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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 6, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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new information on a man suspected of snatching a woman off the street. the crime captured on camera. we're getting disturbing information about his criminal past. and rain is moving out of our area at this hour. but more weather changes are headed in our direction. including a chilly weekend. good morning. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. developing right now, the woman kidnapped off the street in philadelphia is back home. it took her days to get there. carlesha freeland left maryland overnight. this is video we received of police escorting her family from howard county hospital.
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freeland's cousins said they're not mad at the man police say took her. >> we want to still pray for him. we're still going to pray for him. because god foregave us and it's only right that we forgive him. we're not even mad at him. he needs help. and we hope that he seek the help and that, you know, justice will come for what he did. he's going to pay for what he did. >> police say they will enti interrogate that man today. nbc's jay gray tells us more about him and how this all began. >> this is the parking lot where federal agents moved in capturing their suspect, freeing a woman they say he had held for three full days carlesha freeland gaither was attacked and abducted on a philadelphia street. you can see it in the surveillance video here. the man that police say did that, 37 years old, police commissioner charles ramsey in philadelphia talked about his past. >> he's got a very extensive criminal history.
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he was already wanted in charles city, virginia, for attempted murder, abduction, aggravated assault. i mean, a variety of charges. he was convicted of rape here in philadelphia back in 2005. he has a very extension incriminal history. a violent predator. we're very fortunate to get her back alive. >> gaither back and reunited with her family. in fact, we are told at this hour she's resting comfortableably at her mother's home in northern philadelphia. that's the latest here in jessup, maryland. i'm jay gray. barbara, back to you. >> all right, thank you, jay. you heard the police commissioner mention separate charges against barnes for attempted murder in virginia. police say barnes kidnapped a 16-year-old girl there, then raped and tortured her. she was missing for two days before she reappeared. our nbc sister station in richmond is covering that case and tracked down barnes' father.
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>> we know that's not our son. >> that's not your son as you know him? >> right. >> barnes will be in court at 1:00 this afternoon. the rain may have played a role in a deadly crash in prince georges county this morning. the accident happened at 6:45 this morning in aquso. one person was killed at the scene. another person was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. turning to our weather now. it's still wet out there but the rain is gone for the most part. amelia segal joins us with the first forecast. >> damp conditions remain across the area. you're seeing some peaks of sunshine including in washington. some areas still reporting misty conditions like frederick, hagers town and annapolis. those misty conditions will improve. as we move into the afternoon, we can't rule out a shower. so you do want to keep the umbrella handy. we're not talking about any
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heavy rain. it's looking dry. storm team 4 radar, you can see mainly dry right now. we are tracking some light showers back to the west and west virginia. these are trying to push into the afternoon and evening hours. otherwise, some limited sunshine. highsed in 60s. tomorrow, noticeably cooler. i'll let you know how much cooler in a little bit. you can see for the rest of the afternoon, most of the area is dry, even featuring some sunshine. >> all right, amelia, thank you. today is the hearing for a montgomery county mother charged in her own children's disappearance. her children went missing in september. sh she was arrested on several charges, including abduction. police say she has paranoid schizophrenia. she's being held in a psychiatric hospital while investigators build a homicide case against her. today's hearing is set for 1:00 this afternoon. a former principal in prince georges county accused of
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assaulting a student will be back in court in january. dwight jefferson is in jail accused of punching a student over and over again. he was a principal at dwight eisenhower middle school in laurel. investigators say he punched a 13-year-old student twice in the stomach and once in the face. one person was stabbed this morning blocks from the capitol south metro station. in the 300 block of south capitol street southeast. that's right outside the ray bu rayburn house building. one person was taken to the hospital. police are looking for two suspects. flames burned up a small apartment building in northeast d.c. it happened on rahm street. a witness told us people inside were asleep when they realized their homes were on fire. neighbors say they went through the building, banging on doors to help each other get out. >> i was sleeping and my neighbors over top of me, her daughters came down and knocked
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on my side door from the kitchen there and told me fire, the building is on fire, get out. >> everyone made it out okay. the cause of that fire is under investigation. right now, a member of the legendary rock band acdc is facing serious charges. how he was part of a plan that could have ended in two deaths. a new warning with police. they're seeing more car thefts.
