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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> we are talking mid teens, upper 20s in some places. >> let's get you started with meteorologist chuck bell. >> good news is, adam, it won't be as cold as yesterday. it will still have a little bit of a november chill in the air. on the upside, plenty of sunshine coming our way for today. sort of a mixed bag on the weather dertment. showers with a little bit of, believe it or not, freezing rain out here across parts of ohio. little sleet as well. we'll be dry for today.
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in fact, we're going to be dry for most of your weekend. little chance for showers coming in here after dark tomorrow. for now, it is cold outside. 18 in gaithersburg. 16 in manassas. as you're picking out the clothes, pick out the warm ones. winter coat, hat, hood, scarf, gloves. it will be a cold way to get your day started. sun is up at 6:58 this morning. mid and upper 40s, even near 50 in a few neighborhoods. we'll be talking about the increasing chances for assures at the second half of tomorrow. and travel weather for the big holiday. see you in a few minutes. d.c. track coach will make his first court appearance on sex abuse charges. at least three young men have come forward accusing 33-year-old charles young of abuse as he worked at dunnbar high school in northwest d.c. >> reporter: d.c. police say the investigation began last week when a student at dunbar senior
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high school in northwest told the resource officer that he was a victim of an active sex abuse that happened in the fall of 2013 and that the person who abused him was 34-year-old charles allen young, who worked as the school's community development director and helped with the track team. >> we obtained an arrest warrant yesterday charging him with one count of first-degree sex abuse of a child. >> reporter: the young man had been reluctant to come forward but something else changed his mind. >> he heard there may have been subsequent victims and he felt an obligation to come forward and did approach one of the sors at the school. >> reporter: in a letter sent home to parents steven jackson wrote i am deeply upset about these allegations. on monday, dunbar counselors will be at our school to support our students. young worked at the school for less than a year. jackie bensen, news 4 today.
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>> more girls have come forward in montgomery county, claiming a local substitute teacher inappropriatelyouched them at school. jose pineda. two more girls have come forward saying the same thing happened to them. a 23-year-old woman also claims that pineda touched her when she was in middle school. two people were carjacked at gun point at alabama avenue near stanton terrace southeast. police are looking for d.c. tags en 7682. if you see it, call police. silver hill road is open in both directions. crews finished up paving that
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road last night following this water main break. what a mess. water service was restored to businesses in the area. the break happen ed on silverjo road. the man who shot three people at florida state university mailed ten packages to friends before opening fire. investigators are looking through those packages now. they believe myron may sent videos and journals to show he thought the government was spying on him. one package was sent to someone in alexandria, virginia. postal inspectors say the contents do not pose a public threat. in a voicemail message may says, quote, i do not want to die in vain. he was shot and killed early friday morning. president obama is sending ferguson a direct message. in an interview with abc news, the president says everyone has a right to express their views and protest. however using the event as an excuse for violence is unacceptable. a grand jury is expected to make
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a ruling any day now. stay with news 4 and as we monitor new developments all weekend. this morning, president obama is waking up in las vegas. he signed an executive action there that will change the lives of millions of people living in the u.s. illegally. nbc's kristen welker reports. >> i've come back to del sol to tell you i'm not giving up. i will never give up. i will never give up. >> reporter: a combative president obama chastising republicans for inaction, sweeping immigration reformat del sol high school here in las vegas. >> even republicans who say that they don't want to pass this bill, they're not serious about trying to deport 10, 11 million people. that's all rhetoric. >> reporter: the executive action could spare 12 million
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undocumented immigrants from deportation. >> i feel so excited. so many years waiting for this opportunity for my kids. >> it means my family stays together. >> now my parents will be able to help my brother go to college. >> reporter: a college student and immigration activist has been fighting for this moment. president obama held her up as an example. >> are we a nation that kicks out a striving, hopeful, immigrant? >> this announcement will change so many lives, including my own. >> reporter: but not everyone inside was satisfied. >> not everybody will qualify under this provision. >> reporter: and outside the high school, fierce opposition. >> he wants to give our taxpayer dollars and rights to illegals? why not focus on our own people. >> he's panndering to the hispanic community. hispanics should be very offended. >> reporter: house speaker boehner vows to reverse his actions. but the president shot back. >> you don't need me to call a
