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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 18, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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please be assured that the school system is taking swift and appro disciplinary action. and this morning a 21-year-old man died following a crash in montgomery county. police approached the man in a parking lot saturday night in gaithersburg to notice his license was suspended and called the tow truck. when it arrived, the man took off, hit a utility pole, a tree and flipped onto another car here on aspen hill road and marietta drive. vdot is showing you new tools of how they will get around in the snow. it will be a tracking device to help you and plow operators know which ones were cleared and which ones still need to be done. vdot says the goal is to give you as much realtime information on the road conditions as possible so you know when to leave to get to your destination on time. when we first talked about the snowplow plans, i thought it was way in the future. but with these temperatures -- >> it feels like it's getting close. >> yeah. we'll go to tom kierein now
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with an update on the forecast. >> brr, it's mid-november and feeling more like mid-winter this morning. our temperatures right now in fairfax county, from restin, fairfax and prince george's, near 30. and near the chesapeake bay as well. we had a wind gust at reagan international, 35 miles per hour. the leaves are swirling around and the windchills are just in the teens. windchill right now in gaithersburg, 12 degrees. that's what it feels like. windchill at washington at 16. it's just in the teens for windchills. just to our west, windchills around the bay are in the 20s. that's a bus stop forecast this morning, temperatures near 30 degrees between 7:00 and 8:00 with bright sunshine. the sunshine will still be out between 8:00 and 9:00 but the winds still gusting and frigid
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near 30 degrees. not going to be much warming today. a look at the hour-by-hour forecast over the next 24 hours in the next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. alexis davies is in this morning, what is going on? we have work zones being picked up on this cold tuesday morning as you mentioned. the overall view of the beltway, no problems being reported in maryland or virginia on the beltway. taking a live look now at the outer loop of the beltway at colesville road, we had the earlier work zone on the outer loop blocking two left lanes. that's been picked up. on the inner loop between colesville road and university, two left lanes were blocked due to a work zone. that's also being cleaned up. southbound craine highway at west marlton avenue is a work zone there. angie goff live at the news desk. four people are dead after two palestinians killed israeli
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worshippers as they prayed here. the attackers died in a shoot-out with police, but tensions between the groups are escalating. hamas is praised for taking responsibility for it. 4:33 this morning. a virginia woman is under arrest accused of trying to help isis. heather kaufman is from outside of richmond and investigate sores say she supported isis on facebook and tried to connect someone with a facilitator in syria. turns out that person was an undercover person with the fbi. and new sanctions are being planned for terrorists. the u.n. also wants to order a worldwide moratorium on the trading of antiquities from syria or iraq. they also want to deny aircraft permission to land or takeoff coming from or going to
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territory held by the two terrorist groups. 4:34 now. we are following a developing story in prince george's county. someone at the potomac high school in oxon hill has been diagnosed with to we are cue lo s tu so far there are no new cases. tb spreads through the area and symptoms are a bad cough, weight loss, fever and chest pain. right now crews are working on the project to transform phase two of the tunnel project that began overnight. megan mcgrath is live along h and 3rd streets northwest to tell us how this will affect the commute. >> reporter: aaron, you can see behind me all the construction barrels ready to go. traffic is still getting through, that's h street you're seeing behind me here, but in a couple hours they will be pulling the barrels into the roadway and we'll start to see traffic tie-ups in the area. eventually they are going to be
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building five new buildings across the third street tunnel or over the third street tunnel, but before that can happen, a lot of preliminary work needs to be done. and that's what we're seeing here right now. this is phase two where they will be relocating underground utilities. the work is happening along mass avenue and h street northwest between second and fourth streets. the lane closures will happen from 7:00 a.m. until midnight. take a look at the roads that are affected here. the intersection of 3rd and 8th streets will be closed. eastbound h street will be redirected to mass avenue. and westbound h street will reopen in the layout allowing traffic through. so pedestrians, this project will affect you, too. a lot of work being done. the work happening during the brunt of the day, including the morning rush hour. so folks just need to be aware that it's going to get a little ugly and congested in this area.
