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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 7, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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got to play. >> course experience because you just can't replicate it. >> some pick it up and put it back in the fairway and say i don't want to hit it from there. >> playing it pretty far forward in his stance. >> that came out like a bullet. i guess he couldn't get the club down on it. >> yeah. >> he hit some funny shots at this back nine. >> yeah. no cherry hills' palmer charge today on this final round, although palmer whiz was in great shade. bogeyed at 12, doubled at 13, all of a sudden was out of it and we are just a few minutes away from officially heading to the tour championship by coca-cola. there are the times on golf channel and nbc. the top 30.
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martin kaymer now. fourth shot. >> like you said, there's not much break here. it's not going to get to the hole. i don't believe. >> that's a good leave. >> going to end with his fourth bogey of the day. it will be a plus 3 round of 73 for the u.s. open champion. >> just not much good, sustained play. just always a little ragged. >> just perfect playing scoring conditions. no wind. soft greens. altitude. not too long a course when you factor the altitude in. just guys are awfully good now. there's just so many good players. you shoot over par on the last round on a day like today you will get a lot of people pass you. >> so palmer for par.
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so, you know, if it turns out here, horschel could have walked for relief. >> yeah. >> guy taking all the time to play here. >> the same putt that bubba had, roger. very quick. you see this moving west. >> yes, i do. >> just a little farther to the right is a straight putt. where he is, it moves a foot left i think. he's playing a lot of break. >> palmer has a lot of his family here. his wife jennifer, parents butch and gloria are all here. they were hoping it would turn into pga tour victory number four. close again for palmer, but the wait will continue. has not won in four years now.
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while we have a moment, again, reminder that the fedex cup playoffs head to atlanta, tour championship by coca-cola, coverage beginning thursday 12:30 eastern on golf channel, saturday 2:30 eastern time on nbc. coming up next except on the west coast keep it right here in denver. your local news and then sunday night football night as the colts take on the broncos. coverage begins at 7:00 eastern time, 4:00 pacific right here on nbc. palmer taps in. again tied for the lead with seven holes to play, but plus 5 coming in. >> shoots a 71. tough back nine. kaymer just trying to get out of billy's way. >> that will clear the stage for horschel, who no matter what happened today, was already going to be a very big year for billy horschel as he and his
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wife brittney expecting their first child at the end of the month, september 27th. baby girl they're expecting. already name picked out, skylar. his wife brittney not here but i know watching nervously back home. just a formality here. horschel, again, with his two-shot lead runs it by. there's a little bit of that maybe energy and excitement that billy has. >> he hasn't paid the price for all these leaves, roger. >> that's because he was good enough to make them. >> that's what i'm saying. he could have leaked a little oil with all these -- there are no tap-in pars. >> there could have been plenty of doubts coming into his mind this week after last monday but he's done a brilliant job. >> a week away from that unfortunate ending at tpc boston. billy horschel with the biggest victory of his career.
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the bmw champion, 2014. so the top 30 are set. chris kirk will lead the way. horschel is up in the second spot. bubba watson, rory mcilroy, and hunter mahan round out the top five positions. they control their own fate. a win at the tour championship and they win the fedex cup. there are the next ten. and then rounding out the top 30. dustin johnson who will not play so there's only going to be 29 players at the tour championship because dustin johnson will not play. let's send it down to steve sands. >> dan, thank you. billy was just saying it feels so good. what does a win like this mean to you, billy? >> you know, just means a lot. i haven't had the greatest season and, you know, i had my game today. i warmed up. couldn't have a better warmup session this morning. played the first couple holes good. then just grinding it.
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i made some big putts and i can rely on my putts because i'm a good putter inside ten feet. after last week a lot of people on twitter wanted to call me a choker. i didn't choke. i had a bad swing at the wrong time. you don't check coming from behind. to lead this thing, have this three-shot lead to hold on means a lot. my whole team, todd and mark, jeff, randy myers, and my caddie my ka, and my wife at home expecting a kid in the next few weeks, my whole family they've bnds behind me this whole year. means a lot i finally got a victory. >> congratulations. >> shaping up into a big month for the horschels. what a win for billy horschel. for our entire golf channel on nbc team, dan hicks saying so long, from cherry hills.
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right now at 6:00, a search for answers in a quiet maryland community. what investigators are focused on after the deaths of two children. an nbc exclusive. president obama talks to chuck todd on his strategy for beating isis. >> the next phase is to go on some offense. how the redskins came up short today in houston. new coach, new season, new hope. there was all kinds of excitement before today's game, but it was a rough start to jay gruden's first year in washington. the redskins racked up plenty of yards, but mistakes cost them.