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vote to pass a bill. >> that was kristen welker reporting. a sold out crowd for bill cosby. what one fan claims to remember about cosby's backstage habits. short relief for people buried in snow in new york. now they face a new problem, flooding. tis the season for giving where families in need
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well, this morning, people are digging out from all that snow in western new york. many people have been stranded by all the heavy snow. >> that blizzard caused at least 13 deaths and now there's a new
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threat. nbc's rehema ellis reports. >> reporter: emerging from their homes in hamburg for the first time in four days, residents began the enormous task of digging out from seven feet of snow. >> i haven't worked out in a while so it's been a pretty good workout. >> reporter: dozens of roofs like this have collapsed under the heavy weight of several feet of snow. officials now worry that many other buildings with flat roofs are at risk. homeowners aren't taking any chances and are clearing the roofs. were you feeling nervous about the potential for structural damage? >> we heard a little bit of creaking a couple of days. >> reporter: with rising temperatures, a new threat. >> the warming will bring melting. melting will bring water. water will bring floods. >> reporter: fire crews from new york city headed north to help. 1,600 trucks have hauled away 32,000 tons of snow. but the view from the air
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clearly shows that's just the beginning. people struggling to get to work. carl fruhoff was able to make it to work to fill pscriptions for customers in need. you are the only one open. >> exactly. three feet of snow in the parking lot has a lot to do with it. obviously no one can get out. my wife and i own it. we believe we need to be here when people need their medicine. >> reporter: snowmobiles picked up buffalo bills players so they could travel to detroit for monday's relocated game. and in neighborhoods across the city -- >> this is where buffalo is at its finest. everybody is here to help each other out. >> reporter: you didn't think twice about coming out to help your neighbors? >> no, not at all. we do it all the time. >> got to feel for them. that was raheehema ellis report. more than 80 inches of snow fell in that blizzard. more women are coming forward, accusing bill cosby of rape. overwhelming reaction from fans as he took the stage.
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you might be surprised. what's going on, chuck? >> an awfully lot of cold air sitting overhead first thing this morning. cold way to get your weekend started but there's a 70 on the seven-day. we'll talk about it in a few you used to sleep like a champ.
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well, bill cosby went on with the show in florida and
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received a standing ovation as he took the stage. more women came forward and said that he sexually assaulted them years ago. >> reporter: the first protesters showed up before bill cosby took the stage. >> i'm not saying he's guilty. i just am saying enough women have come forward that it needs to be listened to, properly responded to and he needs to come out publicly and address it. >> reporter: another came to his defense. >> i want everybody to know that he is innocent until proven guilty. if he's wrong, then we're going to deal with it. let the courts decide. >> reporter: the king center in melbourne was slammed months ago before the controversy. in recent weeks, several women have come forward, including a boca raton nurse. they accuse cosby of giving them drugs and raping them. >> why are they coming out 18 years later? i don't understand that.
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>> reporter: working behind the scenes at several cosby shows a decade ago. he described what he saw backstage. >> he had two blonds on his arms and the -- i guess his publicist or road manager kind of wooshed them off away into a dressing room. >> reporter: some fans don't want to think about the accusations. they came to see a comedian. >> put that aside and really enjoy the show. >> that was elizabeth harrington reporting. cosby's lawyer released a statement saying the new, never-before-heard claims from women who have come forward have escalated far past the point of absurdity. families can get some needed help this morning for thanksgiving. thanksgiving baskets will be held out at 10:00 am on rhode island avenue northwest. the baskets will be handed out on a officer come, first serve basis. bring your children so you can register them for the church's holiday toy give away on december 20th.
