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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 19, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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shots fired just blocks way from prince george's community college. po think a man shot his own mother. news4 was there when police took the suspect down. it was still an active scene in largo where a woman was critically injured. darcy has more. darcy. >> reporter: like you said, we're here live in prince place. that shooting happened right here in this apartment build in just a couple hours ago in broad daylight. this is domestic related according police. look at the video of the suspected gunman being arrested not far from campus way south. police believe preliminary he shot and wounded his own mother. he was taken away in an ambulance and we do not know
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what charges will occur in this case. the mother is expected to live. it was across the street from prince george's community college. the were a lot of people coming out of classes and the school building and many concerned for their safety. more in my report on news4 at 5. a person of interest is being questioned right now after a suspicious fire right now in montgomery county. chopper 4 flew over the house that burned in coroner's lane. they all got out before firefighte arrived. right now, police want you to take a good look at your screen. this is 12-year-old nicole bernard there. officers believe she is with her mother you see on the right there. wendy bernard. police say she does not have custody of her daughter. if you see either of them, you're urged to call police.
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now, this bitter weather and bitter cold with us still a problem out there. >> it is one for the record books. let's get straight to meteorologt veronica johnson and in the storm center with the first word. >> that's right. the entire team 4 was telling you about the cold yesterday and even before that and we set records at dulles, dwbwi and th is not quite a record at reagan but we got close. it was in the teens, a mighty cold start. from 16 leesburg to 18 degrees, only 22 again in d.c. and 16 in manassas. right now, a little better at least. 37 with less wind than se across the area. high clouds starting to move in. we're talking about rain but not
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anything today. the rain will come down the line. your weather headlines not as could down the night and we have a break coming and we're even looking forward to thanksgiving. show you in a couple minutes. a nurse charged with committing sex abuse against patients tried to evade our camera in the district. take a look. gerard klein is the guy with a scarf wrapped around his face. he had sexual contact with patients at three city hospitals. klein was in court this afternoon and so was pat collins. more coming up in our next hour. there were tears in court today from the family of a murdered official from the district relatives of carolyn cross got so upset when the judge delay add pretrial hearing information the man accused of killing her. the former corrections official was found in alexandra. the suspect's attorney told the
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judge an autopsy races questions about the case and autopsy set for september 1st. everyone awaits the ferguson decision. country singer hayes just canceled a concert citing possible concerns of unrest. nbc jay gray is in ferguson. unacceptable, inexcusable and devastating, those are some of the words the acting director of the secret service uses to describe the string of secret service lapses that led to his return to washington. clancy came back after julia pearson resigned, who is the former headf president obama's security detail. he said the string of secur incidences starting with the jumping fence is devastating. they have three key areas,
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staffing, trainin and morale. >> when i hear reports of sexual harassment of female agents or solicitati or prostitution, with all due respect that doesn't strike me as a training issue. that's a moral issue, character issue, recruitment issue. >> intentional violation of the code. director clancy said some workers felt more comfortable relating concerns to lawmakers or reporters and said a basic part of any good workplace is to be able to trust your boss. airbag disagreement, a new national recall of millions of airbags is angering the maker of those airbags. joining us at the live desk. >> yes, pat. today, we have a bit of a showdown, if you will, just one day before the congressional hearing about the recall process. the maker of the airbags is defying the u.s. government's demanding to recall the airbags
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nationwide. they can spray shr they go off. the initial recall involving major automakers was limited to states with hot weather and thought that's what contributed the problem. they argue there's no evidence for a national recall. the defect has led to dozens of injuries and at least four deaths. we're continuing to follow this with more teen coverage on the story including reaction from local car dealers at 5:00, at the live desk. >> thanks. a chantilly man is holding a ticket this afternoon at a dulles airport but for trying to board a plane with this loaded 9 millimeter handgun. the tsa confiscated it. it was in his carey on and had six rounds. he was loaded for south carolina. it's the seventh time they have found a gun in checkpoints.
