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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  November 10, 2014 2:05am-3:08am EST

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>> we leave you now with angelina jolie on the cover of the december issue of vanity fair. in the uf goodwill ambassador break news of possible political future telling the magazine quote when you work as humanitarian you are conscious that politic have to be considered. goodbye everybody. >> for senator or president. she will do whatever shis open to it. but where most equal never say never. >> rate now she's in the newlywed phase still wearing white. it was just in august when she and brad made it official after being together for nine years she tells vanity fair that marriage is different an quote feels nice to be husband and wife. sawper star spouse love being put to the test mr. and mrs. smith where the romance started because angie is directing and starring
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with brad in by the sea as once again married couple in crisis. >> if you are married you are not going to work with your spouse, are you. >> oscar winner knows it's risky for any realizeship. good friend ask if we were crazy. >> when the stake are high a lot of money involved and a lot riding on it. but if anybody can handle this kind of pressure or actually thrive on it, they can. >>reporter: also busy being parents keeping an eye on their oldest teen maddox busy with work and girls. >> maddox is now own person. he is 13. he was on set. he's ta and girls i'm sure are part of his life. e-but for now angelina focus on marriage movies including the world war ii survisit story unbroken where she directed and out december 25 and of course being a mom. >> the family unit is at the end of the day the most important thing for her and everything from that family everything she does stem from
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everything from that family everything she does stem from his that
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>> hi, i'm scott. >> i'm and and we are in little falls, new jersey.
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scott and i met in the seventh grade. we knew you each other were and watch each other through high school. it was january of 1985, her senior year that we happen to be at the same party together. his version is i put my hand on his leg and my version, which is what really happened, he put his hand on my leg. it all started from there and we started aiding and eventually got married. we have four children, three teenage boys. is 17.est is scott who my second guy, sean is 16. then i have zachary, who is 13. i was blessed and have a beautiful daughter who is nine. as part -- as far as our living space, our daughter has her own
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bedroom. >> i need my own room because i'm a girl and i need my privacy. >> we don't have any privacy. >> i had my own room at one point will stop and then she was the main factor will stop everyone coming down -- >> i'm a girl. i need my own space. >> one of the biggest challenges for this family i the height on my two older boys. which in every day life can be a challenge, let alone in small confinement of a basement. >> i would describe it as cramped and tight. i hit my head on the light in the bathroom and hit my head going up the stairs. theave no ceiling and stairs are about to break. jump on them a little bit and
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they will probably snap. when our friends come over, that's the spot to hang out all stop we play video games there and watch games on sunday, that's where we hang out when we bring people down. sometimes it's about 12:00 and you'll will hear the garage door open. you can't hide that will stop they are not going to the store for anything, so they have to be doing something. usually don't know. so keep it on the down low. >> i know. >> no you don't. don'tetimes, you just want them to see it will stop it's embarrassing. >> i'm embarrassed for the basement looking like that. if i had the money to do it
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myself, it would have been done a while ago. >> i'm very fortunate with my children. they don't ask for much. they don't complain too much. if there's any possible way of us doing it, we are going to find a way. ?> what's up, guys how is it going? >> good to see you, scott. got and jenna and any. >> so happy to see you. it is going to be a surprise while we are doing it will stop we are going to get everything taken care of and make it better than it ever has been. how am i going to do it? if i told you, it wouldn't be us
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apprised. >> today was one of the best days i've had all stop it's an amazing feeling to know that my kids are going to get a room that is complete. >> to help us is our contractor travis. locum to the basement, a.k.a. the boys bedroom. >> all right. >> the treads are broken and there's no risers. the safety hazard with the railing, it's not to code. no egress, no insulation. >> it's nowhere close to being a finished a spent. >> even though our area is not
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safe, aesthetically it's not a pleasing room to bn. >> a unique problem to this family is that the boys are tall. they have outgrown these beds. we need to do something custom as far as the actual bed. >> if there's somewhere else we could do this, we could have a separate area. >> this is the bunk room and hang out room. we could have this as the dormitory will stop >> i think that would be better. >> "george to the rescue" is brought to you by >> wow.
