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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 28, 2014 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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so tonight it was the dallas cowboys. it was demarco murray pounding relentlessly all night and the wide receivers got the opportunity to play one on one. for pro athletes that's not too hard. >> al: the kneel-down will end it. we go down to the final minute of the game. looked at the dallas schedule. how it sets up favorably. we have tampa bay next week. then they were off. at detroit the sunday night game in green bay on the 26th. three days rest and to carolina for a thursday night game. the niners in cincinnati at home. pretty interesting in the nfc south. atlanta losing today. to minnesota. that was an upset. tampa bay winning.
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carolina losing. they were all bunched up in the division. this kneel-down by tony romo will end this one. what a difference a year makes, huh, in the rivalry. >> cris: last year it was a complete blowout. the saints destroyed the cowboys. this is a remade cowboys team. maybe back to the future for them as they get back to their roots and running the football. >> al: the cowboys win it. 38-17. the volkswagen post game report coming right up.
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>> announcer: welcome to the volkswagen post game report. here now bob costas. >> cowboys go to 3-1. 38-17 over the saints who lost all three road games and six consecutive away dating back to last year. we'll give a game ball to tyron smith. he had an outstanding game at left tackle. part of a dominant performance by the offensive line of the cowboys. tony romo an impeccable game. three touchdowns, to picks. demarco murray pads the league lead in rushing. he has 534 yards through four games. carried it 24 times for 149 yards and two scores tonight.
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murray and romo are with michelle. >> michele: you guys chose to receive on the opening kick off. you went up 7-0. how did it set the tone? >> we moved the ball well. each first drive we had a couple of fumbles we didn't score on. we have been good out of the gate. we felt like we'd protect the ball. >> michele: the game plan was to keep the saints offense off the field as much as possible. you did that. what was key to executing it well? >> we're finding that the saints are great. phenomenal team. great coaching staff. always giving us trouble. every couple of years. i think what you find is you try to get rid of the fact that they are the saints. it's drew brees. you just go play. you execute every play. when you do it makes it simple. you execute the plan. >> michele: acknowledging that. the last time you guys played they rolled you.
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>> yeah. >> michele: 49 points. what was the difference in the defense tonight? >> we are a different team this year than we were last year. not everyone knows a lot of the guys' names. they play hard. aggressive. they work their butts off every day. as hard as i have seen it they are committed on wednesday and thursday. you can't believe it. it's showing up in the games. testament to them and their work. has to keep going. >> michele: longest run of your career. how does the back feel? >> makes me feel old. the fact i have 21 yards is pathetic. feels great. >> michele: congratulations on the win. >> thanks. >> michele: let's go to demarco murray. your fourth straight hundred yard rushing game. since the cowboys drafted you they have touted your potential. why is it happening this year? >> they were gelling on the offensive line. doing great. they are moving guys up front.
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the tight ends, receivers. we have been running the game for some time. we are both on the same page. >> michele: if someone said you could be the lead rusher. what would you have thought. >> i have had confidence in myself and my ability and the guys i run behind. i'm fortunate to play the game. i work hard. it was a team effort. defense played well. definitely they deserve it all. >> michele: the offensive line dominateded tonight. what do you the see from your vantage point when they do their job like that? >> i see a lot. there are times i'm not getting tested second level. i have to do better at making guys miss once i get past the trash. they are blocking well. hardest working group. >> michele: congratulations. >> appreciate it. >> let's bring in tony dungy. with this result plus the eagles
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loss what do you make now of the nfc east? apparently we are having technical difficulties with tony dungy. let me ask a question.should we or not? apparently not. no mike, no tony. they would have been great, i promise you that. al will be back to wrap up from arlington after this. he'll be good. stay tuned. there comes a time in everyone's life when you want more. like a new meticulously engineered german sedan. finely crafted. exactingly precise. desire for such things often outpaces one's means. until now. hey matt, new jetta? yeah. introducing lots of new.
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that's more performance, from the #1 appliance store. sears. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save. >> announcer: welcome back to the volkswagen post game report.
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touchdown detroit lions. >> the 10, 5, touchdown. >> coming up after the game. it's the sunday sports report. a look at today's nfl action. the sunday sports report coming up. the guys get ready on nbcsn. who would have believed the dallas cowboys would be 3-1 and the saints would be 1-3 and four weeks into the national football league season only two would be undefeated. the arizona cardinals and the cincinnati bengals. they will go into week five undefeated. both had a bye today. you are looking at two coaches with the longest tenure in the national football league. bill belichick has been in new england since 2000 with tremendous success. marvin lewis took over in 2003. got them to the playoffs the
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last three years. they are looking for the elusive first playoff win. cincinnati to new england from foxborough next week on sunday night football. that will do it from here. dallas wins 38-17. al michaels for cris collinsworth, michele tafoya and our gang headed by fred gadelli and drew esakoff. good night from at&t stadium in arlington, the texas. see you next sunday. -- captions by vitac -- >> announcer: nbc sports, home of super bowl xlix thanks you for watching this presentation of the thfl nfl.
