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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 14, 2014 6:00am-8:01am EDT

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troy turner isifather. he spoke to their mother after their arrest. >> it was very brief. she wasn't ready to say much to me and no one is going to try to force it.
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>> those ki we st precious anth are to us. >> debby beckward says she had catherine hglitd and saying she needed more time before coming home. >> i said she really needs to go to her mother father for a while and gradually fit in with the family and all. they sent h home. >> reportersh says there have been sightingst children. many relatives believe someone is taking care of them. >> so i know they will be returned. carly hoggle is her sister and described hoggle as a great person. >> she wo never do anything to hurt the kids. she's an incredible mother. this is just not like her. i miss her so much and i miss the kids so much. >> montgomery county police have been using search dogs as well as cadaver dogs as they look for these children. they say they are still hopeful that they are alive. those searches will continue
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today in the area. darcy spencer, "news 4 today." the family is also raising money to help with the search party costs, flyers and t-shirts. they send up a gofundme account. the family is hoping for $2500. this morning we're learning more about hic found catherine hoggle. a 3457b who lives in germantown nicholas stewa saw her at his apartment complex friday night. he said she looked confused and was acting strangely, pacing back and forth stewarke an eye on her and that is when something clicked. he said hoggle was wearing the same clothes in surveillance video police revealed. >> i hightailed it to my house to look at the flyer. i told my girlfriend, i said my phone is dead, call the police right now. i found this lady. she's standing right here. >> police say hoggle tried to change her appearance by cutting her hair. she told police she had been
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resting in germantown area since her disappearance. her children, sarah and jacob right there on your screen have not been found. if you see them or know where they are, ca11 new this morning, more problems for malaysia air. an auto pilot problem forced a flight to turn around. the airline rescheduled the flight which should be be headed from call la lumpur to india right now. malaysian airlines says no one's safety at ace republican. the ager has had two major disasters in ukraine and the i understand n a new video appears to show the militant group isis beheading 44 david haines who vanished in syria last year. the video also appears to be in the same area where isis executed two american journalistsn the last month.
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president says the u.s. will work with the uk and a broad coalition to bring perpetrators t justice. australia is among the countries preparing to fight the terrorist group. the prime minister there says his military will deploy to the united arab em for a military opio iraq. the prime minister is responding to a formal request from the u.s. to be part of a broad international coalition that is now forming. coming up in our next half hour, we'll talk to chuck todd who will weigh in on president obama's pla to expand air strikes targinisis. right now mayor stephly rawlings blake is in the hospital. we ll t m p secretary who told us she had trouble breathing at the star spangle spectacular event last night. she also had chest pains. we first told you about this story as it broke. right now the isai be in go con it's open for the redskins
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home opener, from tailgating to watching the game. we'll break down what you need to know if you're headed to fedex field. >> getseto co mornings. chuck is ba to tell us what days ahead you'll find out there. mabel you'll want to send
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♪ n st a few hours you can start tailgating outside fedex field for the redskins game. parking lots open at 9:00 this morning. the skins play the jaguars at 1:00 this afternoon. if you want a chicken, they're pretty cheap on stubhub, about ten bucks for standing room only. you can't bri bags, foods or drinks into t stadium. we'll have t keys to the game later in the show. for even more football, watch "sunday night football" at
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7:00 tonight. the chicago bears and the san francisco 4ers will play. then you can watch news 4 at 11:00 when the game ends here on nbc4. it is, relatively speak, chilly out. >> you bet. the last time the airport broke down 60 degrees is june 2nd. it's the whsu long since we've been anywhere near that cool. aud tum is heras rul the cool mornings will become a far more frequent occurrence around here. this week ahead it's looking so nice outside. really for owe. there is one chance for rain. we'll detail that in just a second. for now, look at the sky outside early outside. plenty of shades of color. every inch of the spectrum out there, red, orange, yellow, blue, indig a of them. ferry a cloud to be found to our southerly thismorning.
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they're not going to bother anybody. there's a zero percent chance for rain today. it's going to be a beauty. 56 degrees at national airport. that is indeed a chilly beginning to the day. humidity is at the 75%. a north wind has returned. that's goin to keep us nice and cool for all through the afternoon, for whatever you're going to do, it's going to be a great day for it, outside the fact that it's chilly this morning, 45 in cable town and martinsburg, west virginia. 48 wind chester, 45 in front royal and lar ray. 49 in warrenton. a little warmer in southern maryland whteur are in the mid and upper 50s. the weather impact on your sunday, nothin worry about. cool septemr is here. what will be impacted is the parks half marathon in rockville. sunup at 6:49. it's a chilly start but is going to be a good day for running.
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i did my eight miles in the rain. so if you held off, today is a far superior running day for us. no rainy where near us today. yesterday's showers have been blown down way into the carolinas anof the eastern seaboard. here is our future weather forecast. by 1 is:00 a.m. to sdarks not even a few fair weather clouds. might see one or two puffs of cumulous clouds around the afternoon. it's going to be a nice day to be outside. another chilly evening coming our way. if you're planning to go outside and eat dinner on the patio, you may want to bundle up. the game today at fedex field is a 1:00 kickoff. in the 70s. high today, 70s in gaithersburg, 73 downtown. 71 you high in waldorf and la plata. this eni, sunny and school. temperaturesen in the 60s to near 70. tomorrow alo looking good. clouds will start to come back tomorrow afternoon. that will ld o our one rain chance for the entire week.
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the only real shot at rain we have is about 9:00 on monday night and before 9:00 on tuesday morning. that's it, everybody. otherwise, this may be the week to finally say summer is gone and autumn is here. >> it looks beautiful. >> i love it. >> looks like we'll need a coat in the morning. >> the kiddos need to bundle up at the bus stops. next up, reporter's notebook. >> wee in 15 minutes with more of the top stories. good morning. welcome to "reporters notebook." i'm pat law soon muse. we begin with ticketing like the wild west. the city is portrayed as the wild west of traffic enforcemen the repo blasts the three agencies that issue tickets citing regulations, ticket writers who make arbitrary
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decisions wh w tickets and speeding cams are written without proof. joe madison is city official has compared d.c. to the irs where drivers areum to be guilty until proven innocent. does this reinforce the perception at d.c. it's all about money or is this about dysfunction? >> i think it's about revenue. it's about gaining revenue. the purpose of traffic is for safety, traff cameras. the purpose for parking meter is for businesses. you want to move people in and out. but here is what i think has happened. this has become a revenue generating process for the city. it's not absa as much as it is about revenue. it's not about moving parking -- parked cars so that commerce can get customers in and out. it's about revenue. >> dave mcconnell, do you agree with that?