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this could be a great entertaining space. >> this is great. >> maybe we could put a tv here or a couple of chairs. >> we could put some storage
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along west wall will stop >> it not being used as a garage and you are not parking the car here, why not use it as a hangout space? gott looks like we've everything cleared out all stop what is the game plan? >> the first thing we are going to do is take the toilet and put it under the window and replace the toilet with a shower. up thising to close area and put a new door into the bathroom here. >> we are closing up this whole wall here. >> than to create the bedroom, we are going to do freestanding walls. if i could line you up to my will put you here and can you come down on the end? could you go into the far corner? we are going to have tse three walls so the center bed, it's
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going to be a sweet deal. >> way to be creative with space all stop >> let demo it. idealle had a brilliant that we should not do something just for the boys. we should do something for jenna. >> we are here with the building supplies, cooper electric has >> of the supplies will stop i've got to tell you, when it comes to dry wall, i make a mess look at that. >> there are a lot of things you might want to call me for.
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to do demolition and hugs. don't call me for drywall. >> this is the last piece to cut. with a you ever seen me roto zip? i'm banned in most states were using roto zip's. >> once we gave george the roto zip, this is what happened. example of what not to do with a roto zip. >> to all of my "george to the rescue" fans, i don't do drywall. i'm obviously terrible at it.
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>> "torch to the rescue guys?t's up,
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i figured i would find you here. you mind if i join you on the workout?
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able to catch up with the all rich kids at the hotel. i figured since you are standing around, i would get my sweat on. >> i don't know about you guys, but i think working out should be fun. competition, obstacles, things like that. do you want to take the george to the rescue physical challenge? let do it. endurance, distance and speed. that is what makes up the challenge. treadmill,n the speed on the stationary bike. you are killing it will stop it doesn't matter. this is all about speed. feeling it? are you nervous? >> i'm tougher than anybody.
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i eat nails for breakfast. >> you been doing a lot of talking. >> i have to put the body where the mouth is. >> looking tired, george. >> how long does it take you to get three quarters of a mile? this kid is strong. who wants to go for a swim? hotel.his is a beautiful i'm anxious to go home and be >> hi formy dogs george. thanks for joining us today.
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it ready for your magic. this floore put down, we've got to get the dust out of here. keep it on low, george. nice and steady. are you crazy? >> i didn't know that door was open. no dust ingested. >> these things work. >> we've got a clean floor. let's pick up the tiles will stop these are a special tile, they are great for the garage and allows the floor to breathe. you can vacuum through them and they just snap and go. it's very easy. >> charles, i'm glad you're here. you can be doing the entire basement and garage they go --
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makeover. we are here to help out, put in a belt drive motor. the only problem i see is we have this beam here and my motor is going to be tight. >> "george to the rescue is brought to you by the madison
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>> the moment of truth. let see if this it's. it's going to be a tight squeeze will stop >> we just cleared. we just made it. smack it in by the width of your hand. we got lucky with that one. i'm going to hook up the bar and we are good to go.
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>> this granite top, here we go. >> just put it in. >> going on there. >> you want to get out of the way? >> we've got to get out of the way. >> sorry. hold on. >> everyone i here, i think it's furniture. our exceed foam beds here. the kids are too tall for regular mattresses. >> these are the only high school boys with dead skirts. i like it. >> they are cool. i'm loving it. i am embracing it. nice. i'm following your lead. want to hit the tv
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>> it's got that went below looked like an 80's rock video going on. >> this transformation is almost as big as the one in the heirs. >> with that, i say this rescue is done. >> how is everyone doing? did you guys have a nice day at the hotel western mark are you ready to come home? we have been there working hard. it's the same house, just a little bit better. >> holy god.
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>> do you want to see what we did? let's go. >> whoa. this is freaking awesome.