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you're being asked to keep your eyes out for a red volvo this morning that was involved in a scary car jacking in bethesda. on hamden lane, right off wilson lane. an 18-year-old was parked when a man opened the door, held a gun to her head and told her to get out of the car and took off. police are looking for the stolen dark red volvo xc 60. the car was last seen on 14th street and prim rose in d.c. the car jacking comes as police says they've seen a spike in crimes involving cars. police are reminding you to lock your doors. most thefts are happening at gas stations. friday, there's been three cases
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in montgomery county alone. right now, ray rice is in a law office for the second day for an appeal hearing. rice is suspended indefinitely. the league initially suspended him for two games before the video went public. rice is arguing that theft is not right for him to be suspended twice. the drummer of the legendary rock band acdc is facing attempted murder charges this morning. phil rudd puts hits out on two people. police are not saying two the intended targets were. rudd is appeari ining in court charges of attempting murder and drug possession. he was released on bond. a west virginia teenager is now the youngest elected politician in the country. the foot steps she is following
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in, we're going to tell you. plus, senator rand paul, a sore winner? the social media posts taking aim at hillary clinton. we'll tell you about that too. >> outside on our weather deck, not bad out here. the sunshine try to make it appearance. just some damp conditions. i'll let you know
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police everywhere are getting the word out about pedestrian safety. they're trying to prevent deadly clashes like this one on tuesday in silver spring. today, arlington county police are posting at two intersections. we want you to know they're going to be giving out tickets there too. lee highway and lend street and wilson boulevard. that's where news 4 megan mcgrath joins us live with who's being targeted. >> reporter: during the morning rush hour and then the police are going to come out during the lunch period when a lot of people are out and about, looking for people who are not following the traffic laws. you can see behind me here, this intersection here, north lend and wilson boulevard, very busy. police are going to be manning this corner and others around ross behi
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rossalind, reminding people to use the crosswalks and look out for pedestrians. the morning walk to the office can get a bit tricky. it's dark and harder to see pedestrians. dodging traffic is a challenge year round. >> it's a little scary because we're out in the middle of the street and it's a little scary. >>eporter: to keep people safe, arlington police are staking out busy intersections like wilson boulevard and north lend street. they're looking for jay walkers and drivers who don't yield to people in the crosswalk. >> we're trying to get the word out to people to drive more responsibly, to be more cognizant of their tradriving behaviors. >> reporter: pedestrians were given pamphlets but offers say they will write tickets if necessary although just the sight of police proved to be a deterrent for some. >> honestly, until we started this situation, we had our ways of getting across the street where we avoid the intersection.