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a vigil for the maryland surgeon who died of ebola is this week. he contracted ebola in his native sierra leone and died shortly after being transported to nebraska, in omaha. a massive prayer service will follow. he and his wife and two children live in prince georges county. virginia is looking at its deal with orbital scientists following the explosion. the unman ned supply rocket exploded late last month and it damaged the launchpad owned by the state. it may cost up to 20man to repair. according to the richman times dispatch, the mccullough
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supports t program and the government wants them to pitch in for repairs to the launchpad. more consequences as more sex accusations comes forward and how he lost a major gig. why we may soon know about a big plan for immigration and how
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it's a first of its kind programs in virginia. last night, a resident curator program was established and allow groups to live rent-free into county owned properties falling into disrepair. in exchange the individual would repair and maintain the property
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and make it available to the public at times. the country that owns one of the largest utilities will have to pay up in a federal fraud case. washington gas energy systems will hand over 2$2.5 million in fine and penalties, the contract was meant for contracts with small businesses and worth more than $17 million. cou say they conspired with eligible companies and was focused on more building energy efficient. major movement on immigration reform today. president oba is hosting democratic leaders at the white house tonight to tell them about the plan he announced today on hi, everybody. tomorrow night, i'm going to be announcing here from the white house some steps that i can take to start fixing our broken immigration system. so what i'm going to be laying out is the things i can do with my lawful authority as president to make the system work better
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even as i work with congress and encourage them to get a bipartisan comprehensive bill to solve the entire problem. >> a walt nbc news says more e executive action president on immigrat 48% disapprove while 38% approve. the views break down along party lines. 63% of democrats back the president and only 11% of republicans approve. just in time for big holiday travel. we'l tell you why you may want to pack light and expect a little less legroom. plus, epic snowstorm. we'll show you how many -- how so many people have had to deal with that huge snowstorm and whether it's finally over. when will our dose of winter finally start to thaw? we have the team 4 forecast you don't want to miss fi
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the women's basketball team stranded in the snow for nearly 30 hours is now safe at home. the niagara university players were rescued from the new york throughway. their bus was stuck in 5 feet of snow. they tweeted pictures and had to ration food and water but it was better than many cars stuck. at least the bus had a bathroom
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and plenty of heat. >> need that. cars and streets are completely covered. 6 feet of snow blankets buffalo, new york, leaving folks trapped inside homes and highways. the national guard has been called to help with the cleanup now and people are doing all they can to deal with this unexpected weather. >> i've never seen anything like this. 36, seen a good bit of storms. this is the worse. i didn't worry about it too much and it kept coming and it adds up. as i looked out my window i realized i was in trouble and basically shoveling another day and half. >> you will be doing more and another 2 to 3 feet of snow coming this week. >> this arctic snow has been tough on people who are used to these winters but six people have died in the buffalo area.
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>> what makes this snow deadly? >> it's heavy and when you try to shovel it. a lot of people aren't used to that. you have to tack am it in stages. half of those killed happened while shoveling snow and in the removal of snow. just one shovelful of snow lifting it is between 5 and 10 pounds. that's quite a bit. they need to do this in stages. some folks waiting until it was all over. those southwest of buffalo due to get more. dil dyl dreyer has this story. >> reporter: it's incredible. we had a wind shift 35, 40 miles, only 10 miles wide the band of heaviest 0 snow. where it fell yesterday, we are talking about feet of snow, 6
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feet in some areas, most falling in a 24-hour period, up to 4 inches per hour. it was really in a localized area. >> i've never seen it like this. this was scary. >> reporter: this is once in a lifetime thing and something people will tell their kids and grandkids, here in dunkirk, about a foot of snow on the ground. unf we ha a little snow in the forecast and a disturbance that will move through today that triggers snow and lake effect snow as we go thursday and friday. dylan dreyer nbc news. >> they could get another 2 feet of snow tonight and thursday night. for the nation again, so much covered in snow, more than 50%. one thing is for sure, snowshoe likes the cold, due to open november 26th. a little early for them but they
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will have enough cold air to work with. gaithersburg, montgomery county and fairfax and huntington coming in at 35 degrees. if you're going in this evening, the sun to sn a couple minutes. around 35 degrees. more high clouds moving in and we're not expecting temperatures be all that low tonight. cold with a little bit of wind around by morning, we will be back down into the 20s. at least we're not talking teens. spots like mt. erie, gaithersburg, frederick, 26, 27 degrees, upper 20s to the west and south. a cold start for us and with cloud cover. there will be clouds moving through tomorrow, all those clouds coming from this weather front coming off the lakes, that will help th win to shift and allow that snow machine to kick into gear again. for us, we're not due to t
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rain from that w front. we will see clouds and drop in our temperature. your future weather, by late this evening the clouds move on through. we have a cold morning and clouds and snow showers thursday and partly sunny afternoon, some areas to the west pick up a few more clouds as the weather front moves through. on the other side of it for friday, a cold start and cold afternoon despite the fact we're talking about sunshine. it will be a little breezy behind yet another front. forecast tomo breezy, chilly, 48 degrees and tomorrow forecast, 47 and the dip behind the front, 38 for friday and saturday, sunday, not too bad considering how bad the temperatures were this week. mid-40s saturday afternoon, chilly, 56 high temperature on still have in the forecast
