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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  September 9, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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we are following new developments on two major stories at this hour. a news conference is about to begin on this missing mom and her two children. coming up, why police are concerned about the safety of those children. police, we're hearing from the wife of ray rice this morning. she calls the past 24 hours a nightmare and has harsh words, not for her husband, but for others. good morning, everyone. i'm barbara harrison. right now police in montgomery county are asking for your help to find a missing mother and her two young children. police are about to hold a news conference. megan mcgrath is at the police headquarters with more on that.
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megan? >> reporter: montgomery county police are looki f a missing 27-year-old mother and her two young children. they're hoping the public may be able to help locate this family. it appears the kids may have disappeared over the course of two days. 2-year-old jacob hoggle was last seen leaving his grandmother's home with his mother catherine. 3-year-old sarah was last seen on her home in clarksburg. that was monday morning. now the mother, katherine hoggle is a paranoid schizophrenic. she has given a number of explanations for the kids' whereabouts. none of the stories have panned out. relatives, including the father of the children, don't know where they are. now on monday the father told catherine hoggle they need to go and talk to police. ing on the way to the police station, they stopped at a fast food restaurant. that's when catherine slipped
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away. she left the restaurant, and she is now missing too. >> she was not forthcoming about where the children are. she gave a couple of stories. detectives knlt confirm them. ful she has a mental illness. we don't know role that played in the incident, if any. >> reporter: and the chief of police will give an update shortly. we'll bring you the latest in the next half hour. >> thank you, megan. new this morning, right now a d.c. police officer is in the hospital after getting hit by a car along eastern avenue in north dc. the officer was on duty when she was hit on 61st street around 1:00. the driver who hit her did stay at the scene. so far no charges have been filed. right now you can go to a free walk-in clinic to get your children some new vaccines from montgomery schools. there's also one at the silver
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spring health center. these vaccines cover several diseases including tetnus, whooping cough and men united states. if you don't get them by monday your children won't be allowed in school. >> we work with parents. we don't want to keep kids out of school. we want them in the school. >> you can also set up a free appointment online to get the vaccines tonight, tomorrow and thursday of this week. and another cool, gray start to this day. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joins us with his first midweek meteorologist for this tuesday. . good morning, chuck. >> good morning, barbara. plenty of clouds. not a lot in terms of rainfall, but still a gloomy morning outside. again, you can tell it's not really raining much out there just yet. but it's not very pretty day. storm team 4 ray dar shows areas
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of spits and drizzle. but that's not coming our way. one or two drizzle drops in frederick, montgomery and lao don counties. these are drifting west. a lot of rain now just offshore. it's moving away from norfolk and virginia beach where they had a tremendous amount of rain and flooding yesterday. for us, really just clouds around. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. plan on cloudy and damp evening, but not much of a rain threat. we'll get to the weather pattern changes that are coming, and we'll start talking about the weekend coming up. >> love that weekend. thanks a lot. police are not saying what evidence links a man to three unsolved murders in alexandria. nancy dunning in 2003, rob kirby in 2013 and ruth ann in february of this year. yesterday their families received news they had been waiting for. a suspect is finally behind bars.