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right now at 11:00 p.m. a night at a amusement park gets out of hand fast. >> it's very frightening to see this. because we're losing our kids to foolishness. >> tonight, why there are still so many questions about what really happened at six flags america. osed to ebola. a day that nationals' fans will not soon forget. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 p.m. starts now. well, a heavier police presence outside six flags america to make sure this did not happen again. the second night of fright fest was a lot calmer than opening night on saturday. that's when witnesses say people
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in the crowd started fighting. now a parks spokesperson says they're taking steps to make sure this doesn't happen again. but, as darcy spencer reports, there's little comfort from the family of one teenager who says they were seriously hurt. >> somebody has to do something because we're losing our kids to foolishness. >> reporter: this woman is speaking for the family of this 15-year-old high school student who is in a medically induced coma. family members say he was punched and fell to the ground saturday night outside of six flags america. >> if you look at him with tubes in his nose and down his throat and all of these other things connected to him, it's very frightening to see this. >> relatives are still trying to piece together exactly what happened and where. witnesses say fights broke out in the parking lot and outside the park. the teens' relatives say he was punched in the head twice and his head hit the concrete.
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relatives wonder if he could be a victim of the so-called knockout game. >> and the security has to be beefed up. if your going to have events like this, you have to be prepared for them. >> initially six flags played down what happened as an altercation in a parking lot with one injury. then sunday evening released a new statement. it reads in part -- the unacceptable baif yor and evented that occurred yesterday acted out by some unsupervised youth are no way typical behavior for our park or the surrounding area. the safety of our guests is our number one priority and while this was isolated incident, we are taking steps to make sure it cannot be repeated. and this 15-year-old is in the icu, he is stable and that's good news. family praying he'll pull through and make a full recovery. >> but you know, i prayed. i'm a pastor. i do what i do. i anointed him and i prayed for him and i'm believing that god is going to heal him. >> a spokeswoman for six flags
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says security is being beefed up here at the amauzment park. they're also increasing traffic enforcement on the grounds and here on central avenue to make it smoother as people are leaving this event. reporting from six flags in prince george's county, darcy spencer news4. well, new tonight, the family of a woman murdered in her own home more than a year ago may finally have answered. police say they've made an arrest in the stabbing death of nicole burrgess. last march they found her lifeless body. her dog was also killed. we'll learn more about the person arrested after a police press conference later tomorrow. an american doctor exposed to the ebola vie vus be treated in the nih. he waslated late this afternoon for observation and clinical study. it's not now if he contracted ebola. people living in the area should
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not be alarmed if that's the case. >> there's minimum, if any, risk at all to people in the hospital as well as people in the bethesda area. we have an extraordinary capability at the nih and a special unit designated for this type of infection containment. >> we don't know much about the patient, but health officials tell us the doctor was volunteering in sere ierra leon. >> a new report surfaced about how they handled a shooting at the white house. now washington post article claims the agency mishandled the 2011 shooting in which oscar ortega hernandez fired multiple shots a the white house. the agency is denying claims that agents didn't know it was a shooti for several days, saying that because the shooting was fired from so far away it wasn't immediately clear what happened. and the disputes claims the agency did nothing the night of the shooting. now the secret service did say, though, that a review of the
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incident brought personnel and security enhancements. it's been 16 days since anyone has seen hannah graham. now the search for the missing uva student has stretched into a rural and wooded countryside. rescue workers out on atvs today the search is now much smaller. instead of the 100s of volunteers we saw last week, only 50 trained senior high scho volunteers. they're following up more than 1,600 tips and racing against time in search for clues. >> fortunately we've had very little rain since this has gone on, so the preservation of clues or evidence is still good at this point, but we're still looking for anything that might lead us to hannah. >> now the suspect, jesse matthews sits in a jail cell tonight about a mile away from the search area. he is expected to appear in court thursday. well, here we go. the cherry on top of what's already an outstanding season
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for the nats. as if making the playoffs getting home field wasn't advantage enough, the team pulls off something it's never done before, a no-hitter. we were in the building. amazing. >> amazing! a no-no. you couldn't script a better ending. jordan zimmermann was expected to only pitch a handful of innings today and get ready for the playoffs and rest. instead he becomes the first national to throw a no-hitter and first pitcher in washington since 1931. how about that? nats park was buzzing. history in the making. you could feel it. one out to go for jordan zimmermann on the hill facing christian yelich, fastball and yelich, he gets ahold of it, deep to left center, are you kidding me? first no-no in nationals history. nats celebrate, the entire stadium does as well. next up, the playoffs. we'll have so much later in
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sports and then after in the redskins final. we'll tell you why we still don't know who the nats will be facing in the post season. adam? >> so cool. thank you very much. here is a live look at nationals park right now. with playoff baseball getting under way at home in just a few days, the question is this, will the weather cooperate? storm team 4 meteorologist here with the first look. >> good evening to you, adam. the orioles first playoff game in baltimore on thursday for that, the weather is looking great. of course, we still don't know the times for either of the games. nationals or orioles, but again, the weather on thursday looking to cooperate. unfortunately, the nationals first playoff game on friday, if later game is scheduled, rain is threatening the evening forecast as well. and not just rain, but the chance of some thunderstorms as well. so, something to keep an eye on. now, for tomorrow, there's the chance of an isolated shower, but more importantly, plenty of clouds. with that, adam, it means cooler temperatures. i'll have your full forecast in ten minutes.
