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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 25, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. now at 11:00, thousands of national guard troops in ferguson, missouri trying to keep the peace there. tonight the police officer at the center of the controversy made his first public comments
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since the shooting of michael brown. we're also live at white house where protester march for a second straight night shutting down streets in d.c. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. first tonight a winter storm warning for parts of our area. rain and for some of us snow just a couple hours away. it's all coming on one of the busiest travel days of the year forcing people to change plans at the last second. >> watching the storm come out and really start to develop right now. a lot of moisture with this storm. we're going to see a lot of rain out of this. take a look at the storm as we move over the next couple whos you will notice the storm making its way from the south and the cold air moving in. this is what we will see during
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the day tomorrow, starting as rain and changing to snow most areas west of i-95 with accumulation off to the west. that's something we will continue to watch. winter storm warnings out west. i will tell you more in a couple minutes. >> thank you doug. seems the weather is effecting the travel plans, bumper to bumper travel lasted much longer tonight, crowds leaving early to avoid the weather tomorrow. we're in montgomery county. >> seemed like a lot of people hit i-270 at the same time. steady traffic heading north bound on i 270 from rockville to frederick there was a solid line of cars moving slowly sometimes
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stopped from late afternoon into the evening. after a bumper to bumper crawl, frederick is where many decided to take a break. many weary travellers changed their plans in hopes of avoiding the bad weather. >> we were in myrtle beach and hit traffic about 3:00 so we've been in traffic for well over three hours. >> instead of leaving wednesday we figured the traffic would be better but it's not. >> really bad. >> for these two guys the hours of forced family bonding led to usual civil disagreements. >> he smashed me with a hammer. >> not a real hammer. >> you could say is that. >> and so they very obviously needed that time out. you will want to pack yus
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patience for this trip. i-270 behind me still busier than normal at 11:00. in ferguson, missouri tonight there are three times national troops on the ground as last night to allow peaceful protests to go on. we have new remarks from officer darren wilson as well. >> let's first give you an idea of what it looks like on the ground in ferguson, missouri tonight. a lot calmer than last night. these are protesters setting a police cruiser on fire moments ago not far from the ferguson police department. in therehave been some arrests, some smoke, some things thrown at the police, for the first time tonight we're getting a
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firsthand account from the man who pulled the trigger. officer darren wilson. he says michael brown punched him several times. when he finally pulled his gun wilson said brown grabbed it and attempted it to turn it on him then it became life or death and he sayse's confident he did what he had to do. >> is there anything that you could have done differently that would have prevented that killing from taking place. >> no. i have a clean conscience about that. i did my dad. >> he stead was the first time ever he fired his gun on the job and he know there's nothing he could say to help the brown family feel better. they will be pursuing charges. the president spoke to a crowd in chicago saying the frustrations are not about a
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single incident but come from deep, rooted mistrust from law enforcement in some communities, despite that mistrust, the president said the people looting should be prosecuted. >> burning buildings, torching cars, destroying property, putting people at risk, th's destructive and there's no excuse for it. to those people who are constructively moving forward, i want all those folks to know that their president is going to work with them. >> the president has asked the justice department to some regional meetings focused on building more trust. and he will hold meetings next week regarding that. right now protests consider across the country. here's video from new york city, cleveland, atlanta, and minneapolis, it's been mostly peaceful. a car did run over a protester's leg in minneapolis.
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a large crowd marched toward china uf china town towards the white house. we are live with more on the tone of tonight's protest. >> well, first let me tell you that these protesters have been very peaceful. it started at mt. vernon square, moved to china town and now we're at the white house. they are wrapping up the protests right now. they are chanting. waving signs. at one point they sat in the middle of the street. many of them are filled with remotion demanding justice for michael brown. now we will show video from where this protest first started. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> hand up. >> don't shoot. >> like everyone else i'm upset about what is going on especially being from st. louis.
