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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 30, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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also, olympian michael phelps speaking out now after his second dui arrest in maryland. first, breaking news in potomac where two people were found dead a few miles apart this afternoon. a man was found dead in a car crash along river road, then a minute later another call to police after a woman was found dead in a home that was on fire. jackie bensen joins us live to tell us what investigators are saying about a possible connection. jackie? >> reporter: doreen, police tell us they believe they will learn a lot more once they identify the two people a man and a woman, according to sources. [ no audio ] >> reporter: i think there was something wrong with the video
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we were going to show. what i can tell you is right now police have two scenes that are two miles apart. they learned of the car accident first about 2:30 this afternoon. shortly after that, they were called to an address on great elm, which is just about two miles north of here for a fire they discovered the body of a woman, according to sources. police tell us they are at this time waiting for a search warrant to search that home on great elm. they are identifying the next of kin of the deceased man found here and the woman found at the home just a short distance away. they are hoping by confirming those identities they will learn a lot more about exactly what happened here this afternoon. live in potomac, jackie bensen, news4. >> thanks, jackie. we are also following breaking news now about ebola. the centers for disease control confirmed late today the first diagnosis of ebola in the united st. the agency says the patient is from liberia, one of the countries hit hardest by that
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deadly disease in africa. the patient traveled to texas earlier this month, and began to develop symptoms last week. after four days of showing symptoms, he was put in isolation at texas presbyterian hospital in dallas. the cdc says it is now trying to identify anyone, the patient may have come into contact with since he arrived in order to ensure the virus was not passed on. >> i have no doubt that we will control this importation or this case of ebola so that it does not spread widely in this country. >> four americans have contracted that disease while treating ebola patients in west africa. but this is the first to be diagnosed within our borders. now we shift to protecting our president. not only are there new revelatis about that unprecedented security breach at the white house recently, there is a new report just out about a man with a gun who got on the
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same elevator as the president just a couple weeks ago. >> just this afternoon, here in washington, a grand jury indicted omar gonzalez. he is the man who jumped over the fence and ran into the white house armed with a knife. the "washington post" reports that the secret service agent who finally tackled him was off duty, and he only happened to be on the scene by chance. >> the secret service director told congress today she is still trying to figure out how that security breach happen >> meanwhile, steve handelsman joins us at the white house with more on this report. a bigger security scare in atlanta. steve? >> reporter: thanks. credit where credit is due. all these stories are from "washington post" reporter carol leonnig all over this secret service scandal. now she reports that when president obama was down at the centers for disease control there atlanta two weeks ago, secret service let somebody get on an elevator with kim, who not only had a gun, secret service
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didn't know it, but had three prior convictions for assault. the guy gave himself away by trying to video the president. secret service said don't do it. they got miss name, ran his name. came up with three prior convictions for assault and battery. his boss and the security contracting company fired him and said he had to turn in his gun. and that's when the secret service learned and only then that a guy with a gun and three priors was in the elevator with the president of the united . if that had had come out in today's hearing, it would have been even hotter. but this was mostly about omar gonzalez. everybody knows by now what he did at the white house over the fence, across this lawn, through that door, and on to the north portico. what's not known is what secret service officials, officers, did, did not do and why their boss still isn't sure. and she got hammered on capitol hill. >> this is absolutely disgraceful this has happened. >> reporte lawmake vented their outrage at secret service director julia pierson.
