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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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best deals of the season. >> first you will need a jacket as you head outside. a bit of a freeze. it will feel even colder for you. amelia siegel tracking conditions in the day ahead. >> a high temperature of only 40 degrees. here's the latest on the satellite and radar. no clouds in the d.c. metro or points east. looking back at the west, cloudiness in frederick and loudoun counties. breezy conditions throughout the day. it's making it feel colder than it actually is. the temperature is 35 degrees. but the windchill is 28. we're going to be dealing with the windchill factor throughout the day today. if you're going for the morning run, maybe working on the thanksgiving day, temperatures will warm up.
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8:00 a.m., low 30s. 10:00 a.m., upper 30s. this is where we hang out for the remainder of the day. coming up in 10 minutes, i'll going to be walking you through your feels-like temperature. when you factor in the winds, how it will actually be feeling. maybe getting some holiday decorations at the stores. definitely want to bundle up. send things over to alexis. what's the latest on the roads. >> good morning. we are still looking good traveling on the beltway in virginia and maryland. no trouble spots to report. we have an accident westbound king street between beauregard and 395. it is an accident with minor injuries. 22nd between savannah and southern avenue, that is still closed due to an investigation on an early morning shooting. headlights heading into the
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beltway. no delays. alexis, thank you. many of you got a head start on the early deals just like stores like this around the area. and you're going back at it today. we will let you know what it's looking like at the malls very, very early. megan mcgrath is live at springfield mall, fairfax county. hi, megan. >> yeah. i am parked right outside the main door. it was beautiful. if you don't like crowds, now is an excellent time to shop if you don't mind get out of bed and walking in the dark. it is very, very quiet and low key here. many of the malls in the area, including springfield town center, they actually opened yesterday. they opened here at 6:00 on thanksgivi. so people got an early jump on
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the holiday shopping. there are lots of black friday deals. they have been talk to go shoppers. they say that's what they're looking for. she really is finding a lot of discounts on clothes. >> looked at the prices and compared to it to other days when i came shopping here. it is $10 less than last week. i was like, okay, i'll buy it. >> while it's terribly busy, we are expecting more stores to open up. kay jewelers folks have just showed up. they are preparing to open their doors soon. we are expecting more and more as the morning wears on. more shoppers to show up and do a little damage with their credit cards. back to you in the studio. >> i'm expecting some bling,
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megan mcgrath. >> we did find shoppers taking advantage of the early black friday deals. montgomery mall opened at 6:00 yesterday. keep an eye out for merry makers. they will surprise shoppers with unexpected acts of kindness, including treats and cafe. sam's club, t.j. maxx, marshall's and burlington open at 7:00. costco at 9:00 a.m. >> tweet us your pics. while online, check out a new holiday gift guide on new, fire forced a family of five out of their gaithersburg home. firefighters say it looks like this fire started in the basement and quickly spread to the rest of the house.
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the good news is nobody was hurt. >> today you can pay your respects to d.c.'s former mayor, marion barry. it is on display at the wilson building. it is where barry will lie in repose 24 hours next wednesday. the public procession ends in southeast. he white house christmas tree will be delivered today. 18 and a half foot douglas fir will grace the blue room. it will be presented to the first family this morning at the north portico of the white house. it is the most wonderful time of year in alexandria. the city will light its christmas tree today.