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>> a lot of people seem to think that's true. but the people who defend it, especially in d.c. say look at the statistics, where we have cameras, cri i down, the bad traffic situations go down. people behave better when they know they're on camera so we're going to do it. >> michael polk, council member mary chase proposing revamping the ticketing process and forming a new parking enforcement agency. what do you think about that? >> when she issued that proposal, it sort of landed with a thud. the mayor said he wasn't behind it, didn't have a lot of support. this report actually might end up changing some of the momentum there. we've seen part of that report talks about the fragmentation and how thes tickets are issued. the police issue some. the department of public works issues some, the department of transportatn issu some. that was one of the key proposals that she had in her suite of potential changes. there's another about appealing
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them. what if you get a ticket you shouldn't ha gotten because the red light camera screwed it up or the person writing the ticket screwed up. i think it's possible this inspector generert could give new light to the proposal. >> the man who drove her pleaded guilty, mark long drove gray and served as his director of advanced opa he's ait driving gray to secret meetgs with jeffrey thompson who pleaded guilty. he reportedly handled phone calls and secret cash deliveries from thompson to gray. dave mcdonnl,u inth plea deal ucl to the end of the skanldal? >> jeffrey thompson keeps singing, and everybody keeps getting closer and closer to the mayor. a lot of pele think they've
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taken an awfully long time. the net is increasing. they're getng more and more people. you have to figure the big strike is a short time away. >> how do you read it, joe? >> i read that this individual again probab is telling the truth. he certainly had to be vetted carefully. of course, he better not be caught lying to this district attorney. and i think, quite honestly, that the news is tightening around the mayor's neck. >> michael, do you think that after vincengv office we'll see this move? >> that's certainly one possibility this is the sixth person that has now become a felon as a result of this 2010 campaign. so jeffrey thompson has already pleaded guilty and with that plea deal came this bombshell according to jeffrey thompson, that the mayor knew about the
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campaign. it ses th the prosecutors are moving closer and closer to the mayor. one scenario that could play out is something similar to what happened in virginia with governor mcdonnell is the prosecutorsig wait until he's no longer in office. prince george's county deputy caht on camera. news 4 obtained surveillance video inside the county jail that captured a sheriff's dut hit and dragging the handcuffed teen. the attack haen in february. now we see the video taken. the video shows 17-year-old luther spriggs being pro processed. heppent exchanged words the deputy and then was dragged across the floor and into a room where somethinhappened. michael, wh's your assessment of this video and this case? what's hamg at the jail? >> that video was very difficult to watch. we saw it here on nbc4. it shows that this handcuffed
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teenager was beaten. he was dragged across the floor. it's difficult to watch. what we've seen at this particular jai is there have been other cases of allegations of misconduct at the jail. those cases did not have video. there's alr a civil suit in this. i would expect this piece of video to be exhib a in that civil suit. >> dave? >> what of the first assignments i had decades ago was to cover police brutality in prince george's coty it was bad. they promised to do a lot of things to change it, put more african-amec on the police force, have sessions with members, sensitivity sessions, all that kind of thing. they were really hurt by it. now you have to wonder is this one incident? is there more than this? how widespread a problem is this? >> joe? >> i don't know it makes that much differenc quite candidly.
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i think it's a culture. when you take into consideration what's been happening in ferguson, w said over and over, particularly on our show, that there's fergusons all over this country. there have been 13 young people killed since michael brown was killed in ferguson, in one month. 13 killed b poli officers. this is aggressive police behavior, and i would imagine, again, you're absolutely right, michael. thisoes on all the time. it just doesn't get caught on video. >> got to a break.
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beginning this week, thousands of middle schoolers, specificallseh graders could be bard from classes if they can't prove they've gotten their shots. maryland haew regulations that require students have to get a tdap vaccine and meningococc v if they're
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in seventh grade. kindergarteha to get chickenpox. monomy county has been holding vaccination clinics -- held a clinic all week and prince geor h clinic yesterday. a lotf ds b of classes bec t haven't gotten thei shots. do you think it's parental problem? did the st the counties, not do a good job of getting the word out? >> i think a combination of both. there shou ha been, i would think, a lot of public service announcementa summer long, quite honestly. and yes, i think it's a parental problem. especially en you're in seventh grade. we kind of have this disconnect. as my grandmother started to say, starting to smell yourself. you're starting to be mannish. you want to beennt here is th bigger issue with
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me. that is, these are very serious health issues that could be epidemic in nature. this is not something i would take lightly. if parentsre listening, they really need t serious about this. >> that's what the health officials in maryland are saying, is that these immunizations are critical because there have been recent outbreaks of like the whooping cough, for example. a recent outbreak of the whooping cough maryland. so they feel like these immunizations are very important. even if 2,000, 3,000 students don't have e immunizations on the first day of school, there might be some delay, that's worth it to make sure that you have a healthy environment for the schools. >> it can be pretty disruptive, dave. that's a lot of kids. >> gechbs the background of this, there's another back story. i'm not sure it's happening in our jurisdiction, in our region, but i believe in new york state, new york cite other places, i believe, parents have backed off. there's a backlash against vaccinations a inoculations, a
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real concern from parents where they're getting the information from. medical peopl say the people who advocate this are off the wall on it. yet other people who have some standing in the medical community have voiced concerns. so you've g another continue very zee going on in that. >> you'rebs right. we get calls all the time where people simp don't believe in the vaccination. they say it causes more harm. they're very sou if you talk to pediatricians they'll tell you for the most part you have to do it. assessing the virginia senate race. a new poll shows democrat mark warner dominating the race against the n who would like to replace it, ed gillespie. the poll gives warner a 53% lead over gillespie at 31%. michael pope, with less than two months to go before the general
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election, g li s a little grou make up? >> he has a lot of ground make up. what this shows is people don't know ed gel liss spee is. if you look at republican support for ed gillespie, it's only at 80%. right there is an indication according to the folks at the poll that even republicans don't really know who ed gillespie is. 60% of voters that they polle said theyt enough about ed gillespie to decide whether or n t wanted to support him. >> he's very well known inside political circles. >> he was wi dick army when the republica first took over the congress years ago, he was a mover d shaker behind the scenes. he's a back room boy. that is believed to be his problem. he hasn't been out in the political situation. i think somewhere along the line, people warner is talking moran autow
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he hates th senate. maybe he won run. there's an incumbent thing going on. let's raise funds which ed gillespie is good at, see what they can dto warner. >> mark warner has a tremendous social media campaign going, also. there's hardly a day that goes by you don't get a message from him, fund-raising message. number two, i also think that they're not taking this for granted. he's campaigning. mark warner is campaigning. and he knows that we just had a very interesting situation in virginia with a very popular congressman. >> eric cantor. >> eric cantor. i think lesson learned there. here is the thing, it's turnout. democrats and independents cannot be comfortable think they're so far ahead in the polls. >> any final thoughts about what's next r virginia after
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the corruption conviction of the former governor and his wife, michael? >> well, what's next on the horizon is an appeal. the governor's lawyers have already announced their intention to appeal. it's likely that any appeal would focus on the jury instructions. judges, as a general rule, do not like to overturn juries. so the focusing an appeal on the jury instructions which is holy in the junl's purview would be a likely avenue for appeal. there's ano int thing on the horizon, too, which is sentencing. the mcdonnells will be sentenced in january. you have to imagine this is going to be a very difficult holiday season. >> he was prosecuted under federal law, but virginia's ethics laws are very lax. >> i think they will tighten up the ethics law. this was a very shocking, demoralizing unhappy episode in virginia politics. everybody like the governor and his wife. even though they all agree he
6:29 am
did wrong, they're not happy about it. i think there will be changes. you also have to wonder if prosecutors al the country look at that verdict from the judge's instructions and say, hey, i can think of a few other people that bonll profile here. what used to be bids as urinal in the governor's house and doing non--illegal things now may become illegal. >> final word, joe. >> jail. >> long time? 30 years? >> i don't know if it would be 30 years. but in one word, jail, for both of them. >> thanks, gentlemen. thank you. that's reporter's notebook. i'm pat laws muse. stay with us "news ynu a live look outside our studios here in northwe washington. take a look.