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jason is here with some missed opportunities. right, jason? >> that's correct, chris. mistakes and turnovers doomed the redskins today in houston. they had plenty of chances throughout the course of this game to make it interesting, but whenever anything positive happened for the skins, it was messed up in miscue. second quarter, skins down 7-6, he's down to punt and it gets blocked by alfred blue. you are not my boy, blue. houston scores. they take a 14-6 lead. third quarter now. skins with the first and goal inside the 10. rg 3 trips trying to hand off the ball to alfred moore. it's fumbled away. j.j. watt covers it. griffin trips over one of his offensive lineman's feet. 17-6 the final. after the game, jay gruden was asked about how he felt about
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losing his coaching debut. >> sick, sick, sick. you only have one first time and i failed to get it done. we failed as a staff to get it done. your emergence has to rise and your preparation, and hopefully it will. >> we feel sorry we didn't win for our head coach. we'll have to regroup, watch film and get better from it. >> later on we'll go back to houston where diane rocini is standing by about a locker room report. the redskins name controversy followed the team all the way to houston. a group of native americans was outside today's game, protesting the team's mascot. they held signs that read, your r word is racist, and indians are human beings, not mascots. a few texas fans heckled that group as they went in the stadium. they continue to stand by the name, calling it a badge of
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honor. sports analysts like tony dungy says they won't use it anymore. it started with a call to police. two toddlers having trouble breathing. now they're dead and homicide is working on the case. everything is focused at the home in cheverly. everything in the neighborhood is a crime scene, and investigators are looking for a motive to explain what happened. it began with a 2:15 a.m. call to the fire department which appeared at first to be a medical emergency. first responders realized soon that it could be more. they called on police for assistance. >> the children removed and taken to a local hospital, where they have both been pronounced deceased. >> reporter: homicide detectives carried bags of evidence from the scene. a sign on the door indicates there is a home office
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both doors appear to have been dusted for fingerprints. still, early indications are police have some strong leads. >> investigators are working with a potential suspect. >> reporter: they also said there is no need for the community to fear. reaction we commonly get from neighbors that we spoke to is that that sort of thing doesn't happen in this sort of neighborhood. >> it's a quiet neighborhood. nothing ever happens in cheverly, and it's shocking what happened here. >> it surprises me hugely. i'm in shock. >> reporter: an older couple has lived in the home since the early '80s, but they've seen children in the home as well. >> i've seen a grandson passing, but that would be about it. >> there's always trouble when you're dealing with cheverly. now to the developing situation in iraq. the u.s. has launched a new round of airstrikes against isis militants. the president says these strikes are aimed at isis fighters to keep them from capturing the hadith dam. it could cause catastrophic
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flooding and threaten thousands of iraqis. in cairo today, the arab league issued a call to arms, promising to work with leaders and confront isis. could obama enter a true international coalition? on an exclusive interview on "meet the press" today, chuck todd asked about his comment about isis, calling it a, quote, jv team. >> keep in mind, i wasn't specifically referring to isil. i have said that regionally, there were a whole series of organizations that were focused primarily locally. weren't focused on the homeland, because i think a lot of us, when we think about terrorism, the motto is osama bin laden and 9/11. >> you don't believe these people -- >> not yet. but they can evolve. >> president obama told chuck he's meeting with congressional leaders at the white house
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tuesday, and the following night he'll lay out his strategy to fight isis in a speech to the nation. another nba owner apologizes for making comments about race. the e-mail that has him selling his team. plus,
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believe it or not, another nba owner is embroiled in a racially charged controversy. bruce levinson is the co-owner of the atlanta hawks and he's selling his share of the team. levinson sent an offensive e-mail to his partners and general manager. he wrote the e-mail back in 2012, asking how to attract more white fans. he says, increasingly black crowds are scaring white fans. southern whites are not comfortable in at reasonthe are. he voluntarily reported this to the nba last night and told them it's in his best interest to sell his interest in the franchi franchise. this comes after donald sterling was forced to sell his team. he was banned from the nba after a recording came out of some racial comments he made to his girlfriend. every year at this time, people lace up their sneakers for the out of darkness walk.