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a big bike ride going on. cranksgiving. >> how about that name? >> cranking up our bikes. savannah guthrie, the whole "today" show team have been talking about it. al and savannah headed to town this morning. melissa, tom, myself, we're bike riding, too, at the georgetown waterfront for this big food drive and scavenger hunt. what's so awesome about this, what we do here benefits our local food charity, miriam's kitchen, which i have volunteered at before. >> love miriam's kitchen. >> wonderful organization. they help so many people around this time when it's so cold outside. they don't have a warm meal. >> i'm only going to tell you this once. >> oh, boy. >> put your helmet on. we're a little concerned about you. >> i'm a little concerned about me, too. >> it's as easy as riding a bike is there that's what they say. but the last bike i rode was a huffy. i said when i brake, i pedal
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backwards? he said that's not how these work and my executive producer e-mailed me saying i hope you don't die. >> maybe we should just wrap her up in bubble wrap and send her out. >> if it was a sunrise ride, i would be worried about you. it is cold out there this morning. by the time we get towards lunchtime, temperatures are up in the 40s. nice recovery coming our way. man, oh, man, is it cold outside this morning. skies are mostly clear. great start to the weekend. on our city camera this morning, early morning sky color starting to appear. sun is up a minute or two before 7:00 am. still waiting on sunrise and cold, cold, cold is the only way to describe it. 27 at reagan national airport. light breeze out of the west-southwest at three miles per hour. that's the one nice thing. at least there's not much of a wind out there. actual air temperatures 18 in gaithersburg, 16 in manassas, 22 in hagerstown. that will get a little bump in
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your step first thing this morning. overall weather impact on today, nice and low. cool afternoon with plenty of sunshine. nothing to worry about. hour by hour. 20s to around 30 degrees by 8:00 am. mid 40s by noon when the cranksgiving ride gets going. nothing too crazy. making a drive down to the grounds of the university of virginia today, miami hurricanes are calling today. 7:00 kickoff. temperatures will be in there. 40 around kickoff. mid 30s by the end of the game. if you're headed toward charlottesville, bundle up. 8:30 to 9:30 hour, who's playing, when and where they're playing at chuck bell 4 or e-mail it to me chuck.bel chuck.bell plenty of sunshine today. cold air out there this morning is in retreat. temperatures will be back up into the 50s to near 60 tomorrow. that does come at a chance for some showers. travel around america the worst
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of it will be across parts of upstate new york where they're trying to get rid of snow right now. this is a little light freezing rain and sleet mix across the buckeye state of ohio. that's where the cold air is entrenched. nothing to worry about. we'll see a few more clouds coming in later this afternoon. not much to worry about. just a chilly and sunny day today. increase in clouds mid to late afternoon. those aren't rain-making clouds. you don't need to worry about that. seasonably cold again overnight tonight into tomorrow. for today, sunshine, cool. temperatures mostly in the 40s today. mostly in the 50s to near 60 tomorrow. noticeably warmer sunday. there will be a chance for showers coming in. probably not until well after dark tomorrow. and most of the rain we're facing is an overnight sunday night into monday morning threat. here is your future weather, then, for tomorrow. skies mostly cloudy during the day. dry through the daylight hours tomorrow. here is future weather at 8:00 tomorrow night. there's that little rain chance
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sneaking in from the south and west. we should be dry here through then. midnight, 1:00 in the morning, we'll have our best chance for seeing rain. it's a late sunday night into predawn monday morning. here is the seven-day then. 40s today, 50s tomorrow. how about a big 7-0 on monday? 70 degrees. what? back into the 50s on tuesday. big travel day wednesday. that could be a little bit of a rain/snow mix. temperatures not below freezing. not expecting big trouble and cold turkey for thanksgiving, you guys. >> 70? >> i'll take it. love 70s. thanks, chuck. coming up, a real-life ballerina and santa are helping the holidays come to life today in d.c. the big event where you can find them. later solving the problem of migraines, the way one local woman got rid of her pain
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so when it comes to shopping, some think alexandria is right up there with new york and san francisco. yeah. small city as part of a campaign. banners along mt. vernon avenue and del rey announced the honor. alexandria was chosen because most of the city's retailers are independently or regionally owned. a number of shoppers will go out of their way to support small local businesses. shoppers can take advantage of
