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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 6, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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they chased it to primrose before the suspects got away. it is 4:30. two days after the election. we don't know who won the virginia senate race. we'll be back at work counting votes. senator mark warner has a 16,000 vote lead. the results will not be official until november 25th when gillespie can call for a recount. 4:31 on our wet thursday morning. need to be ready for the rain. >> let's check in with tom kierein to find out how much rain we're going to get. >> yesterday morning this time we get the bulk of the heaviest rains after midnight and into the predawn hours on thursday. here we are thursday morning with this rain. here it is. all across virginia, pulling out of west virginia and maryland, delaware, tracking off to the north and east. so most of virginia, all the
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roads are wet, including marylanded and eastern west virginia. the rain is beginning to taper a off a bit to your west. a few scattered sprinkles out in the mountains of west virginia. heaviest rains in the darker greens in central montgomery county, loudoun county getting light to moderate rain, as is northern fauquier, northern fairfax. light rain. enough for all the roads to be wet. with all the leaves down, they are very slippery with the wet leaves. temperatures cool. 50 shenandoah valley. mid-50s by chesapeake bay. a wet morning. then the afternoon. maybe a little sun coming up. big change tomorrow. friday turning blustery and chilly. next weather and traffic on the 1s, an hour by were hour break
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down. >> very, very wet roads this morning. 270 at old hundred, you can see the sheen on the roaded way. this is how it's going to be around town. definitely allow a little extra time if you can. in virginia, 95 at dale boulevard looks wet as well. 66 and 95. moving along. we have the rain over the area. prince george's, you can see into town, out of town. nice and green. and moving along in alexandria, a crash. route 1 south at bell ford. your alternate is fort hunt road. a live look at prince george's county. melissa, thank you. 4:32. a judge could set bail for a former principal charged with punching a student three times in prince george's county. dwight jefferson is in jail accused of child abuse and assault. he was the principal at dwight d. eisenhower in laurel. he punched a 13-year-old student twice in the stomach and once in
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the face during a september altercation. a teacher notified authorities when he returned to class with a swollen eye. >> this happened just after 1:00 in the morning in the 300 block of south capital street southeast outside the af rayburn house office building. police are looking for two suspects. d.c. police are investigating a different stabbing outside the metro station. a person who was stabbed ran into the metro for help. police believe they were attacked outside 20th and q street. they put a handcuffed woman in the cruiser. the victim is expected to recover. . right now a man accused of killing his girlfriend and posting her pictures onsis line is in jail. he is charged with second-degree
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murder in the death of his girlfriend amber lynn copeland. her body found in port orchard, washington. he posted pictures of the crime scene and body on a social media site and said he wanted to die by suicide by cop. he did surrender. he is cooperating with the investigation. they are waiting for a search warrant to search for any evidence. congress starts to decide how much money the government will spend fighting pole. the senate appropriations committee will hear testimony on what is needed to get rid of the disease. the director for the centers for disease control and the director of nih will testify. obama administration has asked for funding. for the first time, a texas nurse who became infected with ebola and survived is talking about the ordeal. amber vinson came under fire for
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traveling with a fire. she said there was no intention to break cdc protocol. >> i'm not reckless. i embrace guidelines and structure. in my day to day nursing it is a matter of life and death. and i respect that fact. i would never go outside of guidelines or boundaries or something directly from the cdc telling me that i can't go, that i can't fly. >> you can see her complete interview at 7:00 a.m. on the "today" show. 4:35. police in arlington county are cracking down on traffic safety. if you bike or walk to work you could get a ticket. they are enforcing at rosslyn and north lynn street and lee highway and north lynn street. from now until the 24th, officers will ticket drivers who don't yield to pedestrians and
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pedestrians will be cited for jaywalking. it begins at 7:00 this morning >> you get to share your vision for the future of historic downtown fairfax starting today. the city of fairfax and george mason university will explore various short and long-term plans. the meeting at 8 k34r0this mornt old lee highway center. startling discovery. police asking for your help after a newborn is found alone in the cold. . a soggy start to your day. that is sure to mean a long commute for some of you. we're tracking the hour by hour changes and the trouble spots on the roads at 4:41.
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an suv plows into a crowded restaurant and the whole thing is caught on video. take a a look. several customers were thrown across the restaurant and into the buffet when that car drove through the front window in texas. nine people had to be taken to the hospital. no one was seriously hurt. the driver was trying to park in the handicapped spot when she accidentally hit the gas. >> wow. you'll soon have a new option if you commute from montgomery to prince george's county every day. the final section of the inner county connector, icc, is set to
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open friday night. the extension takes it from 95 to route 1 in laurel. the new extension will help those travel to the mark station. reminder, the icc is a toll road. you can use e-zpass or a higher toll by mail. new this morning, there is a new report about how safe your child is when you buckle them into the car. more than half the new booster seats on the market are best bets for your kids. up to 42. position your child so the seat belt is snug and safe in every car. three were not recommended. the olympia and pacifica and batman back booster. you can watch tonight when erica gonzales will go in depth with the rankings.
