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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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so far it is fairly cool this morning. take a look at some of the temperatures. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein will show you how the temperatures change as you get started. good morning, tom. >> quite a chill in the air. dress accordingly. you'll need a jacket and long pants this morning as we have a bit of a blustery wind. and temperatures hovering right around 50 degr we'll stay this way another couple of hours. it's just in the upper 40s and low 50s northern montgomery county. the rest of northern virginia. most locations in the 50s. low to mid-50s southern maryland, near the chesapeake bay. in the beltway, low 50s. this flag was straight out with a strong, gusty wind. now a lighter breeze this morning. that's a live view near union station from our storm team 4 camera. warming nicely, though. up to the low to my-60s by noon time. by midafternoon, 70 degrees. a little breezy today. not as blustery.
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next weather and traffic on the 1s amelia siegel joins us in the storm team 4 x 4. melissa has already had a couple of accidents. >> right now we are looking good. only yellow on the screen right now. d.c., 295 as you pass 50. otherwise, we are looking great. if you're hopping on stafford county, heading into town, looking good. no major problems into town or out of town in 95 in virginia. 66, again, completely green for us at this point. 270, old hundred road moving along. a little bit of volume. no major problems again. a wide look at things. inner and outer loop both looking fine. back in 10 minutes. see you at 6:11 with a look at travel times. >> thank you, melissa. a developing story out of new york where a doctor is now in isolation after testing positive for ebola. his name is dr. craig spencer. he recently treated ebola
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patients in west africa. spencer went to a brooklyn bowling alley wednesday night before he realized he was sick. his fiancee is in quarantine and they are watching his two friends as well. doctors insist no one is at risk. a few hours, how this region is equipped to handle the ebola in this region. a news conference at d.c.'s wilson building. they will talk about what's needed to prevent health workers and the public from getting sick. and we'll hear a similar ebola discussion on capitol hill. a house hearing this morning will focus on federal responses to the disease. they will look into the training and equipment for front line health workers. >> we are work to go get a better idea what happened moments before a deadly midair collision in maryland.
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a small plane crashed into a helicopter near the municipal airport. you can hear the tower warn the plane of three helicopters in the area that day. the pilot said he saw two of the choppers and he was cleared to land. a warning, what happens next may be difficult to listen to. >> oh, god! oh, god! >> airplane down and helicopter down. >> yes, yes. i just saw it. 911's on the way. >> those voices you heard were all from the control tower. and the two men on the plane who both survived the crash. three people in the helicopter were killed. the ntsb is now investigating. it's still not sure why the two collided. witnesses described what they saw. >> the the plane was going like this, spinning before it landed. and so was the helicopter. they were -- they hit and were
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flailing around until they hit -- landed on the ground. >> the ntsb said a parachute on the plane may have helped save the men on board. the names of the men killed in the helicopter were released. christopher parsons and brendan mcfond and william jenkins were on the helicopter. >> one group is gearing up for a massive search for missing 8-year-old alicia rudd. the guardian angels are driving from maine. they believe she was taken by a janitor at the homeless shelter where she lived. new this morning, we're told a virginia state trooper is okay right now after a crash on the beltway. we talked to state police just about 15 minutes ago. they say nobody was hurt there. you can see the crash closed lanes on the inner loop near dulles toll road. right now everything is back open again. just about five minutes after the hour now.
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snow. it is the last thing any of us want to be thinking about right now. but in prince george's county, they are getting ready for when the snow comes. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. yeah, we are out and about with dave howard going on a dry run. we're inside his plow here. we will actually drive on part of his route. that's what we've got happening all morning long. if you see a snowplow in your neighborhood, don't worry. there is not snow in the forecast. it is just a practice run. tell me how useful this is for you. >> is it's useful for somebody who hasn't been on a particular route. it allows them time to go out and see what they need to do when the snow starts coming. or somebody who hasn't been on a route for a year has to refamiliarize themselves with that. >> last year was a tough year.