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special performances by local choirs and high school groups and will include a special visit from mr. and mrs. claus. protecting your personal information as you do your holiday shopping. tips that could help keep you from becoming a hacking victim when you pull out the credit card. a new push to get you to use the icc. the new proposal that could make that trip more affordable. a cool start to the day. change is on the horizon. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel is tracking a warmup in our future
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this morning there are some calls to lower the tolls on the inter county connector. not many people choose to go drive on the icy sea and are
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clogging up back roads. it runs from i-270 to route 1 in laurel. it will cost you $4.40. vdot is working, making sure you get in and out of the shopping mall a little bit faster. some of the traffic lights have been re-timed. vdot says it collected a lot of data last year and is using that to make traffic run better this year. it will be used to make adjustments in real-time. >> this is a great idea. you know how tough it is to get out of the mall parking lot. >> i live by the tysons area. i often go because it's so close there that's why. >> because it's so close. >> people are out there with lights directing traffic. it is risky. they move them in and out. they do a wonderful job. >> need the sunglasses as you
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head out today. >> we will get the sun but not much warmth from it. >> when you factor in the winds, temperatures are in the 30s. it feels like temperatures are in the 20s. here's the current windchill in your neighborhood. 23 in hagerstown. 21, gaithersburg. 28 in washington. we're going to continue to deal with this windchill tactor throughout the day today. future feels-like temperature 19 degrees in gaithersburg within the next hour as the winds increase. this afternoon at bt feeling like temperatures in the upper 20s, low 30s. so it is cold today, colder than it was yesterday. heading into the evening hours, temperatures cold on their own. more details on the weekend forecast. for now, alexis has the latest on the car fire in the district. >> north capital northeast at
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rhode island avenue, the northbound lanes of our capitol street closed. the southbound lanes have just opened. it is pretty congested there. beauregard and 395, the accident still remains. police and ems on the scene. an accident with minor injuries. northbound 95 from prince william parkway to the best way, 13 minutes. building volume around the malls near 270. >> left in the dark on the holidays. after some winter weather. buying a new car is a black friday trend.
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shoppers around the region are out and about trying to score some holiday bargains on this black friday. a live look at activity around the springfield town center. more details later in the show >> meanwhile, security breaches at popular retailers may have you feeling a little skittish when using your credit card. an inside look at how criminals crack the system and how you can protect yourself. . audrey shops target three times a week. we met her at the height of last year's target breach. she found $1,000 in fraudulent charges. >> i have one pair of men's pants and five gift cards at $200 each.
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>> there were 691 breach investigations. we got the number from the trustwave global security report. >> it's fraud. criminals are trying to get your or my financial information. >> according to the report the retail industry has been compromised more than any. constantly looking for flaws in their systems. >> if the companies put in a security feature they will try to find a a way. >> security breaches can occur when they don't change a user name and password. home depot claims its breach who got a hold of third party vendor names and passwords. >> in addition to the payment card data stolen, separate files were also taken during that
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breach. >> special agent cathy malko showed us some of the devices they use to steal credit card information. this uses fake credit cards. then this skimmer, a device criminals attach to an atm or gas pump to steal credit and debit card numbers. at this cheesecake factory in northwest d.c., three servers used a skimmer on customer credit card back in 2010 and stole 90 minutes. >> it can transmit to the criminal who may be sitting two blocks away from his or her car. therefore, you don't ever see them. >> via bluetooth. >> it can be downloaded to a computer and tkpeufrpb around
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the world 600 stolen numbers can sell for $24,000. what can you do to protect yourself? for starters, use one credit candor around the holidays. >> you can quickly monitor your statement and all the transactions are in one place. >> next, contact your credit card company and set up alerts. >> if it's a transaction done online, i want an alert sent to my phone. >> change passwords now and immediately after the holiday season. >> there's no 100% way for any of us to be safe nowadays. what you can do is try to manage your risk. >> erika gonzalez, news 4. we are watching breaking news right now out of austin, texas. taking a live look at pictures of the scene unfolding. nbc news confirmed that a police officer shot a man after he
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reportedly fired shot at police headquarters and multiple other buildings in the city. nbc station kxan was checking out a bomb. we are working to learn more and will bring you more details as they come in. a black friday boycott. demonstrators holding their hands, walking through a mall there. the group is upset over the grand jury's ruling not to indict an officer in the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. today's protest is dubbed no justice, no profit. the group plans to hold a similar protest through sunday. nypd arrested seven people for disorderly conduct after a scuffle broke out. one protesters tried to run towards a float on the parade
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route. the group was upset over the michael brown ruling. they organized yesterday's protest through twitter. they used the hashtag stop the parade >> right now people are still digging out from the thanksgiving eve snowstorm. 345,000 customers from maine to west virginia are still without power. 180,000 outages are in new hampshire. take a look at this. icy roads are to blame for a 50 car chain reaction in niagara, new york. melt pull people to to go to the hospital. none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. good time to remind as we get into the colder months when you are dealing with black ice.