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it's the man they've been investigating for three months. he was named in a ten-count indictment including those murders. in each case the victim was shot after answering a knock at the door. a sketch from a woman who witnessed one of the furthers is the break the place needed. >> we're grateful for them pursuing the case. while nothing can bring her back, we're hopeful today's indictment is the beginning of a process to offer our family and other affected families a small amount of closure. >> police refused to detail the evidence against him. he is currently in jail on an unrelated gun charge. police say more people could be involved in a shooting that left a number of people shot and one of them dead. ft shots were fired in the 200 block of hager street last night. two victims were found collapsed in the street. police say a third person who was shot walked to a nearby hospital. bloody clothing was located in the roped off parking lot of pope tire and service center. in about an hour, carol schwartz
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will kick off her d.c. mayoral campaign in freedom plaza. the former republican d.c. council member is up against democrat mariel bowser on the november 4th ballot. and today apple's big announcement. people are still in line for the company's unannounced product. ft coming up, what we have learned about what will be unveiled today. >> and reaction is still pouring in on the video of ray rice punching his then girlfriend on an elevator. we're also hearing from the woman who was
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all eyes are on apple today. the question, what's inside their mysterious big white box? we'll find out in a couple l of hours during their annual product lunch. aaron gilchrist is breaking down what we can expect to see. >> apple is known for giving us products we feel like we can't live without, and they just may do it again. the expectation is if r the iphone 6. the new iphone. two versions are supposed to be released. both with larger screens. this is what the current iphone looks like on the left. tech experts say they could look like the two on the right with the larger screens. the 4.7 and 5.5 inch screen sizes that you'll see with the
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new phones. we could also learn in the i-watch will become a thing of reality. it's supposed to track your heart rate, sleep patterns, blood pressure. apple's take on that could really change the game. >> they reinvented categories in the past. they changed music. . they changed pcs. >> both are expected to be the first to use nfc. that stands for near field communications. . it enables mobile payments, which could mean the end of credit cards for a lot of folks. you can kound on news 4 to bring you the latest on this. watch the announce live on look if the link on the top of the home page. >> thanks, aaron. amazon is trying to trump apple on the big day. they're slashing prices of their phone to less than a dollar. it will go for 99 cents with a two-year contract. that's kwip a drop from the june
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debut for $199 with a two-year price drop. they plan to include a three one-h year prime subscription with the purchase if sold exclusively the through at&t. if you're looking to sell your iphone before the new model is released, you better act fast. the long wait can add value to the phone, we have an article on website. just search apple. >> in the past two hours a fourth ebola patient arrived in the u.s. coming up. the latest on the patients' conditions and the plan for treatment. what's happening with the weather? >> outside it's all cloud cover. not much in the way of rain. i certainly don't need my umbrella here on the front lawn. it may not be the case for the rest of the week. and, of course, weekend
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this just into the live desk. ray rice's wife janay breaks her silence on instagram. she writes she is hurt beyond words waking up feeling like she had a horrible nightmare. she blames the coverage the incident in the elevator has graun saying no one knows the
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pain the media has caused my family. to make us relive this is horrible. to take something away from the man i love, something that he has worked for all his life to gain ratings is horrific. the post ends we will continue to show the world what real love is. ravens, nation, we love you. it's already drawing another reaction, as you can imagine. >> thank you so much. this is the video everyone has been talking about. you can see ray rice punch his now wife so hard she passes out. they say the nfl willfully ignored the video. they responded saying the police did not release that video to them. vice president joe biden sayses he's glad the league took action. >> the nfl did the right thing. whether it was for the right
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reason, they had no choice. >> in the last hour they said they will let you exchange your ray rice jerseys at stadium stores. today domestic violence groups are reacting to the visit owe and reaching out to help you. they say you're not alone. we talked to karma cotman in the the coalition against domestic violence. >> when we first heard about it, we didn't see it. we didn't have a picture, and then we see it and it reminds us of what could happen to our mothers, our sisters, our aunts. >> if you need help, you can call the national domestic hot line at 1-800-799-safe. and new today, a fourth american with ebola has arrived in the the ugs for treatment. less than an hour ago the patient arrived by ambulance in atlanta. take a look. you can see two people come out.
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it appears the second person is the ebola patient. two other aide workers were successfully treated for ebola at hemry. one of the doctors tested positive at a treatment center in sierra leone and was evacuated to the u.s. this afternoon president obama begins his campaign to convince america that the u.s. should go after isis trysts. the president will lay out his plan for congress at 3:15 this afternoon. tracie potts has more on what's happening today. >> president obama says we're going after isis. but how? where? when, and with whom? >> it's smot something you do by dropping a few bombs. you need strategies. you need allies. >> almost every single country on earth has a role to play in eliminating the threat and the evil that it represents. >> secretary kerry heads to the mideast, building the coalition.
