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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 23, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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around the district. security in the white house is back in the spotlight after another man jumps the fence. you can hear the secret service take down the down. he jumped the fence after 7:00 last night. agents unleashed dogs. he was taken down 20 feet from the fence. he was unarmed. witnesses say the response was fast. >> i saw somebody coming down from the top of the finance and landing. immediately i seen five and possibly six secret service on the inside of the fence. >> the secret service says he kicked the attack dogs. two are being treated for injuries. president obama was at the home this time. this happened a month after omar gonzalez jumped the fence and was able to make it all the way
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in the white house. . early voting begins this morning in maryland. registered voters can cast a ballot today. select polling sites open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to avoid a line, you're encouraged to get to a polling place before 4:00. early voting now through october 30th. today candidates running for mayor in d.c. will participate in another forum. it starts at 7:00 at plymouth congregational church. muriel bowser will attend another event this evening. nbc 4 erika gonzalez will run don't anticipate forum and mark sea graves a panelist. it's a chilly day. you can fema the winds already. >> you can see the wind too. there's a flag near union station. live view from storm team 4
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camera. the flag flapping in a stiff wind. the winds have been gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour. we'll have these blustery winds throughout the morning. sunshine breaking out by 8:00. still only around 50 degrees by then. then by noon time, we'll have lots of sunshine. that's when the winds will be strongest. winds will be up to 35 miles per hour from time to time. they will diminish during the afternoon with bright sunshine. by then, into the mid-60s. so a mild afternoon as those winds diminish. and under that clear sky. mostly cloudy. hovering near 50 degrees much of the region. mid-50s around the chesapeake bay. reagan national 54. 50 in fairfax. circulation from this deep area of low pressure is giving us the wind. that's providing rain, though jersey coast to new orleans.
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could be flight delays new york city into boston with that storm system. we will feel the effects of that in the form of wind throughout much of the day ahead. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. we'll look at your hour by hour warming. any problems? >> one problem on the d.c. line fitch street southeast between 51st and southern avenue. the alternate season southern avenue. that's a fire that has that shut down because of apparatus on the scene. 66, 95 in virginia, no major problems. it is moving right along as it should be at this point this morning. inner loop and outer loop, not a lot of construction. which is a good thing always. beltway at river road, moving right along. another live picture where megan mcgrath was this morning. 17th and constitution has reopened in the last couple of minutes. i'm back in 10 minutes. developing news out of the canadian capital.
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a soldier killed in a shooting rampage outside the parliament. he was guarding the national war memorial in ottawa when he was shot. bystanders tried but failed to revive him. the shooter had been designated high risk. the prime minister is calling yesterday's shooting as an act of terrorism. he is 32 years old and recent convert to islam. he shot and killed that soldier and then went into the parliament building where he died in a hail of gunfire. he was a recently declared high risk traveler, meaning officials feared he would travel abroad and commit crimes. >> this week's events are grim reminder that canada is not immune to the types of attacks we have seen elsewhere. >> president obama is offering
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help to determine how this type of terror. this is a me cautionary measure. right now there is no timeline for how long security will stay heightened. a trial date could be set for the man accused of three high-profile murders in alexandria. charles severance will be in court for a pretrial hearing. jane roush is also expected to rule on whether to allow cameras in the court. judge roush is best known for presiding over convicted d.c. sniper lee boyd malvo. developing this morning, a 3-month-old baby girl is killed in a crash in israel. that baby is an american. the accident happened in jerusalem a few blocks from the national police headquarters. a palestinian slammed his car into a crowded train station.