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28 separate snow and ice events. what are you expecting. >> hopefully less. a couple would be fine with me. >> you say you like being out. >> we only do it once a year. you're in the office quite a bit. so it's nice to get out every once in a while. >> real quick, what would you say to people at home in a snow event. what should they do so you can do your job? >> if at all possible stay off the roads unless it is absolutely necessary. if they allow us to go through and take care of the streets it would allow us to do our jobs more efficiently. >> thank you for letting us join you this morning. they will be out here for the next couple of hours. reporting live inside a snowplow, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you in the studio. megan, thank you. >> 6:06. new this morning, reacting to the shooting of an unarmed teenager in ferguson, missouri. the issues a new report raises
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world's billionaires. 16 out of 20 with the most billionaire alumni were located in the u.s. university of pennsylvania came in first with 25 billionaire alums. >> wow. we have a lot of good schools in the country. >> a lot of them were people who came from other countries and went to school here. >> out and about walking and running for big events here. meet rolls amelia siegel is with the storm team 4 x 4. >>reporter: good morning, guys. happy friday. we have been here monstering the weather conditions. we continue to hold around 56 degrees. a little bit of a breeze this morning. winds 5 to 10 miles per hour here. you definitely want a nice, warm jacket as you step out the door
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this morning. by afternoon, a high temperature of 71. breezy throughout the entire day today. mostly to partly sunny skies. for the weekend, high temperatures remain in the low 70s. a little bit more clouds on saturday. beautiful weather both days for the marine corps. marathon. 7:40, when things are getting under way, it will be cool with a temperature of 54 degrees. by 11:00 a.m., temperatures shoot up to around 60. and then 70 by 2:00 in the afternoon. so melissa, i have to say in my opinion that's pretty good running weather. are you tracking any problems on the road this friday that folks will have to deal with? >> we're having pretty good traffic weather as well. everything looking good. this is my smile for friday. no major problems at this point. 66 into town, looking good. 95, virginia, looking good as well. lots of green everywhere. only a little bit of yellow, 295 as you pass 50. travel times in virginia, on
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time everywhere. 66, on time. 395 northbound, on time. 95 from quantico north on time. 495 the outer loop on time as well. big smiles all around in the traffic center. i'm back in 10 minutes. an elderly woman drove off a parking garage, plunged four stories. how she got out with just a scratch. why stores are more desperate to win your business this year. weather and traffic always on news 4
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6:16. right now chopper 4 live over the scene where a helicopter and small plane rashededed in midair in frederick, maryland. what you're looking at here is what is left of the helicopter that crashed into a self-storage facility there in frederick. the scene being guarded by local
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authorities. who people on the plane survived yesterday's crash. three people all died. at this point the ntsb is in frederick. they will start the process of recovering and figuring out exactly what happened and what cough the crash. you're looking at new video the moment a gunman runs into the canadian parliament and opens fire. we are learning more information about approximate michael zehaf-bibeau. canadian police say he acted alone. we are learning he may have had dual citizenship in libya and reasonable tried to get a passport to syria. bibeau's mother issued a statement saying she is crying for the victim, not for herself.
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an emotional few minutes in the canadian parliament. the man who stopped a killer was honored with a standing it went on for four mints minutes. vickers shot the gunman who stormed the building on wednesday. moments later you can see he calmly patrolled the halls of that building with his gun in hand. many credited vickers with saving their lives. new york city police are investigating whether a man who attacked officers with a hatchet had ties to terrorism. this shows seconds before police shot and killed the suspect yesterday in queens. police say out of nowhere the man can swinging at them with the weapon. he hit one of the officers in the arm, another in the back of the head. a by stander was shot when police fired at the man. amnesty international is releasing a report on human rights violation following the michael brown shooting in ferguson, missouri. it calls into question the use of deadly force by officers darren wilson against the
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unarmed teenager. facing charges this morning for revenge porn. we are hearing from the woman who says she is his victim. he was arrested after his former girlfriend said he released explicit videos of them on two web sites. he posted her address with the videos and encouraged other men to rape her. she spoke exclusively to news 4's pat collins. >> it's pretty much ruining me and it's going to keep ruining me. these things just don't go away. >> he is one of the first men charged under maryland's new revenge porn line. he could face two years in jail and $5,000 fi. what do you think when your kid comes home from school and says i don't have any homework?