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iraq has a new more inclusive government as of this week. the president says their soldiers should find the ground war, not ours. >> this is a war. >> after an sbej briefing last night and more today, some lawmakers are backing u.s. air strikes in syria. >> we ought to go after the snake where the the head is. is and becap date the snake. >> others want more limited action. >> whatever authorization we agree upon should be on a short tether. >> the president says he doesn't need authorization but wants a vote of support. tomorrow he'll address the nation. >> he needs to be aggressive. he needs to be to the the point. he needs to go after these groups. and he needs to make sure that we shut them down. >> that's one of the many opinions floating around here on capitol hill. now that congress is back, there's a proposal to strip american citizens of their
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passports if they're found working with i sis militants. tracie potts, nbc news. washington. >> and for more on the president's meeting with congressional leaders, we're joined by carrie dann. who will be at this meeting? >> you're going to see the president meeting with the head leaders o f the house and senate like john boehner, mitch mcconnell, harry reid and nancy pelosi. and he'll talk about what his strategy will be before the salespeople tomorrow night. one of the big things that'll talk about is whether or not congress will have any vote to authorize action against isis. thest something the president said he wants congress to buy in. although the president has been clear he thinks he has the constitutional authority to go ahead with this military strategy without a vote from congress. congress doesn't really want to have a vote on this right now. it's so close to midterm. >> neither republicans or democrats. >> neither. republicans think they're in a good place going into the
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midterm. and democrats aren't sure how a vote may play with their base. both sides want to say we've been consulted. we're pushing the president to come up with a strategy. nobody wants to take a poll to demonstrate that. >> do we have anything on what the american public feels about that? >> we do. that could be good news for the white house. new polling on the "washington post" and abc news that indicates 71% of americans say let's have air strikes in iraq. 65% say the same for syria. that's a big jump from the the last couple of years. and tonight nbc news and wall street journal will have new polling at 6:30. >> the last primary is today. five states involved. which ones are they? anything unexpected? >> one of the big races is in new hampshire. while there isn't a surprise expected, scott brown -- >> this is the same scott brown? >> same scott brown. >> and he's moved to a new state? >> former massachusetts senator. now he's in new hampshire running for the republican nomination in that state.
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and he's by far the front front-runner. he's running against well known names in the state. can he get a substantial portion of that electorate in the primary? and what does that say about his support from the base going to the general election? in november he'll run against incumbent democrat. that's going to be a marquee race. is he going to be able to take her down when he wasn't able to beat elizabeth warren in massachusetts? >> he is expected to win. >> he wants to come back. >> yeah. >> and for more from carrie, check out first read on a new dr. seuss book is out today more than 20 years after the author's death. plus a new study on autism. but first, here's a look at what's hot on
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some news for your health this morning. a new study shows early intervention could reduce or eliminate all signs of autism by age 3. that's the age most children are diagnosed with autism. the infant start program was tested on seven babies who showed symptoms of autism between 6 and 15-month-old. the treatment included coaching
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to help parents increase their infant's attention, communication and social skills. >> six out of seven children, by the time they reach their second year of age, not only grew out of the the symptoms, but at a time when a lot of children would have language delay, these kids not only caught up, but they had good language. >> early signs include failure to make eye contact. repettive play behavior and absence of babbling. you may want to wash your hands more often while you're working. the university of arizona found germs can spread from an office door handle to half the workforce in two hours. they also found the break room had the most germs. especially the coffee pot handle and microwave. the best thing to do is to wipe everything down with antibacterial wipes and wash your hands frequently throughout the day. keeping kids in the classroom. coming up, a new push by a local
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program that says kids are missing vital lessons in school and more needs to be done about that. plus, a shark attack leaves a swimmer dead despite the heroic efforts of a beachgoer. we'll hear what people said about what happened. and chuck bell is back with your first look at the seven-day forecast, and the w
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new today, a shark attacked and killed a man surfing off the
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coast of australia. you can see what appears to be a great white shark near the beach where the man was attacked. another man tried to save the victim, but it was too late. >> i ran out and grabbed the guy. and dragged him in onto the beach. the shark was probably maybe 40, 50 feet away. >> at first the man thought it was a turtle in the water. as he looked closer, he saw it was a body. >> it would be hard to go back in in the water. >> there's been a lot of shark sightings and attacks this week. maybe just the anlt to get the news out. >> what's going on with the weather? >> all right. well, it's one of the gray days again here in washington. and these clouds are not really on the race out of town, either.
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they will be taking leave, but it's going to take a while before we get anything in the way of sunshine. we'll have sun back around by tomorrow. for the rest of the lunch hour and into the afternoon today, what you see is what you get. all i see out there are clouds. it was all cloud cover, but no rain drops. at least not here in northwest washington. right now the temperature at national airport is ate 74 degrees with 71% humidity. northwesterly winds continue to bring in the low level isr and that's going to be stuck in place around here. as the cool marine air moves up hill, it rains out more moisture. the clouds are lower to the west. and temperatures as a result are a touch cooler. mid 60s in the shenandoah valley. upper 60s in town. these are either inside the capital beltway.