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>> reporter: ooh, you're a jay walker. >> did i say that? >> reporter: now, this enforcement effort got under way today. it's going to continue through november the 24th. police are going to be at this intersection and other busy intersections for the next couple of weeks. they're going to be there in the morning from 7:00 until 9:00. they're going to come back from noon until 1. and we didn't see anybody actually get a ticket this morning. they were really handing out those palmlets. we're told if folks do something really bad and there's a police officer, you do run the risk of getting a ticket. reporting live in rossalind, back to you. for the first time, a texas nurse who became infected with ebola and survived is talking about her ordeal. you may remember amber vinson. she worked at texas health presbyterian thospital. there were reports she felt sick
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before getting on a plane. that's something vinson says is not true. >> i felt normal. but that sunday, when i heard about my colleague, nina, coming down with the virus, i was floored. i was afraid for myself and my family. because i was -- i did everything that i was instructed to do. >> says she doesn't feel the hospital was as prepared as it should have been for treating ebola. there had been no training for staff. she says the first time she ever put on a protective suit was when she was treating an actual ebola patient. now, let's go over to our live desk now. >> right now, several leaders from immigrant rights groups from across the country are the here in washington. these are live pictures from the national press club. they're gathering, asking for the president to fulfill his promise on immigration reform. as one of the speakers put it, the world did not end tuesday when several republicans were elected taking control of both
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houses. republicans of course hesitant to move forward on immigration reform. some of the speakers bringing photos of family members or close relatives that they say live in fear of being deported. they want the president to use his executive power to take some action. we also saw the executive director of prince georges county. he's attending this news conference here. to take some action on immigration reform. barbara, back to you. >> richard jordan, thank you. maryland officials are starting to count absentee ballots from tuesday's election. that count will likely resolve some tight races, including the race for the sixth congressional district. a vote canvass began in gaithersburg. right now, the democrat has claimed victory but republican challenger dan bongino has not conceded. the district includes most of montgomery county and parts of four other counties. officials are working today,
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trying to confirm the results of the virginia senate race. warner is the apparent winner with a lead over republican gillespie. counties around the state are doing a vote canvass where they look for possible errors at credited votes to the wrong candidate. gillespie can call for a recount. president obama is signaling a willingness to work with republicans after democrats had a rough election night. for more on that, we're joined by carrie dann, a political writer for nbc news. the president held a news conference yesterday. let's take a listen to what he said. >> i'm committed to making sure i measure ideas not by whether they are from democrats or republicans but whether they work for the american people. >> how would you describe his tone there? >> the president did talk about how he wants to be willing to work with republicans. he even joked about sharing some kentucky bourbon with the new senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. but he was not apologetic about
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his policies. he did not say that he viewed this as a repudiation of his own white house. they said he's continuing to stand for democratic policies and would not say in any way that his ideas were responsible for this tough election night for democrats. >> house speaker john boehner's expected to speak today. >> boehner has indicated that he, like mitch mcconnell, wants to work with the president. he's laid out a couple ideas of things that both parties can reach agreement on. it's things like tax reform. the keystone xl pipeline. it's something republicans think they can make a deal with republicans on. however, he's also going to talk about things like health care and immigration. those are two big stumbling block, for both parties. nothing has changed on those two positions since election day. so you'll hear about how he's hoping to resolve those issues. >> senator rand paul is using the election results to go after
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hillary clinton. >> senator rand paul was tweeting with -- on election night. pointing out the places that hillary clinton had campaigned with democratic candidates who lost sometimes by wide margins. like mark pryor in arkansas. saying these are quote hillary's losers. so staking out ground against who he thinks will be the presumptive candidate, hillary clinton, in 2016. >> we will continue to talk about this election until it's all settled. >> there's a lot to come, too. >> there's a lot. thank you. for more from carrie and the rest of the nbc news political team, check out "first read" on clay aiken may have lost his bid for congress but you'll still be able to watch him in the spotlight next year. according to the "new york daily news," aiken's campaign will be the focus of a new reality show. you can see camera crews followed him on the campaign
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trail. it will air on the esquire network early next year. i can't even control myself right now. >> an 18-year-old who she just unseeded a two-term incumbent west virginia state delegate more than twice her age. saira blair became the youngest elected politician in the country this week, winning the 59th district seat. tuesday's election was the first blair could even vote in, having turned 18 over the summer. saira blair, whose father is a state senator, is currently a freshman at west virginia university. the insurance institute for highway safety is out with a list of booster seats they do not want you to buy. and a close call for people eating inside this texas restaurant. the suv nearly hit the buffet not once but twice.