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>> he grew up in ferguson, missouri. tonight he protests a grand jury decision made in his own town. officer darren wilson was not indicted in the shooting death of michael brown. >> it was saddened. it touched me a lot. i cried last night. >> he along with 2,000 people started the protest at mt. vernon square in d.c. >> this is a system that is not broken. it is a system that is made not to work for us. >> people in this diverse crowd hold sign that's read, black lives matter, no justice no peace, and end racial profiling. >> it is important to address racial injustice everywhere. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> right now the protesters have taken it to the streets walking towards china town.
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you can see them right here many of them have their hands up saying, hands up, don't shoot. >> please should not be shooting unarmed young men. >> organized events like this bring awareness. >> well we just found out that the next protests will be on saturday. georgetown at noon. some protesters plan on protesting black friday and cyber monday. live outside the white house. ne 4. thanks. there's new information about funeral aranrangements for mari barry, viewing will be followed by funeral services at walter washington conventional center
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and burral on capitol hill, not clear if it is public or private. also new, a child is in the hospital after getting shot in southeast just after 6:00 tonight on call prays place. the victim is a young girl. police are looking for a four-door black honda. no word what led up to that shooting or who the gunman might be. man was shot multiple times near eleanor roosevelt hospital. police haven't released information about his condition. at 11:00, stress, inso many kneeia, weight gain, and worse. >> it was a nightmare. >> all the ways a toxic boss can impact your health. smash and grab at a local jewelry store. four guys armed with a sledge
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hammer. and a local singer survives. how ryan sill was saved
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we have a live update in ferguson. >> earlier we showed protesters setting cruisers on fire, that car is still smoking. unlike last night when there was a lot of gunfire, firefighters tonight were able to get to that car and able to get to fires and put them out before the car was consumed.
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15 buildings and several cars were destroyed by fires last night because the firefighters couldn't get through the crowds and there was gunfire that put them at risk. back to you. >> thank you wendy. a smash and grab at a jewelry store in town center in sterling at the phynx julie store. this group of men got away with a lot of high end watches. robbers left the scene in a stolen older model jeep cherokee. having a difficult boss could make you miserable at work but for some could actually harm your health. more on the impact of toxic bosses. >> ever had a boss hostile, abrasive, hyper critical, or just plain nasty? over time they could take a toll on your health.
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your body's stress hormones can ma make you sick. what a toxic boss can do to your body. >> coming to work was like getting your tooth pulld. >> for two years she endured a boss she said literally made her sick. >> constant migraines and nose bleeds from the stress. >> stress in workplace is familiar in many workplaces. there's a study between a link of lack of control to perceives unfairness to weight gain mielt make you feel jittery or depressed or have heart disease or even dieing from heart disease. >> dr. allen taylor seen chronic
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stress do the most damage to patients and all comes to control. >> how much control do you have in the situation. can you get away from it. permanent stress he that you can never get away from is the worse. >> she says her boss was coming down on her personally and nothing she did was right. >> i was a nervous wreck. i cried. i cried -- i cried daily. he made me document all of my time. from the time i came in until the time i left. >> she said her boss her his favorites and she wasn't one. >> i felt isolated, like i wasn't part of the team. >> the physical toll became so bad it was effecting her balance. >> i was feeling funny off balance and doctors said your thyroid is off balance because of stress. >> she says the environment became so toxic she finally left
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and got another job. >> i felt free. i felt free! >> she found confiding in a colleague helped her. >> they knew where i was coming from. i talked to them about it. they knew. they could see the tension in my eye. they could feel the body language. just confiding in both of them really helped me. >> now what else can help you reduce your workplace stress, experts say try medication, exercise, avoid caffeine and alcohol and seek counselling if you need it. in the end it may come down to leaving your job if again you feel that stress is permanent. for some it says about two months into the new job before she started feeling herself again that could vary, between months and even years. >> thank you jim. a live look at reagan national airport and the delay map on
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most of the problems to the south but will change tomorrow cancellations are possible from d.c. to new york. some airlines dropping change fees for people flying in and out of northeast. check out the lines inside the national airport earlier today to get through security. expect to see more of this tomorrow on one of the busiest travel days of the year. seems like a lot of people listened to the weather forecast and decided to leave early. >> and tomorrow even if we're getting just rain i think i-95 will be mostly a rain event but if a little bit of know moves in, you know how the beltway could be with the rain, and tomorrow we could get a lot of it. temperatures sitting at 51 degrees, still very warm, would have to go down another 15 degrees before getting snow around our region and we have a ways to go.
