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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 2, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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headquarte. the other sites include green belt and springside virginia. tonight's meeting from 5:30 to 8:30. 4:30 your time. good morni just waking up. a lot of clouds, at least early in the day. >> yesterday i felt the sun was trying to peek through. maybe saw a glimmer of sunshine through the whole day. >> sl do better today. >> sunny lie late aftern overnight, cooled down quite a bit. see the spotlight illuminating the capitol dome. weather highlight, patchy fog mainly to the west of the i-95 corridor. a mild afterno coming, and a big change is coming this weekend. temper right now, rather cool. we're in the upper 50s across most of northern virginia to low 60s where there are clouds farther to our south. under the clear skies of
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montgome county and prince george, mid-50s. around the bay, mid-60s. neighborho highs today around the region, beautiful day. should make it into the 70s. small chance of a shower maybe to our south and out of the mountains, but elsewhere, partly cloudy. 70s nearby suburbs, and across most of maryland and into around the bay. it's going to be in the mid-70s. upper 70s right in the metro area by mid-afternoon. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. a look at your hour-by-hour breakdown and when the clouds dissipate. now to melissa and the work in in place the next half hour. nothg too bad or impeding traffic at this point this morning, but still worth mentioning. righ tom? a wide look at things. no major problems. that construction zone we talked about earlier. outbound 395 our the wa the way past couple minutes.
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newington, a couple lane closures on both sides but not a big deal. not slowing anything down now and should be out of the way shortly, again. prince geo county, pennsylv avenue, running fine there at this point this morning, and 270 at montgomery village looking good as well. also 66 at compton road rolling right along and i'm back in ten minutes and see you at 4:41. i'm richard jordan at the live desk with breaking fears, ebola breaking as far as hawaii. reporting a patient is now in isolation for possible symptoms related to ebola, however, they do clarify that not all of this patient's symptoms are c ebola but out of abundance of caution they are taking preliminary measures to protect the staff at the hospital as well as other patients there. so they have placed this one patient in isolation. confirmation if that patient has traveled to west africa, which, of course, is the hot spot for ebola, but a lot of the
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informatio abo the patient is being kept confidential for privacy reasons. that's the. >> richard, thank you. this morning, major questions for the dallas hospital now treating the eba patien there. thomas eric duncan is in serious but stable condition this morning. he first went to an emergency room there, but doctors sent him home with eight biotics. he told the nurse he was visiting from liberia but that informatn was not communicated to other health officials. an ambulance took duncan back to the ho two days later in worse condition. e also learned duncan passed through our region on his way to liberia from texas. a layover in dulles. the airport says passengers should not be concerned. what we know about his travel. duncan arrived on united airlines fligh 951 from brussels on september 20th, wept through customs and flew on flight 822 to dallas-ft. worth. health facials say he did not
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have ebola symptoms before boarding his first flight and that duncan would not have been contagious until those symptoms appeared, and that was four days late . a team of cdc officials are working to contain this virus. they're tracking down anyone who had close contact with thomas eric duncan after he showed symptoms on september 24th. right now that's about 18 people including thr people of the ambulance crew. they will be checked for 21 days, the incubation period for ebola. some parents are keeping their children home from school after learning of the possible connection. to our website for more coverage of the ebola situation and we'll send a push alert to your mobile device as we learn more important information about this case. right now a $21,000 reward offered for information about the maryland's man shot
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yesterday after on adams street northeast. this was just blocks away from the rhode island avenue metro station in d.c. he was from upper marlboro. it was a drive-by shooting and three men were inside the car the shots came from. a virgi teacher is in court today to face charges of having sexual relations with multiple students. erica messa, a teacher at a high school in stafford county. originally the sheriff announced she sent nude foyt photo en but informatn she sex with four male victims since 2012. posts relationship and an anonymous tip led them to her > and developing rules for using drones in your neighborho you may remember i told you back in may, the fire department would start using drones like these to gain an upper hand during a fire or rescue. today the county council will
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begin reviewing and possibly approving protocols for using them. for example, the committee will decide exactly when firefighters can fly drones without compromi your privacy. the committee has to come up way complete set of rules before those drones can take flight. new problems for the nfl. the s that have another player under investign this morning for > ao ahead, making it harder to get around. latest metro station in line for an overhaul and how it could impact your commute, y encounter a little fog. pretty cool. when ts warm up with your hour-by-ho forect at
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welcome back at 4:39. today could mark an important step towards building eisenhow memorial. the memorial project has been mired in delays because of conflicts over that design. architect frank gary resigned the design last month, while the planning economics says the project should be approved, the eisenhow family has voiced displease with the design. be prepared for more escalator closures if you take metro to work. the 12 and g streets centers will close in two weeks to replace escalators there.