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new this morning, we got our hands on a new report about your child's safety in the car. the insurance institute for highway safety reviewed this year's booster seats. they say more than half are so-called best bets for your kids. however, three seats were not recommended. the diona olympia. the diona pacifica. and the no back booster. it measured how snug the seat belts were when children were buckled in. watch news 4 tonight's consumer
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reporter erica gonzalez will go in depth with all the rankings for you. no fee atms are showing up in stores and shops in new york now. here's the catch, you have to watch a ten-second ad while waiting for the money to be dispensed. that's because advertisers pay for the processing fees. while there's no fee at the machine, banks could potentially charge their own fees after the fact. well, starbucks is apologizing to can nucleacannuc bringing back a popular item. customers weren't so happy and they revolted online. so now starbucks is bringing it back. they hope to have it available in all stores by november the 17th. the u.s. postal service is also getting ready for the holidays. being stas of packages and cars will be going out in just weeks. new advice for the post master general this morning. plus, what we know about a newborn baby found abandoned in
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our area. and after a very well morning, will we see any sunshine today? storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal is back with that. and a look at y
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take a look at the radar. we are seeing less green on storm team 4 radar as the rain is moving out of our area. storm team 4 meteorologist
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amelia segal says wait, there may be more. >> there's the chance you're dealing with an afternoon or evening shower. you want to keep the umbrella handy. today, it will be the warmest day right through the weekend. our high today, 66 degrees. cooler air arrives tomorrow. it's noticeably cooler for tomorrow, not just that. but breezy as well. the rain brought a lot of leaves down. this morning, the winds will continue to bring the leaves down over the weekend. and talking about the weekend, some good news. we're keeping it dry. as far as temperatures are concerned, it will be crisp. temperatures in the 50s for saturday and sunday. looking ahead for veterans day next tuesday. the weather looking nice. in my opinion, it's the nicest day on the seven day. storm team 4 radar. the d.c. metro area, southern maryland, most of western maryland dry right now. tracking some light showers. there will be some scattered showers heading into the hours. a 30% chance you're dealing with
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another passing shower. we're not talking about any steady rain and we're really not talking about any heavy rain. we're noticing some sunshine across the area. that's going to help to dry things out. if you're seeing kind of misty conditions, that will improve as we continue to head into the afternoon. right now, our temperatures's 61 degrees. 2:00 p.m., some sunshine, mainly dry in the d.c. metro area. comfortable for the most part today. especially for this time in november. 4:00, temperature around 65, with our early sunset time now at 5:02. by 6:00, we're down to 60 degrees with a threat of some shower. for the most part, the evening commute will be dry for most of us. temperature around 60 degree de. the commute tomorrow, no rain, but cool. you want to grab a light jacket. temperature around 50 degrees for the friday morning commute. as kids are getting on the school bus tomorrow morning, jacket and long pants.
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definitely a chill in the air. remember, breezy conditiond to . high temperature in your neighborhood tomorrow, 56 in washington. so good ten degrees cooler. 49 only in winchester. so the fall air arrives tomorrow. it sticks around for the weekend. saturday and sunday, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. lows, though, will be in the 20s and 30s across the area. there's a chance that you're dealing with a shower on sunday morning. but for the most part, like i said, we're looking at mainly dry conditions this weekend. good weather for raking leaves which is what we all want to spend our weekend doing, right? on monday, a high of 62. warmer on tuesday. this is veterans day. a high temperature on veterans day of 64 degrees. near perfect weather. some clouds. comfortable for november. of course, we have the concert tuesday evening. the weather's looking good for that. next wednesday, our temperatures take a dip. a high on wednesday of 55. all right, thank you, amelia. we're going to go back to
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richard jordan at the live desk with new information on atm robberies. >> we're just getting in some pictures from police of a man they say they're looking for. they believe he could be armed and possibly dangerous. he was involved in an atm robbery at the capital one bank on annapolis road near stoney brook. according to police, the man approached someone at the atm, used a knife and demanded money. he was able to getway in his pickup truck. these are some of the images. we'll put them on our website. if you do encounter this man, police say do not approach him. they believe he could be dangerous, possibly armed. they say simply call police and get some help. that's the latest from the live desk. >> police georges county police are searching for whoever abandoned a newborn baby outside a home. keona jackson heard the baby's cries yesterday morning, walked outside her beltsville home and found the healthy baby girl on the ground. >> i stepped outside and i heard