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the special promotions, free gifts on shop small saturday november 29th. of course, that follows black friday. >> that's right. macy's will pull back the curtains and unveil its world famous christmas displays. it begins at 2:00 pm. american ballet theater misty copeland will help with the reveal. and, of course, santa claus himself will be there to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. beginning? i think it's already under way. >> right? with less than a week to go before thanksgiving, nurses at medsurge university hospital very busy collecting canned food for needy families. the nurses have played a big role in nbc 4 food for families campaign, a hot meal with all the trimmings for families in
6:26 am
our area. the nurses hope to can collect at least 7,000 cans of food in 72 hours. everybody pitches in. >> so, in addition to caring for everybody's ailments we also really care for people as a whole and provide, you know, compassionate moments and this is just one example of how we're able to go sort of above and beyond treating everyone's medical issues but also -- >> here is how you can help food 4 families. we'll be collecting nonperishables and money from 6:30 am to pm outside verizon center. now if you would rather make a donation online, you can do so through our secure site at or you can do it the old fashioned way, mail us a check, nbc 4 food 4 families, 4001 nebraska avenue northwest, washington, d.c. ferguson, missouri, this
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weekend. an update in the michael brown case and the star power calling for calm. a crime alert in montgomery county involving phoney utility workers, the specific thing on their vehicles you can spot to foil their plan and turn them into police. we are tracking rain and warmth in our forecast. pretty live shot for you right now. storm team 4's chuck bell will tell you which
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the d.c. track coach will make his first court appearance on sex charges this afternoon. at least three young men accused charles young of abuse when he worked at dunbar high school in western d.c. more than 80 inches of snow on the ground. the blizzard caused at least 13 deaths and kept people stranded in homes and businesses for days. now a new threat of flooding as the snow melts. comedian bill cosby performed at a sold-out venue in florida. two protesters showed up last night. several women have accused cosby of sexual abuse. the new never-before-heard claims from women, his lawyer says, have surpassed the point of absurdity. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm adam tuss.
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it is november 22nd. it is a cold start to the day today. >> things are mostly clear out there, chuck bell. >> they most certainly are. the skies are crystal clear and the winds are light. when you have that setup, temperatures can really freefall. that's exactly what's happen. teens and low 20s across much of the area. very cold air in place. this moisture across ohio will stay just to our north today. we've got a dry start to your weekend. little rain chance coming in later on tomorrow. i'll talk about thatn a couple of more minutes. 14 degrees and 19 degrees, in upperville and winchester. really cold. 27 downtown. most everybody outside the beltway is way into the teens. next couple of hours, 20s through 7:00 am. 30s by 9:00, 40s after 11:00 this morning. great-looking day coming. plenty of sunshine. milder than yesterday. we barely got out of the 30s
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yesterday. today we'll get within a whisper of 50 degrees. milder day tomorrow. temperatures well into the 50s. with the rain chance coming in. more about tomorrow's rain, warm-up and thanksgiving, coming up. >> thanks, chuck. >> right now the grand jury in ferguson, missouri, still meeting to consider charges against the officer that shot and killed michael brown. sports stars and even president obama are calling for calm as the dwragrand jury decides whet or not to indict officer darren wilson. >> reporter: there is an uneasy tension that comes with the waiting here. >> let's just face it. the city is really in a panic at this point. in anticipation of this decision. >> reporter: a decision that many believe will come in weekend from the grand jury, considering charges against police officer darren wilson in the august shooting death of unarmed teen michael brown.
6:33 am
>> i have confidence that we will come through this better and not for worse. >> reporter: but the images of violence in the days after brown's death serve as both a painful reminder and a warning here. >> to hurt others and destroy property is not the answer. >> reporter: brown's father, michael brown sr., has called for calm regardless of the grand jury's decision. >> together -- >> together. >> together -- >> reporter: local sports stars and attorney general eric holder don't mention ferguson but they're also calling for peace. boarded up businesses in this community right now. familiar cry from protesters echoed in the days since brown's death. >> they're different hands, different people, different ages, different races is basically to say we need all the people, no matter who they are, no matter what color they are, to stand together. >> reporter: and so many hope no matter what the grand jury says.