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aaron, back to you in the studio. thank you. >> today you could find out whether your child will go to a new high school in prince william county. the new school will be located on dumfries road in manassas. the county revised the boundaries after the department of justice expressed concern about the diversity of the area. the new high school which has not been named yet is slated to open in september of 2016. not welcome on their streets, the last-ditch effort by people in one d.c. neighborhood to keep the traffic circles from becoming permanent. a heavy winter coat is a must today as you step outside this morning. take a look at the frigid temperatures out there. you'll be dealing with them throughout the day. your hour-by-hour forecast is next at 4:41. plus, keeping you safe in a crash. the steps honda is quietly taking to make sure your air bag doesn't leave you serious
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this morning the united airlines plane made an emergency landing after blowing a tire at reagan international airport. everyone on the boeing 747 were put on a new plane but investigators are trying to figure what caused the tire to blow out. and this morning honda is looking into a problem in their
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air bags that can explode sending shrapnel into your seat. the recall is in 13 territories but none in our area. honda is not notifying anyone outside the affected area. however, if you bring in your car and ask you will get a loper and the repairs. at least five people have died worldwide from the recalls that affect millions of cars. construction is slated to happen on permanent round circles in northern washington. vdot installed several round circles and many were not happy with how they performed. neighbs have asked for a meeting with vdot before the permanent circles were installed. vdot denied their request. the wind is blowing so ferociously. wn we walked into the building, the flag was whipping right outside the building and i had to put my hood on.
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>> tom kierein is here in the storm team 4 weather center. >> that's a tower shot behind you and that's jumping around this morning. the washington monument is withstanding the wind, no problem. we have your weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41 on this too cold tuesday morning. there is the view of the capitol this morning surrounded in the restoration scaffolding. we'll have the winds gusting to around 30 miles an hour all the way through much of the day. clear, sunny, near 30 by 8:00 a.m. with the blustery wind. still windy for the lunch hour. it will only be 32. by then only reaching the mid-30s at 2:00. then back to the low 30s by 5:00 p.m. the winds by then should begin to settle down and a clear night tonight and frigid temperatures will be in the upper 20s by 11:00 p.m. then low 20s by this time tomorrow morning with a clear sky and a lighter wind as we start off wednesday. a look at when it gets warm again, that's coming up next
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weather and traffic on the 1 uz at 4:51. alexis davies, we have a wind advisory on the bay bridge, right? we do, tom. the wind advisory came in for bigger vehicles like box trucks or tractor-trailer vehicles, they are prohibited from crossing the bay bridge. other vehicles are just cautioned to be careful going across the bay bridge with the high winds. work on southbound craine highway at west marlton avenue with utility work going on there. looking just north of the prince william parkway, all lanes are open. thank you. there's a push to hike the fines and we'll show you why you won't be paying more if you get caught passing a school bus in montgomery county. plus, restoring the iconic dome at the u.s. capitol. the update expected in the next few hours and the look at t [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
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15 before the hour. today the president and congress are taking a closer look at the fight against ebola. the president will be briefed by the national security and public health teams. and on capitol hill they will look at the efforts in africa on how to prevent ebola ill from spreading here at home. defense secretary chuck hagel said the u.s. military can take credit for helping to stop the spread of ebola. right now american soldiers are providing support but have not come in direct contact with ebola patients. the senate is set to vote on the keystone xl pipeline today. several lawmakers see this as a
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way to support democratic senator mary landrieu from louisiana. she's the biggest democratic supporter of the bill and is facing a runoff for her seat. this is one vote shy so far with one more vote needed to pass for a total of 60. anyone not charged with a crime goes to the police department and under the new bill the money goes to the general district fund but right now that bill has no support. right now investigators are trying to figure out why a car crashed into a home in montgomery county. chopper 4 was over the scene on new hampshire avenue in brookville. the fire department says no one inside the home was hurt. the driver had minor injuries. this morning traffic is moving on columbia pike in fairfax county after a man was hit crossing the street last night near evergreen lane.