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we have 53 degrees right now. so fall weather has or fishlly arrived. 53. >> it's here. >> good morning and welcome to "news 4 today. it's kristin wright. >> and i'm adam tuss. >> a sweater or jacket might not be a bad idea this morning. >> the questio is, will you need it all day? >> for that answers we go storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> you'll definitely need a layer first thing this morning. once we get past it, this will be one of the coolest, most comfortable days we've had around here in a long time. september for the whole month was six degrees warmer than average throu yesterday. this clear skyhatoh autumn has really put the kibosh on the warm feeling out there. temperatures 4s and low 50s early this morning. even annapolis and edgewater at 59 degrees.
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out-the-door tes are ten to 15 degrees colder this morning than we were yesterday. hometown forecast, loudoun county, fine looking day today, 55 at 9:00, 70 your high with 100% sunshine. rain chances sneaking back in by late in the day tomorrow. more on that coming up in a few more minutes. back to the news. right now d.c. police looking for driver who hit and killed a pedestrian. the victim was crossing georgia avenue and gerard street around 3:00 this morning. that intersection not far from howard university. so far no descripti of the car that hit thi person. if you know anything that can help in this case, do call d.c. police. also knew this morning, one person is missing. an on coming csx train was able to stop before hitting the car in rockville. this happened around 2:00 at montgomery an bell avenue. montgomery pic trying to figure out y the car ended up
6:32 am
on the tracks. two people had to be rescued and taken to the hospital. police are still looking for the third passenger. we are following a developing story in pennsylvani rig n po are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a pennsylvaniat trooper and wounded a seco trooper in a late night ambush. the search spanned three states this morning. we brought you this story yesterday i the morning. the shooting happened friday night at a state police barracks in northstyl >> it's a cowardly attack, an attack upon all of us in society and the people of pennsylvania when people attack law e enforcement this cowardly way. >> there's a $20,000 reward for informationha leads to an arrest and conviction in this case. the minnesota vikings play today witho their star player. adrian peterson is facing child abuse charges. take a look. this is his mugshot from the
6:33 am
montgomery county texas sheriff's office. police say peterson hit his son with a tree branch. ironically s picture is on the ticket for the game between the vikings and patriots at 1:00 this afl noon. the nfl's rrb play made a public appearance. ray rice went to a football game at his high school outside new york city. we're told the school's coach invited him. >> will be erased by the good deeds he coues to do, new rochelle high school will always be ray rice's home. >> rice was there with his young daughter and we janay, the woman he punched in video that got him suspended from the league. >> iwas heartbreaking tragedy and a violent attack. virginia state senator creigh deeds stabbed by his son gus who shot and kild himself. this morni w are hearing from gus's sister rebecca. she is speaking out in her first television interview.
6:34 am
news 4's doreen gentzler sat down with her in our "changing minds" campaign. >> when i first found out that something had happened, that there had been an altercation, i assumed that gus was alive and that he would be going to jail, and that wamy wry >> rebecca deeds, talking about how she felt that day last november wh h mother called to tell her her younger brother gus had justa attacked her father, virginia state senator creigh deeds with a knife. as it turns out jail would have been a much better alternative for gus. >> i found out he didn't make it. it's definitely the most difficult th i've ever been through. >> creigh deeds spent several days in the hospital, emerging with angry scars across his face, but the pain of his son's suicide was far worse. gus was a bright, gregarious
6:35 am
fun-loving u man who had been struggling for several years with a difficult mental illness, bipolar disorder. the deeds family was close and they had all tried everything they could think of to get help for gus. he had been in and out of the hospital on and off medications. he should have been hospitalized that awful night but was released wh a psychiatric bed could not be found. >> if something like this coul happen to brother, it could happen to any family, and that's not okay. it's not okay that it happened to my brother. it's not okay for it to happen to anybody. we need to look at mental illness as an actual sickness that needs treatment, and that treatment toi ped the way we prioritize treatment for folks who have heart disease or cancer. >> rebecca says she hopes by sharing her brother's story, he can help other families strugglingi mental illness.
6:36 am
she works as an event planner, but her real love is writing. that's how she started, by writing a first person account for "glamour" magazine. since it was published last month, she's had a huge and heartwarming response that encouraged to have this conversation o camera, and she plans to do more, despite the stigma that still surrounds mental illness. >> i don't ever remember hearing from anybod guiding me or my family on how to handle gus when we were the ones living with him and taking re of him. >> mental illness is something we just whisper about. >> we just whisper about it. it doesn't make any sense. this topic shouldn't still be taboo in america. >> doreen gentzler, "news 4 today." >> you c see more of this interview on our website, nbcwashingtom there you will also find
6:37 am
resources for ent in your area. coming up, a public opinion on targeting isis. this morning how many americans feel about the u.s. leading a charge against the terror group. we'll talk at this next with "meet the s moderator chuck todd. plus it's not your average summer camp. summer camp. how extreme events - oh, the young. their energy seems like an unlimited resource we sometimes wish would run out, at least for a moment. but as we grow into adults, it's important to learn how to use our energy wisely, especially when it comes to electricity. you can save energy and money by caulking around windows. and by using a power strip, you can turn off several devices when they're not in use, or when you're simply done. it's all about using your energy wisely, and novec is here to help. for more tips, go to novec: helping you save.
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can you start tomorrow? yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train. big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. when csx trains move forward, so does the rest of the economy. csx. how tomorrow moves. mmm! ring ring! ring ring! progresso! you soup people have my kids loving vegetables.
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well vegetables... shh! taste better in our savory broth. vegetables!? no...soup! oh! soup! loaded with vegetables. packed with taste. and now try new progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste. this morning strategizing plans to target isis. what comes next and what international help will the obama administration get? so many quesonhe.s. considers its own role in a plan to go after the terrorist group. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd joins us with more on this. chuck, we'r learning of a british man beheaded by isis. does this help the case of getting intertial support? >> you would hope so. this is certainly what's happened he and you hate to put it in those terms that
6:41 am
somehow the beheadings help. but it's gavel nized the country. th dohi me that the brits will now come in with more help, more milita help? it isn't the british that the u.s. is counting on. they need a middle eastern -- has not come to fruition. we have seen all those country, they will help in some form or another. but none of them have talked about the tough stuff, including combat troops. >> it's serious. the president laying out a plan about air strikes that would potentiallyo into syria. that opens another can of worms. what's the public support been like for that? >> for now the public is about getting isis. they don't like when americans get killed. that's why they're going and saying do whatever it takes to get them.