11:34 am
a baby crying. i heard a bigger cry. i saw her right here. i immediately just got up, got her and washed her. >> investigators believe the baby was born hours before she was found yesterday morning. at last check, we're told she appears to be in good condition at a hospital. catholic university students caught walking in a wooded area next to campus are going to be punished. this is in reaction to an incident last month. several students were held at gunpoint while using a wooded area as a short cut. the university sent a letter to students calling the woods dangerous and off-limits. and now any student caught walking in that area will be des palestini disciplined. the number of sexual assaults is increasing at two colleges in our area. according to new data that was released, the attacks doubled last year at the university of maryland and university of virginia as well. there were 19 reports at umd in
11:35 am
2013, up from 9. and 27 at uva, that's 16 more than in the previous year. 80 colleges and universities are under federal review for their handling of sexual violence complaints. uva is one of the schools under review. maryland, however, is not. an suv goes through a texas restaurant, sending people running for their lives. take a look. several customers were thrown across the restaurant into the buffet. when the car drove through the front window. nine people had to be taken to the hospital. but no one was seriously hurt. >> hit the restaurant. i was very thankful that no one got killed. >> the driver was trying to park in a handicapped spot when she accidentally hit the gas. well, three weeks from today, it's going to be thanksgiving. if you're planning to travel, we have new information out on how to avoid crowds. ♪ and a maryland singer taking the
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stage at the kennedy center in a new production of a classic oper
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today, bill cosby is in d.c. to donate part of his personal art collection to the smithsonians national museum of african art. the collection includes 62 paintings, sculptures, mixed
11:39 am
media and textile works. it will be part of a new exhibit at the museum called conversations. you can see it only on display starting this sunday. ♪ playing right now at the kennedy center opera house, one of the most enduring classics of all time, "la boeme." the star of the show joins us with what audiences can expect. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> that was your voice we just heard. >> that's true. >> do you ever get to hear yourself? >> yes, it's strange every time. i never get used to it. >> you grew up in this area. >> i did. >> in fredericksburg. i'm sorry, i just say fredericksburg, in frederick. >> yes. >> people have seen you probably going to high school. did you sing in high school productions, that sort of thing? >> i was a bit more shy then.
11:40 am
i was in choir and that was my thing. everybody know this was you dream to have your debut in washington? >> absolutely. i didn't know i wanted to be an opera singer at that time. i've been singing since i was little. >> tell us about the story. many people have seen it but there are a lot people who may not have. >> the story line is something that anyone can connect with. i think boehme is timeless for that reason. it's about bo himmians who are living the poor life in paris and are sacrificing security, comfort, all of those things, for their art. they've all come together to live in paris. basically just be there for each other, be a real community. >> now, "moonstruck" apparently was based on this, some say "rent" is based on it. is this a theme people get into,
11:41 am
the story? >> absolutely, that whole artist life, sacrificing for art, sacrificing for the bohimmian life people connect with. >> the whole thing is in italian. if they go to the washington opera, they can follow the story even though they don't understand the words. >> the great thing is they have sir titles. at the metro, they have subtitles beneath the seats. so you'll be able to see the translations. >> have all of your friends from frederick been showing up? >> it's been so amazing. i have friends coming to each show that i left and i have a cd signing for my new album at the last performance. >> so tickets still available with all those folks showing up to see you? >> there are, come get your tickets. it's going to be a great show. >> and it runs actually through the 15th of november. so they have a little time left to see you. we won't say break a leg. we don't want you to do that. but we can't wait to see you.
11:42 am
is this your first opera in washington? it's the first time at the kennedy center, but have you sung here before? yes, i perfor april opera. >> do you have siblings involved in the music world? >> no, my sister is actually an interpreter from the deaf. she's graduating this year. so that's really exciting. >> certainly is, sure is nice to meet you, see how well you've done. you're an inspiration, i'm sure, to many in frederick, but all over our area, to know that somebody from our hometown can do so well. >> thank you sop so much. i appreciate that. >> can't wait to see the whole thing, thanks for coming. >> thank you. police threaten to put a 90-year-old man in jail. he's not worried and says he plans to keep on defying the law. this is also embarrassing. i had a romantic dream about you.
