bay has a lot of offensive weapons. how did you keep them in front of you all night? >> we read the offense pretty well. once we made them want to miss, we thought we were good. >> michelle: what was it like to come out on this field on opening night as defending super bowl champions in front of this crowd. how was that moment? >> it was great. the crowd came in. they had us hyped up. that's how we always win. >> you certainly stopped green bay. let's turn to the two offensive guys. let's start with russell wilson. the offense just picked up right where it left off. you're 1-0 in your bid to repeat as champions. what went owe right tonight? >> we played physical. we made some big plays. this guy here had a great night. all the other receivers, ricardo lockette and marshawn lynch, they ran the ball so physically. we could have played better in the third quarter. over than that, we played really
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well. >> again, the moment, walking out on this field in front of the crowd as super bowl champions, what was it like? >> it's surreal. it's a blessing to be on the field at any time. it's a new year. we're looking forward to one game at a time and having that same mentality as last year. >> it's a new year and what is does a healthy percy harvin mean for this team? >> lord have mercy, we have percy. that's what i say. we have a great relationship. it's really good for us. >> congratulations. let's turn to percy. you guys made it look easy out there. what was so in sync tonight? >> we just tried to stay on schedule, got off to a good start. from there we converted on third down at a pretty good rate. we played physical and took care of business. >> people are talking about the seahawks being even better this year than they were last year when they won a super bowl.
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what do you think the potential of this team is? >> we got a few more weapons on offense. a lot of the guys are just more experienced. the defenders, kam chancellor, earl, they got another year of experience. we just went to work, it was based on our fundamentals in the off season. and it went great. >> congratulations. bob? >> you may say to yourself where is marshawn lynch? and i may say to myself, where's my camera? i guess it's this one. tony and dan patrick are here. marshawn lynch is another guy we should acknowledge. carried it 20 times for two touchdowns. he's not the most media friendly guy. when you get an interview with him, it's stop the presses stuff. what do you take away from this
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game? >> i tried to tell coach in the pregame show that this team is heading back to the super bowl. this team is the best team in the national football league. the scary part about it, coach, is they're only getting better. you talk about russell wilson and him. i think people need to consider him an elite quarterback. even in an interview, he's talking about getting better. but percy harvin, what a difference he makes on this team. >> i agree, they're a better football team than last year. harvin brings an element they didn't have, russell wilson is better. their defense, i love the way they play. they're fast and physical. i know pete carroll is going to go in that locker room and say it's only one game, we have to keep going. just like russell wilson said, we didn't repeat. it's not easy. >> you talk about complacency. i don't think this is a complacent team. i watch this team like you watched. they come out, they play hard, they play tough.
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for the life of me, i believe this is the best team in football. if i had to pick one weakness of this team, it's that they don't have a punt returner. >> maybe it should just be a fair catch or let it roll situation because they're not going to mess anything up. >> they're going to be awfully tough to beat at home but it's a long year. >> you're still sticking by your prediction that a repeat is -- >> they are better than last year. >> rodney, we'll continue the discussion after the season. we'll wrap this evenings up after this. alright guys. the usual. double wings, extra ranch. we need to do something different. callahan's? ehh, i mean get away, like, away away. road trip?
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collinsworth. >> al: game one is in the books. on we go to denver. last year we had denver/indianapolis, andrew luck had a big night, they won in peyton's home coming. breaking news, andrew luck's pretty good. >> cris: andrew luck is really good. any time you get a chance to see the new and the older -- i'm not going to call him old, mvp of the league, but andrew luck, if you project, who are the great ones going to be? people can't get him on the ground like ben roethlisberger but he's faster. just get von miller back in the lineup again has to make you feel awfully good about things. this is a team that defensively i think they're going to be
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stronger, loss of wes welker for a little while. any time you have peyton manning, you know you're going to put some points on the board. >> al: denver sunday night. it will be the broncos and the colts. "tonight show" starting jimmy falon, except on the west coast. for -- al michaels for cris collinsworth and michele tafoya and our whole crew, good night tonight. the seattle seahawks win tonight, 36-16. >> announcer: nbc sports, thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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join now at verizon. an attempted kidnapping at dulles airport. how close a father came to losing his child on a flight to china. >> the two-week search for a missing scientist comes to an end far from home. >> targeting isis. a potentially major shift in the white house's position on taking the fight to syriament. >> news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> we begin with breaking news. we just learned the son of an elderly woman killed in a fire in rockville this morning has been arrested for murder. police say he stabbed his 82-year-old mother multiple times before setting their house on fire. >> the man lived with his mother and he admitted to stabbing her.