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>> don't let somebody get close to the president much don't let somebody get close to the family. >> reporter: pierson says she is still investigating the first-ever forced intrusion into the white house september 19th. and i will make sure that it does not happen again. >> reporter: but as she testifd, came a fresh disclosure from the "washington post" that fence-jumper, omar gonzalez, who the secret service did not admit until today made it through the unlocked door deep into the white house, was stopped by an off-duty officer, who happened to see him. no dogs were released. no shots were fired. >> i want it to be crystal clear. you make a run and a dash to the white house, we're going to take you down. >> reporter: that's not the policy, said pierson. officers are to assess the threat and act fast. and she's not sure why they blew it a week ago friday. >> we have a security procedure that wasn't followed. one week prior, an individual had climbed the fence and was arrested within seconds. >> reporter: before pierson took charge. in 2011, a gunman fired from the
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south and hit the residence. but secret service supervisors did not believe it had happened. and the seven slugs weren't found for four days, because officers who knew the truth kept quiet. is that still an issue? >> how do you even know what the problems are? >> reporter: president obama today was out walking, a reminder that he's a target. and the front door of the white house now locks automatically if there a threat alert. through his spokesman president obama said he's got full confidence in julia pierson to make needed reforms. but that came out before the disclosure and it's not clear if the president himself even knows that he was allowed by the secret service in atlanta just two weeks ago to be in an elevator with a guy with a gun. i'm steve handlesman, news4. now the latest in the search for missing university of virginia student, hannah graham. today jesse matthew, the man charged in her disappearance, met with his lawyer for two hours. he has a bond hearing later this
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week. as police build their case against matthew, investigators are searching for more surveillance video of him with graham. and while they remain focused in charlottesville, the chief says he mass not ruled out the possibility of expanding the search area. the search for hannah graham brought a huge break in the more dan harrington murder case. she disappeared from charlottesville nearly five years ago. her body was found three months later. virginia state police say forensic evidence links jesse matthew to the harrington case. morgan's father first realized a possible connection when he saw a picture of matthew. >> you know, it really came to light to me about two weeks ago when i saw a picture of the sketch as compared to jesse from prior to dreadlocks and weight gain. and at that point in time, i said, oh, my gosh. i think it's the same person. >> morgan's mother says they are desperate to help find hannah graham for the sake of her parents.
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>> we have experienced firsthand just the anguish of having your child missing. and we both feel that that period of time was more difficult for us than actually knowing morgan was dead. so we have a visceral response almost. we are desperate to find hannah graham so that her family has some answers. >> by linking jesse matthew to the harrington case, it also connects him to a 2005 rape case up in fairfax. tonight there are still questions about the fairfax assault, including why matthew may have been up here in the first place. let's go to news4's pat collins with more on that side of the story. pat? >> reporter: doreen, a cold case is cold no more. that investigation in charlottesville leads to a big break here. it now appears that jesse matthew, the suspect in the attacks on two women in charlottesville, is also linked to an assault in our area nine
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years ago. the victim here, a 26-year-old woman sexually assaulted at the oxford row condominium back in september 2005. near the swimming pool at the end of the street, they say that man sexually assaulted the woman. someone walking by frightened him and he took off. the woman then ran for help. at the time, witnesses said she appeared to be badly beaten and bloodied. now police retrieved dna from that case and five years later, the fbi matched it to evidence found at the murder scene of morgan harrington. she is a young woman who was murdered back in 2009. and now more forensic evidence that links jesse matthew to the disappearance of hannah graham. she's been missing since september 13th. back here in fairfax city, police are working that sex assault case. >> this has to be somewhat of a
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big break for you all here, having a name that you can put next to that dna evidence. >> again, we continue to follow up on all leads that are provided to our investigators. and continue to entertain any tips that are essentially forwarded our way. >> reporter: in charlottesville, the police chief there says his number one focus is still finding hannah graham. >> find hannah. we have 3,000 leads, an incredible amount of leads that have come in. people are doing what we asked, and that's to tell us what you know. >> reporter: now it's the crime lab that's linked all the cases, but there's much more to be known about jesse matthew. where he's been. what he's done. live in fairfax, pat collins, news4. >> thanks, pat. there are some strong storms moving into our area. doug, what's up? >> yeah, we're watching those storms out there right now, just around the i-81 corridor, west of the blue ridge. but we are watching for those to