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[laughter] holy god. this is amazing. >> beautiful. >> i didn't know we could do that much. foot bed, extra long bed. you can have your feet hanging off. >> it took my breath away. absolutely uniform. >> you want to see what is behind these doors? >> oh, my god. >> no way. let's look at this. wow. >> they did not know what to expect.
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it's impressive. >> we finished your bedroom and gave you room to grow. we gave you guys a finished bathroom. do you want to see what is going on in the garage? follow me. >> oh, my god. check it out. whoa holy god. god -- i am overwhelmed. -- this is imagine unbelievable. truly unbelievable. >> i would have killed for a room like this when i was your age. >> this is going to change our lives. we won't he ashamed to have
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friends over and we will be good hosts. be easier to have people over them before. >> we couldn't do all of this for the boys and not do something for jenna. are you ready to see your room? come on. >> oh, my god. wow. it's a princess room. >> my jaw dropped. i cannot believe this is my room. my bed is fantastic. everything in here is so nice. >> you deserve it for putting up with those three brothers of years old stop this is amazing.
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>> it's not easy and it made a whole lot easier. thank you. >> you're welcome. i obviously did not do it all by myself. there's an amazing crew that came in here and took care of everything. go back down to the garage. i think this whole experience is very helpful to us. and fixguys to come in everything up, it takes a weight off our parents shoulders that they deserve off their shoulders. [applause] havene of this would happened without the effort and generosity of all these people in front of you right here. i can't thank you enough for being part of this rescue. this is the family we did it for. [applause] >> i would like to say to george
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and the crew that they did all of this work and thank you very much. my whole family appreciates it. you did a fantastic job. fax i would like to thank george and everybody -- anything that contributed to do this rescue, a heartfelt thank you. my husband and my family, you have changed the lives of six people. .n a huge way it's an incredible experience. >> all of you guys have been unbelievable and i appreciate you going above and beyond to help the family and get them off on the right feet. thank you. a go
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this sunday -- >> obviously, republicans had a good night. >> a democratic midterm melt doub. republicans seize the senate and leave the democrats tangled up in red. >> this election was a repudiation of the president. >> how did the gop create a electoral tsunami nobody saw coming? i will be joined by a possible
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presidential candidate wisconsin's scott walker and political big hitter howard dean. and the republicans say they will work with the president for the good of the country. >> i will enjoy some kentucky bourbon with mitch mcconnell. >> it is going to be a lot of hard work. >> and the e rerecovery may be left behind. >> and howard schultz and how big business can help communities who are asking, what rekoh are ri? >> and do you think that the community map can be expanded for 2016? >> we won in red states, blue states and more purple states. >> and surprise! they may be seeing more blue than ever before. i'm chuck todd and joining us are eric canter and stephanie cutter, former adviser to president obama, amy cook, as
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well as my colleague over at msnbc and telemundo, jose diaz valart. it has been a drubbing. it happened to george bush and to barack obama in 2010 and now history has repeated itself tuesday. there is some localizing of the e elections and the vaunted turnout efforts and democrats thought some luck could hold the losses down. well, nothing worked. pick the adjectives, beating, trouncing, shellacking, and all of them fitting for what happened to the democratic party. another way to describe the election is what happened to president barack obama even if he does not see it that way.