11:54 pm
the medical examiner is trying to figure out if she died from stab wounds or injuries from the fire. he's being charged with murder and is being held without bond. >> it's a landmark day in virginia history that never had to happen. >> virginia's former governor and wife are facing decades in prison. it could have been avoided if bob mcdonnell was taken the plea deal offered. instead he was convicted of on 11 of 13 counts including corruption and bribery charges. his wife maureen found guilty on oh nine counts. the defense strategy of revealing deeply personal problems in the marriage failed. >> in december they could have avoided jail time if mcdonnell pleaded guilty to one count of fraud. the northern virginia bureau covered ever minute of the trial. >> that's right. >> a sad chapter in virginia history was written by jurors in the verdict they delivered at the this courthouse today. bob mcdonnell becomes the first
11:55 pm
virginia governor convicted of a crime. >> gov author mcdonnell -- >> the man on a vice presidential short list was pale as he left after the verdict. >> my trust remains in the lord. thank you. >> reporter: jurors found mcdonnell guilty of all corruption charges against him. his wife was found guilty of most of the charges she faced. prosecutors hammered home the message that this was a case of bribery, pure and simple arguing the mng dodges sold out the influence of the governor's office to jnhonnie williams for $177,000 in trips, gifts and big dollar loans. >> this was a difficult, disappointing day for the commonwealth and its citizens is. >> the defense team put faith in a strategy that brought soap opera sensationalism into the courtroom. they exposed the troubled mashlg and claimed they couldn't have plotted together. jurors rejected the claim. >> i'm obviously upset.
11:56 pm
i wish i could have brought it home for my client today. >> jurors refused comment as they left. >> reporte political analysts say it's the final blow to a career once destined for greater heights. >> unfortunately it cements bob mcdonnell as the first virginia governor to be convicted in a criminal case. >> this is daift colbert continuing our coverage in richmond. this is video of bob mcdonnell's last walk into the federal courthouse ahead of a devastating sentencing for the former governor. holding his dad up his son bobby, we have seen the five children supporting both of their parents throughout this six-week-long trial. inside the courtroom as the court read the jury's verdict aloud, count by count with each guilty you could hear sobs and cries from the mcdonnell family and friends.
11:57 pm
they were holding onto each other. bob mcdonnell had his head in his hands. >> my eyes and the eyes of most people in the courtroom weren't ton jury or on the courtroom deputy reading the verdicts. we were all watching bob mcdodge and maureen mcdonnell. they sat stoically initially. maureen remained stoic as though in state of shock. you wouldn't have recognized bob mcdonnell as the one calm, confident governor, quickly rising political star. we saw instead a man broken after hearing his name followed by guilty 11 times. >> the jurors had to decide the fate of the first couple.
11:58 pm
it was a tough decision but not hard. she then said it was tough to see the family go through it. when it came down to brass tacks we knew the decision we had to make. find a to dwalry on nbc >> they found the body of martin rogers in allegh eny county 20 minutes from couple berland near his car. rogers told his wife he was going to a meeting august 21, but his co-workers say he never showed up. since then people reported seeing him along the canal and outside cumberland. police don't believe foul play
11:59 pm
is involved. the united airline flight was headed to beijing when it was ordered to turn around because of a parental abduction case. the child has been returned to his father and the mother is expected in court in alexandra. if you live in one of the highlighted areas the water is safe to drink again. the boil water advisory for parts of prince georges county is now over. it stemmed from a water main break. there are no harmful bacteria in the water. >> memorials are growing in honor of joan rivers. the trail blazing, ras pi comedian was rushed after she went into cardiac arrest during a routine procedure.
12:00 am
>> can we talk? she was a tramp. >> her first shot at national fame after appearing on the tonight show. we learned funeral services for rivers are planned for sunday. her daughter melissa released a statement this afternoon saying rivers died surrounded by her family and friends. access hollywood host billy bush has known rivers for years and joined us at 4:00 just after the news of her death. . >> she could say anything and she got the pass. she was an equal opportunity offender. nobody took the brunt of it more than joan herself. >> the manhattan clinic where rivers stopped breathing is under investigation. yorkville endoscopy is an outpatient clinic. it is not clear if the medical examiner is looking into the procedure performed on rivers or the clinic itself. >> tonight the kennedy center looked back the center gave the
12:01 am
award to george carlin and rivers was a presenter. >> fellow comedians are remembering her for breaking into the boys' club of comedy. here's a woman, a real pioneer for other women. she would sit in the chair and say things that were unbelievable. amy poehler said every woman in comedy is indebted to her. she was there at the beginning and funny to the end. >> nearly seven hours. that's how long a 17-month-old baby sat in the back seat of hot car before anyone found him. tonight the boy's father has been charged win voluntary manslaughter. the family came to court with him today. he told investigators he dropped off his older son at preschool and was to take his baby boy to day care. but he forgot. instead went right to work on the base. our sympathy and support goes out to the family.
12:02 am
we have offered counseling in any way, shape or form. >> he went back to the car early this the afternoon and still didn't notice his son was in the car. he's now staying with his parents. they had to remove guns from the home before police would release him. >> more charges in the d.c. campaign corruption scandal surrounding vincent gray. federal prosecutors charged mark long the driver with conspiracy saying long illegally picked up cash for gray, even drove him to secret meetings including at least one with. he's accused of the shadow campaign that helped get gray elect. long is expected to plead guilty in court tomorrow. >> the call that had police swarming the university of maryland wednesday came from the internet. investigators say they traced the call to an internet based
12:03 am
line linked to a social media account that mentioned several fake incidents in the area. it's called swatting where a person makes a fake call using technology that makes it seem like the call is coming from that address. the caller said a hostage was in the main administration building which wasn't true. investigators are trying to find out who's responsible. >> another american with ebola coming back to the u.s. in hours. next why he won't get the same treatment two other americans got. >> a home explosion caught on camerament the survival story behind this. >> how about the friday trast? >> you may want to take the umbrella with you. we have a better chance of showers and storms tomorrow. they are down to the south. humidity in the forecast, too. we'll talk about that and the we'll talk about that and the we
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