6:34 am
jay gray, nbc news, ferguson. ahead of the grand jury's announcement, local and state police are meeting with 50 protest groups to discuss rules of engagement to keep things safe. police agreed that excessive force will not be tolerated. in return, they are encouraging protesters to discourage violence against police and local businesses. working to find out if the brooklyn district attorney's office will file charges against an nypd officer for killing a man. peter leon shot and killed a 28-year-old unarmed man at a brooklyn project yesterday. he and another officer were on foot patrol in a dimly lit stairwell when a man and his girlfriend walked into that stairwell. ylang heard a noise, turned and fired his gun. the victim was shot in the chest, and died at the hospital. the new york city police department and mayor are calling
6:35 am
the shooting an accident. thieves have been posing as utility workers and later breaking into homes. the burglars may be from out of town, using cars with license plates from ohio, pennsylvania and north carolina. police say they use women as lookouts and coordinate using walkie talkies and target certain homes while the owner is away. more than a dozen incidents were reported in september and october. if you notice any suspicious behavior, call montgomery county police. today, police will canvas the neighborhood looking for clues in the death of a postal worker in maryland. tyson barnett was shot and killed while delivering mail. he was working in the fairmont area after dark when the shooting happened. there is a $125,000 reward in this case. the canvassing will happen starting at 9:00 this morning. students at university of virginia marched on campus to demonstrate their anger over what they call a rape culture on
6:36 am
campus n a rolling stone article a woman claim she was raped by seven fraternity brothers during 2012. once a member of that fraternity, phi kapa si. letters were sent promising to address issues raised in the article. following a developing story out of ohio this morning. a pregnant woman and three others were murdered overnight inside a cleveland home. the victims include two men and two women. one of the women was six months pregnant. a 10-year-old girl was also shot but she is expected to survive. police say they don't have any suspects right now. now to a chilling crime confession you'll see only on news 4. for the first time, we're hearing from a local marine veteran who killed his wife, in his own words. it was a crime that put a spotlight on domestic violence. bureau chief julie kerry has
6:37 am
audio of that confession. the details you're about to hear are graphic. >> it's obviously painful that she's gone. just walk us through it. >> shortly after fairfax county detective spoke those words, caleb crew gave in and described in chilling detail how he killed his wife, andrea, mother of their two young daughters. this family photo was snapped weeks before she died. he tells detectives the couple had gone to court, a previous domestic charge against him was dropped. on the way home, they argued. he stopped the jeep in a parking lot. she threatened to call 911. >> she did start to call 911. i took the phone. i grabbed her out of her chair by her throat. she only weighs 112 pounds. strangled her in the backseat. first thing i said, i said good-bye. i knew once i went down that path i couldn't go back. she said, please, caleb.
6:38 am
i started crying but i couldn't stop. >> crew tells detectives though his wife lays lifeless, he checked and felt a pulse. he took off the tie he wore to court and wrapped it around her neck. >> when you say you put it on, where. >> around her neck. >> tightly? >> yeah. >> why? >> to finish the job. >> later that night, crew strapped a backpack filled with weights to his wife's body and threw her in the river. >> what was the purpose of the backpack. >> to take her to the bottom. >> reporter: crew tells detectives his biggest worry were the couple's two young daughters, one just 11 months old. >> i was thinking i don't know how else i'll live life after this, but i don't want to -- you know, i don't want to mess up the girls' life. of course, i already have. and thinking i have to cover it
6:39 am
up. >> julie kerry, news 4 today. a local woman, chronic migraines are solved with a surprising method. what you can do to ease pain without taking medication. and also without seeing a doctor. another industry could soon be bubbling up. we'll tell you why the beer industry could soon explode right here in our area. and the part of your forecast that could include 70-degree weather. stay with us.
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this morning, we are helping changing minds when it comes to treating migraines. imagine having severe headaches every single day for years and nothing will stop them. that's what happened to one virginia woman. >> she then found a treatment that really worked for her. news 4's doreen gentzler reports. >> you're suffering from this horrible pain. i couldn't get away from it. i couldn't make it stop.