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>> thanks, amelia. simmering tensions in missouri after a police officer was shot saturday night. new details coming out exactly what happened. the police chief says the wounded officer's body camera was turned off during the shooting incident and police are searching for one n, not two as was previously reported. the officer was at the ferguson community center when a man ran from him. that man shot the officer in the arm during a chase. the officer is out of the hospital. police don't believe this incident was related to nearby protests about the michael brown shooting. turning now to the fight against isis. a new nbc news poll found that 72% of americans believe the united states will eventually sound ground troops into iraq and syria. 45% are in favor if military commanders think it's the best way to defeat the islamic state. 37 are opposed. this all comes that president obama admits that the u.s. underestimated the militant group and members of congress
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are discussing what to do next. nbc's brian moore explains. >> reporter: u.s. and coalition forces launched weekend air forces on isis in syria. the late nest a conflict with no end in sight. in an interview on "6 o minutes" president obama blamed u.s. intelligence for dropping the ball. >> i think our head of the intelligence community, jim clapper, acknowledged that they underestimated what had been taking place in syria. >> reporter: terrorists beaten in iraq found safe haven in syria's civil war. >> they were able to reconstitute themselves and take advantage of that chaos and attract foreign fighters who believed in their jihadist nonsense. >> reporte now, isis is an army. >> i think it will take more than air strikes to drive them out of there. at some point, somebody boots have to be on the ground. >> i think the president has an
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obligation to call us back tomorrow to start this debate. >> how long are we going to be there and is there any end? >> reporter: a fight that will be a tough sell for a weary congress and a war-weary nation. brian moore, nbc news, washington. the cab driver accused of shooting an alexandria police officer goes on trial in the morning. cameras will not be allowed in court as his capital murder trial begins. he is charged with shooting officer peter in the head during a traffic stop last year. he is still recovering from a traumatic brain injury. he had to relearn how to speak and walk. also in the morning, those long-awaited streetcars will start running along eighth street in northeast, but without passengers. the simulated service will run every ten minutes and if it works out, we'll be able to use the streetcars in november. a word of warning, though, the streetcars won't have dedicated lanes and will share the road with other vehicles and sigh
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kalists. >> all because of one person. it's just so infuriating. >> now cominup, a travel nightmare that is still not over. what we've now learned about the extent of the damage and when things could be back to normal in the sky. a college campus in mourning. now the pieces are coming together about a crash that claimed so much. and wild weather. we show you some damage from a storm tha
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four college softball players killed when a semi hit their bus are being remembered as talented athletes and devoted friends. students and teachers lit candles and sang hymns during a prer vigil at north central
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texas college. human error likely caused friday night's crash. they say the tractor trailer driver drove more than 800 feet along the median before drifting into the oncoming lane and slamming into the bus. the driver said he was distracted by something in the truck's cabin. well, new tonight, we've learned how long it could take before air travel can get back to normal after an faa employee set a fire at an illinois facility friday morning. the faa now says it will be october 13th before that facility is up and running. the first delivery of new equipment arrives tonight. they're ha chicago air travel from other facility. people are still feeling the ripple effect. another 550 flights cancelled. people been stranded in chicago try to get home, we explain. >> reporter: at o'hare, stranded
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travelers slept anywhere they could find space. >> all because of one person. it's just so infuriating. >> reporter: but as the day went on, things seemed to improve by afternoon at midway. planes in the sky, improvement on the flight board. >> we're going to be out of here on time. >> we weren't worried. we figured everything would be good by today. >> reporter: a fire and attempted suicide at faa inflight control center friday called mass cancellations and delays all weekend long. brian howard is charged with setting the fire allegedly because he was upset about a job transfer to hawaii. today cleanup at the faa center continued as travelers struggled to complete their weekend's plans. >> this is first flight experience. >> not a good one. >> not a good one. >> these travelers finally home. >> how happy are you to be home. >> very happy. we made it.