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parents at one montgomery county school believe it every time. teachers stopped giving students homework three years ago. students are expected to read for 30 minutes every night. lots of reading. the idea has raised a few eyebrows but the principal encouraging them to just try it. >> we can certainly have the conversation around what that looks like at home. and typically that's what they do. and then they are thinking the time they are spending with their children reading at night. >> developing a culture of reading is a big goal at her school. but we wanted to know how successful this has been and whether parents and students are buying in. we dig in at a news 4 education nation special report. join me saturday morning for that and a closer look at schools looking at year-round classes, changing start times and arming seniors to start college tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m., nbc 4.
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>> we're looking forward to that. >> and homework thing in particular. >> that's how i feel. i will definitely keep my mind open to that. >> the walk to end hiv tomorrow at 9:20. same-day registration at 7:00 a.m. >> supporting whitman walker and all they do to support this community. if you want to go, everything is happening around freedom plaza. big reminder, don't drive around. a lot of roads will be closed in the area. it's going to be a great morning. we'll see you there. >> a celebration of all the work that's been done and all the progress that's been made. and also raising money to continue the research. we will try to have a good time. >> 6:21 is our time. we all want to know what the weather will be like tomorrow
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morning. it will be so cold. >> he's thinking about it. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with weather and traffic on the 1s. >> amelia will be joining us at 6:41 with your walk to end hiv forecast. we are starting off with a clear sky. this is where we ingest all the latest weather models. a warming trend on the way. a live view from the tower camera showing the first predawn faint light showing up on the eastern horizon. and a clear sky. storm team 4 radar scanning the sky. clear start this morning. we can see the autumn constellations in the sky. 50 in montgomery, fairfax, prince george's county. close to washington, inside the beltway, low to mid-50s. many of the rural areas near 50 degrees across maryland, virginia, west virginia. driving to work this morning, you have that heater on with
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bright sunshine. it will jump quickly into the 60s by noon time. you can have the sunroof open during the afternoon. partly sunny, breezy, hovering 70 degrees during the afternoon commute. when you're out and about over the weekend, keep up with the weather when you're mobile. down lead the storm team 4 mobile app. tomorrow morning, chill in the air. afternoon highs near 70. perfect saturday, sunday. sunday morning near 50. low 70s. into the upper 60s on monday afternoon. even warmer on tuesday. ought to make it into the mid to upper 70s. highs wednesday, thursday, in the 70s. hour by hour breakdown the next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31. melissa, how are things rolling? >> ashburn, george washington boulevard at riverside parkway, no injuries.
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but this intersection shut down at this point this morning. 66 and 95 moving along quite nicely. a little bit slow finally this morning. prince george's county looking good there. we don't have any major issues anywhere. taking a look at 270, a little bit slow out of tpre rick. it opens up and you're completely fine. remember to follow us on twitter. an elderly woman managed to walk away after driving her car off a four-story parking garage. this happened in hawaii yesterday. the woman was visiting her granddaughter drove off the fourth floor of the garage. witnesses believe she hit the gas instead of the brake. they say she was able to crawl out of that car all by herself after this crash. she had a few cuts, needed to wear a neck brace too. but otherwise she's okay.
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and she's in hawaii. >> incredible. glad she made it. recent credit card breaches have many of you rethinking where you do your holiday shopping. in fact, 45% of people say they would likely avoid stores that were hacked this year according to a survey by you don't have to avoid stores altogether, though. there is at least one way to protect your haar-earned money. >> frankly, the most secure way to shop is with cash. if you're in store and paying with cash you outline don't have to worry about anything. >> you could actually benefit from recent credit card breaches. many stores are working to keep your business. because of that, experts say you'll probably see a lot more sales this holiday season. that's good. discounts. try to save some cash. when you park your car, use the emergency brake. >> especially if it's a vintage car. here you go. the mechanic was working on a vintage mustang when it started to roll away.