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move into our area later on this afternoon. take a look at those storms right now. once again, fairly strong, even a severe thunderstorm warning issued a little bit earlier this evening. and these are some strong storms. a lot of lightening and thunder, winds gusting to 40, potentially 50 miles per hour and even building to the south. look at the storm around the la ray area. these right now are in hardy and hampshire counties, west virginia through morgan. jefferson county towards maryland and weekend too. this is all a line of storms as it makes its way east. it's associated with a cold front that is making its way our way right now. so this whole line will continue to make its way our way. i'm going break it down for you and let you know when it moves into your area, plus what to expect next. and we've got some very cold air coming in. the first of the season. guys, i'll see you in a minute. >> thanks, doug. michael phelps, the gold medal-winning olympian swimmer, has been on twitter today to apologize hours after he was arrested on a dui charge in maryland. dianna reduussini is at our liv
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desk. >> he took full responsibilities for his actions saying i know these words may not mean much right now but i'm deeply sorry to everyone i have let down, end quote. phelps was pulled over on i-95 and charged with driving under the influence, excessive speeding and crossing double lines in the tunnel. that right there, that's phelps' range rover on the side of the road. he failed field sobriety tests and was taken to the transportation aut station where he was later released. the olympian was caught going 84 miles per hour in a 45-mile-an-hour zone. this is not the swimmer's first brush with the law. back in 2004 at age 19, phelps was charged with another dui. this time on the eastern shore of maryland. he received a fine and probation. and not a great month for baltimore sports stars. back to you. >> thank you, dianna. still ahead, fight night at six flags lands several teenagers in the hospital. why a popular horror movie might be responsible for sparking the violent chain of events. a high school teacher
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accused of having sex with a student. how social media played a role in her arrest. not the most pleasant rush hour for red line riders after a cracked rail leads to big delays. will you be paying the price tonight? i'm
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tonight, metro is apologizing to all those passengers month were caught up in some major delays on the red
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line this morning. riders stood shoulder to shoulder on the platforms and poured into crowded trains. one woman said it took her two hours to get to work on what should have been a 45-minute commute. the problem was a cracked rail at dupont circle where transportation reporter adam tuss joins us with what metro is doing to detect the problem before it leads to massive headaches again. adam? >> reporter: that's right, doreen. so far so good on the red line tonight. but this morning, what a mess. and all of this leading to more questions about metro's aging infras. >> again, all we can do is apologize for the delay. thank our customers for their forbearance. metro admits, an apology doesn't take away the sting of this morning's mess. here's a look at the steps that metro is taking to make things better. sitting at the helm of metro's track geometry vehicle, employees combed through parts of the system that you don't regularly see to find issues. this morning, metro's internal signal system actually spotted
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the problem near dupont circle. metro now says it believes this morning's issue happened on a section of track about four decades old. >> in this case, we are talking about the oldest section of the entire metro rail system. some of the running rail is original rail, dating back 40 years. >> repor how can that be? isn't metro replacing rail up and down the system? do we know if this section of track was replaced recently? >> i think we're talking about original rail here between dupont and woodley park. >> reporter: for some, the tracked rail plenty a very slow role, many delayed over an hour. she is just one of those stuck in the mess. she tweeted out this picture when she got to union station. she takes the red line every day to white flight attendant, normally a 45 minute trip. today two hours. we caught up with her outside her work in white flint. >> people were very frustrated. some weren't getting on the trains. people just started leaving and either to walk or take the bus.
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>> reporter: today, not the easiest trip. certainly not. metro tells us a temporary patch is in place along the cracked rail. right now, a permanent fix will have to be made overnight tonight. reporting live at dupont circle, adam tuss, news4. >> thank you, adam. breaking news out of bowie, maryland. we're hearing about a shooting at a swim club there. pat lawson muse at our live desk. >> chopper 4 has arrived at the scene. we don't know a lot about what's happened. but here's what we do know. the shooting happened at the bel-air swim and racket club in bowie off route 450, annapolis rote, not far from bowie high school. police say a man was shot and is now in extremely critical condition. we don't have any information yet on who the shooter was or what the motive for the shooting may have been. we have crews headed to the scene and will bring you any updates on the situation as they come. and here on news4 and at again, a shooting at the bel-air
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swim and racket club in bowie, maryland. at the live desk, i'm pat lawson muse. >> pat, thank you. looking at that picture, the sunshine there. we have had a gamut of every kind of weather today. >> yeah, real strong storms well off toward the west. of i don't think they're going to affect us in the d.c. metro area. for the most part, a lot more in the way of changes over the next couple days. and they're going to be fall-like changes, too, to get you into the season. here's another maze out there towards leesburg around temple hill farm. that's amazing. i've got to get out there. >> you could be lost for days. >> i was lost for days. thank goodness i had my cell phone. out there today, i'll tell you, chopper 4 over the area earlier today are and of course, we're getting ready over the next couple weekends to get our pumpkins. whatever it is, we're out there for sure. nice day, beautiful. 78 degrees, with the winds that have been out of the south at 10, 15 miles per hour with that sunshine today. plenty of sunshine out of our area. we have temperatures that are in