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crews rushed the 52-year-old man to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the fairfax county police say the map was not in the crosswalk and the driver stayed on the scene. this morning a 19-year-old is facing charges following a fight at a birthday party in prince william county. joseph deramus is accused of stabbing a person and assaulting a police officer. police say he was working security when he started to turn people away. a fight broke out and the teen was stabbed. paramus is being held without bond. you can see the capitol dome here surrounded by scaffolding. the agency in charge of the building will deliver an update on how repairs have gone over the last six months. crews are working on more than a thousand cracks and defecting in the dome. you can see the time lapsed vehicle of the scaffolding up. then since 1960 they have needed
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to work on the dome. there were at least five confirmed tornadoes since sunday night. an ef-1 twister touched down in twigs county, georgia. strong winds tore right through mobile homes. you can see debris scattered everywhere in that area. and in the northeast, people are dealing with snow there. take a look at part of western new york. you can see the lake-effect snow there. the hamburg area is expected to see up to two feet of snow. the snow along with gusty winds, man, it makes it tough for drivers to get around. look at that snow. with these temperatures and the winds, that scene is feeling like it's not far from our area. i don't want to think about it. >> it's a couple up miles away. >> but stay there. >> just hold your blowdryer out the window to keep it away from us. >> can we start chanting? >> whatever works. we have a wintry cold
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morning. what a tremendous drop overnight. i've been forecasting this but -- it came through. and there's flag out in front of nbc4. it's flapping in a stiff wind this morning. right now the wind gusts are up to 35 miles an hour. and snow combined with the temperatures is making it feel like it's only 10 degrees in gaithersburg. these are the windchills. right now in washington, windchills in the mid-teens. just about everywhere except near the bay where the warmer temperatures are keeping the windchills there in the 20s. the windchills just in the teens. shenandoah valley into the mountains where temperatures right now, look at oakland, the air temperature down to just 10 degrees. petersburg now at 23. when up doe washington valley and the panhandle of west virginia, western maryland, just in the low 20s right now. these are temperatures not windchills. d is only 23 degrees now in gaithersburg. leesburg at 27.
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so is manassas. in fairfax county, it's just in the mid-20s to upper 20s in the southern part of the county. much of prince george's county in the upper 20s. and it's past freezing now right near the chesapeake bay. walking to work this morning, you will need your windbreaker and warmest winter gear. we'll have an east wind blustery throughout the morning commute with temperatures right near 30. then heading back home, walking back home from work, it will still be cold just in the mid-30s. and the winds will still be rather strong, the winds gusting over 20 miles an hour during the afternoon. but gradually diminishing getting into the afternoon and overnight tonight. post your pictures like ardiana did in arlington. this is a picture from a couple days ago. all the leaves are probably swirling around there, but nice autumn color in a few isolated areas. post your photos on facebook, twitter and instagram. i like it on facebook because you can post your
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higher-resolution photos there. for the rest of the day today, we'll have the winds gusting to around 30 miles an hour into the afternoon with highs only in the mid-30s. windchills will be in the teens through the rest of the day. tomorrow's highs in the mid-30s and still very cold with a partly cloudy sky. but much lighter winds on wednesday. then thursday, finally warming back into the 40s. maybe a little chillier on friday, sunny with a high temperature near 40. here's a look at the highs, mid-40s on saturday and sunday. could get rain in the afternoon. sunday's highs in the mid-50s. and focus in on monday as we make it back to the low to mid-60s. remember the 60s, alexis? >> i do remember the 60s. i wish it were here now. still looking good on the beltway traveling in maryland and virginia. however, you mentioned the winds, tom, and the bay bridge is under a wind advisory for the area. no box trucks or trailers can
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cross that. and they are asking everyone else to drive with caution. taking a look elsewhere on the roadways heading out of the shady grove area, 270 southbound is looking good with all lanes open. taking a look at 95 heading from baltimore toward the d.c. beltway, all lanes open as well. here's a live look at route 212. then 66 just east of route 28, very nice conditions. no delays or extreme volume on the roadways. we do have a work zone still in upper marlboro on southbound craine highway with the west lane blocked. another reason to keep your finances in order, why money problems can land you in the hospital. and it was one of his biggest campaign promises, but we'll show you why you may have to wait a while to see the tax cuts promised by maryland governor larry hogan. plus, be sure to share your stories about the driverless cars, but now we'll tell you cars, but now we'll tell you what drivers like yo. of shaving stuff.
