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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, back in d.c. after being stranded in the windy city. tonight what they had to say about being among the thousands to have travel plans derailed. a shooting as chaotic and confusing. the any report that could put the secret service under a
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microscope. and american suffering from ebola is getting ready to come first at 11:00, another day of frustration in the skies and at the airports around the country. more than 700 flights cancelled today at chicago's two international airports. and the problem created a domino effect across the country including right i news 4's darcy spencer joins us live from reagan national airport where some lucky travellers finally made it home. right? >> reporter: they sure did. here at reagan airport, a number of kansas manyations. people trying to go chicago and come back home. we caught up with passengers who were just happy to be back home. >> scary one person can cripple the industry like that. >> reporter: michael macon just returned from chicago saturday night. his friday flight among the thousands cancelled. >> had to check out of my hotel.
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had to find another hotel. was able to do that fortunately. then went to the airport this morning and got on a standby list and got on the plane. >> reporter: he was one of the lucky ones. hundreds of flights were cancelled today in chicago, as the faa struggled to get things back to normal. katie owings was in chicago on business. >> i actually was notified this morning first thing that my flight was canceled. i was on the 3:00. they worked it out, though. supposed to be on the 6:00 a.m. tomorrow and got me on the 5:00 p.m. tonight. delayed but finally made it here. >> reporter: on friday more nan 2,000 flights in and out of chicago's o'hare and midway airports were cancelled. the travel misery continued into the weekend. nearly 800 chicago flight cancellations on saturday. >> coming back from germany. was delayed a couple hours in chicago. flight cancelled, but i mean, the bartenders were nice. had a couple beers and waited it out until american airlines was able to get me on the next flight. >> reporter: all disruptions because of one man.
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a contract employee who allegedly start add fire in the basement of a large regional air traffic control center outside chicago. and he tried to take his own life. his suicide attempt was not successful. but the alleged active sabotage was. disrupting air travel across now, the faa was hoping to get everything back to normal by sometime today. obviously, that did not happen. we're hoping for a much smoother day tomorrow. reportinge from reagan national, darcy spencer, news 4. >> thanks. adding to the headaches for air traffic controllers storms damped phoenix sky harbor international this afternoon halting all takeoffs and landings about an hour. more than 30 flights diverted to other airports. at want point flight delays averaged more than 90 minutes. new developments in the fight against the ebola outbreak. the national institutes of health will soon treat and infected patient at its center
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in bethesda. an american doctor volunteering a at treatment center in sierra le leon. the doctor will be admitted in the coming days. the it is designed for high-level isolation and members on staff are trainered in infectious diseases. new at 11:00, new details of secret service misstep follows a 2011 incident where the a man fired multiple shots at the white house. according to the "washington post" it took the secret service five days to notice it was hit after a housekeeper notice a chunk of glass on the floor. the first account on record. oscar ortega her and in edds arrested and charged with attempted assassination. the president and first lady were not home but daughters sasha and malia were in d.c. with their grandmother. she loves the color orange and attending uva foom games. hannah graham's classmates made
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it clear they haven't stopped thinking about her. thousands of orange ribbons passed out at today's football game against kent state. before she disappeared hannah attended every home game bip wearing the ribbons they feel hannah is there, even though police are still searching for her. >> there are certainly two prevails feelings. first is hope hannah's coming home. second, a little frustration. so many big questions that remain unanswe >> one thing we do know, the suspect jesse matthew is held without bond and in isolation at the charlotteville jail. he arrived back in virginia last night, and is expected to appear in court on thursday. volunteers and family members of two missing montgomery county children spent a third straight saturday searching for them. not giving up hope sarah and jacob will be found safe. focusing on the timeline and cars kathlyn hogle was driving when she disappeared with her kids. today they put up flyers and
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want business owners to look for anything that may help find the children. >> probably one of the most important parts of finding my kids. figuring out where those cars were driving around. so i mean, if someone could come forward with video, that would be awesome. >> there have been no confirmed sightings of the children since reported missing on september 8th. katherine hogle is in police custody but not saying where her children are at. shep has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. heartbreak rocking a small texas college. four members of the softball team dmid a crash. losing their lives in a tractor trailer slammed into their bus. the north central it college team returning to school after a friday night game about 70 miles south of oklahoma city. the ntsb is looking at why there are no barriers along that stretch of highway. a prayer vigil will be held at the school tomor right now, d.c. police on the hunt for the person who shot a cop and killed a man overnight
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in southeast. now the shooting happened around 12:30 on ainnchor place. the officer was reporting to a disorderly conduct call in the area when hit by a bullet. a second victim, 39-year-old anthony jones rushed to the hospital where he later died pap third man also shot. he and the officer are expected to be okay. changes are coming to some local parks. we'll tell you what you're now asked not to do. plus, the search widens for a man with a history of returning away, and former first daughter chelsea clinton welcomes her first child. we'll show you the first photos of the family's neweem the first weekend of fall, but today feeling more like summer. so how long does this weather last? i'll let you know coming up in my full foreca.