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>> every election a moment for reflection. i think that everybody in the white house is going to say, okay, what do we need to do differently. >> they will have a lot to reflect on. it was always projected to be a good night for the senate republicans, and it ended up to be a memorable one with the gop picking up seven seats and most li likely alaska and louisiana will give them nine. but it was the gubernatorial races as they watched blue h state, maryland, massachusetts and illinois pick republican governors and adding to that other states where they were vulnerable like maine and wisconsin and florida, where they picked up nothing. it was a drubbing where the republicans picked up 11 more legislative chambers giving them a more advantage over the democrats. this is serious implications over the structure of government and elections and not only e redistricting in 2011 but the
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early voting laws and the timing of voting and how politics will be conducted in many of the places. one of the few bright spots for the losing team, voters in five states approved voter minimum wage increases. joining me now is the governor of wisconsin, scott walker, after winning his blue state for the fourth time in with wisconsin and many rocketed governor walker to the top of many of the list of potential presidential lists. thank you for coming on. >> thank you, chuck, for having me on. >> and 52.3%, and 52.3% in the recall, and 53% for you and barack obama in 2008 and 53% in 2012 and a pat e tern here, and i think that we know what your ceiling is 53%, and the president's ceiling is maybe higher than that, but is there an obama/walker voter, and if
2:46 am
so, who are they? >> well, in our case, we had double-digits with thement in -- with the independents, and we can't win in our state withoutt the double-digit independent voters. so we reached out to the younger voters and not just the traditional voters go ourg way. >> you said that one of the reasons that you had success in wisconsin and president obama had success in wisconsin is that you were principled in the beliefs, and do you believe that centrism does not work in wisconsin, and they want to pick something progressive or something conservative, but they don't want anything in the middle? >> i think that in wisconsin, we are very much like america, independent voters who decide elections in swing states like ours want people to lead and have big bold ideas and act on them. four years ago in my state, everything was blue, the republicans with were out of power in the assembly and the senate and the governorship, and
2:47 am
in the election of 2010, i told the majority to put up or shut up time meaning that we are less bad than the democrats before us, the voters would have every reason to throw us out, and four years later, we sit and not only did i win for the fourth time, and added to the majorities in the house and the senate, and a message to washington. >> is this something that you believe will translate nationally? >> well, in our case, certainly, we had a slowdown early on with the protests, but in the last year, we saw the best from september-to-september, and the best private sector job growth in more than a decade and the unemployment rate down from 9.2% in 2010 down to 5.5%, and if you lower the taxes and ease the regulations and put the power back in the hands of the people to kree dree yat the jobs, it will happen. >> but in wage growth, it is
2:48 am
below the national average, wisconsin is, and when it comes to job growth, it is below the national average and the tax cut policy has created a larger deficit, $1.8 million deficit hole that you have to plug next year in part because of the state revenues did not come in as expected. is it possible that the idea of cutting the the taxes to create jobs and stimulate the economy is not working in wisconsin? >> no, it is the opposite. the reason that the revenues are down is because we cut withholding. that is where the government will take your money, and we cut that in a april and so we anticipated that redk snun april, because we gave that money back to the hardworking people. and so the no growth does not change the budget, does not happen. because we have a budget starting with more than of a surplus happening, and so if you
2:49 am
compare that to illinois who raised a taxes and with ee lowe taxes, and thank god they elected bruce raumer, because they will be able to tirurn it over as well. >> and i don't know if you were taking a a vailed shot at john kasich, but it is that you were critical of him taking the money which is going to make it more difficult for him to balance the budget, and giving hill health insurance to a lot of people above the poverty line and you don't want to do that, but do you have second thoughts? >> no, from our standpoint with we did something unique from any other state in the country. for the first time in the country, not a person is on a waiting list for poverty. we have access to health care and with we don't put the taxpayers at risk.
2:50 am
states who have taken the medicaid expansion are betting on the fact that the congress and the president who can't deal with the $17 trillion debt are going to come up with the money, and they haven't come up with the money as we speak. >> so you think that governor kasich came up with a mistake? >> well, again, every state is different and i won't criticize individual governors, but in our case, i won't bank on the the federal government to bank on something, because they have shorted other states across the country and wisconsin and relying on the federal government to balance your budget is a fool's bet. >> you made your name having to do with the collective bargaining issue in wisconsin. so there is an agreement over the years that if you come into the public sector, teacher, firefighter, police officer, in exchange for not et getting a public-sector-like salary, you will get a pension, and protected retirement like in the form of a pension which many in the private sector don't get,
2:51 am
and do you still believe in the basic agreement? >> well, in the end, providing for good decent hard serving public servants is a good thing to do. my brother and sister who work at sears said they would love to have the deal you offer your public ser vapts. we match their pension, and the average family in the state is paying 20 to 25%, and we provide a good deal and they don't have to pay union dues. >> and you do still believe in the pension for the government workers? >> yes, and i do and they will be guaranteed because of the reforms we have that were put in place before i came into office and the ones i put in after i came in office. >> do you plan on going? is. >> i plan on going for the next four year, and i deeply care for
2:52 am
my state and my country. >> do you defer to paul ryan. >> i said i would be the president of the the paul ryan fan club. but if we beat hillary clinton, we have to say that hillary c n clinton is all about washington and in many ways she was the big loser tuesday, because she embodies everything that is wrong with washington, and now, all of the people have executive experience outside of washington have a good fresh approach from the the bottom-up, and that is what you are going to get to the stat states. >> you are not deferring to paul ryan, but you are looking for a member of congress to be the nominee? >> paul rand and others who are not a member of congress will make the best leaders. >> and thank you for coming on.