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the rain late in the day during your latter part of the afternoon sunday night, and then it continues, how much could we get from this system on sunday? we have that coming up later in the newscast. from saturday night live to the white house. dana the retail employee has a really big gig in washington. cee s who plays dana will be the feature at the white house corresponds dinner april 25th. strong is the daughter of a former "associated press" bureau chief. among other "snl" roles, she is the girl you wish you hasn't started a conversation with at party. jetblue will be getting a little and adding a little, adding a baggage charge to those with the cheapest tickets. we don't know how much the charge is. meanwhile, the airline is adding more seats to its planes at the
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samee taking away leg room. southwest is the only one major airline that allows passengers to check at least one bag free. here's a story that will make you want to put the phone down. why all that texting could spell big trouble for your health at the road. how would you like to park at the airport for free? there is a catch. details of a one-of-a-kind way to park at the airport for free and even make a little money. and
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in today's health, this could seriously change your smartphone habits. >> that it could wreck your spine and neck. research shows hunching over puts a lot of stress on your spine. tilting your head down at a 60 degree angle is the equivalent of hanging a 60 pound bowling ball from your head. >> whoa! >> imagine that. over the years that could deterioratk muscles to the point of your needing surgery. >> the best way to alleviate the problem, stand or sit up straight and bring the phone up to eye-level. then your arm gets tired.
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can win? the bill and belinda gates foundation is donating $5.6 million to the cause to treat new victims of the virus. several ebola patients have recovered after getting the plasma but a rigorous study is needed to find fouft it really work wo they are enormous, monstrous and wonderfully pre-historic. a new exhibit opened today at the museum of natural history called the last of the dinosaurs of the lost world with reconstrucd fossils of the ever popular tyrannosaurus-rex and others and takes visitors through the final years of the
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dinosaur's existence throughout north america. le. we've taken the crews and fossil evidence we found and worked with scientists and artists to recreate this environment. then we talked about the impact of the meteor rite 66 million years ago. >> the exhibit will continue through 2018. a larger fuller dinosaur exhibit is expected to open in a year. bracing for the worst. >> what we can expect in ferguson and washington on the verge of a big decision. plus, the video making so many people squirm. we first uncovered this yesterday and showing you more what you need to look out for the next time you check into a hotel. don't touch that remote. no laughing matter, how one
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new at 4, our parent network at nbc just scrapped the project that would hd b cosby, the latest fallout after three women in six days accused him of sexual assault. meanwhile, cosby's lawyer is
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allegations. retired supermodel janice dickinson said he assaulted her in 1982 in lake tahoe. according to her she wrote about the assault in her autobiography in 2002 but claimed he and his lawyers pressur her to remove the details. and posting next week's launch of his latest comedy special. he released a statement that says there is documentary proof that janice dickinson is fabricating and lying about bill cosby. dickinson's publisher, harpercollin has no comment. we are tracking the ferguson area as we await the decision in the unarm ed police shooting of michael brown. jay ferguson is live with the latest. >> reporte hey there, jim. the prosecutor's office confirms presentation ce this
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week to that grand jury. what know one here seems to know is when they may announce some kind of decision. the waiting and wondering continues in ferguson right now. >> it's a panic attack or something. i know. i've never witnessed anything like this in my lifetime. >> reporter: more than 100 days after michael brown was shot and killed, this fractured community still doesn't know if he will face charge businesses look like they're bracing for a storm. plywood covers most of the windows and doors but can't hide the concern here. >> well, it's very very stressful. >> repor teachers at many schools are giving students extra homework just in case they're closed down. parents are making sure they're ready. we've done water and try to make sure our gas is filled up, blankets in the car. you just never know if they're going to block our streets and we're going to be stranded. we're trying to do as much as we
4:33 pm
can. >> reporter: protesters and police say they have plans in place. h cleared the way for the national guard to move in supporting police in ferguson like they did in august. plus, there'll be an additional 400 troops stationed with officers at 45 locations across the area away from protesters and working 12 hour shifts to keep the peace. >> i think it's too much hype, that it's like, okay, prepare for war and not prepare for e a >> about 100% of people being saved and 100% of people that want to speak have a right to speak. >> rep while so many people want to hear, the grand jury has yet to say a word. >> reporter: the prosecutor said at that point a decision from the grand jury was likely mid to late november. that's the latest in ferguson, jay gray news4. >> thank you. if the ferguson police officer is not indicted, protests could
4:34 pm
break out here as well. troy is here in the studio. >> it is our talk around town. you took part in a conference call where they were saying what might happen and a plan of action. they say they are ready and preparing for this situation and calling for some specific things. they want legislation that reduces policing and demilitarid police department and around this situation around michael brown. they say they're focusing on the deeper issues affecting the community beyond the situation with michael brown. they say citizens in and around st. louis have been living in a state of emergency already. they didn't have to wait for the .overnor to make that pro when you have poor schools and communities struggling already these communities are in state of emergency.