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we're really going to hover within a couple degrees of the same temperature. you're probably not going to move more now and the end of the day. it's a relatively low impact. there's not a lot of rain or wind out there. damp and breezy and cooler than average. the rain intensity, nothing too crazy out there. may want to have the umbrella around to play it safe. rain showers and a lot of them down in tight water, virginia, yesterday, over three inches of rain in norfolk, virginia, yesterday. there you can see the drizzle drops moving to the higher elevations, out towards charles town, leesburg, just a little bit of light rain and drizzle. it isn't adding up to too much. frederick and down to clarksburg. full cloud cover out there for today. and the rain chances for the
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remainder of the day going forward, everyone has at least a low chance of drizzle. there will be a chance of sprinkles, but mainly cloudy. mostly cloudy, yes, but rain delays not terribly likely. just a quick shower or two. that's about it. you can see the future weather forecast. showers continuing to dissipate through the overnight hours. so seven-day forecast time. 70s with the clouds. 80s tomorrow with return of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. a little bit on the warm and humid side. thursday afternoon, thursday night, a chance for thunderstorms. most of the weekend will be cool. sun and clouds mix. daytime temperatures in the 20s. police in montgomery county just wrapped up a news conference about the search for a missing mother and her two
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young children. megan mcgrath is live on that. >> reporter: well, barbara, we just got an update from the assistant chief here on this case. and basically here is what we have learned here. police are looking for 27-year-old catherine hoggle and her two young children. her son, 2-year-old jacob and her daughter, 3-year-old sarah. jacob was last seen sunday with his mother at the grandparents house. that house is in gaithersburg. sarah was last seen before 6:00 a.m. at the family home in clarksburg. police say the mother, catherine h hoggle has mental issues and they're concerned about that. about 18 hours between sightings of the two children. the mother has given a the whereabouts of the kids. detectives have checked up on the stories and say none of em have panned out.
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the father does not know where his children are. he went to police last night. they think harm may have come to the kids. the assistant chief russ hammell says this. >> being a police officer as long as i have, my experience of being chief of the fire department for a period of time, i have to keep that as a very real concern. again, my hope is they're fine. i have to look at all avenues in my position. and where this could possibly go and track down all possible leads. and hopefully bring them home safely. >> reporter: and the mother catherine is now missing as well. monday evening the father of the the children was talking to her. he said let's go to police. we need to sort this out. they were on their way to the police station when they stopped at a fast food restaurant. while inside that restaurant, catherine slipped out. she left the restaurant. that's been the last time that she was scene. police are asking for help.
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anyone who has seen catherine hoggle or her two children, you are asked to contact montgomery county police. they are concerned about the welfare of those children. they also, though, say there is no evidence of foul play. it is a possibility the kids could have been dropped off at a friend's house and they don't realize people are looking for this em. barbara, back to you. a group is expanding services to fight frtan in the district. today they're helping more children get to class. richard jordan has what you need to know. >> reporter: it could be tough to get your kids to school on time. that's the objective of the new program rolling out today. it is called show up, stand out, and it's going to be at 40 schools across the district and charter schools. organizers say there's a big truancy problem in d.c. about 20% of students miss at least 15 days of school or more.
11:36 am
the reasons why vary. they will find events to encourage your kids to like going to school. they have a hard time getting inside in the morning. so the program will find staff member at the school. it's a varying degree of support that the organization is providing. >> a lot of parents of particularly younger children where they started the work, they don't know that attendance is so important. so they're more casual than you would think. >> they are also rolling out an ad campaign to see the banners
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and flyers on buses and metro stations. >> u.s. air marshal is going through tests after being staped. he was going through security in nigeria sunday to board a flight to houston when the attack happen. a group of men ran up and stabbed him in the arm. the marshal removed the syringe and stored it in a safe place. he was rushed to a hospital as soon as he landed and is being tested for multiple diseases. it's a big day for steve harvey. a new season for his talk show and a new book. coming up, what you can expect from the book and from him.
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in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors.