11:43 am
>> true. >> our first season. and i never told you about it because i was embarrassed. >> what was in the dream? >> what was in the dream? is meredith telling the truth? the answer's today at 1:00 right here on
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i'm richard jordan at the live desk. the u.s. postal service getting ready for the holiday rush. they say they will be working around the clock. >> we have a busy season ahead
11:46 am
of us. we expect to handle about $550 million packages a day between now and the holidays. we're ready to deliver every single one. >> patrick donahoe also unveiling the reindeer holiday forever stamp which will be available soon. in the next few week, the post master general says the post office will be delivering packages seven days a week, including on christmas day. also announcing today the national museum here on loan the rarest and most valuable stamp in the world, on display in the spring. millions of you are planning to fly for thanksgiving this year. reporting 24 million people will travel through airports over the 12-day thanksgiving holiday. the busiest travel day will be the day before thanksgiving as well as the following sunday and monday. the slowest travel days will be
11:47 am
thanksgiving day and black friday, the day after thanksgiving. police in ft. lauderdale, florida, are threatening to throw a 90-year-old man in jail for feeding the homeless. he is a pastor and homeless advocate. his organization has spent years handing out food to those down on their luck. a newly passed law in the area bans passing out food in public. abbott has already been cited for violating that law once. a second violation could land him in jail for 60 days it the feisty 90-year-old says putting him away won't make the problem go away. >> you can't sweep the homeless under the rug. and there isn't a rug large enough to sweep they under. i spent 2 1/2 years in combat. i spent 50 years of my life fighting for civil rights. and i have absolutely no fear of the city jail. >> city officials say the new law is meant to bring the homeless in to city-run shelters and get them off the streets. in news for your health, it
11:48 am
doesn't look like your allergies will go away any time soon. scientists say there will be a serious increase in pollen in the next 100 years. researchers at the university of massachusetts say grass pollen will increase more than 200% in that time. they say climate change is to blame for that. our wednesday's child may look familiar to some of you. she has a beautiful smile and despite a pretty difficult life, she continues to have a happy disposition. we first met wilma earlier this year, an orphan from haiti, and we think the right family may not have been watching the first time around. georgetown cupcakes was wilma's choicee to visit. we got there early in the morning before the usual crowds lined up. >> how are you? >> nice to meet you. >> we hear you're a big baker so are you ready to decorate some cupcakes? come on back. >> wilma's originally from haiti. so she spoke french as her original language. she's also deaf. so we have an interpreter here
11:49 am
with her to help us understand what she wants to say to you. >> she was and b, abandoned at e 2. she survived the earthquake in 2010 and came to the u.s. in 2011 to be adopted. >> from that bright smile, you can see wilma wants to learn everything she can. >> wilma is such a delightful little girl. she is so energetic. she's fun loving. very outgoing. she's affectionate. >> it's hoped an adoptive family will help encourage her education. wilma would like an adoptive family that spends time in the kitchen together. >> i want to learn to cook more. >> you would like a family that likes to cook? >> yeah. >> great. >> wilma did a taste test on a strawberry cupcake, her favorite flavor. >> it's good, it's good. >> with the help of her interpreters, wilma said -- >> i love cupcakes. >> and she taught me how to sign
11:50 am
cupcake. >> she's a delight to be around. everyone falls in love with wilma. >> it's easy to see why everyone loves wilma. we think an adoptive family will feel the same. if you have room in your home and your heart for wilma or another child who's waiting, please call our special adoption hot line. 1-88-to-adopt-me. or search "wednesday's child" on nbcwashington.c coming up, teens and addiction. how one mother is living through the unthinkable and has found a way to help others. plus, storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal is back with a look at the drop in temperatures we're expecting over the next few days. wait until you hear how low it's going to go.