4:35 pm
>> one person who spoke was poe, a rapper and community protester. he says this protest is not your grandfather's protest. >> when they respond in a manner that doesn't look like the young people of 1960s marching from brooks brothers, it's because this is a real moment. we're not trying to dress it up for the cameras, we're not profession organizer, we're young men and women who saw a problem and had a human response to it. >> so, troy, are there any plans to take to the streets if officer wilson is indicted? protests planned in washington d. as well. they say they're not going to ta to the streets if there is an indictment handed down. these protesters in st. louis and ferguson said they will continue to protest. they've been there since day one. at 103 days. this ia protest they say will be sustained. there's no end in sight is the way they're describing it and
4:36 pm
looking for this conversation to continue not just in the st. louis area but all across the country. thanks so much. good to see you again. we want to go to wendy rieger at the desk. has an update from western new york now buried in snow. >> 5 feet of snow in western new york. more may be on the way. imagine what it's like driving out there. the go just addressed that on their efforts to rescue people stuck on the roads in buffalo. so far they've gotten occupants ot of passenger vehicles but 98 vehicles need rescuing. they're telling people, if you can, to stay off the roads, as they always do. they are trucks moving state to state who don't have the luxury of avoiding that part of new
4:37 pm
york. s it's working around the clock to get these motorists stuck on the roads off those roads. about 140 miles of that throughway has been closed this blizzard. back to you. >> she says she was forced off the job because she was pregnant. ho one mom managed to shake up a nationwide chain. could this be the future of pag at the airport? why a new program at one local airport is raising a lot of eyebrows despite the opportunity fo free parking. storm team 4, keeping track of all this bitter cold, getting a little warmer. >> just a tad. which means it's not as cold tonight. nove will try and make a comeback. wel show you how successful and already wednesday's travel forecast all on the other side of the break when
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there is a new way to get free parking at the airport, that is if you don't mind somebody else taking your car for a spin. erika gonzal is he now to tell us about this brand new option for drivers. sounds like a good deal. >> sounds like a good deal, depends how comfortable you are letting somebody else get behind the wheel of your car, while you make a few dollars. flight car is opening near dulles. we he a couple of pictures whs locatn looks like in
4:41 pm
seattle. this is how it works, you drop your car at a lot and somebody else who needs a rental takes your car at a rate less expensive than traditional rental companies. you the car owner get anywhere from 20 to 30 cents a mile back in your wallet and clean car in return. cars are insured up to a mil lin of an accident. you think about it, oftentimes you have one parking lot at an airport deals with all the long time parking and next to it you have a parking lot for rental cars. when you think about it, that's inefficient because the cars could be used for the same thing. that's one of the co-founders. he says they cut money by taking the cost of karen tall. he and his partner are just 20 years old. he said they were both accepted to ivy league schoold decided to start this business
4:42 pm
instead and doing pretty well young zuckerbergs. exactly. >> there's a new way for maryland consume to make their voice hard. a new construction office opened up in prince george's county and they want to hear from you. the attorney general's office held a press conference today and learned more about this new office coming up at 5:00. we would love to hear from you. some of our greatest stories come from you and our tip line and e-mail and calls you man make on the screen and there's our phone number to boot. >> all right. thanks. a controversial decision why the ban on some weapons was just lifted inside some local schools. ahead on news 5 tonight. but, first, you may never look at a hotel room quite the same way again. we showed you the undercover video yesterday just how dirty some hotels really are. now, we're showing you what you can't see with the trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv?