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welcome back. 18 officers died in the line of duty since the department founded in the 1800s. the memorial will open later this year. tonight the search is expanding for a missing man with autism. police in frederick county, maryland, expanding the search for this man into montgomery county. he walk aid way from a frederick day care thursday morning an hasn't been seen since. police say stone has a history of running away and was once later found in laurel.
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new at 11:00, the woman who survived a brutal attack during which her co-worker was beheaded is now out of the hospital. the man accused of stabbing her will be charged with purchaseder tomorrow. police say alton nolen was angry about being fired from the oklahoma processing plant where he worked. shot by a company executive after he attacked the two women. nolen regained consciousness yesterday. the fbi is involved because of high-profile beheadings by islamist militant. and a local mall, why shoppers are kept away for their own safe.
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we're going find out when a parking garage at montgomery mall in bethesda will open after part of the railing collapsed. near the macy's entrance closed since friday afternoon. no one hurt from the railing buckled. there's scaffolding to keep shoppers safe. engineers are trying to figure out what happened. a large slap of concrete fell last year. breathe easier wn heading to the park in fairfax county. the first of many tobacco-free play zone signs went up earlier today. earlier this summer the park authority board approved the displace. it doesn't ban smoking in parks but asks visitors to refrain from lighting up. fairfax public schools are expected to approve similar signs fo it's playgrounds and athletic fields. former president bill clinton and hillary clinton have the title they've always wanted. they're grandparents. their daughter chelsea and her
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husband ma welcomed a baby girl. charlotte, beautiful name. the couple's first grandchild. they are blessed and so happy. hillary clinton says becoming a grandmother, her most exciting title. she picked out a book to read to classic, the classic "good night moon" and good night to the old lady whispering hush. i love that. >> i love that as well. >> couldn't have dialed it up better. a beautiful moon, if you caught a picture. >> a small sliver in the western sky. really nice moon, really nice evening, in fact. >> the whole day. you get a gold star. >> i'll take that. the good news, form repeat performance. we're talking about warm temperatures once again. plenty of sunshine. low humidity. high temperature tomorrow of 84. high today was 87. nice weather for your sunday. there's a chance of a shower on monday later in the day. only about a 30% chance. not super impressed but it there. and as we talk about the upcoming workweek, plenty of clouds in the forecast.
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temperatures in the mid-70s. so maybe you're liking the fall-like temperatures we've had. doan worry. they return on monday. tomorrow, not the case. the sunset this evening was at 6:57. yesterday was at 6:59. the sun is now setting before 7:00 p.m. and it will continue to do so through march 8th. temperatures now, washington at a balmy 68 degrees. eswhere, chilly. 57 in gaithersburg. 59's in tread drik. 61 for those in culpepper. satellite showing mainly clear skyrs across the area. there will be rural fog tomorrow morning. that will burn off by about 8:00, 9:00 a.m., but cold for those of you outside of the beltway. look at the temperatures. winchester, 56 for a low. hagerstown 50. fredericksburg, 53. washington nots bad tomorrow morning. grab the light jacket heading outside the door. temperature around 60. make sure you layer, because by
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the afternoon, highness the mid-80s. skycast 4 here actually how the sky will look throughout the day tomorrow. maybe a little cloudiness around as the sun comes up but for the mothers past throughout the day, the sun really wins out. mostly sunny skies. beautiful sunday evening. here's your hour-by-hour planner. 7:00 a.m., areas of fog. temperature around 60. with it, plenty of sunshine. temperatures warm up quickly. by noon, in the mid-70s. mid-80s at 4:00. 7:00 p.m., beautiful, with a temperature around 78 degrees. nice sunday evening to have dinner outside. nationals forecast for tomorrow, marlins last regular home game of the season. first pitch at 1:35. have the shades for the game. have the sunscreen as well. temperatures will be in upper 70s and low to mid-80s. now, on monday, plenty of clouds around. notice a slight chance of shower on futureweather around 3:00 in the afternoon. remember, only about a 30%
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chance. cooler otherwise. high of 77. partly sunny on tuesday. adam, high temperature of 76. high temperatures wednesday, thursday and friday will be in the mid-70s, but notice mostly cloudy skies for those days, and a chance of some showers next saturday with a high temperature of three -- two -- one -- start your -- >> yeah. a lot of wagging tails outside at black hill regional park. the weather perfect for the strut your mutt doggy theme festival. our own melissa malay emceed. doggy treats and contests. nbc 4 partnered with best friends society on this raising about $100,000 for animal welfare groups and saving homeless animals in our area. still ahead, the nationals heating up heading into the first poef season start. jason is up next with sports.