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the 3-year-old baby girl was killed. the driver does have a history of anti-israel violence. the driver was shot by israeli police but no details on his condition. the area was immediately blocked off as police searched that vehicle. they are calling this an act of terrorism. . thank you, richard. those of you in fairfax county could learn whether your school start time will change. the school board will meet this evening to vote on recommendations for months now. it would start high schools at 8:00 this morning. middle schools at 7:30. most elementary school changes would not change beyond 10 minutes. allowing students to sleep in would improve their mental and physical health as well as academic performance. school start times would not change until next school year >> an elementary school in
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arlington will get a new name today and honor history makers in our area. discovery elementary is design to to honor john glen. he flew aboard the space shuttle "discovery" mistake that has the government apologizing this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has the high temperatures in your neighborhood at 4:41. first, a costly purchase. the
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welcome back. you might want to double-check your credit card statement if you are using bank of america and apple pay. some people were charged twice. it affected 1,000 transactions. it says it is working to refund people who were charged twice. not said what caused the glitch. drivers, you are on notice again. the total number of air bags is increasing once again. air bags in nearly 8 million cars and trucks need to be replaced because shrapnel can fly at drivers and when air bags are deployed. so far the defect killed four
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people. no front seat passengers until the problem is fixed. toyota is going even further. >> disable the air bag and put a note on the front seat, essentially on the dashboard saying do not allow somebody to ride in the front passenger seat until this air bag is fixed. a federal website to look up affected models was not working last night. we have a complete list on inspectors are assessing a damage to a home that a car rammed through. it happened at 10:45. the driver of a mercedes lost control and crashed through a bay window. nobody was hurt there, though. >> all right. important day to figure out what kind of jacket you will need. it's not cold but it is the wind. >> it's the wind. tom kierein and your weather and
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traffic on the 1s. it is pretty chilly on this thursday morning. temperatures around 50 degrees. yeah, you do need a jacket. hovering near 50 as well as around the bay. right near the waters it's in the mid-50s. quite a bit of cloudiness around. blustery winds gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour now. getting stronger by noon time. we have gusts around 35 miles per hour. should be up around 60 degrees. by late afternoon we'll be hovering in the mid-60s with the winds beginning to diminish. a clear enough sky to see a partial solar eclipse. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:51. >> the icc just popped up eastbound after shady grove road. two right lanes are blocked for you there. inneroop after 450, two right
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lanes blocked. temple hills. branch avenue and auth way, two lanes blocked as well. no major problems. same thing when you look at the beltway. lots of green on the screen. 66 at 123, moving along. see you at 4:51. >> i'm just so fortunate to be alive. >> sharing his story. an nbc photographer talking about his successful battle against the ebola virus. >> talk about a
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welcome back at 4:45. new developments on ebola. a dallas nurse with the disease could soon get the all clear. the family of amber vinson said
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doctors no longer detect ebola in the nurse's body. she is in a special treatment unit at emery hospital in atlanta. doctors approved her daughter to be transferred out of isolation. she contracted ebola after taking care of thomas duncan. she traveled to ohio before she was diagnosed with ebola. officials are monitoring the health of 164 people who may have come in contact with her. this morning we are now hearing from the photographer who contracted ebola in liberia. amokpo is out of the hospital and happy to be alive. he says he cannot say for sure when he actually contracted the disease. that's a million dollar question. there's not a satisfactory answer for it. the best thing that i can say is there is a period of time about a week that i was working with various news organizations.
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and i was with plans drivers. >> was that a week before you joined up with nbc team? >> yeah. it was about a week. >> he spent two weeks at a treatment facility in nebraska. most americans want tighter screening for ebola. according to the ap-gfk poll, 9 out of 10 want more screenings, about half favor travel restrictions and 25% understand how ebola spreads. it is come canning in contact with a person showing symptoms through their bodily fluids. the governor says he has inked one deal that will bring
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75 jobs to the area. the governor says tourism officials have been active on this trip trying to get more people in asia to travel to virginia. an official autopsy report on michael brown's shooting death says he was shot at close range. the unarmed teenager was shot and killed by officer darren wilson in ferguson, missouri back in august. a local newspaper obtained a copy of that report. brown was shot after a struggle with officer wilson. it suggests brown may have been reaching for a gun and shot in the end. the report differs from that saying brown was shot from a distance. peers of missing student hannah graham are holding out hope. hannah was a student at the university of virginia who disappeared last month from
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charlottesville. help save the next girl organized last night's vigil in a sign of solidarity. it was formed in honor of morgan harrington, a virginia tech student. four days after remains were found in rural morrow county, police have the area surrounded. yesterday marked the biggest search area around walnut creek park. the state medical examiner still has not said whether the remains are those of hannah graham. prince george's county police looking for clues to connect two sexual assaults. monday night a woman says she was attacked walking on annapolis road. her description shares similarities to one in september in bladensburg. . commissioner goodell could be on the hot seat.