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welcome back to news4 at 4. we have reporters and anchors standing by with news stories fi 4. >> many people are planning to hit the roads for the holidays. our new undercover investigation could make you long for the cover of your own bed. >> last night, jeff roscen showed us the dirtier side of
4:46 pm
some house keeping practices like wiping down an entire bathroom and cleans glasses with the same used towel. now, he's taking on the things that remain in the room after the maid leaves. germs that could make you sick. you might be shocked to learn the cleanest spot in a hotel room as for the dirtiest spot it's so universally filthy, it failed jefs germ test in every single hotel he visited? we're here. get settled in. time to relax. chill out, flip on the "today" sh in my freshly made-up room. the question is, what's already lurking all around me. we called in this microbiologi, dr. louisa i r helping us expose those germs. we checked in the top hotel chains country swabbing everything, from the
4:47 pm
light switches to the phones to the remotes to the night stands. what's the cleanest and dirtiest. to find out, she's using this meter to get an instant bacteria count. anythi over 100 is considered a fail. >> let a test this light switch and place it into the meter to get a reading. >> reporter: remember, the lower the number the cleaner it is. >> a 6? >> a 6. this light switch is actually really clean. >> reporter: good news, all the light switches we tested came in the cleanest. alarm clocks at night stands pretty good. >> another clean night stand. >> reporter: they all pass. but if you want to share the good news, i wouldn't use the phones. this is a very filthy phone. >> reporter: in fact, at nearly every hotel the phones were teaming with bacteria. >> 201, another high number. >> yes. another phone fail. >> reporter: on the phone fail we found the level of germs more than three times the limit. why are so many phones dirty and
4:48 pm
failing the test? >> people touch them a lot and e surfaces cleaned by >> reporter: if you think that's gross, check this out. >> this is for stains not normally detected with the human eye. >> reporter: we found something not sure what. and look at this curtain. >> wow, this is quite a stain. >> reporter: what is that? put on the lights a second. you can't see that. exactly.e. >> reporter: you can't see that. you have no idea. >> rn that grossness can't compare to the single dirtiest thing we tested. brace yourselves, the tv remote wow, this remote control is extremely dirty. >> reporter: all of them, every single remote with sky high levels of bacteria. ! >> repor that's the highest number we have seen in any of the hotels. >> reporter: so we sent the
4:49 pm
samples from the remotes for further testing. brace yourselves again. >> these green metallic colonies are e.coli and this indicate this is fecal contamination on the remote control. >> r e.coli on one remote and even worse, mrsa on another, yes, mrsa, a highly cagons resit bacteria that is highly resistant to antibiotics d can cause skin infections. we can't see it but they can make us sick. >> don't change that channel. the hotel industry says insuring a clean and comfortable environment is their top priority and often change protocols. there are three things you can do when you get in your hotel room. wash your hands, bring hand sanitizer and bring disinfectant wi wipe down all the
4:50 pm
surfaces we just showed you. >> got the bacteria wipes handy. rroaveronica, we're just getting out of this cold and you're looking at thanksgiving. do we need to be prepared for cold during thanksgiving? >> let's just say the cold roller coaster ride is going up, down, really sharp. it all doesn't matter as long as we have nice weather for traveling, thanksgg holid coming up. we talk about the morning, too, it starts at 33, that's cold, not as extreme or intense as what we've had to deal with. the afternoon feeling better at 47 degrees. calling that chilly, so you're walking to work commute forecast for tomorrow not as bad as it's been. we plotted the temperatures, 28 degrees, bethesda, 30, bowie, there i degrees in camp springs. and that's cold and to the west feeling a bit better tomorrow morning. 26, la ray, and 26 degrees in
4:51 pm
shenandoah. the forecast for tomorrow will be low. we will see clouds start to move in and we have breezes as we get ready for the next weather front to move through, which will come the other side of tomorrow. the roller coaster ride. tomorrow, it's up and temperatur up into the mid and upper 40s across the area. wahlbe stafford, and 48, 49 degrees. we t you about the two cold day, tuesday and wednesday and then we're back down and more on how much we can get with this next system. >> this next system will work its way for part of the weekend. if you have plans, listen up. saturday, no problem at all. what we are going to be seeing friday and saturday is cold air. sitting arou t area. back to the 30s on friday, saturday, temperatures in the 40s. here comes sunday. sunday, rain begins mostly in
4:52 pm
the afternoon and looks dry. strong low peg in. then on the eastside, the wet side, also the very warm side. monday, take a look at this, we get into temperatures, 50s and 60s and upper 60s on monday, rain late sunday. some will be heavy overnight, something to watch for if you have plans sunday evening, monday for sure, looking a lot better and then we get cold again. the storm team 4 winter outlook, last year, cold and snowy. this year, oh, boy -- >> exactly. a big old boy. we will have this, milder conditions. sunday, 56 degrees, dry saturday, a little chilly and rain moves in late sunday. could be heavy. 60% chance for sunday afternoon.