6:42 am
the question will the public have the patience? this is going to take a long time. this is not going to be the type of attack -- the president compared it what's going on in yemen and pakistan. the country didn't see that. syria is a whole different story. we're going b seeing this. there's going to be a lot more attention to the fight that's taking placin syria. the question is going to be whether the public has that patience. >> let's talk about hillary clinton today. she's in iowa for the first time since losing that state's caucus in 2008. is this a move toward a run in 2016? >> you don't go to iowa for any reason other than running for president if you're an elected official. she's clearly wanting to make it clear, i'm running. she'll make official at the start of the year. iowa is a quirky state. this is a state that is very much home to a lot of populist
6:43 am
mentalitieshe it comes to the economy. on both of those issues, hillary clinton is out of step of where the grassroots of the iowa democratic party is. that's why she didn't win eight years ago. the questi is are they so enamored with electing the first woman president, they'll overlook the idea she's a little too wall street. i think she'll find out a little more on that vis sit they think that, hey, there is no other barack obama th time. barack obamaas a once-in-a-let challenger, and i think they think they can run the same race they ran eight years ago and win this time because they' not going to have somebody of barack obama's charisma. >> alright, chuck. thank you. you can see "meet the press" every sunday oft "ws 4 today today new jersey governor chris christie will be in
6:44 am
bethesda. he's headlining a fund-raiser along are republican candidate larry hogan. we were not told where exactly the fund-raiser will be. it's raising money for hogan's campaign. you can vote for him or democratic candidate anthony brown this november. tomorrow f the first time in 20 years a congressional panel will hold a hearing on d.c. statehood. eleanor holton will testify before a sena committee. the hearing happens tomorrow at 3:00 in the dirksen senate office building. mayor gray will testify in support of the columbia missions act that would make the district the 51st state. >> it's an opportunity for us to once again ke the case on behalf of bringing american values to t district of columbia. bringing democracy to the district ofo. >> supporters say more than 6 o 0,000 distrt resides should have the same rights and
6:45 am
representatio congss as the rest of the country. however, opponents say the country's founders did not intend to make the nation's capital a state. when most of us think about summer camps for our childhood, we remember hiking trails, roasting marshmallows, those kind of things. more and more kids are taking camping to the extreme, talking zip lining, dirt biking and stunt training. nbc's jacob rascon has more on the growing trend inspiring kids to enjoy the great outdoors. >> reporter: when the kids arrive, it all seems traditional enough, breakfast, bunk beds, beautiful scenery. but after roll call -- [ screaming ] >> -- they quickly realize this isn't their father's camp. in southern california, paint balling is the new nap time, zip lining the new hiking and hollywood st training the new
6:46 am
marshmallow roasting. >> we strive to give an experience you can't get anywhere e >> this camp is everything. there's notng th don't have. no dull moment. every time you're doing something quiting. >> reporter: she used to be a regular at other camps. >> other camps, they have a giant swing maybe, a diving board. this camp has atvs and mini bikes. >> repoer attendance is soaring, doub what it was in 2007. it's all because they're giving kids what they want. and for some like avery, exactly what they need. >> i'm really sorry guys. >> reporter: terrified of heights, the12-year-old fails to finish a ropes course, but decides to y again. with some encouragement. >> you're fine. >> reporter: -- success.
6:47 am
it feels so good, conquer your fears. >> you g personal growth, something th you may be nervous or apprehensive about, being able to go on there and be with your frids and have your friends help you out and work through some of the problems you may be having, could be a rich experience. >> poerthcondee, the challenge, the constant fun, making this camp more than just an extreme adventure, but a phenomenon, fastly becoming a new tradition. jacob rascon, nbc news, lake arrowhead cor >> certain diffent tha what some of us were interested, in taking a dip ipo. >> that looks like a blast. >> i'm from the age of lincoln logs and darts. >> it's all relative, chuck. all what you know. >> all we did outside of atlanta, we had a ski boat. every satury sunday we were on the lake water skiing. >> nothing wrong with that. >> absolutely. >> that's a lot of fun, too.
6:48 am
>> those were the days. >> the good old days. >> anymore water skiing in store for the next couple of days? >> yes. the water still technically is as warm as it's going to be. as i go to thepee bay, water tempetuo e s. enjoy it because the water temperatures are going to start trending downwards. that water is going to start getting real chilly. in fact, probably already heated swimming po time in many neighborhoo. hereou go on a beautiful sunday morning. nary a cloud to be found as we look northbnd -- well, there's a tiny little cloud right there. that's it. no real chance for rain today, and i think tomorrow is going to be mostly dry, too. rain chancee back by late tomorrow. more oth in a second. right now, d at nationalairport, the first time below 60 degrees in downtown since june the 2nd. it's been a while. 40s in the shenandoah valley,
6:49 am
40s in the panhandle of west virginia, 40s in northern maryland, ev 40s as close into town as gaithersburg and rockville. the parks half marathon starting in rockville, temperatures flirting with 30 degrees. start time is minutes away. hourly temperas today, 40s and 50s early this morning. but 100% sunshine will allow for a very nice warm up. most of the afternoon will be into the upper 60s and low 70s. parks half marathon, 50 degrees now, 57 by 8:00 a.m., where i would be atut 10:00 in the morning, 62 degrees. today's forecast, just a couple little clou around in our southern sky early. but the rest of the day looks awesome. full sunshan temperatures quite a bit cooler than average. storm team 4 radar, no rain near us, no rain coming our way at all. the rain front that bought us showers yestda well off the eastern seaboard and not
6:50 am
coming back a time soon. our next chance of rain will come from the upper midwest. fedex field today, 1:00 kickoff, full sunshine ex field. hopefully ts good news for the home team. let's show you your back-to-work times tomorrow. clear and cool again. by lunchtime, still fup full sunshine, b later in the afternoon, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 into the afternoon and evening. by 8:00 tomorrow night, the sun is already down. by 11:00 tomorrow night and into the early morning hours, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 tuesday morning, that's when we have our best chance at seeing scattered showers around here. this is going to be a low impact event because of the time of day it's coming. we should be dry by wake-up time tuesday morn and things will get better from there. awesome septem weather coming for the rest of the week. there's your hourly planner for tomorrow. a chilly start but a nice
6:51 am
back-to-work y tomorrow. outside on your seven-day forecast, theonly, and i mean it, the only chance for rain is between about 9:00 monday night and 5:00 tuesday morning. that is it everybody. otherwise o f and neighbors in north canada they have sent a little preview of fall. >> i like >> ne. >> good people. thank you. it's a banner weekend for baltimore. your invitation to celebrate the most recognizable homes in most recognizable homes in 8erican history.
6:52 am
6:53 am
mostin fairfax countyes in 8erican we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
6:54 am
most people don't know how to choose a new dentist. that's where we come in. we've helped over 8 million people find the right dentist, and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ today the red skings play their home opener. the game is at 1:00 this afternoon. >> you can still get tickets. standing rooontss little as ten dollars on stubhub. jason tells us the four things
6:55 am
you should wat for. >> the redskins go for the first win of the season against the jaguars today. here are four things you want to look for on the field today. one t rg3 riddle. griffin movheseit short passes in week one but say's da shod jackson and pierre garcon. can grave fin be successful in the pocket? two, turnover troubles. the redskins gave the ball away twice to put it into promising drives that cod have ended in points. the jaguars forced three turnovers ain the eagles in week one. the winner of the turnover battle may n this game. three, shoring up the special teams. there we positives to build on. andre roberts, for one. the unit as a whole still needs to improve, fixing the mistakes that doomed them against the texans in week one and four. getting defsicoy rambo got the blame for allowing the 76 yard touchdown pass.
6:56 am
defensive coordinator says it wasn't all his fault. even with that play the d only gave up ten points which should be good much to win on any given week. that was a look at your four things to watch for in today's redskins game. hope you enjoy the ball game. i'm jason pew. >> thanks, jason. it was a celebration fit for old glory. fireworks lit up the sky above baltimore i inner harbor last night. the city is celebrating the 200th anniversary of our national anthem. the star spangled spectacular is a week-long celebration of the battle of baltimore which inspired francis scott key to write the poem. vice presidenbin attended the concert last night. today you can tour 30 tall ships and navy vessels for free. there will also be another concert this evening, and the orioles-yan g which starts at 8:00. it was a project to promote patriotism thank our troops.