6:26 am
somehow -- well, he did save the car. that wasn't the right car. we'll try to get this back for you and show you exactly what we're talking about. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein told us about a warmup. he's going over the forecast hour by hour. he will show us the changes for your friday. weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31. heads-up for parents in prince george's county. it could keep 3,000 kids out of school. and a man ripped from his car out of a gas station in d.c. car out of a gas station in d.c. the fri
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he's been called a super lobbyist, the ultimate washington insider. ed gillespie paid millions to lobby for the oil companies for a student loan company that overcharged taxpayers. his firm even lobbied for five foreign governments including a dictator now awaiting trial for war crimes. and then there's enron. gillespie lobbied for them while they committed the largest corporate fraud in us history. ed gillespie. the million dollar lobbyist whose never looked out for you.
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right now we're following a developing story. a doctor in new york city has ebola. he was in west africa helping to treat ebola patients through doctors without borders. right now he and his fiancee are under quarantine. we'll go live to the new york hospital where he's being treated in 15 minutes. first, though, here's storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> as eun would say, brr. there's a chill in the air this morning. and what to wear?
6:30 am
well, you'll certainly need a jacket and long pants. we still have a blustery wind with temperatures hovering near 50 degrees. we'll stay this way through 8:00, 9:00 this morning. there's the flag at union station. not flapping quite as strongly as yesterday morning. breezes around 5 to 15. low 50s between now and 8:00. and then by noon time, the mid-60s. partly sunny during the afternoon. quite a dramatic warming. up to 70 during the afternoon. friday night lights between 6:00 and 8:00, low 60s. the the game starting a little bit later, chill in the air and the 50s. dry. under a partly cloudy sky. temperatures tomorrow morning all the way into the 40s. most of the region with a clear sky. next weather and traffic on the 1s amelia siegel with the storm team 4 x 4. now first four 4 traffic with
6:31 am
melissa. we're getting a little bit of yellow. that's what we're supposed to do. outer loop, a little bit slow. you can see branch avenue a little bit slow as you head to the beltway. looking quite light for this time of day. 66 and 95 looking typical as well. beltway at braddock moving right along. my beltway barometer. things are moving at colesville. overall, things looking pretty good in general. back in 10 minutes. see you at 6:41 with a look at travel times. warnings won't be the same for tens of thousands of you and your children. school start times are changing in fairfax county. the school board approved the changes overnight. there was plenty of support in the crowd. high schools in the county will start at 8:00 or 8:10, pushed back from 7:20. middle school students would start 15 minutes earlier at 7:30, allowing teens to get more
6:32 am
sleep has been a divided issue for years in the county. >> sleep is not an evil. it is a vital and basic necessity. >> many of my constituents said they don't support this. it's not about saying that --
6:33 am
83-year-old victoria went missing after flying into reagan national airport. three days later, her body was found less than a mile away. u.s. park police released a report yesterday that showed several officers made inappropriate comments, calling her the 9,000-year-old alzheimer's woman. >> the family released a statement through their lawyer saying in part, "it is troubling to receive this report which details open wounds not yet healed. cell phone video here shows the confrontation with police. you can see a man punching secret service dogs as they try to take him down on the white house lawn.
