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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 10, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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welcome back, everybody. 4:31. we keep you on track of weather and traffic on the 1s. tom, what a chilly start to your day. i was up around 60 depress. overnight, the temperatures have dropped like a rock. we have dropped into the low to mid-30s much of the region, including prince george's county. bowie, 34. camp springs, 35. right on the bay, an at list is 42. 36 in gaithersburg. rockville is a at 38. cold in northern virginia. 32 in manassas. dulles, 32. leesburg is at 34.
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so a cold start under the clear skies. got the bright moon. farther west, cold temperatures as well. a little above freezing. martinsburg, 33. but it's milder farther to the north. hagerstown, 40. out of the mountains most locations low to mid-30s. statten, virginia, down to 31 degrees. around the bay and the eastern shore, cold there too. eastern shore, southern maryland, mid to upper 30s. driving in this morning, we'll have dry pavement. and temperatures will stay in the 30s between now through 8:00. you'll need the heater on when the sun comes up at 6:45. mostly clear skies. for the afternoon commute, you need the sunglasses. we'll have bright sunshine. temperatures in the low 6 0s. by late afternoon, sunshine is 4:59. we'll dip back down into the 50s after that.
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highs today will show a contrast from the pennsylvania border. mid to upper 60s. northern virginia, culpepper, warrenton. hour by hour today we'll have the cold start. then tonight hour by hour we'll be temperatures back down into the 40s this time tomorrow morning. it is cold for veterans day morning. melissa already had some issues to talk about. what's going on? >> just got off the phone with police. outbound new york avenue between florida and 4th street, that is now open. no major problems. we had police activity there a little bit early this morning blocking things for an hour and a half. again, that is now open. no issues. prince george's county, into town, out of town, you're completely fine.
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indian head highway, a lot of green, which of course is what we like to see on a monday morning. rolling right along. up north in maryland, 270, old hundred road, looking good. right now, though, we're looking good. coming up in the next 10 minutes, 4:41. weather and traffic always on the 1s. we'll look at more construction. 4:34. we're tracking a problem that could have a a big impact on your morning commute. the the ramp from southbound georgia avenue to southbound connecticut avenue is shut down in aspen hill. >> this is because of a big water main break. a live look at what the crews are doing right now. megan, good morning. good morning. this is a 10-inch water main that burst overnight. you can see crews are are here on the scene. the work has begun. however, i'm told by the crews on the scene it's not going to
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be a quick fix. people are going to want to keep that in mind. this is the ramp from southbound georgia avenue to get on inbound connecticut avenue. as you can see, it is completely closed down. that's going to be the case for a number of hours here. what you're going to have to do in terms of work around, connecticut avenue itself is open. but you can't use the turn lights. you have to take a a hard right turn and then continue on down on to connecticut avenue from there. but it's going to cause a little bit of a backup. normally what you would be able to do is take the dedicated lane, make your right-hand turn before getting down to the light. that's not going to be the case. you have to wait for the light. that may cause things to back up during rush hour. keep in mind. you can get through. it might be more congested.
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thank you for that. 4:36. >> let's check in with with angie goff at the live desk. angie, good morning. eun, new this morning, troops fired warning shots after troops were too close to the border. they backed off after 20 rounds of warning shots. tensions remain high following gunfire along the border a couple of times this month. a quick break at 4:36. we'll be
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welcome back, everybody. it's 4:38. we are having technical
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difficulties. we're working everything out. you see the district. 46 degrees. it is chilly in a lot of places. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. wow, what a change from yesterday. >> beautiful weekend. after yesterday afternoon, up near 60 degrees. the temperatures have really dropped overnight. right now we are down into the 30s most of the metro area. manassas, 30 degrees. stanton down to 31. it's near freezing out of the mountains, petersburg and the valley, 30 degrees. around the bay, a bit milder. cambridge down to 36. just 35 now at packs river. a little breeze off the bay. reagan national, breeze off the potomac keeping it mild there. 44. suburbs near the beltway are
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hovering in the upper 30s most locations. there's a view of the washington skyline. a mostly clear sky. moon is in the western sky. hour by hour through the day today, temperatures will have a steep climb. should be in the upper 30s. but then by noon time, hitting the upper 50s. so a 20-degree jump from where we are until noon time. then peeking in the mid-60s. around 2:00, 3:00. sunset is 4:59. our temperatures will begin to drop back. we'll be be down to near 60 degrees by 5:00 p.m. a nice afternoon after this cold start. a big concert on the mall. concert for valor. by midafternoon, beautiful sunshine. mid-60s. concert begins in the evening. by then, down to 60 degrees. by the end of the concert, down to 55. great weather for the the
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concert tomorrow. a great temperature swing by the end of the week. that's coming up at 4:51. a big problem in aspen hill. want to remind you because it's going to be a mess for quite some time. southbound georgia right there at connecticut avenue. we have that water main break. a couple of lanes will be blocked as you turn on to connecticut. a a alternate is norbeck or layhill. no major problems into or out of towns. beltway looking good. nice and green all the major routes. no issues there either. taking a look at 66 and 95 in virginia, no construction. most of what was happening overnight is now out of the way. moving along. no problems there. 270 north in maryland, we're looking good into town, out of
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townful moving right along. weather and traffic at 4:51. a live look at prince george's county when we come back. 4:42.