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lifeand thankfully, of shaving stuff. being able to find backups. angie goff live at the news desk with breaking news. investigators are on the scene of a small cargo plane crashing into a home. this is near midway airport. it happened around 3:00 this morning. people inside the house were able to get out. they were okay. nobody was hurt. the pilot's condition is still unknown. as of right now, no cause of the accident released, but we are hearing from reporters on the ground that the pilot reported engine problems after takeoff
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and tried to return to midway and that's when he crashed. we'll bring you live images right now. angie, thank you. leaders in montgomery county want to increase the fines for those who pass a school bus. too many drivers do it and it's putting your kid's safety at risk. the i-team found that the fine won't be going up any time soon, though. the top judge in maryland said only the state legislature can change the funds, not the county or the courts. right now the fine to pass a school bus is $125. today the u.s. forest service will release a new plan about drilling and fraccing in the george washington national forest that covers hundreds of acres on the west virginia border. according to "the washington they look to ban fracking there and the agently allow some drilling but won't leave any more land for it in the future. in the day ahead, a number of the harlem globtrotters will talk to d.c. students about not
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bullying others. john ross will be at the elementary schools in the district. they say they want to show them to use action, bravery and compassion. if you come in to immediately cut your taxes, you may have to wait a while. larry hogan was surprised by the size of the state's budget deficit. according to the washington post, he says the shortfall could slow his plan to roll back taxes. and you'll pay more for alcohol in virginia. they agreed to free proposals to increase 24 cents per bottle. the mark-up will help close a small part of the state's 2.5 billion budget gap. it will also help pay for new technology to make the price more first time. he will get a chance to weigh in today on the brand new apartment complex and hotel for
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tysons corner. it will be built on route 7 at the site of the old best western motel. the plan calls for two apartment towers with 1,000 apartments and a 300-room hotel. the board meets at 3:00 this afternoon at the fairfax county government center. the historic ford's theater is collecting donations to help the homeless. the cast of "a christmas carol" will collect donations. the show opens thursday and runs through january 1st. in the past four years, the company has raised more than $375,000 for nonprofits in the region. a new poll reveals most of us are still not so crazy about the idea of self-driving cars. 65% of those surveyed say they felt self-driving vehicles are a dangerous idea. despite disliking the idea, 61% said they would consider buying a car with features like
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automatic collision avoidance and parking assistance. 50% said they would walk away from a car that isn't easy to use. self-parking, you just hit a button and it maneuvers -- >> it works for them? >> they like it but i've never seen it. >> it might work in a tiny space. i don't know. stay with us, "news4 today" starts right now at 5:00 a.m. and an unwelcomed case of winter. the cold, windy conditions and arctic weather pushes its way into the d.c. region. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang for this tuesday, november 18, 2014. we'll take a live look outside right now. 28 degrees outside the studios at 5:00 a.m. it's feeling like the middle of
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winter, still november here. >> wrap your brain around that. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has the weather headlines. >> it's called novemberrr. it will stay wintry cold with frigid windchills. hairstyles by mr. wind with the winds gusting over 30 miles per hour through the morning. and the weather impact for this tuesday will be a moderate impact with the wind. you'll hang on to that steering wheel because we have some winds that are going to be gusting 30 to 35 miles an hour between now through early afternoon. windy and cold throughout the day. temperatures right now in washington, 29 at reagan national. it's only low to mid-20s in montgomery county. in fairfax county, right now upper 20s in prince george's county right near the chesapeake bay near 30 degrees. farther south and west of us, just in the mid to upper 20s in prince william and


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