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i'm richard jordan at the live desk following breaking news. just moments ago, maryland attorney general filed a brief with the court of appeals to try to serve a man currently on death row. jody lee michaels was convicted of murder in 1987. just last year, maryland voters repealed capital punishment and now it seems ganz ler is joining miles in his fight, trying to save his life. ganz ler saying that maryland doesn't even have the regulations to conduct an execution at this point. we'll be following this story here throughout the day. barbara. >> here's a look at several other developing stories we're watching right now.
11:54 am
the woman kidnapped in philadelphia is resting at home now. police say they want to interview carlesha freeland as soon as they can. the man accused of taking her will be in court about an hour from now. watch news 4 later today to learn the latest developments in this story. house speaker john boehner will speak a little over an hour from now. he will unveil the republican agenda for the next two years. now that the gop controls both the house and the senate, boehner has expressed willingness to work with the white house. and the next few minutes at the white house, the president will present the medal of honor to the family of a union army officer who stood his ground during the battle of gettysburg. aloenzo curbing was killed in the battle in july of 1863. the medal of honor is the nation's highest military award. the death of a child can unleash something in a mother for one local woman, it inspired her to make a movie. it's called warning. take only as directed.
11:55 am
it's about teenage stress and the access to prescription drugs that they think will ease their struggle. in our series changing minds, a look at how pills can consume a young life. >> i got a knock on the door by police at 4 this afternoon. it's a knock you don't want to get. >> trish's son charlie was 21 when he overdosed on oxycontin one afternoon, never woke up. he tried this drug when he was 18 and it got to him. addiction can be quick. his life unravelled. >> if your child has an addictive tendency and he starts abusing drugs or alcohol, it's a very, very long road back. >> grief can be an endless road as well. she took those first sad steps at her computer. using her background with adventure theater in bethesda, she wrote a movie about young people and the pressure that can lead to drugs. >> kids are just -- they're wound so tightly.
11:56 am
and, you know, you push the wrong button and they're going to snap. >> the movie was shot locally with local actorings. it's not long, 24 minutes. by design. >> year catering to today's teenage brain which goes a minute. >> it's a musical. but the scenarios are serious. set in a high school. the film follows three friends and an event that sends one of them over the edge and into the easy relief of drugs. >> there's a song called pills and it's take this pill, take this pill, take this pill and you will, you'll feel okay. >> it's also a cautionary tale of addiction. teenage curiosity mixed with some opiates can become an unending hell that can forever change the course of life. >> it's a horrible disease. >> the movie emphasizes addiction is not a personal failing, it's biology and it can seize anybody. >> it's a soccer mom, it's a college student, it's a doctor.
11:57 am
addiction is a disease. it needs to be treated with respect. the same respect that a cancer patient. >> addiction can be prevented by giving teenagers another path out of the pressure. permission to call out when the stress is pulling people under. >> you shouldn't be afraid to ask for help. you shouldn't have to hide it. >> this film warning take only as directed is designed to be shown in schools. it comes with a teaching guide. you can learn more about teenage stress and mental health on our website just search changing minds. time now for a final check on our forecast. here's amelia. >> high temperature around 66 degrees. partly to mostly cloudy skies. here's a snapshot of future weather at 7:00 p.m. this evening. you can see hit or miss showers around the area. about a 40% chance you're dealing with another shower this afternoon or evening.
11:58 am
keep the umbrella handy, you might not need to use it. cooler for friday, high of 56. it will be breezy. the good news about tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. the weekend, it's looking crisp. saturday, a high of 54. chance of a shower early on sunday morning, barbara. >> thanks, amelia. that's news 4 midday for today. we thank you for being with us. we invite you to tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. we've got some interesting things for you tomorrow. even some magic at 11:00 a.m. news 4 midday. plan to join us for that. until
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12:00 pm
>> eve: paige, n-- paige, no! listen, there aren't any aspirin in there. i just checked. >> paige: but there was some yesterday. oh. i see. okay, mom... what's going on here? >> jordan: oh, god. >> abigail: why didn't chad just tell ben that the dimeras owned the apartment building he was trying to get into? no, instead, he had to go and give him a bad reference.


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