2:53 am
>> thank you, chuck. go, packers! >> and now, despite a juicy sound bite, the president avoid ed a way to describe the election results, but there were ways to lick the wounds. >> i must confess i have sadness tonight. >> and surveying the the wreckage, there was blame of the president and unfriendly map and off year electorate. >> for those who voted, i hear you. for the 2/3rds of voters who chose not to vote, i hear you, to too. >> and it is an ebbing of the republican voters. >> and there is finger-point in. harry reid said that the president's approval rating is barely 40%, and what more is there to say? and others argue that tuesday's losses were not a disaster.
2:54 am
>> we have had better nights, and worse nights. in 2006, the republicans lost 30 seat, and we lost about 15. >> there is a word for that, spin. not only did the republicans win the senate control, they are poised to hold the largest majority in the house since herbert hoover, and it is a firewall that could take democrats a decade to break through. how did it happen? in early 2014, the democrats had a game plan to run on a populous economic message. >> and opportunity for all. >> paexpand opportunity. >> opportunity is who we are. >> join the rest of the kcountr. say yes. give america a raise. >> instead, while four red states approved minimum wage hikes by large margins tuesday, d democratic candidates abandoned the populous call to arms. >> they have successfully made this campaign a referendum on president obama which i do not believe would be all that
2:55 am
important if we as democrats had done a better job messaging exactly what the president has done. >> and the senate democrats also insisted that the president delay executive action on immigration to save their red state candidates particularly in the south. not only didn't it work, it may have hurt some democrats in states with large hispanic population populations. in florida where democrat charlie crist narrowly lost the governor race, the e electorate dipped from 17% to 13% in 2014. and in colorado, cory gardener improved on republican 2010 e showing in 20 of. 1 counties that had the largest hispanic population. to win, democrats believed they needed the base voters to come out, and they made the election a project of assembly the coalition groups, and that didn't happen, and instead, numbers that were posted looked more like the democratic 2010
2:56 am
shellacking than the obama 2012 victory leavingen the democrats asking, does the coalition exist without obama on the ballot? and there is a coalition between the white voters. in the last three elections white voters and in particular white men have broken for the republican republicans by huge margins. this year the gop won white noncollege graduate bis 30 points. how does the party are refresh itself? don't expect the new faces to lead the congress, because both reid and nancy pelosi are expected to keep their positions, and the remaking of the party will fall at the feet of another popular democrat, hillary clinton. and joining me is howard dean who was tasked with repilding t
2:57 am
-- rebuilding the the party after the fall in 2010. and now what do -- >> infamous defeat. the president has been brilliant with the strategy to pull it together, but for a variety of reasons and not all of them to do with the dnc. and of all of those people, jim clyburn was the most accurate, and it was message. sure it was an off year, and we can make all of the excuses, but there the days of the 50-state strategy and take thing over the house and the senate when i was running the dnc, i could not keep the washington democrats to stay on message. the republican message was, we are not obama, and no substance, and the democrat message, oh, we are not either. you cannot win if you are afraid! it sounded like it. are where the hell is the
2:58 am
democratic party? you have to stand for something if you want to win. >> and tim balls had a rough piece. it said that it hallowed out the democratic party, and without prominent state-wide leaders, the democrats are in trouble of seeing the party atrophy. >> we have a strategy. >> what is it? >> they do the training and we do the intel and they weave together this incredible organization that the president has done in the last eight years for his campaigns, two of the best campaigns ever run in the history of american presidentials, and you are to ip still discipline and money, and you have to instill it. >> and the parties are focused on the gender gaps, but are they too focused on the gender gap.