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35 petersburg, west virginia, that's the cold air trying to move in. the temperatures in frederick have come up in the last couple hours we need them to go down if any of that rain will develop to snow. we do have some rain most of which hasn't reached the ground yet just light showers around southern portions of maryland. the whole system half inch to an inch of total liquid will make its way up across the region moving through the night. here we are at 7:00 a.m. just about everyone dealing with rain to start for rush hourp tomorrow morning. it will be rain back to the west. this is where we're talking about snow along i-81, definitely a probably spot. look what happens around 11:00, snow moves in towards d.c. metro area, still rain.
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looking at snow towards frederick and winchester. this is when we will see snow accumulate and also rain south and east. some of the rain on the heavy side around noon, to 2:00. i'm not expecting the airport or even downtown to see much accumulating snow at all this will be mostly a rain event. the advisory, just west of d.c., through about 6:00 tomorrow evening. roads wet, maybe slushy at times, rain to snow with accumulation on the grassy surfaces. to the west could see more problem, three to six inches likely. more in higher elevations. roads could become slick so give yourself extra time. i-95 southeast all rain, not a big issue.
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back towards montgomery county less than an inch of rain, that's about it. one to three in leesburg, frederick. it is that three to six inch range along i-81 making your way west. falling temperatures tomorrow. 39 on thursday. temperatures will moderate back to 58 degrees during the day on sunday. >> thanks doug. sports coming up. and major news about
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>> jay has been hinting at this all week and we've all been trying to read between the lines and espn is reporting that robe robert griffin third is benched, last week only threw 106 yards sacked 11 times in last two games. colt mccoy will replace him. still lots more to this. what's this mean for rg3's time here in washington. we'll find out tomorrow when both jay gruden and robert
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griffith, iii have a press conference tomorrow. wizards couldn't find their groove against atlanta. late in the first quarter, wiz down six. john wall with the drive gets the bucket and foul making it happen with contact, 21 points, 13 assists for him tonight. third quarter wiz down two. wall over a paul pierce, steps up, knocks this one down. 14 points for him tonight. pierce now, 17th all time on the nba-scoring list. tied at 41 the late in the quarter wizards turn it over. teeg hawks up three. couple minutes later gets the floater to go, game high 28 point forz him hawks beat the wizards 106-102. terps take on ohio state.
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first half, layman buries the three maryland up by four points, less than a minute later, freshman knocks down the three, terps up three at the half. second half maryland up by five. up the floor to layman, takes his time here, two handed jam. fires up the terps bench gets everyone going. right now maryland leads iowa state with under one minute left 69-63 right now. >> it's a good team. >> good for maryland to have some freshman that could play. i didn't expect this. i thought they were going to
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>> sterling, virginia native ryan sill has advanced to the top eight. after landing in the bottom three he landed almost 50% of the audience vote to make it into the next round. top eight will compete next monday here on nbc 4. hometown guyful. hometown guy. >> tomorrow morning whether it is rain or snow the rain will come down heavily.
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there's still going to be issues, it's going to be a mess on the beltway. watch what happens at 11:00, the cold air rushing in. half the viewing area seeing snow the other have seeing heavy rain. there you go. ♪ [instrumental music] ♪
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bill o'reilly, lorde,


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