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the 70s. 79 in frederick. 74 towards the fredericksburg area. charlottesville at 68, though, because of the clouds. the clouds we saw earlier today in the fog actually stayed back towards the west and now we're seeing some storms developing. and these storms haven't been moving all that much toward the east. they have been developing in the same area, which is right along i-81. and to the west. so if you're around hagerstown towards cmbers berg area and towards winchester and martinsburg, get ready. these storms are coming in. they continue to fire. some of these have been on the stronger side. we're going to watch these as they move east. and i do think around hagerstown, winchester, frederick, maryland, we'll start to see those. future weather, here at 6:00. by 8:00, most of the activity still well to the north of the d.c. metro area. but later on into this evening, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, they could come down closer to the i-95 corridor, still back towards the west too. this is something we'll be watching as we move through the rest of the night tonight.
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may want to keep that umbrella handy. something else to note, early tomorrow morning, heads up for fog. that fog could be thick in parts of the area. this morning, visibility down to an eighth of a mile towards dulles. i think we could see that again tomorrow morning. so give yourself some extra time. we will see plenty of sunshine later on in the afternoon. there's the cloud cover. we saw early this morning, you see that cloud cover one more time. look at that. that's all fog across our region. then back to the west, this is actually a cold front clearly defined. here is the storm up towards lake erie. and look at the cold front drifting down it towards our region. most of this energy had stay to the north. but we will see some storms as we move through the rest of the night. what about the next couple days? high temperatures into the 70s. 77 tomorrow. 75 on your thursday. couple nice days, but clouds and fog early. then some sunshine. friday is the day to watch. 77 degrees, late thunderstorms likely, i think, on friday as another cold front moves in. i think the nationals game should be fine, whether the 1:00 start or the 3:00 start. we'll be a-okay with temperatures into the 70s.
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the game should get off without a hitch. the showers after the 6:00 hour. and is then the weekend, everything changes again. we get really cool. temperatures only 65 with plenty of sunshine. 45 for a low in the city. that puts most of you in the mid 30s by sunday morning. next, only on news4. >> i don't really flow how you work it. >> the city making major changes after the mayor's awkward exchange inside a shop last year. why one community says it's not enough and they're challenged to help break language barriers. a new setback for a family searching for two missing toddlers. new at 6:00, why maryland state police say they won't issue an amber alert in their disappearance. plus, an acclaimed violinist making beautiful music but not where you would exp
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beginning tomorrow, dozens of new laws go into effect in maryland. >> among those getting the most attention, the decriminalization of marijuana and tougher penalties for some drunk drivers. news 4's chris gordon takes a look at the changes and how they can affect you. >> reporter: one new law requires some drunk drivers to be punished by having ignition interlocks installed on their vehicle for a year. >> drivers who drive drunk with a child in the car will have to blow into a breathalyzer in order for their car to start each time and blow sober.
6:26 pm
>> reporte maryland's move over law is being expanded. it's supposed to prevent accidents and injuries like this, by requiring motorists to steer clear of police in emergency vehicles, stopped on the shoulder of the road. starting tomorrow, drivers will have to move over for tow trucks too. and maryland is dekrcriminal marijuana. the possession of less than 10 grams will result in a civil citation with a fine of $100 for the first offense. three-time offenders and individuals under 21 had been ordered to take a drug education program. but the marijuana policy project, which led the effort, says maryland lawmakers failed to decriminalize paraphernalia, which causes concern. >> we're worried law enforcement can circumvent the intent of the law by going after people who have either a pipe or papers for rolling joints on them, along with the marijuana. >> reporter: we came here today to the montgomer courth where the top prosecutor assured me they will not be prosecuting for possession of paraphernalia like
6:27 pm
papers or pipes used to smoke marijuana. >> it makes no sense to criminally prosecute paraphernalia if you're not going to prosecute the drug -- the vessel you use it from. >> reporter: for now, that policy only apply to say montgomery county. but maryland lawmakers are expected to decriminalize possession of paraphernalia statewide next year. chris gordon, news4. coming up, a high school teacher accused of having sex with a student will report how the alleged crime was uncovered and why the investigation is not over. how can you tell me anything if you don't understand? if somebody asks you for something, do you know what they're asking you for? >> this confrontation captured headlines last year. now a new protocol to help city officials break the language barrier when meeting people in the community. more deadly toxins, some of them decades old, recently uncovered inside a laboratory at
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uncovered inside a laboratory at nih.
