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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 4, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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zujtsdz every. right now. a neighborhood on edge after a stunning attack. >> i don't understand how no one doesn't know him. i can't fathom it. >> tonight the desperate search for the person who attacked the man with no one stepping forward to help. a sigh of relief today when it
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comes to ebola in our area as fears about the disease lead passengers stuck on a plane. and three weeks gone. now a mother's emotional plea to bring her missing daughter home. off the top, he was well known and well loved. tonight this d.c. man is dead after someone stabbed him in broad daylight. this attack happened on one of the busiest streets in columbia knights heights. yet, no witnesses have come forward. news 4 jackie benson has the new details. >> reporter: a memorial has been set up in the spot of the 3400 block of 14th street northwest where 35-year-old kenneth young fell to the ground about 5:40 p.m. friday. as rush hour traffic rolls past, he lay there bleeding from multiple stab wounds. he died a short time later at a
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local hospital. >> we're distraught. we can't, you know -- can't fathom it. >> marlon young is one of the many family members who were drawn to this spot today hoping for answers. why would someone do this? why did no one see what happened? he says his cousin was a gentle man. >> it was broad daylight. 14th street. we grew up around here. he grew up around here. i did. i mean, plenty of people around here know my last name. young. people know us. i don't understand how no one who is that well known, you know, that recognizable -- >> among those who stopped at the spot was advisory neighborhood commissioner vicky wright-smith. >> oh, this is tragic. this is tragic. i mean, it is very sad. to happen during the middle of the day like that, it's surprising that nobody saw anything. rirchlg the commissioner tells us her constituents have informed her of a number of violent incidents.
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they plan to take those up with d.c. police at a meeting next week. there is a $25,000 reward for information in this murder. in northwest washington, jackie benson, news 4. now to a story that's developing tonight in montgomery county. a house along a quiet gaithersburg street is now a crime scene. police tell us that a man from pecan grove lane is dead. his 19-year-old nephew is the suspect. police got the call just a few hours ago. they transported the man to the hospital where he later died. he shared the home with his nephew whom police are now questioning. >> we're speaking with him now. he has not been charged. we learned he is the one that called 911 to report the event. >> no word tonight on their names or what led led to all of this. it has been another emotional day in charlottesville where search crews set out again trying to find hannah graham, the uva student who has been missing now for three weeks.
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her parents today made a heartbreaking plea. >> please, please, please help end this nightmare for all of us. please help us to bring her home. >> she thanked the hundreds of volunteers who have come out to help. she says this ordeal has been a nightmare, but she's holding on to hope that someone out there knows where hannah is. >> somebody listening to me today either knows where hannah is or knows someone who has that information. we apell to you to come forward and tell us where hannah can be found. >> a $100,000 reward has now been set up for any tip that is will bring hannah home. well, it's the game that just won't finish. the nationals are trying to wrap up their second game against the giants tonight. jason pew is here with more on this neverending game. what a night down there, jason. >> yeah, it has been a great night so far, jim. currently this game right now between the nationalsnd giants
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is tied 1-1. they're in the 16th inning just thrilling stuff taking place alternates park. jordan zimmerman pitched eight and two-thirds inning before being pulled after giving up his first and only walk of the ballgame. he gave up the game. now we're currently in the 16th inning. like you said, just a marathon of a baseball game for the nationals. you're tied with the giant. still at 1-is. >> they needed to bundle up. they needed blankets down there. if you have stepped outside, you have felt those temperatures that have drped, and they are just going to keep falling through the night. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia seagull tracking it all for us. amelia. >> well, yim, it's going to be the coldest night so far this season as far as the nationals game is concerned. when the game began, the
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temperature around 65 degrees. right now alternates park it's 53 and still a little breezy. definitely a chill in the air. now, for tomorrow if you dress appropriately the weather having a low impact on your day. a cold start and a cool day. abundant sunshine. temperatures in the upper 30s inside the beltway. areas by the water in the mid to upper 40s. now, no frost concerns tonight, jim, but, again, overall tomorrow the coolest so far this season. i'll let you know what you can expect in your neighborhood for the afternoon in about ten minutes. new tonight the centers for disease control says a patient at howard university does not, does not, have ebola. a medical team was able to rule out the virus after checking the patient's symptoms. they still plan to treat the person for other illnesses. that patient became sick after traveling to nigeria and went to the hospital thursday night to get checked out. there was another false alarm
