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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 21, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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news 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. >> sad news out of washington, one of the great figures in american journalism has died. >> ben bradlee former executive editor of the washington post
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died at his home today of natural causes. >> ben bradlee's family announced last month he was in hospice care suffer from alzheim alzheimer's disease. >> he sky rocketed to fame in the early 70s when he allowed the washington post to look deep into the burglary at the washington hotel. they eventually brought down the nixon presidency and established the washington post as one of the top newspapers. his watergate fame was sealed in the movie. benjamin, crown and shield bradlee born in boston, graduate
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of harvard. worked in paris and then joined news week and eventually the washington post where he was executive editor for more than 25 years. he was a prominent figure in the kennedy administration days and was a close friend of both john and jackie kennedy. he married a young report in 1998, quinn, 20 years his junior. since he wrote a memoir and received presidential honor of freedom from mpresident obama last year. he was 93. >> quite a life he had. you worked at the post with ben bradlee in fact worked there soon after nixon resigned was he
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a big presence in the news room. >> yes, he was. he was bigger than life. he would bounce through the news room, chest out, arms back, not in an arrogant way, he was just so anxious to get into the news and he was always inspiring people to do something. he wnted to know what's happening. it was a spectacular time for thousands of journalists who had been through the post. >> those were heady days after watergate and you started right then. >> it is hard to tell modern people what it is like to work in a news room with sbald ben bradlee it is like stardom, you are there because nothing else matters that's the way bradlee was with the news. it was spectacular. he wanted to be in on it,
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whatever it was. >> so many fans of his time. a long list of tributes to ben bradlee tonight. >> he wrote the book "a good life" about his extraordinary personal life, and what people say he's now died at 93, i'm sure he would think the same thing, we should honor that life, as much as being sad about the fact he has now died. it was a spectacular moment of my life. i'm forever grateful for it. >> thank you. a whole lot of tributes to ben bradlee tonight. president obama released a statement saying with bradlee at the helm, the post told stories that needed to be told that helped us tell the story of our world better. and a joint statement from bob woodward and bern steen, we love
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him deeply and he will never be forgotten or replace in our lives. more on our website we want to turn to our weather now. rain and wind could have a big impact on your commute tomorrow. how about it, doug. >> tell you what big impact tomorrow morning. look at the radar. painting the picture pretty well for you. not much going on in this region but up to the north we're continuing to see the rain. that rain has been here over the last couple hours or so. heaviest rain around montgomery county. the wider view still shows this turning of the atmosphere. this is the area of low pressure that will move off the coast. we will be dealing with the rain most of the day tomorrow. the wind could be the bigger
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factor here. we will talk about that in my forecast coming up in a couple minutes. >> see you then. four sexual assaults or attempted assaults in one early morning in north west washington, the locations, dupont circle, georgetown, george washington university, all of them in a two hour span. we are live on the campus tonight. >> the suspect is in jail. we talked to a few women on campus who tell me they are concerned for their safety. >> tonight police tell us this past sunday 3:30 in the morning, 46-year-old grabbed a george washington university student threatening to rape her and tried to pull her into near by bushes. she screamed, broke free, and called police. while officers were responding
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to the call, police say he tried to assault another woman on campus. he took off running but the students followed him and showed officers where he was hiding. police arrested him. tonight some students are concerned where as oranthers art too worried. >> we always see the guards so we feel safe walking around campus. >> it is very sad. i think we need to do more coming together as a community. >> he has a preliminary hearing on thursday facing charges including kidnapping and first degree sexual assault. news 4. the other two cases one in georgetown, the other dupont circle, still no arrests in those cases. look for more information on our website ryan nasib. .
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a teenager was struck by a car on east captaital and 50th street. some of the surrounding streets were closed for the investigation. but have since reopened. investigators don't have much to go on, only to say they are looking for a dark-colored vehicle. nina pham a texas nurse being treated at nih has been updated to good condition. and ashoka mukpo is free of ebola now and should get out of the hospital in nebraska tomorrow. tonight pham and another nurse currently be treated is on his mind having this to say.