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today you'll need to grab the umbrella, the slicker. >> yeah. >> the kids wear the slickers. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein to get an idea what kind of day we're going to have. >> eun, i love your bright yellow blouse. it is brightening our gray and wet morning. rain across virginia, maryland, coming out of west virginia, and heading off north and east. the heaviest rains in the darker greens. a few pockets of moderate showers. right on on the line. northern fauquier and northern prince william. just light rain. but it's not for all the roads, streets and sidewalks to be wet. off to a cool start. temperatures in the 50s from the shenandoah to the bay. out in the mountains, a few locations in the 40s. oakland, 45 in western maryland. upper 50s around the bay. sunrise, 6:41. we'll still be wet through 8:00. but then sunday breakout around
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noon time. a chance of a shower at noon time and 30% chance of the middle of the afternoon. low 60s around 2:00. mid-60s. chilly change for the weekend. melissa, how are the roads with all of this rain. >> nice and wet this morning. as you know, all over the place. looking at lots of different cameras this morning. everything is just saturated. beltway at st. barnabas. somebody coming towards us now. very slick conditions here as well. 270, shady grove road, same situation there. 66 and 95 here in virginia, no problems. construction 395 southbound. right lane blocked until 5:00. should be out of the way in 20 minutes. i am back in 10 with a live look at 95 in virginia. adding a little clarity. the impact a new mayor will have for a new soccer stadium at
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buzzard park. a house fire. megan
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welcome back at 4:45. right now we are learning of a house fire in northeast washington. megan mcgrath joins us on the scene. megan? >> reporter: pretty frightening way for people to wake up this morning. take a look at the apartment building behind me on rahm street in northeast. the upper level, the windows are broken out. you can see the damage in the ceiling in the upper rooms. the fire was basically contained to the upper portion in the roof area. early this morning, many of the residents here were actually asleep in their beds when they realized that the building was on fire.
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we're hearing that neighbors helped neighbors, banged on doors to alert everyone and make sure people got out okay. everyone did get out okay but there is damage to the building. folks have been told they need to go elsewhere until they can assess the situation and give the a all clear to go inside. jean wright was sleeping when this happened and one of her neighbors banged on the doors. >> i was sleeping. and my neighbors over top of me, her daughter came down and knocked on my side door from the kitchen and told me fire, the the building is on fire and to get up and get out. so i jumped up and got what i could and i got my grandson out. he is hapndicapped. he doesn't walk. i had help from a man >> reporter: the fire is still under investigation. talked to a firefighter a little while ago and asked if there were any injuries.
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he said no, pretty much everybody is okay. reporting live in northeast, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you guys in the studio. >> megan, thank you. >> a judge could decide whether to let 28 men out of prison. they were arrested on drug charges. but the government asked for their release after the conduct of an fbi agent. they asked for the charges to be dismissed. last week several were released from jail after the agent involved in their arrest was accused of misappropriating evidence. the fbi agent has been suspended. today a judge could decide to let all of the men free. a mother charged in the disappearance of her own children. catherine hug el said she left sarah and jacob alone at a playground. they have not seen since september. police are building a homicide case against the mother who is
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believed to have schizophrenia. a woman found a healthy baby girl crying outside her home in beltsville. investigators believe she was born moments before she was found yesterday morning. >> cold. she was really cold. and i had a bigger cry. i stepped out on my porch and saw her right here. i immediately got up, got her and washed her. >> last night news 4 checked on the baby. she appears to be in good position. if you know who the mother of this child is, prince george's county police want you to call them. ray rice and his wife are expected to testify during an appeal hearing over rice's suspension in the nfl. commissioner roger goodell testified for more than two hours yesterday. rice was suspended indefinitely after video surfaced of him hitting her in public.