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disturbing accusations against a local high school teacher. details behind her alleged romantic relationship with a student that ended in her arrest. a 15-year-old fighting for his life after a brawl outside six flags. tonight, we'll tell you why doctors had to remove part of his skull after that attack. he is not your typical metro
6:31 pm
musician. ♪ the story behind the acclaimed violinist and his performance at union station today. but first, a local high school teacher locked up, accused of having a sexual relationship with one of her students. >> and we have learned that the teacher's husband works at the same schoo news4's kristin wright reports from could loejial forge high school in stafford, virginia, to tell us how a tip led to an arrest. >> reporter: a stafford school spokesperson says someone at colonial forge high school posted on social media about the alleged sexual relationship between a teacher and a student. teacher erica mesa is in jail tonight, accused of sending naked pictures of herself to a student. freshman brook white hopes the allegations won't reflect poorly on her school. >> i think that it's a really great school, and i love being here, and i don't think that it should be like brought down any or anything like that.
6:32 pm
just because somebody made a poor decision. >> reporter: the stafford county sheriff's office says mesa, 27, was involved in a sexual relationship with the 16-year-old this fall, and twice last school year. he turned 17 sometime during the alleged sex crimes. the school also got an anonymous tip. >> what do you think about the possibility she might have actually sent nude photos to a student? >> i don't even know what to say about that. >> reporter: mesa was put on administrative leave. she teaches geometry and coaches volleyball. she has been at colonial forge since 2009. mesa's husband also teaches at the school. the sheriff's office says their investigation isn't over and there may be more charges against mesa to come. >> i just think it's a really sad thing she did. we want to keep our kids safe and it's just unbelievable that it happened to be her. >> reporter: the principal sent a letter to parents, letting them know that a teacher was arrested.
6:33 pm
we did try to reach out to mesa's family, but a person inside of her home did not wish to speak to us. in stafford county, kristin wright, news4. a woman is in serious condition now after somebody stabbed her during a robbery attempt. it happened just before k last night on piney branch road in silver spring. we talked to a man whose sister witnessed the attack. >> she witnessed the dude trying to grab her and then, you know, multiple -- stabbed a couple times, and then, you know, the police came and i was just glad she was safe. the woman didn't die, so i think that's pretty -- that's lucky and we hope she feels better. >> montgomery county police are still looking for the guy who did it. the victim is expected to survive. elected officials in the district will now be required to have foreign language translators with them when they visit businesses and residents on official business. the change comes after a news4 report that showed mayor vincent
6:34 pm
gray become frustrated while trying to talk with a shop keeper. a story you'll see only on news4. >> oh, it was outrageous. >> rep ethiopian community leaders are still up set about last year's encounter between d.c. mayor gray and a shop keeper. >> how do you sell anything? >> reporter: we talked with the clerk after the incident. >> the pain was so much, and when i really started talking to him, she couldn't even finish the statement that she wants to tell me and broke into tears. and i really understood the pain. >> rep tod language access advocates applauded the mayor's decision to institute new guidelines. >> this protocol ensures that the government and the community at large in d.c. can effectively communicate, because we have a see diverse population in d.c. and a lot of languages. >> repor according to language access coalition, 16% of d.c. residents are
6:35 pm