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>> that was trina orlando reporting. to give you perspective, the president of the national air traffic controllers association says this is the most challenging incident for air traffic controllers since 9/11. referring to it like damage unlike anything he's ever seen before. well, another worry cause brought folks out to georgetown prep in bethesda. more than 100 runners and walkers laced up their sneakers in support of special olympics maryland. tonight, organizers tell us they're still waiting for all the numbers to come in, but they believe theyded their goal. the group holds olympic-style competitions for kids and adults in montgomery county. also in montgomery county, a town hall to tackle the issue of bullying in school. it was a way for citizens to voice their frustrations and couple u ide to stop bullying. over the past few months, the community has worked together to stop the problem. >> we've got caring hearts out
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there. we have caring citizens and caring organizations and we'll bring that all together and make it a better montgomery county public school system for the kids there being bullied and the bulliers because they need help as well. today's town hall was the third event of the county's efforts to raise awareness and educate people on what they can do to prevent bullying. it's been a weekend of wild weather for millions of people. check this out. storms brought down trees and power lines across arizona, but that wasn't all. people there also saw some pretty serious flooding. that brought highways to a standstill and some power cruisers still trying to get the lights back on in that part of the country. we did not have to deal with any of that this weekend because this weekend was just about as picture perfect as you can get around here. >> it was beautiful. sunny skies for the most part. temperatures in the low to mid 80s. for the workweek, temperatures they are going to be cooler, but appropriately so. it's fall now. this week expect high
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temperatures to be in the 70s. minor rain chances. for the month we're down about two i inches where we would normally be for rain fall amounts. for the year, though, we have a five-inch surplus, but we do need that rain. the lawns dry across the area. as we look to next weekend, cooler temperatures. highs saturday and sunday will be around 70 degrees. right now, temperatures across the area coming in in the 60s. washington at 69. areas outside of the beltway for the most part are in the low 06s. gaithersburg at 61. satellite and radar showing partly to mostly cloudy skies across the area. clouds tonight, a good thing. tomorrow morning heading to work, it's not going to be as cool or even as cold as it has been, especially for those in the more rural areas. frederick tomorrow low temperature around 57. easton low around 60. washington a temperature of 62. so, kids getting on the school bus for monday, a jacket but
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shorts as well. because by the time recess rolls around, temperatures will be comfortable. sky cast for walking you throughout the day tomorrow, this is actually how the sky will look. you can see plenty of clouds around as the sun comes up. here we are 8:00 a.m. don't need the sunglasses for the morning commute. getting into the afternoon hours, still tracking plenty of clouds and maybe an isolated shower during the afternoon, especially for those in southern maryland and the northern neck. but most of us, a dry but cloudy monday. here is your hour by hour planner. 7:00 a.m., temperatures in the low 60s. noon we're in the low 70s, okay day to have your lunch outside. 4:00 p.m., there is that threat of an isolated shower. for the most part it will be south of washington. that's our high of 77. feeling pretty comfortable. even during the evening, taking the dog for a walk, kids have afterschool activities, the weather cooperating. tuesday, high temperature of 79, so mild, partly sunny skies. there's the chance you're
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dealing with a shower on wednesday, but if you're watering plants, i would recommend keep watering them outside. don't let the mums dry up. 76 for a high on wednesday. thursday, temperatures in the mid 70s. cold front moves through friday night, adam. we go from 77 on friday to 73 on saturday, maybe some morning showers. sunday, refreshing, mostly sunny and high of 68. >> i'll take that forecast. that looks fine to me. thank you. this will be a good way to start your day. tomorrow or i guess today now at 12:05 is national coffee day. you know what that means. there will be plenty of free or discounted coffee. mcdonald's, dunkin' donuts, crispy cream are all offering deals. starbucks is offering discounts for online purchases. thousands of people filled freedom plaza for the turkish festival in d.c. it had everything from food, art


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