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they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
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another royal bundle of joy is expected to be a bonanza for the british economy. the duke and duchess of ca cambridge announced they're expecting another child. they say they took in $16,000 in bets yesterday alone. it can also be a huge tourism draw. the center for retail research says prince george's arrival brought in $269 million in sales, souvenirs, toys, books
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and dvds. the third season of the emmy award winning steve harvey talk show is under way. and with a preview, we're joined by steve harvey himself. good morning. >> hey, barbara. i heard you talking about the newest addition to the royal family. i thought you were talking about my granddaughter, who was born this summer. i thought you were talking about little rose. >> i saw you last night on the tonight show, didn't i? >> yeah, i was on jimmy fallon last night. >> you were funny. you were so good. you were back to your roots with family feud. >> yeah, i was doing pretty good on that show. it was all about this week because we launched this show yesterday. . big motivational show on the show today. d.c. is going to love it. i have launched a book today called act like a success, think like a success.
11:42 am
i've taken all of my knowledge about succeeding and branding yourself and overcoming obstacles and how to win when it seems hopeless for you and how to get your life out of a rut. i teach that by showing how to discover the gift. that's what happened to me. it changed my life. >> that book is called act like a success, think like a success, discovering your gift in the way to life riches. let's talk about this season of your show. is it getting easier? or do you try to change it every year? >> it's going to be more motivational and a lot of dates. i have plans to take the show to orlando down to universal. i'm going to shoot some stuff in the middle east. this is for the show. we're going to do a lot more for
11:43 am
dates. a lot more for married couple with issues to rekindle the relationship. people who can't find anybody, we're going to help them find people. we're going to make over some men, so that they do better and look better. it's going o be a great season. >> well, tomorrow you're going to have your whole family on the show, i understand. you'll have rose, the new baby on there? >> rose makes her national television debut tomorrow. we're really proud of her. the family is going to be there. not all of them. it's hard to round aup up seven of them. the family will be there for my last barbecue of the season. got a corn eating contest. the harveys are going to have a corn eating contest. >> all of them, huh? are you going to participate? >> yeah, i'm going to win it. >> we're going to be watching, steve. >> i don't know that, but i'm hoping i will win it. >> it's so great to see you. you are the winner. we love watching you. we're glad you're with us here on nbc 4 and we look forward to
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seeing you today and the whole family tomorrow. have a great one. >> absolutely. whur, baby. >> all right. thank you vur much. thank you. >> well, 135 films from 25 countries coming up. the film festival getting under way in our area this week. and a sneak peek at some of the movies you're going to see. plus, horton's unheard story. the new dr. soousz book released
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this morning the yoga community is making a new push to get an exempt from d.c.'s so-called yoga tax. the arlington based group yoga alliance is sending letters to every studio in d.c. the letter says in part the the tax, quote, should not apply to yoga because it's far more than physical exercise. the group says new york and washington state already rule that yoga was not covered by their health club tax, and d.c. should follow suit. earlier this summer d.c. council approved the tax as part of the budget. right now the yoga tax goes into effect january 1st unless something happens. so, the 11th annual d.c. shorts film festival starts this thursday. and paul is joining us this morning with some of the don't-miss films. good morning. good to have you with us. >> good morning. thank you for having us. >> this is a popular film festival, isn't it. . it's been going how many years? >> it's our 11th anniversary
11:48 am
this year. >> so let's start by telling us what is considered a short film. how short does it have to be? >> short films are about 20 minutes or less. >> 20 minutes or less. anything that comes in under 20 minutes will be considered. >> yep. >> how long is it. does it have to be over two, three, five minutes? >> it could be any length. it could be ten minutes. 15 minutes. it could be five minutes. it could be a three-minute video. >> that's fun. the the films that are picked for the festival, how do you do it. >> we have a judging process where we interview patrons or anyone who is interesteded in being a film judge. we interview them and then we have a mandatory training. and then we -- >> anybody can be a film judge? >> yep, anybody. >> so how do you apply for that job? >> you can apply online. we promote during our social media platforms, and you can contact our office and find out how to become a film judge. >> well, we have a couple of
11:49 am
clips we want to show from some of the movies you like. one is called anxious oswald green. this is a short list. let's take a look at the clip. >> this is your life! >> i assume this is a comedy. >> yes. >> it is. >> and how is it fixed? >> we have different film judges who score. >> yeah. >> and once they score the films, the highest ranking fills go onto another group of judges and then we program. >> are they in groups or comedies with drama and whatever, i don't know how many categories you have. are they categorized? >> not necessarily. we have 17 different unique showcases and each showcase has films to make you cry, laugh, make you think or even scare you a little bit. >> oh, wow. we have another clip that we would like to take a look at, too. this is called one-minute time machine to give pplande
11:50 am
>> this certainly isn't a one-minute time machine. >> how long is this one? >> i believe it's about five to ten minutes. >> yeah. >> and do they tell a full story in such a short time? >> they do. they do. ch and this is one of our film s that we have in a special screening. we had a couple of occurring themes this year. one of them, we have a special screening, we call it super shorts. and it's films made up of time travel, super heros, things like that. >> a lot of folks already know about your festival and love it. for those who don't know, they can get show times and locations by going to your website. >> yep. >> and congratulations for another successful run that's about to start. >> thank you. >> good luck with it. thanks for coming to see us, paul. >> thank you. our time is 11:50. coming up inside the oval office, and one visitor who
11:51 am
didn't seem too impressed. plus we're back wi
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students at ft. healthcare henry are recreating history.