foreign-born. 1 in 20 say english isn't their primary language and a third of local businesses are run by immigrants. today d.c. mayor vincent gray says the guidelines are a step in the right direction. >> if it does enhance communication which facilities relationship, of course it's something i'm supportive of. >> reporter: but many who saw the 2013 encounter between the mayor and the clerk are still upset that gray never apologized. >> as a human being, he should have never, ever been treated that way, the way the mayor reacted that way. >> reporter: you remember when you had the language barrier with the ethiopian last summer. is this going to make it easier? >> you called it a language barrier. i didn't. >> rep in the district, mark segraves, news4. new at 6:00 tonight, maryland state police say they will not issue an amber alert for two children missing from montgomery county. sarah and jacob hoggle's father sent a letter to governor martin o'malley yesterday, asking him
6:36 pm
to intervene. state police responded on the governor's behalf today. they say the case does not meet the criteria for an amber alert. sarah and jacob have been missing for more than three weeks now. their mother has been charged in their disappearance, but she won't tell police wher new at 6:00, forgotten vials of ricin and the botulism, some of t deadly agents found improperly stashed away in labs on the nih campus in bethesda. one bottle of ricin was between 85 and 100 years old. the discovery comes months after two vials of the deadly smallpox virus were found. in a statement to news4, nih says there is no evidence to suggest there was ever a safety risk to anyone in the labs or the community. tomorrow, the prosecution might rest its case in the trial of the man charged with shooting an alexandria police offic. bashir was a cab driver, accused
6:37 pm
of shooting officer peter laboy back in february of 2013. labois survived and was left with a permanent brain damage. bashir has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. next, the extreme measures beg taken to save a maryland teenager injured during a violent attack at six flags. also, a world-famous violinist played for tips on metro at a metro stop, but nobody even noticed him. now he's back in the area and performing before a packed house. doug? >> and we're watching some strong to even severe thunderstorms back to the west. these thunderstorms right now back towards hagerstown and win economies itter are moving in. i'll show you when they affect your region coming up next.
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♪ that music is being played by world-famous violinist, who sold out music houses around the world.
6:40 pm
but he couldn't get a second look when he was playing at a metro stop. but that changed today when joshua bell returned for a second show, a free show. he packed the house at union station. >> news4's tom sherwood was one of those fortunate enough to be >> reporter: joshua bell got the rock star welcome he deserved today. he and his $15 million violin crafted in 1713. where is it right now? >> it's being looked after. ♪ >> reporter: bell and musicians delighted the crowd in the lunch time concert that drew people from around the regi. from arlington, 8-year-old samantha kerry, who is learning the violin. why do you play the violin? >> because i really wanted to when i was about 3 and 4. >> reporter: from fairfax, 14-year-old sean, with nine years of violin training.
6:41 pm
>> he's an amazing player and he just plays so beautifully and so perfectly. ♪ >> reporter: beautiful music not many steps from the parking garage and buses. bell was promoting a new album and an hbo film. he was pleased with the crowd that brings an end to his impromptu public playing. >> i was wondering if even 100 people might show up. and i thought that would be nice if 100 people showed sdpup here we've got, i don't know, 2,000 or something. perfect. i don't see myself doing this again. but it's this really totally caps off the whole story. ♪ in the district, tom sherwood, news4. >> beautiful. >> wish we had been there. still ahead, breaking news. shots fired at a swim club in bowie. we'll have a live report from the scene, right after the break. i'm tracee wilkins.
