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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 22, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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intersection of doom. traffic officers will direct cars. >> okay. so on top of bad traffic, we are dealing with rain this morning. >> you have to get your head right for this whole mess we could possibly see this morning. out to tom kierein and get you caught up on the forecast. >> let an umbrella be your friend. showers with us much of the morning. they have been coming in overnight. a quart tore half an inch around the metro area. watch out for ponding on some of the ramps. north of baltimore they will be rotating back towards us north and east by the next couple of hours. right now getting lighter showers. the district, northern district, northern prince georges and north and northeast. it's rather cool. low to my-50s now. most of the region with showers coming and going. we're not going to have the temperatures warming much.
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for the morning commute, you'll need the widers on, lights on too. temperatures in the 50s. in the afternoon, most of the rain should taper off by early afternoon. when that wind will be picking up is coming up next. weather and traffic on the 1s. your hour-by-hour forecast at 4:41. look at the roads with melissa. everything wet. >> everything is all wet. i came out of rockville, 270 southbound. not so bad. getting into the city was quite a bit more. take a look at prince george's county. wider look at things, lots of green. we know that is going to change because of all of this wet weather taking a look at maryland. bw parkway and also 95. we had a little bit of a problem near 198. it was an earlier crash. being told it's cleared.
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you're seeing a little bit of slowdown. i'll see you in 10 minutes. weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. new this morning, there are more questions surrounding the u.s. secret service. we're looking through the results of a new government investigation. it questions a mission that pulled secret service agents away from the white house to protect an employee in suburban pmarylan marylan tracie, good morning to you >> reporter: good morning. we're just learning this morning that an inspect general report details this incident that actually happened three years ago. but now we're just getting the reaction to it. this was an employee who had friends and people she worked for high up in the secret service had a personal problem with a neighbor at her home out in la plata. and some of the agents that protect the white house ended up driving out there not once or twice but on five occasions to check on her. now the calls this problematic.
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at least two of those the president was at the white house. they check to make sure no one jumps the fence and gets into the white house. they say there was no legal authorization. it was almost an hour away. they were not available to be at the white house to protect the president during those days. the secret service says they are reviewing the findings. no further comment than that. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. tracie, thank you. an nbc photographer who had ebola is now ebola free. amoko contracted the disease while working in liberia. he spent much of this month in a biocontainment unit. he called it profound relief that ebola is no longer in his system.
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progress for a dallas nurse being treated at nih. nina pham's condition has been upgraded from fair to good. duncan is the only person to die from that disease here in the united states. this morning a man from liberia is in isolation with a a possible case of ebola. the centers for disease control found the passenger had a fever during a health screening. he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. new numbers from homeland security this morning. we know 562 people were screened for ebola at five u.s. airports. of those four passengers were taken to a hospital. all of them were screened at dulles international. none tested positive. from guinea, new guinea and sierra leone. for updates on screenings, learn
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more about symptoms and treatment for the deadly disease on . 4:35 right now. our area is mourning the loss of a giant in journalist. ben bradlee sky rocketed to fame in the 1970s. he was at the helm when bob woodward covered watergate and eventually brought down government nixon. bradlee's family says he suffered from alzheimer's. >> he was just so anxious to get into the news. what is happening? what have you got? he was always inspiring people to do something. he didn't care about the hum drum of the daily news. he wanted to know what's happening, what's happening. incident was a spectacular time for thousands of journalists who have been through "the post".
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president obama released a statement saying, "with him at the helm, a growing army of reporters told stories that needed to be told. we'll have more reaction throughout the morning. a complete look at his life and career on our website up in flames. police asking you for your help this morning after an arsonist targets a montgomery county playground. a pack your patients as we deal with a soggy morning commute. when this rain will clear with your hour-by-hour forecast at 4:41. sharing the roads. the proposed c
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remember this explosion in baltimore county? a train and truck collision triggered an explosion in rosedale in may of last year. today federal transportation officials will release a final report on what happened. the driver of the truck says said he didn't hear the train's horn. the conductor said he did ring the alarm. the fire burned for days. several people were hurt. d.c. considering a new law to ban people from riding on sidewalks? from sidewalks and areas where bike lanes already exist. jim graham will protect the elderly and children from accidents. d.c. is considering a top city
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in the nation for bike commuting. the number of people using a bike to get to work is up 3% since the year 2000. . well, you may notice some areas of your favorite d.c. parks closed off starting today. the d.c. department of parks and recognition is starting its fall seeding project. some of the grassy areas in the parks will be closed until early next year. all that seeding work is expect to finished by january 28th. >> one of those things that's a annoying. but next spring -- >> they'll appreciate it. looks like you might want to factor extra time to get to work. >> weather and traffic on the 1s with tom kierein. >> you will be be leaping over puddles. we have showers north of washington in the district. scattered lighter showers. heavy downpours northeast of