6:42 am
>> reporter: nearly two years, 28-year-old sonya lamkin suffered from severe migraines, 24/7, it left her feeling helpless, stressed out and plain miserable. >> i felt completely out of control. i felt like a victim. i don't know if i got fully depressed but definitely very sad. >> reporter: after visiting half a dozen doctors and undergoing countless brain scans and mris, nobody could find the cause. running out of options, she decided to start looking at things from a different perspective. she stopped seeing so many doctors and started meeting with a therapist. >> often times happens with migraine sufferers, they feel completely out of control because they can't stop it. >> reporter: her therapist, olga blach, says therapy might not necessarily cure migraines, but she says it can help patients identify and avoid patterns and triggers that often precede the painful headaches. it also helps patients deal with the stress of having so much
6:43 am
pain, which can cause the migraines to get even worse. >> what exacerbates migraines often times is not only the anticipatory anxiety but also the fear of will i be able to withstand this pain? >> reporter: olga blach says learning coping mechanisms, breathing, visualizing calming scenarios, like a beach or smelling something that has a tranquil effect. >> the therapy, specifically, has been one of the largest aspects that has helped me. it's really changed my perspective on almost everything. >> reporter: sonya is using other treatments, including massage, and seeing a chiropractor. but she says since she started therapy, it's helped her control the pain and frequency of her migraines. she now only has them every few weeks. >> it's a whole transformation. the beautiful thing is, it's really because of my migraines that i've gone through this transformation. >> reporter: doreen gentzler,
6:44 am
news 4. >> the strategy that worked for sonya's migraines can help with other kinds of chronic pain. we posted more information about mental health and therapy on our special changing minds page on
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the "today" show is next on nbc 4. let's find out what they're working on. >> erica hill and lester holt
6:47 am
join us. >> good morning. >> we're live in ferguson, missouri, where the town is on edge, waiting for a grand jury to decide if a police officer will be charged for fatally shooting the teenager there as the president calls for calm. we'll have the latest. >> two standing ovations for bill cosby at a soldout show in florida last night. this, as the number of women claiming he sexually assaulted them grows this morning we'll speak exclusively to one of the accusers. >> a window washer is recovering after falling to the ground from 11 stories up. how did he survive? then we all love our pets. it's that kind of unconditional love you can't put a price on. what if your dog went missing? this morning you'll meet a woman who has shelled out more than $35,000 trying to find her lost dog. >> those stories and much more as we get started on a saturday morning on "today." adam and angie, back to you. >> thanks so much, guys. >> thanks, guys. twitter and our own mark seagraves helped to crack the
6:48 am
missing food truck from alexandria. it was stolen from a factory yesterday morning. the owner tweeted with the crime asking for help. paul thomas responded to our tweet and said the truck was across the street from his office in forestville, maryland. the truck had been there all day but he didn't even realize it was stolen until he saw mark seagraves report on news 4 at 6:00. >> always getting stuff done. very good. there's a beer boom in northern virginia. number of craft breweries are growing. the lucketts mill hop works will be the largest in the area and on the east coast. it's an essential ingredient in beer. they have to be brewed or processed within two hours of harve harvest. this facility will encourage farmers to plant them and offer a new source for their product. >> we're trying to bring back to the east coast a strong hops movement where we have a local product that can go into our
6:49 am
local beers and virginia can support their beer habit and we're just trying to mend that gap. >> now the state presented a grand check for the company to get started. loudon county is also chipping in. owners hope that the plant will be up and running by next fall. good luck to them. i think the whole panel up here enjoys a beer. >> that's right. can't complain about that. join team 4 to end hung remember. st. jude walk begins at 9:00 am this morning with an opening ceremony. erika gonzalez is emcee'ing the event. treatments invented at st. jude's have helped to push the cancer survival rate from 20% to more than 80%. pretty phenomenal. >> very cool. >> such a great cause. >> love st. jude's. >> one of the few charities i honestly have given to every year since i got out of college. i so strongly believe in
6:50 am