6:57 am
>> the new york woman who became the first to sing the national anthem in all 50 states will be in baltimorda ♪ and the home of the brave >> jamie stang will sing "the star-spangleba" today at fort mchenry. she completed her cross country journey at the end of august in tennessee. over the past year she sang from small rodeos to baseball games and at pearl harbor. how cool. she's the first person in history tov sing the anthem in all 50 states. >> she did it. i remember her talking about her making her w fatto state. >> college ot wasn't all fun an games this morning. this morninfa is in the hospital after falling over a railing. what lil led up to this accident at a crowded football stadium. >> pl a mu cooler morning outside. but abt ts afternoon? we'll give you an hour by hour
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
she went like this, and then i turned around and i see her come out, and she looked like this. >> this morng the discovery of a mother missing for nearly a week. hear from the man who called 911 plus the two separate searches happening today for her
7:01 am
children, aro and sister still missing at this hour. here com fall. new this morning, word of our coolest temperatures in more than three months. >> good morning. welcome to "news 4 today." it is a bit chilly outside. i'm adam tuss. >> it's kristin wright. don't let the sun skies fool you, today, we may have officially welcomed fall weather. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell tracking the change in the weather. will this be the case all day long? >> yes. our taste autumn is here to stay for least a little while. most othe coming week will be cooler than average, a real pattern change has taken place after what was a very warm beginning to t month of september. outside this morning on our tower camera from reston town center, look at this awesome picture, nearly clear sky. see the little bitty clouds on the horizon, that's fog bank. if you live on or near the
7:02 am
river, runni over the brinls, key bridge, you may have patchy fog along the potomac. otherwise, nothing to worry about. it's chilly. 46 in gaithersburg. 48 in bristow, virginia, 52 in stafford and quantico. temperatures to 15 degrees colder now than we were at the same time yesterday. so your fore around the metro counties today, montgomery, fairfax, arlington, prince george'd t district, fl sunshine. enjoy it everybody. today's highs low to mid 70s. a quick peek ahead towards your back to work and school. clouds back late tomorrow. that brings in our next chance for rain. details in a few more minutes. thanks, chuck. this morning, family, friends and police wi be out searching for two missing children from germantown. their mother, catherine hoggle has been found. today marks one week since 2-year-old jac disappeared. 3-year-old sh went missing on monday. this morning at 10:00 the family is organizing a search party in
7:03 am
germantown, meeting at the chik-fil-a century boulevard. police are conducting their own search today. it's truly a race against time for police and the family to find the kids. last night at a candlelight vigil in germantown the family prayed for the safe return. police say catherine hoggle isn't providing any information about wherehe kids might be. jacob and sarah's father spoke to catherine hoggle after she was arrested and charged wh child neglect. >> it was ve brief. she wasn't ready to say much to me and no one is going to try to force her. >> those kids were the most precious and are, you know, to us. >> the famis aing money to help with search party costs, flyers and t-shirts. they set up a gofundme account that has nearly $1,000 in donations so far. this morng we're learning how important those surveillance videos released by police played into finding catherine hoggle. police say she tried to change
7:04 am
her appearance by cutting her hair, but it didn't work. news 4's derrick ward spoke to the man who spotted catherine hoggle and lpolice. >> it was a little after 11:15 in the evening. nicholas stewa knew there was something unusual about the woman wandering about the parking lot of this germantown complex as he went to take out the trash. he couldn't put his finger on it at first. >> i see her walking towards me. i didn't think of anything. maybe it was a resident. i see her pacing back and forth. >> the woman's behavior grows more unusual, especially as she went into a breezeway in the complex, e seem lost and confused. sheaw me, she went like this and then i turned around and i see her come out. she looked like this and then walked here and then just stopped. >> he decided to keep an eye on her and they actually exchanged words. >> sometng m to keep working. she asked for the time. i said i don't ha the time. my phone was dead at the time. she said thank you, my phone is dead, too.
7:05 am
>> stewa says he ran to his apartment, ld at the flier again and realized it was indeed catherine hgl the woman last seen earlier? the week cost on camera in surveillance footage. >> i actually watched one of the surveillanc videos ten minutes before i spotted the lady. >> reporter: rant to a nearby police stat to get help. they took hoggle into custody. no sign of the children. they haven't been seen since sunday. >> i hope we find these kids. i'm worried about them. >> reporte a kai nine and handlers we over an area near this park. other teams fanned out through wooded areas offspring town road. authorities with information released to pan public vigilance that got them this far in this case. they're hopin more of the same will help them close it. in montgomery county, derri ward, ne 4 >> we want you to take a good look at these pictures.
7:06 am
2-year-old jacob and 3-year-old sarah hoggle, still missing this morning. you are asked to call police immediately i you see them or know where re new this morning, more problems for malaysia airment an auto pilot problem forced the flight to tu around. the airline rescheduled the flight whi took off a second time for india several hours ago. according to malaysia airlines, no one's safety is at risk. right now hundreds are missing after one flight disappeared over the indian ocean and families are mourning hundreds more for those who died when a plane was shot down over ukraine. tay british leaders will hold an emeen meeting in response to a new video that appears to show the militant group isis be dlooe heading a british aid worker. 44-year-old dain vanished in syria last year. the video also appears to be in the same area where isis executed two american journalists in the last month. president obam says the u.s.
7:07 am
will work with the u.k. in a broad coalition to bring the perpetrators justice. australia among the countries preparing to fight the terrorist group. the prime minister there says his military will deploy to the united arab emirates for a military opeon in iraq. the prime minister says he's responding al qut from the u.s. to be part of the broad coalitn now forming. coming up ne on "meet the press" at 10:30 this morning, chuck todd tak a closer look at president obama's plan expand air strikes targeting isis. you can wa it on nbc4 after "news 4 tod rhtow the mayor of baltimore is in the hospital. what we learned about her condition overnight. plus a football stadium scare. this morni what likely led up to a fan falling from the stands. and the investigation into this plane crash in montgomery county. the peopl inside were able to walk away. this mor
7:08 am
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7:10 am
baltime may stephanie rollins blak is expected to be released fr t hospital soon. we brought y this story as breaking ne l night. the mayor was rushed from the star spangled spectacular event because she having chest pains. they called rollins blake press secretary who told us she was being kept at the hospital overnight aa precaution. right now we're told the mayor is in good condition. we know the name of the woman who stb her husband to death in the district. we first brought you this yesterday morning. d.c. police say early saturday morning 50-year-old yvonne simms stabbed kenyeta george to death in their home. simms was arrested at the scene and charged with murder. jordan later died at the hospital. >>instats tryi to figure out what caused this
7:11 am
small plane t crash at the montgomery c air pack. you can see it there upside down in the grassy area off the runway. the csh hne yestery afternoon. three people on board were able to walk awayndnohur >> i heard a loud thump out here at the montgomery county air park. when i walked out of the building i saw the pilot walking out of the airplane. he seemed t ae ng up, but heasfothmo part. >> a neighbor near the air park told our cr this is actually the fourth s plane to crash in that area ov tas12 years. 7:11 on this sunday morning. coming up, the special occasion one group of students will likely never forget when they pass one high school stadium. chuck says you may want to grab the jacket this morning. >> i have my jacket on already, well, because i'm at work. but you'll need yours if you're going outside this morning. a bright golden glow to your
7:12 am
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we can do it with you or try it online. together, we'll go far.