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baltimore. that will rotate south and west. right now light rain in washington. montgomery, prince georges and northern virginia and loudoun county. live view from our tower camera. stay cool between now and 8:00 with those showers. breezy. lighter rain by noon time. that rain should be ending by 4:00 or 5:00. a little sun breaking up. we could have gusts up to 30 miles per hour, maybe a little higher later tonight and tomorrow. high today 60 degrees. a look at warming change from friday to the weekend next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:51. now fender-bender weather on the roads. let's see if rain showers are coming through, melissa. >> it is. a good idea, as angie mentioned a minute ago, to leave a little bit early this morning. slick roads always take a little longer. 66 and 95 in virginia, no
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problems there. taking a wider look. inner loop, outer loop, no issues. 2730 into and out of town also looking quite good. 95 at fairfax county parkway moving right along. a little sheen on them when the rain starts to fall. in other places where we haven't seen it quite yet. i'm back in 10 minutes. >> our storm team four by four out on the roads right now tracking the conditions you'll face when you get behind the wheel. chuck bell has your commuter forecast ahead. plus, more than just wasted time. how much money you are losing every year because of the time you spent stuck in this, you spent stuck in this,
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he's been called a super lobbyist, the ultimate washington insider. ed gillespie paid millions to lobby for the oil companies for a student loan company that overcharged taxpayers. his firm even lobbied for five foreign governments including a dictator now awaiting trial for war crimes. and then there's enron. gillespie lobbied for them while they committed the largest corporate fraud in us history. ed gillespie. the million dollar lobbyist whose never looked
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out for you. 15 before the hour. storm team 4 radar giving you an
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idea what you will face when you step outside. we are in for a rainy day across the region. chuck bell is out in the storm team four by four. chuck, how does it look out there? >> reporter: well, aaron, i can tell you one thing rain drops are falling all over northwest washington. just coming down mcarthur to canal drive. about a mile or so, we will be up towards the key bridge. we're headed out towards route 50, bowie, prince george's county. headed into college park and silver spring. if you live out that way and you're ready to head out the door, you may need an extra large umbrella as a band of moderate to briefly heavy rain is coming right on i-95, route 50, 295. looks like it will get a little worse before it gets better. the rain is going westbound. as a result that rain will come into northwest washington and
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eventually right where we need it. on the 270 spur, out in fairfax and tysons corner. it will be a rather wet wednesday morning commute. temperatures are at 51 degrees. moderate rain. northwest wind not too bad. in 10 minutes tom will be back with more about how ferociously windy. you should prepare for a howling gale tonight and early tomorrow. that's the way things look from the storm team four by four. now back to you in the comfy warm, dry studio. >> howling gale. we got it, chuck. developing right now, the ebola czar begins his first day on the job. ron klain was named as coordinator. he will meet with top aides in the oval office.
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he is joe buyen's former chief of staff. some have criticized the president's pick, citing his lack of public health experience. a hospital in arlington turned a woman away from a woman suspected of having ebola. it told the "washington post" it did not have a dedicated space to treat the woman. the patient had gotten sick after leaving the pentagon. 24/7 hotline to take your ebola questions. the state department is answering questions from the public. 877-275-8343. you can also find answers to frequently asked questions on the agency's website. i have tweeted all that information. i will post it on facebook in a couple of minutes here. and on "today" show right after news 4 today. i'm richard jordan at the
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live desk. malaysia's defense minister says he is confident they will be able to find missing flight 370 that's been missing now several months, since back in march. a new effort is under way now. a ship will be arriving just about 1,000 miles west of australia later today. the ship that was previously there is back at port for resupply. the boeing 777 disappeared back on march 8th. a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. we are hearing from malaysian officials, they believe they will find that plane. that's the latest from the live desk. 4:48. starting next month, teams will search for the remains of a virginia teen who disappeared more than a year ago. nelson county sheriff's deputies will resume their search for 17-year-old alexis murphy.
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investigators temporarily stopped the search in august because of the thick brush and trees. murphy was last seen as a gas station. randy taylor was convicted in her abduction and murphy. her body has never been found. according to the "washington post", the council is considering a new bill that requires employers to wait until after the first job interview to ask about criminal convictions. the bill was approved last month. a public hearing and full council vote is scheduled for november 19th. montgomery county officials are looking for whoever did this, set fire to a children's playground. that photo of the play set went up in flames. it happened monday night at st. paul's park in kensington. now the slide and other equipment, as you can tell from the video images, charred and damaged. completely ruined in some
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places. if you have any information, qaa call the arson tip line. ray rice is going after the team fteam for his contract termination. he was dropped after video surfaced of him punching his then fiancee in a casino elevator. he has filed a grievance against the ravens, arguing that the nfl collective bargaining agreement protects players from being punished twice for the same rules violation. he was given a two-day suspension and then suspended indefinitely. nfl commissioner roger goodell created a social responsibility team after taking heat for the hamming of the rice situation. peter alexander sat down with the head of the team to talk about what needs to be done to make the league's response better. >> commissioner goodell admitted and said one of the things he felt he did wrong is not have the right people at the table. he's been very specific about what he means by that.