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he argued it was not right for him to be suspended twice. a tough television as ala va flow threatens homes and lives. crews are working on an emergency access road inside hawaii national park after lava flow destroyed the only road into the area. the problem is environmentalists say construction of that road will spread invasive species like fire ants and frogs to new habitats and that could possibly endangered birds that call that area home. the construction is already under construction but environmentalists want the public to vote on this continuing project. with thanksgiving just around the corner, airlines are announcing how many of you will be traveling for the holiday. 24.6 million people expected to fly over the 12-day thanksgiving holiday period. the busiest travel day will be the day before thanksgiving as well as the following sunday and monday when you all will be returning home. it seems like we can't talk
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about thanksgiving anymore without talking about shopping as well. at least just about that dinner. but now black friday another major retailer is opening early for shopping at a time when many of us will be eating dinner. jc penney will open at 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. that is an hour earlier than macy's or sears. they are planning to open early as well. last year penney's did not open until 8:00 p.m. they are looking to rebound after years of low sales. >> people get all up in arms about it. can't be they're ruining thanksgiving. and then they get in line. they're right there at the door when the doors open. >> and we see it every year. it's become part of a family tradition as much as turkey dinner. >> it does come before christmas, doesn't it? >> it does.
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>> i have seen the christmas stuff too. >> too soon, tom. >> the rain comes before the sun. >> you have a beautiful sun colored top. >> doing what i can. >> you're brightening my morning. outside it's dull and gray and wet. there's the green on radar. that's rain. most of it light rain. we have had 0.1 around the metro area. a quarter inch north and west. right now we're still getting light to moderate rain. pockets of dark green near mt. airy through northern montgomery, tphafbg soudamascus. farther west, leesburg, warrenton, manassas, a little bit of light rain there. and the rain tapers in west virginia where it's a few scattered sprinkles. here's how we are looking at 6:00 a.m. rain around the metro area. after 8:00, a lot of rain will be moving into the northern neck and the eastern shore.
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that is out of the way, route 1 in alexandria. we are expecting some because of the slick roads. beltway moving along but it is wet. taking a look up here in somed phd, maryland, bw parkway, that is moving along. no issues there. 66 and 95, nice and clear for us this morning. remember, you're going to need the jacket or umbrella. and definitely the windshield wipers this morning. we do still have this as far as construction goes. 395 southbound approaching edsell. only the next 15 minutes or so. i will see you after 5:00 this morning. a live picture along 66. >> thank you, melissa. nothing to sneeze at. the forecast that will will have allergy sufferers stocking up on relief medication. a major construction project back in the spotlight. what d.c. mayor elect is saying about building a new soccer
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>> welcome back. a wooded area next to campus is off-limits. last month several students were held at gunpoint while using a wooded area as a shortcut to hawaii avenue and taylor street.
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the university sent letters calling it dangerous. any student caught walking in the area will be disciplined >> a growing number of sex assaults on college campuses. the attacks doubled last year at the university of maryland and virginia. there were 19 reports at umd, up from 9. and 27 at uva, 16 more than the previous year. 80 colleges and universities under review for their handling of sexual violence complaints. today we'll find out how many prince george's county students were forced to stay home because they weren't up to date on their immunizations. as of last friday, 400 students missed the deadline to get vaccinated. students not allowed back to school will be given five excused absences. parents could be penalized. a deal for a new soccer stadium is high on the list of priorities for d.c. mayoral
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elect. consultants presented a 400 page report that points to potential problems, including environmental risks. it could cost $200 million or more. mayor-elect bowser said she already has a tentative timeline for the deal >> we want d.c. united. and i think we can get to a deal that works for the taxpayers. so if we can get it done before december 31st, i think that's preferable. >> despite concerns, council members also seem ready to move forward with the stadium deal. >> loudoun county supervisors will not be getting a pay raise this year. according to the loudoun time, the board of supervisors voted unanimously to table a propose pay increase. it would have upped the chairman's salary from $50,000. the bill would also pay individual supervisors or increase individual supervisors pay by $10,000, up from $41,000.
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the proposal has been tabled indefinitely. maryland live casino took a hit from the new horseshoe casino, but it wasn't as bad as expected. the lottery and gaming control agency said revenue was down 3% from the same time last year. some experts predicted maryland could see a 25% drop in sales after horseshoe opened. maryland live is the largest casino. you begged starbucks for it and they listened. they are bringing back eggnog latte. it's been a favorite since 1986. but starbucks said they were getting rid of it to simplify their menu. customers were not so happy and revolted online, demanding the latte be put back on the menu. they hope to have it back in all stores by november 17th. give the people what they want. >> right.
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don't want angry starbucks customers. stay with news 4. it's 5:00 a.m. >> bracing for a slow-moving commute. we're live on the roads right now watching for potential trouble spots for you as you step outside to morning showers. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with what you need before you head out the door. good morning, tom. >> yeah, we have had the rain falling since midnight. it is continue to go track off to the northeast, out of the southwest. it's ended pretty much in west virginia. still raining shenandoah east to the bay. the pockets in dark green it's coming down harder from lleytonsville and ulney. western fairfax from great falls to burk, west virginia and chantilly. northern fauquier, much of loudoun county getting the more


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