7:14 am
the navy has called off the search for a missing fighter pilot who crashed into another navy jet off the coast of california. the missi pilot is presumed dead. both jets off from the u.s.s. carl vincent aircraft carrier in the pacific ocean.
7:15 am
the crash happened thursday. rescuers fou one of the pilots. he was treated and released. right now a football fan is recovering after falling over the r5i8ing at a game. he is seriously hurt but expected to survive. >> police say alcohol may have led to the acdent at the stadium outsi of dallas. the university of texas was playing ucla. take a look. you can see the med diblgs taking the n off the field. this might be hard to see because the band there keeps playing. there th an the middle of your screen there. the band kept playing through the half-time show. in michigan one high school is making sure more than just players get to be on the field. it held a victory day football game for disabled children this weekend. nbc's sean lay tells us it made for some pretty strong memories. ♪ >> reporter: t band, cheerleaders parents, players and coaches, are all here at the trenton high sl football field on a chilly saturday morning, all here for young
7:16 am
people like thomas wendell. >> let's go victory, let's go victory. >> rert: pml challenged, thomas and dozens of other kids from the area don't get to cheer or play football on friday night, but today they sure do. brad bowler scored two touchdowns lt night for trenton high. today he's here with his best friend mar the have become inseparable off the field and today make unforgettab memories on it. >> it means the most. i love seeing the kids out here having fun, having a blast, scoring touchdowns. >> it's great. it's a good time of the year. >> reporte trton teacher and assistant fala aar came up with victory day after beating cancer three times and inspired by his sister who donated part her liver to him. now he's donating his life to these kids. >> they say, mom, dad, that's where i scored my touchdown.
7:17 am
that sends chills up my spine. >> i love it. >> curtis taylor's son curtis junior has cerebral palsy. he's all aboufootball. >> it keeps him close to the mainstream er feels connected. i'gl f him. it makes me happy. >> look at victory day as every other footba game. they get to go. we get to go. >> reporter: y everybody gets a chance, everybody gets to score, everybodyomg ay with a vic. >> that father said it. it's so important for all children to feel like they're part of something. >> i love that story. it's fantastic. >> all the football stories have me thinking that the weather is totally changing. chuck is in the weather center. chuck, even morning walking outside there a bit of a chill in the air. you might need to grab the jacket. >> rehajua little chill. a lot of spo btohe0s early this morning. even 50s in downtown washington.
7:18 am
our coolest morning in a long, long time. coolest since june the 2nd here in washington. there's the view from our sitry camera ear this morning, looking out over downtown d.c., early morni out there, a few fair weather clouds for now. those are on their way out. we'll have a nearly cloud-free sky later today. maybe these folks want something warmer than 56 degrees. winds northwesterly at six miles per hour. that's putting the cooler drier air in. humidity 72%. that's a lot lower than it was at this time yesterday. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yestday morning as well. panhandle of west virginia in the 40s this morning, even 43 in cumberland, maryland. 46 in wind chester, 52 in charlottesvie fredricbu an n nap liss and edgewater. leonard town, beautiful st. mary's county, a beautiful day to get out on the open waters of
7:19 am
the bay, not much of a breeze. tons of sunshine. 40s and 50s through 8:00 this morning. a quick rise, mid to upper 60s by lunchtime. afternoon teer wl spend mo of the day just above the 70-degree mark. on the whole, the weather impact on your day today, almost nothing other than a light breeze and a little sunshine out there. i'd ha yr oc on, spf probably 30 better today with the strong september sunshine. no chance for rain today. down across parts of the carolinas. our next rain chance will be coming in from the upper midwest. just grnd clutter around the metro area on storm team 4 radar this morning. hour-by-hour plr today, 50s this morning, 70 by 1:00. might need a little jacket, but
7:20 am
don't forget your helmet, temperatures t afternoon generally in the low to mid 70s. perfect bike riding weather today. future weather forecast, at 8:00 this morning, nothing to worry about. again, a nearly cloud-free sky through the crse of the afternoon. clear througth overnight hours tonight. that will se the stage for a cool to chilly start again tomorrow morning. here we are at 7:15 monday morning. a clear sky. 40s and 50s again early tomorrow morning. by mid to late tomorrow, there will be a slight and gradual increase in cloud cover. rain chances start to sneak back in as we get towards about 10:00, 11:00 tomorrow night. on tuesday morning, that rain chance is moving out of here. this will be a low impact rain event for su because of the timing of it. once that'sut of here, we're going to be sitting pretty for the rest of the week. highs today, sunshine and plenty for everybody, into the low 70s. a cool one today, nice one tomorrow, into the upper 70s. here is a little chance of rain
7:21 am
late monday night, early tuesday morning. other than atinbu sunshine see all the way into the weekend. no complaints. coming up, we're getting a closer look at the problems plaguing the silver spring transit center. what needs to be done to get i fixed and wh might it finally open? >> a pedestrian hit by a car and killed overnight. what we're learning from police about this din ts morning.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
an engri expert who helped rebuild the pentagon after 9/11 is now tackling the silver spri t center. the project in downtown silver spring has been troubled by cost overruns and structural problems that continues to delay its opening. news 4 got the first look at the center inside and the fixes being mad i spoke to the man who says he'll take old school thinking to get this project done right. >> this is what the physical work taking place at the silver spring transit center looks like right now, and this is what the mental work at the transit center looks like. drawings a over the place, each color, shape, design meaning somet different. walk around and you realize there are plenty of marks left to be taken care of in this building allan killshimer is the man asking called in to literally save the trt center.
7:25 am
>> whif he walked into a saloon full of contractors, the piano player wouldp g. he was llth rebuild the pentagon after 9/11. he also work on the aftermath of the first world trade center bombing. he's old school and not afraid to take aim at the team that designed this building. >> in the old days when i started, we did calculations with our brain and now everybody uses a computer as their brain. and the garbage in equals garbage out scenario still holds. i can't tell you why the designers missed these two major things that i've been talking about. we just know they thinksed it. >> bottom line, some parts of the building that were supposed to be strengthened were not. now over 50 rectangular sections have been dug out, hundreds of holes punched into the structure and hundreds of beams have to be added to give strength. right now county taxpayers on
7:26 am
the hook for the fixes until the entire process settles out in the courts, but he even admits that's a long way off. unfortunately a lot of work to be done befo a opening date can be set. the engineer expert says it may open next summer at the earliest. a bizarre crash in montgomery county. one person is missing, but that's just beginning. where the car landed that caused a moment of panic. plus the return of cooler weather. how longil it last? chuck is back with your sunday outlook nex " tay in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors.
7:27 am
they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
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7:29 am
today's top stories, this morning, family, friends and police will out searching for two missing children from germantown. 2-yeaold jacob and 3-year-old sarah have bee missing for a week. at 10:00 the family is organizing a search party in germantown, meeting at the chik-fil-a on century boulevard. >> this morning we're learning catherine hole to change her appearance before being caught. she cut her hair but was still wearing the same clothes. hoggle has been cooperating with the police and has not told them where t kids are. british leaders will hold an emergency meeting in response to a video that appears to show isis beheading british aid worker 44-year-old david haines who vanished in syria last year.