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a neutral arbitrator told goodell he should testify but that decision has not been made public. rice argues he was punished twice for knocking out his fiancee in a hotel, first with a two-game ban and then an indefinite suspension. we are expecting a definitive answer on whether robert griffin iii can start on monday night. he practiced in team drills yesterday since his ankle injury. colt mccoy is still expected to get the start. during an interview, the coach jay gruden says he doesn't want to rush griffin and there are still several things he needs to work on before being named a starter. >> i hope he recovers quickly before put this away and focus on the game. >> it's time to talk about the forecast. we are talking about a windy day. storm team 4 meteorologist tom
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kierein. hair styles by mr. wind. did a nice job on you. >> fluff it up on the way to work. >> i love it. it will be blustery throughout the morning. aaron and i don't have to worry about it. >> speak for yourself. >> the latest wind gusts have been up there around 25 to 30 miles per hour. the wind gusts are continuing to be rather blustery throughout most of the region. that's going to stay that way through much of the morning. these are the wind gusts now. bear with me momentarily as the system does not seem to want to recognize any of my commands coming from my little clicker here. well, this is certainly a problem. i'll tell you the weather story anyway. we will have these winds gusting from time to time through much of the day. then they will settle down by later this afternoon. and there they go. we will have these gusts right
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now around 30 degrees. getting stronger by noon time. there is our skycast for the day ahead. clouds breaking up by 8:00 as the sun is rising. clouds racing through the sky by noon time. mostly sunny. a few clouds coming through by later this afternoon. by sunset, we will have a chance to see a partial solar eclipse. only look briefly at it. a brief glance. peaks at 6:17. sunset it will be low in the sky. put it on instagram, twitter and facebook. temperatures hovering near 50 degrees. and that wind there is blowing right now at union station at about 20 miles per hour. highs reaching mid-60s most of the region with that sunshine by midafternoon. tomorrow we'll be in the upper 60s. still breezy but not as strong as today. lots of sunshine. beautiful weekend coming up saturday, sunday with highs near 70. mild in the next week too.
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melissa here with first 4 traffic. good morning, tom. had a tree down here. this just came in. darnestown road at beallsville. take whites ferry to get around. 66 and 95 looking good. no problems there. wider look at the beltway. everything is green and running along. 270 into and out of town, just fine. earlier road work at the icc, 200 at shady grove road. that has cleared out of the way. you don't have to worry about that any longer. beltway at st. barnabas. remember to follow us on twitter. thank you, melissa. we can all think of something we would rather do than go to work. some of us just act on it. the percentage of people faking a sick call and some of the top excuses bosses say they get. frightening rumors. warning parents to keep their
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kids away from six flags america. preventing a commuting nightmare like this from happening again. it ca
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welcome back. d.c. police believe a deadly shooting involving two friends was an accident. tyler caldwell was killed on downing street northeast last
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month. according to court documents a 14-year-old told police he was showing caldwell his mother's gun when the magazine fell out. he didn't noe bullet was still in it and pulled the trigger. the mother could face charges. warnings to parents about the potential for violence at six flags this weekend. according to the "washington post", suitland high school's principal sent a text message and mentioned gangs planning to retaliate last month. a 15-year-old was critically hurt on the first day of fright fest. the text message also urged parents not to let their chiropractor go to the park. six flags responded saying it has stepped up security. you will get a chance to pay final respect toss former "washington post" editor ben bradlee. next wednesday at 11:00 a.m. he led "the post" more than 20 years and supported bob would ward and carl bernstein during the watergate scandal, which led
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to president nixon's resignation. bradlee live with alzheimer's disease several years and died tuesday at his home in washington. metro will get an update on a track problem that caused a terrible commute on the red line. i cracked rail outside the dupont circle station last month caused big delays and packed platforms for passengers. a report shows it took 41 minutes for metro to start repairs. a supervisor went with the the wrong crew. then had to wait for the right equipment. the documents also reveal something unusual was noticed on the track 13 days before the rail cracked. commuters say they have been used to these delays. >> i know when i take longer rides it doesn't work so well. >> i know every time i go in there i'm expecting at what point are we going to stop again. >> metro says it is changing
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inspection procedures because of this incident. today the national park service wants to know what you think about a new memorial to honor the founding of the piece corps. it begins at 6:30 this evening at the district architecture on 7th street northwest. if you can't make it to that meeting, mail in your comments to the national park service. well, what does your zip code say about where you live? a new study is pretty interesting. it says if you live in d.c. you have one of the best zip codes in the nation. >> the number one zip code in america is 20004. it borders the national mall, the white house and several popular museums. the the website movoto put out this list. they looked at median incomes and households below the poverty line. houston, san diego and chicago.
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>> are there homes in that area? >> i think there are a few condos. a lot of fun things to see there. stay with us. news 4 continues right now at 5:00 a.m. >> news 4 today starts now. questions about security. new concerns being raised after another man makes it over the fence at the white house. plus, hitting the snooze button. the decision that could give virginia kids a reason to sleep in on school days. welcome to news 4 today for this thursday, october 23rd, 2014. let's take a live look outside right now. 52 degrees outside our studios. not that cold but definitely windy out there. >> here's storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> good morning. your headlines for this thursday. hair styles by mr. wind throughout much of the day ahead. temperatures


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