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the project should take eight months. la month they announced they would replace the escalator at the bethesda stati work starts next week and will take two years. they will replace 100 escalators across the system in all. and main street, or grand avenue, talking about pennsylv avenue. now the american planning associn has named pennsylv avenue one of the nation's top streets. it came in third on the list for its importance both to national history and everyday life right here in washington. the associa looked at the stretch from the capitol to 15th street. adams morgan also made the list, named one of the best neighbors in america with iconic row houses, active night life and cultural diversity. which is nice to realize that there are so many historic places in d.c. without being in the typical places. you sort of venture out into little neighborhoods. you take. don't have to be going anywhere.
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on pennsylvania and stop. goodness. there is the capitol. it's beautiful. it is. >> i'm going to start calling it la font grand avenue from now on. that wasn't my favorite. you get lost in the city very easily when you're new. >> he's a cool guy, though. and over mr. la font's design, get you upto steed on the forecast and weather and traffic on the 1s. >> this morning starting off very cool in the suburbs. most location, down into the 50s, and it's just mid-50s, northern suburbs. western suburbs, upper 50s. eastern suburb, just mid-50s. low to mid-60s in washington right by the bay. hour by hour today we'll have patchy fog around west of the i-95 corridor between now through 8:00 or 9:00. staying in the low to mid-60s by then. by noontime with the sunshine breaking out, ought to be up around 70 degrees. partly cloudy during the afternoon as temperatures reach the upper 70s.
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delightful afternoons coming up. coming up in ten minutes a look at a big change this weekend. that's at 4:51. now melissa is checking on the commute early on this thursday. what's happening? looking good now. constructi here and there and again all should be out of the way just after 5:00 this morning. you're hopping on in stafford county, virginia here headed north bound, completely fine. southbound, a l bit slow here as you're heading through triangle because of constructi. yes. wider look at things. no major issues anywhere right now. 66 into and out of town all looking quite good right now at ths morning. same thing 270. north and south look going and the beltway as branch avenue no problems. thank you. > findy beauty in a tragedy. how the hardware fire helped inspire a local art exhibit and where you can check it out for your problems involving the nfl. abuse allegations that another
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player for -- for which another player is being investigated by > ocourse, your weather and traffic are always on, even during the breaks.
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welcome back. new leader for the secret service after the resignation of julia pearson. former special agent joseph clancy named acting director. recent security breaches like the white house fence jumps cost pierson her job. the breaking point nor lawmakersish the revelation an armed security contractor with a criminal record was allowed to ride in an elevator with president obamain atlanta. >> it was the right decision. it's in the best interests of the country. the best interests of the secret service. the secret service at point needs someone to come in with a fresh set of eyes. no more rose-colored glasses.