4:53 pm
rain continues. i can't tell you how many people said is it really going to be close to 70 degrees monday. we're back down wednesday sunshine and taking a look at wednesday at 5 and you can take an early preliminary look at thanksgivi day. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. we're learning about a big story outside the white house unfolding. the secret service tells us a 41-year-old m was arrested near the white house. he had a rifle and ammo in his car. we have video of the gun being taken -- rushed back to us at the station. we will tell you why he says he was there. that is coming up just ahead at 5:00. see you then. back to you. one mother takes on a nationwide chain because she says she was let go for being pregnant. d the jury believe her? the car you are driving may have an airbag that is dangerous, even deadly. this is chris gordon with
4:54 pm
information y will want to infor[ male announcer ] to at northrop grumman, we know in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first, we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure...
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♪ and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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it's a big ruling that could change the way women are treated at work. a jury in san diego decided a women was fired for simply being a women. candice reports the company is now having to pay. >> reporter: today in federal court, a unanimous jury decided women are not going to be
4:57 pm
i'l double-check for you. stand by, okay? >> reporter: more than eight year court battle with auto zone stores incorporated, she has this to say about her big win. >> i hope this is a lesson for them to change the ways of treating female pregnant in retaliation to make sure that it's not going to happen. >> reporter: she worked for an auto-zone store international city. the jurors agreed the company demoted her and cut her pay after she got pregnant and also determined her pregnancy or gender was a reason why the company fired her and falsely accused her of financial i needed to do something about injustice because it can't be happening, it shouldn't be happening to women. >> that the juarez award means fairness for women in the workplace. told nbc 7 they plan execut e to appeal the documents and said
4:58 pm
the her attorney violated a judge's order and the information was irrelevant, prejudicial and would violate due process. the evidence did not convince jurors. i know there's a lot of women out there who have been through what i've been through and need to get their strength and say, yes, i will go through the 100 miles. based on the decision, jurors believed auto zone higher-ups knew about the decision and did nothing. captured on camera news4 captur suspected shooter near a college. how it caused a scare across the campus. a local nurse tries to avoid "news4 today" archbishop he's charged with sexually assaulting three patients at hospitals and more victims.
4:59 pm
>> a man is arrested outside the white house this afternoon after secret service agents find a gun and ammunition in his car. >> we begin with breaking news outside the white house. we learned man from iowa is now in jail after secret service found a hunting rifle and ammunition in his car. this video just coming in to us, the officers searching the car. he approached an officer near the white house around 15th and e streets around 1:00 in the afternoon and told the officers someone in iowa told him to drive to white house. that raised some red flags and officers searched his car that was parked on 16th and constituti just a short while away. inside that car they found the rifle and the ammunition in his truck. he has been charged with having an unregistered firearm. they are questioning him as well. you could see other charges coming out of that. at the live desk, chris
5:00 pm
lawrence. right now at 5:00, we can tell you we've just confirmed the man arrested in that shooting near the prince george's community campus in largo is the son of the victim. >> and news4 was first on the scene as the shooting sent shock waves on the busy campus this more on the police takedown. darcy. >> reporter: we' live in prince place in the largo area. this is where the shooting happened inside that apartment building w the mother and son lived together. police are confirming the suspect is the son of the woman who was shot and wounded. a witness spotted him near the community college. >> reporter: news4 was there as prince george's county police arrest a suspect in a domestic related shooting. the man suspected o


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