6:34 am
several times he tried to ask the judge questions directly and marshalls pulled him out of the courtroom. two sisters who died in a big crash in oxen hill will be laid to rest this morning. they have 10 children between them. all younger than 15 years old. the sisters, along with three other people, died earlier this month when a car slammed into theirs on livingston road. they were waiting at a traffic light. the funeral service at mount caramel baptist on third street northwest this morning. parents in prince georges's county, make sure your child's vaccinations are up to date. more than 3,000 students still need to be vaccinated by october 31st deadline. kids going into kindergarten need mumps, measles and whooping cough. students in the 7th grade needs to get their t-dap. those who don't have vaccinations by october 31st will not be able to attend school. a traffic light has people
6:35 am
celebrating near balls bluff road. they were so happy they held a ribbon cutting ceremony. they say it will keep everyone safe after a deadly crash. a big celebration, party, champagne, and even a traffic light cake. it was first proposed more than a decade ago. once enough traffic passed through it took less than a month to complete. marine corps. marathon is sunday. the festivities are ready to get under way. this is one of the largest road races in the country. there's a health and fitness expo at the d.c. armory which is where we are live this morning. there is a first timers pep rally at the hyatt regency in d.c. the race starts sunday route 110 in arlington. runners will head into georgetown, around the national mall and back into arlington. parking restrictions start tomorrow. there will be a lot of other things this weekend. amelia siegel will show us how
6:36 am
the forecast will be be for the walk to end hiv. air bag recall could grow even bigger. why lawmakers are getting involved to ask more people to check their cars closely. plus, it's being called the vacation gap. many of us are spending our vacation days at work than our parents did. 6:36.
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welcome back at 6:40. if you are a workaholic and not using all of your vacation days, you're not alone. >> a new report out this morning from oxford economics that says many of you are not taking
6:40 am
vacations. u.s. workers only use 77% of their paid time off. last year employees took an average of 16 days of vacation compared to 20 days back in the year 2000. most people are forfeiting almost two days of paid time off every year. >> experts say that the reason many of you aren't taking off is fear about keeping up with your workload and keeping up with colleagues. >> a lot of people don't want to look like the office slacker because they are taking time off, according to this report. $52 billion of lost benefits every year. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel live in the storm team 4 x 4. good morning to you, amelia. good morning, eun and aaron. we have been out here all morning tracking in our storm team 4 x 4. 66 degrees. happy friday. you don't have any plans tomorrow?
6:41 am
join eun and aaron at the walk to end hiv. of course we have the marine corps. marathon taking place on sunday. the wind is not an issue tomorrow. but we will have breezy conditions today as well as sunday. high temperatures today will be around 70 degrees, partly sunny skies. high in bethesda, 70. 71 in washington. high temperature tomorrow around 70. walk to end hiv 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. dress warm. temperature of 48 degrees by 10:00 a.m. wind festivities are wrapping up. temperatures around 57. melissa, how are the roads looking right now? >> overall, we're looking okay. we're kind of getting volume building. 95 northbound at skaggsville, off-ramp blocked. and powder mill road, a new crash.
6:42 am
wider look at things, looking typical. 95 north, quantico to the beltway the slowest at 40 minutes. 270 south to the beltway, twice as long at 19 minutes. and 270 twice as long at 20 minutes. i'm back in 10. halloween decorations in texas with an ebola theme. why he hopes it will help in this time hard. oscar pistorius may face a oscar pistorius may face a chance for
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i'm sure she knows couples in our situation... i just hope she has good coffee. at least we're talking about it. i was kidding. i know just try to be serious in there, okay? okay, you're right. it's just going to be simple steps. that's all we need. yeah... just hope she doesn't tell us we have to work until we're 80. the it's time to talk about retirement conversation. wells fargo can help with my retirement plan.
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a tool that gives you manageable steps for retirement. we can do it with you or try it online. together, we'll go far.
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right now we are following a developing story the. a new york city doctor has tested positive for ebola. >> one of several stories we're keeping tabs on. we start with chris palone at the hospital where the doctor is being treated. chris, good morning >> reporter: good morning, eun and aaron. that doctor has been back in the united states for a week after treating ebola patients in the country of guinea in west africa. state and local officials are trying to reassure officials they are not at risk. the doctor has been identified as 33-year-old dr. craig spencer. he's an emergency room physician at work columbia presbyterian hospital. around noon yesterday he
6:46 am
notified the relief group that he was e working for doctors without borders, they was suffering from fatigue and nausea and fever. within moments he was rushed to the hospital in midtown manhattan in a specially equipped ambulance wearing hazmat suits. spencer returned to the u.s. last friday after a stint in the country of guinea, taking care of ebola patients there. he notified health officials as soon as he started to experience symptoms yesterday morning. it is important to note that health officials say he went out wednesday night with his fiancee and a couple of friends. they went bowling in brooklyn. and right now health officials insist that the only people who are at somewhat of a risk for attracting ebola is the people with him. his fiancee is being quarantined here at bellevue hospital, even though she is not showing any symptoms of ebola.