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>> you will want to skier in the direction of the skid. typically that's the best way to handle the situation. >> good news, we are not dealing with any of that here. >> it is going to be cold. 40 degrees. breezy at times throughout the day. definitely need a jacket. maybe even a hat. but sunglasses as well. storm team 4 radar, tracking a little bit of snow shower activity that made its way from pennsylvania, frederick and washington countys. the sun comes up at 7:00 a.m. it will burn off. for the most part, the roads not impacted by the showers.
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the d.c. metro area, clear skies right now. # again, after that threat of snow showers comes to an end by the mid morning hours. temperatures in the 30s. when you factor in the wind, it feels like temperatures in the 20s throughout 38 by 11:00 a.m. breezy at 2:00. we hit our high temperature of 40. tomorrow is a touch warmer. high of 46. mostly cloudy tomorrow morning. by afternoon, partly sunny skies. a chill in the air. sunday looking like the better weekend day. next chance of rain monday night, into tuesday. alexis is still tracking the vehicle on fire in the district. what's the latest? good morning, amelia. the vehicle fire in the district
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is at capitol street northeast at rhode island avenue. the northbound lanes are still blocked. southbound lanes have blocked. beauregard and 395, we are still seeing delays in that area. taking a look now at 95 in maryland right around 212, very low volume on the road. again, 270 out of frederick looking good as well. wonder what you're getting for christmas this year? google probably knows. some of the top searched gifts search said apple's i tads and xbox big sellers this holiday season. game consoles are top of the list. american girl, lego friends are some of the top toys being sevened right now. >> if your holiday shopping list includes something with wheels,
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you picked a good time to buy. before you sign on the dotted line for that loan, there is something you should know. nationwide 2014 has been the year of full show rooms and surging sales for car dealers. something else, much bigger and longer loans. loans used to average three years. today it runs five and a half years. even longer for teresa who signed a six-year loan at 2011 to put her college son into is a toyota tundra. >> we wanted a i good product, something that would last a long time with a nice payment. >> why the longer loans? good cars are simply more expensive today. the low rates are making it possible for buyers to drive away in more expensive cars that used to be out of reach. the average car loan is now $27,000. with good credit, five and a half year loans are averaging 3.2%. total cost of financing, $2,500.
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the cost of financing jumps to $4,000. the good news, toyota dealer scott adams said cars are lasting longer than ever before. the risk some people are buying more car than they can afford. >> if you're the kind of consumer who is likely going to want to be back in the market in two or three years and get something new, then chances are you will likely be upside-down when you buy the the next car. >> and cars depreciate the minute they are driven off the lot. put down a bigger down payment and shorter loans. this little guy turning up on thanksgiving day. the efforts by the fire crew to
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reunite him with his owners. returning home after their holiday celebrations are interrupted my fire. >> cool and breezy start to the day. high temperatures you can expect in your neighborhood. that's when we check weather and traffic on the
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shoppers around the region trying to score holiday bargains. springfield town center was open through the night. more on the deals she has found. that's in about 15 minutes. before you head out to the malls, you may want to grab the jacket. >> a light breeze is going to make the cool morning feel even colder. amelia siegel is tracking a warmup for our future. she is here with your neighborhood highs. good morning, amelia. >> good morning, angie and richard. high temperatures through the the weekend will climb. a high temperature of only 40.
