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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 5, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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but not the rest of maryland. brown took charles county and baltimore city. the baltimore suburbs and everywhere else gave hogan to win. compromise could be the theme of hogan's four years in office. political experts told that hogan will have to channel chris christie. in other words, he will have to work hard to appeal to all the democratic voters and elected leaders in a blue leading state. pundits expect him to start with jobs and the economy. you can read everything he has to say on we had a beautiful day yesterday. >> by popular claim, we're going to keep it going. high crowds drifting over our region now. all around the area we have rain beginning to approach the mountains. leading edge in southwestern pennsylvania, western west
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virginia. that stretches all the way down to central kentucky. it is tracking as part of a cool front. getting closer to the metro area. but not until perhaps late this evening. the leading edge will move in after sunset this morning. most of the day will be dry. temperatures off to a cool start. mild generally speaking. mid-50s in prince george's county. fairfax, mid and upper 50s. the district in the mid-50s. across northern virginia, most locations in the mid-50s from loudoun, prince william, fauquier, stafford and spotsylvania. dress for a cool morning. we're going stay in the 50s between now and 8:00 this morning. a little bit of sunshine through the high clouds and remaining rather chilly. warming up to around 60 and rather cool with sunshine in the high clouds. a look at the hour by hour
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breakdown for the rest of the clouds at 4:41. melissa has work zones to talk about. >> new hampshire avenue northbound between 495 and overlook drive, another 45 minutes and then we expect it to be cleared out of the way. taking a look up north, 270 into and out of town, no problems. we are moving right along. northbound in frederick, that is out of the way at this point this morning. prince george's county, beltway, 301, branch avenue, indian head, everything moving along nicely. a a live picture. 66 at 50 there. also moving along quite nicely. 270 coming up when i see you at 4:41. 4:32. a race that is still too close to call. we'll have to wait to find out
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whether mark warner will remain senator. warner has 12,000 vote edge over gillespie. he was not so quick to concede. >> and i'll work with anyone, democrat, republican, independent. you name it. if we're going to make sure we get our country's problems tpeubs fixed. >> very close race. 0.6 i think was the hrafplt count. we're going to be patient here. and i believe that we need to be respectful of the voters. >> now, a vote canvas will begin later this morning at the fairfax county government center. we'll have a live report at 5:00 a.m. we want to take you through the recount rules in virginia. only the apparent losing candidate can ask for a recount. there are no automatic recounts.
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if it is less than half a percent, tax payers foot the bill. if it is more than 5%, the gillespie will pay. remember you can download the nbc washington app to get a push alert with any new developments on this race. democratic congressman jerry con crui connonl cruised in over scholte. ward 4 councilman bowser will be the next mayor. she defeated catania and schwartz taking half of the votes, 55%. >> people say muriel, you seem
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confident about what you're saying. that's because i listen to you. i heard yours operations and what you want to see for this city. i pledge tonight that we're going to get it done today. bowser was seen as the front-runner, getting an endorsement from president obama. her ward 4 council seat will have to be filled in a special election. d.c. voted yes to legalize small amounts of marijuana. congress and the president could come together to block the law. new mayor-elect will have to make laws on how it is sold and regulated. what the makeup of the next congress will look like. a line of showers pushes
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towards us. we'll track the conditions you'll be dealing with and if you'll see rain with your hour-by-hour forecast at 4:41. told to stay away. the number of students kept out of the day ahead f
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>> in the day ahead, if your student is in prince george's county schools and not up to
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date on their shots, they will not be allowed to go to class today. this year there are new requirements for kindergarten. they sent letters and even visited homes. officials will meet with parents to talk about a reported sex assault on campus. a contractor accused of inappropriately touching a student at baker middle school in damascus last month. the principal says she waited until now to tell the community to protect the privacy of the student involved. the meeting will happen at 7:30 in the school's social media center >> this morning a plan to expand a item carrying csx trains is moving forward in the district. the federal highway administration gave final approval to double the size of the tunnel under virginia avenue between 2nd and 11th in southeast. some people living in that neighborhood not happy about
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this decision. i actually walked by the scene last night as protesters were out in front of the department of transportation headquarters in southeast d.c. they said they will ask the council to hold off on issuing permits for the project. >> it sounds like residents are being ignored time and time again. >> it's like we're david and goliath. how do you fight a big corporation very intent on to go this. >> the d.c. department of transportation already gave csx permission to take over the roads near that tunnel. all right. time to the forecast once again. i like the way they're starting, especially this time of the year. >> your weather and traffic on the 1s with tom kierein. >> a light jacket. we just saw a live video of the washington monument. high clouds drifting over the full moon in the western sky. it's milder this morning. we are in the 50s across most of virginia, maryland, eastern shore.