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>> chance you used to be in charge of the presidentsal election unit and retired in 2011. > learng more about a murder slr suicide in potomac. carolyn mattingly's home an hour before she was killed tuesday. they say andrew rocca slashed her tires then crashed his car on purpose killing himself. police responded to the crash, firefighte wer putting out a fire at the home. they found her body inside the garage. aren't saying what killed her. only that they believe rocca was responsibl rocca worked for mattingly's husband, and this week was accused stealing from the business. 4:46 now. the maryland teenager seriously hurt outside of six flags america was banned from the park, according to six flags. the 15-year-old was indefinitely banned from the park back in july. it not clear what he was doing there or saturday when a fight began. the boy's family says a group of strangers beat him up outside of the gates. they plan to hold a vigil for
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him tomorrow o of the park. the 15-year-old is still in a medically-d coma. we expect new information today in the disappearance of the lyon sisters. the girls disappeared nearly 40 years ago leaving wheaton plaza in montgomery county. officers were led to a rural area in bedford county, virginia. the family of michael welch once owned land there. holding a cone this afternoon. new developments starting at 4:00 and be sure to sign up for our push alerts on our app. >> rep following a developing story, tensions rising in hong kong after a week of massive protests. these are live pictures as the protesters contie to demand free elections. now, the chinese government is warning of chaos on the streets if these protests persist, and police there are saying that they are going to be taking
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action, that there will be serious consequences if the proteste start to occupy governme buildings as they promised. e set up a deadline. midnight tonight. they say if hong kong's chief executive does not resign by them, they will move into those governme buildings. executive, not appearing to be letting up. he has refused to meet with those protesters who say they don't want to talk to him anymore. they want him out. they want him to lose his job. they are, of course, politicia would be pre-screened before elections. the protesters want to do away with that policy. they want free elections, but, again, we can see tensions are rising there. protests continue and now we have this deadline set for tonight for that chief executive to step down or they will start moving io tho govt buildings. th the latest from the live desk. ric jordan, thank you. 4:48. a candidaten in maryland's race for mayor is disputing a poll that show as tight competition.
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e numbers from the gonzalez research poll, the race for governor showing that republican larry hoge sn within four points front-runner anthony brown. a committee that support hogan commission poll. brown can't believe it. should have been an independent survey. highlighti the cbs "new york poll showing brown with a four-point lead in the maryland governor race. we could see a front-runner emerge soon in virginia's senate race. warner debates gillespie next tuesday. joining the fairfax county of chamber for the debate moderated by "meet the p host chuck todd. you can see that debate tuesday night at 7:00 right here on nbc 4. >> another nfl player in hot water this morning. c.j. spellman, not arrested. saying the alleghenied assault happened septe 20th, less than 24 hours after nfl commissi roger goodell
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addressed conces about the way the league handles domestic violence cases. neither the nfl nor the dallas co the countdown is on to the nats first postseason game, and this morning we know who they will face in the first round of the playoffs. the san francis giants will be heading east to play the nats at nats park on friday. the giants dominated the pittsbur pirat last night beating them 8-0. pn a tionals ask can happen. game set for 3:07, go nats. the d.c. government is showing its support for the nats as the outside of the wilson building apparently is lit up in red. and i think the whole city is just kind of supporting the nats. yep. >> getting around, all the, you got the beard.