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colder than yesterday. 15 degrees below normal this time of year. colder outside. right now on storm team 4 radar, light snow made its way from pennsylvania into our area. frederick and washington counties. light activity in loudoun. this is going to fizzle out. this will die down. by 8:00, 9:00, it's not going to be an issue. when i add in the clouds, satellite and radar image, d.c. metro through most of northern virginia, southern maryland looking at clear skies. frederick counties, areas back to the west, cloudiness this morning. maybe a few flurries. once we get past 9:00 a.m., plenty of sunshine as well. 40 for those of new washington. i'll have your forecast if you plan on a christmas tree or
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holiday lights. we will send things over to alexis, continue to go track a vehicle on fire in the district. what's the latest? >> that's right, amelia. north capitol street northeast at rhode island avenue, a vehicle fire. one of the northbound lanes has just opened. southbound lanes are open. we are down to one lane open, one lane closed. taking a live look here in at leesburg outlit. lots of open parking spaces. elsewhere on the roads, 395 north at duke street, seeing a little bit more volume. richard and angie. >> thanks so much. d.c. police investigating two overnight stabbings. police say a map was stabbed in the chest. he is expected to be okay. now, in a separate incident a
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woman was stabbed in southeast on savannah street. . hoping to return home after a massive fire tore through a prince george's county apartment building. this happened along good hope avenue in temple hills. take a look at the cell phone video. the fire on the second floor sent thick smoke throughout the building. it was so bad they jumped from the fifth floor to the fourth floor and so on. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. >> take a look. two people crashed their suv into a frozen pond. the car slid off the road yesterday. that layer of ice saved the two people inside the the car. it kept the suv from plunging into the freezing water there. emergency crews helped to get the two people out before the ice melts it >> this morning supreme court stice ruth bader ginsburg is
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back home. paramedics took her to med star where they discovered a blockage in her right coronary artery. she expects to be back at work on monday. black friday in full swing. the mad dash for deals actually began last night while many ofu thanksgiving dinner. toys "r" us one of the many stores that opened up early today. right, molette? >> hey, yes. we are here at toys "r" us in gaithersburg. oh, my goodness. the second wave of shoppers starting to come in now. because a peurpbtly there are 7:00 a.m. ads that will roll out nationwide with 50% off. i didn't know this is such a big deal. i want to show you what the hottest stuff is.
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zoomerdino. monster high very popular, especially with my kids. i'm a mother with two girls. here's the deal, these shoppers, some of them were here last night when the store opened at 5:00 p.m. they left after they bought up the stuff on sale. they're back for the 7:00 a.m. deals. that's pretty incredible. they are prepared to spend hundreds of dollars to make this a happy holiday season and of course to add to the black friday totals. we are live at the toys "r" us in gaithersburg. back to you. >> santa needs a little help every now and then. >> looks like she's having fun out there. >> if you are looking for a new furry friend, today might be your lucky day. celebrating black friday with its cuddlebuster deals. today and tomorrow, all black animals, with spots, stripes sore patches will two home for a
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$10 adoption fees. almost animals are half off. . tack a look. so precious, this little guy. the yorkie walked into firestation 806 in springdale, maryland early yesterday morning. a firefighter spotted him and immediately brought the dog in from the col >> someone saw him walking around, opened the door and brought him inside. he had some type of collar on, so he had to belong to somebody. we took him in and let him sleep all night long. >> well, firefighters spent part of the morning going door to door in the neighborhood trying to find the dog's owner. he doesn't have a microchip. if you know who he belongs to, call firestation 806. >> he looks like he's in good
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hands for the time being. probably anxious to get home. >> most of you are not working today. lucky you. that doesn't mean it's not a busy day. >> i feel lucky being here with you. >> really? >> a lot of you are kicking off the holiday season in search of bargains. what you can expect on this friday morning. temperatures in the 30s. bundle up. amelia siegel has wear to wear at 6:41 >> holiday shopping season is not the only thing kicking
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a secure retirement. a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families. opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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if you plan to use metro, here is the schedule. trains and buses will operate on a regular weekday schedule. normal fares a rates. the regular weekend schedule will be in effect saturday and sunday. break out the skis because ski resorts are opening this weekend.
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liberty mountain will open six trails this morning. whitetail and roundtop are opening this morning. i know i mentioned it earlier, but they started firing up the snow guns at liberty. they got four inches more snow after that. people are going to love it. >> no excuse now. they have plenty. all right. let's check in with amelia and see how things are shaping up for today. >> it is beautiful. the sun is coming up over the district. after thanksgiving you can go snowboarding or skiing. and if you're going skiing you're going to bring a jacket. but shopping or out and about, a a warm jacket, hat, sunglasses. mostly sun request skies. it's cold. for the majority of the day, temperatures in the upper 30s. that's about 10 to 15 degrees below average. alexis, what's the latest on the roads right now. good morning, amelia.