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it's near 60 degrees in the shenandoah valley. here is your hour-by-hour forecast. a live view from tower camera showing dry pavement around. cool. mid-50s through 8:00. then by noon time, mild for your lunch hour. low '60s by then. upper '60s around 1:00 or 2:00. by 5:00 p.m., around sunset time. it will be all cloudy. back down to the low 60s by then. and still kind of mild. then the rain arrives after that. where and when the rain arrives first next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:51. melissa has been dealing with construction and work zones this morning. she's going to tell us about a delay. >> inner loop between colesville and university, one lane getting by. that should be out of the way in the next half hour. 270 at montrose, that is moving along. no problems there for all the
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folks headed southbound in silver spring. also northbound georgia avenue at randolph. two right lanes blocked because of construction. wide look, big picture. lots of green. everything is moving along nice. no real issue at all. prince william parkway looking good. i am back at 4:51. 95 at maryland coming up. guys? shaking things up on capitol hill. the mood of voters following this historic election and the issues bothering them the most >> a major battle. what we are learning about is construction along one of our busiest commuter works and when you can expect work to be complete.
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we learned this morning congressional leaders. they are sitting down with the president to lay out their agenda for the next two years. for the first time in eight years, the balance of power in congress has shifted. >> republicans have seized control of the senate. richard jordan breaks down for us at the live desk. aaron and eun, good morning. yeah, right now republicans do have the majority as it stands. 52 republicans and 44 democrats, two independents and two races still undecided, alaska and louisiana. the outcome there will not affect the balance. republicans want in north carolina, colorado and georgia. most held by democrats. the problem for the democrat is that they were not able to pick up any republican seats. instead, incumbent -- democratic incumbents were re-elected. alaska still tallying up the
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votes. edging out the democrat, 49-45 right now. that's just over 70% of precincts reporting. this is the first time since 2006 that republicans have controlled both houses. that's the latest from the live desk. >> richard, thank you. many of you did not leave the polls feeling confident. initial exit polls shows broad distrust in congress and the president. the overall mood of americans is bleak now. only 44% of voters approve of president obama. more than three-quarters say they disapprove of the job congress is doing. just 31% of voters say they believe the nation is headed in the right direction, versus 65% who say the country is on the wrong track. barbara comstock is congresswoman-elect. she is the first woman ever for the 10th district. in the end, comstock beat foust with 57% of the vote. in her victory speech, she took
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an immediate swing at her opponent immediately after being introduced by her daughter. >> i'm finally going to get a real job. >> comstock will replace representative or congressman frank wolf, who is retiring. he thanked wolf. you, along with friends and neighbors, decides to change the way maryland spends transportation money. the trust fund can now only be used to fix highways and pay off transportation bonds. state leaders declared an emergency to use it for other reasons. the first elected attorney general is can't recall racine with 41% of the vote. he previously served as public defender and white house lawyer >> a close race on a question ended in defeat.
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it would give council man a chance to be in charge for three terms instead of current two terms. they lost 51-49. that means baker is now in his final term. he won the election unopposed. >> prince george's county launched a 500 million dollar rebrowneding campaign. the experience expand explore is kind designed to bring people to the county to check out the top tourist attractions, casinos and health centers. you should see experience, expand, polar on bill wards and bwi marshall. >> it's really mild out there. feels terrific. >> turn to tom kierein and tell us what to expect for today. >> i want to thank all the voters, all the write-ins we got yesterday. we appreciate that. we're voting for more beautiful weather for today. driving into work, you'll need to have the heat on, though.
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low to mid-50s through much of the morning commute. maybe need the sunglasses a little bit too. the sun will be coming through a high cloud cover. in the afternoon, you can put the sunglasses back in the box. all cloud y. mid-'60s and dry roads for the afternoon commute. a chilly morning and a mild afternoon on tap for us. rain arrives later tonight. right now our temperatures around the region hovering around the low to mid-50s from maryland, into west virginia, across virginia, eastern shore near delaware low to mid-50s there. storm team 4 radar not showing any rain. a few sprinkles showing up in western pennsylvania and all the way into western west virginia. that stretches down into central kentucky. all of this is tracking a off to the east-northeast getting
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closer until washington late afternoon or early evening. here's the timing on that. these patches of green. these are zones of showers coming through. by noon time, a el near the pennsylvania border. by 4:00, a few showers may be showing up in the shenandoah valley and west of the mountains. after that, by 6:00 p.m., perhaps our western, northern suburbs getting light rain. most of the afternoon commute will be dry. our shurs will get closer by 9:00 this evening. by midnight and a after midnight is when the bulk of the rain will move on through. for the afternoon, enjoy another pleasant day. a lot of clouds around. highs reaching the upper 60s. then tomorrow that rain off and on highs low to mid-6 0s. thunder by late afternoon. sun back. breezy and cooler on friday. a gust of wind to 30 miles per hour. on friday morning, they settle down during the afternoon. chilly weekend coming up.