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it was em seed here in fairfax county today. it's part of the changing minds campaign. we want to raise awareness about suicide prevention and end the stigma associated with it. this walk also raises money for research that will give us more insight into the genetic factors that could lead to suicide. the walk was sponsored by the american foundation for suicide prevention. you can learn more about suicide prevention on the changing minds web page on our website. the great thing about that was they just had fantastic weather today to be out for a walk. >> it was beautiful today, and we talked about that yesterday. the humidity would be low, there would be sunshine during the afternoon. temperatures a huge improvement from saturday. now, as we look to the beginning of the work week, you want to keep your umbrella handy. showers are in the forecast tomorrow and tuesday, mainly later in the day tomorrow, and tuesday you could be dealing with a shower, really, at any time. as we look to the rest of the work week, keeping it dry on wednesday but tracking some storms later in the day on
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thursday. this week as far as the heat is concerned, some good news. we're not looking at any 90s. in fact, temperatures for the most part will be fairly comfortable this week, especially when we compare it to last week. right now temperatures are in the 70s and 80s across the area, washington coming in at 82. radar in our region is dry, but this area of low pressure down around florida and georgia will move up the coast and bring moisture with it, potentially, mainly later in date on monday and then tuesday as well. especially for areas south and east of the district. here we are, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. for the most part it's a dry morning commute but plenty of clouds already around. getting into the midday hours, notice these scattered showers around noon, and during the afternoon we continue to track some scattered hours, about a 40 to 50% chance that you're dealing with some rain tomorrow. even at 10:00, maybe a few light showers across the area. we're not talking about any thunderstorms, though, in the forecast. so it's a cool start, temperatures in the mid-60s.
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low 70s by 11:00 a.m. a high tomorrow only 78 degrees and a little bit breezy at times as well. on tuesday, a high temperature of 77 degrees. little bit better chance that you're dealing with rain on tuesday. notice futureweather throughout the day keeping a lot of moisture around, especially around washington and then areas off to the east and south. as we look to the afternoon and evening hours, continue to track the chance of showers. remember, though, no thunderstorms. crisp thursday. later in the day some thunderstorms are likely, potentially bringing some heavy rain. it's also the hottest day of the week. a high temperature of 87. right now it's looking like that rain clears the area, bringing us nice weather for friday, saturday and next sunday. saturday and next sunday. still ahead,
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♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance?
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me too... we're practically twins!
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nfl season can be a grind, 16 games. but matt, you love to get off on that great start. >> yeah, who wouldn't? did you get your yardwork done today, by the way?
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no chores? you were lazy, just like me? just like everybody? the first nfl weekend is always exciting for fans, because whit the new season comes a new season of hope. the redskins had that going into houston, they just didn't make any big plays, or simple plays, for that matter. offensive special teams was a different story. robert griff in iii would see a lot of j.j. watt, and that was not a good thing. still a problem for the skins, andre roberts returns this punt gets tackled by durrell young. not good to get tackled by your own teammate. second quarter skins get a spark, though, from running back alfred morse. a 21-yard game here down to the 1. morse had 90 yards rushing on 14 carries, young would punch it in for a touchdown. the extra point was blocked by j.j. watt right afterwards.
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the skins tie this game up at two apiece. patrick with plenty of time. finds deion wide open. he makes him miss, a lot especially last year. houston is up. the redskins, next drive. they go 3 and out. he gets blocked by the rookie alfred blue for a touchdown. texans are up 14-6 at this point. they take that lead into half time. third quarter, the skins start with the ball. they drive down the field but griffin can't get his hand off alfred moore, tripped over one of the defensive lineman's feet. here we go, next down for the houston texans.
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fourth quarter, griffin gets sacked by watt. watt worth every penny of that $100 million extension he got. jay gruden loses in debut. with more from houston, here's diane rocini. >> reporter: jason, the first nfl game of the season is difficult for any team, so many unknowns. but this team only put up six points today. they couldn't get their passing game going, and turnovers cost them the game. >> it's inexcusable to have turnovers in the end zone. we have one guy that's free and an unnecessary handoff that you work on of day in practice. we just have to move on. >> it's a constant practice to hammer in the details and fix what you need to fix and do it next week.
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we'll fix what we need to fix today, and it starts with me, and i'll make sure that happens. >> we played not so great and there's a lot to be learned. we're going to watch the film and get better. >> i think it would be better to be at home. this place was crazy. they were really loud, so i thought next week i'll give them an opportunity to slow down and we'll make plays in our stadium. >> reed who went down during the game will have an mri on his elbow tomorrow. let's go to the baseball diamond now. who doesn't love. bottom of the fourth, they're down to one. adam larothe changed his solo shot. we're tied at 2 now.
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bottom of the 6th after he and desmond. since this pitch to left. that's when your. one more score for you in the nfl, the ravens fell to the bengals ñr23-16. football is not over yet. we're going to take you to a live shot of denver where the broncos and the colts are getting prepared to take each other on.
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on this sunday night, on the offensive. more u.s. air strikes as president obama prepares to address the nation on a plan to hunt down isis militants. deadlyfloods. hundreds of villages underwatter to night. the race to rescue the thousands still stranded. hooked, an inside look at america's heroin epidemic. how the drug is entering our cities and no community sim mun. the new research on the value of a college degree. some are wondering is the financial risk worth the reward. and remembering joan rivers. families, friends, and celebrities say good-bye to the ground breaking comedian.


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