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a live look from chopper 4 over the leesburg outlets. looking good as you try to make your way to this mall. lots of parking spaces. if you're headed into leesburg, you've got a good open road for you there. elsewhere in the district, north capitol street northeast at rhode island avenue northeast, one lane blocked. angie and richard, back to you. shopping isn't the only sign that christmas is around the corner. some of the local events that are kicking off in our communities in the day ahead as we gear up for this holiday season >> some of the area malls opened yesterday on thanksgiving. people have been shopping through the night into black
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black friday sales causing chaos across the pond. stores in london adopted the so-called holidays as one of the biggest shopping day of the year. scenes like this common in london. people trampled on. police were called to four stores in london due to all the overcrowding. so far it's been a much more peaceful black friday here in shoppers are hitting the sales across the country. jay gray is live at one of the
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busiest shopping meccas at the mall of america. good morning, jay. >> hey there. good morning to you, angie. if you're going to do it, do it big, right. an amazing place. 4.2 million square feet. 520 stores. we have a roller coaster, log ride, awaquariuaquarium. this is a day all about bargains. overnight a mad dash for deals. >> i'm here to shop. i have to get my kids christmas gifts. why not go out. >> just like turkey and stuffing, this has become a holiday tradition. lining up or camping out overnight, braving the elements bar bargains. >> they are adrenalin junkies, bargain hunters. they want to get the best deal. >> and there are deals. >> pillows for $1.99. >> analysts say there will be more shoppers spending more money today than over the last
6:47 am
four years. >> national retail federation predicting a 4.1% jump over last year. .hat accounts for november and we're anticipating about $616 billion in total in sales. >> sales. >> there is a new toy that came out, skylanders. it's 50% off so that's a good deal, so i wanted to buy it for my little son. >> that's exactly what this day is all about. >> all right. black tpreup fun facts. analysts say shoppers will spend $418. good news for retailers and also for the economy. while they are shopping, they're not looking for grandpa or the kids. instead, 76% of shoppers are shopping for themselves. angie, i'm a giver.
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i found the perfect gift for you. i have to show it to you. i can't wait anymore. there it is. it's on the way. turkey hat. >> that will keep you nice and warm. all right. looking good. >> jay gray. as a turkey from the mall of america. thank you. we'll need that in extra large. we found shoppers taking advantage of the early black friday deals in our area. montgomery mall opened at 6:00 yesterday. mall officials expect to see 100,000 shoppers today the. the stores will open at 6:00 a.m. plus, keep an eye out for the merry makers. they will surprise shoppers with unexpected acts of kindness, including treats and coffee. many of you up early, even stayed out late. new springfield town center all morning long. how is it looking right now? >> it is still pretty good in
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terms of crowds. it's not crazy. you can still find parking. you're not waiting in long lines. it's a good time to shop. i was looking at some of the advertised deals. children's place, 50% off. gymboree, 50% off. 35% off at chico's. a lot of deals. springfield town center opened thursday evening at 6:00. they have been open all night long. so people have been shopping and looking for deals basically. we're hearing from folks they will not actually go and make that purchase unless they think they're getting a bargain. one woman says it is something she does every single year. it comes off the season for her.