childhood cancer research. they do amazing work and never charge anyone whose kid is there sick. >> they're making strides. >> you bet. >> going to a good cause. >> go on down to the mall. give them a shoutout and write them a check in time for christmas. cold start this morning. you may want to jog in place inside your house to get things warmed up before you head out. otherwise, be ready to be dressed in layers for a real chill this morning. sunshine start to finish today, that's the good news. bad news? it's awfully cold out there first thing this morning. most locations are in the teens. national airport, typical, one of our warm spots at 27 now. light southwesterly breeze at three miles an hour. getting away from the warming influence of the potomac, temperatures have been in a freefall overnight. 19 in leesburg. even way down into st. mary's county, temperatures near 20 degrees. 19 fredericksburg, 14 in
6:51 am
culpeper. teens and low 20s this morning. hourly temperature? full sunshine today. pleasant enough rise in temperatures, mid to upper 40s. some areas south and west of the metro area will probably touch 50 grease briefly this afternoon. virginia tech h. kies are on the road in winston-salem, game time temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50 in north carolina. hopefully a win for them. you want your game on our 8:30 to 9:30 hour, tell me who's playing, when and where they're playing @chuckbell 4 or chuckbell4 meanwhile, turning into a quiet saturday night. low 40s going out to dinner time. coming home from the movies, temperatures will be in the upper 30s. it will be cold. not a lot of unsettled weather for us to deal with. light sleet and freezing rain in ohio is headed up into northern pennsylvania and, unfortunately, into western new york. places that have 80 inches of snow on the ground now will have
6:52 am
rain going into that. so that weight on the roofs could really cause a lot of structural failures. hopefully they'll get the roofs clean cleaned off. chilly sunshine. temperatures still running about 5 to 7 degrees cooler than average and seasonably cold again tonight. nowhere near as cold as it is first thing this morning. 48 in frederick, maryland. 46 in hagerstown. pleasant enough day to be on the outside. then for tonight, again, we're in the teens and 20s now. so 20s to low 30s tomorrow morning. noticeably milder start. tomorrow during the day, a fair amount of sunshine early on. clouds will be increasing tomorrow afternoon. rain chances sneaking into the metro. but probably not until after 7:00 or 8:00 tomorrow night. so a fairly nice day tomorrow. there's that little hint of a rain chance after 8:00. rain likely late sunday night into the early morning predawn hours of monday. there you go. 40s today. 50s tomorrow. there is a 70 on the seven-day.
6:53 am
that's monday. get out and soak it all in, everybody. cooler weather returns tuesday. rain mixed with a wet snowflake but thanksgiving itself looks great. >> snowflake and 70 in the same forecast, chuck? >> love it. >> doesn't make sense. lebron james versus the lebron james versus the wizards and a nats pitcher
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everyone. wizards back on the hardwood when they visit the bucs. this town still buzzing against their huge win against the cavs. lebron swrams back in town. wizards, cavs, rivalry renewed. in lebron's first go around with cleveland. who the king of d.c. is. wahl took over the third quarter with his game-high scoring. redskins out in san francisco for their match-up with the niners tomorrow. trent williams questionable with injuries to his knee and ankle. williams did not practice this week but did make the flight to the west coast and will be re-evaluated before kickoff. over in baseball, we say good-bye to adam laroche. he signed a two-year, $25 million deal with the chicago white sox. nats declined his option earlier this offseason. he has been with the club the last four seasons and hit 26
6:57 am
homers in 2014. don't forget, maryland football out in ann arbor taking on michigan. kickoff for that one is at 3:30. that's a look at your morning sports. hope your saturday is a good one. >> okay. we want to bundle up. we want you to come out to the georgetown waterfront around 11:00 to see us off for today's cranksgiving. al roker, savannah guthrie will be there. we are riding to help fight hunger. everything will benefit miriam's kitchen. we would love to see all of you out there. >> very cool. we're back in 25 minutes with a local news update. join us
6:58 am
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good morning. fears in ferguson. the fbi is investigating this morning on whether two men arrested on weapons charges were getting explosives. show of support. bill cosby receiving two standing ovations on friday night despite the growing number of women who claim he sexually assaulted him. we will speak exclusively with one of the accusers over what happened to her 25 years ago. fall from the sky. a window an washer plunges to the ground from 11 stories up. >> i saw a black shadow coming from the sky and i just started


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