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today at newark international airport in new jersey. officials there from the cdc had to escort a man off the united airlines plane because he was vomiting during a flight from brussels. they were worried because brussels is a major hub for flights from west africa which has been hard hit as you know by the ebola outbreak. more than 250 people on board that plane had to be quarantined. >> they told us that someone was sick on the plane, but besides that, they haven't done anything. afterwards they said they told us that -- >> meanwhile, we learned today that the ebola patient in dallas is now in critical condition. health workers there are also monitoring about 50 people who came in contact with it. new tonight, a local police officer charged with stealing an ipad. this all stems from an incident last month when a woman told police someone took her ipad from the apple store at the annapolis mall. investigators checked the
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surveillance video and saw a man and woman walk right out of the store with the device. so she put the device on lost mode and the suspects later called her, claiming they bought the ipad on craig's list. detectives tracked the number to an off duty prince georges county police officer who has since been suspended. a piece of history gone forever. we'll tell you the new and disheartening details of a fire at the site where flight 93 went down on 9/11. plus -- >> everyone needs somewhere to stay. >> homeless families finding somewhere else to stay, but for somewhere else to stay, but for many of them their next stop i
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no word tonight what started this big fire at the flight 93 national memorial in pennsylvania, but tonight we have learned an american flag that flew over the u.s. capitol on the day of the september 11th attacks was consumed by flames. yesterday's fire also destroyed the park's headquarters and a handful of personal items that belonged to the crew and passengers. another 9/11 artifact created some traffic headached today on i-95 just south of or capitol beltway. a large convoy of motorcycles escorted an i-beam from the world trade center to the marine corps museum. the steel beam will be placed on a monument tomorrow to honor 17 firefighters killed in the attack. those firefighters were also marines. well, it's exactly one month until election day, and the candidates vying for virginia senate seat were out stumping today. republican ed gillespie was in lorton here. his challenger, democratic incumbent mark warner, made
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several appearances in manassas today, including a stop at the annual fall jubilee. to name the news for this tuesday evening at 7:00, to hear directly from both men, news 4 and the fairfax county chamber of commerce are sponsoring a debate. meet the press moderator chuck todd is the host, and news 4's aaron gilchrist will be there along with the northern bureau chief. fa
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new at 11:00 dozens of families headed to the homeless shelter at d.c. general hospital which has been called "no place to raise a family in the wake of the militia rudd case. more than 60 homeless families were staying at hotels like this quality inn on new york avenue. on wednesday they got a letter from the department of human services. it said they had two days to move out. councilman jim graham who has been pushing to close the shelter d.c. general believes this move is all about cutting costs and he is concerned about living conditions. >> we headed down to about 110 families. that was manageable to be able to shut it down, but now it's up to 190 families, and one type since november, it will be back to 280. >> everyone needs somewhere to stay that's safe. now it's getting cold. that's my issue. >> we reached out to the department of human services tonight for comment, but have not heard back yet. some families who were staying
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in hotels do have vouchers for long-term housing and are waiting for the homes to become available. we're in fairfax today. fall is in the air, and that means carnival rides, corn dogs, and the fall for fairfax kid fest. families flock to the fairfax government center for today's kickoff. erica gonzalez was out there bright and early. folks got a firsthand look at our storm team 4 & 4. there she is courtesy of amelia seagull and friends. this is the 22nd year for the festival. >> that little kid wanted to be a meteorologist so bad until he got on the back of the truck. he wanted to go back. >> it wasn't even moving. wait until you drive that thing. >> it was pretty chilly out there, but nothing like it is right now. >> absolutely. it is cold right now. going to be the coldest night so far this season. now, we're not worried about frost, but temperatures in the suburbs are going to fall into the 30s. the upper 30s, though. washington, a low temperature around 45 degrees. a high tomorrow of about 64.
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it's going to feel chilly. the good news, though, abundant sunshine. you have a nice fall jacket tomorrow. wear it, you'll be just fine. the winds, they were breezy today. not an issue at all tomorrow. again, no frost in the forecast. at least in our area. the mountains in west virginia are under freeze warnings for tonight. high temperatures after tomorrow, they return to the 70s for the remainder of the seven-day forecast. i'll show you that in just a moment. right now we're tracking 40s and 50s for the most part across the area. washington right now at 53. leesburg coming in at 46. your farmer's market forecast for tomorrow morning, maybe you had that farmer's market in bethesda or wheaton. you can see 9:00 a.m., chilly conditions. temperature around 47. definitely need a jacket. the sunglasses as well. 11:00 a.m., we're still cool. temperatures at that point in the mid 50s. going running tomorrow morning. you definitely need a jacket. maybe one who has the feature where your hands can be chord. they're definitely going to feel
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the chill. sky cast four. this shows you the sky conditions. what you can expect throughout the day. 8:00 a.m. as the sun is coming up. notice the lack of cloud cover. beautiful sunshine. for the most part, calm winds throughout the day. 3:00 in the afternoon. maybe a few thin clouds across the area, but for the most part tomorrow we're talking about blue skies in the forecast. tomorrow night, it's another cold one. you'll likely hear your furnace kicking in. temperatures once again falling into the 40s. maybe some 30s across the area. tomorrow night, not as cold as tonight. high temperature tomorrow in your neighborhood, you can see we're in the 60s. 63 in la plat wra. 64 in washington. 60 for those of you in gaithersburg. again, it's mostly sunny day. what to wear, kids. maybe you are heading out to fall for fairfax tomorrow. jacket and long pants. chuck will be out there tomorrow