11:54 am
now this was a tradition first seen 100 years ago when 6,500 students did the very same thing. the event was revised about 30 years ago. but that ended in 2008 because of school cuts. it is a great sight to take in. keep in mind the significance of ft. mchenry. it's the very sight that the flag waving over the ft. happened after the battle of baltimore. this was in 1814. so a great way to show pride and patriotism. back to you, barbara. >> thank you. we're following several developing stories throughout the day on nbc 4. first, police in montgomery county are asking for your help in finding a missing clarksburg mother and her two children. catherine hoggle and her children have been missing since last night. police say she has paranoid schizophrenia. anyone with information should call 911. this afternoon president obama
11:55 am
will meet with con gregressiona leaders to detail his plan to combat isis. they are looking for support for stepping up the war on islstate. we'll learn more about the plan when he addresses the nation tomorrow night at 8:00. in an hour apple will put to bed all of those rumors and finally unveil their new products. the iphone 6, iwatch and mobile payments are expected to be with the announcements. and a new dr. seuss book is out today called horton. the author passed away more than 20 years ago now. >> reporter: they're timeless favorites if sor many children, inspiring the newest reading. >> i like cat in the hat. >> >> dr. seuss created dozens
11:56 am
of stories beloved for the characters and touching plot lines. >> we understand how children learn learned to read, andt the same time he was hysterical. >> kathy goldsmith recently unearthed new gems, magazine stories he wrote in the early '50s. >> i stumbled on one of them for sale on ebay. >> among them horton and the bug. a short story about how the big hearted elephant keeps a promise to a sneaky bug. >> you'll see the whole story is here on two pages. >> goldsmith was parent of a team making sure the lost work was translated into book form. just like dr. seuss would have wanted. >> book forms, had we not shown those, we understand why we didn't make those here. but they had to come back for the book. >> reporter: kathy got an early
11:57 am
look at the first stories. >> his stories are so out there, that they love them. >> reporter: with their own horton ears they listened intention i. what did you like? >> the details of familiar characters like the grinch and places like mullberry street. all told with seuss' signature tongue twisters. new stories now added to the classics, like the cat and the hat. we can only imagine what dr. seuss would think of that. remema ellis, nbc news, new york. >> i was still on thing one and thing two. >> the clutter bug. sounds like a new word to learn already. what's going on? >> a lot of folks going to bibl games or whatever you're doing. the game certainly won't be rained out. no delays.
11:58 am
look on the hole september 8th. cool and cloudy. little warmth and humidity and a risk of thunderstorms thursday night. and much cooler for the weekend. saturday showers may be looming. sunday looks good. >> okay. okay. thank you so much. and that's new at 4:00 midday today. we thank you for being with us and invite you to tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. we'll be back tomorrow at midday. hope you'll join us. until then, have a great day. we'll see you in the morning. as a small business owner you don't deliver anything less than 100% to your customers. so don't settle for less than 0% of the internet. with rizon fios get uploads speeds
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[door closes] >> ben: [sighs] damn it. abigail, what the hell? you know that door is-- >> abigail: locked, yes, i know. i have a few things to say, ben. so consider yourself a captive audience. >> hope: i don't know how they expect you to carry all this. it must weigh 30 pounds. >> ciara: well, i won't be needing this. so uncool. >> hope: oh, honey.


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