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a big change. near freezing by dawn. saturday, partly sunny. low 50s. good weather for raking the leaves over the weekend, though. it will be chilly and light wind. the leaves won't be blowing so your neighbor's yard. a bit milder with highs 60 monday and tuesday with sunshine back. melissa here checking on the wednesday morning commute. >> yeah. everything is moving along nicely. no major problems. 13reu7bg sprinkles around town between the beltway and overok drive. i just tweeted that. wider look at things, no major problems inner and outer loop. everything headed into town and everything out is moving nicely. cherry hill road, completely blocked. not sure what happened there. khrurbgsburg road, no problems right now. 66 and 95 here in virginia. looking good.
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st. barnabas looking quite good. i'll see you at 5:01. >> melissa, thank you. most states have laws banning texting behind the wheel. but the threat of a fine enough to put the phones down? >> not making it easy to vote. we take a closer look at some of the problems people ran into at the ballot box. election day wasn't the only thing that had people
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your time is 4:55. the state's first ever female elected to the senate. capato won with 62% of the vote. she is also the first republican senator-elected from west virginia in 56 years. she will replace long-time democrat jay rockefeller who is retiring after three decades in the senate. democrat january gardener is waking up soon to be frederick county's first executive. >> gardener is a former president of the board of commissioners. they are change to go a charter form of government which several other counties also use now. for many of you voting went just fine. but there were a good number of you who called the i team reporting issues.
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there were two main problems they heard about. the first is with virginia's voter id law. many say you were asked to present id multiple times. officials say this should not have happened. 763 provisional ballots were for people with no id. and one is for vote flipping where they tried to vote for one person and it kept going to the other candidate. firefighters will go door to door to check smoke alarms. firefighters say having a working smoke alarm increases your chances of surviving a house fire by 50%. also today you can learn more about a new school boundary proposal in prince william county public schools. the system is building a 12th high school. they will present a revised boundary plan for you to discuss. that meeting at 7:00 at kelly
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leadership center on bristoe in manassas. the "washington post" reports a group wants the county to develop a plan to protect three endangered shrimp like creatures that could be harmed during construction. . the work on a busy stretch in the district could soon be be complete. crews are bearing 1900 feet of fiber object particular cable. no agency has said what it will be used for. it is too cold to lay the asphalt at night. crews could finish by the end of the week. a lucky new yorker just won a whole lot of money. last night the mega millions
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jackpot was up to $321 million. a single ticket in new york matched all six numbers. the cash option estimated to be $194 million. take the cash. it's the eighth largest jackpot is mega millions history. i was so focused on the election i missed it. i always say get the cash option. who knows what tomorrow will bring. stay with us. news 4 begins now at 5:00 a.m. we have had a lot of folks that crossed over and voted for us. >> marylanders are waking up to an election surprise. we're breaking down larry hogan's big win in the governor's race and the counties that helped carry him to
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annapolis. we have you cord this morning. who won, how they won and why they won and what's next for the winners and losers. >> welcome to news 4 for this wednesday, november 5th, 2014. a very busy wednesday at that. a live look outside. we want to know what kind of forecast we're going to have. 58 degrees outside our studios to start. >> tom kierein? >> clouds coming over like a blanket holding in the warmth from yesterday. you can see a bit of the nearly full moon off the western sky through the high clouds. what to wear from all these selections, just a light jacket will do. we will have this fairly mild pattern continuing through much of the day ahead. right now temperatures on the cool side. you'll be happy that you wore the light jacket. mid-50s in prince georges, stafford, spotsylvania. warren ton, 51. loudoun, low 50s. low to mid-50s frederick,
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montgomery and points north. mild in the shenandoah valley. most locations there hovering right around 60 degrees this morning. and there's washington under that high cloud cover this morning. our headlines for the day, chilly morning. another mild afternoon on the way. then rain likely arriving later tonight after the afternoon commute. all dry here. there are showers showing up, the years in green. light rain. rain tracking closer to us but not until later tonight. the next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. we have a road closure. >> a house fire m. olivet. not hearing too much more about the fire right now. bw parkway here in maryland all looking good and nice and green.


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