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to say hi to you. school day forecast for monday. make sure you have your jacket at the bus stop. make sure the kids have it on again. it's another cold morning. recess and dismissal, though, are looking nice. a little breezy monday afternoon. a high temperature of 73. redskins game. it's going to be like tonight. bundle up. breezy conditions. temperatures in the 60s. jim, the chance of some rain on tuesday, and a high temperature of 74. >> all right. not bad. amelia, thanks. the nats and giants locked in playoff marathon play today. plus, the turks get a rough welcome to the big ten from the buckeyes. jason is up next, and we are just minutes away, folks, from an all new saturday night live actress and comedian sarah silverman hosts "anything is possible" along with musical guest maroon 5. it's right here right after the news on nb
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keeping our competitors up at night. now, that's progressive. they were so close to wrapping this thing up. that was eight innings ago, jason. >> one out away. they were one out away from victo victory, and now they're still playing baseball. game two of the nlds was extremely important. is extremely important for the washington nationals. you do not want to go to san francisco down 0-2 in this series. the close-out game on the road. they need to take care of business. let's head out to the ballpark. nationals, another great atmosphere down at nationals park. nothing like playoff baseball in d.c. top of the ninth. jordan zimmerman. nats up 1-on. fans hope to see a complete shut off wrut, it's matt duffy to go down swinging for the first out of the inning. fans close to seeing history here. two batters later. joe panic is up.
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nats one out away. that pitch looked close. it's called a ball. them not happy about it. then a 3-1 count. another close pitch. that's a ball. he hits the first. matt williams heads out to take out his pitcher, jordan zimmerman. six strike-outs. in comes the closer, drew. he is able to single bust irposey. this time a hit to pablo sandoval. watch the hustle here by bryce harper. the relay throw by ian desmond. this is going to be a game-saving run right there. nice relay throw. nice tag by the catcher. wilson ramos saved a run. we're tied 1-1. this one went to extra innings. had the extras. bottom of the tenth. cabrera not happy about that call. thinks he is heading to first, but strike two. this strike three. cabrera, spikes his helmet.
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vick's face. he gets tossing the game. so does his manager, matt williams. he gets tossed. game still going on. 1-1 in the 17th inning. the game started at 5:37 this afternoon. all right. game three between the nationals and giants is monday out in san francisco. moving to college football. maryland hosted their first ranked opponent this season at college park. the ohio state buckeyes, they've been the class of the big ten conference for a very long time. today they showed the terps why. maryland thanz, showing their pride, hosting their first ever big ten conference game. their first game against ohio state. second quarter, buckeyes already up 14-3. j.t. barrett, he is going to add to it. he finds michael thomas who makes an incredible catch in the back of the end zone. somehow got both feet down. only one in college. pass interference there. one more touchdown pass for j.t. barrett. up 21-3.
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this is wes brown punch it in from two yards out. theye down just two scores. c.j. brown. trying to drive the terps down the field. a little more is picked off here by darren lee. he fumbled. it's recovered by mcmillian. ohio state scored the next play. brown was benched at halftime. the terps down 21 points. caleb didn't fair much better. he throws a pitch here. he scores 19 yards out. 20th ranked ohio state. they beat maryland 52-24. their first big ten loss. sfwlo our guys know now that here's the lead that we're in. between them and some of the other teams in our division. this is a standard bearer. today was really good for us to be able to see what stands in front of us. >> we know as a team that seeing as how, you know, they're already up there, and they're
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one of the top teams. it was tough, but we'll be better off. >> down in chapel hill, virginia tech visiting north carolina. this one was all hokies. first half winding down. tech is up 17-3. he drops back, and he is picked off by kendall fuller. he takes this one all the way. 47-yard touchdown there. virginia tech, they roll 34-17. it was a party down in charlottesville. virginia hosting pittsburgh. kevin park, he has kept the party going in the second quarter. the senior getting loose here. 48-yard touchdown run for parks. that gave them a 10-3 lead. next day went on the road. visiting air force. falcons quarterback pearson. he was impressed today. under a minute left in the game. they're up until pearson finds a wide open brown in the end zone. that's a 13-yard touchdown. one of three on the day.
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the air force, they beat navy. your final score 30-21. >> nationals. 17th inning. bryce harper, that's a play. 1-1 game if they keep going, they might call you out to pitch. >> running out of people. >> thanks so much. >> got a ballgame to watch. >>. >> have a great night, >> have a great night, everybody. we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speeds of our downloads our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job of posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half-fast. totally half-fast. stop living with half-fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. so his homework won't be so half-fast. that is up to him.
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good evening. i'm steve croft. later in the program, laura logan talks to jack, founder of al i


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