6:47 am
the other two are mott being monitored. we continue to monitor this for you live in new york. eun and aaron, back to you. >> chris, thank you. later this morning we will learn how this region is preparing for ebola just in case. holding a conference at d.c.'s wilson building. they will explain what they feel is still needed to keep patients and workers safe. now, the family of the ebola patient who died in dallas now says it is considering a lawsuit. >> thomas duncan was from liberia and visiting family in texas. he showed up to the hospital in dallas but was september home with antibiotics. he returned in worse conditions and died days later. in texas, lawsuits must prove malpractice. texas law also puts a $250,000 cap on claims such as pain and suffering. a texas man is hoping people will appreciate his sense of humor and holiday decorations. the theme of the halloween decorations, ebola.
6:48 am
james faulk's apartment is near the texas heating presbyterian hospital where the first u.s. ebola patient died two weeks ago. faulk said the decorations are meant to be a fun distraction and not meant to offend everyone. not everyone appreciates the decorations. some of the community took to twitter calling the decorations in poor activity and ridiculous. nbc 4 is work to go show you how this latest case in new york impacts the biggest city in the country. look nor a live report on the "today" show right after news 4 today. volunteers from as far as away from new england are renewing the search for a missing 8-year-old from d.c. tomorrow four teams plan to search three areas near kenilworth park for alicia rudd. the guardian angels are driving from maine. they believe she was taken by a janitor at the d.c. general homeless shelter where she lived. right now you might see a
6:49 am
snowplow in prince george's county. it's not snowing. not any time soon. megan mcgrath joins us live with more. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, eun. yeah, when the snowplow drivers are out there clearing the streets, you've got all kinds of people inside the command center taking a look at the road conditions and making sure everything is going smoothly. you can see the board they have here with all the live traffic cameras giving real-time information about the streets and how they are looking. of course we don't have any snow today. so everything is looking pretty good. in a snowstorm it gives critical information about what they need to do so they can come up with their strategies, figure out where they need to put their plows, what areas might need a little extra help in a snow situation. and they are also working on new things this year. this is kind of cool if you want to come back to me live here. they've got this situational dashboard they are hoping to unveil to the general public.
6:50 am
it's basically one stop shopping. it's a page that has all the information you can use during a snowstorm. you can get weather information. you can click on it. pull up a weather forecast. there's also the live cameras. if you have a particular intersection that's near you and they've got a camera on it, you don't have to even leave your house. click on it and look at how it is doing, whether it's plowed and whether it's safe. that is something they will roll out this year. expect to see the plows on the streets. they are doing their dry run, practicing their routes. >> thank you, megan. >> all right. we said we would show you a very close call with a vintage car. here it is. the the mechanic working on a mustang. his hopes and dreams going out the door. he snow was able to save it. grabs the brake just in the nick of time. we know that right now that that
6:51 am
mechanic is feeling pretty good about the save he just made. >> he's climbing right into the car. what else can you do? you have to act quickly. >> good thing it was a convertible. >> absolutely. that would have been a very sad state if that beautiful car had been crushed. 6:51. we will turn to tom kierein. >> can i open my eyes now? wow, that was a close call. they were out talking about the snowplows. the snowplow drivers just keep us going even in the worst of the snow. really tough job. no snow in the forecast. although it's quite cold. they have the predawn glow. pumpkin orange view from the storm team 4 tower camera. waiting for the school bus. i have a jacket. temperatures near 50 degrees. bright country shine. the clear sky near 50. between 8:00 and 9:00, mid-50s. and a bit breezy too. winds will pick up a little bit
6:52 am
but not as strong as yesterday. partly sunny. a few clouds coming through. 70 this afternoon. winds gusting to 20, 25 miles per hour. well, the the fall foliage is past peak. southern new england is peak. peak color in pennsylvania. just to our west, western maryland, skyline drive, west virginia, gorgeous peak color now. if you're going to be out taking photos, post them on instagram, twitter, facebook. here's how you can connect with me. love to see your autumn fall followage colors. and i asked you to post your views of the partial eclipse. this was taken by tom harte. this one by nasa in arlington yesterday. gorgeous weekend to get out and enjoy the leaves. temperatures 70 saturday and sunday. chilly mornings in the 40s. great weather for the marine corps. marathon on sunday.