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he had people at the nfl who had backgrounds like this. and he made a mistake by not listening to the right people and having people with that background. rain, wind, showers. we're get it all this morning. tom is here to get us ready. what do we need to know about this? >> but no snow. >> not yet. >> it is still october. watch your footing. your front steps and sidewalks may be slippery with wet leaves. we have showers coming through overnight. they produce a quarter to half an inch around the metro area. that's enough for ponding of water. watch out for that. these showers rotating around an upper level disturbance bringing moderate downpours north and east of baltimore tracking closer to us into the metro area
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and northern virginia late this morning. right now light to moderate rain around the beltway, up 495 and route 29, route 1 and the beltway. up 270 as well. wet across northern virginia too. later rain around the beltway from mcclain to alexandria, 95 to woodbridge all wet as well. elsewhere, the pavement is a little bit damp from overnight showers. later today by 9:00 this morning, still showers around the metro area. by noon time, we'll still have lighter rain moving south and east of us. by 2:00 in the afternoon, the rain begins to break up a little bit. by 5:00 or so, a lot of the rain will be ending. might have a little sun breaking out before sunset. overnight, partly cloudy. a blustery wind will increase. it's a cool morning now. low to mid-50s across most of
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the region. we will have showers with us. temperatures 50 degrees between now and 8:00. 8:00 to 9:00, low 50s with more of the showers coming in. just this afternoon, 25 to 30 miles per hour. and rain ending around 5:00 this afternoon around the metro area. sunshine back tomorrow. blustery wind. milder. still looking great monday and tuesday next week as well. enjoy. melissa is deal with, of all things, a water main break. >> isn't there enough water coming from the sky today? why do we need it to come from the ground. this is mcclendon county at valley hill drive. 66 as you head into town, it is completely clear. that's going to change as if water starts falling from the sky. 95 in virginia, no problems. lots of green. beltway a at branch avenue. also looking quite good. a wider look at things.
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inner and outer loop looking just fine. no major accidents right now. keep our fingers crossed there. colesville road, a little bit wet. a little bit of a sheen on the roadway there. that's just a warning as you head out. follow us on twitte twitter @first4traffic. still trying to find a costume for your kids this halloween? also ahead, chances are that the thought of being stuck in traffic gets your blood pressure climbing. . letting your voice be heard. letting your voice be heard. how you can weigh in
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have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it. barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law, but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars.
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no wonder she hid it. 4:57. d.c. police looking for a driver in a hit and run accident. a teenager was run over by a car on east capitol and 50th streets. investigators don't have much to go on right now. they can only say they are looking for a dark colored vehicle. detectives trying to get to the bottom of an assault allegation against a top ranked high school football program in loudoun county. for the first time police visited briar wood. varsity players are sidelined as the sheriff's department says they are not ruling out whether this was hazing incident. the school is not commenting.
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voicing your concerns about a plan to eggs panned the kennedy center. organizers want to hear about the the environmental impact. it would add classrooms to rehearsal space. it would put more pedestrian and bike trails around the kennedy center. today's public meeting will be held at the kennedy center at 6:30 and will last two hours >> get ready for a commute nightmare on a pop lawyer route from d.c. to montgomery county. take a look at the map. crews working on river road. pepco is digging down to install new pipes. people say this makes driving around the area tough but it could pay awe in the end. >> this neighborhood in particular loses hour big time. and they're undergrounding the
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pepco lines so hopefully we don't lose power this winter. >> this is the road i take in and out of d.c. every morning. i will tell you every time there is a storm, heavy winds, the crews are out trying to restore power in the area. . we don't need to tell you that a lot of time is wasted sitting in traffic, do we? >> no. but you may be surprised to learn how much money is wasted by congestion on the roads. americans wasted $124 billion sitting in traffic last year, $1,700 for the average household. fuel and time were taken into account. $290 billion by 2030 if steps aren't taken to reduce the congestion. >> speaking of those numbers, when you talk about extra time, 38 hours extra sit anything a
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car because of traffic the average american spends in the car. >> what a waste. >> and d.c. rated number one for work traffic again this year. >> surprise, surprise. storm team four by four out on the roads for you this morning giving you a look at the conditions you'll be facing on the roads. meteorologist tom kierein here with the conditions outside and your walk to work forecast. good morning, tom. . we're all wet most of the region this morning. getting some heavier downpours north and east of baltimore. these areas in the yellows and oranges, a little thunder and lightning. but that is pretty much has turn theed into showers. and south and east of there and south and west, it's mostly light rain. but enough to make all the roads wet. sidewalks, side streets covered with leaves as well. so it's kind of slippery. heavier showers getting closer to us later this morning. right now around the


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