6:42 pm
on news4 at 6:00, it appears that social media and a movie had a lot to do with the chaos had a lot to do with the chaos here saturday at six flags in o,
6:43 pm
i've learned that when you ask someone in texas
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6:45 pm
if you take a look straight ahead at that suv, that is apparently where the victim is. we have confirmed that a man was shot and killed here, and in is a very active investigation at this time. we have police from bowie and prince george's county police. a witness said they saw a lot of people scatter from this area. this is on the back side of that swim club. and if we can go to some of the aerials, this is the back side of a tree lined area. right next to the swim club is bowie high school. and when shots rang out, there were a number of young people seen running from this area. again, very little information about what exactly happened here, what led up to the shooting. but bowie police chief confirming to me a man was shot and killed here outside the swim center this afternoon. reporting live from bowie, darcy spencer, news4. >> thanks, darcy. there are new clues on social media tonight that may explain a night of chaos at six
6:46 pm
flags america. we have been reporting for days on the violence at what they call fright night at the park on saturday. three teenagers were injured. now we have learned that one of them will have to undergo surgery to reduce swelling in the brain. county bureau chief tracee wilkins, reports. >> reporter: the horror movie "the purge" is about unpunished lawlessness from assault to murder. >> they heard different people chanting "purge, purge, purge," at various points throughout the evening. >> reporte on instagram and twitter, kids talked about a purge theme for fright fest. it's something the teens created and was not advertised by the amusement park. >> this is clearly nothing that six flags knew was going to happen. i would imagine they would have had the appropriate security, had they known that or they would have shut it down.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: three teens were injured during multiple fights that spread on to central avenue. this boy, who we are not identifying, has suffered the most critical injuries. >> they have removed a portion of his skull to allow for the brain to expand, and he's going to be in icu for at least two weeks. >> reporte this after he was beat unconscious by a group of strangers outside the gates of six flags in upper marlboro saturday. >> they proceeded to beat him as he fell back and cracked his skull and was unconscious. they continued to beat him. >> reporter: prince ge county police are reviewing 911 calls and talking to witnesses as they through to pull this assault case together surrounding the 15-year-old. at this point, no arrests have been made and no leads have been disclosed. in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> doug is back with another check on our weather and more about those storms moving into the area. >> yeah. there's some really strong storms, especially towards the i-81 corridor. if you're west of the blue ridge, these storms are on your doorstep right now.
6:48 pm
if you're east, like most of us out here around the d.c. metro area, we're okay for now. want to show you a shot though. this is a really nice shot of these clouds off in towards the east. this is out towards the chesapeake bay. there are some showers that are trying to develop towards the bay and moving back towards the i-95 corridor, as well. so that's something else we'll be watching. evening planner tonight as that sun is going down right about now at 6:52. 75 degrees by around 7:00, dropping to 67 by 11:00. so temperatures will drop but not that much tonight. tonight will not be a very cool night. even though we've got a cold front moving in. here are the storms. this say pretty good line wright along the virginia-west virginia border towards the panhandle of west virginia and hagerstown area. i'm watching this move east and very close to hagerstown right now, very close to martinsburg so heads up if you live in that area. and follow this line. a lot of lightning around the winchester region too. we're going to see a lot of lightning through the next couple hours through hargstown, martinsburg, frederick and we'll see how these continue to
6:49 pm
develop as this cold front continues to move off towards the east. so as it does so, we'll be monitoring this situation throughout the rest of the evening. future weather times now. here's those showers i was talking about developing along the bay. and then here's the cold front back toward the west. heads up around frederick, maybe as far south as gaithersburg and 9:00, 10:00, development along i-95. i think it will be later this evening. most of us should be able to get home okay, eat okay, head to bed okay and you might see lightning out there. then we see some fog as we move on through t overnight hours tomorrow morning. could be another foggy start so you want to give yourself extra time. high temperatures tomorrow around 77 as the sun makes its way up. 75 on thursday. pretty nice day. but clouds again. 77 on friday. that's the day the nationals are taking the field. looks pretty good, i think, during the day. no problems with the game. the rain will come at night and then we have got one cool weekend. the coldest air so far this season coming in late saturday into the day on sunday. >> thank you, doug. >> thanks, doug. nats find out who they play
6:50 pm
in the playoffs, dianna. >> that's right. who is it going to be the giants or the pirates? who most likely starts on the mound for the nats? plus -- >> can you do what? beat us? yeah. >> the redskins looking to shake off their struggles by taking down the defending super bowl champion seahawks. stay wright here. sports is it next. how can i avoid maintenance fees? why would you want to avoid them? because i don't want to... you know what? i'm gonna bring my maintenance guy in here to tell you all about it. roddy! so, uh, without your fee, your checking chamber can't run smoothly. every time you put money in, it causes, uh...deposit friction. gotta get some fiscal lube on there.