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and a week after the start of enhanced ebola screening for travellers coming from west africa, as of monday 562 travellers have been screened at five airports including dulles, of those three had high temperature but none of them tested positive for ebola. new numbers out tonight reveal the u.s. has spent millions in its campaign against ims islamic state. $424 million spent so far in the fight against isis. while progress is being made, new video out today shows american-delivered weapons meant to help the kurds in iraq now in isis hands.
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still trying to verify that video. investigation under way out loudon county high school to find fought a football player assaulted two younger students. the sheriff's department is investigating whether they assaulted two junior varsity players in the locker room. >> it was the on the 17th of october you police officers were made aware of two separate assaults on two different dates. >> detectives should know in a week whether an assault actually happened. three days after police discovered human remains in their search for hannah graham, investigators are still on the scene. a road block are about a half hour from where the officers found the remains on saturday. it is not clear if detectives have found anything new in this case or if there is something
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specific they are looking for. police have called off all other resources. an autopsy report expected back this week will reveal whether the remains belong to hannah graham. looking for a person who set fire to a playground at st. paul's park in kensington. firefighters are asking anyone with informing to call the mont gomy county arson tip line. a car crashed into a home narrowly missing a woman who was sitting on her sofa. the woman tells us the car was within two feet of hitting her. investigators don't know what caused the driver to lose control but the impact was strong enough to trap him inside. both the driver and passenger had to be taken to the hospital. flasher getting boulder on met metro. what the agency is doing to keep you safer on the train.
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millions of airbags recalled today because they could suddenly explode. now investigators say where you live could play a big park. and police call it the intersection of doom. one place you don't want to get stuck.
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he's been called a super lobbyist, the ultimate washington insider. ed gillespie paid millions to lobby for the oil companies for a student loan company that overcharged taxpayers. his firm even lobbied for five foreign governments including a dictator now awaiting trial for war crimes.
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and then there's enron. gillespie lobbied for them while they committed the largest corporate fraud in us history. ed gillespie. the million dollar lobbyist whose never looked out for you. arlington county police call this the intersection of doom, wilson boulevard at lynn street. police are working on new ways to funnel traffic through this
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tough spot. starting tomorrow two traffic enforcement officers will posted there during rush hour and there will be tem pary lane closure. you can see how it pays off tomorrow morning watch first 4 traffic. tonight metro says it is seeing an increase of the number of flashing cases in the last couple months at least four cases of indecent exposure. now more on what the transit agency is doing about this. >> washington subway system has a reputation of being one of the more civilized ones in the united states, metro transit police and riders are taking this very seriously. >> the images are blurry and grainy taken by security cameras inside various stations. these are persons of interest in at least four separate indecent exposure incidents involving
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riders. investigators are hoping this will help them identify the four. there has been an increase of the crime in the past two months. >> i've heard of the flashing happening. i've never seen it happen myself. >> the incidents have occurred on all of the lines and at all hours of the day. some have taken pictures with their phones. this picture was released just a few weeks ago taken by a female rider who reported a man exposed himself to her. she posted it telling other women to be on guard. >> being a single lady traveling alone you need to be cautious. >> i usually feel pretty safe, there's people around. >> none of the men in those pictures have been charged. police need to know their name in order to do that.
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live at the metro station. thank you. congress is demanding answers after the federal government warned airbags in millions of cars could suddenly explode and kill the driver. more information is requested from the national highway safety administration. they want to know if quality control at factory costs be to blame. metal shrapnel in the defected airbags have already killed four people. drivers living in states with high humidity are most at risk. a huge inside this florida office building caused part of a ceiling to cave in. eight inches of rain fell in just four hours today. it is never a good idea to drive into standing water. you could see driver after driver learning the hard way. why does this always happen. more rain is in the forecast through friday. turn around, don't drown.