2:59 am
the numbers of white men. in 2006, democrats had 44% of white men. nobody said they would win white men, but the democrats were competitive, but it is down to 33%. >> i saw that. one of the reasons is that we are not on the lunch bucket issues. when we stick to the lunch bucket issues and you saw the president's clip, and white men have been tough for us since the southern strategy of richard nixon, and so 4% is great for us -- >> 44%? >> if the we lose by 4%, that is terrific, but the erosion of the white men has to do with the fact that the economy is not better and the folks are under big time stress, and we have to have a message that has to do with the basic economics. it helps us all across the board, but particularly with white men. >> and now, there is a concern among some that because there is a coronation of hillary clinton that actual ly the democratic
3:00 am
party could use some freshening and some new faces, and hillary clinton is the nominee, and probably the strongest nominee, but are you concerned that there are not going to be any other democratic no, ma'amnominees. >> well, there are going to be other nominees. >> and does she need -- >> well, no other nominee needs one. >> does the democratic party needs one? >> well, we don't need one, but we will get one. it is the most important office of the country, and you won't have uncontested march. but the tth is that there are a number of things to debate, and we should debate income inequality and the fact that corporation corporations are controlling not only the republican party, but the government of the united states, and the fact that the supreme court has deviated from the constitution on numerous occasions, and i have yet to find where the constitution says that a corporation is a person, and there is a tremendous ke
3:01 am
bait to be had, and so with we have to find that. >> and are you going to to be helping with that debate? >> am i going to be running for president, no. will i help, yes. >> and thank you for coming on. and another reason for the democratic loss, and we talked and another reason for the democratic loss, and we talked about it with howard dean i'd just gotten married. i was right out of school. my family's all military. you don't know what to expect. then suddenly you're there... in another world. i did my job. you do your best. i remember the faces... how everything mattered... so much more. my buddies... my country... everything... and everyone i loved... back home. ♪ [ male announcer ] for all who've served and all who serve, we can never thank them enough. ♪
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what will the new faces of congress look like next january? here is the current snapshot. as it stands, the 114th congress will have 68 new members, 11 new senators. one is a democrat. the other ten are republicans. the gop could add two more to their ranks with alaska and louisiana. at least 57 new house members, 16 democrats, 41 republicans. of those, the new, 13 are women. 11 of the new members are under the age of 40. still, 80% disapproval rating in it the exit polls for congress, 87% of the 535 are coming back. go figure. up next, the america still waiting for the recovery. we will talk to
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welcome back. the panel is here with lots to talk about. welcome to all of you. mr. canter, since you are new to this world and you were form ery over there, they say which nv[y govern. i pose the question to you. which one will show up and which one should show up? >> first of all, look at history over the last couple years. the house was extremely productive in passing legislation. as we all know, bills just started to stack up in the senate. i do think that's part of the outcome that we saw on tuesday is the inability for congress to work for the senate to act -- >> you won that argument. democrats would say that the republicans held just as much responsibility for the gridlock.
3:07 am
>> significant frustration about the inability of it to work. the question will be, as the speaker has said this week, is there going to be common ground? and i think you will see very quickly within six weeks whether there's going to be common ground. on the one hand, we have heard a lot about the president saying he will act on this question of an executive order for immigration. if he does that, that's incendiary. i think we are going to be in store for a very, very -- >> isn't repealing healthcare just as incendiary? >> i will say this. there's probably something more incendiary. that's not incendiary because we know that that's going to happen, just like in 20 -- after 2006 election when the democrats won, they went over and over again to pass bills condemning the position on iraq. in the end, congress ended up supporting president bu


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