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tom's got the beard. we're excited. see a lot of red over the next several weeks, i imagine. > another team in the playoffs too. the baltimore orioles are getting ready for their first game tonight. the orioles take on the detroit tige for game one of the als. they spent time working out yesterday. chris tilmon starts the game. the game set for 5:37 on tbs. the last time the o's won the world series, 1983. so you know they'll be working hard. uh-huh. >> they really want to win. >> exciting. t tom kierein.h storm team 4 3:07, for the game. hurting chances for clear not at all, no. looking good. >> good. >>ight to your national forecast for tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, so exciting, as the san francisco giants will be taking on the nationals. first pitch is at 3:07. by then, should be partly sunny and in the mid-70s. by the seventh inning, should be
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back down to the low 70s, just clouds around. no rain, and by the last out, should be down into the upper 60s by early evening no rain. don't see any rain arriving until late eveni on friday. now for the orioles and the tigers today, first pitch 5:37, should be ly mostly sunny, mid-70s. by the last out, low 60s in camden yard this afternoon. patchy fog is around. quite a bit in the central shenando valley, visibility zero. father mile visible in charlotte and fredericksburg. elsewhere, not a lot of fog. watch out. could develop, patchy, dense fog the next counsel of hours. 50, near 60, shenandoah, dense fog. suburbs in the cool. 50s. fort meade, 52. much of montgomery and prince geor and fairfax counties, mid and upper 50s. 60s by the bay. a beautiful afternoon coming. party and mild pap
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delightful dap is come fful day. tomorrow, increasing clouds, but beautiful weather during the dpap it's late when we have a chance of showers late evening. looks like the likelihood of rain not until maybe after midnight until around dawn on saturday. there's a veryhigh likelihood of that. drying out, highs near 70. sunday, muc cooler. for e are going have temperatures in the 30s by dawn on sunday. cooler sunday. and we'll have a little of that morning rain on saturday giving wat pud cooler weather e change thweek. partly sunny each day. maybe showers otherwise dry into next week. checking on our thursday morning commute. what going on? >> first a question. are all of my flowers going to be dug by sunday morning? >> no. should stay above freezing. there you go. all right.. anytime anything below 50, i get
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nervous, tom. >> 270, moving right along there. 66 into and out of town, no issues right now. not even any construction we're seeing at this point this morning. beltway of braddock roag this morning. do have construction down 95 in virginia. 95 north and south bound between newington and 640, one lane in each direction taken up now, not causing problems. landover road looking good. a wide range of things you can see. no major problems. follow us on twitte@first4traff > news to raise your glass to. why a little wine could help you keep your skin blemish-free. > abon back in the spot flite t in virginia. > and the decision in the day ahead to could put an end to a battle that divided a virginia community, and your weather and commu[ male announcer ]ther and at northrop grumman,
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that's the value of performance. in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
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welcome back at 4:57. this man is on the run, tuesday outside the belair swim and racquet club. mitchell white stepped in to break up a fight between a group of teenagers when someone started shooting. > controversial building standards for abortion clinics
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in virginia may get a second look. the health commissioner wants the board of health to reconsid rules forcing clinics to meet the same strict regulation as new hospitals. abortion rights advocates claimed the guidelines were designedo put the facility out of business dealing with issues like hallway and closet sizes rather than pat safety. the board will vote in december whether to revisit those you get to hear d.c.'s mal candidates square off tonight. taking part in a second debate. the debate is hosted by wamu radio and broad dprafm 7:00 to 9:00 tonight. there will be two more debates later this month, including one hosted by nbc 4 on octoberth. today we can finally learn whether foo games will ever be played at night at alexandria t.c. high school. the school board decides today whether light cane added to the school's stadium.
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the football field sits close to neighbors homes and people who live nearby believe the lights could be a constant sdrun. the school board could decide today more study is needed. we want to give you a heads up about a traffic alert coming to alexandria starting monday. vdot will close lanes at timothy place. work happens between 9:30 in the morning and 3:30 friday. you'll probably want to find another way two and from work. vdot is replacing emergency pipes. the work will last at least three weeks. rising from the ashes more than a year after this fire. starting toda frager's hardware store will be the site of a new exhibit in d.c. featuring pieces and paintings by eight artists. awl all artwork is available for purchase. it out from now until january, should be a cool exhibit to check out, see what
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theye done with that space. driven by the store a few times. not much going on. nice to see it regenerate. > stay with us. "news4 tod" growing fears surrounding the ebola outbreak. the latest state where a patient is being tested for that disease and the ties a texas patient has to our region. good morn everybody. it is five a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. and i'm eun yang. welcome. october 2, 2014. a cool start heading out to work. a little fog could slow down your commute. tom kierein is tracking where it's causing problems today, our storm team me part of the headl this thursday morning is that patchy morning fog, coming later this afternoon, mild temperatur, then a big change this weekend. more on that coming up this half hour. fog is densest in the shenandoah valley and fartherno


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