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16 before the hour right now. there is a special preview of the concert for valor today. the full concert is happening tomorrow, veterans day.
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it will honor those who served. it starts at 7:00 p.m. we already found crews working on the main stage there. rihanna, bruce springsteen and jamie foxx will be part of the event. it will be tough to get there by car, as you may imagine. a lot of streets around the national mall. pretty much everything around the mall will be closed. in fact, the organizers -- there you see on the map the roads that will be closed. organizers say you should use metro if you're going. however, blue line service is suspended for the day. metro will replace with yellow line trains which arrive 12 minutes fastener d.c. you won't be able to get off at the smithsonian station at the mall because it is within the concert's security zone. the first lady raises awareness about our female veterans. michelle obama will speak at a forum specifically about women who serve in the military.
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it gives female veterans a chance to learn about career opportunities after their military service. mrs. obama will give the key note address. more than 100 veterans will be making a special trip on a charter flight. they will take the trip on this brand-new jetblue plane specially painted to honor the veterans. this inaugural flight will have crew members and pilots who are all veterans. after, there will be a luncheon in the historic terminal a. right now president obama is speaking in beijing. this as he opens a three-country tour in the far east, starting with china. this is him arriving earlier. the focus is the state of u.s. and asia ties. >> one country's prosperity doesn't have to come at the expense of another.
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if we work together and act together strengthening the economic ties between our nations will benefit all of our nations. >> the president speaking at the big asia-pacific summit. while there he will meet with china's president. aaron. angie, thank you. 4:47. a developing story out of the bahamas. officials are waiting until sunrise to see the full aftermath of a plane crash that killed nine people. one of the people was an internationally known minister, miles monroe. the group was heading to the global leadership forum, an event organized by monroe's church. the last day before the nurse who fought an ebola quarantine will be officially cleared of that disease. kaci hickox fought the order and judge ruled on her side. she plans to advocate for health
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care workers going forward. she said she may leave her current home in maine. this morning we are getting a new look at a fire that killed more than a dozen specially trained firefighters in arizona. take a look. the arizona state forestry division released two dozen new clips on its website. they were shot by firefighters moments before and after 19 members were killed battling the fire more than a year ago. you can hear and see the firefighters worrying about the crew as a wall of fire intensifies. people living in upper midwest are bracing for winter weather. the cold front is expected to bring the very first heavy snow of the season. this is a live look at minneapolis, minnesota. radar shows snow is already falling in parts of minnesota, washington and michigan. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein said they could get up to a foot of snow.
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the massive storm from alaska is going into that region causing the temperatures to drop. see, for us, that's a lot. >> the jet stream! >> they have to handle the snow. >> yesterday in denver it was 72. tomorrow morning it will be 10 degrees there. wednesday morning, 4 degrees. >> in denver? >> in denver. >> and all of that is coming our way on some level, right? >> only a little tiny part of it. it's going to turn colder by the end of the week. this morning we are off to a cold start, to dress accordingly as you step out the door. waiting for the bus this morning, we'll stay in the 30s between now and 8:00 this morning. we'll have a clear sky and mercifully a light wind. it will be warming nicely. upper 40s by then. still quite a chill in the air. we'll have mostly sunny morning. temperatures right now around
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the metro area in prince george's county. it's only a couple degrees from bowie to upper marlboro, mitchellville. restin, burk, mcclain, only a couple of degrees above freezing. a little bit below freezing in prince william, from manassas, over to hay market. warrenton, 31 degrees. dulles down to 32. lees pwurg 36. montgomery county is a little above freezing. college park now 34. it's 10 degrees warmer right at the potomac. beautiful afternoon. mostly sunny. and quite a change. about a 30-degree jump from where we are now. low to mid-60s by midafternoon. and post your pictures. i took this one on saturday morning. still have some gorgeous autumn
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color. this is a japanese maple showing off. post your pics. it's better on facebook baugh of the higher resolution. you can also post on twitter and instagram. still nice ought color around. average high, 60. we'll be be above that today, tomorrow, wednesday. and then the plunge. colder than average temperatures thursday all the way into the weekend. so highs tomorrow, milder than today. should make it into the upper 60s for veterans day, for all the activities for tomorrow. and then for the concert for tomorrow evening right on the mall, should be great for the concert in the evening. by 7:00, near 60. down to the mid-50s by 11:00 when the concert is ending. on wednesday, still mild. afternoon highs, low 60s. then the cold ser air moves in thursday with highs only in the upper 40s. might get a little rain or wet