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>> thank you. i was going to test you. >> i heard it so many times. >> you passed. >> i guess everybody hopes they will be the one who makes it through. >> we actually had a flash flood warning towards baltimore. we're not out of the woods as far as any flooding is concerned. that's one thing i want you to worry about early tomorrow morning. we could see some areas dealing with some flooding. i'm not expecting a lot of it. you probably do know if you live in a flood-prone area. right now current temperatures 56 degrees winds out of the north at 10 miles an hour. that tells me the storm system is developing just to the east. you can see the rotation coming up and moving around. take a look at this, still showing the rain all across our area. right through central montgomery county. down through rockville.
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down towards fairfax county and heavy rain along i95. just)5ñ northeast, southeast, e dealing with the rain and will continue to do so through the early morning hours. look at the swirl in the atmosphere. the wider picture shows it better all the way up and around. this will continue to intensify. up towards the north towards boston and maine this will be a major deal but for us this is not a huge factor. talking inch and half of rain. here we are at 7:00 a.m. notice just about everybody seeing a good chance of shower activity as it moves through the afternoon it still rotates in even around noon tomorrow before it gets out of here.
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maybe some areas of drizzle and cloud cover, the bigger deal could be the wind. could be up to 30 miles an hour. it will be a very raw afternoon tomorrow. starting off at 52 degrees between 5:00 and 8:00, the roads on the wet side obviously right on through to 11:00 with temperatures only at 55 with wind it will feel like the 40s. bring the big umbrella because wind with the rain you will need the umbrella. 60 for a high tomorrow. a cool 63 on thursday with windy conditions conditioni conditions continuing but no rain on thursday. high of 65 on friday. then getting into the weekend 66 on saturday. 67 on monday.
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monday and tuesday temperatures. sunday the marine corp marathon going off without a hitch. you're going to be flying. the redskins hoping to find the redskins hoping to find somewhere
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making jackets that are built to perform anywhere is hard work. the redskins hoping to find somewhere and at l.l.bean, we take our job, very seriously. guaranteed quality, no matter what you're up against.
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from l.l.bean. so tomorrow the coach officially lets us know. >> yeah right now they are saying cokeo will start against
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dallas, seth griffi robert griffin iii will be on the field. we have seen three different quarterbacks in seven games. the roster changes weekly because of victory. you know what stays the same, the lack of ground game. this team struggles running the ball. coach what do you think? >> where you want to start ma mamany? isn't the run game the way we run the ball. right now we're not working in concert together the way we should and the way we can and the way coach says it is not all the line all the tight end all the back, it's a combination of everything. we're going to need it to click against dallas, that's for sure.
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>> the start of the new season is always filled with so much optimism. even if you're team has gone through growing pains. the terps have a lot to be confident for. >> it's a great league. it is hard on them. they have to get used to us too. maybe our first year we can sneak out a win. >> i've been watching basketball for a long time. i can tell you about every league. i can tell you things you don't even know but the big ten is a great league with amazing athletes and hall of fame players and hall of fame coaches as well. i'm just excited about playing there. >> all right media day for the men ajd media day for the maryland women before their first season in the big ten coming off a final four
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appearance. they have a tough act to get dancing once again. melissa thomas has graduated ajd playing in the wnba now. >> how many questions do you think you will answer about filling liz thomas's shoes. >> it is a question that should be asked. it makes a lot of sense when you lose someone like her. no one will fill her shoes. we hope to be able to do it by committee. i think this team, you know, has waited for their turn and is excited about the responsibility now that's going to be added to their plate. i think we will definitely be doing it by kpiet kmite. doing it by committee. >> i'm such a fan. i want to watch her clips and makes me want to get my butt to makes me want to get my butt to the gym.
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he's been called a super lobbyist, the ultimate washington insider. ed gillespie paid millions to lobby for the oil companies for a student loan company that overcharged taxpayers. his firm even lobbied for five foreign governments including a dictator now awaiting trial for war crimes. and then there's enron. gillespie lobbied for them while they committed the largest corporate fraud in us history. ed gillespie. the million dollar lobbyist whose never looked
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- barbra streisand. musical guest, barbra streisand.


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