7:30 am
we'll bllg those stories thro the morning. right now we want to get your sunday forecast. >> a little ld some oyou might be cut off guard by the chilly temperatures let's head over to storm team 4 meteorologisch bell. >> caught off guard? were you not watching the forecast? we've been talking about the arriving autum chill for a couple of days. it's here everybody, after a shower-fill saturday, today we get full sunshine. it comes at the price of the warmer air tha we have gotten accustomed to. september wix degrees above average befo yesterday. boy, today itesn'fe like summeor nicucofut the air. there's the cal wheel at national harbor. taste of georgetown going on today. lots of good stuff. 46 in gaithersburg. 49 in rockvlee parks half marathon is aa under way. temperatur in the upper 40s down towards andrews air force base. what are y going to do? take the grl perfect
7:31 am
weather for outdoor grilling, whether tailgating or a picnic in the back yard. full sunshine today, 73 degrees. back to work and school tomorrow, a sunny, chilly morning. a nice afternoon but clouds coming back mo and rain chances tomr night. more about al that and the rest of the seven-day in a few more minutes. d.oe are looking for the driver hit and killed a pedestrian. the victim was crossing georgia avenue and gerard street around 3:00 this morning. that intersection is not far from howard university. so far no description of the car that hit thi person. if you know anything that can help in this case, call d.c. police. also ts morning, one person is missing and two others hurt after crashing their car on train tracks. an on coming csx train was able to stop before hitting the car in rockville. this happened around 2:00 a.m. on bell avenue. montgomery pol are working to figure out w and why the car ended up on the tracks in the first place. two people were taken to the hospital. policat looking for the
7:32 am
third passenger. right now there is a manhunt for a gunman who shot and killed a pennsylvania state trooper and wounded a second trooper. police say the two officers were targeted. nbc's dan scheneman reports. >> reporter:hents intensifying officers search cars, from the air and heavily wooded countryside looking for at least one person who opened fire on state troopers. >> this attack was an ambush. our troopers were leaving the barracks and were shot without warning and really had no clans to defend themselves. >> reporterotang out just before 11:00 p.m. friday. shift change at the blooming grove police barracks in northeast pennsylvania. >> it's a cowardly attack, an attack upon all of us in society and the people of pennsylvania. when people attack law enforcement th cowardly way. >> corp ron dickson was
7:33 am
killed in the gun fifrmt trooper alex douglas tsur and remains in critical but stable condition. >> our prayers go out to family. they come in every day. >> reportera community is in shock. >> how do you react to something like that? >> reporter:ol believe the shooting was a targeted at tang and residents aren't in any danger. >> we'lle every possible technique anpi eipnt we have. >> reporte a search that won't end until they find whoever killed one of their own. dan scheneman, nbc news. >> there is reward of $20,000 for informao leads to an arrest annv case. nfl star running back adrian peterson won be playing today. he's facing child abuse charges and the minnesota vikings scratched hi the game. take a look, his picture is on today's game ticket there. however, polic in texas says peterson spanked his 4-year-old
7:34 am
son with a small tree branch in may. if he's found guilty, he could spend up to two years in prison. the nfl's otubd ay is showing himself in public. ex-raven ray went to a football game at his high school outside new york city. he was there with his young daughter and h wife. we're told tchl'coh invitedhe >> ray is a part of our family and a part of this program and that's why i'm very happy he's here. >> rice is suspended indefinitely from the nfl. an investigatn is looking into how much the league really knew about the video of him punching out his now wife. >> in the week ahead, the man charged with three high profile murders in alexandria will be moved there tomorrow. right now charles severance is being held in loudoun county on an unrelated gun charge. three juds alexandria recused themsv from the case. the virginia supreme court will now appoint a special judge. prosecutors charged him with the
7:35 am
murders of nancy dunning, and two others. a gunman shot and killed 12 people at the navy yard one year ago. the shooti happened in building 197. crews are renovating the building now. it should be completed next year. police shot and killed the gunman, 34-year-old military contractor a alexis during the attack. this we the state of maryland is focusing on your child's lunch. the seventh annual home ground lunch week kic off tomorrow. a state-wide celebration of healthy food grown by local farmers. officials want to teach your kids where the food comes from, how it's produced and benefits of a healthy diet. will she run? that is the question. the stop hillarylion is making to die that has more people convinced she is putting together another presidential campaign. marine's special reunion
7:36 am
after leaving his partner behind in afghanistan. get used to these cooler mornings. chuck is ba to tell us what days you'll want to send the kids to sl with
7:37 am
7:38 am
this morning, a marine and his dog are back together again. >> that's right. they served together in the military, tn separated for years. nbc's brian curtis tells us the story of the sergeant and his loyal dog. >> sergeant robert hultzy and his wife rachel have waited a long time for this moment. >> i'm pretty excited. i'm ready to get it over with. >> every story he's told me has been heart touching. >> he served six years in the marines with countless comrades, perhaps nonmo lol than the one about to arrive. >> we basically slept together, worked together, patrolled twice a day every day in the middle of
7:39 am
the summer in soirnth afghanistan. >> reporteran then the first glimpse in three years, joe, a black lab trained to sniff out explosives ca walking down the stairs at love field. >> i fell in love with him when i first started working with him in 2010. he worked great. he has a great disposition and everybody l h >> reporr: i the bond these two service members forged on the battled field was renewed, this time forever. >> hey buddy. >> reportert americ heroes who served their country well together aga and safe at home in north texas. >> i just want to take him home and let him live out the rest of his life relaxing and getting spoiled. >> odoygooy >> there's nothing better than the dog. every time y come home, the dog is excited to see you, like the first time they've ever seen you. >> that relationship there, military seic members, always something tosee. this morning, see how
7:40 am
hospitals are changing their designs, not just to upgrade how the renovations could actually help your condition the next time you're admitted to a facility. wt's going on, chuck? >> well, putting the finishing touches on what promises to be a spectacarun forecast. the raindrops from yesterday are gone, and the change of seasons is he
7:41 am
7:42 am
we have a traffic alert for
7:43 am
you. right now several streets are closed in the district for the 38th annual adams morgan day festival. 18th between florida and columbia in nthst is closed. parts of belmont, youkilis, calorama and california street are closed as well. everything should be back up by 10:00 tonight. you can join the celebration on the seconniy the express lane. starting ste 22nd you can get free tolls if you're headed to lunch at a dozen restaurants in the tyson's corner area. you'll alsa a chance to win concert tickets and a spa package. this is all for using a road. you need to register your ez pass by wednesday. hillary inll be at a big political event today in rural iowa and the 37th annual and last steak fry. speculation only growing that clinton wilke a run at the presidency. however, a new nbc "wall street
7:44 am
journal" llhe popularity waned. it is clinton's first appearance in the state of iowa since the presidential caucuses in 2008. also today new jersey governor chris christie will be in bethesda helping to raise money for maryland gubernatorial candidate larry hogan. hogan is the republican candidate. you vote for him or democratic candidate anthony brown this november. we were not told exactly where the bethesda fund-raiser will be. well, to for the first time in more than 20 years, a congressional l wi hold a hearing on d.c. statehood. district delegate eleanor holmes norton along with members of d.c. council will testify before a senate committee. the hearing will happen tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 in the dirksen senate office building. mayor gray is among those who will testify in support of the new columbia admissions act. that will make the district the 51st state. >> an opporti for us to once again make th case on behalf of bringing ame values to the district ofumriin democracye ct columbi
7:45 am
>> supporters say more than 600,000 d.c. residents should see the samrind representa i congrs as the rest of the country. however, oppos say the country's founders did not intend to make the nation's capital a state. the "today" show is next on nbc4. let's find what they're working on. >> erica and lester joining us live from new york. good morning >> coming up on sunday morning on "today," reaction from around the world hbeheading of a british journalist. in this case what appears to be by a fellow britain. president o is trying to form a coalition to destroy isis. also ahead this morning, firefighters west facing brutal conditions. scorching h temperatures, no hope of rain as they battle several raging wildfires there this as the rest of the country is dealing with an unseasonal cold snap. we'll take a look at how far
7:46 am
prince hairs as he gets ready to celebrate his 30th birthday. >>dyn a i are taking over the hibochi grill. >> looks like an "i love lucy" episode. >> alth a more when we get started on sunday morning. >> my daughters gets freaked out by the big fire that shoots out from the table when they do the volcano. >> fu i love the onion volcano. >> impressive that you could do it. thanks, guys. when you walk into a hospital you don't usually think about the art on the walls or who chose the chairs that you're sitting in. one florida hospal focusing on just that. they believ the surroundings heal patien just as fast as medicine. they swapped out the white walls for warm earth tones. doctors say a soothing environment c calm your nerves before surgery and lower your
7:47 am
blood prsu >enou walk in here it should -- you should have a feeling of trust and hope and pride that this is where you're going to receive care. >> mind over matter, right? now cape coral hospital is breaking ground on a new project. it's a healing pathway and garden that will have bright walls and a fountain. the goal is to have patients rehab in a place that is relaxing and comfortable. it was a celebration fit for old glory. fireworks lit up the sky above baltimore's inner harbor last nig nigh ♪ >> very cool. the city is celebrating the 200th anniversary of our national anthem, the star spangled spectacular is a week-long celebraon of the battle of baltimore which inspired francis scott key to write the poem that would become our national anthem. vice presidentid attended th concert last night.