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>> to me it is just exciting. i just like being with the crowd. it lets me know this is the beginning of the holiday season. >> jc penney, macy's and smaller stores are starting to open up as well. >> things will get real crowded soon. . here are a few stores opening up. sam's club, marshall's, burlington open up at 7:00. costco will open at 9:00. black friday may have evolved over the last few years. apparently one thing has not changed. a lot of you are taking advantage of the sales. cnbc morgan brennan is live with a look at how many shoppers hit the store so far this holiday season. hi, morgan. hey, angie. shoppers were out in force in
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search of the big holiday season. in stores and online. ibm says sales were up 12% versus last year. that was as of 9:00 p.m. eastern. the average order, $130. that was down slightly from last year. walmart says 22 million shop at its stores and on line yesterday alone. a group of walmart employees plan to protest the retail giant on black friday. they will stage protests around a third of walmart u.s. locations. they are seeking higher wages, $15 an hour, and a ferrer work schedule. walmart claims the majority are union representatives or paid protesters. >> morgan, thanks so much. i think it's crazy that already we have the numbers rolling in
6:52 am
of how many people have been out there shopping for black friday. black friday is just getting started. >> we are hearing a lot of people are staying away from the malls. so there's a mix. >> it's best to go online. >> go through everything quickly. and the best deals as well. >> for those venturing out, cold and blustery morning. >> high temperature of 40 degrees. not only that, but it is blustery. it will feel colder than the thermometer is reading. it will feel like temperatures are in the low 30s. noticeably colder than yesterday. as we work our way through saturday, sunday, monday, temperatures continue to warm. our next chance of rain arrives monday night, tuesday morning. current wind speeds will increase over the early morning hours. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. tracking snow showers today in
6:53 am
frederick and washington counties. traveling this morning especially for those of you in southern frederick county, you want to be aware of that. mainly dry. light showers south of fredericksburg. this activity in western maryland remains an issue until 8:00, 9:00 a.m. after that, it comes to an end. elsewhere, looking at sunny skies as the sun comes up. beautiful sunrise with city camera in the background. our high today, 40 degrees. average high is 52. not the best day to head out and get the tree or hang the holiday lights. a high temperature of 60 degrees on sunday. there's your 46 for tomorrow. monday, the warmest out of the next 7. a high temperature of 63. chance of rain monday night, into tuesday. notice our temperatures dropping on tuesday. high on tuesday of only 44. we'll send things over to alexis
6:54 am
who has the latest conditions on area roads. hey, alexis. chopper 4 in leesburg at the leesburg outlets. lots of parking spaces. you will have is an easy time in and out. north capitol at rhode island avenue, one northbound lane closed due to a car fire. officials will be addressing the media at any point. app active shooter there has been killed. police say the gunman opened fire on several downtown buildings including the police department headquarters. there are no reports of any injuries at this point. the "today" show will have the latest in a few minutes at 7:00 a.m. >> new this morning, a fire forced a family out of their gaithersburg home.
6:55 am
not far from great seneca highway. that fire started in the basement and quickly spread to the rest of the house. no one was hurt. today is your last chance to sign the condolences book for marion barry. stop by any time between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. barry will lie in repose for 20 hours next thursday. on friday, there will be a public procession that ends at temple of praise in southeast. >> the official white house christmas tree, the 8 1/2 foot douglas fir will grace the blue room. they will be presented to the first family later this afternoon. a wonderful time of year. the city will officially light
6:56 am
its christmas tree today. before the lighting, there will be special performances by local choirs and groups and a special visit by mr. and mrs. claus. >> more than 500,000 environmentally friendly l.e.d. lights are transforming the zoo into a winter wonderland after dark. it lasts until 9:00 and will be on every night until christmas. it's all free. taking part in the 24th annual holiday parade and tree lighting ceremony. it's happening in restin, virgin. join me and doug kammerer for a day of holiday cheer at the restin town center. you can visit with santa and take part in a sing along or horse-drawn carriage ride. the parade is at 11:00.
6:57 am
doug and i will co-emcee. the tree lighting is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. it will be cold, amelia. >> it feels like temperatures around 30 degrees. we will send things over to alexis. what's going on with the roads? >> eastbound 66 between the beltway and gw parkway looking good. . don't forget to wake up with
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good morning. the rush is on. millions of shoppers out early on black friday this morning. while protesters in missouri use the occasion to vent anger over the grand jury decision in the michael brown case. >> announce >> buried alive, a plow accidentally pushes snow on top of two young boys, trapping them for hours. the frantic search to find them and their life-saving rescue. crash and grab. the second case in as many days and the sixth in recent


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