6:53 am
we'll keep the mild trend going in the next week. quite a chill for marine corps. marathon. temperatures hovering in the 50s during much of the marathon. hitting low 70s by early afternoon. wonderful week coming up. dry weather. melissa with a look at our friday commute. good morning, tom. i was starting to choke on this friday morning. bw southbound powder mill road, we have a crash there. just smoke with police. they are on their way out to the scene. not many details. we can let you know by twitter. follow us i should sa say @first4traffic. folks heading southbound into town, no major problems. beltway at colesville, that is building there. at this point this morning, taking a wider look at things. finally seeing a little bit of red unfortunately this morning. 295 as you pass 50. 395 yard inside the beltway, again, nothing atypical for the time of day. 66 looking good.
6:54 am
95, completely fine until you hit dale city. then it gets a little bit slow. penn south 517 right now we are running 19 minutes behind. a little extra time for you there. >> i'm richard jordan in at the live desk. prosecutors in africa considering an appeal in the oscar pistorius case. the prosecution team meeting with legal experts. he was convicted of culpable homicide. there has been some outrage. prosecutors want to go back to court to get a murder conviction. olympic runner, double amputee shot and killed his girlfriend reeva steenkamp two years ago. just this week he was sentenced to five years in prison. if they get the appeal and eventually the murder conviction, pistorius could face 15 years in prison. 14 days after the sentencing date. so prosecutors have 10 days before they have to file that
6:55 am
appeal. that's the latest from the live desk >> richard, thank you. 6:55. new video from chopper 4. this is what's left of a helicopter that collided with a plane in midair in frederick, maryland. we have the air traffic control recordings from the crash. you can hear the controller warn the pilot of the plane about three helicopters in the area before clearing him to land. what happens next may be difficult to listen to. >> oh, god! oh, god! >> airplane down and helicopter down. >> yes. yes. i just saw it. 911's on the way. now, the two men on board the plane survived. three people in the helicopter were killed. ntsb is still not sure why the collision happened. and take a look at this. this is a picture of the queen sending her first tweet. yes, the queen just tweeted.
6:56 am
now you have no excuse. she sent it from the british monarchy account at the science museum in london. they tpwaoeted, it is pleasure to open the information age exhibition at th the @sciencemuseum. i hope people will enjoy visiting. very nice >> 6:56. four things you knee to know. expect road closures and parking restrictions as early as tomorrow ahead of sunday's ma reap core maryland. streets blocked off between roslynn, georgetown and the national mall. volunteers from maine driving to d.c. to renew the search for 8-year-old alicia rudd. next on the "today" show, a live report from a new york city hospital where a doctor with ebola is now in isolation. the doctor treated patients with the disease in west africa. we will hear about the federal response to ebola. # they will question the coordination between agencies and the training to ham potential new cases. >> and we thank you for joining us this morning.
6:57 am
>> have a great weekend. see you monday. >> make it a great friday, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it. barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law, but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars. no wonder she hid it.
7:00 am
breaking overnight. ebola in new york city. a doctor who treated patients in africa diagnosed with the virus here. before being admitted to the hospital he used subways, took an uber car ride and even went bowling. did his alcohols put the public at risk? not enough parts. the new concern this morning tied to that massive air bag recall involving at least 8 million cars. "today" exclusive. you remember the shocking video. >> why did you shoot me? >> this morning, the man shot by a state trooper during a routine traffic stop is speaking out for the first time. and, awkward. >> my guest today, bradley pitt. >> zach galifianakis


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