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. do you know that we are on the verge of a mark to the world series. >> >> that's our plan. >> i've never been to a world series game. have you? >> yes, actually, the bronx. >> well, i never have. so let's go to one in nats park. >> it's awesome. i splept outside for a while, waited for tickets. and the new york yankees won. >> that ain't happening. >> the memories of it. hopefully you guys will have them too. we're going to be down there. you know that. >> absolutely. >> so we don't know who the
6:54 pm
nationals will host yet. we'll find out tonight when the pirates host the giants in the wild card game. and whoever wins will have to face one of the best pitching rotations in baseball. jordan zn finished with the nats first-ever no hitter. but all signs point to stephen strasbur stras would be making first postseason start since he missed the 2012 playoffs after the much-publicized shutdown. remember that, guys? hasn't been made official yet, but he certainly earned the ball for game one, guys. he's tied atop the national league in strikeouts this season. but more impressive, his september going 3 and 1 with a 1.13 e.r.a. stras bringing his best at the perfect ti. >> just as the season went on, i got more comfortable out there in executing pitches. and you know, i learned a lot just, you know, watching guys, you know, do their thing in
6:55 pm
between starts. it's been a learning experience. >> just tell them, doesn't matter what you did yesterday, last time out, doesn't matter what the last pitch is. you've got to be focused on the next one. so once the playoffs start, you know, anything can happen. hopefully we can continue throwing well and guys making good plays and hitting the ball, scoring some runs and we'll see what happe. >> we will see what happens. we will find out tomorrow who they will face on friday and what time they will play on friday. so most of us spent the time this weekend watching nfl games, maybe even caught kansas city upsetting the patriots last night. watching along with you, the washington redskins. after having the last few days aft the players are hoping they can build their confidence, get healthy and get ready for the super bowl champs on prime time next monday nigh but can they realistically do ? >> can we do what? beat them? yeah. at the end of the day, they're not robots. they're human beings. and nobody is perfect.
6:56 pm
nobody plays perfect every sunday. so i mean, they have been beaten before. it's not like, you know, they're unstoppable. e a great team. no doubt about it. but yeah, anything is possible in the nfl. >> the good thing about going into this game, they're coming off a bye week too so in the same situation as us. getting back in the groove, basically, what you do. and i think coming off a loss like that, that was embarrassing. pre time. i think looking at that, we've got to do something about this. we've got to make people believe in us and first we've got to believe in ourselves. so going out there, looking at this. they're a beatable team. everyone is beatel be. we've just got to go out there and believe in what we do. >> if you noticed, every monday night there has been an upset. so maybe this is the opportunity. >> the continuation. >> i'm in 100%. i am 100% in on that one. >> look at trent williams, how confident he looks. he's ready to go. he thinks this could happen. >> some pride working here. because after a beatdown like they got, you know, he's right. they've got to whoop somebody.
6:57 pm
>> think how much it turns the season around though if they can beat the seahawks. sort of like the redskins super bowl, i think. must-win. >> exactly. changes the entire -- very funny. everything is a must-win around here. remember last season the wizards were very honest with us. kept saying they play better when we believe we're the underdogs. the problem now, that's not really the case anymore. the wizards meld their first practice of the new season this morning. a year ago, randy whitman's team struggled out of the gate before hunting done the best teams in the league and winning a playoff series. now with new faces, and more big game experience, the hunter is now the hunted. so they're going to have to figure out how to deal with all that. and finally on the could have of "sports illustrated" did you guys happen to see this? alex ovechkin and an nhl preview. adam jones of the orioles with the playoff preview. >> what? >> not the nationals! >> what's up with that? >> hmmm. >> that's all right, that's all right. we know about the "sports
6:58 pm
illustrated" games. >> exactly right. the last thing we want is to cover "sports illustrated."
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on our broadcast tonight, ebola in the u.s. the breaking news, the cdc confirming the very first case has been diagnosed here in this country, and tonight dr. nancy snyderman takes us inside the hot zone. under fire. the secret service director grilled in front of congress over stunning lapses in white house security. but what she revealed may only further damage confidence in her agency. paper or plastic. a big move to retire that question forever. plus are supermarkets near you next in line? and our unscripted conversation with ben affleck on his latest film role and his role at home as husband, father and devoted fan of all boston sports teams. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news


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