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snowflakes mixing in. did somebody say -- >> tom kierein, you did not see the s word. >> i'm just the messenger. friday and saturday, only in the 40s. nothing is going to stick. maybe a few showers late sunday. melissa is here now with her warm fuzzy boots on. >> i started walking towards my hands out in strangulation. no, please. construction right now, outer loop between landover and annapolis road, three lanes blocked. it will be out of the way in just a little bit. southbound georgia avenue, we have that ramp blocked because of a water main break. your alternate is either norbeck or layhill, depending which way you're coming from. 395 south 1 ath street bridge reduced to one lane. a lot of action on the roads this morning. 270 at mont rose, that is
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looking good. 66 and 95 in virginia, no major problems there. i'm back at 5:01. weather and traffic on the 1s. a live picture of the beltway. >> we'll see you then. melissa, thank you. struggle to go get your kids to eat dinner? why you may want to have them cook it themselves. i like that idea. dangerous problems. new information released overnight on how often kids are getting into those detergent pods. trying to keep hope alive. how you can help a montgomery
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five minutes before the hour. a a maryland teenager turned himself in to police. 17-year-old walker is not a student at meade. he was visiting his girlfriend
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at the school when officials asked him to leave. police say he was leaving when he used a gun to force a teenager to drive him to a convenience store. when they arrived, walker got out and just walked away. today you can help a montgomery county family still looking for two missing children. sarah and jacob have been missing more than two months. to help with the cost of searches, the salon is donating 20% of proceeds from services to find sarah, find jacob fund. the fund-raiser will be today and tomorrow. today we could learn the name of a pilot who died in a plane crash in virginia. right now investigators are working to find out what went wrong. the plane was traveling from frederick, somed phd to martinsburg, west virginia. a student pilot survived that crash.
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today virginia lawmakers return to richmond to finish up business before the holidays. they will vote to make final changes to the state budget and vote on a state supreme court justice and two new judges for the court of appeals. a a similar bill passed the senate -- or the state house earlier this year. d.c. mayor elect muriel bowser shows off her transition office today. she will officially introduce her transition team and talk about her transition plan. it includes three former players, including moyer yon berry. people with a criminal past will have an easier time getting a job in montgomery county. ike leggett will sign the ban the box law. it stops employers from asking
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about criminal histories on job applications. now they will have to wait until the end of the first interview. . 4:58. we're learning just how dangerous the laundry detergent kids. researchers at the nationwide children's hospital in columbus, ohio found every single hour in this country a child swallows, inhales or is otherwise exposed toxic chemicals inside those pods. that is more than 17,000 children since the pods hit the store shelves in 2012. more than 750 children have been hospitalized after coming in contact with these pods. at least one child died. laundry detergent pods are very concentrated with strong chemicals in them. sometimes they get into the eyes, sometimes they are swallowed. they can cause severe burns to the esophagus and to the
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stomach. >> manufacturers say they're concerned about the problem and are making changes, like improving warning labels, making the pods look less attract toiv and switching from clear to more opaque packaging. >> scary stuff. stay with us. news 4 continues right now at 5:00 a.m. news 4 today starts now. . a developing story right now in a quiet mca complain neighborhood after a violent attack leaves two people hospitalized. what we're learning led up to this altercation. preparing for a popular route. what you need to know to get around that mess. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang on this monday, november 10th, 2014. 46 degrees outside our studios.
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a big chill this morning for sure. >> tom keeper is in the storm team 4 weather center with the latest on the forecast. >> good morning. after we hit 60 yesterday morning, afternoon, this morning we are much colder. scanning our sky, no rain, no snow anywhere in the vicinity. it is cold, though. we are down to 30 degrees in many locations in northern virginia, dulles, manassas, warrenton, culpepper. right on the potomac, 44. lorton, 22. quantico, 36. also a cold morning in southern maryland. most locations in charles, calvert, st. mary's in the mid-30s. mid to upper 30s. my 30s in montgomery county. much of fairfax in the low to mid-30s. as is the rest of northern virginia. and into the mountains this morning it's at or a little below freezing there. there's a view of the mall this morning. a live view.


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