7:48 am
today you can tour 30 tall ships and navy vessels. there will be another concert this evening and the orioles-yanes game starts at 8:00 tonight. >> so cool that we have all that history right here in our back yard. well, it was a project to promote patriotism and thank our troops. >> theewor woman who became the first to sing the national anthem in all 50 states will be in baltimore today. ♪ and the he b >> jamie stang will sing "the star-spanglenn today for the 200th anniversary. she completed her cross country journey at e end of august in tennessee. over the st year she sang everywhere fro small rodeos to baseball games pearl harbor. she's the first person in history to ever sing the anthem in all 50 states. >> i wonder if she has messed up the words at all?
7:49 am
>> i don't know. that would be terrifying. to me, to get up there -- karaoke is one thing. national anthem with people who are listening to every pitch. >> i could get the words right, i just don't want to subject people to my singing. i should just do the dramatic read of "the star-spangled banner." d r her. what a great way to finish it up. what a fine day to be outside doing it. man, oh, man, whatever you're planning on do today, it will be outdoor weather suitable for zoo singing. mostly sun many outside. that's the way it's going to stay all day long. a couple of fair weather clouds out there early this morning. even those clouds have no intentions sticking around. they're on their way out of town already. we're going to be left with a beauty of a day outside today. a nice blue sky overhead and a beautiful bl reflection on the
7:50 am
waters of the potomac. 56 at reagan national airport. northwester w at 6 miles per hour. that's drin the cooler and drier air. humidity at only 72%. that's relatively low for this time of day. it's even cooler than this out across the shenandoah valley and the mountains of northwestern maryland. 47 degesig now in hagerstow go way out towards deep creek lake and oakland, maryland, 41 degrees. whoo, that is chilly for early september. inside the beltway, temperatures in the low to mid 50s and bay side neighborhoo are in the middle and upper 50s. so you're going outside. the parks ha marathon is well under way. you won't be able to run in that. but if you're going out to your morning ru you won't have to run in the raindrops like i did yesterday. a perctayt e do a little yard work. a lot of lawn mowing still taking place,a. tno. tempet 55 and 65.
7:51 am
temperatures the low 70s. no problem at all. another thing you may want to be doing today, going out to fedex field jaguars and redskins. first kickoff is at 1:00 today. 70 degrees, full sunshine, not much of a breeze out there. going out to dinner tonight, sunny and cool for late afternoon and early evening. hometown forecast, taste of georgetown cti on today. 65 degrees with sunshine at 11:30 this morning. up to 73 degrees in georgetown by later this afternoon. perfect day stroll down the street. wisconsin avenue, bedtime temperaturck into the mid 60s. everyone isoi to have a cool start tomorr morning. not as chilly as it is this morning. cool nonetheless. 6:00 a.m. temperature on monday morning in georgetown is 61 degrees. no rain on the radar right now. yesterday's drs a offshore and moving away.
7:52 am
tomorrow t' raindrops are not showing up on radar yet. a little chance for rain late tomorrow night into the pre dawn hours of tuesday morning. tomorrow, not a problem. commuter time ow chilly, a little fog. 55 degrees for the ride in to work and school tomorrow morning and 75 degrees on the ride home tomorrow afternoon. by and large tomorrow looking like another one of these fine september days. that rain chance comes in late monday night, early tuesday. in fact, it might rain after you go to bed monday night and be done before you wake up on tuesday morning. outside of that, there's not a drop on that seven-day forecast. this is about as nice as september can be. temperatures little cooler than averagfo of the week. this morning is the coldest morning of t next week, but nonethelessnt of morning chill. gateop for the redskins hope opener in about an hour. from tailgating to watching the gale, we'll break down what you
7:53 am
need to know if you're headed to fedex field. a special guest on monday's manufacture meredith vieira show." see what happens when steve harvey stops know that chasing performance can mean lower returns and fewer choices in retirement. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today.
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right w a huge group including som nbc4 staff are starting round two of the ride to conquer cancer.
7:56 am
they're biking 75 miles south from walkersville to kensington today. that's only half of their 150-mile trip. they biked the other half north yesterday. the ride raised $2.5 million to fund cancer research at john hob kins hospitals. parking lots open in just over an hour at fedex field for the home opener today. the skins play the jaguars at 1:00 this afternoon. gates open at 11:00. the team wi be looking for its first win this evening. don't forget you cannot bring bags, food or drinks of your own into the stadium. we're told prince george's county poce will have 175 on duty officers at the stadium for the game. if you want to go, we have learned that there are plenty of takts availablt now. they're real cheap, too. >> some of them we just checked, were going for as low as 10 for standing room. if you want an actual seat, they're going for $17.60.
7:57 am
you can buy up to two tickets two hours bee the game. you can alsbu ticket on the team's website, going for at least 38 bucks there. for even more football, watch "sunday night football" tonight. the bears and the 49ers and watch news 4 at 11:00 tonight when the game ends. >> going to be a nice day to watch football fedex? >> perfect weather for football today. >> excellent. >> that's it for "news 4 today." back in 25 minutes with a local news update. >> join us again at 9:00 this morning. until the ve t y.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. monsters. britain's prime minister reacting to another beheading by isis militants. vowing to help defeat the terror group. is there enough international backing to stop them? richardngle is live in iraq. battling the e trextremes. firefighters try to knock down several raging wildfires. in the east, millions waking up to unseasonal cold snap. out of bounds? protests plan at football stadiums as an antinfl social media campaign grows online. this as ray rice gets a hero's welcome when he


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