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and we are just minutes away from the season premiere of "saturday night live" actor chris pratt hosts along with musical guest ariana grande, after the news. .
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jason pugh joinings on the desk tonight pt nats are looking good heading into the post seasen. on the spot here. hoop got the better shot? nats or os? >> the nationals, a better starting pitcher.
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straussberg, throw him out three times in the series. gets to that point, a serious as advantage over the orioles. we'll see. for a y yet to take the mound for a single postseason game, nationals pitcher stephen strasburg looks ready to go for october baseball. two years ago the nats organization shut down their ace after coming off tommy john surgery. that move paying off now seeing how strassberg looked stronger than ever. pick up the game bottom of the second inning. strassberg at the play trying to lay down the bunt. does just that. the throw to first. bryce harper decides to come home. turned out to be a good decision. bryce harper sliding under that tag and how than? nationals go up 1-0 in this game. strassberg had it going on the mound. a man or, can only watch that breaking ball. seven strikeouts, six shutout
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innings for stephen strasburg today. bottom of the eighth. nats up. cabrera, second baseman gets a lot of this pitch deep off the scoreboard. this is going clear the bases. a three-run double, and nats, they go on to beat the marlins 5-1. afterwards, matt williams knows his ace is locked in heading to his first postseason start. >> i ts, you know, an indication of that. as we discussed before the game, it feels great. his strength is good. he's throwing the ball where he wants to. he's making pitches when he needs to. that's typical stephen of what we've seen all year long and he's ready for next week. >> final game. season tomorrow at nationals park. talk college football now. a lot of people say-of-said maryland couldn't play with the big boys. said they couldn't hang in the big ten conference. basketball would be okay but football -- not so much.
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listen to this. maryland as of right now at the top of the big 10 eastern division standings inklugs penn state, ohio state, michigan and michigan state. first-ever big 10 conference dame for the terps took place in hoosier country. skip to second quarter. knotted at 3. threatening c.j. brown. scoring touchdowns. maryland takes a 10-3 lead off that score. later on, showing off the arm. finding one of his playmakers. 29 yard touchdown. taking a selfie for a touchdown celebration. i like it. this, i didn't like so much. c.j. brown, cast on left hand. sprained that left wrist knop word if he'll be ready for next week just yet. brown out. second string in. a swing pass. he'll dot rest down the sidelines.
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36-yard touch down fwop in the game. maryland win as first big 10 difference game 37-15 over indiana. virginia, they won two game all of last season taking on kent state today. first quarter, up a touchdown. colin reardon's pass picks off. this is maurice canaday. the junior. watch this. stake off the quarterback here. cut back. an easy score. 69-yard interception return. wahoos even it up at 7. second quarter. kent state back on top by 3, not for long. matt johns off the play fake. all kinds of time and he finds shepherd for the score. cavaliers go on to win 45-13. virginia surpasses their win total from lastseason. they're now 3-2. down in blacksburg, virginia tech hosting western michigan. opening kickoff, setting the
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tone early. force a fumble here. and scooping it up and scores. the man with the big hair puts virginia tech on top 7-0. then in the third quarter, the hocus lead it 18-10. michael brewer wants more. nice little pitch and catch here with isaiah who had two touchdown passes in the game. virginia tech being western michigan 35-17. navy plays host to western kentucky. fourth quarter. down, trying to come back. keenen reynolds making it look easy on this play. two-yard touchdown run. navy over 400 yards rushing. two-point conversion fails. mid-shipman down two. last chance for navy. fourth and 10. ren mds throw as pick. it's picked off by wonderful terry and, yes, wonderful tonight. 43 yards to the house. that seals it. western kentucky beat navy 36-27.
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all right, now to d.c. eyed hosting philadelphia union. on the attack. franklin's pass blocked here. send in a beautiful ball for silva, heads it in. d.c. united beats philadelphia 1-0 and stay on top the eastern conference standings in the mls. >> thanks. more football tomorrow. the american kind. "saturday night live" coming up next.
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